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Tom March wrote nearly
                                 Sandy Phillips
every word.                      Victorian Education Channel
                                 Department of Education and Training, Victoria
I must acknowledge.
"To the ship without a compass, any port's a destination. "
Begin with a goal. Learning should be more efficient than wandering
around aimlessly and being satisfied when learning just happens to take
place. Start with a subject of particular interest.

Different Formats
 Hotlist: A reasonable first step is to simply compile a list of web-based resources - i.e. a
 good Hotlist of sites you know are appropriate for your users. These pages might not be
standards-based or geared toward a specific learning outcome, but it will be like wheeling
                a bunch of good books from the library into the classroom.

Treasure Hunt: If learners are emotionally connected to the topic, then ask the question,
"Are they learning enough background information on the subject?" If the answer is no or
   if the best information on the subject is "hot off the press," then try a Treasure Hunt.

Subject Sampler: If learners have factual knowledge about a subject, then ask yourself,
"Do they come out of the unit affectively engaged?" If they don't seem to care about the
           subject as you think they should, try creating a Subject Sampler.

 Multimedia Scrapbook: If you want students to explore a variety of sites that you've
selected and create their own reports, newsletters, presentation stacks, or posters using
       "pieces" from those sites, you might try making a Multimedia Scrapbook.

  WebQuest: If they learn facts, but don't pursue higher-level thinking; why not make a
  WebQuest? A webquest uses the sites you select as the starting point for a complex
  activity that involves multiple perspectives, possible group collaboration, and a final
                                  project of your choosing.
                        CSF vrs VELs
Hotlist/ Web Hunts              WebQuest – Real Ones!!!
CSF Activity I beg the pardon
                                VELs Activity
of “Thinking curriculum
                                Open Questions
                                What had global impact? Why?
                                What criteria was used?
Groups / Individual             Debate

“Surf the net”                  Transformative Thinking
                                What would feature in a song/ Rap from
Fact Finding                    Aust/ NZ / HK

Discussion                      Creative Thinking
                                Maybe create one
Reporting back
                                The song ends in 1982 what significant
                                events would you feature in the iMOVIE/
                                Personal Learning / Reflection
                                What events in your life have been
                           Low                           Medium                            High

               No attempt made to appeal        Honestly attempts to            Has that something that
 Opening /     to learners.                     appeal to student interests.    compels attention.
                                                There is at least an implicit   Clear Question and Task.
               No real Question and / or a
                                                Question and a Task that        These naturally flow from
The Question   fuzzy Task. Maybe what's
                                                targets higher order            the introduction and signal
   / Task      asked for is lower level
                                                thinking. All this may not      a direction for sophisticated
               thinking or info retrieval.
                                                be totally clear.               learning.

                                                                                Clearly calls attention to
                                                Some mention of
               No attempt to access prior                                       the need for a common
Background                                      addressing a common body
               learning or build common                                         foundation of knowledge
for Everyone   background.
                                                of knowledge. (May not
                                                                                and provides needed
                                                happen within the activity.)
                                                                                (Web?) resources.

                                                                                Roles match the issues and
               No Roles / use of                Roles are clear and
                                                                                resources. The roles
  Roles /      perspectives or Roles are        realistic. They may be
                                                                                provide multiple
 Expertise     artificial and may lack          limited in scope, but do
                                                                                perspectives from which to
               inherent conflict of interest.   evoke conflict.
                                                                                view the topic.

                                                Some resources reflect
                                                                                Uses the Web to access at
                                                features of the Web that
                                                                                least some of the following:
 Use of the    This activity could probably     make it particularly useful
                                                                                interactivity, multiple
   Web         be done without the Web.         such as images, audio,
                                                                                perspectives, multimedia,
                                                interactivity, current
                                                                                current information, etc.
                                                information, etc.

                                                                                Higher level thinking is
               No Transformative                Higher level thinking is
                                                                                required to construct new
Transformati   thinking. (This is not a         required, but the process
                                                                                meaning. Scaffolding is
 ve Thinking   WebQuest, but may be a           for students may not be
                                                                                provided to support
               good Knowledge Hunt).            clear.
                                                                                student achievement.

                                                The learning product could      A feedback loop connecting
                                                easily be used for authentic    learners to the Real world
 Real World                                     assessment although this        is included in the Web page
               No feedback loop included.
  Feedback                                      may not be addressed or it      and an evaluation rubric is
                                                only happens in the             probably provided (early
                                                classroom.                      on!).

