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372-June 2010


The Official Publication of the San Diego Police Officers Association
Volume XXX, No. 6                                          June 2010
                                                         San Diego Police Officers Association
                                                             8388 Vickers Street   858.573.1199 (Office)
                                                             San Diego, CA 92111   858.573.1574 (Fax)

                                Brian Marvel                      Jeff Jordon                         Woody DuBois         Randy Levitt
                                  President                       Vice President                        Secretary            Treasurer

               Tom Bostedt                        Mike Fender                       Paul Hubka                  Rob Lewis             Paul Paxton
               Board Member                       Board Member                      Board Member               Board Member           Board Member

                  Committees and Committee Chairs                                                                 Editorial and Advertising
   Legal Committee............................ Lewis (Chair), Bostedt, Levitt
                                                                                                                          Editor, Emily Cox
   Political Action Committee ........ Marvel (Chair), Bostedt, DuBois                                                   858.573.1199 x 220
     •	 SCALE/CCLEA/Big 11/PORAC                                                                                
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   Business & Governance ............ Jordon (Chair), DuBois, Paxton                                    The views or opinions expressed in The Informant
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     •	 Administration                                                                                  Police Officers Association, the San Diego Police De-
     •	 Parliamentarian                                                                                 partment or any official body or agency of the City of
                                                                                                        San Diego.
   Member Relations ........................Bostedt (Chair), Hubka, Lewis                               We encourage article ideas and photographs about or
     •	 Member Services                                                                                 of interest to our members. Article abstracts, photos,
     •	 Member Communication                                                                            story ideas, suggestions, letters to the editor, com-
                                                                                                        mentaries and information may be submitted in per-
   Public Relations ............................Hubka (Chair), Bostedt, Lewis
                                                                                                        son, by mail or by email to the editor.
     •	 Informant
     •	 Website                                                                                         Freedom of expression is assured within the bounds
     •	 Charity                                                                                         of good taste and the limits of available space.
                                                                                                        Our target audience is law enforcement, specifically
   Special Events/Scholarship ........Jordon (Chair), DuBois, Hubka
                                                                                                        POA members of the San Diego Police Department.
   Budget & Finance ................................................ Jordon, DuBois                     All copy and advertising must be submitted by the
   Labor Management ......... Paxton (Chair), Jordon, Lewis, Hubka                                      tenth of the month prior to the anticipated publica-
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                                                                                                        tent submitted after that date may be considered for
   Litigation (Ad Hoc Committee)............... Chairs: Marvel/Jordon                                   a later issue.
2 | The Informant
In This Issue
Member Spotlight .................................................4
                                                                               President’s Message
                                                                              With all of the campaign signs and
The POA Picnic is Back!........................................4
                                                                              stories out in full force, it is hard to
Operational Support Administration ...................5                       forget that Election Day is coming up
Chaplain’s Corner .................................................6          quickly. You can take a look through
                                                                              the POA’s endorsements on the back
The Crime Files .....................................................7        cover of this month’s Informant.
19th Annual SDPOA Peace Officer of the Year                                   We met with many candidates to
                                                                              determine those who we believe will
Award Ceremony ..................................................8
                                                                              be most willing to work with us on the
12th Annual Pan-Pacific Law                                                   important issues that we face.
Enforcement Association Summer Luau ........... 12                            I know we have many members who question the usefulness
SDPOA Widows & Orphans Fund                                                   of endorsements, especially considering the disappointments
                                                                              we have been dealt at the hands of elected officials who
Golf Tournament ................................................ 13           we previously endorsed, but the fact of the matter is that
In Remembrance ................................................ 14            everything we (as individuals and within the Department)
POA Media Highlights ........................................ 14              have is determined by the various elected officials who hold
                                                                              the purse strings.
Battle of the Badges ............................................ 15
                                                                              Though we don’t always agree, we must still work with our
SDPOA Discount Tickets .................................... 16                elected officials to make ourselves heard and work toward
17th Annual Law Enforcement                                                   compromises. We cannot deny that we have been let down
Appreciation Breakfast ....................................... 17             by some of our previous endorsements, but that is not reason
                                                                              enough to withdraw from the political spectrum. Regardless
Inaugural San Diego Police Department                                         of whether you follow the POA’s recommendations (though
Memorial Tribute ................................................ 17          we hope you will), please be sure to exercise your rights,
                                                                              make your voice heard and vote on June 8.
Code 4 Chronicles ............................................... 18
                                                                              The inaugural SDPD Memorial was held at HQ and we
PERT Perspective................................................ 19
                                                                              look forward to making that event a new tradition. The
26th Annual San Diego County                                                  regional San Diego County Law Enforcement Memorial
Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony .............20                             was a beautiful ceremony, which unfortunately included
                                                                              the addition of two names to the memorial this year –
RFPA Update ......................................................22          Deputy Collier and Border Patrol Agent Rosas. The law
UC-7 ....................................................................23   enforcement family experienced another loss on May 7,
                                                                              when California Highway Patrol Officer Danny Benavides
2010 Peace Officers of the Year ..........................24
                                                                              passed away in an airplane crash in Imperial County. To
Stranger than Fiction ..........................................30            Officer Benavides’ family, friends and agency, we offer our
On the Road ........................................................ 31       sincere condolences.

At a Glance Calendar ..........................................32             We heard many stories of bravery, courage and dedication at
                                                                              the SDPOA’s 19th Annual Peace Officer of the Year Awards
Office Manager’s Report .....................................33               Ceremony in May. The SDPOA enjoys being able to provide
Classified Ads ......................................................33       recognition to officers from throughout the region and I
Board Minutes ....................................................34          hope you will enjoy reading about their accomplishments.

 On the Cover: Photo taken by Officer Troy White Many of our active members received a POA Member
 and edited by Officer Nick Minx.                Survey email in late April. We really appreciate those of
                                                                              you who took the time to respond and we will include a
                                                                              breakdown of the results in next month’s Informant. While
                                                                              this survey was relatively basic in its questions, we wanted
     Don’t forget to                                                          to try out the survey system to work out any glitches and we
                                                                              anticipate using the survey again in the future. For those

                                                                              active members who didn’t receive the survey, call the POA
                                                                              office to be sure that we have your most up-to-date personal
                                                                              email address on file.

     tuesday, June 8                                                          Be safe,

                                                                                                                           June 2010 | 3
        Member Spotlight:
         Dave Stafford
A native San Diegan, Officer Dave Stafford was raised in
Santee. Though his father was a San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy
in the area, he did not originally plan to become a law en-
forcement officer.

After high school, he worked at Sanyo building stereos – a
perfect job since he spent most of his time listening to music
all day in the stereo rooms. Though he says few will believe
it, he was actually the supervisor of over 40 employees at the
wise old age of 19 in his days at Sanyo.

Eventually, he decided to give law enforcement a try and
joined the reserve academy with the Sheriff’s Department to
check it out for himself. He liked the people and was hav-
ing fun with what he was learning so he decided to apply to
both SDPD and the Sheriff’s Department. By the time he
had finished his third shift as a Sheriff’s Reserve Officer, he   Officer Stafford has also served his fellow SDPOA members
                                                                  as a legal representative for several years.
was snatched up by SDPD and has been here ever since – re-
cently hitting his 25 year mark.                                  In his off time, Officer Stafford enjoys going to rock concerts
                                                                  (sometimes even hosting rock concerts in his backyard for his
After phase training, Officer Stafford started out at Western
                                                                  closest 100 or so friends) and working on cars. When he was
Division and then Southern Division where he was on the           15 years old, he developed an interest in cars and was a me-
Border Crime Prevention Unit for a year, looking for bandits      chanic at a custom auto shop, working on off-road vehicles
along the border who were robbing illegal aliens as they at-      and classic cars. He has restored a few old cars, in particular
tempted to cross into the United States.                          Chevy Camaros and Chevelles – though he did once build a
                                                                  mini-truck for off-roading using a V-8 Chevy engine.
He then spent time in assignments at Mid-City, Eastern and
Northern Divisions. After a few months at TRU, he now             Officer Stafford loves God, his country and his family – he
works the graveyard shift at the Watch Commander’s Of-            has been married to his lovely wife, Kristin, for ten years.
fice. Additionally, he logged a total of 11 years on the SWAT     Their family is rounded out by four kids, Christopher, Jill
Team, including six years on the Sniper Team, and he was a        and Nicholas who are all college students at the moment,
Field Training Officer for over 20 years.                         and C.J. who is in middle school.

  The POA Picnic is Back!
                                            Sunday, August 29
                                            11:00 am - 4:00 pm
                                             Santee Sportsplex
                                                9951 Riverwalk Drive

   Food, drinks, prizes and fun for the whole family!
     Batting cages, softball fields, bounce houses,
                    games and more!
                  Tickets on sale soon!

 4 | The Informant
While Operational Support may be best known
throughout the department for providing pieces
of equipment, there is much more to the unit than
what is seen at first glance.

Under their official mission statement, the “Op-
erational Support Administration Unit assists
area commands and other units within the police
department in accomplishing their mission by
providing the necessary operational resources.
Operational Support Administration personnel will en-              pursuits, or as needed. Audio and video is automatically
hance operations by eliminating or minimizing efforts that         downloaded to a computer system within the system. At
detract from crime-fighting through technology and pro-            the end of their shift, the officers use an evidence transfer
cess improvements.”                                                machine to upload the video to where it is
                                                                   viewable by authorized users and can be tagged as evidence
With such a broad mission statement, Operational Support           for court.
carries out many specific activities and also acts as a type
of catch-all for numerous other requests that need answers,        Pilot testing is beneficial for the department because it can
but don’t find a home in other units.
                                                                   try out new products and technology at little or no cost and
                                                                   the vendors enjoy being able to say that their product is be-
On the day-to-day responsibilities, Ops Support maintains
                                                                   ing tested by the San Diego Police Department – though not
the department’s $700,000 per year cell phone budget,
keeps records of mileage for unit vehicles and handles pro-        all products make the cut.
curement and purchase orders for various supplies, from
bulletproof vests to food for juveniles.                           Ops Support has an important role in chairing and staffing
                                                                   the Uniform and Safety Equipment Committee. The com-
On the equipment front, Ops Support distributes and ac-            mittee reviews requests for changes to department uniforms
counts for materials issued to individual officers (cell phones,   and evaluates uniforms and safety equipment, including (but
vests, helmets, tasers and radios) and to commands (spike          not nearly limited to) shirts, pants, flashlights and cleans-
strips, cameras and night vision gear, to name a few). Effec-      ers like Myclyns, an antimicrobial spray that is safe to use
tive July 1, the unit will take over inventory and supply of all   in eyes, noses and mouths. The unit frequently responds to
sworn and non-sworn safety-issued equipment.                       questions from officers and command staff regarding mod-
                                                                   ifications to existing equipment or the possibility of using
The unit also monitors sworn staffing, provides projections        other new equipment.
to command staff and assists with coordinating sworn per-
sonnel allocations. In cooperation with the Crime Analysis         Some of the unit’s recent accomplishments include the re-
Unit, Ops Support uses calls for service records to make pre-      placement of cell phones and PDAs for nearly all department
dictions for patrol needs.                                         members who are authorized to have one and replacement
                                                                   of all portable radios in the past year and a half. Any radios
On a bigger picture approach, Ops Support is highly involved
                                                                   that need to be safeguarded for investigative needs are en-
with testing and evaluating any new equipment and technol-
                                                                   crypted by the unit. Two years ago, Ops Support also suc-
ogy. By attending various technology conferences, the unit
                                                                   cessfully instituted requirements for the department to have
learns about new advances and coordinates with vendors to
determine if there is a department need that can be fulfilled      medical-grade gloves (Firstline) available to officers rather
by a new product. While working with the Chief’s office and        than lower-quality, food-grade gloves that the City previ-
Data Systems, Ops Support tests eight to ten new products          ously provided.
each year. The unit will negotiate pilot testing at no cost to
the department in some cases, such as with the pilot testing       On an administrative side, Ops Support assists with plan-
of the TASER AXON camera system.                                   ning staffing, logistical and support for special events and
                                                                   is the coordinating body for the Police Service Officer (PSO)
Currently, nine officers at Mid-City are wearing the AXON          program, though the program was recently downsized from
camera earpiece, which can be activated in field interviews,       57 PSOs to only eight.             Continued on page 6
                                                                                                                June 2010 | 5
                                Chaplain’s Corner
                                By Herb Smith, SDPD Chaplain
                                 “The Everlasting God, the Lord,     strom about his pursuit of the 211 suspects April 8th, this
                                the creator of the ends of the       was evident.
                                earth does not become weary
                                or tired. His understanding is       At speeds over 90 mph on city streets, having to return fire
                                inscrutable. He gives strength       as the perpetrator’s .45’s were hitting his bike, coordinating
                                to the weary, and to him who         the pursuit on the radio, and trying to anticipate what to do
                                lacks might He increases pow-        next, his primary thought was that he had to capture these
                                er. Youths grow weary and            two or they would be on the loose to rob and shoot innocent
                                tired, and vigorous young men        citizens. It helped that he was rather personally offended by
                                stumble badly, yet those who         rounds coming his way, but he didn’t stop until the threat
wait upon the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up        was halted. Through it all he had a faith in his God, a certain
with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will   hope in His resources, and a better love for the peace and se-
walk and not become weary” (Isaiah 40:28-31).                        curity of the community. God called him to be a warrior, and
                                                                     had equipped him to carry that out. Greg had more energy
Scripture speaks of three things that abide through all times        than he knew what to do with, and the confidence of know-
and circumstances and that supply us with an endless reposi-         ing he was exactly where God wanted him. The outcome
tory of vitality and enthusiasm. It is rather easy to lose heart     would also be ordained.
these days, with a sense of an impending doom of darkness
closing in from all sides; a bit like the black clouds of Mor-       Faith, hope and love are merely words that describe a reality.
dor encroaching upon all of Middle Earth in the Lord of the          It is our confidence in the Truth upon Whom those words
Rings trilogy. There is this menacing awareness that either          refer to that raises us to greater things. We cannot always or
a terrorist bomb, a Wall Street bear, a relational breach, a         even usually prevent life’s fallout from this world’s broken-
medical malignancy or vocational variance can strike any             ness and desperation. Neither are we meant to escape it. But
time and wipe us out… or perhaps has struck already. We              prove we can, that there is a force greater than its magnitude
like to think that we have our bases covered, but in reality         and malignant malice. Mordor’s gloom spawned the shadow
there really is very little of which we are in direct control.       for its sinister conspiracies to propagate. God’s Truth brings
It actually doesn’t take much to put our little craft out of         the Light against which legions of evil, both within and with-
commission. Life may lend a reasonable expectation, but              out, shall not prevail. We can strive confidently in the faith,
no guarantees. More than what we can ever prepare for or             hope and love that our steps are led by a certain and better
weather, we fall back upon an abiding faith, hope and love to        help that will place us exactly where we need to be, and with
navigate through life’s inevitable vicissitudes.                     what we need to stand.

