Revelation by yaofenji


                  A New Greek Text of Revelation, with Critical Apparatus
                                      Wilbur N. Pickering, ThM, PhD

          I have used the Hodges-Farstad Majority Text and apparatus as my working base, or point of
departure, being convinced of the general superiority of the Byzantine text form. However, of all the
books of the NT the Apocalypse had the most troubled passage through the centuries of copying by
hand. Very early on (probably within the II century) three main independent lines of transmission
developed, and then a variety of variations within those streams. Thus there are some 150 variant
sets where no reading receives even 50% attestation, and another 250 sets where the strongest
numerical attestation falls below 60%. In those 400 places to speak of a ‗majority‘ text is not
convincing—we need other criteria. I offer Original Text Theory, which is spelled out in the Appendix,
and it is on that basis that I have identified the wording of the Text.
          It is only the existence of H.C. Hoskier‘s thorough collation of the MSS available in his day
(even his opponents acknowledged that he did careful work) that makes possible this enterprise. The
product offered here is far from complete. In the H-F apparatus Hodges does not adequately reflect
the evidence furnished by Hoskier. It thus becomes necessary to go back to Hoskier and recheck the
evidence for each variant set. I have done the sets that I considered to be the most difficult or
doubtful. I plan to continue until all the sets have been rechecked. But in the meantime I feel that I
have come sufficiently close to my goal so that I may release the result to the public. I hope for
          There will probably be a number of typographical errors, especially in the apparatus (if you
find any please tell me, so I can correct them). Where I have not yet rechecked the evidence I have
reproduced the statement given in H-F, but I place the M families within parentheses.
          I have included five printed editions in the apparatus: Complutensian Polyglot, Robinson-
                                                      26      3
Pierpont, Hodges-Farstad, Textus Receptus, N-A /UBS [N-U]. Since both R-P and H-F reflect a
Majority Text perspective I have tried to include every case where I disagree with either (or both) in
the apparatus. I may have missed a few places where CP has private readings. Many readings of TR
and NU were not included, where they are based on clearly insufficient evidence (from my
perspective)—however, in the interest of completeness I intend to add all such readings to the
apparatus in due time (if anyone wants to help me with the slave labor I‘ll appreciate it). In my view,
the first printed edition of the Greek text of Revelation (CP, printed January 10, 1514) is still far and
away the best. I am reminded of John 3:19-20—the Light makes itself available, but people must then
go to it; the Light doesn‘t go chasing them. An incredibly good text of Revelation has been available
for almost 500 years, but it has been severely ignored—I am not aware of a single translation based
upon it. ―And this is the condemnation . . . .‖
          (From my perspective, by a rough count, with reference to the 620 variant sets included in the
apparatus, so far, CP is correct 95.6% of the time, RP correct 70.3%, HF 47.7%, TR 49.5%, NU
42.7%. But since both TR and NU have many other readings, thinly supported, not yet included here,
their percentages will be somewhat lower, but TR will still come in ahead of NU, I believe. In the end
HF comes out a little better than TR, but not much!)
          In the first paragraph I referred to three main independent lines of transmission. Upon a close
observation of the fluctuating alignments of the nine M groups (see the Appendix) I conclude that M
                                     d,e                          a,b,f,g
represents one of those lines, M represent another, and M                 represent the third (b,f,g are all
older than a; they left the stream at nodes above that of a); M and the uncials (P A,C) are mixed.
                                                                   h,i                     47

Of the three lines c has by far the best ‗batting average‘ or credibility quotient; this evaluation is
clearly reflected in my textual choices. (Out of 620 variant sets I followed M in 600, or 96.8%.) I wish
to reiterate that the text offered here is provisional; as I continue to recheck the evidence I may feel
constrained to change an occasional decision (I have discovered that H-F sometimes misstate
Hoskier‘s evidence to a surprising extent).
          The Greek font used is that of the Online Bible (Bwgrkl). I believe it is available free from


