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					September 18 - October 1, 2011

                                                                                                                             September 18 - Oct 1, 2011
                                                                                                                             Volume XXIX, Issue 1276

                                                   The South Bay’s HIREvent page 7

    Making your connections count
                              by Peter Weddle

There’s a view these days that successful net-
working is based on a simple mathematical
formula. A lot of contacts equals a lot of
employment opportunities. If that were so,
however, all of those who are now feverishly
connecting, friending and following would be
happily ensconced in a new job instead.
Networking is important in a job what they mean. It’s netWORK.                              Sport
                                                                                       The Sport of Networking             Your mother told you never to
search, but what many people     To be effective:                                  So, what’s the key to successful     speak to strangers. She would
                    notworking’ • you have to make networking
are doing today is ‘not
                    not                                                            networking? You have to un-          have been equally wise to advise
and – as a consequence – wasting   an integral part of your work-                  derstand exactly what kind of        you never to let a contact remain
their time.                        day. It is something you should                 investment works best. Contrary      a stranger. Make new acquain-
   Networking is one of those      do in preparation for a job                     to conventional thinking, it’s not   tances, but do so to build a
rare words that say exactly        change as well as during your                   the quantity but the quality of      relationship with them. Said
                                   job search campaign itself.                     the activity that matters.           another way, networking is most
                                              • you have to work hard at your          You see, networking is not a     effective when you see it as your
                                                networking. You must devote        contact sport. The goal is not       opportunity to make an invest-
                                                significant time and genuine       to score a lot of connections,       ment of caring – to show others
 Job Wire ............................... 3     effort to the activity and you     friends and followers. An ever-      that you are as interested in them
                                                have to stick with it, even when widening circle of acquaintances       as you hope they will be in you.
 Featured Employers .............. 4
                                                it feels like a lot of extra work. is important, but it will do you                              Works
                                                                                                                          An Investment That Works
 Career Pros ........................... 5      Think of it as an investment       little good if those contacts are
                                                you make in your future, but virtually unknown to you and               A meaningful relationship –
 The South Bay’s HIREvent ..... 7                                                  you to them.                         especially one that will largely
                                                one that will only pay off if
                                                                                                                                      continued on page 9
                                                you do it right.
                                                Why bother? Because one-
                                              third of all open jobs are never       Your mother told you never to speak to strangers.
                                              advertised. They’re filled by
                                              networking – by one person             She would have been equally wise to advise you
                                              knowing another person who
                                              puts them in touch with a third
                                              person who lands the job.
                                                                                     never to let a contact remain a stranger.
2                                                                                                     Job Journal

    Northern California

                                                           is the largest independently owned,
                                            full-service staffing firm in Northern California and is ranked
                                            among the top 50 staffing firms in the nation.          miss this
                                            opportunity to let our 40 years of experience and proven track
                                            record help you find the satisfying career you desire!
              That’s how many employ-
              ment opportunities you’ll
              find online right now at                   is seeking ambitious individuals looking for
     Plus          challenging and rewarding jobs. We have open positions in the
              details on networking         following areas:
              events and career training,
              upcoming job fairs, advice
                                                          Positions currently open include:
              from employment experts
              and top career pros, and
              much, much more.                Operations                                              Sales
              Visit today and put                   Marketing
              your knowledge to
              work tomorrow.

                                            For additional information on how                 can help
                                                     you, call: (209) 575-7170 or visit us at
                                                                (415) 989-9911

                                                                                            Exel Direct Inc.
September 18 - October 1, 2011                                                                                                                   3