Whether for a cause or care, whatever gives us strength,             “Do not fear, for I Am with you; so do not anxiously look
endurance and heart beyond our limited capacity is a faith,          about you, for I Am your God. I will strengthen you, surely
hope and love for, in or by something or someone greater             I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous
than ourselves. In talking with Motor Officer Greg Lind-             right hand” (41:10).

  Operational Support Administration - Continued from page 5
  Whenever possible, Ops Support participates in writing             munications, local hospitals, jails, County Mental Health
  grants to purchase equipment necessary for the operation           as well as individual officers and other units within the
  of the department. Previous grants have been provided              department.
  by the San Diego Police Foundation and Ops Support has
  joined forces with the Critical Incident Management Unit           The Operational Support Administration is currently staffed
  is writing some federal grant applications. Ops Support is         by Acting Lieutenant Darryl Hoover, Officers Charles Dun-
  also an active part of the Department Operations Center            nigan, Scott Napora and Dan Sayasane, Analyst Linda Ded-
  during critical incidents.                                         erman and Word Processing Operator Jen Sisskind under
                                                                     the supervision of Captain Manuel Guaderrama.
  Ops Support fields requests for certain research, statistics
  and survey completions. They also provide the Police De-           Their hard work ensures that the Department can func-
  partment’s input on environmental impact reports to de-            tion efficiently, using the most effective technology and
  termine the demand that a new building or development              resources to meet the operational needs of Department
  would put on the SDPD.                                             personnel.

  Much of the unit’s time is spent acting as the department’s        (Special thanks to Acting Lieutenant Hoover for the unit
  liaison to vendors and the unit also liaisons with City Com-       overview.)

 6 | The Informant
                                              The Crime Files
                                                       By Steve Willard

Law enforcement lost a venerable giant on April 16, 2010,           By 1984, civilianization and attrition had pushed the num-
when Daryl Gates died at the age of 83. Most people knew            bers of authorized sworn personnel down to 6,900; a drop of
him simply as “The Chief.” But, behind the luster of a silver       almost 3,000 officers from just a decade before.
and gold shield made famous by Dragnet, is a story of a man
                                                                    By 1988, Gates classified the two biggest problems fac-
who stumbled into police work only to become one of the
                                                                    ing LAPD as narcotics trafficking and street gang violence.
most famous cops in the world.
                                                                    Things had obviously changed. Just a few years earlier he
Daryl Francis Gates was born August 30, 1926. His family            told a Times reporter, “I don’t worry about gangs, I run the
moved frequently during the Great Depression after his fa-          largest gang in town.”
ther lost his business and became a heavy drinker. Gates later
                                                                    Gates created the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)
confessed that he never held any ambition to become a police-
                                                                    program. To combat dealers in fortified homes, he approved
man. In fact, when he was 16, he was arrested for punching an
                                                                    the use of a modified military vehicle with a battering ram
officer after he was detained for double parking.
                                                                    attached to the front. It wound up becoming a PR nightmare
Immediately after high school, Gates joined the military to         for a police department already viewed in some parts of the
fight in WWII. By the end of the ‘40s, Gates was married and        city as an occupying army.
driving trucks. When a friend suggested a job in law enforce-
ment, Gates later recalled his first reaction was, “I don’t want    Never one to hold his lip, Gates was as famous for his quips as
to be a dumb cop.” But with a baby on the way, the pay was too      any of his professional accomplishments. In 1982, a reporter
good to pass up. In 1949, he was sworn in though he only con-       questioned why, in seven years, 12 black people had died in
sidered it a temporary job; his real ambition was law school.       LAPD chokeholds. The paper quoted Gates saying “blacks
                                                                    might be more likely to die from chokeholds because their
In 1952, Gates was assigned as the driver for Chief William         arteries do not open as fast as they do on ‘normal people.’”
H. Parker. His first day was a complete disaster. Driving           The Chief later said it was misquoted but the media had a
Parker home in a brand new Buick, Gates opened the door             field day. It didn’t help when even some LA cops began call-
for his boss then slid in behind the wheel and began looking        ing their patrol cars “black and normals.”
for the shifter. He panicked and Parker leaned forward to
ask, “You’ve never driven an automatic, have you?” When             In 1990, Gates told Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Joe
Gates answered “no,” Parker ordered him in the backseat.            Biden that casual drug users “ought to be taken out and shot.”
That evening Gates told his wife it was his first and last day      When asked about his son Scott’s drug history, Gates answered,
as the chief’s driver. Obviously, it was not and Gates later        “Scott didn’t need to be shot, drugs already did it for him.”
recounted that he gained many professional insights from            Retired Detective Sergeant III Dick Kalk described Gates by
Parker during the hours they spent together.                        saying, “if an officer made a mistake but was honest about it
Gates worked to prepare for promotional exams and scored            Gates would back you to the hilt. If the officer was engaged in
first on every one he took. When he made lieutenant, he re-         something illegal, discipline would be quick and harsh.”
joined Parker as his executive officer.                             Detective II Tom Lange of OJ Simpson fame, recalled, “Gates
Historians credit Gates with the idea of a SWAT team as a re-       lead with a no nonsense, common sense approach. You
sult of the 1965 Watts riots, but Gates made it clear all along     might not have liked what he said but if you didn’t respect it
that he merely approved the concept of a “Special Weapons At-       you were a fool.”
tack Team” after it was brought to him by Officer John Nelson.      In the end, it was nothing Gates said that led to his downfall.
When Chief Ed Davis announced his retirement in March of            Things had begun to unravel after the March 3, 1991, video-
1978, Gates was a three star assistant chief and quickly ap-        taped beating of Rodney King. The subsequent acquittal of
plied for the job. Like every other time in his career, he scored   the four officers created immediate tensions but then came
number one. Under Civil Service rules, that would generally         a televised meeting with leaders of the First AME church
make Gates chief. However, a retired LAPD lieutenant who            where Mayor Tom Bradley could be seen pounding a podium
was then the sitting mayor, Tom Bradley, did what he could          encouraging people to take to the streets. For many thugs it
to derail the promotion. Regardless, Gates was made Chief           was all they needed. Only four violent crimes had been re-
after a unanimous police commission approval.                       ported in South Central in the hour before the mayor’s com-
                                                                    ments. An hour later 28 had been reported and more were
The honeymoon was short. Proposition 13 had just been ap-           coming in by the minute.
proved and LA was poised on the verge of bankruptcy. Faced
with hundreds of layoffs, Gates implored the council to avoid       The riot made LAPD appear flatfooted and slow to respond.
the cuts. When they were slow to respond, he personally con-        Was it all Gates fault? Probably not. He had asked for 1,000
tacted the Houston Police Department and arranged for them          officers to be placed on overtime when the verdicts were read.
to hire any officer that lost his/her job. When Gates told the      His request was not only denied, the chief was castigated for
council what he had done they quickly found funding.                suggesting it was even necessary. Continued on page 12
                                                                                                                 June 2010 | 7
                  19th Annual Peace Officer of the Year
                          The 19th Annual Peace Officer of       California Highway Patrol
                          the Year Awards Ceremony, held         Commissioner Skip Carter,
                          on May 7 at the Prado Ballroom         U.S. Attorney Karen Hewitt
                          in Balboa Park, was enjoyed by         and Border Patrol Division
                          nearly 275 officers, their families,
                                                                 Chief Kelly Good.
                          event sponsors and guests. Fol-
                          lowing a cocktail hour in the gar-     Each recipient was selected
                          den, guests entered the ballroom
                                                                 by his or her own agency
                          where they were welcomed by
                          SDPOA President Brian Marvel.          to be recognized for their
                                                                 commitment and dedica-
We would like to express our appreciation to the San Diego       tion to their work and the
Police Department Color Guard (Officers Joel Hoolihan,           people they serve.
Gerry Gapusan, Jon Wiese and Kyle Williams, led by Officer
Ivan Sablan) for being there to present the colors and also to
the Cavanaughs (SDPD Lt. David Cavanaugh, his wife SDPD
dispatcher Frances and their nieces, SDPD dispatchers Keri
                                              Law Office of
Rosenbloom and Elizabeth Cavanaugh) for beautifully sing- Dan Zeidman
ing the national anthem.

The invocation was delivered by Chaplain Herb Smith and
our emcee for the evening was San Diego 6 news anchor
and former San Diego police officer Marc Bailey. Seventeen
outstanding law enforcement agents from across the county
were recognized and received their awards from District At-
torney Bonnie Dumanis, SDPD Chief William Lansdowne,

                                                                          Dan ZeiDman, esq.
                The POA STOre                                         Law Offices Of Dan ZeiDman
                           hAS                                      260 East Chase Avenue, Suite 201 l El Cajon, California 92020
                                                                              Phone: 619-440-3232 l Fax: 619-440-7864
               SAn DiegO POlice                                                    
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   Mugs, t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, hats,
              glasses and more.
      Visit the POA Store in person at the
         SDPOA building or online at                               Providing legal services to peace officers and their families through-                                out San Diego County in personal injury, wrongful death, insurance
                                                                   law and defamation since 1986.
         n e w i n J u n e !!                                      Recipient of the prestigious “Outstanding Trial Lawyer” award by
                                                                   the Consumer Attorneys of San Diego, aka San Diego Trial Lawyers
  San Diego County Fair Tickets                                    Proven trial lawyer for injured law enforcement officers and their
        Friday, June 11, through Monday, July 5                    families (sample cases below):
              Closed on June 14, 21 and 28                            1. $700,000 jury verdict for San Diego deputy sheriff
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                                                                         amation of a Peace Officer [Loshonkohl v. Kinder (2003) 109
       Knotts Soak City Tickets                                          Cal.App. 4th 510]
                                                                      5. $1,800,000 settlement for family members of police officer
              Now through September 12                                6. $900,000 settlement for San Diego police officer
           Adult - $20.99 (regular price $31.00)                      7. Successful litigation in breach of right to privacy case for 90 law
           Child - $18.99 (regular price $19.99)                         enforcement households, totaling over 300 family members
                                                                                  No Recovery No Attorney Fees
8 | The Informant
Award Ceremony
 Detective Jim Dickinson, San Diego PD:
 Detective Jim Dickinson is assigned to the Criminal Intel-
 ligence Unit Mexico Liaison Team. His duties include, but
 are not limited to, traveling to Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada,
 Tecate and Mexicali on a daily basis. He serves as liaison to
 Mexican law enforcement agencies and as a conduit of infor-
 mation and intelligence to United States law enforcement.
 Detective Dickinson was instrumental in the coordination
 and capture of six homicide suspects residing in Baja Califor-
 nia, Mexico. His investigative and interpersonal skills were
 the catalyst in the apprehension and extradition of these vio-
 lent criminals. He gathered and documented the obligatory             assisting vetted Mexican law enforcement personnel with
 information and intelligence from U.S. law enforcement per-           identifying and coordinating the recovery of approximately
 sonnel to execute plans of actions in a foreign country. With         50 stolen vehicles in Baja California.
 his expertise and proficiency, he coordinated and expedited           In October 2009, mayors from Tijuana, Rosarito and
 the extradition process of:                                           Ensenada met with Mayor Jerry Sanders and requested
 •   Oscar Sarabia, SDPD Homicide Case - 12/20/2009                    SDPD to provide training for a newly-formed group of po-
 •   Hector Martinez, SDPD Homicide Case - 09/11/2009                  lice officers patrolling tourist corridors. Detective Dickinson
 •   Gregory Ambriz, SDPD Homicide Case - 10/10/2009                   coordinated with our Mexican counterparts to develop the
 •   Justin Welch, Wisconsin Homicide Case - 11/19/2009                appropriate curriculum and facilitated training. His experi-
 •   Jack Johnson, Wisconsin Homicide Case - 11/19/2009                ence relating to bi-national affairs was extremely beneficial
 •   Steven Romero, Long Beach Homicide Case - 12/05/2009              in creating and implementing this program.
 •   Jesus Trujillo, 4 SDPD Homicide Cases - 11/12/2009 (Mexico        Detective Jim Dickinson is a viable candidate for the Officer
     SIC pending extradition)
                                                                       of the Year Award due to his work ethic, job knowledge, te-
 Detective Dickinson and his partner were instrumental in              nacity and teamwork.

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          We Can Help!
      Call Us! (619) 708-1772
                                             Sell the Nicest Homes!
                                               Patient, Experienced, Caring Service by
                                             SDPD Family, Jan Hickerson & Angie Taylor
                                                                                                                DRE#01194280 & DRE#01236121

     I am so glad that I have Jan & Angie helping me on the sale
     of my home! Even in this tough market, they have brought
     me several buyers and I am happy to report that I am in escrow!
     Joe Ruvido, SDPD Central Div.
     Jan and Angie took such good care of us and treated us as if we
     were family. They found us exactly what we wanted and
     made this whole experience pleasurable! Thanks so much!
     Bill Yoder, SDPD Mid City Div.
     Angie and Jan helped us find the perfect home for our new family.
     It was reassuring and important to have such great realtors.
     They were dedicated and had lots of great insight thoughout
     the entire process. Jan and Angie are two wonderful people
     and we would absolutely recommend them.
     Justin Mayer, SDPD Northwestern Divi.                                                Jan Hickerson             Angie Taylor
     “Thank you for always being so helpful, encouraging, straight                       Angie is the wife of Tom Kowalczyk
     forward and honest!” Alisha Cates, SDPD Dispatcher                                    SDPD Northwestern Division
                                                                 (619) 708-1772
                                                                                                                       June 2010 | 9
        Diamonds Ltd.

