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      MAY 2010                     Principal’s Welcome
 Calendar of Events
                                  I’d like to extend a warm “welcome back” to our staff and students as we return from April
                                  break and charge headlong toward the end of the 2009 – 2010 school year. It is hard to
3    PAC Meeting
     Media Center 7:00 pm         believe we have only eight weeks left in this school year. As in the past, our staff continues
                                  to do their utmost to ensure students’ learning and achievement. We have students again
4    Blood Drive                  this year who continue to win awards at the local, state, and national levels. Most recently,
     Main Gymnasium 8 - 1         on Wednesday, April 28th, Granby High School was recognized by Governor M. Jodi Rell
                                  for Exceptional Participation in The Governor’s Summer Reading Challenge this past year.
 5   PAC Meeting
                                  Granby was one of only five high schools in the state chosen for this award. We had 699 of
     Media Center 7:00 pm
                                  our students read 2,754 books this past summer. As always, we have tremendous support
 6   Wellness 10 Field Trip       from our parents as we all work together to prepare our students for success in the 21 st
     St. Francis Hosp.            Century.
     Spring Band Concert
     Auditorium 7:30 pm           At this time of year we are competing with warm weather, “spring fever,” the lure of
                                  summer, and the end of another academic year. Although we are in the fourth quarter of
7    Concert of Hope
     Auditorium 7:00 pm           the school year, we must remain diligent and focused on student learning and
                                  achievement. Students need to use this opportunity in 4th quarter wisely in order to
13   Wellness 10 Field Trip       maintain or improve their academic performance for the semester. Please stress with your
     St. Francis Hosp.            students the importance of “buckling down” rather than “cruising through” the 4 th quarter.
                                  Not only are follow through and completion of the entire school year good life skills, but
14   Military Career Day
     Field Trip
                                  achieving passing grades in 4th quarter classes are required for participation in fall sports.
     @ Bradley Air National       For seniors, many of the colleges and universities require a 2nd semester transcript to
     Guard Base                   monitor academic progress as it pertains to their acceptance requirements into their
                                  programs. If your child is experiencing difficulty this last quarter, please remind them that
16   Walk in the Park for Haiti
     McLean Game Refuge
                                  we have numerous resources to support them including classroom teachers, tutors,
                                  guidance counselors, a school psychologist, a school social worker, and our assistant
17   NOCTI Testing                principals. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or guidance counselor
                                  with any questions or concerns. Also, please remember to access the parent portal on a
20   Physics Field Trip           regular basis to monitor your child’s academic progress. Accessing the portal provides you
     Lake Compounce
                                  an opportunity to have timely and meaningful conversations with your child regarding their
21   Senior Prom                  progress as well as increased ability to communicate with their teachers on a timely basis.
     @ The Riverview              If you have forgotten or misplaced your password for the portal, please contact Mary Lou
                                  Berry in the main office at 844-3154.
25   YES Club Field Trip
                                  We do have numerous extracurricular and athletic events scheduled through the end of
     Culinary Field Trip          June and we encourage you to attend these events. Our students always appreciate your
     Career Exploration           interest and support. Please consult the website for specific information regarding events
27   HS Assembly
                                  and activities.
                                  Thank you for your continued cooperation and partnership in the education of our students.
28   Senior Class Outing          We look forward to a successful 4th quarter and for your support in making that happen.
     @ High Meadow