1)1 Apokaluyij Ihsou Cristou h]n edwken autw o` Qeoj deixai toij douloij autou a] dei
genesqai evn tacei) Kai eshmanen aposteilaj dia tou aggelou autou tw doulw autou
Iwannh( 2 o]j emarturhsen ton logon tou Qeou( kai thn marturian Ihsou Cristouo[sa
eiden( kai a`tina eisi kai a[ crh genesqai meta tauta)2 3 Makarioj o` anaginwskwn( kai
oi` akouontej touj logouj thj profhteiaj kai thrountej ta evn auth gegrammena\ o` gar
kairoj egguj)
        4 Iwannhj( taij e`pta ekklhsiaij taij evn th Asia\ Carij u``min kai eirhnh apo3 o`
wn kai o` h=n kai o` ercomenoj( kai apo twn e`pta Pneumatwn a] estin4 enwpion tou
qronou autou( 5 kai apo Ihsou Cristou( o` martuj o` pistoj( o` prwtotokoj ek twn5
nekrwn kai o` arcwn twn basilewn thj ghj)
        Tw agaphsanti6 h`maj kai lousanti7 h`maj apo8 twn a`martiwn h`mwn evn tw
ai[mati autou 6kai epoihsen h`maj basileian(9 i`ereij tw Qew kai Patri autouautw
h` doxa kai to kratoj eivj touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwn) Amhn)
        7 Idou( ercetai meta twn nefelwn( kai oyetai auton paj ofqalmoj( kai oi[tinej
auton exekenthsan) Kai koyontai epV auton pasai ai` fulai thj ghj) Nai( amhn
        8 ~~Egw eimi to Alfa kai to W(VV10 legei Kurioj o` Qeoj( ~~~O wn kai o` h=n
kai o` ercomenoj( o` Pantokratwr)VV
                                 [John is commissioned]
1)9 Egw Iwannhj( o` adelfoj u`mwn kai koinwnoj11 evn th qliyei kai basileia kai
u`pomonh evn Cristw Ihsou(12 egenomhn evn th nhsw th kaloumenh Patmw dia ton
logon tou Qeou kai dia13 thn marturian Ihsou Cristou)14 10 Egenomhn evn Pneumati

  Key: CP = Complutensian Polyglot; RP = Robinson-Pierpont; HF = Hodges-Farstad; TR = Textus Receptus; NU = N-A26/UBS3
(N-A27/UBS4 offer changes in the critical apparatus, not in the text; the text is still that of N-A26/UBS3). For the composition of
the M families see the Appendix. Where M groups are in ( ), H-F is cited without having been checked; except where I
occasionally use parentheses to indicate variants within a larger variant (as in the first example below). I have identified the
wording of the Text on the basis of what I call Original Text Theory, which is spelled out in the Appendix.
  eiden kai a`tina eisi kai a[ $atina Md,e, -- Mg% crh genesqai meta tauta (-- Mept) Ma1/6,c,d,e,g CP || eiden Ma,b,e1/6,f,h,i
A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU [eiden would be ‗He saw‘, referring to Christ—compare 22:20—He is passing on the ‗revelation‘; I assume
that early copyists missed the point, applying eiden to John, but then they couldn‘t make sense of the full text and so
proceeded to omit the awkward parts]
  apo Mc,d,e2/3,g,hpt P18A,C,CP,NU || apo qeou Ma,b,e1/3,fpt,hpt,i RP,HF || apo tou Mfpt TR [I would say that qeou was added
to help the reader make the correct association; see the next note]
  a` estin Mc,d1/4,e,g,hpt,ipt CP[RP]TR || a`` Ma,b,f,hpt,ipt P18C,HF,NU || twn Md A [render ‗the seven-fold Spirit that is‘; apo o`
wn ) ) ) kai apo twn e`pta ) ) ) kai apo Ihsou ) ) ) presumably refers to the Trinity, so ‗the seven-fold Spirit‘ refers to the
Holy Spirit—if the Godhead can be three in one, why may not the Holy Spirit be seven in one? The grammatical anomaly of a
plural subject with a singular verb probably gave rise to the other variants]
  ek twn Mc,d1/4,e CP,TR || twn Ma,b,c1/6,d,e1/4,f,g,h,i P18A,C,RP,HF,NU [the figure of death as a huge womb was too strong; by
omitting the preposition the interpretation becomes ambiguous, ‗firstborn‘ can receive the derived meaning of ‗boss‘, or
  agaphsanti Mc,d,e CP,TR [hgaphsen Mb] || agapwnti Ma,c1/5,f,gpt(pt),h,ipt(pt) P18()A,C,RP,HF,NU
  lousanti Ma,c,d1/4,ept,f,g,hpt,ipt CP,RP,HF,TR [elousen Mb] || lusanti Md,ept,g1/4,hpt,ipt P18A,C,NU
  apo Ma,b,c,e1/4,f,g CP,RP,HF,TR || ek Md,e,h P18A,C,NU
  basileian Ma,b,c,e1/6,f,g,h,i P18A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || basileij kai Ma1/6,d,e TR
   W Ma,c,f,g,h A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || W Arch kai Teloj Mb,e ,TR || W h Arch kai to Teloj Md
   koinwnoj Ma,c,f,g,i CP,RP,HF || sugkoinwnoj Mb,d,e,h A(C)TR,NU
   en Cristw Ihsou Ma,b,c,f,g,i CP,RP,HF [en Cristw A] || Ihsou Cristou Md,e TR || en Ihsou Mhpt C,NU
   dia Ma,c,e,fpt,g,i ,CP,RP,HF,TR || --- Mb,d,fpt,h A,C,NU
   Cristou Ma,b,c,dpt,ept,f,g,i CP,RP,HF,TR || --- Mdpt,ept,h A,C,NU


