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									                                                                                SPORTING LIFE                                                                                          JANUARY 30, 1915
                                                                                                                                                                   terest the suit of the Phillies against Presi-
        REDS AT COVINGTON                          The wail of every base ball manager is bur-
                                                   dened with these tips. A few of them make
                                                                                                       Oklahoma City; 29 and 30, Tulsa; 31, MUB-
                                                                                                       kogee; April 1, McAllister; 2, Fort Smith;                  dent Ward, of the Brooklyn Feds, for damages
                                                   good. Walter Johnson, for instance. He was          P., 4 and S, Little Rock; 6 and 7, Memphis;                 resultant from the leap of pitcher Tom Seaton
Sarcastic Bugs Tease Frank Bancroft But            in a dinky little town away out .West when          8, Nashville; 9 and 10. Chattanooga; 12,                    to the Feds last season. Local fans have had
                                                                                                       Norfolk; 13, Polo Grounds.                                  their fill of the court proceedings in the past
  They Are Mixed on the States Louisi-             a scout saw the great possibilities which he
                                                   possessed. Manager Herzog has a line on                                                                         year.
  ana Not Kentucky Echoes From the                 a new Rube Waddell. Where! That's tell-
                                                   ing; but his sponsor writes: "He is_ a freak
                                                                                                              PHILADELPHIA POINTS                                     President Baker expects to complete the
  Seat of Legal War Manager Herzog's               in mechanical work. . Like Mordecai Brown,                                                                      deal with Boston within the next week, lie
                                                   he has but three fingers on his pitching hand,      Milton Stock Likely to Be Sent to the                       has not entirely given up the belief thai he
  Line on a New Waddell Clarke's Future            and is a coal miner. He is a right-nanded                                                                       will obtain outnelder Whitted.
                                                   spitter." A line on this embryotic phenom            Phillies Manager Moran Quite Hopeful                          Manager Moran has been advised by Eppa
             By Ben Mulford, Jr.                                                                                                                                   Kixey, the tall southpaw, that he will be on
   CINCINNATI, 0.. January 23. These be
                                                   has reached the chief of the Herzogovinians at       of the Outlook for His Team Despite Its                    hand for the Spring training trip. This is
                                                   his Maryland home. The prospect of man-
times when the limbs of the law are making         aging a player built in the eccentric mold of        Many Shifts.                                               good news to the fans, as Rixey's failure to
big batting averages in the Notoriety League.      a Waddell is enough to put silver threads in                                                                    report before June last year destroyed his use-
Opinions have crowded base hits over into          the thatch of any manager. Perhaps this                         By Thomas D. Richter                            fulness for the entire year, and left the Quak-
a corner. The average sporting page looks          new-found wonder has Rube's talent without            PHILADELPHIA, Pa., January 25. Just                       ers without a southpaw,
like a section of a court report. Shades of        his eccentricities.                                when it seemed that the clouds of doubt had                     Rev. Thomas W. Da vis, of this city, who
Zach Phelps, John 1. Rogers and Judge Scott                        MULFORDISMS                                                                                     has been, identified with base ball for a number
                                                                                                      passed away and that Manager Moran was to                    of years through his close acquaintance with
 early Disciples of Blackstone, who were              With the Reds in the cellar, the lawyer who     have a full force of young recruits to take
prominent in base ball mix-ups of other days!                                                                                                                      the members of tho two local clubs, and the
                                                   framed up that charge that Garry Herrmann          South, third baseman Stock, whom the Quak-                   newspaper men, has just been appointed chap-
fi is pretty hard, with the puolie mind cen-
It                                                 unduly favored his own club should have            ers obtained from New York in the deal for                   lain of the Pennsylvania State Senate.