                               Department of
                               Veterans Affairs
                               VA Sierra Nevada                          State’s Job Count Declined in August
                               Health Care System                          California suffered its second straight month of negative
                                                                           job growth, losing a net 8400 jobs in August, according to
    A career with VA offers stable employment with a challenging,          the state Employment Development Dept. Construction
    satisfying, and rewarding future. Work in a multidisciplinary          workers bore the brunt of the bad news, falling 7200 jobs
    patient-centered care environment with one of the most                 below their normal employment level for this time of year,
    advanced electronic medical records reporting systems in the
                                                                           despite remarkably cool summer temperatures. Financial
    country. Most of all, we are proud of our patients and honor
    Lincoln’s historical promise, to “care for those who have borne
                                                                           employment was off by 4000 and government cutbacks
    the battle and for his widow and his orphan.” In return for your       accounted for 3600 of the jobs lost. Most of the hiring was
    commitment to quality health care for our nation’s veterans, VA        concentrated in Trade, Transportation & Utilities, which
    offers first-rate employment benefits, ample paid leave and            produced 5700 new jobs. Manufacturing gained 1600 and
    plentiful learning/teaching/educational opportunities.                 Leisure & Hospitality was up 1500. CA’s unemployment
                                                                           rate was 12.1 percent in August, up a tenth from July. Only
    We are recruiting for the following U.S. citizen, BC/BE physicians     Nevada has a higher unemployment rate at 13.4 percent.
    and other allied health care professionals for positions on our
    Reno campus and in our Community Based Outpatient Clinics.
                                                                         A Discouraged Workforce
    Ambulatory Care Service                                                In a sobering Labor Day assessment, the California Budget
    • Internal Medicine Physicians –                                       Project reported that fewer than three in five of the state’s
      Reno, NV, Fallon, NV, Winnemucca, NV (½ time),                       working-age adults have jobs. Over two million are unem-
      Susanville, CA (recruitment/relocation incentive                     ployed and nearly half of them have been looking for work
                                                                           for more than six months. Over 700,000 have been jobless
      may be authorized), Minden, NV
                                                                           for more than a year. The CBP also found that declines in
    • Physician – Comp & Pension                                           the state’s unemployment rate over the past year have had
    • Telehealth Clinical Technicians – Veterans only;                     more to do with discouraged workers leaving the labor
      call for details (closes 9/22/11)                                    force than any significant increase in hiring activity. Among
                                                                           its key findings, the nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy
    Geriatrics & Extended Care Service                                     research organization said, “economists are increasingly
    • Physical Therapy Assistant (closes 9/23/11)                          concerned that the Great Recession will transform into the
                                                                           Great Stagnation – a long period of slow economic growth
    Medicine Service
                                                                           too weak to generate the jobs that millions of unemployed
    • Gastroenterologist                                                   desperately need.”
    • Academic Internist/Hospitalist

    Patient Care Service
                                                                         On the Job Front
    • RNs – Med/Surg-Telemetry (closes 9/24/11)                            NATIONWIDE – Bank of America plans to eliminate at least
                                                                           40,000 jobs, over 13 percent of its workforce, and about
                                                                           10 percent of its branches over the next several years. The
                Providing World-Class Care                                 cuts to BofA’s consumer-banking operations are expected
              and Service to America’s Heroes                              to take a heavy toll in California, where the nation’s largest
                                                                           bank has its highest concentration of branches, loan centers
      We encourage you to consider VA employment, join a                   and other offices. . . Local and state governments cut more
     team that values healthy home/work life balance and be                than 200,000 full-time workers in 2010, according to US
    rewarded by the role you’ll play in keeping the promise to             Census data. Cities, counties and authorities in California
                       those who served.                                   lost 47,620 part-time employees, more than any other state.
                                                                           Since June 2008, CA has lost public-sector jobs at three
           For additional information including complete                   times the rate of the nation overall.
         job announcements, new postings, closing dates,
              and online application instructions, visit:                  STATEWIDE – Construction employment is still declining in
                                          most regions of California, says the Associated General
                                                                           Contractors of America. Over the past 12 months, construc-
            VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System                            tion employment is down 11 percent in Fresno, 5 percent in
           Human Resources Management Service                              LA, and 4 percent in San Francisco.
             975 Kirman Avenue, Reno NV 89502                              ELK GROVE – buybuy Baby just opened its sixth California
                        775-829-5630                                       location, at 7621 Laguna Blvd. The retail chain of 50+ stores
                                                                           nationwide sells a broad range of merchandise, including
                                                                           clothing, furniture and toys for newborns and toddlers.
                                                                           The baby shop is a subsidiary of Bed, Bath & Beyond, Inc. ❏

