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									The Perfect Choice For Occasions

When it comes to celebration, we all look forward to dressing up in our finest outfits and putting our best
foot forward. Eid is one such occasion we patiently wait for. Buying a special Eid outfit tops our priority
lists. We can hardly wait to start shopping for the finest eastern clothing. However, things are not the
same for everyone. There are so many underprivileged individuals who find it really hard to buy a single
set of clothing for themselves or their families during this annual festivity. Keeping at par with the spirit of
Eid, The Dubai Charity Association and the Accor group of hotels have together been actively collecting
clothes during the holy month of Ramadan. This comes as a part of the Association's Eid Clothes Project,
which is designed to relieve the suffering of widows, orphans, patients, and poor students in the country.

When it comes to Eid outfits, nothing beats the popularity of eastern clothing. There are several varieties
of eastern outfits available in the market. A brief look at a few of these elegant types of eastern clothing
will help you choose the right dress for this Eid.

1 Abaya and Jilbab: Women prefer to flaunt their fashionable side in designer abayas and jilbabs. This
festive season a wide range of highly fashionable abayas and jilbabs are making rounds in the eastern
clothing fashion circuit. Most notably among the popular designs include such designer abayas like
beautiful Arabian princess abayas, khatoon abayas, afreeda abayas, just to name a few.

These are all made out of 100% wrinkle free poly-blend crepe fabric and stitched to perfection.

2 Kurti and Tunic: When dressing up for the special Eid celebration, nothing comes close to the popularity
of kurti and tunics. These are all time favorites among women of all ages. In terms of color, this season
solids are making a comeback. Together with embroidered designs sequined with lace and gold band
accents on the sleeves and hem, you will be flooded with choices.

3 Hijab and Scarf: Hijabs and scarves are the most fashionable piece of festive head gear for women.
There are numerous designs in Hijabs specially meant for wearing during annual Eid celebration.
However, this season, Al-almirah Hijabs are all the rage. Made out of soft poly blend fabric these highly
fashionable piece of your eastern clothing makes a unique personal statement.

Along with these essential pieces of fashion wear, accessories like gemstone jewelry, silver and gold
ornaments, and classic-cut crystal pendant makes your Eid shopping complete.

To enjoy the ultimate Eid shopping experience visit Here you will find the most stunning
range of eastern clothing you can ever dream of. Get yourself ready to experience this shopping

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