31   Memorial Day No School

                                  James Bowe, Principal

                                                                                  GMHS News                      May 2010
                                                                Athletic Physicals
      What’s Happening @ GMHS…                                  A reminder to parents of students who play fall sports;
                                                                practice and tryouts begin before the start of school in
ATHLETIC BOOSTER CLUB                                           August. Be sure your child has a current physical over
Please join the Athletic Booster Club. The club meets           the summer before the start of the season. If you have
on the second Wednesday of every month in the Media             any questions as to the date of the last physical on file in
Center at 7:00 p.m.                                             the nurse’s office, please give the clinic a call before the
                                                                end of the school year. The nurses are not available
GMHS Athletic Booster Club’s Event Schedule                     over the summer to answer these type questions. The
May 16 ...................12 Annual Golf Tournament             clinic may be open during limited hours several days
                                                                before the start of fall practice and if so, these hours will
                                                                be posted on the HS Clinic webpage and will appear in
                                                                the June Newsletter. Sport physical forms are available
SPRING CHORAL CONCERT                                           for download from the HS Clinic webpage.
The Fine Arts Department would like to remind the
community to mark their calendars to attend the 2010            Contact Information Changes
Spring Arts Expo and Spring Concert. The exhibit is             Parents please don’t forget to let the school nurse know if
open to the public Thursday evening prior to the concert.       you have changed any contact information or mailing
Come early, enjoy the art and then stay for the wonderful       address so that you can be easily contacted to discuss
sounds of the GMHS Chorus. The artwork will remain on           health issues which could arise concerning your child
display through the afternoon of Friday, June 4th. The          while in school.
Fine Arts Department will be having a “Pottery Seconds
Sale”, a bake sale and a raffle to raise money for the          Bee Sting Allergies and Asthma
Visual Arts Scholarship. Last year 4 scholarships were          Spring has arrived and so has common allergens that
awarded to graduating seniors pursuing the arts at the          drive us all a little crazy sometimes. Parents, be sure
secondary level. If you are interested in donating to the       your child is carrying their Epi pens and inhalers to school
scholarship, helping with this event or you want general        as symptoms and exposure to these allergens becomes
information regarding the Arts Expo, contact Hollie Hecht       more prevalent. Contact the school nurse if you have
at The Fine Arts Department            any questions about carrying an Epi Pen or Inhaler.
hopes you can attend this wonderful event and we know
you will be amazed by the talent of the GMHS students
involved. Thank you in advance for supporting the arts.