                                                                                Clear tie-in to the intro.
                                                                                Makes the students'
                                                                                cognitive tasks overt and
                                                                                suggests how this learning
                                                Returns to the intro ideas.     could transfer to other
               Minimal conclusion. No
                                                May sum up the                  domains/issues. Probably
 Conclusion    mention of student thinking
                                                experiences and learning        calls attention to the
               or symmetry to intro.
                                                that was undertaken.            assumptions / hidden
                                                                                agendas inherent in the
                                                                                WebQuest itself.
                                                                                Sophistication keeps
                                                The 7 Red Flags:
                                Warning Signs when Sifting WebQuests by Tom March
Step & Fetch it
       Is there a Right Answer?
       Is this a traditional lesson plan dressed up as a Web page? If the question / task involves the retrieval of a
       defined, known body of knowledge, this is not a WebQuest. WebQuests are use in ill-structured domains, places
       with lots of gray and little "black and white." The idea is for students to argue an opinion, not mumble back
       someone else's thinking.

        A BestWebQuest: Take Me on Vacation!

Hip Hop Homework
      Is the true Task Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V?
      Similar to the "Step-and-and-Fetch-it" approach, Hip Hop Homework asks students to piece together information /
      answers from various sources. This is a step in the right direction, but it still doesn't ask students to do anything
      new (like interpret others' opinions). A WebQuest might ask students to gather information from different sources,
      but then prompts learners to transform this acquired knowledge into a new understanding.

        A BestWebQuest: Literary Fan Club

Anything Goes
       Could it be done without instruction?
       Sometimes an online activity will challenge students to do something creative or to solve a problem. This is
       positive! The downfall to the "Anything Goes" approach, is that to complete the task, students don't have to draw
       from any of the previous instruction. The fix to this near WebQuest is to ask students to apply a set of criteria to
       their creation. Rather than write any play or poem, or problem-solve any solution, invoke criteria that require
       students to integrate the new learning into their product.

        A BestWebQuest: Influencing Your Photographic Eye

Tag Team PowerPoint
      Do the roles stay separate?
      This is a common mistake that almost everyone has fallen into at some point. Students work together as teams
      and each member contributes, but their work stays in isolation from each other. Each member knows what he or
      she knows, but there's no group process that forces a synthesis of this wealth of knowledge. The classic example
      is where each team member is responsible for one slide in a presentation, one card in a stack, or one quadrant in
      a newsletter. It's not hard to take it that one extra step and have a true WebQuest out of all this time, effort and
      learning. And it's a shame not to.

        A BestWebQuest: Quest for Peace: An Internet WebQuest on Kashmir Peace Proposal Consensus
These COULD be WebQuests

  Slacker's Delight
        Can one person do all the work?
        If an online activity prompts learners to construct new meaning, does this apply to all students in the
        group? Or is everyone happy if the bright kid does all the work? A killer WebQuest jigsaws the group
        process so that everyone must contribute. Even though some students' opinions might stand out in
        their group, the final task must involve everyone's participation in a substantial way. The way this could
        be a great WebQuest is if it is for use by only one learner. This would tend to be more advanced
        learners who can hold multiple perspectives in mind at once and evaluate them. Adults and gifted and
        talented students care good candidates for this approach.

         A BestWebQuest: Antarctica - An Issue for all Australians
 These ARE WebQuests, but they could be GREAT!

Tunnel Vision
     The 3 R's? (Real, Rich and Relevant)
     The next level of achievement in WebQuest design involves taking advantage of the contextual connections available
     through the Web. If you're studying The Lord of the Flies, go beyond Golding to street children in Algeria. When
     experimenting with the applied science of bottle rockets and catapults, discuss the ethics and efficacy of smart
     bombs. When researching early colonists from the Mayflower or First Fleet, update things to boat people and
     Globalization. Great WebQuests leverage the medium and the medium enables contextualizing the content to
     intrigue, perplex, and enrich.

      A BestWebQuest: 2030: Homesteading Mars

     Are there Ah-Ha's & Assimilation?
     Whereas a Tunnel Vision approach doesn't access the wealth of the Web's contexts and juxtapositions, a Ho-Hum
     WebQuest may expose students to interesting contrasts and comparisons during the roles phase, but the final group
     process doesn't produce anything from this rich mixture and cognitive dissonance. When students struggle to
     assimilate new information and perspectives, they are creating new schema, achieving the cognitive ah-ha's that are
     the heart of transformative learning. By applying a new model, set of constraints, or varying the scenario, learners
     have the map of a conceptual pattern to help shape the development of new schema.

      A BestWebQuest: A Separate Peace: A Teenager Experiences World War II
• Crool Zone - Webquest made up of a
  Hotlist, Subject Sampler & Knowledge
  Hunt & Rubric

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