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          VIRGINIA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE AND STATE UNIVERSITY                                                              VOLUME 21 NUMBER 20 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1999

DuPont’s $23-million gift largest in university’s history
              By Liz Crumbley                   president of Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties   tory, under the direction of Donald G. Baird,       other reinforcing fibers and thermoplastic
      A $23 million gift-in-kind announced      (VTIP), Inc., said the $23-million evaluation is     professor and eminent scholar of chemical en-       fibers are chopped up and dispersed in a
by DuPont is the largest single donation ever   based on DuPont’s projection of using the            gineering, and Alfred C. Loos, professor of         random mixture in water. This creates a slurry
received by Virginia Tech and will aid the      patented technology in a variety of markets,         engineering science and mechanics and materi-       that is cast onto a moving screen and then
university’s researchers in developing recy-    including automotive and electrical cabinetry.       als science and engineering. The new lab will be    dried, leaving a mat of thermoplastic and
clable automotive parts, low-cost aircraft            “Virginia Tech’s material scientists and in-   affiliated with the Center for Composite Mate-      reinforcing fibers that can be formed into
parts, and composite bridge beams.              tellectual property developers believe it has even   rials and Structures, co-directed by Baird and      composite sheets and molded into items such
      The gift, consisting of several           broader applications,” said Martin, who is chair-    Loos, and with the Center for High Perfor-          as car parts.
thermoplastic-composites technology             man of the Composites Manufacturing Associa-         mance Adhesives and Composites, directed by               VTIP will market and license these
patents and related materials and equipment,    tion within the Society of Manufacturing Engi-       James E. McGrath, university distinguished          patented technologies to businesses and
will be used by the university for commercial   neers. “The technology being donated by DuPont       professor of chemistry.                             industries that wish to use them to improve
licensing as well as research applications.     also has the potential for use in bridge decks and         Baird explained that the random wetlay        their products and processes, Martin said.
Virginia Tech competed with several other       other infrastructure applications, and in aircraft   process patented by DuPont is used to make                Meanwhile, Virginia Tech researchers
research universities for the gift, which is    construction.”                                       thermoplastic-composite porous mats, consist-       will use the patented processes and materials
one of the most valuable of its kind ever             Production assets from the patents will be     ing of a random mixture of polymer and rein-        as a basis for developing advanced random
made by an industry to a single institution.    used to help establish the Random Wetlay and         forcing fibers. In DuPont’s process, which is       wetlay technology. Along with the patents,
      Michael Martin, executive vice-           Continuous Rollforming Composites Labora-            based on paper-making technology, glass or                               (See DUPONT’S on 8)

       Affirmative                              Undergraduates
       Admissions                               to create Tech’s
    Statement Issued
             By Larry Hincker                   first satellites
      A conservative Washington DC                               By Liz Crumbley
think-tank, The Center for Equal Oppor-               In 2001 NASA’s Space Shuttle will launch
tunity, released a report January 27 that       the first satellites created at Virginia Tech—
was critical of admissions policies at sev-     and undergraduate engineering students will be
eral Virginia universities. The report al-      the designers, builders and operators.
leged that some Virginia universities dis-            During fall semester 1998, a team of nine
criminate against white applicants in fa-       aerospace and ocean-engineering (AOE) stu-
vor of blacks or other minority members.        dents drafted conceptual designs for the Vir-
      At three of the most selective state      ginia Tech Ionospheric Scintillation Measure-
universities, average SAT scores of 150         ment Mission (VTISMM) as their senior design
points or more separate the average SAT         project. Their adviser Christopher Hall, assis-
for black applicants versus the average         tant professor of AOE, and electrical-and-com-
SAT for white applicants. The report based      puter-engineering (ECpE) faculty members
its conclusion solely on SAT scores.            Wayne Scales and Warren Stutzman submitted
      Virginia Tech was among the 10            the design to the University NanoSatellite Pro-
schools studied, but was not singled out        gram, a competitive grant program sponsored           i c s i gh ip o e tnr noa u aot e p c S u tew i h il a r t e
                                                                                                     Ds u sn t er r j ci f o t f m r l fh S a e h t l , hc wlc r yh
for criticism. The report claimed that 595      by the U.S. Air Force and the Defense Ad-            satellitesthey’re          are to       Chris assistant
                                                                                                                       designing, (left right) Hall,                of
white applicants were denied admission          vanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).                                  ;                     ,         ,
                                                                                                      eo p c e gn ei g n su e tMk P w r Ki tn a o e J n ac w rz
                                                                                                     a r s a e n i e rn a dt d ns i e o es rsi M k v c a n S h at ,
to Tech in favor of black applicants with
                                                      The Virginia Tech project was one of ten       Ivan         C.J.        and
                                                                                                          Acosta, Waldron, Anita      Santiago.
                                                                                                                                              (           BVeltri )
lower SAT scores. However, when the
                                                              (See UNDERGRADUATES on 7)
average GPA is factored in, only 19 sup-
posedly more qualified white applicants
were denied admission.                                                                                                                                   Tech begins
      Seen through the eyes of admissions
counselors reviewing more than 16,000
                                                     Classified Raises Recommended                                                                       deployment
applications each year, 19 rejections is                         By Ralph Byers,                     Committee recommended a total of $27.2
almost equivalent to zero. According to
Karen Torgersen, director of Admissions,
                                                         director of government relations
                                                        The 1999 General Assembly reached
                                                                                                     million for higher education above the amount
                                                                                                     contained in Governor James Gilmore’s bud-
                                                                                                                                                         of LMDS network
“The report claims that we denied admis-           the halfway point Sunday with reports of the      get. The committee recommendation includes                     By Heather McElrath
sion to 19 more-qualified candidates. I            House Appropriations and Senate Finance           $6 million in student financial assistance,               Virginia Tech has announced it will
would think that random chance would               Committees. Major                                                         $3.5 million for finan-     begin limited deployment of high-bandwidth
yield a higher number. Moreover, the re-           items addressed by the                                                    cial aid for private col-   wireless technology, or LMDS, in the
port misunderstands the admission pro-
cess. We would never base admissions
                                                   committees include a
                                                   6.25-percent raise for
                                                                                 GENERALASSEMBLY                             lege students, and
                                                                                                                              $3.2 million to con-
                                                                                                                                                         Blacksburg area in early May. This deploy-
                                                                                                                                                         ment, made possible through an agreement
decisions on only one factor.”                     state classified em-               UPDATE                                  tinue to phase in the      with Wavtrace, a Washington-based com-
                                                                                                                                                         pany supplying the technology, represents
      Torgersen said admissions decisions          ployees and a similar                                                      roll-back of tuition for
are both art and science. Each application         increase for public-school teachers. Both         in-state undergraduates. This left about $14.5      the nation’s first university/private sector
is reviewed at least once by an admissions         committees also set aside funds to begin          million in operating support to spread across       partnership for the deployment of a point-to-
counselors mulling many criteria to deter-         phasing out the sales tax on food. In the end,    the 15 senior colleges and universities, the        multi-point LMDS network. LMDS (local
mine if the applicant will be successful at        only a small amount was left to address           community college system’s 23 colleges, and         multi-point distribution service) is a wire-
Virginia Tech. Criteria include high-school        budget-amendment requests of the colleges         Richard Bland College.                              less-communications service capable of de-
grade-point average, class rank, standard-         and universities.                                       Budget writers in the House and Senate        livering two-way, high-speed, data, voice
                  (See AFFIRMATIVE on 3)                For example, the House Appropriations                              (See CLASSIFIED on 8)                                    (See TECH on 2)

         Virginia Tech faculty and staff members and students are      Richmond Times-Dispatch (November 18): This issue included                  Wisconsin Public Radio (December 14): “Idea Net
   often the subject of significant national and state-wide news       an article about the State Council of Higher Education’s approval      with Tom Clark,” hour-long listener call-in show on the
   coverage. To better inform the university community about           of Virginia Tech’s plan to establish the state’s first graduate        impeachment hearings and process.
   these accomplishments, the Office of University Relations has       degree program in computer engineering. The new program was
   compiled this monthly report. This report excludes coverage in      developed by the Department of Electrical and Computer                 Ag Day (January 14): The nationally syndicated television
   the Roanoke news-media market. For more information about           Engineering.                                                           program featured a segment on Virginia Tech’s fleet of
   the articles mentioned, call Julie Kane, university public                                                                                 natural gas-powered vehicles.
   relations coordinator, at 1-9934, or contact your college public    “With Good Reason” Virginia Public Radio (week of December
   relations office.                                                   7): Professor of Geography Bonham Richardson looked at the             Access magazine (January 27): The cover story is about
                                                                       history of the Caribbean. “With Good Reason” is a half-hour            Virginia Tech and NCSA Scientists research to evaluate
   (Charlottesville) Daily Progress (Sept. 21): Ray Plaut,             public-affairs program carried on a dozen Virginia public-radio        usefulness of virtual reality (CAVE) applications. Principal
   professor of civil engineering, was quoted in an article about      stations.                                                              investigator is Deborah Hix of computer science. The story
   inflatable dams. Plaut is one of the world’s leading experts in                                                                            is at: http://access.ncsa.uiuc.edu/CoverStories/VRApps/
   the design of inflatable dams for flood control and other uses.     “With Good Reason”Virginia Public Radio (week of December
                                                                       21): Professor of English Lucinda Roy discussed the art of             Nature Conservancy (January/February 1999): Professor of
   RF Design (October 1998): The national magazine for radio-          writing. (Repeat of an earlier program)                                Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, Richard J. Neves’ project
   frequency industries featured “A moment with Theodore S.                                                                                   on mussel research in the Clinch River in Virginia was
   Rappaport,” outlining the career of the founding director of        The following describes coverage achieved by Robert Denton,            mentioned regarding the last August tanker-truck spill of
   Tech’s Mobile & Portable Radio Research Group (MPRG).               director of the Center for Leader Development:                         industrial chemicals in the river which caused the world’s last
   Rappaport’s views on smart-antenna technology was the subject             (Montreal) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: live               two populations of tan riffleshell mussels to become extinct.
   of the cover article of the October 12 issue of Mobile Phone        interview on the Nancy Wood show on Clinton’s video testimony.
   News. Rappaport and his MPRG colleagues are developing                    (Savanna, Georgia) WBMQ-AM (September 24): Don                   Student Action in Engineering (Vol. 2, Issue 4): The
   antenna systems that will reduce interference in wireless-          Scott Show, live interview on Clinton scandal.                         newsletter of the Society of Automotive Engineers included
   communications transmissions.                                             WBMQ-AM (October 1): Don Scott Show, live interview              articles about the Virginia Tech Hybrid Electric Vehicle
                                                                       and listener call-in discussion on Clinton scandal.                    Team tying for first place in the 1998 FutureCar Challenge in
   ABC Radio (November 13): Professor of History William                     Lynchburg News and Advance (October 29): interview               Detroit. The article also mentioned that the team’s advisor,
   Ochsenwald discussed Saddam Hussein’s latest attempts to            comments on 6th district congressional race.                           Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Doug Nelson,
   prevent UN weapons inspectors from looking for chemical and               The Christian Science Monitor (November 18): Starr               received the FutureCar Challenge Faculty Advisor of the
   biological weapons.                                                 finally enters the chamber,” by Peter Grier, interview comments        Year Award from the National Science Foundation.
                                                                       on potential impact of Starr’s impeachment testimony.