tered on suits and injunctions, to really set-     sent that story to "Puck!"                         Lobert, began to dicker with the Federal
tle down to a discussion of the real thing.                                                                                                                           Stanley Baumgartnpr, the clever young
Cincinnati moved iU biggest legal batteries           If the Clevelanders who were looking for a      League. St. Louis reports make it plain that                 southpaw of the Phillies, has been excused
to Chicago early in the week, and according        new name for the "Naps," had only come             Ihe former Giant U dissatisfied with his berth               from reporting until late in March. He hopes
to echoes from the Windy City, some of those       to Redland, there would have been no need          here and would rather get into the ranks of                  to graduate from the University of Chicago
emphatic Fed lawyers used brickbats instead        for an election. Most of the-visiting Bugs         the Federals if they will give him a suitable                on or about March 18, and will report after
of bouquets in discussing the head of the          from the Forest City last year called their        contract. He asserts that his contract con-                  that. He is following in Eppa Rixey's foot-
National Commission. Abuse is the poorest          outfit "the Lobsters."                             tains the ten days' clause, and that he is                   steps.
sort of argument. There is no going behind            Garry Herrmann must have changed fear-          now free to go where he will. The Federals                      Whitted, the Boston outflelder, refused to
the returns. Base ball's history will hail         fnlly since the trial began. At any rate,          have made no definite announcement in the                    be sent to the Phillies to complete the Mageo
Garry Herrmann as the man who made peace           Carry's best friends couldn't tell that the        matter, and negotiations are no doubt under                  deal unless the Phillies would pay him $3000
possible in base ball when the American and        sketch labeled "Garry," by cartoonist Hig-         way. However, if Stock goes to the Federals,                 a year more 1han Boston, on the ground that
National Leagues were tied up in a struggle        gins, was a caricature of the Red Chief.           the Phil lies will                                           this was the extra amount he could earn as ft
to the death. No eleventh-hour addition to            On the dead level, things are coming to a                 HARDLY BE THE LOSERS,                              member of the World's Champions.
the race of moguls can take from the Red           pretty pass in Chicago when an undertaker                                                                           "Dode" Paskert, the Phillies' centre field-
                                                   breaks into the game I Has anybody seen Joe        as Manager McGraw will be bound to gire
Chief the distinction of being the original                                                           value for him. Probably the Phillies. will be                er, was sued for $20,000 last week, in Cleve-
magnate who put on a motion picture film,          Quinn! Guess Polly McLarry, the Cub fledg-                                                                      land. O., by John Farry, Sr., who claims hii
                                                   ling is the first Knight of the Embalming          better off without this recruit if he is dis-
showing the Dove of Peace eating out of his                                                           satisfied with a berth in this city. \Vhile the              son WHS permanently injured by Paskert's au-
hands! The present clash will not be set-          Fluid to don the spangles since old Joe quit                                                                    tomobile, on October 20, 1913. Farry swore
                                                   the game.                                          Stock matter is of interest to the playing man-
tled by the introduction of Billingsgate.                                                             agement, the business management is busily                   the accident halted the boy's growth.
That is one sure thing. The finish, however,          The present salutation in Balldom: "Good                                                                        It is now an assured fact that the Philliei
                                                   morning! Have you filed your affidavit?"           engaged in completing Southern training plans.
is absolutely certain. Somebody will be                                                               It has been decided that the Phillies will                   will not part with Krskine Mayer, the bril-
chanting "Throw Out the Life-Line," because           Well, there's one scrap on, at any rate,                                                                     liant young pitcher, who has been sought by
                                                   into which pur good old friend, T. R., has         travel Southward by boat and peculiarly
someone will be broke flatter than an Aunt                                                            enough, the Athletics will take the same craft,              Manager Bresnahan, of the Chicago Cubs.
Jemima pancake if the fight goes on much           not tossed his hat!                                                                                             Manager Put Moran notified the Phillies' of-
                                                      Old Dame Rumor says th»t Miller Huggins         the "Lenape," of the Clyde Line. So, for fhe
                                                   and Armando Marsans are hobnobbing in              first time on record, the two local ball clubs               ficials that he would not givo Mayer for tht
    onger- THE RED TRAILING PLANS                  Havana like a couple of turtle-doves on the        will travel South together. The boat sails                   whole Chicago team.