                                                                            For links to the websites of employers mentioned in JobWire, visit
                                       An equal opportunity employer
                                                                     Click on ‘JobWire details’ on the homepage.
4                                                                                                                                     Job Journal

                                                                           A career with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco gives
                 to explore more opportunities with                        you a unique perspective on the financial community-one you
                   this week’s Featured Employers                          won’t get anywhere else. That’s because the Fed itself is unique
                                                                            and we believe that people who work for us have something
                                                                          special-the ability to perform at a level above their peers in other
                                                                          organizations. Take a look inside and you will see what a career
                                                                                     with the Federal Reserve can mean to you.

                                                                                  We are currently recruiting for:
                                                                                 Auditor • Bank Examiner
                                                                          Application Developer • Project Analyst
                                                                             Custodian • Software Developer

                                                                                                         For more information and to
                                                                                                          apply, visit our website at:


    Why settle for the ordinary
    when you can do something
    extraordinary? Join the
    United States Mint, where
    you can build a successful
    career while serving your
    country as a member of          For Career & Country Varied Opportunities                            A Unique
    the team that makes and                                                                              Contribution
                                    The United States Mint            You’ll find a wide range of career
    safeguards America’s            produces circulating,             opportunities at the United                 Mint employees enjoy
    currency. Learn more            commemorative and                 States Mint. An innovative,                 valuable benefits and
    about employment at the         bullion coins of the finest       progressive agency of the                   competitive pay scales
    United States Mint:             quality. To keep them “as         Federal government, it offers               too. But what makes
                                    safe as Fort Knox,” it also       the possibility of employment in            the exp of working at                 provides storage for              management, coin production,                the United States Mint
    about_the_mint/careers/         coins, bullion and other          technology, security, facilities            uniquely satisfying is
                                    assets. In addition, the          management and many other                   the knowledge that you’re
                                    Mint operates an IT               areas. You’ll also find a wide              part of the team that
                                    division, with an active          variety of working environments.            makes America’s money.
                                    e-commerce site that sells        There are Mint facilities in                And that gives our people
                                    coins and a popular online        Washington, D.C., Philadelphia,             a feeling of purpose &
                                    educational site for              Fort Knox, Denver,                          achievement that’s
                                    children.                         San Francisco and West Point.               hard to find elsewhere.
                                    Current opportunities include: Contract Specialist, Industrial Supervisor
                                    (Packaging) and Occupational Health Nurse
                                  Visit our booth at South San Francisco’s HIREvent on September 20th.
September 18 - October 1, 2011                                                                                                                    5