        Barbara Davis, assistant professor in human nutrition,
                                                                       continues to serve as the editor for the journal of the society, the   facilitator for a series of sessions developed specifically for
  foods and exercise has won a $30,000 two-year Future Leaders         Journal of Vocational and Technical Education.                         student members.
  Award from the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI).
  Her project was titled “Modulation Of Estrogen Activity By                At the recent American Vocational Association (AVA)                   Mahmood A Khan, a professor in Hospitality and
  Vitamin B6 In Breast Cancer Cells.”                                  convention in New Orleans:                                             Tourism Managament, has been appointed as a trustee of the
        Funds were awarded for her proposal entitled                        Margaret Lichty, doctoral candidate in Vocational and             Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
  “Modulation of estrogen activity by vitamin B6 in breast-            Technical Education, was awarded a $3,000 graduate fellowship          (HSMAI) for a three-year term.
  cancer cells.” The rationale for this project is that the growth     by the Family and Consumer Sciences Division.
  of certain types of breast-cancer cells is stimulated by estrogen.        Daisy Stewart, associate professor in vocational and                   E. George Stern, Earle B. Norris professor emeritus of
  Current treatment for this type of breast cancer involves            technical education (VTE) received the Outstanding Contribution        wood construction, and his father, the late Bruno Stern, were
  hormonal therapy with drugs such as tamoxifen. Because               Award from the AVA Family and Consumer Sciences Division               the subject of a four-page article, “The Letter,” in the
  cells often become resistant to these drugs, identification of       and the Educator of the Year Award from the Family and                 November/December issue of The Penn Stater, the alumni
  new treatment options is critical. Previous studies have             Consumer Sciences Education Association.                               magazine of Pennsylvania State University. The article focused
  shown that Vitamin B6 alters the sensitivity of some tissues              Stewart, Lichty, and Pat Werth, doctoral candidate in             on a letter Penn State’s former President Hetzel wrote that
  to estrogen. This study will examine whether Vitamin B6              VTE, gave a presentation on “Family and Consumer Sciences for          helped the release of Stern’s father from a concentration camp
  treatment will interfere with the ability of estrogen-sensitive      the New Millennium.”                                                   during World War II.
  breast cancer cells to grow in the lab. If B6 does interfere with         Bernice Wilson, 1998 doctoral graduate in VTE and currently
  the growth of these cells, follow-up studies will be conducted       Alabama extension resource management specialist, and Stewart               Robert Bush, an associate professor in Wood Science
  to determine the efficacy of this vitamin in the treatment and       presented a poster session titled “Welfare Reform From the             and Forest Products, participated in a Foreign Agricultural
  prevention of certain forms of breast cancer in women.               Employers’ Perspective.” Stewart was a member of a panel on the        Service to the Republic of South Africa sponsored by the
                                                                       topic “Relationships Among AVA, NAITTE, and Other                      USDA.
       Betty Heath-Camp was elected national advisor for               Affiliates,” and chaired the meeting of the Editorial Board of the          The purposed of the project was to provide South Africa’s
  Omicron Tau Theta, a professional honorary society for               Journal of Vocational and Technical Education. Stewart served          wood industries with information needed to increase their use
  recognizing leaders in vocational and technical education. She       as coordinator and Paula Wood, doctoral candidate, served as           of U.S. species.

TECH                                                                   help ensure LMDS technology will be available and cost-effec-          mists, business and marketing faculty members, electrical engi-
                        Continued from 1                               tive to the region’s citizens and businesses,” Lilly said, “espe-      neers and computer scientists.
                                                                       cially for those in rural areas with lower population densities              With this early roll-out, Virginia Tech continues to expand
and video traffic. Virginia Tech won four LMDS licenses in last
                                                                       where cost-effectiveness is critical.” Wavtrace’s system, which        its already extensive communications and advanced Internet
year’s government auctions.
                                                                       allows for efficient use of spectrum using TDD technology,             research-and-development capabilities such as the Blacksburg
      The transmission equipment used at the Blacksburg site is
                                                                       provides Virginia Tech a highly cost-effective way to explore          Electronic Village, the Smart Road, and Net.Work.Virginia (a
Wavtrace’s PTM 1000 system, the first wireless broadband
                                                                       such service. “Virginia Tech’s local research testbed in Blacksburg    state-wide ATM network and nationally recognized prototype for
delivery system based on time-division duplexing (TDD) tech-
                                                                       will be used as a model for replicable deployments throughout the      the next-generation Internet).
nology. TDD allows for transmit and receive functions to occur
                                                                       rest of the license area.”                                                   LMDS is a two-way digital wireless-communications me-
on one channel, a process more efficient than what is possible
                                                                             “We are very pleased to be working with Virginia Tech, a         dium that can carry voice, data and video traffic. The capacity of
with the traditional airlink technology, which requires two
                                                                       well-respected leader in the development of new wireless tech-         the A-Block section of spectrum auctioned by the FCC in last
channels, one to transmit and one to receive.
                                                                       nologies,” said Thomas T. van Overbeek, CEO of Wavtrace. “We           year’s auction is more than twice the total bandwidth of AM/FM
      Virginia Tech officials saw the LMDS auction as an
                                                                       expect this project will demonstrate that a wireless solution for      radio, VHU/UHF television and cellular telephone combined.
important research and economic-development opportunity.
                                                                       delivery of broadband services has wide application and that           LMDS frequencies are relatively high in the radio spectrum,
“We predicted that only high-population urban markets would
                                                                       service delivery can be economically viable in urban or rural          ranging from 28-31 GHz.
be of interest to the companies that participated in the auction,”
                                                                       environments.”                                                               In early 1998, Virginia Tech became the first university in the
said Judy Lilly, director of Communications Network Services.
                                                                             Virginia Tech is taking an interdisciplinary approach to the     nation to participate in a Federal Communications Commission
This proved to be true as over 100 rural market areas across the
                                                                       project by using the expertise of faculty and staff members from       (FCC) spectrum auction and was awarded four LMDS licenses
U.S. attracted no commercial bidders. “Consequently, we felt
                                                                       Virginia Tech’s Information Systems, Communications Net-               covering 16,507 square miles of Virginia, and portions of North
important research and economic development issues would go
                                                                       work Services, and the Center for Wireless Telecommunications          Carolina and Tennessee. The region has an estimated population
unexplored unless we became involved.”
                                                                       divisions. The project involves university geographers, econo-         of 1.6 million.
      “Virginia Tech chose to take an active leadership role to
                                                                                                                                                 THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1999 SPECTRUM                                    3