      Not much doing in the Red camp. Frank                                                           from New York on February 26, and in the                        George Cockill's appointment to the Na-
                                                   branch of a laurel.                                                                                             tional League staff of umpires meets with the
  Bancroft "sat tight" all week. Carl Finke           Tyranny's heel in base ball seems to ooze       2000 miles of travel the representatives of
  kept on selling reserved seats for the opener                                                       the two local clubs ought to get pretty well                 approval of local fans who have followed
                                                   large dollars into the pockets of its victims.                                                                  George's career on the gridiron and diamond
  and Joe Flanner kept close tab on the bul-          Some automobile makers are working over-        acquainted.
  letins from Chicago. The Red itinerary has                                                                                                                       with great interest. George is at present a
                                                   time to supply cars to the harassed victims         MANAGER MORAN MAKES PREDICTION                              base ball, foot ball and basket ball coach at
  leen responsible for some amusing blunders.      of O. B. A list of Gallagher's Slaves who
  After the preliminary stunts of the Herzogo-     own their own machines would look like                Manager Pat Moran has broken into print                   Bucknell.
  vinians at Alexandria, the team will slip to                                                        at last. Through the medium of a signed                         James Hagan, of the office staff of th»
                                                   leaves torn out of the Blue Book.                  article, one of a series by various major                     Phillies, was operated upon at the German
  New Orleans after a few plums. Instead of           Ted Sullivan is providing Redlaoders with
  Tunning all way back to the old camp, the        some good Winter laugh-creators.                   league managers, in a Brooklyn paper, he pre-                Hospital afternoon of January 18 for abdomi-
  Reds have settled on Covington Louisiana,                                                           dicts that the Phillies will be a pennant con-               nal Uouble. The operation was performed b/
  mind you but some out-of-town folks have                                                            tender. Part of his remarks follow:                          Dr. John A. Boger.
  fallen into error and profess to believe that             NEWTORK GIANTS                                 "This, In mj judgment, is going to be one of the
                                                                                                        best years base ball hag had in a decade. I look for
   the second place of training is Cincinnati's
  Kentucky daughter Covington. A Son of the                                                             the race in the National League to be a most closely
                                                                                                        contested one. From the showing the PhllLlo* made
                                                                                                                                                                              PLEA FOR PEACE
  Golden West went out of his way to try and       Gotham Hopes (or Marsans and Wingo Still             last year anij tlw fact that Mtgee. Lobert and Dooln
  deride Col. Bancroft for picking out Coving-                                                                                                                     Reasons Why the Court Proceedings Should
  ton, being actually under the impression that     Being Cherished The Lobert Deal Still               will not be member of tlie team, one might suppose
                                                                                                        that tlie Philiies would not have a chance at the pen-
  the city just across the suspension bridge        a Subject of Local Discussion.                      nant this season. But I am one of those who have a           Be Dropped, and Organized Ball and the
  was meant!                                                                                            different opinion. I know I am going to lure a lot
             TOM CLARKE'S FUTURE                                     87 Harry Dix Cola                  of trouble Ideating out Brooklyn, Boston, and New            Federal League Come to Terms.
                                                                                                        York, hut if my pitrhers come through as I expect
      Seems to be a pretty clearly defined fact         NEW YORK, N. Y., January 25. Marsans            they will, and I hare a little luck In filling in the           By Grantland Rice
  that Tom Clarke will not be a member of            and Wingo wearing the livery of the New            two weak spot a that existed in the luflekl last season.