                                                                                                          by Brian Bartes

       We are recruiting for various
           positions such as:
   • Firefighters
                                                   Ten Steps to Achieving Your Goals
   • Medical Professionals                    The ability to set goals and to develop a       something that inspires you and causes
                                              plan for the accomplishment of those goals      such intense desire in you that you are
   • Security                                 is arguably the most important ingredient       willing to do whatever it takes to accom-
   • Special Forces                           of success. Mastering this skill will enable    plish. By writing down the reasons you
   • Service Warfare                                                                          want to achieve your goal, you’ll discover
   • Electronics                                            BRIAN BARTES                      how intense your desire really is.
                                                 is a top personal and business               5. Identify what stands between you and
   • Nuclear Power                            success coach. His free bi-weekly
                                                                                              your goal. There will probably be several
   • Information Technology                   newsletter is filled with strategies for
                                                                                              obstacles standing between you and your
   • Computer Trainees                        achieving greater success in your
                                                                                              goal. Make a list of these ‘challenges’ and
                                              personal and professional life. Visit
                                              his website at
                                                                                              rank them in order of priority. Then, begin
   Impressive salary and benefits package
   includes regular raises, medical/dental                                                    taking action to remove or get past each
   insurance and 30 days paid vacation                                                        item that stands in the way of the accom-
                                              you to achieve your dreams faster than
   earned each year. We have solid                                                            plishment of your goal.
   careers for the right people ages 17-34.   you ever thought possible.
   Are you one of them?                          The goal-achieving system below is a         6. Design an action plan for accom-
                                              powerful, yet simple strategy that can be       plishing your goal. This detailed plan will
             Call for details today!          used to help you achieve anything in life       encompass everything that you have done
         1-800-345-NAVY                       that you desire.                                in the previous steps. Write out all the
                                                                                              steps that you will have to take, and rank
        To learn more about Navy efforts      1. Set your goal. The first step is to find
                                                                                              them in order of priority. Assign target
       around the world, go to       a goal that is big enough to inspire you.
                                                                                              dates for each step.
                                              Unless you are truly inspired to accomplish
                                              the goal, it is just a wish. By calling it a    7. Visualize your goal as already having
                                              goal, you are affirming that (a) you desire     been accomplished. Review your goal
        Fast Track Your                       it intensely, (b) you truly believe in your     daily. The more detailed you can make
         Career Today!                        ability to achieve your goal, and (c) you       your vision, the more powerful it will be.
                                              are willing to pay the price in advance for
                                                                                              8. Affirm your goal as already having
                                              achieving your goal.
       Train Now to be an                                                                     been accomplished. Every day, read your
                                              2. Write down your goal. Writing out your       goal either silently or aloud. Repeat it to
   Emergency                                  goal stimulates the ‘filtering’ part of your    yourself, over and over again.
Medical Technician                            brain, called the Reticular Activating System
                                                                                              9. Resolve to take massive action toward
                                              (RAS). When you write down your goal, the
                                                                                              the achievement of your goal. Persistence
     Classes are forming now!                 RAS begins collecting relevant information,
                                                                                              and determination will keep you on the
                                              then sends results to the conscious part
    Call: 888-609-6284                        of your mind. It acts ‘behind the scenes,’
                                                                                              success track anytime obstacles try to stand
                                                                                              in your way. By taking continuous action,
                                              causing you to become aware of oppor-
                                                                                              you will eventually reach the point where
   Earn up to $40,000 per year*               tunities that would have otherwise gone
                                                                                              nothing can stop you.
   *Source:                        unnoticed. Make sure that the goal is
                                              positive, is written in the present tense,      10. Take one specific action every day to
                                              is action-oriented, and is specific and as      propel you toward your goal. By taking
                                              detailed as possible.                           continuous action, you develop the nec-
                                                                                              essary discipline and momentum that are
                                              3. Establish a deadline for the achieve-
                                                                                              essential to achieving your goals.
                                              ment of your goal. By setting a deadline,
                                              your subconscious is activated to ensure        Any worthwhile goal requires sustained
                                              the achievement of your goal within the         effort. By consistently applying these
  The Nation’s                                prescribed time frame. If you follow all the    methods, you will develop the success
  Largest Private                             steps in this process, and your projections     habits that will enable you to achieve any
  College for
  Emergency                                   are realistic, then you will achieve your       goal you desire.                         ❏
  Medical                                     goal by the deadline.                             The Life Excellence Newsletter will inspire you
  Since 1988                                                                                     to design and pursue the life of your dreams.
                                              4. Determine all the ways you will bene-             Subscribe for free at
                                              fit from achieving the goal. You will only
     Roseville & Livermore Campus             be compelled to achieve your goal if it is             Read more columns by Brian Bartes in                                                                                the Article Archive at
6                                                                                                                                                           Job Journal