Choices and Challenges forum looks at genetic engineering
               By Kirsten Worley                                  and might include intelligence, athletic skills,    Murray Jr., author of Genetic Variation and           neering to computer network technologies to
      Can humans redesign themselves? What                        personality, and behavior.                          Disorders in Peoples of African Origin; Diane B.      the use of environmental resources. The project
are the qualities that define us as humans, and is                     How do these recent advances in genetic        Paul, author of Controlling Human Heredity and        offers unique programming that encourages
it desirable—or acceptable—to change them?                        engineering impact our ethical and social deci-     The Politics of Heredity; Gail S. Ross, chief         dialogue among professional and lay members
Are there limits to what should be attempted?                     sions concerning the “re-inventing” of chil-        psychologist for several children’s programs at       of the university and regional communities.
How do we decide?                                                 dren? Is it ethical to create the “perfect” baby    New York Hospital; Anita Silvers, author of           Video tapes, audio tapes, and transcripts of
      The Choices and Challenges Project will                     through genetic technology, and who decides         Disability, Difference, Discrimination; and           many previous forums are available.
present a public forum on Reinventing the Hu-                     what “perfect” means?                               LeRoy B. Walters, author of The Ethics of Hu-              Program brochures, which include a pre-
man Thursday, March 25, from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. at                          The forum is divided into three parts: morn-   man Gene Therapy.                                     registration form, can be obtained by calling
the Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference                          ing discussion sessions providing background             The PBS Adult Learning Satellite Service         the Donaldson Brown Center at 1-5182 or by
Center. The program will offer social, political,                 information; a main panel session featuring         will broadcast an edited version of the main          contacting the Choices and Challenges project
economic, and ethical perspectives to help the                    eminent presenters from the fields of political     panel session nationally. An on-line web-based        office at 254 Lane Hall, Virginia Tech,
community make decisions now that will affect                     science, medical ethics, philosophy, history,       discussion group will provide the opportunity         Blacksburg, VA 24061-0227; calling 1-6476;
life in the future. All programs are open to                      and child development; and afternoon sessions       for the community to debate the issues and            or sending e-mail to choices@vt.edu. Inter-
public at no charge. Registration is recommended                  offering further discussion on issues of public     submit questions in advance of the forum. The         ested persons also may visit the web site at
(although not required.)                                          policy. Sessions include such topics as “Clon-      group can be found at URL http://www.cis.vt.edu/      http://www.cis.vt.edu/choices&challenges.
      The recent media focus on cloning animals                   ing and Public Policy,” “Genetic Explorations       choices&challenges.                                        This Choices and Challenges forum is an
has alerted the general public to the rapid pace                  in Science Fiction,” “Feminist Debates and               The Choices and Challenges project is a          outreach service of Virginia Tech. Additional
of work now taking place in human genetic and                     Dilemmas,” “Religious Perspectives,” and “Pat-      public-outreach program that explores the social      support has been provided by the Virginia
reproductive technologies. New genetic-engi-                      terns of Child Development.”                        and ethical dimensions of science and technol-        Foundation for the Humanities and Public
neering procedures now permit human genes to                           The main session, to be held from 11 a.m.-     ogy. Topics covered range from genetic engi-          Policy.
be identified and transferred. Researchers are                    12:30 p.m., will include panelists Robert F.
developing these procedures to cure disorders
and correct serious childhood health problems.
But the techniques could also be used, before
birth or during infancy, to endow otherwise
                                                                  Book examines building blocks of life               nology revolution.
healthy children with traits they would not oth-                               By Jeffrey S. Douglas                                                                        changing the world.
                                                                        Words like cloning, DNA and genetic                DNA, Genes, and Genetic Engineering, by                Vast amounts of technical information
erwise possess or to enhance the ones they do
                                                                  engineering have become a part of the modern        Gordon R. Carter and Stephen M. Boyle, is a           have been condensed into core essentials which
have. The possibilities go beyond changing
                                                                  popular lexicon.                                    146-page text liberally illustrated with photo-       are presented in a simple and understandable
physical appearance such as height and build
                                                                        Yet for many, they remain puzzling and        graphs and diagrams that was conceived to de-         summary form. The book has been written so
                                                                  abstract concepts related to mysterious             mystify the world within.                             that readers with only a basic understanding of
 CORRECTION/CLARIFICATION                                         processes that occur at the molecular levels of          Carter, a veterinary microbiologist who          chemistry and biology should be comfortable
                                                                  life.                                               serves as a professor emeritus in the college, and    with material presented, according to Boyle
     The Corps of Cadets Center for Leader                              Now, two professors in the Virginia-Mary-     Boyle a molecular bacteriologist working in the       and Carter.
Development (CLD) was initiated by corps                          land Regional College of Veterinary Medicine        Center for Molecular Medicine and Infectious                The book contains a useful glossary as
alumni and the commandant and his staff, not                      have authored a text which offers a fairly          Diseases, decided to write the book as an easy to     well as a timeline of scientific milestones in
the College of Arts and Sciences, as erroneously                  simple, straight-forward explanation of the         use primer for students and others interested in      genetics and related areas.
reported in a story published January 28.                         terms and processes that are part of the biotech-   understanding more about a technology that is
     In clarifying the CLD’s origins, Henry
Dekker, chairman of the Virginia Tech Corps of
Cadets Alumni, Inc. (a university-related corpo-
ration), said the CLD was supported by a $2-
million gift from a corps alumnus who wished to
                                                                  Business, engineering graduates most popular
remain anonymous. Colonel Ed Schwabe, head                                        By Sookhan Ho                       boom as well as by the job-experience admission       number of job opportunities for the class of
of Army ROTC, led the effort to seek approval                           Business and engineering majors were          requirement at many MBA programs.                     ’99. Last year, employers projected a 19-per-
for the proposed center from the university’s                     the most popular students among employers                 The list accounts only for the 1,984 students   cent increase.
Commission on Academic Affairs and the pro-                       recruiting at Virginia Tech last fall semester.     participating in Career Services’ fall on-campus            But the survey found that about 55 per-
vost. Following approval, the CLD was housed                      Career Services Director Jim Malone said the        interviewing program. Malone said not all se-         cent of employers plan to hire even more new
in the College of Arts and Sciences, which                        top 10 programs (in numbers of interviews) are      niors participate—some may have jobs or job           graduates by the end of the ’98-’99 academic
already housed ROTC. Arts and Sciences Dean                       all business and engineering majors, except for     offers in hand as a result of Co-Op, internship, or   year than they did last year. More than one-
Robert Bates, Dekker said, “provided consider-                    computer-science applications (a graduate pro-      other programs; others may be using career ser-       third plan to maintain the hiring levels they
able academic support and guidance.”                              gram in Arts and Sciences). The 10 are: man-        vices offered by their academic departments.          achieved last year. Only 8 percent said they
                                                                  agement science and information technology                While business and engineering majors are       will cut back.
                                                                  (decision sciences option)—1,431 interviews         the traditional draw for recruiters at Virginia             At Virginia Tech, 497 organizations re-
                                                                  conducted, 161 students participating; electri-     Tech, Malone said such majors as math and             cruited on campus last fall semester, up 22
                                                                  cal engineering—1,090 interviews, 120 stu-          agricultural and applied economics also fared         percent from a year ago, Malone said. They
                      AND STATE INIVERSITY
                                                                  dents; mechanical engineering—1,077 inter-          relatively well in interview numbers.                 conducted 11, 576 interviews, up 12 percent
     Spectrum, a faculty-staff tabloid, is published each         views, 126 students; finance—787 interviews,              The National Association of Colleges and        from a year ago.
 Thursday during the academic year, with the exception of         117 students; computer engineering—744 in-          Employers expects job prospects for this year’s             Employers will be recruiting in Squires
 certain holidays, exam weeks, and the summer. Copy
 deadline is 5 p.m. Thursday. No advertising is accepted.         terviews, 72 students; industrial and systems       college graduates to remain “bright” even if the      for a few weeks this spring, which “promises to
     Spectrum is a non-profit publication of the Office of        engineering—701 interviews, 94 students;            projected increase in job opportunities is “less      be lighter in activity,” Malone said. Fall se-
 University Relations: Lawrence G. Hincker, associate vice                                                                                                                  mester has become the primary recruiting sea-
                                                                  computer-science applications—669 inter-            spectacular” than last year’s projected increase.
 president for University Relations; David Nutter, associate
 director for Public Affairs.                                     views, 41 students; chemical engineering—                 A survey it conducted showed that employ-       son for employers, he said—“we already have
                                                                  581 interviews, 56 students; marketing—556          ers are forecasting a 10-percent increase in the      several dates filled for next fall.”
                    John Ashby, 1-6961                            interviews, 96 students; accounting—487 in-
                                                                  terviews, 70 students.
                      Assistant Editor
                  Christian Moody, 1-8538
                                                                        Programs that also drew considerable          AFFIRMATIVE
                                                                  numbers of interviews were computer science,                        Continued from 1                      school life,” Torgersen said.
                   Production Manager                             accounting information systems, management,          ized test scores, and the rigor of the high-school         The Admissions Office will also slightly
                  Melinda Shaver, 1-8524
                                                                  and civil engineering.                               curriculum. The most important factor in an          “discount” a poor SAT score when accompa-
                     Business Manager                                   The number-one ranking of the decision-        admissions decision is high-school GPA rela-         nied by strong high-school GPA. But a strong
                     Sherri Box, 1-8819                           sciences option in the management science            tive to the academic courses attempted.              SAT score will never compensate for a poor
   Letters to the editor and questions for "Ask Spectrum"         and information technology major can be at-                In evaluating borderline cases or simply to    GPA.
 should be addressed to the editor, 105 Media Building,           tributed in part to the continued high demand        understand the applicant’s overall circum-                 Torgersen said admission is competitive
 Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061.                             for information-technology graduates, Malone
    Virginia Tech does not discriminate against employ-                                                                stances, counselors will also look at other fac-     on a relative basis. Applicants are compared to
 ees, students, or applicants on the basis of race, color,        said. It may also reflect the tendency of man-       tors. “We will look as such things as whether        the entire applicant pool, other applicants from
 gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran sta-        agement-science majors, like most other busi-        the student took advantage or advanced courses,      their high school, and other applicants in their
 tus, national origin, religion, or political affiliation. Any-
 one having questions concerning discrimination or ac-
                                                                  ness seniors, to seek jobs rather than go di-        whether the student will be a first-generation       choice of major.
 cessibility regarding the programs described in this news-       rectly on to graduate school—a decision that         college student, or whether grades were declin-
 paper should contact the Equal Opportunity Affirmative           may be influenced by the current job-market
 Action Office: 540-231-7500 (v), 540-231-9460 (TTY).                                                                  ing rather than rising in the late stages of high-