  the Red backstop corps. The Corona boy             York Giants! Is this merely a dreum or is                                                            N7 EW YORK, January -3. Base ball, tl
                                                                                                       I l«lleve I will be able to jdve any team In tho league
  has upset all the dire prophecies of failure       there even a remote possibility of its com-                                                      conducted, has its serious faults, but these
                                                                                                        a hard race for the flag. It is my candid opinion that
  which some kind Canadian friend made for           ing true? At the present writing there is                                                        faults arc not nearly as bad as many have
                                                                                                       outside of Bueton, Philadelphia haa as good a pitch-
  him when he came to Redland. This caustic          every reason to believe that.tho first named                                                     painted them. They are faults that should
                                                                                                        Ing staff as any club in the National Ixague. Just
  Cannuck wrote that Tom, as a lemon, was            athlete at least will hang his headgear at the                                                   be corrected, but not at the expense of the
                                                                                                        stop nnd flsure on the pitchers I have. Building
  bigger than a grape-fruit. Instead of that         Polo Grounds hereafter. We base this as-                                                         entire game. If every institution teeming
                                                                                                         round Alexander, I hare Marshall, .Ma>er, Itaum-
  i'larke has proved a loyal peach. He may not       sumption on the fact that McGraw haa been                                                        with certain faults was to be dissolved, this
                                                                                                       gardner, Tlncup and Oeschger as material for flat-th-
  have hit quite as hard at times as a first         given permission to open negotiations with                                                       terrestrial orbit would soon be a desert, as
                                                                                                       ing the job. Of these Marshall is tlie only one that
  division team catcher should do, but he was        Senor Armando Marsans and that Mr, Mc-                                                           the esteemed human race would be the first
                                                                                                       is not satisfied, anrl he haa not yet signed a contract,
                                                                                                       but I believe I will be able to convince him that lie
                                                                                                                                                      thing wiped out. One might just as well say
  very much like the organist in Bloody Gulch,       Graw generally lands the man he goes after.       will be better off with the Phillies than hi any Mher
   who "always did his durndest." There is           Incidentally, the Giants' manager's trip to                                                      that our court system should be dissolved or
                                                                                                       company. Oeschger in one of tlie l«st pitchers I have
                                                                                                                                                      removed because we have murderers freed by
  ft persistent rumor that the Boston Braves         th:- Pearl of the Antilles is to convince one     seen in years. He did good work laM. year, and I
  want Clarke a compliment of no small de-           Kmilio Palmero it is to that gentleman's best                                                    pin-head and boob-hearted judges right along:
                                                                                                       have no doubt he will develop Into a steady, reliable
  Free. If Clarke really does go. it would mean      interests to affix his signature to a slave-                                                     or because we have corrupt or mole-souled
                                                                                                       man this «aswn. Of course. Mayer and Tlncup have
  that Gouzales. the brilliant Cuban, might get      holding New York contract for two or three                                                       judges who fine grave offenders as high as
                                                                                                       proven their worth-, yet they can h« developed even
  more of a chance to prove that the stuff in        seasons to come. If Marsana does finally                                                         $3.75 and then send minor offenders up for
                                                                                                       farther than they have been. Tlie Phillies wore »e;tk
 him is worthy of continuous trial under cham-       land with New York,                                                                              three years at hard labor. In matters of this
                                                                                                       at second base and short a top last year. I have not
  pionship fire. Gonzales was true blue last                                                                                                          sort the thing to be attacked is the individual
                                                                                                       been ahlo to lay my hands on any second bapemwi,
  }ear, whe^i more than one Fed tempter tried                     A DEAL FOR WINGO,                                                                   offender, not the system if the system hap-
                                                                                                       hut. I have Bancroft at Hiort, and I look for him to
  to get him to break his Red contract.             now an unwilling citizen of Redland. will          surprise ,tli« fans with his work this year. I ^hall
                                                                                                                                                      pens to be the best one that limited human
                                                     probably follow. Also, there is little doubt      have to 'develop a, semnd baseman. I believe that I
                                                                                                                                                      intelligence can devise.
               THE OLD RED-BURG                     that quite a crowd of McGraw's famous "57"         will strengthen the outfleld by the trade I have n-j;de
                                                                                                       wfth Magee. and it wouldn't Hiirr>rise me at all tr> be            AS A GAME
     There's something about good old Cincin-       varieties will be shifted to Herzegovina, alias    able to 5-how the fans one of the fastest outfields in
   ati which holds ex-Red players even after        ths Cincinnati Base Ball Club. The Cuban                                                              Base ball is too great a game to be crash-
 they have severed their allegiance to the home                                                        the country. I have strengthened my catching staff
                                                                                                                                                      ed. It has given health, recreation, amuse-
                                                     is putting up a crackcrjack game at first         with the additions of Adams and OVommr. and have
                                                                                                                                                     ment and abiding pleasure to many millions
 elub. Mike Mitchell still calls Cincinnati         bu;ic for the Havana League team and who           also added Dcmarro in my pitrhinc *Uff. Thus. I
 home. So does Dick Hoblitzel. Away back.           knows but what he might guard that corner                                                         to be thrown into the dump. It is the great-
                                                                                                       find myself, not so much in the position nf the man
 in the early days, Heinie Peitz came from St.      for the Giants. For more definite information                                                    est sport ever built up, for it carries every
                                                                                                       wlm can't find material fnr his team, but rather in
 I-ouis, and he stuck to this city of his adop-     wci refer you to Mr. Frederick Merkle, of To-                                                    element of all fine games exercise, quick ac-
                                                                                                       the position of the fell"*' who hart plenty, but had to
 tion after his service in red ended. He still      ledo, and as an afterthought suggest you en-                                                      tion, courage, skill, quick thought, careful
                                                                                                       make a choice between several, and all were so good
 clings to the town. Jack Dodge, who was            close a stamped asbestos envelope for reply.                                                     training, intense interest. And it is Ameri-
                                                                                                       he didn't know which to let go and which to keep."
