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lax facts


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                                                            Lax Facts
                                                     Coach David Ho dho@mchs.org          773-324-1020       312-953-6955 (Cell)

About Mount Carmel Lacrosse
2011 will be the second year for lacrosse at Mount Carmel. Lacrosse is increasing in popularity as east coast colleges look to the
Midwest for the next wave of talent. It’s a fast-paced and physical game, but requires a great deal of strategy, too. It’s also a great
conditioning sport for football and hockey players due to a number of similarities in the games.

The Coach’s mission is to develop student athletes of character and integrity, who will serve as positive members of Mount Carmel
and the greater society. The team’s mission will be value-based on principles such as pride, unity, confidence with the strong
emphasis on academic endeavors and the importance of intellectual growth. We always practice positive leadership and display
courage necessary to advocate just cause in the face of public and peer pressure. We always hold ourselves accountable for our
thoughts, feelings and actions as we are student athletes as we represent Mount Carmel and its families. To understand the immense
opportunity afforded to us by a diverse student body, we will demonstrate the virtues of compassion, sensitivity and respect, and
always be the best at everything we do.

This year will introduce more lacrosse knowledge and language. For example, we’ll keep a scorebook at each game to track statistics
like goals, assists, shots, etc. This also means we’ll track penalties, so keep it clean! These statistics are important to see where
practice effort should be focused, as well as helping you prepare for a college career in lacrosse (if that’s your choice!).

Our Coaches                                       Registration                            Practices
Our Head Coach is Dave Ho. Dave is a              Registration forms have been            Practice makes perfect. You play like you
passionate advocate of lacrosse, and he has       emailed to all current and              practice. Whatever your choice of sayings, it
high school and college (Norwich University)      prospective players. They have          means the same thing: we learn and perfect
playing experience. Dave’s coaching               also been posted on the lacrosse        our play through practice. This is the time to
experience is at the youth level with the         page of the school’s website.           learn new plays, understand how your
Orland Park Chiefs, and the high school level                                             attacker shoots, your midi passes or your
with Loyola Academy and St. Rita. Dave has        A fee sheet has been emailed to         defenders guard. This is where you become a
extensive experience in program development       all current and prospective             team. If you don’t show up, you don’t learn.
and conducting clinic/camps to promote the        players. Returning players have         This puts you a step behind other players in
sport.                                            lower fees because they have            terms of knowledge and playing time.
                                                  already purchased the majority of       Showing up isn’t enough: you’ve got to
It looks like we’ve got enough players for a      their equipment.                        participate and run through the practice like
freshman and junior varsity team! While that’s                                            your season depends on it – because it does!
great news from a program standpoint, it          A pasta dinner will take place on
highlights the need for more coaches. Coach       Wednesday, February 9, from 6-          We practice six days per week and normally
Ho is currently advertising for an experienced    7:30 pm. This dinner is a chance        have Sundays off. Weekday practices
Assistant Coach. If you know of someone           to kick off the season, introduce       normally run from 2:45 until 5 or 5:30 pm.
with lacrosse experience, please send their       parents and process registration        Please remember our Coach has a full-time
info to Coach and he’ll take it from there.       forms and payments.                     job. This means that early dismissal days
                                                                                          might still have practice, but it will be at the
                                                  Our roster must be finalized by         regular time of 2:45 or 3 pm. Please plan
                                                  February 18!                            accordingly.

Equipment can either be ordered/purchased through Coach Ho or you may purchase equipment on your own. The only piece of
equipment that the player is required to purchase from the school is the helmet due to color specificity. If you choose to purchase
the other equipment on your own, Coach Ho will share his discount codes with you for local lacrosse businesses if you ask him.
Please pay attention to color requirements on the equipment list when you’re shopping (i.e. white gloves, not black).