                       EVENTS                                      VTU Program, 7:30 p.m., Burruss auditorium: Me
                                                               and My Girl.
  Thursday, 11                                                                                                               Thursday, 11
      YMCA Slide Show, noon, Cranwell Center:                                                                                    Statistics, 3:45 p.m., 409 Hutcheson: Jin-Ting
  “Adventures with the Virginia Tech Women’s
                                                               Tuesday, 16
                                                                   Salary and Wage Paydate.
  Whitewater Club,” by Liz Ritchie and Beth Thomas.                                                                              Entomology, 4 p.m., 220 Price: “Western Corn
                                                                   Bloodmobile, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Squires.
      Black History Month Program, 7 p.m., Squires                                                                           Rootworm Biology and Pest Management in Virginia,”
                                                                   Faculty Development Workshop, 10 a.m.-noon,
  Colonial Hall: “Who Needs Affirmative Action,” by                                                                          by Roger Youngman.
                                                               NMC, Newman Library: “Adobe PageMaker, Part 2.”
  Tim Wise.                                                                                                                      Geological Sciences, 4 p.m., 2044 Derring: “Tidal
                                                                   Art Exhibit Opening, noon, Armory Gallery:                Rhythmites: What Are They, and What Do They Tell
                                                               “Artworks,” by Greg Bryson.                                   Us?” by Ken Eriksson.
  Friday, 12
                                                                   Black History Month Program: 7 p.m., Lyric Theatre:
      International Club Coffee Hour, 5 p.m., Cranwell
                                                               “Improvisations: A Vision of the Community.”                  Friday, 12
  Center: “Endangered Species Conservation:
                                                                   Faculty Senate Meeting, 7 p.m. 32 Pamplin.
  Madagascar Fish Eagle,” by James Fraser.                                                                                       MCBB, noon, 102 Fralin: “Role of ICE family of
                                                                   Men’s Basketball, 7 p.m., Cassell Coliseum: Temple.
      Women’s Basketball, 7 p.m.: At Massachusetts.                                                                          Caspases in IL-1 Activation and in Apoptosis,” by
                                                                   Special Music Concert, 7 p.m., Squires Recital Salon:     Douglas Miller, Merck Labs.
      Student Recital, 8 p.m., Squires Recital Salon:
                                                               Audubon Quartet/Black History/Poetry/Dance.                       Communication Studies, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Hillcrest
  Noriko Okabe.
                                                                                                                             Honors conference room: “Aggressive Women and
                                                               Wednesday, 17                                                 Teary-Eyed Men?: Gender and Emotions in Work
  Saturday, 13
                                                                   Bloodmobile, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Squires.                     Teams,” by Marjukka Ollilainen.
       Men’s Basketball, 2 p.m.: At Fordham.
                                                                   YMCA Mornings, 9:30-11:30 a.m., Luther Memorial
       Black History Month Program: 7 p.m., Black
                                                               Church: “Face and Skin Care.”                                 Monday, 15
  Cultural Center, Squires: Discussion and reading of
                                                                   Family Support Program, noon-1 p.m., DBHCC                    CSES, 4 p.m., 232 Smyth: “Wheat Chromosome
  selected writings of April Turner.
                                                               Conference Room A: “Teenage Tangle: Grooming the              Engineering and Breeding,” by Jianli Chen.
       Student Recital, 8 p.m., Squires Recital Salon:
                                                               Parent Child Relationship.”                                       Horticulture, 4 p.m., 409 Saunders: “Program
  Jeff Crouse.
                                                                   Organization of Women Faculty Lunch, noon,                Development and Evaluation,” by Lex Bruce.
                                                               DBHCC Dining Room.
  Sunday, 14
                                                                   Multicultural Program, 1-3:30 p.m., Squires               Tuesday, 16
      YMCA Hike, 1:30 p.m., meet in parking lot 403
                                                               Multicultural Center: Monthly Book Club.                          Computer Science, 4 p.m., 105 Williams:
  Washington. St.: Cascades.                                                                                                 “CSCR—Computer-Supported            Collaborative
                                                                   Faculty Development Workshop, 3-5 p.m., NMC,
      Women’s Basketball, noon: At Rhode Island.                                                                             Reflection,” by Mark Guzdial, Georgia Tech.
                                                               Newman Library: “Creating a Web-Based Course Using
      Student Recital, 3 p.m., Squires Recital Salon:
  Marcy Pell and Craig Zamer.                                                                                                Wednesday, 17
                                                                   “With Good Reason,” 7 p.m., WVTF: “Shakespeares
      Student Recital, 8 p.m., Squires Recital Salon:                                                                            Science and Technology Studies Center, 4-5:30
                                                               in Love,” featuring Lucinda Roy and Nikki Giovanni.
  Riley Pugh.                                                                                                                p.m., 132 Lane: “The Triumph of the Pedigree: Sir
                                                                                                                             Francis Galton and the Birth of Eugenics,” by Nicholas
                                                               Thursday, 18
  Monday, 15                                                                                                                 Gillham, Duke.
                                                                   Bloodmobile, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., Squires.
      Presidents’ Day Holiday for Staff.
                                                                   YMCA Slide Show, noon, Cranwell Center: “A Two-
      Multicultural Display Opening, 11 a.m., Squires                                                                        Thursday, 18
                                                               Week Bike Trip to Southern China,” by Dave Jenkins.
  Multicultural Center: “Highlighting Jewish Heritage.”                                                                          Statistics, 3:45 p.m., 409 Hutcheson: “From
                                                                   Staff Senate Meeting, 5:30 p.m., 1810 Litton Reaves.      Designed Experiments to Spatial Random Fields. A
      Faculty Development Workshop, 3-5 p.m., NMC,
                                                                   Black History Month Program: 7 p.m., Black Cultural       Composite Likelihood Approach,” by Oliver
  Newman Library: “Introduction to Streaming Audio
                                                               Center, Squires: Discussion/Forum.                            Schabenberger.
  and Video.”
                                                                   Women’s Basketball, 7 p.m.: At La Salle.                      Entomology, 4 p.m., 220 Price: TBA, by Jeff
      University Council, 3-5 p.m., 1045 Pamplin.
      Black History Month Program: 7 p.m., Black                                                                             Walters.
  Cultural Center, Squires: “Christiansburg Institute, an                                                                        Geological Sciences, 4 p.m., 2044 Derring: “A
  Educational Legacy.”                                                                                                       Cooks Tour of Carbonates Form the Poles to the Tropics,
                                                                                                                             Australia and New Zealand,” by Fred Reed.

  Lecture and exhibit focuses on Japan
       Tau Sigma Delta, the Honor Society in Architecture
                                                                                   BULLETINS                                 will be held in the Squires Brush Mountain Room at
                                                                                                                             6:30 p.m., followed by a reception at 7:15 p.m. There
  and Allied Arts in the College of Architecture and                                                                         will be a presentation by Philip Huang, professor of
                                                               Museum continues Saturday Science
  Urban Studies, is sponsoring a lecture by Rosemary T.                                                                      management science and information technology in the
                                                                    The Virginia Tech Museum of Natural History will
  Smith today at 1 p.m. in Hancock auditorium.                                                                               Pamplin College of Business, titled “A Personal View
                                                               continue its “Saturday Science” for children and their
       Smith, assistant professor of art history at Virginia                                                                 of U.S.--China Relations”. The presentation begins at 8
                                                               parents on Saturday, Feb. 27, from 11 a.m.-noon at the
  Commonwealth University, will speak on “The                                                                                p.m. and is open to the public.
                                                               museum, 428 N. Main St. Activity is centered around the
  Aesthetics of Japanese Architecture: Sources and
                                                               theme, “Winter—A Unique Season.” Saturday Science is
  Effects.” The lecture will introduce the basic aesthetic
                                                               free; however, pre-registration is required. Call 1-3001 to
  principles of Japanese architecture, including the role                                                                    Christiansburg Institute subject of TV Show
  of religion and a discussion of how they are manifested                                                                        The Christiansburg Institute (CI) is the topic of
  in major Japanese building types such as shrines,                                                                          Blue Ridge Nightline on Blue Ridge Public Television
  temples, tea houses, and domestic structures. A reception
                                                               OWF lunch announced
                                                                                                                             Sunday, Feb. 14, at 3:30 p.m.
                                                                    On Wednesday, Feb. 17,the Organization of Women
  will follow at 4 p.m. in the Armory Gallery, where the                                                                         Christiansburg Institute was open from 1866 to
                                                               Faculty will hold a lunch from noon-1 p.m. in the Donaldson
  special exhibition of art in Japan, “Souls on Garbage,”                                                                    1966 and was the first high school for black students in
                                                               Brown Conference Center Dining Room. For information,
  is on display. Both the lecture and reception are open to                                                                  Southwest Virginia. The program will discuss the history
                                                               call 1-8163 or callihan@vt.edu.
  the public. The event is co-sponsored by the Henry H.                                                                      of Christiansburg Institute, plans and current efforts on
  Wiss Center for Theory and History of Art and                                                                              behalf of Virginia Tech students to enlist community
  Architecture, College of Architecture and Urban Studies,
                                                               PBD induction details set
                                                                                                                             input and support for the restoration of the campus.
                                                                    The Gamma Omega Chapter of Phi Beta Delta (PBD),
  and the Art and Art History departments. For more                                                                              Guests on the program include Elaine Carter, Lewis
                                                               the Honor Society for International Scholars, will be
  information, call Joseph Wang or Humberto Rodriguez-                                                                       Perry, and Rachel Parker-Gwin. Service-Learning
                                                               holding its third annual induction ceremony on Tuesday,
  Camilloni at 1-5324.                                                                                                       students in Parker-Gwin’s classes have been leading
                                                               Feb. 23. PBD recognizes faculty members and students
                                                                                                                             community focus groups for the Christiansburg Institute
                                                               with past and continuing activities and achievements in
                                                                                                                             Community Learning Center.
                                                               the international arena. The ceremony for new members
                                                                                                                                    THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1999 SPECTRUM                                    5

