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                                   Text safesex for FREE Condoms for Christmas

       By Marie Stopes International
       Dated: Dec 24, 2008

       Starting Monday 8 December 2008 for one week only, leading sexual health agency Marie Stopes
       International (MSI) is offering free condoms for Christmas to young people who text message a special

       “From our own experience as the UK’s largest provider of abortion services outside the NHS, we know that
       in January and February our centres see greater numbers of women than at any other time of the year,” said
       Julie Douglas, MSI’s Head of Marketing.

        Official statistics show that the first quarter of every year always produces the highest numbers of women
       having abortions.

        “The dangerous combination of alcohol and the festive party spirit can reduce inhibitions and lead women
       and men into risk taking sexual behaviour,” said Julie Douglas.

        “Our message to all revellers this year is to wrap up for Christmas. Take condoms with you, and if you are
       going to have sex, please play safely.”

        MSI has partnered with Fusion Condoms for the Christmas promotion, and has chosen to promote condom
       usage over other forms of contraception because condoms are the only method which protect against both
       unplanned pregnancy and STIs.

        Anyone can request free condoms from MSI whilst stocks last. Simply text safesex, plus your name and
       address to 86122.

       To highlight the Christmas campaign, MSI will be putting condoms up in lights at the world famous
       Piccadilly Circus digital advertising hoarding in London during the week commencing Monday 8th
       December, 2008.

        Contact: Tony Kerridge Tel: 020 7034 2365 / 07748 948 037


       Marie Stopes International is a not-for-profit sexual and reproductive health organisation that uses modern
       business methods to achieve the social goal of preventing unintended pregnancies and unwanted births in
       around countries worldwide.

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