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									5 Ways To Get Followers
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Twitter is experiencing a huge burst in popularity, and is getting huge amounts of attention on the web every single day. So now that you’ve joined twitter how can you get the most out of it? The number one indicator of popularity on twitter is your follower count. Everyone wants to have lots of followers, but it can be a very slow process if you don’t know what to do. We’ve examined many of the ways to get followers and this report is the result of our indepth research. What methods work? What methods don’t? And what methods will get you banned? Because if twitter doesn’t like how you are getting followers, they will kick you out. Read on to find out...
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The mass follow - mass unfollow method

For this method you will need two things: a mass follow tool and a tweet karma tool. Mass follow - http://flashtweet.com Tweet Karma - http://tweetmykarma.com This method used to be the easiest way to get thousands of followers very quickly. This problem with this is that twitter is cracking down on people with a high follower turnover: those people who follow and unfollow too often. So this is the new way to do it, and minimize risk of getting banned. 1. Every morning start up your karma tool and drop 100 people that have not followed you back. 2. Now load up your mass follower and mass follow another 100 people. 3. That all you have to do. Repeat again tomorrow. Easy isn’t it? It only takes a few minutes each day. This method will steadily increase your followers, and over time you will be able to collect a large number of followers. With this method you can probably expect around 25 new followers per day (1 in 4 will autofollow you back). Over one week that is 175 followers, and over a month that is 700 followers. It is worth the small amount of time spent per day.

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The follow - stop method discredited

For this method you will need a web browser and plenty of spare time. This method has a very cunning idea behind it, to take advantage of the large number of people who auto-follow major twitterers. If you were to follow a popular twitterer like Aston Kutcher (aplusk), twitter’s #1 user, your name would be on top of his followers list. There is always people using a mass follower and entering his name. So when they follow his followers, you would get a new follower. Nice and easy isn’t it? With the follow - stop method, you just have to repeatedly follow and unfollow popular twitterers, so that you are always near the top of their follower list. So you will easily get a large number of followers. BUT, we don’t recommend this method, and here’s why: Firstly it is just too much effort. As far as we know there is no free tool to do this for you. So you need to sit in front of you browser for hour after hour manually clicking follow and unfollow. Secondly, and more importantly, you are likely to have problems with twitters new “no churning” rule. Repeated follow-unfollow of the same users over a long period will get you banned.

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The tweet frequently method

This can also be called the organic method. Put simply, all you need to do is make tweets as frequently as you can. This is because your tweets show up in many places and get seen by more people than you expect. Your tweets can show up in the public timeline, in twitter search, and even in Google search. Other twitterers are likely to follow tweets that they find interesting. Every time a tweet that you make is seen, you have a chance to gain a follower, so you need to tweet a lot. For this method you will need one or more auto-tweeting tools, and to write a lot of tweets. Things you can tweet are: Your blog posts - http://tweetyoursite.com A pre-written list of tweets - http://tweetplaylist.com If you are stuck for ideas, just Google your main niche and tweet the results. Then add a few messages that gently promote your own site: for example, if your niche was “dog walking”, you might tweet these messages (note that the last one is a promo for your own website): “#dogwalking http://about.com/how_to_walk_a_dog.”, “man walking 28 dogs http://flickr.com/pic.jpg #dogwalking”, “let someone else walk your dogs http://dogwalkers.com #dogwalking”. And of course you should add a bunch of chatty messages: “Coffee time”, “I need a break”, “What’s on TV?”, “I still don’t understand LOST”. Now put all of your messages into one text file, and auto-tweet them with http://tweetplaylist.com. Don’t forget to write a lot more tweets personally. Don’t depend on autotweeting (or anything else) as your sole source of tweets.
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The follower exchange method BUSTED

There are many sites available that offer follower exchanges. It’s a simple scheme, all you have to do is follow the top 25 people on a list, and your name gets added to the bottom of the list. Hang on, that sounds at lot like a pyramid scheme... would you send $1.00 to the 25 people on this list if your name got added to the bottom? If you said yes, please read this page immediately! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme Anyway regardless of what kind of scheme it is, there is a fatal flaw. The list of names has to be public - otherwise you won’t know who to follow. So at any time, twitter can decide that they don’t want people using follower exchanges, log on to the exchange website anonymously, and simply ban any and all names that they see there. BUSTED and not recommended.

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Be genuine and have something interesting to say

This is the manual, hard work method. But it will in the long run give you far better results than any other method. How do you do it? Unfortunately we can’t help you too much with this one. Just start tweeting and figure out what works for you. Tweet a lot and tweet often and you will get the hang of it.

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