         Blue Ridge Nightline is a half-hour public-affairs           of a Changing World,” a lecture given by General Colin               contributed the most to the residence hall program
    program.                                                          Powell on Tuesday, March 30, at 7:30 p.m. in Cassell                 during or culminating in the current academic year. All
         Christiansburg Institute also will be the subject of         Coliseum. The Graduate Student Assembly is a contributing            students are eligible for the award, including those not
    a Black History Month program at Virginia Tech.                   sponsor of General Powell’s presentation.                            affiliated with RDP. Additionally, students’ past
    “Christiansburg Institute: An Educational Legacy,”                     Posters are to be submitted in one of the following             contributions will be taken into account.
    will be held February 15 at 7 p.m. in the Black Cultural          categories: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and                          The Baird Award is made possible through the
    Center. The program will feature recollections from               Engineering, Social Sciences and Humanities,                         generosity of the family and friends of Alan Baird, Class
    CI alumni regarding their experiences at the school.              Undergraduate, and Virtual. All students participating in            of 1988, who died in March 1992. Baird was the president
                                                                      the Virtual category will prepare a web site instead of a            of the Residence Hall Federation (RHF) during 1987-
    Lexington author will read and sign books                         poster presentation.                                                 1988 when he was also president of the Virginia
         Lexington author R.T. Smith will read and sign                    The symposium will be Monday, March 29, in Squires              Association of College and University Residence Halls.
    books at Volume Two bookstore Thursday, Feb. 25, at               Old Dominion Ballroom in.                                            Nomination forms are available in 109 East Eggleston
    7 p.m.                                                                 Registration begins Monday, Feb. 15. The deadline               Hall, the Hokie Passport office (41 Owens Hall), and at
         Smith is the author of six books, and is currently           for registration is 5 p.m. March 19. Registration is available       the Area Offices (Payne, West Ambler Johnson,
    editor of Shenandoah. His visit is part of the English            exclusively through an on-line form, which can be accessed           Newman, Shanks, Lee, and New Residence Hall West).
    Department’s Visiting Writers Series. For more                    at http://gsa.uusa.vt.edu.                                           The deadline to submit nominations is Friday, Feb. 19,
    information, call Kari Lee at 1-9001.                                  Faculty members and GTA’s are requested to make                 at 5 p.m. Nominations are to be turned into 43 Owens
                                                                      copies of the packet to distribute to the graduate and               Hall, c/o Lori Greiner (mail code 0223). A web-based
    Cajun dinner planned for February 22                              undergraduate students in their departments.                         nomination is also available at www. rdp.vt.edu/baird.
         Reservations are recommended for a Cajun buffet                   For more information on the 15th Annual Research                For more information, contact Greiner at 1-8068 or e-
    to be held in the Donaldson Brown Conference Center               Symposium of Virginia Tech, contact Sforza at                        mail at lgreiner@vt.edu.
    on Monday, Feb. 22, from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.                     psforza@vt.edu or 1-1867.
         The cost is $7.95 per person. Call 1-5632 or e-mail                                                                               Institute brings Horner in for keynote
    lisae@vt.edu to make reservations.                                Staff Association plans workshop                                          The Institute for Connecting Science Research to
                                                                                                                                           the Classroom has arranged for noted paleontologist
                                                                           The Virginia Cooperative Extension Staff Association
    Research Symposium announced                                                                                                           John R. “Jack” Horner to provide the keynote address at
                                                                      will hold its eighth annual Building Stronger Working
                                                                                                                                           the institute’s annual conference at the Hotel Roanoke,
         The Graduate Student Assembly invites all                    Relationships Professional Development Workshop on
                                                                                                                                           February 22 and 23.
    graduate and undergraduate students to participate in             Wednesday, Feb. 24. The title for this year’s conference is
                                                                                                                                                Horner is curator of paleontology at the Museum of
    the Fifteenth Annual Research Symposium of Virginia               “Changing Roles of the Office Professional.” The workshop
                                                                                                                                           the Rockies in Bozeman, Mont. He has made hundreds of
    Tech.                                                             will be held in the Jamerson Athletic Center.
                                                                                                                                           dinosaur discoveries, many of which have been
         “The Research Symposium is a forum that provides                  Speakers will focus on changes in the workplace and
                                                                                                                                           highlighted on PBS and the Discovery Channel. Horner
    graduate and advanced undergraduate students an                   how those changes can be used for a professional advantage.
                                                                                                                                           is scheduled to give the keynote address starting at 3:30
    opportunity to showcase their achievements in                     Topics are: Ethics in the Workplace, Time Management,
                                                                                                                                           p.m. on Monday, Feb. 22.
    research,” said Peter Sforza, event chair.                        Adapting to the University of the World-Wide Web, and
                                                                                                                                                The institute works with inquiry based learning in
         Students may participate by submitting an abstract           Support Leadership-Lead From Where You Are.
                                                                                                                                           the K-12 environment and, while the audience for the
    describing their research and presenting a poster                      For more information, contact Meredith Joyce at 1-
                                                                                                                                           conference will be K-12 teachers from throughout the
    display.                                                          6879.
                                                                                                                                           state, Virginia Tech faculty members are invited to
         A team of judges representing the eight colleges                                                                                  attend the keynote session.
    will evaluate the posters. Cash prizes will be awarded            Baird Award nominations sought
                                                                                                                                                For more details, see the institute’s web site at http:/
    to the top two presenters in each of the five categories              The Department of Residential and Dining Programs
                                                                                                                                           /www.icsrc.org, or e-mail: wenrich@vt.edu
    described below. In addition, the top presenter in each           (RDP) is seeking nominations for the 1998-1999 A. Alan
    category will be awarded premier seats to “Challenges             Baird Award. The award honors the student who has

University seeks nominations for exemplary departments and programs
      Each year the university recognizes academic departments        community.                                                            describe the linking of research with particular concentration on
 or programs that have demonstrated outstanding achievement                Nominations are encouraged from undergraduate and                innovative undergraduate programs/departments noting what
 in maintaining an excellent teaching and learning environment        graduate students, faculty members, and others who have               aspects are exemplary. A nomination may address a broad range
 for students and faculty members. This year, the departments         benefited from the work of the department in this year’s topic.       of activities or an individual activity which has made the
 and programs will be recognized for their work in effectively        The award honors the collaborative efforts and successes of           department’s contribution outstanding. Letters should be
 linking research with teaching, with particular concentration on     groups of faculty and staff members and students who actively         addressed to: Exemplary Department and Program Awards
 innovative undergraduate programs. The recognition includes          perform work that is essential to sustain an excellent academic       Committee, c/o Ronald W. Daniel, Office of the Provost, 330
 two $10,000 awards and a $20,000 award to the departments or         environment.                                                          Burruss Hall, CAMPUS 0132. The deadline for nomination
 programs selected by a committee drawn from the university                Letters of nominations (not to exceed two pages) should          letters is Friday, March 5.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Week open house scheduled
                           By Jean Elliott                            and other physical problems. It is a non-profit community            benefiting from the attention given to their arthritis, back, or
      The Therapeutic Exercise and Community Health (TECH)            service that is open to all residents of the New River Valley. It    other musculo-skeletal problems in addition to their basic
Center at Virginia Tech is observing National Cardiac Rehabili-       is operated through the College of Human Resources and               programming aimed primarily at cardio-vascular concerns.
tation Week (February 7-13) with a special open house designed        Education’s exercise-physiology program, in conjunction with              “Some people worry that they don’t have the strength or
to increase awareness in health, nutrition, fitness and of the        the Human Performance Laboratory.                                    stamina to exercise,” said Jim Wright, TECH Center program
exercise programs available to residents of the New River Valley.          “Some people have the impression that we’re only here for       director. “They ask if it is safe for them to exercise. In fact, the
      On Friday, February 12, the TECH Center will showcase its       people who have heart disease or have had a heart attack,” said      most unsafe thing you can do is NOT to exercise. You are never
offerings with an open house at its location in War Memorial Hall     Bill Herbert, who initiated the program in 1976 and continues to     too out of shape to start, and in our program we determine what a
from 7 to 8:30 a.m.                                                   be involved as a consultant and administrative director. “The        person’s capacity is, what will be safe, and what will be effective.
      The open house is an opportunity to learn more about the        truth is, we serve people with a broad range of health concerns      Then we individually design a program and help that person
center’s supervised exercise programs and risk-factor-reduction       and goals. We can help people with a lot of other problems,          achieve his or her goals in a controlled environment.”
services. Participants will also have access to free blood-pressure   including coronary risk factors such as high blood pressure, high         The TECH program’s medically supervised exercises
screenings, activity-level assessment, and may discuss any exer-      cholesterol, or a sedentary lifestyle. We help people who have       include walking, jogging, stationary cycling, rowing, resistance
cise or nutritional concerns with the professional staff. A conti-    chronic health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, or orthope-   training, swimming, and aqua-aerobics. Services designed to
nental breakfast will be served. Call 1-7277 for information.         dic problems. We can also help keep people from developing           reduce the risk of disease include nutrition and diet counseling,
Those arriving close to 7 a.m. will have an opportunity to view all   problems.”                                                           stress management, and teaching skills for lowering heart-
of the various programs in action.                                         There are currently over 100 participants in the program,       disease risk factors. Each participant starts with a physician-
      For 22 years, the center (formally called the Cardiac Therapy   ranging in age from late-teens to mid-80s. The younger clients       supervised EKG exercise tolerance test to screen for cardiac
and Intervention Center) has helped local individuals improve         are usually dedicated to follow-up treatment for musculo-            problems and determine the safest and most effective exercise
their cardio-vascular health and reduce their risk of heart attack    skeletal conditions or arthritis. Many of the older clients are                                             (See REHABILITATION 8)