All equipment must be NFHS certified. Players must have a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves and a stick. The stick type
might be short (attacker and midfielder) or long (defender), so talk with Coach before making this investment.
Schedule                                Caravan Committee
Coach Ho is in the midst of             This year’s Caravan Committee members are:
coordinating our spring schedule.                               Seniors – Matt Anderson and Andy Zivat
It’s about 1/3 set and takes a lot of                          Juniors –Jon Ladowski and Zack Swanson
work because games are                                       Sophomores – Justin Gallagher and Mike Griffin
individually coordinated with
participating schools. The              The Caravan Committee has selected the 2011 uniforms, charity and participated in some
season will begin March 1 with          leadership training over the winter break. While their role is to assist Coach Ho in leading
practices and our first games to        the team, it is a core responsibility of all Mount Carmel players to positively and respectfully
occur by mid- to late March.            represent their faith, families, school and sport. The group is led by Pete Ladowski.

 Parent Board
 We have a number of parents who have stepped forward to help within the planning and administrative needs of the program.
 Should you have questions, please feel free to contact any of the parents listed below for information. These parents are also
 good sources of information in trying to navigate your first year as a lacrosse family.
         John and Donna Griffin                dgriffin2547@sbcglobal.net                     773-298-9722
         Jim and Deb Swanson                   jim.swanson@live.com                           708-990-1348
         Pete and Cheryl Ladowski              pete_ladowski@pepsico.com                      219-613-4095

 Workouts                                   Fundraising                                           Field Location
 If you’re a returning player, what         It does not appear as though fundraising              Our practices will continue to take
 have you done throughout the               will be necessary to sponsor a 2011                   place at Mount Carmel. Players,
 winter to keep your ball handling          season. We may revisit this in the middle             please remember: this is a privilege
 skills fresh? Start those drills           of the season to fund other 2012 initiatives,         and not a right. Appropriate
 now to get back in the habit! If           but we’ll involve you as we continue these            behavior is required at all times,
 you’re a new player, start with            discussions.                                          especially no cleats in the hallway!
 conditioning and strength.                                                                       Last year’s games were held at
 Coach Ho will communicate                  Thanks to John Gallagher (father of                   Gately Stadium. Because they are
 workout information for those              sophomore Justin) for the donation of an              re-turfing the field, this isn’t an
 players who wish to use the                equipment box that can be placed outside              option this year. Instead, we will
 month of February to voluntarily           the school. This will allow for a quicker set         play at Eckersall Stadium, 2423
 prepare for the season.                    up and breakdown of practices                         East 82nd Street, in Chicago. This
                                                                                                  is roughly at 82 and Yates.

   Bus transportation to all games is provided by Mount Carmel. This is the recommended method to ensure all players arrive
   safely and on time. We had some problems with “detours” by drivers last year that made them miss warm-ups. Don’t risk
   your playing time! Players may take the bus back to school after the game or go home with their parent who attends the

   After practice during the week, Mount Carmel offers an activity bus that leaves the school at 5:55 pm. The buses are on a
   strict schedule so players must ensure they are on time or they’ll be left behind. Any player wishing to take the activity bus
   must register with Mr. McShane (773-324-1020 x240). If the player already has a monthly bus pass, no additional money is
   required. If the player needs the activity bus for a ride home (he gets to school through other means), the cost is $75 per
   month. Additionally, one-day passes are available from the Security Office. The activity bus routes reverse the actual
   school bus routes; no new stops will be established.

  Charity Work Volunteers
  We have selected the Ronald           It takes a lot of work to put together a lacrosse program. We have an enthusiastic coach in
  McDonald House as our                 Coach Ho, supportive Athletic Director in Dan LaCount and engaged School Moderator in
  charity for 2011. Mr.                 Ms. Gold. Are you missing from the equation? You don’t need lacrosse knowledge to
  Ladowski will contact them to         help with the program. Help is needed to:
  understand the volunteer                              o Set up nets, water jugs and fields for home games
  opportunities that exist so                           o Work the game clock and keep score at home games
  that our players can give                             o Keep the score book to track stats during all games
  back to the community and                             o Chaperone on the bus to/from games
  positively represent the                              o Video tape games for “Chalk Talk” post-game talks with the team
  Mount Carmel lacrosse                                 o Take pictures during games for both PR and memories
  program.                                              o Coordinate social opportunities for the players and families
                                        The list goes on and on – how can we count on your support and involvement as the year

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