                         Diamonds Ltd.   FINE JEWELERS…a name you can trust

 Specializing in:            Gold, Jewelry, & Estate Buyers                Work done on premises!
     Diamonds                    Cash paid on the spot!                               Repairs
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     Manufacturing                (Bonus paid for larger diamonds)                 Restoration
     Custom Design                                                               Stone Setting
     Gold & Platinum                                                        Laser Repair/Weld
     Appraisals by GIA graduates                                        Inside Ring Engraving

                                                                 The Zwibel family has provided
                                                                   over 30 years of exceptional
                                                                      service in San Diego
                                                                  With three generations in both
                                     Don’t forget to ask for      Jewelry and Law Enforcement
  (Not pictured: Ed Zwibel
  SDPD #5475 - Eastern Division)      your POA discount!
                        619-442-0671 
                 450 Fletcher Parkway, Suite 104  El Cajon, CA 92020
                                   (Across from Parkway Plaza)
10 | The Informant
                                                                              We Thank Our SpOnSOrS
                                                                                         PLATINUM BADGE
                                                                                Bobbitt, Pinckard & Fields, APC
                                                                                Law Offices of O’Mara & Padilla
                                                                                                 GOLD BADGE
                                                                                      San Diego Chargers
                                                                              San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union
                                                                                        SILVER BADGE
                                                                                       A+ / California Casualty
                                                                                        Cox Communications
                                                                                  David B. Dugan – Attorney at Law
                                                                                            The Nice Guys
                                                                                           UFCW Local 135
                                                                                  Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians
                                                                                 Program Printing: Coast2Coast Graphics
                                                                         Special thanks to RSVPs Victoria Ross and Toni Ortiz for
                                                                                    working at the registration table
                                                                                                               Photo credits: Ryan Bethke
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                                                                                                                     June 2010 | 11
                                                                                           Crime Files - Continued from page 7
                                                                                           With more than a billion dollars in
                                                                                           property damage and 53 people dead,
                                                                                           the riots marked the final blow to Gates
                                                                                           43 year career. Faced with mounting
                                                                                           pressure, the Chief officially retired on
                                                                                           June 27, 1992.
         Pan Pacific Law Enforcement
                 Association                                                               LA Times staff writer Sheryl Stolberg
                                                                                           asked Gates how he thought history
           12th Annual Fundraiser                                                          would view his tenure. “I think history

                     Summer Luau
                                                                                           will take care of itself,” he said.

                                                                                           If troop loyalty was any indicator, history
                            Friday, July 16                                                was very kind. Even after a decade in
                            5:00-10:00 pm                                                  retirement Gates would routinely com-
                                                                                           mand standing ovations at LAPD events.
                           Balboa Park Club
                                  President’s Way                                          When Chief Bernard Parks was denied
                                                                                           a second term in 2002, a 75-year-old
              Exit Park Blvd - Across from the old Navy Hospital
                                                                                           Gates told CNN he intended to apply
                        Hawaiian Music * DJ                                                for his old job. The media ridiculed the
                        Polynesian Dancers                                                 announcement as a publicity stunt and
    Food by L&L Hawaiian BBQ and Pinoy Fiesta                                              the police commission appointed for-
                                                                                           mer NYPD Commissioner William J.
                    $20 - Non-Member
                                                                                           Bratton as the new chief.
                      $15 - Member
              $5 - Children under 10 years                                                 As recently as September of 2009, I
                      TICKET REPS:                                                         had the opportunity to spend time with
                           Taerance Oh * Rudy Tai                                          Daryl Gates. I couldn’t help but note if
                        Roy Moody * Jerry McManus                                          it weren’t for a hearing aid, he looked
                                                                                           as though he could still finish in the top
                        Sandra Montez * E Tagaban
                                                                                           five in an LAPD academy. It was with
                     Paul Choi * Cesar Solis * Tom Orden
                                                                                           great shock I found out he was severely
                          Dave Yu * Marlon Estepa
                                                                                           ill. It was with even greater sadness
                        Roel Tungcab * Albert Ambito                                       when I learned he died. Rest in peace
                                                                                           Daryl Gates. You’ll be missed.

                                                  Stacy M. King, Esq.*
                                                  Zachary M. Lemley, Esq.
                                                                                            TrEE SpEcialiST

                    2515 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 110
                                                                                           Tree Care                    Affordable

                           San Diego, CA 92108
                                                                                              and                         Rates

                                                                      Call us for an
      starting at          Telephone: (619) 584-4711                  appointment

                           Facsimile: (619) 342-0312
                                                                                                    Certified Arborist

    Personal Injury ~ Wrongful Death ~ Medical Malpractice
                                                                                                Complete Tree Service
                                Areas of Practice

              Premises Liability ~ Product Liability
                                                                                               Lacing  Stump Grinding

         Wills & Trusts ~ Business and Real Estate Law
                                                                                             Pruning  Complete Removal
                                                                                                Edward Gross - Owner
                                                                                              619-850-9583 Cell
 *Stacy King is the wife of Officer Shawn King,          Attorneys licensed to practice       619-255-3719 Fax
  SDPD Northern Division                                      in the State of California         Fully Licensed & Insured
                                                                                            Expert Witness  Contractor’s Lic #731377
12 | The Informant
                                                                                   The Second Annual
        SDPOA Widows & Orphans Fund Golf Tournament
                                                                             Monday, June 14, 2010
                                                         Check-in: 7:00 am * Shotgun Start: 8:00 am

                                                                             Riverwalk Golf Course
                                                                1150 Fashion Valley Road * San Diego, CA 92108
                                                                                  Four Player Scramble
         Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive, Straightest Drive, Hole-in-One and Putting Contests

                                                                 Registration: $110 through June 4
                                  (Includes green fees, cart, range balls, event t-shirt and lunch)

  Register in person, by mail or online by visiting and searching for SDPOA
  If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact the SDPOA office at 858-573-1199
                   All proceeds benefit the Widows & Orphans Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization

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                  384 H Street, Suite 102
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                (619) 420-5464                                                                                                                                  to Informant
                License # 0A68887                                                                                                                               readers, call
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                                                                                                                                                                 June 2010 | 13
         In Remembrance                                          POA Media Highlights
                                                                From City News Service
                                                                (Appearing on the San
                     Ronald R. Ebeltoft                         Diego News
                                                                Network and La
                           End of Watch:                        Jolla Light)
                            6 June 1981
                      Officers Ebeltoft and                     Monday, April 12, 2010
                      Tiffany were ambushed
                      and killed by rifle fire                  Police officers agree to two-year contract
                      while investigating a
                                                                San Diego police officers have agreed to a two-year contract
                      neighborhood dispute.
                                                                and forego across-the-board pay hikes, the San Diego Police
                                                                Officers Association announced Monday.
                      H. Keith Tiffany
                                                                “The agreement will promote officer retention, allow greater
                                                                flexibility in administering health care options for our active
                                                                members, and encourage the city and SDPOA to resolve
                                                                differences over the costs associated with retiree health care
                              Robert L. Powers                  and the Deferred Retirement Option Plan,” Brian Marvel,
                            End of Watch: 16 June 1928          president of the SDPOA, said in a statement.
                       Officer Powers was killed in a traffic   Under the contract, the SDPOA will be allowed to offer an
                       accident.                                additional, cheaper health care plan to its members and will
                                                                explore moving officers to the state’s employee retiree health
                                                                care system, CalPERS.
                                                                The contract, which takes effect July 1, now goes to the City
           Dennis G. Gonzales                                   Council for approval.
           End of Watch: 25 June 1979                           The SDPOA represents more than 1,800 members of the San
    Officer Gonzalez was struck and killed by                   Diego Police Department.
    a hit-and-run driver during a traffic stop.
                                                                Similar stories also appeared in the following media

                                 Terry W. Bennett
                              End of Watch: 26 June 2003
                          San Diego Motor Officer Terry
                                      Ronald Hauser, Attorney
                          Bennett was killed while in pursuit
                                                                at Law
                          of a stolen vehicle when the driver
                          turned and deliberately struck
                          Officer Bennett.

      Pro Sound/Music For All Occasions
                           Odd Numbered
       Weddings  Retirement/Birthday Parties                        dIVoRCe
           Professional DJ/Gear/Engineer
     Indoor/Outdoor Events  Reasonable Rates
          Please Call Or Email For Quote
                                                                            discount to law enforcement
            “anything else is just noise”
                                                                               Ronald law
                            TMAG SOUND                                            attorney
       Phone: 619-540-8202  Fax: 619-589-1900
                                                                                         (619) 206-3811
          Email:                                                 (619) 741-3961
        Law Enforcement Owned & Operated                              national City ♦ san diego ♦ la Mesa
    14 | The Informant
     price through your current contract is $113/month
                                                                                                  of the
                                                                                  Badges VIII
                                                                           Barona Convention Center
                                                                       Saturday, June 12, 2010
                                                                              4:00 pm
                             Law enforcement officers “duke it out”
                    in a fundraiser for the Community Youth Athletic Center.
                             LIghtweIght. heAVYweIght. mALe. femALe.
    All of them fighting for honor, glory, and the benefit of inner-city youth.
Local pride is on the line again this year as law enforcement officers from across San Diego prepare to enter the ring on Sat-
urday, June 12, as part of the eighth annual “Barona Battle of the Badges” charity boxing event at Barona Resort & Casino.

The Barona Band of Mission Indians, the Community Youth Athletic Center (CYAC), and the National Latino Peace Officers
Association have partnered once again to host the highly competitive event. Police officers from the San Diego Police De-
partment, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, Chula Vista Police Department, Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility,
National City Police Department, U.S. Border Patrol, and San Diego Probation Department will go head-to-head in the ring
during 14 bouts scheduled from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Doors open to the public at 2:30 p.m.

“This is our biggest fundraiser each year and the event gets bigger and bigger and provides generous dollars from the entire
San Diego community,” said Victor Nunez, a member of the Board of Directors for CYAC.

CYAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping youth off the streets and in school through boxing and mentoring
programs. Based in National City, the CYAC features a boxing gym, as well as computer facilities and tutorial/mentoring
center. Serving youth from eight to 18 years of age, the CYAC can accommodate up to 100 kids per day at their facility.

Event tickets are $20 for adults and $5 for children, 10 and under. In addition, VIP tables are also available at $400 for a
table of four that includes beverages and commemorative event t-shirts. Tickets can be purchased at the Barona Resort &
Casino gift shop or through CYAC by calling (619) 474-2922 or at the door the night of the event. Further Barona Battle of
the Badges information is available at www.

                                           SAVE THE DATE

                              WALK FOR COPS!                                                             Thinking of
                            As a benefit for the Everyday Heroes program,             RENTING? BUYING? SHORT SELLING? INVESTING?
                                                                                                 REO? LAND? TRADING?
                            which helps San Diego Police Officers become
                                                                                                        Want $10,000
                            homeowners, the Ambassadors Foundation of the                       California Buyer Tax Credit?
                            San Diego Association of REALTORS® is hosting
                                                                                                       Now is the Time to Act!
                            a 5K Walk / Fun Run on Saturday, September 25,
                            2010. The event will take place that morning at the
                            NTC Promenade at Liberty Station, Point Loma.         Maureen Byers GRI Realtor              Michelle English Loan Specialist 
                                        For more information visit      
SePTeMBeR 25, 2010                                                      DRE#01856603

LiBeRTy STaTion, PoinT LoMa            or                      Direct Lender - FHA/VA Financing - Low Rates!
                                                                                                                                    June 2010 | 15
                               SDPOA Discount Tickets
  ATTRACTION                                          AGE         MEMBER      REGULAR        EXPIRES       Limits
  CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE -OR-                        ADULT (10+)     $67.00       $72.00       12/11/2010   8/Member
  DISNEYLAND 1 DAY PARK PASS                       CHILD (3-9)     $59.00       $62.00                    per month
  (Black Out Dates Apply)
  CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE -OR-                        ADULT (10+)     $82.00       $97.00         1/3/2011   8/Member
  DISNEYLAND 1 DAY HOPPER                          CHILD (3-9)     $74.00       $87.00                    per month
  CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE AND                         ADULT (10+)     $128.00      $151.00        1/3/2011   8/Member
  DISNEYLAND 2 DAY HOPPER*                         CHILD (3-9)     $110.00      $131.00                   per month
                  * Second visit MUST be used within 13 calendar days following the first date of use
   CALIFORNIA ADVENTURE & DISNEYLAND ANNUAL PASSES - Please visit to determine which
          annual pass best fits your needs, then come into the SDPOA to purchase tickets. Credit Cards ONLY!
  SAN DIEGO COUNTY FAIR – UNLIMITED                 ALL AGES       $13.00       $22.00        7/5/2010    8/Member
  ADMISSION                                                                                               per month
  SAN DIEGO COUNTY FAIR – VALUE PACK                ALL AGES       $51.00       $93.00        7/5/2010    8/Member
                                                                                                          per month
  SAN DIEGO COUNTY FAIR – CARNIVAL                  ALL AGES       $15.00       $18.75        7/5/2010    8/Member
  RIDE COUPON SHEET                                                                                       per month
  KNOTT'S BERRY FARM                                REGULAR        $27.99       $53.99       12/31/2010  8/age group
                                                  JUNIOR (- 48")    $19.99      $23.99                    per month
  KNOTT’S SOAK CITY                                 REGULAR        $20.99       $31.00        9/12/2010  8/age group
                                                  JUNIOR (- 48")    $18.99      $19.99                    per month
  LEGOLAND-GET A SECOND DAY FREE                    ALL AGES       $49.00       $67.00       12/31/2010   8/Member
                                                                                                          per month
  LEGOLAND TRIPLE PLAY – LEGOLAND,                   ADULT         $60.00       $87.00       12/31/2010   8/Member
  SEALIFE AQUARIUM & WATERPARK                    CHILD (- 48")    $15.00       $29.99                    per month
  MAGIC MOUNTAIN                                     ADULT         $23.99       $54.99       12/31/2010  8/age group
                                                  CHILD (- 48")    $15.00       $29.99                    per month
  MEDIEVAL TIMES CA                                ADULT (13+)      $41.74      $55.95            No     8/age group
                                                   CHILD (-12)      $31.45      $37.95        expiration  per month
  PIRATE’S DINNER ADVENTURE                        ADULT (12+)     $43.50       $56.95       11/30/2010  8/age group
                                                   CHILD (-11)     $32.50       $37.95                    per month
  SAN DIEGO ZOO                                    ADULT (12+)     $31.00       $37.00         1/6/2011  8/age group
                                                  CHILD (3-11)     $22.50       $27.00                    per month
  SEA WORLD - 2 DAY                                ADULT (10+)     $55.00       $69.00        8/31/2010  8/age group
  (Black Out Dates Apply)                          CHILD (3-9)     $48.00       $59.00                    per month
  UNIVERSAL STUDIOS – 3 DAY                         ALL AGES       $59.00       $69.99       12/31/2010   8/Member
                                                                                                          per month
  WILD ANIMAL PARK                                 ADULT (12+)     $31.00       $37.00         1/6/2011  8/age group
                                                  CHILD (3-11)     $22.50       $27.00                    per month