          We’ll Train You                                                                                         Trilogy Financial
        To Be World-Class                                                                                         Services, Inc.
        If you are the kind of person who is                                                                      Trilogy Financial Services, Inc. advises couples,
         creative, likes to meet new people                                                                       families, individuals and businesses with prudent
       and can motivate and excite them, all                                                                      financial planning. Trilogy was founded on the
       while making a great income, we are                                                                        idea that to be successful you need to look
         the home you’ve been looking for:              Temporary Drivers                                         forward, not backward. Our mission is to provide
                                                                                                                  innovative, practical, top-quality strategies and
            Our growing business has                                                                              solutions that meet our clients’ financial needs.
           necessitated the addition of                  Cash in on a BIG DEAL!
          Account Executives                               Bring workforce documentation for                         Investment Executives
                  in the Bay Area.                              immediate consideration                           We hire qualified professionals that bring the
                                                         Visit our facility Tues-Fri 9am to 3pm for               “right” personality and outlook. We look for
    Compensation Package includes:                                                                                people who believe in our business philosophy,
    Medical, dental, life insurance, 401k plan, 2       more details. Ask for the Senior Manager.
                                                                  FedEx Home Delivery                             possess an entrepreneurial desire and exemplify
    weeks of initial training paid, 3 weeks in field                                                              key signs of success, including: outstanding
    training & an excellent working environment.       200 E. Trimble Rd, San Jose, CA 95131
                                                                                                                  people skills, a strong work ethic and effective
                                                       Directions: located between Highway 101 and                leadership abilities.
         Visit our booth at South San Francisco’s      880, off of Montague Expressway.
               HIREvent on September 20th.                                                                        We offer qualified candidates: Salary plus
                                                       Qualifications include:                                    commission (unlimited income potential); Group
                                                       • Minimum age of 21 years old
                                                                                                                  health insurance, 401(k), Profit sharing;
                                                       • Clean driving record
                                                       • Drug screen, background check, physical reqd             Sponsored licensing – CFP program; Life,
                                                       • Customer Service Skills                                  Disability and Chronic Care insurance plans.
                                                       • No equipment necessary
                                                       • Minimum of six months experience driving a                 Apply at: 1-866-TFS-1313 x1500
                                                         like-sized commercial vehicle within the last
                                                         three years is required                              
             Valley Yellow Pages
                                                       • One year commercial driving experience
                                                         strongly preferred                                    
      Imad Najjar, District Sales Manager
             (650) 312-0888 x207
                 Successful Drug Screening
            & Clean DMV Record Required • EOE

                                                                                            Your private and secure path to the Public Internet,
                                                                                                   Private Network, and Private Cloud
                                                                                            OpenVPN is an award-winning open source VPN product and
                                                                                        provider of next-generation secure and scalable communication services.
                                                                                                  We are seeking top talent for the following positions:
                                                                                     Senior Web Application Developer:
                                                                                     Senior Web Application developer with a mastery of web technologies including
                                                                                     Javascript, Ajax, and Web Services. Fluency in Python is also essential. The
                                                                                     ideal candidate must possess the skills to develop powerful yet intuitive user
                                                                                     interfaces to complex back-end APIs. Knowledge of VPN, networking, security,
                                                                                     and cloud technologies is highly desirable.
                                                                                     Network and Support Engineer:
                                                                                     Network Engineering includes network design, day-to-day networking support
                                                                                     and system administration of the network and its supporting systems. Duties
                                                                                     include deployment of network servers, design and implementation of network
                                                                                     monitoring tools, troubleshooting, configuration, MySQL database maintenance
                                                                                     and administration, and programming web interfaces for databases using PHP.
                                                                                     The support duties include fielding customer tickets, following up on issues
                                                                                     with technical problem resolutions. Communication with customers requires
                                                                                     meticulous attention to detail and careful writing and language interpretation.
                                                                                     Some updating of website contents may also be involved.
                                                                                     Software Quality Assurance Engineer:
                                                                                     The ideal candidate should be able to perform testing both by following and
                                                                                     developing a test plan, and also by exploring the most important and tricky
                                                                                     feature testing areas, as determined by the candidate’s experience with customer
                                                                                     VPN deployments.

