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									Getting That Bigger, Beautiful Look

When we hear the common phrase: “the bigger the better,” we often associate this with the
human body. We often judge one’s physique by how big a particular body part might be or how
built someone is, with regard to their figure. Physical appearance is an important factor when
choosing our mates. We can all agree that physical appearance is the first thing we look for to
determine whether we are attracted to someone or not. As superficial as this might sound, it is
true in some regard. Most women aren’t afraid to say that size matters. In this case, size might
mean one’s height or weight. At the same time, many men are also attracted to women with
more meat whether it be a bigger butt or larger breasts. Celebrities, like Heidi Montag, have
popularized plastic surgery to achieve that Barbie doll look. Media, particularly television and
music, has always been an influential part of the ever growing plastic surgery business. These
days it seems like music has idolized “thicker” women who have “junk in the trunk” or
“bootylicious.” We don’t only hear these kinds of lyrics but we see these women on videos. We
can agree that sex sells which is why it is no wonder why voluptuous women are always filmed
or pictured on billboards.

The depictions of these voluptuous women we see on television and movies have brought us a
sense of curiosity and imagination. This curiosity often leads to plastic surgery. One of the most
sought out procedures is breast implants. Beverly Hills breast augmentation helps women feel
more confident and sometimes even more empowered. There are several reasons why women
want bigger breasts. Some women may say that they want breast implants to increase their self-
esteem and are thus doing it for themselves. On the other hand, some women may say they
would feel more attractive with bigger breast and are thus seeking attention from men. While
some people want to increase size, others also seek reduction in size. This is also a very
common procedure for Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. Many people who do not seem to see
results from exercise or eating right, often opt for tummy tucks or gastric bypass surgery.
Tummy tuck Beverly Hills helps patients reached their desired weight and proportion. Tummy
tucks are popular, especially for women recovering from pregnancy and want to lose that after-
pregnancy weight gain. Other reasons for tummy tucks include aging and constant fluctuations
in weight. Another way to increase attractiveness is through Beverly Hills facelift. Facelifts or
Rhytidectomy has been a necessary procedure for a lot of women. Although we cannot combat
the effects of aging, we can get back our youthful appearance through plastic surgery. Facelifts
has become a miracle procedure for women with sagging cheeks and wrinkled necks. Plastic
surgery has definitely been a growing business with the many satisfied patients seeing results
within a month. For additional information, visit at 16055 Ventura
Blvd. #100 Encino, CA 91436 to learn more.

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