     MOVIE THEATERS                                              MEMBER        REGULAR        EXPIRES          Limits
     AMC – Restricted                                             $6.25          $11.50      No expiration
     AMC GOLD - Unrestricted                                      $7.75          $11.50      No expiration   12/Member
     ULTRA STAR                                                   $6.25          $11.00       5/31/2013       per 7 days
     REGAL / EDWARDS / UNITED ARTIST – Restricted                 $6.75         $12.00       No expiration
     REGAL / EDWARDS / UNITED ARTIST – Unrestricted               $7.75         $12.00       No expiration

           You must show POA membership card before purchasing any member tickets - NO EXCEPTIONS!
          Please call the POA store to verify ticket availability. All prices are subject to change without notice.

                                                                                    Best Value
                                                                                     in Town!                $299
                                                                                                       Starting at 6:30 am

                                                                                    $        •	 Baked Chicken
                                                                                             •	 Country Fried Steak
                                                                                             •	 Grilled Mahi Mahi
                                                                                             •	 Spaghetti with Meat
                                                                                             2547 San Diego Ave
                                                                                                  Old Town
                                                                                    20% Discount for POA Members
16 | The Informant
         17th Annual                                                       Inaugural
      Law Enforcement                                                San Diego Police Dept.
    Appreciation Breakfast                                             Memorial Tribute
The 17th Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Breakfast         The San Diego Police De-
was held at the MCAS Miramar Officers Club on Wednes-          partment and the San Diego
day, May 5. The event was hosted by the San Diego County       Police Officers Association
Motor Officers Association and included a light-hearted key-   sponsored the inaugural
note speech by Acting Chief Border Patrol Agent Richard        SDPD Memorial Tribute
Barlow.                                                        and wreath-laying ceremo-
                                                               ny on May 4, 2010.
Numerous officers
from across the                                                Taking place at the SDPD
county    attended                                             Memorial Monument at
the event, which is                                            HQ, the event recognized
held every year on                                             the San Diego police officers
the morning of the                                             who gave their lives in the
San Diego County                                               line of duty.
Regional Law En-
forcement Memo-                                                Officers, citizens and mem-
rial Ceremony.                                                 bers of the media came out
                                                               to show support for our fall-
The San Diego County Motor Officers Association was found-     en officers and their fami-
ed in 1981 and consists of present and past active duty and    lies. The event included
retired motorcycle officers from agencies across San Diego     remarks by POA President
County. The SDMCOA also hosts the Terry Bennett Memo-          Brian R. Marvel and Chief
rial Police Motorcycle Training and Competition in the fall.   William Lansdowne.

                                                                                               June 2010 | 17
                                          Code 4 ChronICLeS
                                                 Presented by the Law offices of dan Zeidman
                             Kudos to Southeastern                 him because no one at the scene could make a positive
                             Division      for      their          identification.
                             continued enforcement
                             of curfew laws: Violence              On July 18, 2009, Marquise Loftis shot and robbed an
                             towards juveniles during              armed Metro Transit System Security Officer at the
  curfew hours has substantially decreased due to their            Grossmont Trolley in the City of La Mesa. On July 20,
  increased efforts.    During a recent curfew sweep               2009, Marquise Loftis, made criminal terrorist threats
  Southeastern JST, the Crime Suppression Team (CST)               and battered a Metro Transit Security Officer at the
  and elements of 2nd and 3rd watch patrol arrested 25             Encanto Trolley. Based on an excellent investigation by
  juveniles for violation of curfew. Southeastern’s CST            Detective Medina, San Diego police officers located Loftis
  handled a party at 3911 T Street. During the process of          and placed him under arrest. On May 10, 2010, Loftis
  clearing the house, CST discovered a 15 year old female          pled guilty and was sentence to 22 years in prison.
  juvenile unconscious and having seizures in a bathtub;
                                                                   Great job to Central Officers Calderson and
  she had overdosed on alcohol. She was transported to
                                                                   Waggaman: On February 21, 2010, Leon Ray was stabbed
  Paradise Valley via paramedics. CST probably saved her
                                                                   to death at 1500 Island Avenue. Within a few weeks,
  life by intervening.
                                                                   DNA evidence identified Thomas Dixon as the suspect.
  Great investigative work by Southeastern’s                       Dixon was known to frequent the East Village. He was
  Acting Detective Nina Medina: In July of 2009,                   also a parolee who sold narcotics. Wanted bulletins were
  Marquise Loftis began a vicious and violent crime spree          distributed but Dixon was nowhere to found. Detectives
  throughout Southeast San Diego and La Mesa.                      from CIU and the U.S. Marshals joined in the search for
                                                                   Dixon but were unsuccessful in locating him even though
  On July 15, 2009, Marquise Loftis approached an armed            their efforts were extensive.
  Metro Transit System Security Officer and his unarmed
  partner at the Encanto Trolley platform located at 6249          On March 21, 2010, Officers Alex Calderson and Joe
  Akins Avenue.       Loftis, armed with a silver/chrome           Waggaman were assigned a walking beat in the East
  large frame handgun, pointed the weapon at them and              Village. The officers stopped a group of suspicious men
  ordered them down to the ground. Loftis robbed one of            at 17th and K Street. While speaking with the men the
  the officers of a Smith & Wesson 9mm and two Smith &             officers recognized one of the men to be Thomas Dixon.
  Wesson magazines.                                                Dixon gave the officers a false name but the officers knew
                                                                   he was lying. Dixon eventually admitted his true identity.
  Shortly after the incident, a San Diego police officer           Dixon admitted stabbing Leon Ray and evidence linking
  contacted Loftis near the crime scene but did not arrest         him to the crime was recovered.
  Code 4 Chronicles is a monthly segment of The Informant. It is edited by Debbie and Bill Farrar ( or Send items for the C4C to Debbie by e-mail or in writing to MS 790. Please include your name & phone number.

                                   Auto Center
                            DrewGoal ... Customers For Life
2010 Taurus SHO                                                                                                          2010 F150


         Fleet Pricing                           Huge Inventory
         Large Service Department                Complete Parts & Apparel Store
         State-of-the-Art Collison repair Center Finance & Lease Programs
         extended warranty & Security Protection
                       For an appointment, call one of your PoA representatives:
                      FLeet DePArtment - 619 464-7777
                    Mike Safford x7729, 25 years                      Jerry Miller x7727, 20 years
                            toll Free 888-373-9367 (888 Drew Ford)
18 | The Informant
           PERT Perspective: Schizophrenia
                              By Dr. Kathy Rose, PERT Program Coordinator/Eastern Division clinician
Schizophrenia is perhaps the most debilitating of all the                    motivation to interact with others or the environment; an-
psychiatric disorders, and affects approximately 1% of the                   hedonia – loss of pleasure or interest in things; and apathy
population. It is a disease of the brain which results in a                  – a lack of caring about outcome. These negative symptoms
wide spectrum of symptoms, oftentimes psychosis – the                        may manifest in social isolation, poor hygiene, slowed physi-
state of being “out of touch” with reality. While researchers                cal responsiveness and emotional withdrawal. Because they
still don’t know the exact causes of schizophrenia, a strong                 are not as obvious as the positive symptoms of schizophre-
genetic component has been identified. A person whose                        nia, negative symptoms can be misinterpreted as laziness or
sibling has been diagnosed with schizophrenia is ten times                   “poor attitude.”
more likely to develop schizophrenia themselves. Other en-
vironmental factors which may contribute to the develop-                     “Disorganization” is another manifestation of schizophrenia
ment of the illness are abnormalities in brain development,                  and refers to the disruption of normal linear thought. This
birth complications, significant life stressors and marijuana                is also termed a formal thought disorder. Not only thoughts,
use in adolescence.                                                          but speech is affected when disorganization is present.
                                                                             Speech will appear to be disjointed and confusing. It may
While schizophrenia is not typically diagnosed until early                   be tangential, jumping from topic to topic, before complet-
adulthood, it can be present in late adolescence as well. The                ing each thought – or ideas may appear as non-linear, called
diagnostic criteria consist of what are known as “positive”                  a “loosening of associations.” Another such disorganized
and “negative” symptoms. Positive symptoms are defined                       speech pattern is referred to as “word salad,” in which the
as those which are present, but should not be – that is, au-                 individual speaks in a completely disjointed, unrelated, non-
ditory or visual hallucinations, delusions, etc. When these                  sensical manner. Disorganized behaviors may manifest as a
positive symptoms are present, we say that the individual                    result of an inability to follow through with a line of think-
is psychotic, however, psychosis can manifest in other psy-                  ing—for example, a person exhibiting disorganized behavior
chiatric disorders besides schizophrenia. Bipolar, dementia                  may have put on his shirt, but walked out the door without
and even major depression can present with psychotic fea-                    pants, or anything else!
tures, therefore psychosis does not always lead to a diagno-
sis of schizophrenia.                                                        While this is merely an overview of the complex disorder
                                                                             known as schizophrenia, if you have specific questions re-
The negative symptoms of schizophrenia are those which are                   garding this or other psychiatric disorders, contact your
not present, but should be—that is, those which we would                     PERT clinician for more information.
see in normal psychological functioning. A blunted or flat
affect would be a negative symptom of schizophrenia, since                   Dr. Kathy Rose is the PERT Program Coordinator and
a person with normal psychological functioning can exhib-                    Eastern Division clinician. Please feel free to email any
it the full range of emotions. Other examples of negative                    questions, or suggestions for future topics to:
symptoms are alogia – paucity of speech; avolition – lack of       

     Your referrals and our terrific staff are
     the winning combination. We’re #1 in
    Home Sales for RE/MAX Ranch & Beach.

                                                                                       ATeamYouCanTrust                      SM

                                                                             858-449-SELL (7355)
           RAY SHAY - DRE Lic# 01354548 • THERESA SHAY - DRE Lic# 01349286

                                                                                                                            June 2010 | 19
                 26 th Annual
San Diego County
Law Enforcement
Memorial Ceremony
The 26th annual Law Enforcement              The next day’s
Memorial Ceremony was recently held          ceremony was at-
at the County Administration Center          tended by numer-
on May 5, 2010 and coincided with the        ous members of
inaugural San Diego County Peace Of-         the law enforce-
                                             ment community,
ficers’ Candlelight Vigil on the evening
                                             elected   officials
of May 4.
                                             and members of
                                             the public to pay
The Candlelight Vigil included re-           respect to fallen
marks by retired Sheriff’s Captain           law enforcement
and current San Diego County Law             officers.
Enforcement Memorial Foundation
President Skip Murphy, an invocation         The memorial cer-
by US. Border Patrol Chaplain Agent          emony, and the
Kenneth De la Cruz and comments by           establishment of a
Sheriff Gore and Steve Bessant, father       permanent memo-
of Oceanside Officer Daniel Bessant.         rial, was organized
                                             by the San Diego
In addition to having blue lights avail-
                                             County Law Enforcement Memorial       anthem. U.S. Border Patrol Chief
able to participants in the vigil, a video
                                             Foundation.                           Richard Barlow spoke of Agent Rob-
montage of all of the fallen heroes was
                                                                                   ert Rosas’ sacrifice and Undersheriff
projected on a screen over the monu-         The U.S. Marine Corps Band provid-    Jim Cooke spoke of Deputy Kenneth
ment, which was illuminated in blue          ed the music and the Combined Law     Collier’s. La Mesa Police Department
during the month of May.                     Enforcement Choir sang the national   Chief Alan Lanning and San Diego
                                                                                   Unified Schools Police Department
                                                                                   Officer Jesus Montana presented the
                                                                                   Roll of Honor, reading 82 names of of-
                                                                                   ficers killed in the line of duty across
                                                                                   San Diego County.

                                                                                   Fallen officers were further honored
                                                                                   with the rifle salute and playing of
                                                                                   Taps. An aerial fly-by and salute from
                                                                                   the law enforcement boats lining the
                                                                                   harbor preceded the reveal of the two
                                                                                   names added to the monument by
                                                                                   their survivors.