                                                                                     Visit our booth at South San Francisco’s
                                                                                     HIREvent on September 20th.
                                                                                     Send inquiry/resume to:                     EOE
September 18 - October 1, 2011                                                                                                   7

                                              The South Bay’s HIREvent
                                                                                                    September 20, 2011
                                                                                                    Noon - 4PM
                                                                                                    South San Francisco
                                                                                                    Conference Center
                    Sponsored by:

AFLAC- California Bay Area                                  Sleep Train
  351 California Street, Suite 450, San Francisco, CA 94104    15099 Hesperian Blvd, San Leandro, CA 94578
  415/738-7736; Fax 738-7763                                   510/276-7062; Fax 276-7063;                 ;
  ❏ Interested   ❏ Left Resume      ❏ Send Resume   ❏ Follow Up     ❏ Interested   ❏ Left Resume   ❏ Send Resume   ❏ Follow Up

America’s Navy                                                    Trilogy Financial Services
  A Global Force for Good                                            1400 Fashion Island, Suite 1000, San Mateo, CA 92647
  2850 S. El Camino Real, Suite C, San Mateo, CA 94403               866-837-1313; Fax 714/845-2993
  800-345-6289; 650/212-1972;                 ;
  ❏ Interested   ❏ Left Resume      ❏ Send Resume   ❏ Follow Up     ❏ Interested   ❏ Left Resume   ❏ Send Resume   ❏ Follow Up

DS Waters
                                                                  United States Mint
  2217 Revere Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
                                                                    San Francisco, CA
  408/457-6432; Fax 415/821-1539
                                                                    ❏ Interested   ❏ Left Resume   ❏ Send Resume   ❏ Follow Up
  ❏ Interested   ❏ Left Resume      ❏ Send Resume   ❏ Follow Up

FedEx Ground                                                      Valley Yellow Pages
  220 Shaw Road, South San Francisco, CA 94080                      1820 Gateway Drive, Suite 150, San Mateo, CA 94404
  650/291-2456; Fax 650/794-0495                                    650/312-0888; Fax 650/573-5814                               ;
  ❏ Interested   ❏ Left Resume      ❏ Send Resume   ❏ Follow Up     ❏ Interested   ❏ Left Resume   ❏ Send Resume   ❏ Follow Up

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  One Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720
  ❏ Interested   ❏ Left Resume      ❏ Send Resume   ❏ Follow Up

OpenVPN Technologies
  5980 Stoneridge Drive, Ste 103, Pleasanton, CA 94588
  ❏ Interested   ❏ Left Resume      ❏ Send Resume   ❏ Follow Up
8                                                    Job Journal

          NOW HIRING
          Sales Consultants
                        Throughout the Bay Area.
                        Base Salary + Commission.
                        Opportunity to make $50k+
                        based on sales.
                        If you enjoy meeting people, have
                        an interest in sales and enjoy
                        working outdoors, Alhambra Water/
                        Sierra Springs may have just the
                        opportunity for you! We are hiring
                        Sales Consultants where you will
                        sell our bottled water and related
                        products building your success on
                        the unsurpassed quality and
                        popularity of the products offered by
                        DS Waters of America.

                Also hiring for:
    Route Sales Representative – Milpitas

                 Visit our booth at South San Francisco’s
                       HIREvent on September 20th.
                     You can also apply by emailing your
                      resume as a Word attachment to:

September 18 - October 1, 2011                                                                                                                                   9

     When you choose a career at Berkeley Lab you become a part of a
     thriving national laboratory renowned for performing cutting-edge
                                                                                     NetWORKING                                                        from page 1

