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					The Gori Propeller!!!

This is a warning to anyone considering to put a Gori 3-blade prop on their boat.

I installed mine spring 2003, left the boat at the dock for approx one year hardly using it.
Lifted the boat spring 2004 for its annual bottom job and inspection, and in the photos
section You may see by yourself what I found.
Severe surface corrosion, beyond repair as stated by Gori and the Norwegian distributor
Sleipner Motor. No warranty: Not enough anodes mounted! One thing was the total
denial of responsibility of not supplying the propeller with adequate protection at
delivery, the only anode was a tiny 30gram zink at the end, but the unfriendliness and
total lack of service really got me off! I put the boat back in the water with a new “mini”
zink, and went shopping for a replacement.
Decided to go for a Flex-O-Fold, even that a 3-blade folding, but factory equipped with a
500gram Zink anode!!!!
Lifted the boat up again after aprox 4 weeks and took of the Gori! Then the real damage
was revealed! The prop-shaft cone was almost completely gone! New contacts with Gori
and their Norwegian distributor Sleipner Motor : Same unfriendly reply: Blame yourself,
not a warranty case.
New shaft and coupling ordered, added an inch in length so it became room for an extra
anode between the prop and the shaft-support, boat back in the sea again! This time I
even got the right RPM. The Gori prop, calculated by Gori, was 200 RPM too “heavy”,
not even that they took responsibility of!!
Now came the job to find out the reason for this massive attack on my prop-shaft.
No shoe-power had been connected during the time, all batteryswitches had been off
when not in use, the previous Radice 2-blade fix prop that had been on for the exact same
time had now similar indication and there was no marks at the shaft when the prop was
removed. The reason had to be in the Gori-prop itself!
Went on the net in some discussion groups trying to find similar cases, a lot of response,
my mailbox was filled with comments from previous not too happy Gori customers, but
no real answers. Put the prop at display with a big warning in my shop: I think Gori lost
quite some customers on that!!!

However, the main source of the problems seems to have been found:
For some unknown reason the inner sleeve of the prop has 4 threaded wholes going all
the way to the center. This leave a column of water standing between the shaft and the
outer sleeve. No we have got all we need to make a complete battery: Two different
alloys with a with catalytic fluid in between! But Gori still denies all responsibility!
But for the time being I’m waiting for some official reports, then it might be up to the
lawyers to handle the rest!

As we are waiting for the result: My recommendations to everyone:

KEEP CLEAR OF GORI- PROPELLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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