                                                                                   The San Diego County Law Enforce-
                                                                                   ment Memorial Foundation is made up
                                                                                   of law enforcement professionals, con-
                                                                                   cerned citizens and family survivors of
                                                                                   law enforcement officers killed in the
                                                                                   line of duty. (
 20 | The Informant
                                                        Home Loans
                                             RobeRt owen
                                           760-294-9400 (Office)
                                            619-992-4043 (Cell)
                                            760-741-1985 (Fax)
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                                            re-financing, or a loan to consolidate your bills, there
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                                          HUD/VA Repos * Purchases * Refinances * Second Mortgages
The San Diego Police Department has
the greatest number of names engraved
on the memorial.
*Officer Emery E. Campbell * Sergeant
Oliver S. Hopkins * Patrolman Walter
B. Holcomb * Officer Joseph S. Lee *
Detective Charles R. Harris * Officer
Robert Lee Powers * Patrolman Robert
B. McPherson * Patrolman Edward J.
Moore * Patrolman Thomas A. Keays *
Officer Henry J. Goodrich * Patrolman
Robert F. Bowers * Sergeant Harry Kay
Jr. * Patrolman Michael J. Bushman *
Sergeant Robert L. Everitt * Patrolman
James P. Lewis * Sergeant Freddie Joel
Edwards * Patrolman Denis W. Allen *
Patrolman Archie C. Buggs * Patrolman
Michael T. Anaya * Patrolman Dennis
Glenn Gonzales * Patrolman Harry

                                               FiRst nations FinanciaL
Keith Tiffany * Patrolman Ronald

                                                 330 W. Felicita Ave., Suite D  Escondido 92025
R. Ebeltoft * Patrolman Kirk Leland
Johnson * Patrolman Timothy J. Ruopp

                                                        Licensed Broker Califoria Department of Real Estate
* Officer Kimberly Sue Tonahill * Agent

                                                  Real Estate Broker CA Department of Real Estate, Lic #01135542
Thomas E. Riggs * Patrolman Jerry L.

                                          For information regarding his license, call Dept. of Real Estate Hotline 916-277-0931
Hartless * Officer Ronald Wayne Davis
* Officer Gerald Griffin Jr. * Officer
Terry William Bennett *
                                                                                                             June 2010 | 21
              RF&PA Update
               By Bill Farrar, President, Retired Fire & Police Association
                                                                                         Some of you may get an e-mail from
               It is open enrollment        they would not be able to attend if not      RF&PA Director Christine Gregg, for-
              time again for your vari-     for this program.                            mer RF&PA Director C.J. Cloniger and
             ous medical, dental, eye                                                    some from BoxterSBob Lampert. A re-
           care, and other insurance        The RF&PA made a donation and some
                                                                                         cent example of the importance of us
         options. Retirees should be        of us will be volunteering as drivers.
                                                                                         being able to e-mail all retirees was the
receiving booklets from SDCERS to           It’s very easy to request the service or
                                                                                         dismissal recommendation for plain-
prepare you for the enrollment period       to volunteer. The dates are posted on a
                                                                                         tiffs in the various lawsuits filed several
which is June 7 to July 2, 2010.            web site and if you are a volunteer you
                                                                                         years ago by attorney Greg Petersen
                                            can pick the date you want. There is no
SDCERS will be hosting their “Help                                                       and later handled by the law firm of
                                            minimum number of times to volunteer.
Day” on June 15 from 10 am to noon at                                                    Jackson, DeMarco, Tidus, Petersen,
                                            You can drive as often or as little as you
the Balboa Park Club. Representatives                                                    and Peckenpaugh.
                                            like. If you need this service or would
from Health Net, Kaiser, Concordia          like to volunteer here is the web site       If you are currently represented by Mr.
Dental, MetLife Dental, Care Coun-          address:      Petersen, please contact his office for
sel, City Health Director, and SDCERS       PageServer?pagename=programs_                any advice. If you were represented by
Member Services Director will be there      older_on_the_go                              the Jackson DeMarco firm they have
to answer questions.                                                                     been relieved of representing any San
                                            If you haven’t retired but want to do
If you aren’t making changes you do                                                      Diego police officers active or retired.
                                            some pre-planning, SDCERS has peri-
not have to do anything. If you are                                                      POA attorney Michael Conger negoti-
                                            odic seminars to assist you. The next
making changes you will either need to                                                   ated a dismissal agreement that would
                                            one is June 9 from 10 am to 11:30 am at
download the forms from the SDCERS                                                       relieve plaintiffs from exposure to costs
                                            the SDCERS meeting room at 401 West
website, call and have                                                    of over $200,000 awarded to the City by
                                            ‘A’ Street. You need to register by call-
them mailed or stop by SDCERS to pick                                                    the courts. If you have any questions or
                                            ing 619 525-3600.
them up.                                                                                 need your e-mail address added to our
                                            The next quarterly luncheon is July 19       list contact me at
A representative from a group called
                                            at the police pistol range. The October
On The Go visited the RF&PA Board                                                        KEEP YOUR BENEFICIARY INFOR-
                                            luncheon has been relocated from Tom
of Directors meeting May 6. Katey Pi-                                                    MATION UP-TO-DATE.    SDCERS
                                            Ham’s to the Town and Country hotel
anko described the program in which                                                      STILL HAS INSTANCES WHERE A
                                            in Mission Valley.
older adults are provided transporta-                                                    BENEFICIARY WASN’T CHANGED
tion to medical visits, religious events,   We have several e-mail lists that we use     AND PROBLEMS OCCURRED AFTER
shopping, lunch and other events that       to get the word out on various issues.       THE RETIREE PASSED AWAY.
We accept all years, makes,                                                                       Trophies, Prizes,
and models, of autos, trucks,                                                                     Music, Live Band,
   motorcycles, military,                                                                          Food, Vendors,
 police, fire & EMS vehicles!                                                                     and Family Fun
                                             Presents the Fifth Annual

                                “Cops and Rodders”
                                            Car Show and Shine
Saturday July 10, 2010, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. Registration from 7:45 am to 9:00 am
 North Park Recreation Center - 4000 Oregon Street, San Diego, California, 92104
         $25.00 per entry                                                                   *Pre-Registered Entries*
   *Pre-Register by: June 25                                                                    Event T-shirt &
                                                                                              Collector Medallion
Car Club group parking with
      pre-registration                                                                   All proceeds benefit the SDPHA
                    Email for info or an entry form:
For more information call Ed LaValle (619) 366-4104, Rick Carlson (619) 634-8082 or Steve Willard (619) 726-6151
22 | The Informant
U C-7  an anonymous eater
                                         Highlighting cop-friendly eateries in the City of San Diego that provide a full
                                         meal for under or around $8.00 using a strict 5 badge rating system.

“Is there an officer to volunteer for    green salad. Most of the dishes are        sweet and savory perfection. The meat
transport to juvenile hall?” YES, if     priced between $5.95 and $6.50.            was tender and wonderful and we con-
you want to try some mouthwatering,                                                 templated sharing a third order. The
wicked Hawaiian cuisine. Greetings       During our first visit, I had the Hawai-
                                                                                    total price for our dinner was $15.12.
everyone. Jacob D and I ventured to      ian-style chili, made with spicy Por-
the southeast edge of Northern Divi-     tuguese sausage. The chili was thick       Moe is fast. We waited only 5 min-
sion for two delicious meals at Home-    and delicious, with just enough fire       utes for our meals during our two vis-
style Hawaiian, owned by a gregarious    so I could savor each bite of the chili    its. Homestyle Hawaiian is cop worthy
fellow named “Moe.” My exposure to       spices that were accented by the mild
                                                                                    choice, and I am giving it 4 badges.
Hawaiian food has been limited to fast   sweetness in the sausage. The green
food and Spam. Alas, no longer.          salad made of crisp romaine, cabbage
                                         and topped with Papaya seed dressing
Homestyle Hawaiian is located at 7524    was the perfect cooling compliment to
Mesa College Drive, (858) 571-5828.      the chili. Jacob D had the Kahlua Pork
You can call in your order ahead of      with macaroni salad. The pork was          I welcome all comments, my e-mail is
time. The parking lot is small. The      achingly tender and delicious. Jacob
restaurant is tiny and the tables are    D said it was best he had
pretty crammed together. They take       ever tasted. The creamy
cash only, but there is an ATM inside    and smooth mac salad
the restaurant.                          was a great accompani-
                                         ment to the smoky flavor
The meager space blossomed open as       of the Kahlua pork. The
Moe greeted us with a warm, bellow-      total price for our lunch,
ing, “Hello.” He asked if we had ever    with drinks was $15.88.
eaten in his restaurant, we told him,
“No.” Moe told us about several of the   We enthusiastically ate
house favorites in great detail. Moe     a second meal at Home-
was passionate and excited about his     style Hawaiian. Two or-
food and clearly wanted our business.    ders of the Kalbi short
The generously portioned entrees at      ribs later, we were simply
Homestyle Hawaiian are served rice,      bowled over. The short
and your choice of macaroni salad or     ribs were marinated to

                                                                                       Are you looking to
                                                                                        Look no further!

                                                                                         This space is
                                                                                           for you!
                                                                                        For more information
                                                                                           on how you can
                                                                                       advertise your business
                                                                                        to Informant readers,
                                                                                       call 858-573-1199 x220

                                                                                                        June 2010 | 23
                    2010 Peace Officers of the Year
In addition to SDPD’s Detective Jim Dickinson, 16 other law         In his capacity as a patrol officer, Corporal Marshall sets the
enforcement officers were honored at the SDPOA Peace Of-            bar for his fellow officers with his integrity, discipline, work
ficer of the Year Award Ceremony.                                   ethic, professional demeanor and commitment to excellence.
                                                                    As a member of the Carlsbad Police Department’s SWAT
Officer Brad Clinkscales, California Highway Patrol:
                                                                    Entry Team, Corporal Marshall brings a wealth of tactical
On the morning of Oc-                                               knowledge, composure and experience to his squad.
tober 31, 2009, Officer
                                                                    On March 18, 2009, Corporal Marshall responded to the
Brad Clinkscales was
                                                                    scene of a traffic accident on the freeway. The incident in-
conducting a traffic stop
                                                                    volved a passenger who had been ejected from a vehicle and
on a freeway shoulder
                                                                    launched into the Agua Hedionda Lagoon.
when a vehicle pulled
over with the driver hys-                                           Corporal Marshall observed the victim floating face down in the
terically yelling that her                                          cold and murky water. Without a thought for his own personal
husband needed medical                                              safety, he dove into the water, freed the victim from the under-
aid. Officer Clinkscales                                            tow, brought her to shore and began resuscitation efforts.
assessed Mr. Norman
                                                                    These resuscitation efforts kept the victim alive long enough
Sondak and determined
                                                                    for the Fire Department to arrive and transport her to the
he was not breathing
                                                                    hospital. Corporal Marshall and his patrol partner, Corporal
and had no pulse. Offi-
                                                                    Cluett, both received Carlsbad Police Department’s Police
cer Clinkscales notified dispatch and requested paramedics
                                                                    Star Award for their actions in this incident.
as he pulled Mr. Sondak from the vehicle and began admin-
istering CPR. He checked Mr. Sondak’s vitals again, felt a          Corporal Marshall is commended for his hard work, dedica-
pulse and noticed Mr. Sondak started breathing again. Mr.           tion and commitment. Corporal Marshall epitomizes what
Sondak was transported to the hospital where he remained            is intended by the Carlsbad Police Department’s statement
unconscious but was in stable condition.                            of values.
On February 28, 2010, Officer Clinkscales was called as a           Officer Anthony Molina, Chula Vista PD:
member of the Special Investigations Unit to assist in the
                                                                    Officer Anthony Molina
investigation of the death of Deputy Ken Collier. Deputy
                                                                    has been an invaluable
Collier was killed in a traffic collision pursuing a wrong way
                                                                    member of the Chula
driver who found to be under the influence. Officer Clink-
                                                                    Vista Police Department
scales was instrumental in conducting interviews, scene fol-
                                                                    since May 2002. During
low-up, evidence collection, autopsy follow-up, interrogation
                                                                    his assignment with the
and meetings with the District Attorney. Officer Clinkscales’
                                                                    Regional Auto Theft Task
efforts ultimately led to the San Diego County District At-
                                                                    Force from August 2006
torney filing of manslaughter charges with gross negligence
                                                                    to January 2010, he co-
against the suspect.
                                                                    founded “Operation Knee
In these two incidents, Officer Clinkscales went above and be-      Drag,” the first county-
yond the call of duty. Officer Clinkscales displays the qualities   wide sport motorcycle
and characteristics that are the core of what a peace officer       theft operation of its kind.
represents. Officer Clinkscales is more than deserving of this      Through Officer Molina’s
award and the San Diego Area fully supports his nomination.         diligent efforts, motorcycle thefts decreased 23% during Op-
                                                                    eration Knee Drag’s first two years.
Corporal Gary Marshall, Carlsbad PD:
                                                                    Officer Molina also spearheaded “Bait-Bike,” a proactive
                                      Corporal Gary Mar-
                                                                    large-scale operation which included up to 40 detectives
                                      shall has been with the
                                                                    covering multiple jurisdictions. Undercover detectives met
                                      Carlsbad Police Depart-
                                                                    with motorcycle thieves to buy stolen motorcycles. He in-
                                      ment for nine and a half
                                                                    filtrated tightly-knit theft rings, bringing down some of the
                                      years. Corporal Mar-
                                                                    most organized motorcycle thieves in the county.
                                      shall is personally and
                                      professionally commit-        In addition to his investigative duties, Officer Molina trained
                                      ted to excellence and         hundreds of investigators throughout California, Nevada and
                                      routinely provides the        Colorado. He also reached out to stakeholders in the prob-
                                      highest level of service      lem of motorcycle theft, such as Honda and the Motorcycle
                                      to the citizens of Carls-     Industry Council, and they have responded to his message
                                      bad.                          with great cooperation.
24 | The Informant
Due in large part to Officer Molina’s efforts, the “Operation     cameras were opera-
Knee Drag” team has identified over 160 motorcycle thieves        tional. Viewing one, no
and arrested over 62 of them since January 2008. Fifty-six        one was seen going in or
stolen motorcycles were recovered as well as 17 motorcycle        out of the room; viewing
frames, trailers, and jet skis totaling over $290,000 in value.   the second, reflections
                                                                  of three individuals were
Officer Molina’s work demonstrates what a few determined          seen in a picture hanging
investigators can do to significantly impact motorcycle theft     on the wall in the interior
within the county. It is with great pleasure that Chula Vista     hallway and a suspect was
Police Department recognizes Officer Anthony Molina as            identified.
Peace Officer of the Year.
                                                                  Detective Pearsley video-
Detective Marc Langlais, Coronado PD:                             taped another detective
Detective Marc Lan-                                               sitting in a wheelchair,
glais is a 10 year vet-                                           positioned in the doorway of the room for a control sample.
eran of the Coronado                                              Using prior surveillance footage, he created still images of
Police Department and                                             the hallway video and determined the location of people
is one of the Depart-                                             in the surveillance video in relation to other images. The
ment’s most strongly                                              comparison showed the presumed suspect did not enter the
motivated and positive                                            room, but continued down the hallway. John’s determina-
thinking problem solv-                                            tion, skill, and perseverance prevented the wrong suspect
ers. He is creative in                                            from being arrested. This information was used to prove the
his approach to solving                                           presumed victim caused the fire. Detective Pearsley inves-
crime and has an ex-                                              tigates every case with the same diligence regardless of the
tremely strong desire to                                          nature of the crime. His work is measured by his everyday
serve the public’s need.                                          tenacity and compassion.