Current 10th Grade Students
All 10th grade students must have completed a 10th              GMHS PARTICIPATE IN THE NATIONAL FINANCIAL
grade State of Connecticut Health Assessment before             CAPABILITY CHALLENGE
the end of their 10th grade year. Letters will be sent out      This April, students in Mrs. Clark’s and O’Neil’s Personal
just prior to the close of this school year to all 10th grade   Financial Management courses took the National
students who have failed to comply with this state              Financial Capability Challenge. The National Financial
regulation. Any student who has not submitted a 10th            Capability Challenge is an awards program designed to
grade physical will be excluded from returning to school        increase the financial knowledge and capability of high
in the fall until this requirement is satisfied. Parents can    school aged youth across the United States. It was
now download the 10th grade Blue Health Assessment              launched with the combined efforts of the U.S.
Record from the High School Clinic webpage or pick one          Department of the Treasury and the U.S. Department of
up from the school nurse.                                       Education with the goal of having 1 million high school
Current 9th Grade Students                                      students take the challenge this year. This initiative is
If you have a student who is currently in the 9th grade;        designed to increase the financial knowledge and
the 10th grade physical requirement mentioned above             capability of high school aged youth across the United
can be met anytime after the last day of the 9th grade          States so they can take control over their financial
year to the last day of the 10th grade year. The summer         futures. This online exam was comprised of 40 multiple
between the 9th grade and 10th grade year is an ideal           choice questions, designed to illustrate the relevance of
time to obtain this physical, especially for students           financial topics, as well as to assess learning.
interested in participating in sports. If your current 9th      Why is financial capability important?
grader is having a sports physical over the summer, be
sure to have your physician complete a blue Health              The recent economic crisis and the increasing
Assessment Record in addition to a sports physical form.        complexity of our financial system make it clear that
                                                                strengthening the financial knowledge and skills of our
                                                                young people is critical to their future success and to the
                                                                future financial stability of our country. To better navigate
                                                                their financial futures and be prepared to make smart
choices, students need to learn more about earning and         Since 1991, Pedals for Progress has prevented over
spending, saving and investing, using credit wisely,           150,000 bikes from entering our waste stream. Instead,
avoiding fraud, paying for college, and more.                  families are living better lives because they have the
Awards Program: The top scorers at each school, plus           simple mobility of a bicycle.
all students scoring in the top 20%, will receive National     The cost to collect, process, ship, rebuild, and distribute
Financial Capability Challenge Award Certificates.             each bicycle is $35. A $10 minimum donation toward
Receiving recognition in this national competition is          shipping costs in requested with each bike or sewing
prestigious and worthy of listing on a resume or college       machine, however any additional donations are greatly
application!                                                   appreciated to cover the increasing cost of shipping. All
How did Granby Memorial High School perform?                   cash and material donations are fully tax deductible and
                                                               a receipt will be available at the collection site. Pedals
40 students from GMHS have earned recognition from             for Progress is a 501 c (3) corporation and a registered
the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the U.S.               charity in Connecticut. For more information call Jackie
Department of Education completing the challenge               Johnson at 653-7758.
with a score of 88% or above:. Those students
   TRAVIS ANDERSON, RACHEL BECK,                               SAFE GRADUATION
   GREGORY BECKWITH, RYAN BERGMANN,                            Committee Finalizing Plans
   CHELSEA BLESSIS, NICHOLAS BRODEUR,                          The Granby Memorial High School Graduation will be
   RONALD CHAMPAGNE, DANIEL CHAPPLE,                           held on Friday, June 18, 2010. On the same night, a
   NICHOLAS CIOTTI, TREVOR CORALLO,                            graduation party is planned for all seniors so they can
   BRENDAN DUTTON, BAYU FEBRIANTO,                             celebrate in a safe, substance free environment at the
   BILLY FINK, FRANK GIULIANO,                                 YMCA. Past years’ efforts have resulted in a fun party for
   KARL GOTTSCHALK, SAMUEL HALL,                               the graduates, and all indications are that this year’s party
   JAMESON HESKETH, DAVID HOLLM,                               is full of fun, food and entertainment.
   KATIE KELLEHER, DAN LAGACE,                                 All high school parents, except those with graduating
   CHLOE LEWIS, PATRICK LOWNDES,                               seniors, are strongly encouraged to join this committee on
   RYAN MANNIX, JOHN MARONA,                                   Friday, June 18 and help make this party a success.
   SAMANTHA MCDONALD, HEATHER MCILROY,                         Volunteers are needed to decorate during the day, and
   KEITH MEANS, DESIRÉE PIETTE,                                chaperones are needed for the party. The plans are set;
   MICHAEL RASMUS, FRANKIE ROME,                               additional people are needed to make it happen. The
   BRYAN RUST, SARAH SCHACKNER,                                committee would like to thank all the parents who have
   DAVID SCHWEGMAN, HANNAH SEGAR, RYAN                         already volunteered to work that night. This will be a
   SMITH, ABIGAIL SOUCY, KYLE TANGUAY,                         good time for underclass parents to learn about the party
   KIRSTEN TORGERSEN, ERIK WASHBURN,                           and the committee and begin thinking about job
   MANDY WATSON                                                shadowing for next year. Please contact Jay Durej, if you
                                                               are interested in helping.
                                                               Letters have been sent home to the parents of all the
                                                               seniors with additional information and forms to complete
                                                               so their senior can attend. Please see the high school
                                                               web site for a link to these forms.
Each of these students are in the running to receive 1 of      All high school parents are invited to the monthly
the 20 - $1,000 scholarships that will be awarded by the       meetings, which are held on the second Monday of each
Department of the Treasury and the Department of               month at the GMHS Media Center at 7 P.M. Meeting
                                                                                                         th           th
Education.                                                     dates for the rest of the year are May 10 and June 14 .
                                                               For additional information please contact Jay Durej at
PARENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE                                      653-4258 or email her at
The May PAC meeting will be on Monday, May 3 in the            Help make this a night to remember for the Class of ’10!
Media Center at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome.
                                                               TICKET ART JACKET COMPETITION WINNERS!
PEDALS FOR PROGRESS                                            Congratulations to this year’s winners of the
                                                               Ticket Art Jacket Competition:
Pedals for Progress will hold its 9th Annual Granby bike
collection sponsored by Jackie Johnson with support                   1st Place: Katie Clark -- Received $100
from Holcomb Farm on Sunday, May 2nd from noon to 3                   2nd Place: Janet Edbrooke -- Received $50
p.m., rain or shine, at Holcomb Farm, 113 Simsbury                    3rd Place: Will Lawson -- Received $25
Road. Anyone with an adult or child’s bicycle in working
or repairable condition is encouraged to donate it to this     The First Place design will be used to hold the
great cause. We are also collecting working sewing machines.   Graduation Party tickets. Thank you for all of the

