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									       Mark           MESA COUNTY

•    Monday, No-
                      REPUBLICAN WOMEN
     vember 9th       V O L U M E        3 ,   I S S U E    1 0   ‘Educate and Inform’ N O V E M B E R 2 0 0 9
     Luncheon at
     noon, Ma-
                              President’s Message
     sonic Lodge.                                       Congressional District 3 seat and    couraging and supporting a can-
                    By Ruth Ehlers                      two or three running for H.D.        didate of your choice. It is thrill-
•    Friday, No-    Last week, I had the opportunity    54. I hope I haven’t forgotten       ing to have so many qualified
                    to “meet & greet” three candi-      or missed anyone, but that’s         persons who are willing to step
     vember 20th    dates or possible candidates for    where my score card stands at        up and run for office. At the
                    the 2010 Election. On Wednes-       this point. And I didn’t even        same time, it makes it impera-
     Luncheon at    day, Jane Norton who is running                                          tive that we take every opportu-
     noon, Two      for the U.S. Senate seat cur-                                            nity to meet each candidate, ask
                    rently occupied by U. S. Senator                                         the questions that are important
     Rivers Con-    Michael Bennet spoke to a group                                          to you and listen to their views.
                    at the Gala Café, here in Grand                                          While this process is going on
     vention Cen-
                    Junction. On Thursday, Scott                                             we need to keep foremost in our
     ter.           Tipton, currently State H.D. 58                                          minds that the objective of this
                    Representative held an event to                                          exercise is to find and elect con-
                    meet folks from Grand Junction                                           servative candidates and in the
                    and answer questions from those                                          case of our Congressional Rep-
                    present. He is contemplating a                                           resentative, U.S. Senator &
Lunch Speaker   2   run against U.S. Representative                                          Governor, to replace those lib-
                    John Salazar, 3-CD. On Satur-                                            erals who are occupying the
                    day morning, many of us were                                             seats currently. I was inter-
                    in attendance when Duncan                                                viewed by a reporter from the
                    McArthur announced his inten-                                            Denver Post last week and one
Executive Board 3
                    tion to run for State H.D. 54                                            question he asked me was
Contact Info
                    which will be vacated by Steve      mention the local county and         whether I felt that having two
Get Involved    3   King, who is running for the        city races. Wow! Sounds like         gubernatorial candidates from
                    Senate Seat currently occupied      we’ve got a lot of fun and ex-       Grand Junction would cause a
Support Local   4   by Josh Penry – who, we all         citement coming up, doesn’t it?!     split in the party. My answer
Businesses          know is running for Governor.       The By-Laws of MCRW states           was: “Absolutely Not!” We are
                    If you’ve been paying attention,    very clearly that the organization   very proud to have two men
                    you are aware that we now have      does not endorse or support any      from our area with such strong
                    at least three candidates who       particular candidate during a        credentials and regardless of the
                    have announced their run for        Primary when there is more           outcome of the primaries we
                    Governor, at least two who are      than one running for a particular    will support and elect the candi-
                    running for the U.S. Senate seat,   office. This does not preclude       date who wins the Primary.
                    a possible two running for the      you, as an individual from en-

       PAGE   2

  Join us for                  Luncheon speaker
our November
                    By Heather Benjamin                  -President of Fraud and Criminal        of Colorado. She serves on
 lunch, with        In April 2006, Rebecca Spiess        Investigation positions with Colo-      many community boards help-
                    was appointed as the Mesa            rado National Bank, JP Morgan           ing to combat underage drink-
Guest Speaker                                            Chase Manhattan Bank, and Citi-         ing, methamphetamine, and
                    County Undersheriff by Sheriff
 Undersheriff       Stan Hilkey. She is                                  bank Diners Club.       mental health. She is a Certi-
                    currently one of four                                Spiess is a former      fied Fraud Examiner (C.F.E.)
 Rebecca Spi-       female Undersheriffs                                 Lakewood Police         and a Certified Financial
                                                                         Officer and Law         Crimes Investigator
 ess! Contact       in Colorado. Spiess’
                    career began with the                                Enforcement Spe-        (C.F.C.I.). Spiess is also a re-
  Sue Stitt to      Mesa County Sheriff’s                                cialist for the 1st     cent graduate of the 236th
                    Office in May 2004,                                  Judicial District       class of the National FBI Acad-
    R.S.V.P.                                                             Attorney’s Office       emy, which will be the focus of
                    when she joined the
                    force as a Lieutenant in                             in Golden, Colo-        her topic at the MCRW lunch-
                    the Professional Stan-                               rado. She has a         eon. This rare insight into the
                    dards Unit. Prior to                                 Bachelor’s Degree       FBI Academy you won’t want
                    Mesa County, Spiess                                  in Criminal Justice     to miss! For more information
                    built a diverse career in the pri-   from Penn State and a Master’s          v      i     s     i     t     :
                                                         Degree in Criminal Justice Ad-          www.sheriff.mesacounty.us
 Women’s            vate sector, which included Vice
                                                         ministration from the University