For the last four years, Detective Langlais has been assigned     He received the Meritorious Unit Citation in 2003, CNT Ne-
to the Joint Terrorism Task Force, where he has been in-          gotiator of the Year 2007 and a commendation from the LA
volved in several terrorism-related investigations, most no-      County Sheriff’s Special Victim Bureau for assistance in a se-
tably the pipe bombing of the Edward J. Schwartz Federal          rial rapist investigation in January 2010.
Courthouse in San Diego in 2008.                                  Sergeant Al Owens, Escondido PD:
Detective Langlais and his fellow investigators used creative                                         Sergeant Al Owens is a
investigative skills to track down the purchase of the physi-                                         14 year veteran of the Es-
cal components of the explosive device. His work contribut-                                           condido Police Depart-
ed to the identification of those responsible for the bombing.                                        ment. Since starting with
Detective Langlais’ sound investigative judgment in the case                                          the department, Sergeant
ultimately resulted in a 17-count indictment against three                                            Owens has had two pas-
individuals responsible for the bombing.                                                              sions: martial arts and
                                                                                                      community involvement.
His painstaking analysis of the evidence left at the scene
                                                                                                      With very little direction
and where those items could be purchased in the San Diego
                                                                                                      and the full support of
area was a significant factor in the success of this investiga-
                                                                                                      Chief Maher, Sergeant
tion. Both the Coronado Police Department and the Federal
                                                                                                      Owens was able to merge
Bureau of Investigation recognized Detective Langlais for
                                                                                                      his two passions into a
bringing distinction and honor to each agency.
                                                                  very successful Police Athletic League program.
Whether working as a patrol officer or as an investigator at
                                                                  Sergeant Owens started from the ground up, including fund-
JTTF, Detective Langlais brings the important characteris-
                                                                  raising, establishing guidelines, purchasing equipment and
tics of true enthusiasm, excitement and an unselfish desire
                                                                  finally, recruiting motivated athletes and instructors. As
to serve the public good.
                                                                  with everything he takes on, he stepped in with both feet and
Detective John Pearsley, Jr., El Cajon PD:                        hit the ground running with a goal to make PAL leave a life-
                                                                  long impression on Escondido youth.
Detective John Pearsley was hired May 13, 1996, and works
in Family Protection/Crimes Against Children. Known as a          As a result of Sergeant Owens’ hard work, the first PAL pro-
quiet, behind-the-scenes guy, he is the one you go to when        gram established was “Swift Kick,” a Taekwondo program
you want “the” answer, not “an” answer.                           at many Escondido middle schools. He has graduated hun-
                                                                  dreds of kids through this program teaching them discipline,
In January 2009, a fire was reported to have started on a         respect and athletic prowess while improving the relation-
guest’s mattress at an adult care center. Two surveillance        ship between our youth and law enforcement.
                                                                                                             June 2010 | 25
With the success of Swift Kick, Sergeant Owens moved for-        rest sideways on the right
ward with a Police Athletic League soccer program and a          shoulder of the freeway and
basketball program. His drive and motivation allowed the         was emitting smoke when
program to reach the hundreds of youth in such a short           flames suddenly erupted
amount of time.                                                  from under the hood.
Through Sergeant Owens’ hard work and dedication, the            Flames from the engine
youth of Escondido enjoy this outstanding after school men-      were already above his
toring program while diverting them from negative influ-         head when he arrived and
ences, such as gangs and drugs.                                  he could feel the heat of
                                                                 the flames on his face. The
It is with great pleasure the Escondido Police Department        female adult in the driver’s
unanimously nominated Sergeant Al Owens as Police Officer        seat was unconscious and
of the Year.                                                     non-responsive to Officer
Officer Cesar Delgado, La Mesa PD:                               Sakamoto’s voice.

                                    Officer Cesar Delgado        Officer Sakamoto leaned his entire upper body into the
                                    was assigned to the Spe-     burning car, released her seatbelt and pulled her out of the
                                    cial Enforcement Detail      vehicle. As Officer Sakamoto dragged the female backwards,
                                    during 2009 and made         the Ford Mustang continued to burn. According to the para-
                                    over 100 arrests, the        medics, the Ford Mustang was fully engulfed in flames when
                                    majority of which were       they arrived on scene.
                                    self-initiated contacts      Fire Department Chief Roderick Juniel wrote in his com-
                                    with suspected drug          mendation letter, “Officer Sakamoto’s quick and decisive
                                    dealers and gang mem-        actions, along with his training, prevented what could have
                                    bers. Officer Delgado        been a worst case situation.”
                                    worked on or assisted in
                                    investigations resulting     On that evening, Officer Sakamoto did the job he took an
                                    in the seizure of seven      Oath of Office to perform. But he also did much more. At
                                    handguns, two shot-          the risk of injury to himself, Officer Sakamoto acted quickly
guns, two rifles and over $17,000 of drug money.                 to safe another person’s life.

In April 2009, Officer Delgado assisted with a sex offender      Detective Brad Hunter, Oceanside PD:
compliance check and learned during one check that a reg-
istrant was sharing a room with a female’s six year old son.                                       Detective Brad Hunter is
In a subsequent interview, the six year old disclosed he was                                       a 21 year veteran of the
regularly molested by the registrant. The registrant was ar-                                       Oceanside Police Depart-
rested and currently faces a 25 year-to-life sentence.                                             ment and has held posi-
                                                                                                   tions in uniformed patrol,
In August and September, a series of eight violent street rob-                                     the neighborhood polic-
beries occurred in La Mesa. Officer Delgado’s previous rap-                                        ing unit, the D.A.R.E.
port with the community provided several excellent leads                                           program, and the Traffic
and elicited grudging respect from the possible suspects and                                       Services Unit as a mo-
willing cooperation from many of the suspects’ family mem-                                         tor officer and motorcy-
bers and neighbors. Officer Delgado’s efforts led directly to                                      cle instructor. Detective
the apprehension of several of the suspects.                                                       Hunter is also an instruc-
                                                                                                   tor for the department’s
In October, Officer Delgado’s extra effort while working a                                         defensive tactics program,
routine drug tip led to the discovery an indoor marijuana        providing valuable training for the Oceanside Police Depart-
grow, 17 grams of heroin, two loaded firearms and the sei-       ment and the Palomar College Police Academy.
zure of $2,400 in cash.
                                                                 Detective Hunter is currently an investigator in the Family
These cases typify Officer Delgado’s excellent work through-     Protection Unit. He is a positive role model to thousands
out the 2009 and demonstrate some of the many reasons he         of children through reading programs and providing traf-
is honored as La Mesa’s Peace Officer of the Year.               fic safety, gang awareness and drug resistance presenta-
                                                                 tions. He also developed safety programs which have been
Officer Chad Sakamoto, National City PD:                         presented to members of the Boy Scouts of America and the
                                                                 United States Marine Corps.
On October 9, 2009, just before midnight, Officer Chad Saka-
moto was driving a marked police car on Interstate 5 near        Outside of his capacity as a sworn officer, Detective Hunter
Mile of Cars Way when he rolled up on a single vehicle traf-     participates in many community service projects. He is a
fic collision that just occurred. The Ford Mustang came to       sixth Degree Black Belt Master Instructor in Taekwondo and
  26 | The Informant
provides regular training in Kidz-N-Power, an anti-child ab-     Officer Hiett arranged to
duction program, endorsed by Amber Alert.                        see the bicycle. Dressed
                                                                 in plain clothes, Offi-
Detective Hunter has developed a broad range of knowledge        cer Hiett met with the
and experience. As a sexual assault investigator, he continu-    suspect and took photo-
ally steps up to the challenges that those cases present. His    graphs of the bike, telling
calm demeanor and tact allow him to effectively communi-         the suspect he needed to
cate with both victims and suspects. Detective Hunter’s ded-     show the pictures to his
ication and quest for justice have been recognized through       wife. After showing the
several departmental commendations, including four chal-         pictures to the victim,
lenge coins, a Team of the Quarter award in 2002, a Superior     Officer Hiett returned to
Traffic Service award in 2004, and the Officer of the Quarter    the residence two days
award 1993 and 2009.                                             later. After confirming
Officer Pedro Arce, San Diego Harbor PD:                         the bicycle was stolen by
                                                                 matching the serial numbers, Officer Hiett arrested the sus-
                                   Officer Pedro Arce joined     pect for possession of stolen property.
                                   the Harbor Police Depart-
                                   ment in July 2007, gradu-     Officer Hiett asked for and received consent to search the
                                   ated from the Regional        residence for more stolen property. During his search, Of-
                                   Academy in January 2008       ficer Hiett located an upstairs room where the suspect had a
                                   and began field training      grow operation of cultivated marijuana plants. Officer Hiett
                                   in vehicle patrol, vessel     and his supervisor requested assistance from the Drug En-
                                   patrol and airport patrol.    forcement Agency. Assisted by federal agents from the DEA,
                                   Immediately out of train-     35 marijuana plants and over $3,500.00 worth of materials
                                   ing, Officer Arce developed   used in the cultivation of marijuana were seized. The sus-
                                   a reputation as one of the    pect was additionally charged with cultivation and posses-
                                   most proactive and pro-       sion of marijuana.
                                   ductive Harbor Police offi-
cers in the field. He quickly became a member of the Harbor      Officer Hiett’s tenacity and dedication to the campus that he
Police Rifle Team, a certified boat operator and developed an    serves earned him appreciation from the victim for recover-
affinity for DUI and narcotic enforcement.                       ing her bike, especially since it was her only form of trans-
                                                                 portation. Officer Hiett’s actions exemplify his dedication to
Even though 2009 was Officer Arce’s first full year out of       duty and service to his community.
training, he led his squad with 24 felony, 50 DUI and 25 mis-
demeanor arrests. He wrote 234 misdemeanor and infrac-           Investigator Donald Holmes, San Diego County
tion citations and assisted his partners and other agencies      District Attorney’s Bureau of Investigations:
on numerous other arrests and incidents.
                                                                                                     District Attorney Inves-
While working night shift patrol, Officer Arce stopped a ve-                                         tigator Donald Holmes
hicle for a minor traffic violation and determined that the                                          is commended for his ef-
occupant was a CDC parolee. Upon noticing that the subject                                           forts in Operation Hit &
was nervous and making movements with his hands in the                                               Run. In late 2008, Hit
vehicle, Officer Arce safely removed him from the vehicle.                                           & Run began through a
The subject was in possession of a loaded handgun with the                                           referral from an insur-
hammer back and round in the chamber. The subject was                                                ance agency to the Auto
also determined to be a two-strike gang member with a prior                                          Insurance Fraud Task
homicide conviction and was a person of interest in several                                          Force. The referral iden-
unsolved homicides.                                                                                  tified two automobile
                                                                                                     collisions that appeared
For all of the reasons mentioned above, Officer Pedro Arce is                                        to be staged. Upon DAI
the San Diego Harbor Police Department Officer of the Year                                           Holmes’ transfer to Auto
for 2010.                                                        Insurance Fraud Task Force in January 2009, he quickly be-
Officer Terry Hiett, San Diego Community College                 came involved in this investigation. He took a leadership
District PD:                                                     role and directed or assisted in directing almost every aspect
                                                                 of this case.
On May 6, 2009, Officer Terry Hiett investigated a student’s
bicycle theft at City College and instructed her to provide      DAI Holmes reviewed documents, claims and police reports,
him with a serial number and photograph of the bicycle.          ultimately identifying over 50 possible suspects 11 separate
                                                                 staged collisions. He wrote over 40 search warrants and
Officer Hiett then reviewed several “Craigslist” advertise-      conducted several surveillances, amassing enough evidence
ments for bicycles for sale. After locating a possible match,    to charge 12 suspects in the first phase of this investigation.
                                                                                                              June 2010 | 27
In October 2009, DAI Holmes wrote or assisted in writing 12     Officer Carla Kuamoo, San Diego Unified School
arrest warrants. He planned and executed a tactical opera-      District PD:
tion in which 11 of these 12 suspects were arrested.
                                                                Officer Carla Kuamoo has
In the second phase, DAI Holmes linked another 15 sus-          been assigned to Monroe
pects via familial relationships. At the completion of this     Clark Middle School in
phase, over 25 suspects will have been brought to justice       City Heights since 2007.
for their roles. This case could not have been completed        This school is extremely
without DAI Holmes’ leadership, professional knowledge          diverse, with over 900
and tenacity.                                                   students speaking several
                                                                different languages. Of-
Out of eight regional task forces throughout the state, the     ficer Kuamoo’s ability to
California Department of Insurance recognized his group         mentor a large, diverse
as the leading task force in 2009. This recognition is due in   group of children makes
large part to DAI Holmes’ extraordinary efforts in Opera-       her an extremely effective
tion Hit & Run.                                                 police officer.
Detective William Kerr, San Diego County Sheriff’s              Officer Kuamoo typically spends many hours unselfishly
Department:                                                     working with kids to instill accountability and determina-
                                                                tion for success. To do this, she developed and implemented
Detective William Kerr
                                                                a youth diversion program entitled “Take Charge.”
has consistently distin-
guished himself while                                           Take Charge participants are students who have committed
serving the citizens of                                         various offenses and meet specific criteria. Officer Kuamoo
Lemon Grove. He ef-                                             teaches life skills and shows the importance of participation
fectively copes with                                            in community service, physical fitness and team-oriented
competing priorities                                            activities. Students are required to maintain a certain grade
and successfully bal-                                           point average, follow school rules and abide by the law. Since
ances his activities                                            its inception, hundreds of children have completed the “Take
and cases, allowing for                                         Charge” program and become successful in their endeavors.
a very proactive ap-
proach on the majority                                          Most recently, Officer Kuamoo began a second diversion
of his cases.                                                   program focused on mentoring high-risk students flirting
                                                                with criminal behavior. She meets with students regularly to
In February and March 2009, Detective Kerr’s computer           provide mentorship. She enforces the consequences of poor
knowledge and innovative investigative techniques were          decision-making by arranging for students to visit Donovan
put to the test after two separate vehicle burglaries. In       State Prison and for students to attend the Corp Program
both burglaries, laptop computers were taken. Detective         where they meet with inmates to discuss a life of crime.
Kerr, working with Lojack Technology, traced the two sto-
len computers by GPS. As a result, multiple suspects were       Finally, Officer Kuamoo actively promotes Campus Crime
arrested and subsequently convicted.                            Stoppers and her efforts lead the county in campus tips. Last
                                                                year, Crime Stoppers received over 60 tips from Monroe
From October to December 2009, six violent and indepen-         Clark students, many of which resulted in felony and misde-
dent robbery series were identified and successfully brought    meanor arrests.
to an end by the outstanding efforts of the entire Lemon
Grove Detective Unit. Detective Kerr directly spearheaded       Corporal Brian Macpherson, UCSD PD:
the investigations in two of these robbery series.
                                                                                              Corporal Brian MacPher-
From August to December 2009, a series of armed robber-                                       son researched, prepared
ies occurred throughout San Diego County. The “Long Jaw                                       and presented a proposal to
Bandit,” later identified as Roger Bruce Jones, committed                                     have the department move
at least 40 robberies, eight within Lemon Grove. Detective                                    to the San Diego County
Kerr organized a multi-agency task force to capture the sus-                                  Regional Communications
pect. Jones was taken into custody as he tried to re-enter                                    System (RCS) out of con-
the United States from Mexico. Detective Kerr facilitated                                     cern about the UCSD Police
Mexican law enforcement assistance in a search of Jones’                                      Department’s lack of ra-
Tijuana hotel room and seized evidence connecting Jones                                       dio communications when
to numerous San Diego robberies. Jones is awaiting trial                                      participating in DUI check-
on 33 counts of armed robbery.                                                                points, Motor Days, Alcohol
                                                                                              Task Force details and other
Detective Kerr’s tenacious commitment to the job makes          mutual aid throughout the County.
San Diego County a safer place.
28 | The Informant
Shortly after Corporal MacPherson submitted his proposal,             was responding to illegal alien activ-
UCSD Telecommunications informed the UCSD Police ad-                  ity in the vicinity of Shockey Truck
ministration that the campus 800 Megahertz radio system               Trail, just north of the international
would be at its end of life by December 2010 and the de-              border. Shortly after exiting his ve-
partment needed to look at options for the future. Corporal           hicle, Agent Rosas was attacked by
MacPherson found the solution to a problem the department             an unknown number of assailants.
did not even know it would face.                                      Although outnumbered, he valiant-
                                                                      ly struggled against his attackers,
Corporal MacPherson spent innumerable hours in 2009                   who ultimately shot him numerous
coordinating the transition to RCS, while at the same time            times and then fled to Mexico.
functioning as a field training officer and patrol corporal. He
maintains one of the highest self-initiated activity levels in the    A massive, international investiga-
department. Working closely with RCS programmers, tech-               tion remains an utmost priority to identify those responsible
nicians, and trainers, as well as the vendor, suppliers and in-       for the murder of Agent Rosas. While one suspect has re-
stallers, he made the transition run as smoothly as possible.         cently been arrested, convicted and sentenced for his role
                                                                      in the brutal murder, law enforcement on both sides of the
Corporal MacPherson’s efforts continued even after the                border will continue to vigorously pursue all involved col-
transition to RCS. He has worked with RCS technicians and             laborators who are at large.
the vendor to optimize the department radio system. His
tireless efforts to migrate the department radio communi-             While many details in the murder case are unknown, it re-
cations have truly benefitted the UCSD Police Department              mains clear that Agent Rosas paid the ultimate price to en-
and the UCSD community, and will continue to do so for the            sure that the citizens of this country enjoy the freedoms that
foreseeable future.                                                   they cherish. In addition, this senseless murder resulted in
                                                                      the loss of a loving husband to his wife and father to his two
Agent Robert W. Rosas Jr., United States Border                       young children.
Patrol, San Diego Sector:
Posthumous Award                                                      For law enforcement personnel, there is no higher price to be
                                                                      paid than to make the ultimate sacrifice in the performance
Agent Rosas’ award was accepted by
                                                                      of his or her sworn duties. Agent Rosas’ memory will serve
his wife, Rosalie Rosas
                                                                      as a constant reminder of the danger that every Border Pa-
Border Patrol Agent Robert W. Ro-                                     trol agent faces on a daily basis to protect America.
sas Jr. is respectfully nominated for
                                                                      Agent Rosas’ dedication to duty, his country and his family
the 19th Annual Peace Officer of the
                                                                      shall never be forgotten.
Year Award.