     scientific research in a variety of fields. Berkeley Lab was founded on the     or even entirely exist on the Web – depends upon two critical
     idea that pioneering science is best performed by multidisciplinary teams
     working together, and the concept of teamwork remains a vital
                                                                                     factors: familiarity and trust. The people with whom you interact
     component of daily life at the Lab. Here, you will find career                  must feel as if they know you and that they can count on you to
     opportunities in:                                                               have their best interests at heart.
     • Renewable energy sources such as bio-fuels and artificial                        How can you establish those factors without the body language
       photosynthesis.                                                               and tone of voice we rely on in the real world? How can we
     • Energy efficiency at home, at work, and around the world.                     convince people that we truly care
     • The ability to observe, probe and assemble materials atom by atom.            about them when all or most of our
     • Operational excellence. From financial support to HR and general              communications occur online?
       administrative roles.
     • Climate change research, environmental science, and the connections
                                                                                        We have to communicate with a
                                                                                     theme. Every message we send must
                                                                                                                                        Every message we
       between them.
     • The chemistry and physics of matter and force in the Universe from the
                                                                                     convey one simple but powerful idea.
                                                                                     It must resonate with ‘I thought of you.’
                                                                                                                                        send to networking
       infinite to the infinitesimal.
                                                                                        You can impart that theme to your
     • Biological sciences for human health and energy research; and more…
                                                                                     contacts in two ways:                              contacts must con-
     Our goal is to solve the most pressing problems facing the nation
     and the world. Join us in our efforts to bring science solution to
                                                                                     • In general messages, that pass along
                                                                                       information which everyone in your
                                                                                                                                        vey one simple but
     the globe at                                                 network is likely to find interesting,
                                                                                       newsworthy or, most importantly,                 powerful idea. It
     Visit our booth at South San Francisco’s HIREvent on September 20th.              helpful (as they look for a new job

                                          Berkeley Lab is a U.S. Department of
                                                                                       or strive to advance their career).              must resonate with
                                                                                     • In targeted messages, that pass
                                          Energy national laboratory that
                                          conducts multidisciplinary research.         along information which a specific               ‘I thought of you.’
                                          Eleven Nobel laureates are associated        individual in your network is likely
                                          with Berkeley Lab, which is managed          to find gracious, kind or helpful (by
                                          by the University of California.
                                                                                       remembering their birthday or alert-
                                                                                       ing them to a job opening in which they might be interested).
                                                                                     In both cases, you are taking the time and making the effort to
                                                                                     help others. You are, in fact, thinking of them. Your investment
  The South Bay’s                                                                    in caring is denominated in generosity and compassion. Those

 VirtualHIREvent                                                                     attributes provide their own reward, of course, but more often
                                                                                     than not they lead to an additional return on your investment.
                                                                                     They earn you the interest and support of others, and in today’s

                             September 21 - October 3                                tough economic climate, nothing is more valuable.              ❏
                                                                                       Peter Weddle is the author of over two dozen employment-related
          xplore opportunities with these organizations.                               books, including WEDDLE’s 2011/12 Guide to Employment Sites
  Visit and click on the Virtual HIREvent banner to                      on the Internet, The Career Activist Republic, Work Strong, Your
  apply directly with employers now hiring in the Bay Area.                             Personal Career Fitness System and Recognizing Richard Rabbit.
                                                                                               Get them at or today.

                                                                                              Learn more about making your networking efforts more
                                                                                              effective by visiting the Article Archive at

                                                                                   W O R T H R E P E AT I N G
                                                                                       Admitting you’re wrong is never easy. But sometimes,
                                                                                       being able to face the truth about yourself and your job-
                                                                                       search shortcomings can turn failure into success. For
                                                                                       one jobseeker, it was realizing “I lacked the wow factor.
                                                                                       The one thing that would put me over the top.”
                                                                                          He discovered that ‘one thing’ when he met another
                                                                                       applicant who had created a portfolio that provided a
                                                                                       dramatic sampling of her work. He followed her lead and
                                                                                       compiled his own portfolio that included evaluations,
                                                                                       abstracts, training materials and summaries. In no time,
                                                                                       he landed a high-powered job with a major corporation.
                                                                                                                     – Trial and Error on the Job-Search Trail
              Only at                                                   For complete text, visit               January 2, 2005
10                                                                                                                                                      Job Journal

                                                                                                    “If we listened to our intellect, we’d

                                                                                                    never have a love affair. We’d never
                 Hamilton                                                                           have a friendship. We’d never go into
                                                                                                    business, because we’d be cynical.
                        Services            Resume Service                                          Well, that’s nonsense. You’ve got to
                                                                                                    jump off cliffs all the time and build
                                                                                                    your wings on the way down.”
                                                Offering Uniqueness
                                                                                                                                               – Ray Bradbury
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                                                                                                            Travis Credit Union is a Community
                                                                                                            Credit Union headquartered in Vacaville
                                                                                                            CA with $1.6 billion in assets and more
                                                                                                            than 156,000 members.