                  Republican women orientation
Will have a new   By Cathy Percefull                                      partisan political organization. The Federation re-
                                                                          cruits, educates, trains, supports, and elects Repub-
                  This two part series is to educate our members on the
 2010 schedule    National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW),
                                                                          licans. Through NFRW's online magazine, The Re-
                                                                          publican Woman and email updates through Capital
                  Colorado Federation of Republican Women (CFRW)
     soon!                                                                Connections, members are kept abreast of current
                  and Mesa County Republican Women -- our mission,
                                                                          issues. Colorado was one of eleven states in 1938
                  who we are, committees, and what each committee
                                                                          becoming charter states of NFRW. At age 31, Joyce
                  does. The NFRW brings together women to posi-
                                                                          Arneill of Denver, was elected the first president of
                  tively impact the direction of our nation. When we
                                                                                         NFRW. Today, there are over 1800
                  join together we are a powerful
                                                                                         local clubs and the goals set in 1938
                  force advancing the power of
                                                                                         continue today -- to encourage
                  women through political access
                                                                                         women's participation at all levels in
                  and participation. NFRW's mis-
                                                                                         the political process. Our NFRW
                  sion is seeing women of all ages
                                                                                         emblem --[picture of seal goes in
                  and walks of life as key players
                                                                                         here] The seal of the NFRW is the
                  at the political table on national,
                                                                                         American Eagle, king of birds, hold-
                  state, and local issues. NFRW is
                                                                                         ing a quill pen and standing guard
                  our nation's largest women's
                                                                                         over our most treasured tool of de-

     MESA    COUNTY    REPUBLICAN             WOMEN
VOLUME         3,   ISSUE       8                                                                                         PAGE      3

                      President                               3rd Vice-President                    Publicity Chairwoman
                      Ruth Ehlers                             Fundraising                           Sue Benjamin
                      (970) 257-7120                          Rose Femia Pugliese                   (970) 242-1548
                      gjruthgop@q.com                         (970) 464-1183                        benacres@bresnan.net
                      1st Vice-President                                                            Chaplain
                      Programs & Special Guests               Treasurer                             Barbara Brewer
                      Sue Stitt                               Joan Kelsey
Thank you Rep.        (970) 623-0273                          (970) 248-0815                        Americanism
                      suestitt@bresnan.net                    kelseydave@yahoo.com                  Peggy Adams
Laura Bradford
                      2nd Vice-President                      Secretary                             Colorado Federation of
for sharing your      Membership                              Newsletter/Website                    Republican Women
                      Cathy Percefull                         Heather Benjamin                      District Director-III
    recent            (970) 874-8664                          (970) 260-3265                        North & Legislative
                      cathypercefull@att.net                  heathersbenjamin@gmail.com            Cathy Percefull

    Continued from Pg 2...                                   Want to get more involved?

 mocracy -- the ballot box. Adopted at the biennial      •    Join the Young Republican’s •          Sheila Reiner—running for
 convention in 1944, it portrays our Federation's             group that meets once a                Mesa County Clerk and Re-
 interest in the protection and integrity of our elec-        month. This is a group that            corder. Contact her campaign
 toral process. The American Eagle is adopted from            support YR programs at Mesa            at: www.sheilareiner.com/
 the great seal of the United States. The quill sym-          State College and local high           Sheila_s_background.html
 bolizes the power of words, especially as contained          schools, but is geared for •           Rumored candidates or those
 in the Declaration of Independence and the Consti-           working professionals under            that haven’t officially an-
 tution of the United States. As a member of                  (or around 40ish)! For more            nounced are not listed in an
 MCRW you also belong to the NFRW and CFRW.                   information contact Rose               effort to be ‘fair and bal-
 CFRW's mission follows our NFRW mission --                   Femia Pugliese      at vila-           anced.’
 advancing the power of women through political               rose16@aol.com
 access and participation. One objective of CFRW                                                  Want to join an after election party
 is to assure neutrality of CFRW elected officers         For those local candidates who have                (Nov. 3rd)?
 and unit presidents who shall not support nor op-              officially announced—            • Join Rose Femia Pugliese sup-
 pose any candidate in a GOP primary or intra-           • Steve King—running for                   porters (as she will be at a
 party race. CFRW holds annual conventions to                State Senate . Contact his             school board meeting!), but
 educate members, acknowledge clubs for their                c a m p a i g n             a t :      her supporters will gather at
 work towards growing the Party and for their good           www.votesteveking.com                  626 Rood (restaurant). Eve-
 works in their local communities. Our State Fed-        • Duncan MacArthur—running                 ryone is welcome!
 eration works with local clubs to carry out NFRW            for House District 54. Con-         • The Citizens for Three Term
 programs such as Caring for America, Jessica's              tact his campaign at: katali-          Initiative, the bi-partisan bal-
 Law, and Literacy programs. For more informa-               na5@bresnan.net                        lot measure, will hold an
                                                         • Ray Scott—running for                    election night gathering at
 tion       visit       www.nfrw.org                &
 www.cologopwomen.org . Next month we'll
                                                             House District 54. Contact             626 Rood. Everyone is wel-
 have an in depth look at our own MCRW!
                                                             his campaign at:                       come!

                                   Lois G. Dunn            -Real Estate
                                   Broker               - 1031 Exchanges
                                   (970) 243-8843       - Investments
                                                               - Consulting



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