Agent Rosas entered on duty with the U.S. Border Patrol on
May 22, 2006, as a member of the 621st Session of the U.S.
Border Patrol Academy.

On July 23, 2009, Agent Rosas was killed in the line of duty
while performing his assigned patrol duties near the interna-
tional border in Campo. At the time of his death, Agent Rosas

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                                                                                                                      June 2010 | 29
                                        Stranger than Fiction
                           A Columbus, Ohio woman was not           A Milwaukee man has developed an
                           very aware of her surroundings unusual crime habit and even more
                           when she went on a mission to rob unusual disguise. The 20 year old has
                             bank at any and
                        BayaPark Realty cost. Most would-be been dressing in women’s clothes and
                             robbers would do a quick look full makeup to steal cars and lead
                        Financial - Jon Kern
                             around the joint, but she may have police on high-speed chases. On
                           forgotten that crucial step from the a Friday morning, the man was
                     how-to on bank robbing. Turns out she pulled over by a motorcycle officer
              was standing in line just in front of a uniformed who asked him for identification. When
officer. The 40 year old woman handed a robbery note to the the driver did not produce a license, the Do not
teller, but the teller claimed to not be able to read the note. officer asked who owned the car, which is allow a
The woman started to explain the note when she spied out of the driver hit the gas to evade more difficult questions. The
                                                                                                          to ruin your
the corner of her little eye something gold – a police badge chase lasted about a minute, reaching speeds of 100 miles
                                                & Bay PaRK Financial
on the shirt of the uniformed, but off-duty cop in line behind per hour, before the chase was stopped forcreDitthe safety of
her. The woman grabbed the note and left so nonchalantly other drivers. Police finally caught up to him and say that
                                                  Office: 858-832-1939                     Cell: 619-994-5447
that the officer didn’t even know what was happening until this is not the first time he has done this – but hopefully it
he approached the window and the teller informed him of will be the last….
                                                           Full Service Brokerage
the robbery attempt. The officer ran out to the bank to catch
                                               Home SaleS: In Australia, a superhero re- Jon Kern Realtor ®
up with the woman who tried to eat her words – literally…
                                               •	 arrested and cently stopped a theft suspect,
She tried to eat the note, but wound up beingRepresent seller or buyer                                     SDPD Retired
coughed up the note on the sidewalk.           •	 Residential - Commerical - Investment knights
                                                                  with the help of two Jedi
                                                                     seriously! A comic book
                                               •	 Short sale as an–alternative to foreclosure store
                                                    A New York was holding a promotional event
  It may be a joke, but it sure wasn’t funny. Call before you make what could be a costly mistake
man put an ad on Craigslist to sell his children. Someone (which drew many people in cos-
saw the ad and reported it to Child Pro-                          tume) when the store owner (who
                                               •	 new home purchases
                                                                  was dressed as Spiderman) no-
tective Services who alerted state po-
lice. Police checked on the children,
                                               •	 Re-finance	existing	loans
                                                                  ticed a “customer” grab a $150
determined them not to be in any                                  comic book surrender of your property He followed him
                                               •	 Restructure loans to avoid window and put it in his bag.Ca Dept. of Real estate
danger and arrested the man on a mis-          •	 ask about a “no Cost loan” on home purchasegrabbing his bag. The
                                                                  throughout the store, eventually        DRe #10483034
demeanor charge. The man, who is due                              store owner shouted for someone to guard the door – and
back in court next month, said he agrees                          it turned out that two Jedi knights with light sabers kept
with his wife – what he did was plain                             the doors secure until police arrived. Who says superhero
stupid.                                                           costumes don’t equal superpowers???

   Ad space is available!                                                                         Do not allow a
                                                                                                foreclosure to ruin
      Suppor t your                                                                                 your creDit
     Police Officers
       Association                            & Bay PaRK Financial
       & adver tise                           Office: 858-832-1939                         Cell: 619-994-5447
     your business!                                      Full Service Brokerage
                                             Home SaleS:                                            Jon Kern Realtor ®
    For more information on
                                             •	 Represent seller or buyer                              SDPD Retired
     how you can advertise                   •	 Residential - Commerical - Investment
                  your business              •	 Short sale as an alternative to foreclosure
                                             •	 Call before you make what could be a costly mistake
                   to Informant              FInanCIng:
                  readers, call              •	 new home purchases
                                             •	 Re-finance	existing	loans
                                             •	 Restructure loans to avoid surrender of your property Ca Dept. of Real estate
                        x 220.               •	 ask about a “no Cost loan” on home purchase           DRe #10483034

 30 | The Informant
On the Road...                                               Sponsored by

Retired Officer Mark Kunde visited the USS Arizona             Eastern Division Officer David Miller and his wife
Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on Veterans                  visited Cabo San Lucas and ended up driving to
Day in November 2009 and brought his Informant                 Todos Santos, where he met a nice Todos Santos
along.                                                         police officer who agreed to an Informant picture.

Western Division Officer Jonathan Lowe found a                 Retired Detective Sandy (Fields) Kirkendall and
local to pose with him for his Informant On the                Geraldine Showalter (wife of Retired Detective
Road picture while in the Harajuku district of                 Richard Showalter) found a few police recruits in
Tokyo, Japan.                                                  Punta Arenas, Chile.

         If you’ve recently taken your copy of The Informant on the road with you, please share your pictures!
            If your pictures are featured, you will receive a pair of movie tickets, as well as our appreciation!
                              Send your submission to Emily via email at
                                                                                                            June 2010 | 31
               An at-a-glance listing of SDPOA,
              law enforcement and local events                                     June
                                                                              Dates to Remember
Sunday          Monday              Tuesday            Wednesday            Thursday               Friday          Saturday
                                                  1                  2                      3                4                5
                                                                           RFPA Board
                                                                          SD Firefighters
                                                                           Credit Union
          6                 7                     8                   9                 10                   11              12
                                                           SDCERS                                                 Battle of the
                                                         Retirement        SDPOA Board                            Badges VIII
                                                        Pre-Planning      Meeting 8:30 am                           Barona
                                                           10:00 am        SDPOA Board                            Convention
                                                      Call 619 525-3600        Room                                 Center
                                                          to register
         13               14                    15                  16                  17                   18             19
              SDPOA Widows           SDCERS                                                          SDAR
              & Orphans Golf     Health Insurance                                                Ambassadors
               Tournament           “Help Day”                                                  Foundation Golf
              Riverwalk Golf    10:00 am - 12:00 pm                                               Tournament
                  Course         Balboa Park Club                                                Maderas Golf
                                                                                                 Club in Poway
         20                21                  22                   23                  24                  25              26