        Looking for                                             CORPORATE
      a new direction                                         •Senior Collector (913, 982, 985)
      in your career?                                         •Member Relationship Assoc (936)
                              Start your search at            •Financial Consultant (901)
                              ➤ Over 10,000 job listings
                                in Northern California        •Teller, Bilingual (Span/Eng) - Antioch (970), Concord (971)
                              ➤ Free job-search guides        •Teller - Napa (958)
                              ➤ Thousands of articles         •Financial Services Representative - Davis (986)
                                on career directions and
                                job-search strategies         Develop and advance in a team oriented work environment while earning a
                              ➤ Virtual Job Fairs             competitive salary, and a generous benefits package that includes Medical, Dental,
                                                              Vision, 401(k) with 100% vested company match, Employee Assistance Program,
                              ➤ Community Employment          LTD, STD, Vacation/Sick leave, Life insurance & Tuition Assistance!
                                                                           Apply online at:
                                                                   Travis Credit Union is a drug-free workplace. Pre-employment screening is required. EEO/AAP.
September 18 - October 1, 2011                                                                                                                                                        11

   ◆ Job     referrals & workshops
   ◆ Special services for youth
     & veterans
   ◆ Dedicated     professional
   ◆ Never     any fees!                                   High-level programmer needed to build innovative career site for award-winning employment
                                                           services company (est. 1982). Need experience creating efficient XML schemas; significant knowledge
                                                           of client server & scalable architectures; ability to create well-designed, reusable objects and understand
                                                           various design methodologies and object-oriented environments; understanding of browser-specific
                                                           compatibility issues and the benefits of various programming languages.
                                                           Must be creative, experienced leader with a solid grasp of design principles and usability. Design & code
             801 Turk Street                               superior technical solutions; recognize system deficiencies and implement effective solutions; create &
                                                           execute project work plans, communicate & enforce coding standards; and generate enthusiasm & effective
     San Francisco, CA 94102                               team interaction. Requires 5+ years experience in Web and multimedia design, strong verbal/written
              (415) 749 -7503                              communication skills, efficient systematic approach and excellent time management. Will conduct progress
                                                           evaluations; identify areas for improvement; and actively contribute to our corporate knowledge base.
                                                           Familiarity with SEO principles and experience with B2C eCommerce sites preferred. FT, flexible schedule.
                                                           Up to $120K DOQ, plus benefits and generous stock options.

                                                           Email resume and cover letter (with salary history) to:
                                                           AA/EOE                                                                  3050 Fite Circle, Ste 100 • Sacramento, CA 95827

  Sacramento Coca-Cola Bottling Co.,
    Inc. is currently recruiting for:
       Sacramento Location
       • Maintenance Mechanic,
         Journeyman Mechanic,
         Electrical Maint Mechanic
       • Transport Driver
       • Cooler Delivery Driver
       • Merchandiser
       • IC Driver
       Modesto Location
       • IC Relief Sales Driver
       • Merchandiser
       • IC Driver
             We offer excellent wages and benefits!
      Must complete application. Applications are accepted
           between 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday - Friday.
       4101 Gateway Park Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834
              916/928-2300 • Fax: 916/928-2399
       Email: •

                                                                                     Cable 18   Satelite 48   Atnenna 48   AT&T U-verse 48   DirectTV 48
                    We are an Equal Opportunity Employer
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                                                                                                                                           3050 Fite Cir, Suite 100
 Assistance for attendees with disabilities provided by written request at least ten days prior to event.                                  Sacramento, CA 95827

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