       The following classified positions are currently avail-
                                                                        EMPLOYMENTCLASSIFIED POSITIONS                                          Accountant, Electrical Engineering, W022399J.
 able. More details of these positions, specific application                                                                              Office Services Assistant, Residential and Dining Pro-
 procedures and position-closing dates may be found on the                                                                                grams/Facilities and Services, W022596H.
                                                                          Locksmith, Physical Plant, 218P.
 Personnel Services web site at http://www.ps.vt.edu. Avail-                                                                                    Health Educator Senior, Continuing Education ,
                                                                          Painter, Physical Plant, 7417P.
 able positions are also listed on the Job Line, a 24-hour                                                                                W022595G.
                                                                          Trades/Utilities Master Mechanic, Hampton Roads Ag-
 recorded message service: Office/Clerical: 1-6196; Techni-                                                                                     Animal Care Technician B, Veterinary Teaching
                                                                    ricultural and Research Extension Center, 4104M.
 cal/Research: 1-6160; Service/Trades: 1-6176; Professional                                                                               Hospital, W022190M.
                                                                          Administrative Liaison, Communications Network Ser-
 and Managerial: 1-4649; Information Technology: 1-2233.                                                                                        Housekeeping Worker, Schiffert Health Center ,
                                                                    vices, 2325D.
 Some of the following positions include state benefits.                                                                                  W020214G.
                                                                          Office Services Assistant, Human Nutrition Food and
 Positions with numbers beginning with a “W” are hourly and                                                                                     Office Services Assistant (Switchboard Operator),
                                                                    Exercise, 6614J.
 do not include state benefits. Comments about this shortened                                                                             Communications Network Services, W022101D.
                                                                          Laboratory Mechanic A, Materials Science and Engi-
 listing should be made to perserv@vt.edu or by calling 1-                                                                                      Fiscal Technician, Veterinary Teaching Hospital,
                                                                    neering, 7419J.
 5301 or 1-6258 for persons with hearing impairments.                                                                                     W020810M.
                                                                          Program Support Technician Senior, Internal Audit,
 Individuals with disabilities desiring assistance or accom-                                                                                    Food Operations Assistant (Dishwasher), Donaldson
 modation in the application process should call by the                                                                                   Brown Hotel and Conference Center, W022603G.
                                                                          Research Specialist Senior, Fisheries and Wildlife Sci-
 application deadline.                                                                                                                          Food Production Worker A, Child Development Lab,
                                                                    ences, 7422M.
       To better serve applicants, the closing date for adver-                                                                            W022604J.
                                                                          Computer Systems Engineer, Engineering Science and
 tised positions has been changed to 1 p.m. Monday unless                                                                                       Office Services Specialist, University Registrar,
                                                                    Mechanics, 6549J.
 otherwise stated. An EO/AA employer committed to diver-                                                                                  W022413T.
                                                                          Enrollment Services Coordinator, Northern Virginia
 sity.                                                                                                                                          Starter/Marshall/Shop Attendant, Golf Course,
                                                                    Center, 2094J.
                           FULL TIME                                                                                                      W020798G.
                                                                          Laboratory Specialist Senior, College of Veterinary
       Laboratory Specialist Advanced, Food Science and                                                                                         Programmer, Controller, W022605P.
                                                                    Medicine, 7423M.
 Technology, 6375M.                                                                                                                             Programmer, Administrative Information Systems,
                                                                          Senior Programmer Analyst, Institutional Research ,
       Installation and Repair Tech. Senior, Video/                                                                                       W022606D.
 Broadcast Services, 7288D.                                                                                                                     Computer Operations Technician, Computing Cen-
                                                                          Office Services Specialist, Communication Network Ser-
       Programmer, Administrative Information Systems,                                                                                    ter, W022608D.
                                                                    vices, 802W.
 7405D.                                                                                                                                         Pharmacy Supervisor, Veterinary Teaching Hospital,
                                                                          Nutritionist (Deet’s Place Manager), Residential and
       Executive Secretary, University Development,                                                                                       W022501M.
                                                                    Dining Programs/Deet’s Place, U938H.
 2226D.                                                                                                                                         Switchboard Operator (Off. Services Assistant),
                                                                          Plumber Steamfitter, Physical Plant, 1926P.
       Programmer/Analyst, Administrative Information                                                                                     Veterinary Medicine, W020821M.
                                                                          Programmer, Administrative Information Systems,
 Systems, 6824D.                                                                                                                                Laboratory Technician, Plant Pathology, Physiology
       Housekeeping Worker, Donaldson Brown Hotel                                                                                         and Weed Science, W022612M.
                                                                          Senior Programmer/analyst, Administrative Informa-
 and Conference Center, 7299G.                                                                                                                  Get Connected Technician, Administrative Informa-
                                                                    tion Systems, 7328D.
       Laboratory Specialist Senior, Environmental                                                                                        tion Systems, W022615D.
                                                                          Housekeeping Worker, Residential and Dining Pro-
 Health and Safety Services, 2756T.                                                                                                             Office Services Assistant, Veterinary Teaching Hospi-
                                                                    grams, 1076H.
       Occupational Safety Compliance Officer, Environ-                                                                                   tal, W022260S.
                                                                          Office Services Specialist, Aerospace and Ocean Engi-
 mental Health and Safety Services, 6571T.                                                                                                      Enrollment SVCS Assistant (Academic Adviser),
                                                                    neering, 7237J.
       Housekeeping Worker, Residential and Dining Pro-                                                                                   Computer Science, W022613T.
                                                                          TV Production Specialist, Athletics, LC054J.
 grams, 721H.                                                                                                                                   Program Supt Tech (Visual Resources Curator), Art
                                                                                               PART TIME
       Housekeeping Worker, Physical Plant, 7323P.                                                                                        and Art History, W022616T.
                                                                          Food Operations Assistant A, Residential and Dining
 Distance Learning Specialist, Office of Distance Educa-                                                                                        Trades Helper/Carpenter’s Assistant, Residential
                                                                    Programs, W022314H.
 tion, 7410D.                                                                                                                             and Dining Programs/Facilities, W020219H.
                                                                          Food Operations Assistant B, Residential and Dining
       Food Operations Manager A/Sous Chef, Residen-                                                                                            Program Support Technician, Horticulture,
                                                                    Programs, W022315H.
 tial and Dining Programs/Dietrick Dining Hall, 7266H.                                                                                    W022617M.
                                                                          Housekeeping Worker, Residential and Dining Pro-
 Fiscal Assistant, Residential and Dining Programs/Busi-                                                                                        Cashier/Hostess/Dining Room Supervisor,
                                                                    grams, W022490H.
 ness Services, 2224H.                                                                                                                    Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center,
                                                                          Program Support Technician Senior, Administrative
       Programmer/Analyst, Information Systems, 7246D.                                                                                    W022614G.
                                                                    Information Systems, W022294D.
 Computer Systems Engineer, Communications Network                                                                                              Office Services Aide, Hospitality and Tourism,
                                                                          Program Support Technician Senior, Administrative
 Services, 7414D.                                                                                                                         W022618J.
                                                                    Information Systems, W022069D.
       Food Operations Assistant B (3rd Baker), Resi-                                                                                                           UNIVERSITY ONLY
                                                                          Food Operations Assistant B/3rd Cook, Residential and
 dential and Dining Programs/ Southgate Bakeshop,                                                                                              Nutritionist (Deet’s Place Manager) Residential and
                                                                    Dining Programs/Personal Touch Catering, W022562H.
 2986H.                                                                                                                                   Dining Programs/Deet’s Place, U938H.
                                                                          Programmer, Communications Network Services,
       Food Production Worker A (2nd Cook), Residen-                                                                                                              OFF CAMPUS
 tial and Dining Programs/Owens Dining Center,                                                                                                 Office Of Distance Education, 7410D.
                                                                          Laboratory Aide, College of Veterinary Medicine,
 W022480H.                                                                                                                                           Hampton Roads Agricultural and Research
       Research Specialist, Crop and Soil Environmental                                                                                   Extension Center, 4104M.
                                                                          Program Support Technician, Research and Graduate
 Sciences, 7412M.                                                                                                                                    Human Nutrition Food and Exercise, 6614J.
                                                                    Studies, 7413J.
       Instructional Technology Systems Manager, Edu-                                                                                                Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, 7422M.
                                                                          Electronic Technician Senior, Engineering Science and
 cational Technologies, 2122D.                                                                                                                       Northern Virginia Center, 2094J.
                                                                    Mechanics, W022588J.

