Crime by alicejenny


        English/Language Arts                                     Health/Physical Education                                                 Math
P   -   Study connections between                              P - Reasearch connections between
                                                                                                                               P - Researchcrimecosttocitizens.
                                                                                                                               Chart statistics.
illiteracy and crime.
IA - Create, publish, and distribute                           IA - Raise funds for at-risk youth                              IA - Raise funds for survivors of violent
public safety materials.                                       program.                                                        crimes.
DA - Tutor children in high crime areas.                       DA - Work at recreation center for at-risk                     DA - Tutor juvenile offenders in math.
AA - Hold speech contest with speeches                         youth.                                                         AA - Present preparation statistics to
based on preparation activity. Invite                          AA - Lobby local govemment for                                 legislators with suggestions for reducing
media coverage/local community group.                          creation/maintenance of recreation                             crime.
R - Write poems/essays about project                           programs for youth.                                            R - Reflect on reactions (personal and
chosen.                                                        R - Discuss reasons for athletes'                              other) to statistics   on crime.
                                                               problems with law/crime at nationalleve!.

                              Family Studies                                                                                         Art
P - Read/discuss issue of domestic violence. Invite speaker from                               P -    Create a visual of prompt: "A Dream for Ending Crime."
House of Ruth.                                                                                 IA - Display preparation     activity in local mall along with crime
IA - Collect/assemble/distribute personal hygiene kits for women                               prevention literature.
and children and domestic violence center.                                                     DA - Do art projects with children in juvenile center.
DA - Host reading/play time for children at domestic violence center.                          AA - Send preparation     activity to local legislators with statements:
AA - Create brochure, distribute to students on stopping domestic                              "How to reduce crime."
violence.                                                                                      R -    Discuss reactions to "Dream creations."
R -    Discuss relationship        of early family life to being victim of
domestic violence.

           Science                                                                                                                    Business         Education
P - Researchgenetics/crime                                                                                                    P - Analyze benefits of schoollbusiness
tendencies.   Invite guest speaker on topic.                                                                                  partnerships to community and reduction
IA - Raise money for victims of crime.                                                                                        in crime.
 DA - Tutor juvenile offenders.                                                                                               IA - Develop local schoollbusiness
AA - Produce a position paper on                                                                                              partnership program.
 preparation  topic. Present to community.                                                                                    DA - Implement mentoring programs/
 R -    Assess changes in attitudes toward
 crime since beginning of study.
                                                                                CRIME                                         partnerships.
                                                                                                                              AA - Solicit local community organiza-
                                                                                                                              tions for crime prevention programs.
                                                                                                                              R - Display pictures of projects and
                                                                                                                              discuss/evluate success.

                                       Music                                                                            Foreign Language
P   -  Analyze musicals/media     with crime themes.                                           P - Research crime/laws in country of study. Compare to U.S.
IA - Collect tapes to send to juvenile detention center.                                       IA - Translate public safety materials. Distribute where appropriate.
DA - Plan and staff music summer program for young children.                                   DA - Teach U.S. laws/policies to recent immigrants.
AA - Conduct letter writing campaign on topic of regulation of music                           AA - Write/mail ideas to local groups and newspapers about hate
industry/violence  in music.                                                                   crimes against immigrants.
R -     Discuss changes in attitude since beginning of project study.                          R - Write/discuss how you feel about laws discovered in preparation

        Technology         Education                                         Social Studies                                                  Celebration
P -     Research   effectiveness      of various               P -    Research statistics on makeup of                        Hold a school-wide fair featuring all
home protection systems.                                       prison inmates: race. educationallevel,                       projects. Invite media, BOE, law officials,
IA - Create a bulletin board         for school                socioeconomic   leve!. Draw conclusions.                      community     leaders. Present awards.
detailing results of preparation   activity.                   IA - Hold crime awareness week. Invite
DA - Heip senior citizens protect homes                        speakers,     hold workshops.      display posters.
using technology.                                              DA - Participate in peer mediation
AA - Develop educational       game for                        program.
computer dealing with bias. Distribute.                        AA  -  Create a program to prevent                                                    Key
R -     Discuss relationship of crime                          vandalism/emphasize    school pride.                           P-     Preparation
prevention systems to actual reduction of                      R - Writeessay: "Life without laws."                           IA -   IndirectAction
crime.                                                                                                                        DA -   Direct Action
                                                                                                                              AA -   Advocacy (action)
                                                                                                                              R-     Reflection
                                                                                                                              C-     Celebration

                                                   A Project of the Maryland Student Service Alliance Fellows Program. Maryland State Department                 of Education

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