 secured from tho Phillies and shunted to           Since a list of 18 names was handed to                 Manager Moran arrived in town today for   can in every detail. What could be the use
 Louisville became enamoured of this place          Macager Moran to choose from at the time of        a consultation with President Raker tomor-     in a country building: up a game of its own of
 during his brief stay and it is now "Home,                                                            row. Moran stated that as yet he could say
                                                                                                                                                      such merit, and then tearing this game
 Sweet Home," to him. Then there is Will                          THE LOBERT DEAL                                                                    down J
                                                                                                       nothing regarding tho men whom the Phillies
 Carpenter, the umpire. Ho "settled" here           there are 15 rather nervous athletes on the        would get in exchange for Magee from the                      ANOTHER TRIBUTE
 years a"o and liked it so well that he comes       roster of the local club just now. In the          World's Champions.           A dispatch from New   We have passed through more than one de-
 back after every season of arbitration. You        event of Wingo coming here the catching de-        York quotes President Baker as saying that    cade of corrupt sport. . \Ve have had racing
 have in Philly today a famous old player,          partment would be Wingo, Myers and Smith.          if Stock jumps McGraw will turn over some     scandals and prue-fight fakes. But out upon
 Billy Sunday. Somebody sent the yarn to            Then there is still the possibility of Benton      other player or players.                       the playing field base ball has been freer
 town that he has pronounced Cincinnati as          ch.-.i.ging clubs and of "Red" Murray going                                                      from scandal than any game ever known. It's
 a "cesspool of filth and iniquity" and Billy,      away from here. Another experienced pitch              FURTHER PRAISE OF ALEXANDER
                                                                                                                                                     record in this respect has been almost miracu-
 who knows how to use language that can be          er McGraw must have, and it is seldom in-              Out in St. Paul, Neb., Grover Alexander's lous. In the last four or five years of World'
 understood without using a diagram or call-        deed that a seasoned man is picked up from        »ars must be humming, owing to the many        Series play over $300,000 could have been
 ing in a professor of grammar, wired the           the minors. Al Demaree and Douglass. the          complimentary things that have been written    added to the receipts by framing up an extra
 declaration that the charge against him was       Cincinnati star, were exceptions, consequent-      about the world's greatest pitcher of late.    battle here and there. But the results were
 an "unmitigated black-hearted lie." Maybe          ly he must come from one of the other clubs.      Now comes Cosy Dolan, of St. Louis, the for-   evidence enough that each game played had
 Billy will get a chance to size up the 'old        Reed, the former Princeton star; Beatty, ex-      mer Phillies 1 utility man, with further lauda-been absolutely on the level! Can the sam«
 town in 1916. At any rate, a Cincinnati dele-     Atlr.ntic Leaguer, and Eddie Grant, man of         tion of Alexander. Says Dolan:                 be said of business* Of politics!
 gation starts for the Quaker City this week       n-1 work, are going to fight, it out with Han.i        "They all have their favorites, but when It comes         BACK TO THE GAME
 and will try to lasso him for a campaign next     Lobert for the third-base job. We are real         to real pitching I'll put. my bit down on Alexander.