                                                                                      FACULTY POSITIONS                                   tions include: (1) a B.S. degree in computer science, computer
                     INSTRUCTIONAL                                                                                                        engineering, or a related field, (2) strong knowledge of Unix
      Department of Marketing. Assistant Professor. Candi-                                                                                and NT system administration, (3) knowledge of HTML, C,
 dates must have completed, or be in the final stages of
                                                                        Mobile and Portable Radio Research Group (MPRG).                  C++, Ethernet, Unix, Solaris 2.6, Windows 95/98, Windows
 completing, a doctorate in marketing or a related field. The                                                                             NT Workstation and Server 4.0, (4) excellent work habits and
                                                                    Director of Information Services. MPRG, rapidly growing
 department is particularly interested in receiving applications                                                                          interpersonal communication skills. Qualified applicants
                                                                    research laboratory of the Bradley Department of Electrical and
 from candidates whose doctoral work is in areas such as                                                                                  should submit a resume and list of three references to B.D.
                                                                    Computer Engineering with efforts focused in the field of
 cognitive, social, quantitative, or decision-making psychol-                                                                             Woerner, director, MPRG (0350), NEB, Virginia Tech,
                                                                    wireless communications, invites applications for the above
 ogy and behavioral or experimental economics whose work                                                                                  Blacksburg VA 24061. Applications will be accepted until
                                                                    position at the rank of research associate. Duties will include (1)
 would relate to issues in marketing and consumer behavior.                                                                               position is filled.
                                                                    system administration for a network of 20 Sun workstations,
 Applications will be reviewed on the basis of the candidate’s                                                                                 Virginia Cooperative Extension. Director, Southwest
                                                                    networked printers, and a growing number (50+) of Windows
 potential to excel in both research and teaching. The antici-                                                                            Virginia 4-H Center (re-advertisement—revised job de-
                                                                    NT workstations, (2) purchasing, installation, and maintenance
 pated date of appointment is Aug. 15, 1999. The search will                                                                              scription). Virginia Cooperative Extension is seeking applica-
                                                                    of computing equipment and software (3) technical support of
 remain open until the position is filled. Inquiries and applica-                                                                         tions for director, Southwest Virginia 4-H Educational Center
                                                                    electronic publications database and web site, (4) supervision of
 tions should be directed to Kent Nakamoto, Dept. of Market-                                                                              (position # FA305). Successful candidate will hold lecturer
                                                                    a team of students to provide user support for research and
 ing (0236), Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24061; 1-4878; e-                                                                               rank in a non-tenure-track, professional faculty position.
                                                                    teaching activities of the laboratory, (5) long-term planning for
 mail nakamoto@vt.edu.
                                                                    growth of laboratories computing facilities. Expected qualifica-
                                                                                                                                                                           (See EMPLOYMENT on 7)
                                                                                                                                      THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1999 SPECTRUM                                         7
EMPLOYMENT                                                              to assure that the staff conducts the center’s business in accor-      submit a letter of application, a copy of the most recent faculty
                       Continued from 6                                 dance with set policy/procedures and that priorities are met.          report, and three letters of reference. Review begins February 26,
                                                                        Qualifications: Master’s degree required or imminent in business       and continues until the position is filled. Send to Barbara Gillespie,
Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.
                                                                        management, adult or youth education, or closely related disci-        Virginia Cooperative Extension (0437), 122 Hutcheson Hall,
Chief objective of the position: Work with the Board of Directors
                                                                        pline. Experience in business, development, personnel manage-          Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24061. Inquiries:1-7619; TDD
of Southwest Virginia 4-H Educational Center and program
                                                                        ment, public relations, and marketing. Ability to communicate          user: 1-800-828-1120; fax: 1-5545; e-mail: barbarag@vt.edu.
leadership of Virginia Tech and Virginia State Universities’
                                                                        effectively, orally and in writing. Computer/computer software                    Department of Biomedical Sciences and
Cooperative Extension programming to create a vision and
                                                                        knowledge desired. To apply: Submit a letter of intent, a complete     Pathobiology. Postdoctoral Positions. Ph.D. with experience
implement strategies to realize enhanced community support for
                                                                        resume, official academic transcripts, and three letters of refer-     in cellular and molecular immunology or molecular biology
the center’s outreach. Network with corporate/organization/
                                                                        ences. Internal applicants may submit a letter of application, a       required to study immunology of cancer and immuno-toxicology
agency heads in the development of a comprehensive educa-
                                                                        copy of the most recent faculty report, and three letters of           supported by NIH grants. Send c.v. and names of three references
tional program that meets the needs of the people in Southwest
                                                                        reference. Review begins March 5, and continues until positions        to Mitzi Nagarkatti. Phone: 1-5035; fax: 1-7367; e-mail:
Virginia. Secure resources and develop, implement, and evaluate
                                                                        are filled. Send to Barbara Gillespie, Virginia Cooperative Exten-     mnagarka@vt.edu, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences and
strategies to market the center to private and public user groups.
                                                                        sion (0437), 122 Hutcheson Hall, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA         Pathobiology (0442), VA-MD Regional College of Veterinary
Responsibilities: In concert with the leadership of the Board of
                                                                        24061. Inquiries at 1-5659; fax: 1-5545; TDD user: 1-800-828-          Medicine or Prakash Nagarkatti. Phone: 1-5029; fax: 1-9307; e-
Directors and Virginia Cooperative Extension, provide initiative
                                                                        1120.                                                                  mail: pnagarka@vt.edu, Dept. of Biology (0406), Virginia Tech,
to include policy development, resource development, fiscal
                                                                                    Virginia Cooperative Extension. Extension Agent,           Blacksburg, VA 24061. Review begins February 15 until suit-
management, educational program curriculum development,
                                                                        4-H Youth Development. Restricted position, #FA630. Suc-               able candidate is found. For more information, visit web sites
implementation, and evaluation. Provide leadership for public
                                                                        cessful candidate will be lecturer rank, non-tenure-track profes-      http://www.vetmed.vt.edu/College/Faculty/Nagarkatti/
relations, fund raising, and the creation of long-term systems that
                                                                        sional faculty. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and         Nagarkatti.html and http://www.biol.vt.edu/Facultypages/
will sustain program outreach of the Southwest Virginia 4-H
                                                                        experience. Manage a non-formal experiential education pro-            Nagarkatti/index.html.
Educational Center. Oversees day-to-day operations of the cen-
                                                                        gram for youth and adults working with those youth to further                     Department of Educational Technologies. Senior
ter. Meet with corporate/organization/agency heads, the center’s
                                                                        develop life skills necessary as self-directing productive and         Instructional Designer/Evaluator. Successful candidate will
Board of Directors, and VCE staff relative to the design, devel-
                                                                        contributing members of society. This position is restricted to        consult and collaborate with faculty members to provide leader-
opment, and implementation of a strategic plan for the center.
                                                                        Sept. 30, 2000. Responsibilities: Agents must determine program        ship on instructional design and course assessment/evaluation
Review programming efforts to determine if appropriate to meet
                                                                        needs by monitoring trends and issues, involving Extension             for both synchronous and asynchronous courses. Duties: guiding
the center’s mission and goals. Meet with corporate/organiza-
                                                                        leadership councils and advisory committees; design programs to        faculty members through the ID process; leading development
tion/agency heads, and the center’s Board of Directors in the
                                                                        meet needs of target audiences, specify program goals and objec-       teams; providing project-management support; conducting as-
development of short and long-term financial support fund-
                                                                        tives, and identify resources; inform clientele of program activi-     sessments of course-development projects; developing and lead-
raising efforts. Develop a fiscal plan to achieve a strong fiscal
                                                                        ties; use appropriate technologies to plan and deliver programs        ing workshops; and consulting on grant proposals. Qualifica-
support base for operations and capital improvements. Compile
                                                                        through workshops, seminars, conferences, one-on-one visits,           tions: master’s degree in instructional design or related field
fiscal, educational programming, and other reports relative to the
                                                                        field trips, and tours; maintain knowledge of current research         required; doctorate preferred. Three to five years relevant expe-
center’s operation and growth. Establish procedures which sup-
                                                                        information; develop computer applications; develop and imple-         rience, preferably in higher education. Demonstrated ability to
port a balanced educational program available to all citizens as
                                                                        ment evaluation plans; recruit and use volunteers; and report          manage multiple-ID projects with competing deadlines. College
well as implement the VCE EO/AA Compliance Plan. Monitor
                                                                        results to clientele, public, and administration. Qualifications:      teaching experience preferred. Demonstrated commitment to a
and document center’s programming efforts to identify that
                                                                        Master’s degree or imminent in related discipline preferred.           strong service ethic. Excellent oral, written, interpersonal, facili-
EEO/AA/CR/PN guidelines are followed. Work with the Board
                                                                        Current Virginia Cooperative Extension faculty members with            tation, and organizational skills. Comprehensive knowledge of
of Directors to identify and develop new members for the board
                                                                        bachelor’s degree may be considered based on specialty, exper-         course-development software and processes. Professional fac-
to promote the best interest of the center. Work in a team effort
                                                                        tise, and performance. Ability to communicate effectively, orally      ulty position, 12-month, non-tenure track. Salary commensurate
with the program director to: Draft and establish policy and
                                                                        and in writing; ability to recruit, train, and manage volunteers;      with education and experience, with full benefits package in-
procedures as is needed for the center’s operation. Oversee the
                                                                        experience in relating with people. Experience in planning, imple-     cluded. Review begins March 4 and continues until position is
establishment of positions; the development of job descriptions
                                                                        menting, marketing, and evaluating education programs in a             filled. See http://www.edtech.vt.edu for additional position infor-
identifying work duties; recruitment, selection, and hiring; per-
                                                                        related area preferred. Computer/computer software knowledge           mation. Submit letter of application stating qualifications, re-
formance-assessment procedures; and other personnel actions
                                                                        desired. To apply: Submit a letter of intent, a complete resume,       sume, portfolio URL, and three letters of reference (names,
involved in the management of human resources for the center’s
                                                                        official undergraduate and graduate transcripts (copies are ac-        addresses, and phone numbers) to: John Moore, director, Educa-
operation. Give leadership to the development of the center’s
                                                                        ceptable), and three letters of reference. Internal applicants may     tional Technologies (0232), Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA 24061.
budget and monitor the expenditures of funds; establish priorities

                Continued from 1                      bilities in the ionosphere cause scintillations in   are working with the project.                         ber 2000. Later this year, Hall said, the project
selected nation wide for the $1-million pro-          the signals. Problems arise when scintillations             This spring semester, the original nine        team will have to create a “clean” facility at
gram. Each school will receive $100,000 to            cause GPS signals to fade, resulting in errors in    AOE seniors—Ivan Acosta, Elbert Adamos,               Tech—similar to the dust-free facilities in which
construct its satellite and the Air Force and         navigational signals.                                Adam Bram, Raphael Castillejo, Brendan                microchips are produced—for assembling the
NASA will take care of the launching costs.                 The two Tech satellites will orbit in the      McCullers, Kristin Makovec, Michael Powers,           satellites and the GPS receiver hardware to be
      Hall said the Tech students will build two      ionosphere, taking scintillation measurements        Anita Santiago, and Jana Schwartz—have been           carried as payloads.
basketball-sized satellites, each weighing about      that could help scientists and engineers learn       joined in the project by several other AOE and              The College of Engineering has two labo-
five kilograms and containing a computer,             how to decrease the effects of irregularities on     electrical-and-computer-engineering (ECpE)            ratories, the Spacecraft Simulator Laboratory
power supply, and communications equipment.           GPS signals and may add to the body of knowl-        undergraduates.                                       and Satellite Tracking Laboratory, that will be
Orbital Sciences Corp. will provide materials         edge about radio-wave propagation. Hall said         Most of the original students will graduate this      used in constructing and operating the satellites.
for the satellites. Hall has requested technical      the students will design two satellites working      May, said Santiago, who chose this as her senior      The satellites from all 10 universities that have
assistance for the project from Orbital, the          in tandem because the Air Force and NASA are         design project because of her interest in space       won grants in the NanoSatellite Program will be
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and                 interested in the concept of launching flying        design and her desire to pursue satellite technol-    launched from the Space Shuttle in 2001.
INTELSAT Corp.                                        clusters of small satellites in future communi-      ogy as a career. This semester, she said, the               The AOE and ECpE juniors who are work-
      The project was selected for its scientific-    cations programs. That way, if one satellite         seniors are helping to train the underclassmen        ing on the project this semester will help build
and-technology-demonstration potential, Hall          fails, the others can continue to carry out their    who have joined the group. The most challeng-         the satellites during their senior year, Hall said.
said. The Tech-built satellites will orbit the        mission. Hall is discussing additional forma-        ing facet of the project, Santiago commented,         However, they will have to work on original
earth for a month or more, measuring the              tion-flying capabilities with professors at Utah     has been working as a team toward one unified         design projects in addition to the satellites. The
effects of ionospheric irregularities, or scintil-    State University and the University of Wash-         goal.                                                 best solution? “I think as seniors they’ll design
lations, on Global Positioning System (GPS)           ington, who also have received grants under the             Acosta, who is joining the Air Force after     the next generation Virginia Tech research sat-
signals. GPS is used for navigation and locat-        Nanosatellite Program.                               graduation in May and also wants to work with         ellites,” Hall said.
ing purposes by NASA, the military and air-                 Another new technology that will be dem-       the space program, said the seniors and under-
craft, as well as by millions of individuals.         onstrated by the Virginia Tech project is the use    classmen will work this semester to complete
“Even some weapons are guided by GPS now,”            of GlobalStar communications satellites. One         the design and get the project ready for the next
Hall said.                                            of the Tech satellites will have a GlobalStar        phase—actually building the satellites.
      GPS satellites orbit above the ionosphere,      telephone and will be able to place a call to the           The project’s schedule calls for the satel-
the region composed of layers of earth’s atmo-        university for downloading science data.             lites to be delivered to the Air Force in Novem-
sphere ionized by ultraviolet radiation. As GPS       In addition to Hall, Scales and Stutzman, ECpE
navigational signals are transmitted through          faculty members Nathaniel Davis and Jaime
these ionized layers to receivers on earth, insta-    De La Ree, who have related research interests,