YEARBOOK                                                      agriculture in our community, country and the world.
You may now reserve your copy of the 2009-2010                Lectures focused on issues regarding sustainability and
Yearbook. The order form is available through the             the environment, while lunch was prepared by Culinary
newsletter. If any student needs an additional form they      Arts students and made with locally-grown produce. To
may stop by to see Mr. Bik or download the form by            highlight the scope of interdependence surrounding
visiting Mr. Bik’s website                                    sustainability issues, lecture participants included and click         students and faculty from Granby Memorial High School
on the yearbook option. Be sure to order your                 and Bloomfield High School, as well as community
book before they are all sold out.                            members. This program, which is open to the public, was
                                                              developed during the 2007-2008 school year by Joseph
                                                              Rodrigues, a teacher at Bloomfield High School’s Donald
AFS                                                           F. Harris Sr. AgriScience and Technology Center.
AFS is looking for families willing to host foreign           This year, GMHS students have the opportunity to
exchange students for the 2010 – 2011 school year.            participate in two lectures of this four-lecture series. While
AFS Intercultural Programs is the oldest exchange             most lectures take place at the Donald F. Harris Sr.
organization in the world. It is recognized world-wide as     AgriScience and Technology Center, located on the BHS
a program providing excellent support to participating        campus, GMHS will host one of the guest speakers in
students and host families. Exchange students are             June. For the May and June lectures, BHS and GMHS
carefully selected in their home countries. They are very     students will have the opportunity to visit the other high
eager to come to the United States to experience the          school, and interact with the guest speakers, community
American lifestyle first hand and looking forward to          members and peers who have similar interests in
attending an American school. Lifelong friendships and        environmental science and sustainable agriculture. Prior
interactions between American host families and their         to each lecture, everyone will enjoy light refreshments
exchange students are often formed. Won’t you offer to        provided by the BHS Farm-to-School program, featuring
share your home and your family with an AFS student?          locally grown and prepared foods, during a meet-and-
For further information about AFS or about hosting,           greet session. In June, however, GMHS Culinary
please contact Mrs. Jean Alvarez-Calderon, AFS club           students will prepare and serve refreshments made with
faculty advisor at 860-844-3014 (option 5 in the Media        locally grown food with the direction of Deborah Jacques,
Center) or email at               the Culinary Arts teacher at the high school. Afterwards,
                                                              the lectures will consist of 30-35 minute presentations on
GRANBY FOOTBALL                                               a topic related to sustainable agriculture or environmental
Granby football 2010 promises to bring an exciting year.      science, followed by a brief question and answer session.
This is the third year of the program and everything is       While funding from the Vanguard Program is no longer
running great! After two years of playing JV football, the    available, the Granby Education Foundation has
Bears will be playing in their first Varsity season. Coach    generously funded the second year of this exciting joint-
Paul Schmutz will again be at the helm leading our team       venture, allowing the two schools to continue to build on
into another successful season. If you’ve played before       the relationship that has been fostered between them
or have never played, we’re looking for players!              over the last three years.
Upcoming events include our annual Golf Tournament at         The February, March and April lectures were given by
Blue Fox Run on Thursday, June 3rd. The first Granby          David J. Cline regarding the importance of aquaculture,
football field is being constructed at Ahrens Park and will   Dr. Marlina Duncan addressing the shortage of minority
be ready for the 2010 season. Come join us to play or         students receiving Ph.D degrees in the sciences, and Dr.
cheer the team on!                                            Carole Cheah on biological control options for combating
                                                              invasive species, respectively.
               Department News                                The first BHS-GMHS joint lecture will be held on Friday,
                                                              May 7th, at 11:30 a.m. at BHS. Since its formation in
                                                              1868, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of
GMHS JOINS BLOOMFIELD HIGH SCHOOL FOR 2ND                     Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) has been protecting
YEAR IN POWER OF AGRICULTURE LECTURE                          animals. The Law Enforcement Department consists of
SERIES                                                        highly trained and professional Special State Police
 Since 2006, Granby Memorial High School (GMHS) has           Officers that enforce the Massachusetts animal cruelty
established a partnership with Bloomfield High School         laws, at no cost to the taxpayers. In addition to enforcing
(BHS) through the state of Connecticut’s Vanguard             animal cruelty laws, MSPCA law enforcement officers
Schools Initiative. The initiative focuses on promoting       conduct inspections of state-licensed teaching and testing
school improvement and diversity through shared               animal research facilities, pet shops, riding and boarding
student experiences. One facet of this relationship was       stables, boarding kennels, guard dog facilities and
participation in two lectures of the Power of Agriculture     carriage horse operators. The lecture will feature Officer
Lecture Series in the spring of 2009, a semester-long         Christine Allenberg and Deputy Director Richard LeBlond.
series of lectures fostering openness, curiosity and          Officer Christine Allenberg has been an Animal Cruelty
dialogue about issues surrounding sustainable                 Investigator with the MSPCA since 1994. She has a