jear.                                              plungers and are willing to wager a peck of        He's a sure-enmiffh \vhix. With the Phillies out of So it is now up to both the Feds and Or-
           AN UNFAIR INDICTMENT                    peanuts that                                       the race last Summer I know he wasn't out thereganized Ball to end all' this miserable fighting
     There are a lot of people in this world who                  LOBERT WINS OUT.                                                                   and to clear up the atmosphere. The public
                                                                                                      on the hlH pitching his arm off. He took his time,
Relieve that while Organized Ball may not bo                                                                                                         has become sick of the entire smear, but the
                                                                                                      but you should hare seen him curve a few of the games
                                                   Brainard, the Texas phenom, is Larry Doyle's       on the trip to Hawaii. Why. he had the Americanpublic, with unusually interesting pennant
made up entirely of angels entitled to wear        bete noir, but our wager also stands for this      League sluggers on his staff all the way, and I'll never ,
                                                                                                                                                     races ahead, would be willing to forget all
halos and play harps, they have more rood          proposition. You know there's a great deal         forget the name in which he fanned 21 in 12 inning* I
                                                                                                                                                     this court orgy if the game could be directed
marks to their credit than bad ones. One           in that little saying, "Possession is nine         in North l>akota. I believe the host ffame he pitched
                                                                                                                                                     again back to the field before the training
thing is sure, Cincinnati snorted at the in-       points of the law."        To displace another     list season was the one against us. It tvas a game
                                                                                                                                                     camps are planted the first week in March.
dictment of Garry Herrmann on the charge           player you must be better, not just as good.       needed to make 23 victories and cam MR J1COO bonus.
that he exercised his position as Chairman of                                                                                                        This coming trial in Chicago should be th»
                                                                                                      He displayed all of his stuff that afternoon and rre
                                                   Great things are expected of Ritter and Pal-                                                      end of all such brainless bickering.
                                                                                                      were shut out with two hits both slow infield bound-
the National Commission to favor the Cincin-       mere this year. Palmero, especially, has           er* and I don't think we sent a line drive to the out-
nati Club, of which he is President. As a          done brilliant work in Cuba this Winter and                                                                  THE BACK FIRE SQUAWK
matter of fact. Redbugs have raved for years                                                          fleld throughout the game. He wanted to win that
                                                   if he can. only get it past the customs of-        game, and believe me. he did. They talk about the  In attempting to defend the game itself
 oecause they imagined perhaps without good        ficials the other teams had better look out.                                                      these days there is always an opening to the
                                                                                                      World's S«rle« stars, well, I'd like to see Ales in a
cause that Cincinsnti has time and again           The "rookie" squad is not going to be al-          biff show sometime."                           charge that one is defending only one side.
been all given the worst of decisions because      lowed to go stale through lack of work, not                                                       Which is of no particular moment, one way
the Red Chief leaned too far the otiier way,       if Secretary Foster knows it. In their sched-                     LOCAL JDTTtXGS                  or another. Both sides have made mistakes
rather than seemingly handed his own team          ule just announced they are due to remain             Last week Manager Moran was tendered a enough. But as the Feds have started most
any the better of a cause in issue. It would       away from town until April 13, when they           banquet by more than a hundred o/ his Fitch- of the trouble, it will now lie up to them to
take a million lawyers a billion years to          play their annual contest with Yale on the         burg, Mas*., friends, and was presented with show a way out not for their own good, but
support that oreide charge. Even Garry's           Polo Grounds.                                      a handsome che*t of silver. The affair was in tlie good of the game. Which so far they
most rabid opponents would laugh at thai as-                 SECOND SQUAD SCHEDULE                    the nature of a surprise, as Moran had just have failed to do. It is easy enough to tear
sault. It is a| empty as a drum.                                                                      returned from a fishing trip in time to par- down. But building up is another job.
          ANOTHER RUBE WADDELL                         The full, revised and final schedule of the    ticipate in the dinner, Moran will be one of
                                                   second team of the Giants for next Spring          the three guests of the Philadelphia Sporting     (Teoizc Wlilttod has accepted terms vtiili the Boaon
     Scarcely a week rolls around that does not    was announced yesterday and this is it:            Writers at their annual dinner on February 16. National f.lul». unrl a conlrnet was mailed him lul
See some diamond in th,e rough uncovered. I        March 13, 14, 20 and 21, Waco; 27 and 28,             Local base ball fans are watching with in- week from the Boston office.

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