                                                                                                                                  32 | The Informant
         27               28                   29                   30
POA Office MAnAger’s rePOrt                                                                             Reminder:
 First off, we have few notes of congratulations in order. Congratulations to all of the                    The next
recent Peace Officer of the Year Award recipients and to our SDPD winner, Detective                   POA
Dickinson, in particular. Congratulations and best wishes as well are due to our POA
store clerk, Candice Mayfield, as she just got married a few weeks ago!                           Board Meeting
                                                                                                       is scheduled for
  Moving into the actual store news, for those of you who aren’t aware, the POA is still sell-
ing ammo. Stop in to buy a few boxes or call in an order if you would like to purchase a full         Thursday,
case. The POA store will also be selling Del Mar Fair tickets through the end of the fair and
Knott’s Soak City tickets will be available through the end of the summer season.                       July 8
 I know that many of you have been very concerned about the status of various POA liti-                8:30 am
gation items and I would like to remind all of our members to please contact a director               POA Board Room
with any specific questions – POA staff will not be able to answer any of your questions         If you have a specific topic you
beyond what is included in the text of our email blasts.                                         would like to address with the
  On a lighter note, the PAF softball league is celebrating its 40th year and started up a       board, please call the POA office
few weeks ago. It’s been great to see many of you out there and I am looking forward to          by Thursday, July 1, to be added
a fun season!                                                                                    to the agenda. If you’d like to sit
                                                                                                 in and listen to the discussion, but
 Be safe!                                                                                        do not have a specific topic, please
            Khristina L. Smith                                                                   feel free to drop in.
                                                   Classified Ads   
Looking for police patches and badges from California agencies, including current and older patched, specialized units, tabs,
badge patches, etc. I have a large collection to trade from or will purchase. Let’s get together for coffee and do some trading.
You may contact Dan Weiss at Dan is California Law Enforcement Historical Society Member #33
For Sale – SDPD Commemorative Handgun – Smith & Wesson model # 65-3 commemorative handgun, stainless
steel with “San Diego Police Department” engraved on the barrel. Badge logo and “since 1889” engraved on the frame.
Wood grips, encased in a beautiful oak box, with the old Police HQ (801 W Market St.) and badge engraved on the lid and
set in blue velvet. Also includes a stainless steel belt buckle, set in the blue velvet, with badge and old HQ engraved. Will
only be sold to current or retired SDPD. Contact Retired SDPD Ron Pace (
                                                   Vacation Rentals                    
Big Bear Lake – Beautiful two-story mountain cabin. Secluded in pine trees with view. Fireplace, sundeck, stained glass
windows, beautifully furnished. Sleeps 9 people comfortably. Nearby boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing, parasailing,
jet skiing, wind surfing, golfing, horseback riding, hunting, hiking, snow skiing (winter). Or simply just get away and relax.
Visit Big Bear’s Zoo, take an exciting ride on the Alpine Slide, or unwind and take a dip in Pan Hot Springs (Big Bear’s own
natural hot springs mineral pool). Experience the crisp, clean, pine-scented mountain air and leave your cares behind. Rent
for the weekend, week or month. Reasonable rates. Call Gordon or Sandy Redding 619-444-9174.
Coconut Coast in Kapaa, Kauai – One bedroom condo with full kitchen in the Planation Hale, a 160-unit, 9-acre complex
run by the Best Western Hotels as week-to-week vacation rentals ( Special law enforcement rate
(active and retired police, firefighters and friends in San Diego County) $95 per night – as space is available – first come first
served. Regularly from $165 to $205 per day, depending on the time of year and condo. To book, call Elsie and use “code law,”
at 1-800-775-4253. Sleeps 4 adults and 2 children, with daily maid service. Any problems, call Jack Freitas, SDPD retired.
Lake Havasu City, Arizona – New vacation home in the heart of Lake Havasu City. The home has three bedrooms and
two baths with an additional detached guesthouse furnished as a second master suite, making it perfect for two couples plus
kids/guests. Amenities include full granite kitchen, in-ground pool and Jacuzzi, fireplace, 50” TV & entertainment center,
BBQ, and lots of off-street parking. The home is 5 minutes from all attractions including London Bridge and the lake, golf,
desert sports, and shopping! Available by the day or get the week discount. Great law enforcement rates. Call J.K. Hudgins,
CIU 619-247-6978, or Chuck Arnold, ICAC 619-890-8527.
Lake Tahoe – A great vacation home on the west shore, located in the very quiet and private Rubicon area, just north of
Emerald Bay. Come enjoy the lake with its fishing, boating, skiing, sightseeing, etc. The home includes beautiful forest
views, large outdoor decks, two fireplaces, a two-car garage, 6 nearby ski resorts, and all just one block from your own pri-
vate beach and pier. The home is a 4/3, newly remodeled and furnished in a tasteful mountain theme. This house will sleep
10-12 in comfort! Deep discounts for fellow law enforcement officers. Available by the day or week. Call for photos and
maps: J.K. Hudgins, CIU 619-247-6978, or Chuck Arnold, ICAC 619-890-8527.
Havasu – Vacation rental, 3 bedroom / 2 bath, 1 king and 2 queen beds. Near downtown and the launch ramp. $100/night +
$100 non-refundable cleaning deposit. 928-680-7289 home / 928-208-2483 cell. For photos, email
                                                                                                     June 2010 | 33
                   SDPOA                   SCALE/CCLEA/BIG 11:                            round sound system to the POA Hall.

                   Board                   •	 No report on SCALE and CCLEA.            LABOR/MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE
                                           •	 Marvel and DuBois gave a briefing on     Status Report:
                   Minutes                    the BIG 11 meeting they attended.        •	 Paxton reported garage personnel
             April 8, 2010                 •	 Discussion occurred regarding the           are complaining about some officers
              0830 hours                      POA rejoining PORAC.                        who are smoking in the patrol cars.
DIRECTORS PRESENT: Marvel (ex-             PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE                  •	 Chief Kanaski reported on a time
cused at 1315), Fender, DuBois, Bost-      Charity:                                       frame for promotions and transfers
edt, Paxton, Hubka, Jordon, Levitt                                                        upcoming. Discussion occurred re-
                                           •	 American Police Hall of Fame and            garding hiring for academies.
DIRECTORS EXCUSED: Lewis                      Museum- $100 (1 floral wreath for
MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: D.                     the event)                               Safety: No report
Nisleit, J. Duran                          •	 San Diego Police Foundation- $100        LEGAL
ASSOCIATE MEMBERS IN AT-                      donation.                                Status report: No report
TENDANCE:                                  •	 San Diego County District Attorney         LITIGATION COMMITTEE –
OTHERS PRESENT: B. Fields, R.                 Citizen of Courage Awards Lun-             Brian Marvel / Jeff Jordon, Co-Chairs
Pinckard, B. James, E. Cox, J. Nemec,         cheon- $250, 1 table
                                                                                         Status Report:
D. Castle, K. Smith (recorder)             •	 MADD Quentin Jammer Designated           SPECIAL          EVENTS/SCHOLAR-
OPENING OBSERVANCES: Presi-                   Driver Golf Classic- $800, 1 foursome
                                                                                       SHIP COMMITTEE
dent Marvel called the meeting to or-      *The above recommendations pass by
der at 0830 hours and Paul Hubka led                                                   Status report:
                                           consent unanimously*
all present in the Pledge of Allegiance.                                               •	 B. James reported on the POA’s up-
                                           •	 Request for member sponsorship              coming golf tournament, Peace Offi-
There was a moment of silence for the
                                              for his participation in the Boston
Officers killed in the line of duty in                                                    cer of the Year Event and this year’s
                                              Marathon for the “Operation Prog-
the past and for EMT Esteban Bahena                                                       picnic.
                                              ress” Team. M/S Levitt/DuBois for
killed last week. There were 12 officers      $500. Unanimous. 8-0-1. Absent for       •	 The POA will make an online regis-
killed in the line of duty Nationwide         vote: Lewis.                                tration available for the golf tourna-
since the March Board Meeting. There                                                      ment. M/S Marvel/Hubka to give a
were 4 San Diego Police officers killed    •	 Request for POA to donate $800 for          foursome to POA supporters. Unan-
in the month of April. Denis Allen            Gang Team 3 to purchase medals and
                                                                                          imous. 8-0-1. Lewis excused.
(04/02/77), Charles Harris (04/03/27),        seats at the awards luncheon for their
                                              win of a State award. M/S Paxton/        BUDGET-FINANCE
Michael Anaya (04/10/79), Gerald
Griffin (04/25/03).                           Hubka for $700 to purchase POA           Status report:
                                              Members medals and seats. Unani-         •	 M/S Paxton/DuBois to accept the
                                              mous. 8-0-1. Absent for vote: Lewis.        Treasurer’s report. Unanimous. 7-0-
                                           •	 Request for POA to purchase 1 table         2. Lewis, Marvel, absent.
MEMBER PRESENTATIONS:                         at the NBPA Prayer Breakfast. M/S        •	 Levitt proposed the Director cell
•	 Dave Nisleit requested the POA spon-       Levitt/Hubka $500. Unanimous.               phone policy be that if a replacement
   sor him while he participates in the       8-0-1. Absent for vote: Lewis.              is needed the phone is to be replaced
   Boston Marathon for the “Operation      •	 Request for POA to sponsor the Chi-         with a phone comparable in cost to
   Progress” team. Moved to Charity.          cano Federation Unity Luncheon.             the Director phone being replaced.
•	 Jorge Duran reported that the SDPD         Declined.                                BUSINESS AND GOVERNANCE
   Gang Team 3 won a State award           Informant:                                  COMMITTEE
   which included 1 medal for the en-
   tire team. Duran requested a dona-
                                           •	 The Unit Spotlight will be Ops Sup-      Administrative:
   tion of $800.oo for Team 3 to receive
                                              port and the Member spotlight will       •	 Smith updated the Board regarding
                                              be Dave Stafford for the June issue.        3 office issues.
   enough medals for the entire team
   and 8 seats at the awards luncheon.     •	 Discussion occurred regarding this       By-Laws: No Report
   Moved to Charity.                          year’s annual report from the POA.
                                                                                       Minutes: M/S Hubka/Paxton to accept
PRESENTATIONS:                             Website: No report                          the March 2010 Board Meeting Min-
PAC                                        RETIREMENT                                  utes with 3 corrections. Unanimous.
                                           •	 Marvel gave a brief report.              7-0-2. Lewis, Marvel absent.
Status report:
                                           MEMBER RELATIONS                            MILESTONE REPORT
•	 DuBois reported on the event for
   Faulconer he attended Wednesday         Member Services:                            No Report
   evening.                                •	 There were no member assistance          OLD BUSINESS
•	 Discussion occurred regarding              requests made.                           No Report
   POA’s attendance at the S.D. County     •	 Sony donated a 52 inch flat screen                   Non-Members
   Taxpayers Association Awards Din-          television for the POA Hall. Sony will   Alonzo Alexander, Jr.   Kerry J. Bauman
   ner in June                                donate 2 more televisions and a sur-     Bryon J. Barmer         Catherine M. Blake
 34 | The Informant
Danny T. Blake            Vito A. Messineo
Michael W. Brindell       Michael A. Moller
Mark Bua                  Jose Oliveras                   San Diego Police Officers Association Staff
Christina D. Burhans      Shannon P. Palenschat
Fenella Custer            Heather Petty
                                                                    8388 Vickers Street   858.573.1199 (Office)
Thomas R. Gardenhire      Kenneth E. Rawls, Sr.                     San Diego, CA 92111   858.573.1574 (Fax)
Nicolas Gonzales          Martha G. Sainz                               
Scott Greenwood           Thomas T. Slater
Eric B. Hays              Steven Southerland
Mark N. Heacox            Anthony Spagnolo
Henry B. Ingram           Todd N. Turner
James E. MacKay           Robert Wells
R. Shane Martin           Donald Williams, Jr.
David J. McAnnally        Mark M. Zdunich
If you know any of these non-members, the
Board asks that you inquire if they would              Khristina Smith                              James Nemec            Emily Cox
be willing to join or re-join the Association.           Office Manager                                Accounts    Communications Coordinator
We welcome all San Diego police officers           Exec. Assistant to the Board                      Administrator    Editor, The Informant
and hope that they would want to be a part
of the Association, showing solidarity in im-
proving working conditions for San Diego
police officers. If a non-member hasLaw Offices of Scott O’Mara
tions regarding the benefits of membership, William
please direct them to contact any of the POA619-744-0835
board members.
•	 Hubka reported on a member issue.                           Brenna James                     Candice Mayfield    Deborah Flores
ADJOURNMENT at 1425 hours.                                   Special Events Planner                Store Clerk   Receptionist/ Admin. Asst.

  Are you
  TO RETIRE?                                                                                        We know what
  Whether you plan to play golf, travel the world, or spend
                                                                                                   Law Enforcement
  more time with your family, determining your retirement                                           Officers Need.
  needs is the first step in defining how the assets you’ve                                    Automobile & Motorcycle Accidents
  worked hard to build, keep working for you.                                        Bodily Injury  Workers’ Compensation  Death Claims
                                                                                                 Retirement Law  On & Off Duty
  Planning for your retirement can be a daunting task.                                 Our Outstanding History of Success
  If you’re nearing retirement, we can work with you to                                     For Our Clients Includes:
  evaluate your needs and develop a sound strategy that                       $63,000,000 verdict for medical malpractice
  seeks to achieve your goals and provide peace of mind.                      $6,000,000 recovery for a workplace injury involving
                                                                                 negligent operation of a forklift
  Contact our office today for more information or to                         $3,700,000 verdict for a propane explosion
  schedule a consultation. Experienced with direct rollover                   $3,500,000 recovery for a motor vechicle accident
                                                                              $3,250,000 recovery for a fire aboard a ship
  options for DROP and 401k plans.                                            $3,200,000 recovery for a motor vechicle accident
                                                                              $2,800,000 recovery for a fall from a skylight in an unsafe
                                                                                 work environment
                                                                              $2,750,000 recovery for a motor vehicle accident
       Securities offered through LPL Financial Member FINRA/SIPC         We have also been successful in litigation regarding a police officer’s
                                                                          right to have uninsured/underinsured coverage extended to his
                         Christine L. Dellacato                           work as a motor officer.
                         Registered Principal,                               1-800-LAW-1199 or 1-800-CHP-1222
                         Branch Manager                                   
                         8356 Allison Avenue, Suite C                                                               The Law Offices of
                         La Mesa, CA 91942                                                              Scott A. O’Mara
                         619.697.8792                                                         O’Mara & Padilla
                                     San Diego  Del Mar  Riverside & Orange Counties
                                                                           Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison, or a fine
                                                                              of up to $50,000, or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or by both imprisonment and fine.

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  San Diego Police Officers Association                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
  8388 Vickers Street                                                                                     PAID
  San Diego, CA 92111-2109                                                                           San Diego, CA
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                  SDPOA                                      City Offices
                                                                    Kevin Faulconer ...City Council - District 2
          EnDOrSEmEntS                                              Tony Young...........City Council - District 4
    Remember to Vote on June 8                                      Howard Wayne .....City Council - District 6
State Offices                                                Superior Court Judges
      Alberto Torrico .....State Attorney General                  Lantz Lewis ..................................Seat 14
      Mary Salas ...... State Senate, 40th District                Richard Monroy ...........................Seat 20
      Ben Hueso ...State Assembly, 79th District                   Bob Longstreth ............................Seat 21
                                                                   Joel Wohlfeil.................................Seat 34
County Offices
      Jim Duffy ........................... County Sheriff   Initiative
      Ron Roberts ............ Supervisor, District 4                 Opposed .......... Measure D: Strong Mayor

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