degree in Criminology and Law from Suffolk University,
as well as an Animal Science degree from Mt. Ida
College. Deputy Director LeBlond obtained his Animal
Science degree from the University of Connecticut and
has given the MSPCA 43 years of service. It is estimated
that LeBlond has been involved with nearly 15,000
cases of suspected cruelty or neglect of animals and
logged 900,000 miles in service to animals and people.
The June 11th lecture, held at GMHS between 11:30
a.m. - 1:30 p.m., will feature Lucy Lindeyer, Program
Coordinator for Holcomb Farm in West Granby, CT. She
has a passion for gardening, farming and working with
people to reconnect them with the natural world and
sustainable living. She is a graduate of Pine Manor
College and Outward Bound, as well as a certified
lifeguard and kayak instructor. Her lecture, “Get Fresh”,
will focus on sensible and easy ways to provide the
community with healthy living choices from growing your
own food to community cooperatives to simply walking
around town. With a 30% national obesity rate,
communities in crisis and the ever-rising cost of
gasoline, now is the time to reduce our ecological
footprints, and start living healthy, sustainable lives.
The Power of Agriculture Lecture series is a unique
opportunity for students from Granby Memorial High
School to meet and collaborate with students from
Bloomfield High School, as well as community members,
on issues that are at the forefront of the environmental
movement. Occasionally, weather emergences, speaker
illness, or other unforeseen circumstances require
rescheduling of cancellation of individual events. For
updated information on the lecture series, including
cancellations or modifications and links to more
information on each of the guest speakers, visit Contact Mr.
Rodrigues at or contact GMHS
Environmental Science teacher, Mrs. Paton, at For more information about
the Bloomfield High School AgScience Program, visit, or Granby Memorial
High School, visit

May and June 2010
May 2        Fundraiser for Partners in Health – Africa @ Granby Pub
             10% of their profits benefit Partners in Health – All day
May 3-7      Teacher’s Appreciation Week
May 3-12     AP Exams @ South Congregational Church
             (A complete schedule is located on the HS calendar on the website)
May 4        Blood Drive in Main Gymnasium 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
May 6        Spring Band Concert 7:30 p.m. in Auditorium
May 7        Concert of Hope 7:00 p.m. in Auditorium
May 16       Walk in the Park for Haiti 12:00 p.m. @ McLean Game Refuge
             Sponsored by Artemis & Leo Clubs
May 21       Senior Prom 6:00 p.m. @ The Riverview in Simsbury, CT
May 27       All School Assembly
May 28       Senior Outing @ High Meadow in Granby, CT
May 31       No School – Holiday
June 1       School is in session
June 3       Arts Expo 5:30 p.m. in HS Building 4
             Chorus Spring Concert 8:00 p.m. in Auditorium
June 4       Underclassman Awards Assembly
June 7       Senior Awards Night 6:30 p.m.
June 14      PAC Teacher Appreciation Luncheon 12:00 p.m. Commons
June 14-17   Underclassman Exams
June 18      Make-up Exams Only
June 18      Graduation


Senior Exam Schedule
Periods 1, 2, 3, & 4 .............................................. Given during regular class times; teachers to determine
June 14th
Period 8 Exam ..................................................... 7:40 – 9:40
Period 7 Exam ..................................................... 10:00 – 12:00
June 15th
Period 6 Exam ..................................................... 7:40 – 9:40
Period 5 Exam ..................................................... 10:00 – 12:00