                                                                                      IN OTHER NEWS
ISE students gain international experience in France
              By Karen Gilbert,                      for select students. Forty percent of the            of senior ISE students to Nantes, where they had      Equipment for Improved Performance and
       ISE public-relations coordinator              student’s time is spent on-site at industrial        the unique opportunity to work on industrial          Operational Safety, advised by Casali;
    ‘In a world where frontiers                      locations, which is meant to fully prepare the       projects jointly with students from Ecole des         Preparing an Operations Recovery Plan, advised
                                                     student for the industrial environment.              Mines de Nantes. The trip for the students was        by Kleiner; Designing a Plant Layout, advised
no longer form a barrier to                                One of the founding principles of the          made possible by the Virginia Tech Foundation         by Sarin; and a Quality Control Project, advised
trade, technology, information                       Ecole des Mines de Nantes is that engineering        Scholarship fund and coordinated through the          by Nachlas. The projects given to the student
                                                     skills alone are not sufficient for the engineer     office of Assistant Dean of Engineering Pamela        teams are actual problems faced by existing
or the exchange of ideas, it is                      of tomorrow. The school’s brochures states:          Kurstedt. The ISE students who made the trip to       industries, the names of which are kept
essential for an engineering                                “In a world where frontiers no longer         Nantes, France included Alejandro Rivera, Elise       confidential. An ISE faculty member guided
school to develop an                                 form a barrier to trade, technology, information     Caruso, Julie Germain, Marc Petraitis, Steve          each team as they tackled their specific industrial
                                                     or the exchange of ideas, it is essential for an     Campbell, Doug Newhard, Catalina Rueda,               problem.
international profile.’                              engineering school to develop an international       Nehul Bhavsar, Rina Gursahaney, Vineet                     The ISE trip to France also included an
     The Ecole des Mines de Nantes School of         profile.”                                            Harnal, Wendy Willis, Julia Rhoten, Joe Shenk,        opportunity for the group to visit the
Engineering was created in 1990 by the French              For this reason, the Industrial and Systems    Scott Neilson, Gail Porter, Neveen Jaleel, Ryan       Aerospatiale plant, which is Boeing’s
Ministry of Industry, and was recently the           Engineering Department at Virginia Tech and          Boyle, Rush Blevins, Jack Regler, and Dan             competition here in the United States. The
destination of a group of Virginia Tech Industrial   the Ecole des Mines de Nantes have formed a          Fass.                                                 Aerospatiale Group is a major international
and Systems Engineering(ISE) faculty and             partnership to prepare their engineering                  By working in collaboration with the             force in virtually every sector of the aerospace
students.                                            students to enter the work force with an             students from the Ecole des Mines de Nantes,          business, from aircraft and helicopters to space
     Located in Nantes, France, the school was       international understanding. In January, ISE         the ISE students discovered another cultural          and defense systems.
designed as a tool for industrial development        faculty members John Casali, Brian Kleiner,          approach to a problem. Four challenges faced
by providing high-level teaching and research        Subhash Sarin and Joel Nachlas, led four teams       the student teams: Redesigning Mining

               Continued from 1                      ginia Commonwealth University hospitals.             Bill 1986, “The Higher Education and Related          Pickett that are being used for the Southern
                                                           Other amendments for Virginia Tech rec-        Facilities Bond Act of 1999,” a $300-million          Piedmont Agricultural Research and Exten-
attempted to craft an equitable distribution of
                                                     ommended by the Senate include $100,000 for          general-obligation bond proposal sponsored by         sion Center.
the amounts designated for higher education.
                                                     summer internships in certain disciplines for        Delegate Alan Diamonstein of Newport News.                  As previously noted, both committees
The House recommended funds for mainte-
                                                     students from under-represented groups,              This bill contains $32 million for Virginia Tech,     recommended 6.25-percent salary increases
nance and operations of facilities and inflation-
                                                     $100,000 to continue transgenic-tobacco field        $25 million for the Upper Quad project and $7         for classified employees whose performance
ary increases for materials and supplies for all
                                                     trials, and $85,000 to support the arboretum         million for dairy-science facilities and a new        meets or exceeds expectations, to take effect
institutions. The Senate similarly recommended
                                                     and horticulture gardens. On the House side,         livestock arena. If the bill is adopted by the full   Nov. 25, 1999. Faculty salary increases were
increases in general operating support. For Vir-
                                                     funds were recommended for Solitude                  House of Delegates, it must then pass the Senate,     appropriated last year and remain at an average
ginia Tech, the amount recommended by both
                                                     ($25,000), and the National Geographic Alli-         be signed by Gilmore, and approved by the             of 5.8 percent for Virginia Tech faculty mem-
committees is $1.6 million. The House funds
                                                     ance ($25,000).                                      voters in November. A similar proposal died by        bers, also beginning November 25.
are split into $1 million for maintenance and
                                                           For the Cooperative Extension/Agricul-         one vote in the Senate Finance Committee last               The full House and Senate will vote on
operations of facilities, and $600,000 for mate-
                                                     ture Experiment Station Division recommen-           year.                                                 these proposals today. A small conference
rials and supplies, while the Senate recom-
                                                     dations were modest as well. The Senate rec-               On the Senate side, general funds were          committee will then be appointed to iron out
mends $1.6 million for operating support.
                                                     ommended $100,000 and two positions for the          provided for capital outlay, including $3.9 mil-      the differences between the two chambers. The
      Programmatically, both committees rec-
                                                     Plan to Serve Virginia’s Agriculture, Human          lion for Virginia Tech’s dairy-science facilities.    conference committee must finish its work by
ommended $1 million for Virginia Tech to
                                                     and Natural Resources. The House recom-              The Senate also recommended $784,000 in plan-         February 23, and the General Assembly is
support high-demand programs in the informa-
                                                     mended $80,000 for materials and supplies and        ning funds for the Upper Quad and $456,000 in         scheduled to adjourn Saturday, Feb. 27.
tion-technology area. This was the single larg-
                                                     $150,000 to pay for soil testing for farmers.        planning funds for the agriculture and forestry             For more information, contact the Office
est budget-amendment request funded by either
                                                           The two committees took markedly dif-          research facility. Both committees included lan-      of Government Relations, 221 Burruss Hall,
committee with the exception of indigent care
                                                     ferent approaches to capital outlay. In the House,   guage to allow Virginia Tech to take possession       telephone 1-7111.
funds for the University of Virginia and Vir-
                                                     almost all capital outlay is contained in House      of 1,100 acres from the federal government at Ft.

              Continued from 1                       Tech in 1985 to identify and market                       “We are excited about this major gift,”          REHABILITATION
                                                     technologies and other intellectual properties       said F. William Stephenson, dean of the College                      Continued from 5
Baird said, DuPont is donating equipment that        belonging to the university. Additional support      of Engineering. “Virginia Tech values its long-
will enable Virginia Tech researchers to             necessary to make the best marketing and             standing relationship with DuPont and this            program for them. That and other
produce composite sheets. One potential use          research uses of the DuPont donation will be         donation of technology will enable our faculty        laboratory evaluations help the TECH staff
for this capability is the construction of           provided by the university, the College of           members to continue their cutting-edge research       personalize the participant’s exercise
automotive parts made from light-weight,             Engineering, Virginia Tech Research and              in a vital area of materials science and              prescription, medical supervision, diet
recyclable composite materials, a project that       Graduate Studies, and the Virginia Tech              engineering.”                                         analysis and recommendations, health-
Baird and other Tech researchers plan to tackle      Foundation.                                                                                                behavior counseling, and blood-pressure
in the future.                                                                                                                                                  and heart-rate monitoring and recording.
     DuPont also is giving Tech a patent for                                                                                                                         In addition to medical personnel and
the continuous rollforming of composites.                                                                                                                       other professional staff members, gradu-
“This is an exciting process,” Baird said.                                                                                                                      ate students in clinical exercise physiol-
Normally, a fixed mass of the composite sheets                                                                                                                  ogy and undergraduate students in hu-
are pressed into molds to form parts.                                                                                                                           man, nutrition, foods, and exercise work
Rollforming is a method of continuously                                                                                                                         with the professional staff to maximize
pressing composite sheets made from the                                                                                                                         individual attention provided to partici-
wetlay process into desired shapes.                                                                                                                             pants. “Moral support is at least as impor-
     Baird said engineering researchers can                                                                                                                     tant as instruction and supervision,”
use rollforming to devise methods for                                                                                                                           Wright said. “For many of our partici-
developing large composite infrastructure parts                                                                                                                 pants, the program is a social as well as a
such as beams for bridges. Loos is interested                                                                                                                   physical activity. Exercising with some-
in studying the potential of rollforming to              PermitNo.28                                                                                            body is the key to motivation.”
produce low-cost structural parts for aircraft.         Blacksburg,VA                                                                                                For more information about the TECH
     The gift-in-kind, along with any new                    PAID                                                                                               Center open house and programs, call 1-
applications, materials, and technologies that            U.S.Postage                                                                                           7277 or visit the center’s web site at http:/
result, will be administered by VTIP, a private,          Organization                                                           Blacksburg,VA24061             /www.bevnet/health/cardio/vtcard.html.
non-profit corporation established by Virginia             Non-Profit                                                            VirginiaTech

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