Underclassmen Exam Schedule
June 14th
Period 8 Exam ..................................................... 7:40 – 9:40
Period 7 Exam ..................................................... 10:00 – 12:00
June 15th
Period 6 Exam ..................................................... 7:40 – 9:40
Period 5 Exam ..................................................... 10:00 – 12:00
June 16th
Period 4 Exam ..................................................... 7:40 – 9:40
Period 3 Exam ..................................................... 10:00 – 12:00
June 17th
Period 2 Exam ..................................................... 7:40 – 9:40
Period 1 Exam ..................................................... 10:00 – 12:00
June 18th
Make-ups ............................................................. To be arranged with teacher

                       Here is a bus reminder regarding final exams: The high school will
                       begin at the regular time and all exams will end at 12:00 p.m. The
                       school buses will pick up students at 12:00 p.m.

It’s More Than Just What You
It’s About Portion Size!
Welcome to National Nutrition Month! This month’s theme is all about Eating Right. Eating right
means choosing a variety of nutrient-dense foods, such as whole grains; dark-colored green, red,
orange, and yellow fruits and vegetables; as well as low-fat dairy foods and lean meats. Eating
right also means enjoying all types of foods in controlled portions. Obtaining an understanding of
portions is the first step toward achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and feeling your best.

Over the past 20 years portions have really exploded. What used to be a large soda is now a small,
candy used to come with one serving in a package and now it’s four, and meals out were never
quite as large as they are today. The challenge for children is that they have never been exposed
to “normal” portions. Part of the concern with childhood weight gain is the over-consumption of
calories and not enough activity. Helping children balance their plates and their snacks with
proper portions of foods will help them establish healthier eating habits for a lifetime.

When planning meals at home, aim for “25-25-50”, which means one-quarter of the plate should
consist of lean protein, one-quarter whole grains, and the other fifty percent fruits and vegetables.
Lean protein foods include chicken, fish, lean beef, legumes, and tofu. Whole grains include pasta
and rice. Have your children help you plan the meal and then ask, “Is our plate balanced?” Are all
food groups – lean protein, dairy, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains – represented on your plate?

Also, when snacking, encourage children to look at the food labels. Note the serving sizes for the
snack and the total number of servings in a bag. Do the math. Assume there are 10 servings in a
bag of chips and one serving is about 12 chips at 150 calories per serving. If a child eats the whole
bag in two days then they have consumed 1,500 calories from chips alone. That’s a big number,
especially when you consider that many children may only need that many calories in an entire

Another great tool to help you and your family better understand portions is the MyPyramid Menu
Planner tool. It can be accessed at Simply input your personal information
and start logging in the foods you eat. This tool will help you understand whether or not you are
eating the correct portions of food and/or if you may be consuming too much added fats or sugar.

Take the time to investigate your portions and get on track to Eating Right!

                  Roxanne Moore is a Registered Dietitian and past spokesperson for the American Dietetic
                  Association (ADA). She completed her
                  undergraduate work in Dietetics at Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, and her Masters in Health Science and
                  Business at Towson University
                  in Towson, Maryland. Roxanne has over 15 years experience developing nutrition education programs and
                  providing nutrition education for
                  individuals, groups and the community–at-large. She is certified as a Child and Adolescent Obesity Counselor and
                  a member of ADA Sports,
                  Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists dietetic practice group.

                  Sodexo is proud to partner with your school district to provide nutritious school meals for your children.
                  Our unique approach provides students with a variety of healthy menu choices designed specifically to
                  satisfy their taste preferences. To learn more, visit or call 800-354-7000.

Roxanne Moore
Director of Wellness Initiatives
Sodexo Education

          Get on Right!

                           Order forms available on the homepage of the website and main office

             FLIP FLOPS $20                                      BLANKETS $20

                                                 Gift Pack:
                                              All 3 Items for

                                   FRONT                             BACK
                                        HOODIES $30
                     Order forms for Yearbook:



You may now pay for your yearbook using one of two options:
  1) You may deliver payment of $60 to Mr. Bik in room 2213
  2) You may mail payment to :
                             GMHS care of Mr. Bik
                             315 Salmon Brook St.
                             Granby, CT 06035



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