evn th Kuriakh h`mera kai hkousa fwnhn opisw mou( megalhn1 w`j salpiggoj( 11
legoushj(2 ~~}O blepeij grayon eivj biblion kai pemyon taij e`pta ekklhsiaij\ eivj
Efeson kai eivj Smurnan kai eivj Pergamon kai eivj Quateira kai eivj Sardeij kai eivj
Filadelfeian kai eivj Laodikeian)VV 12 Kai ekei3 epestreya blepein thn fwnhn h[tij
elalei metV emou) Kai epistreyaj eidon e`pta lucniaj crusaj( 13 kai evn mesw twn
e`pta4 lucniwn o[moion ui`w5 anqrwpou( endedumenon podhrh kai periezwsmenon
proj toij mazoij6 zwnhn crushn) 14 ~H de kefalh autou( kai ai` tricej( leukai w`sei7
erion( leukon w`j ciwn\ kai oi` ofqalmoi autou w`j flox puroj\ 15 kai oi` podej autou
o[moioi calkolibanw( w`j evn kaminw pepurwmenoi( kai h` fwnh autou w`j fwnh
u`datwn pollwn( 16 kai ecwn evn th dexia ceiri autou8 asteraj e`pta( kai ek tou
stomatoj autou r`omfaia distomoj oxeia ekporeuomenh( kai h` oyij autou w`j o` h[lioj
fainei evn th dunamei autou)
        17 Kai o[te eidon auton( epesa9 proj touj podaj autou w`j nekroj) Kai
epeqhken10 thn dexian autou ceira11 epV eme legwn( ~~Mh fobou\ egw eimi o`
Prwtoj kai o` Escatoj( 18 kai o` zwn( kai egenomhn nekroj( kai idou( zwn eimi eivj
touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwn) Amhn)12 Kai ecw taj kleij13 tou Qanatou kai tou {Adou)14 19
Grayon oun a] eidej( kai a[ eisin( kai a] mellei genesqai15 meta tauta) 20 To
musthrion twn e`pta asterwn w`n16 eidej epi thj dexiaj mou( kai taj e`pta lucniaj taj
crusaj\ oi` e`pta asterej aggeloi twn e`pta ekklhsiwn eisin( kai ai` e`pta lucniai17 a]j
eidej e`pta18 ekklhsiai eisin)
                                   [The seven letters]
                                                          [To Ephesus]
2)1 ~~Tw aggelw thj evn Efesw ekklhsiaj grayon\ Tade legei o` kratwn touj e`pta
asteraj evn th dexia autou( o` peripatwn evn mesw twn e`pta lucniwn twn cruswn\ 2
~Oida ta erga sou kai ton kopon19 kai thn u`pomonhn sou( kai o[ti ouv dunh bastasai
kakouj) Kai epeirasaj touj legontaj e`autouj apostolouj einai kai ouk eisin( kai eu`rej
autouj yeudeij\ 3 kai ebastasaj kai u`pomonhn eceij20 dia to onoma mou kai ouk

  fwnhn opisw mou megalhn Ma,b,c,f,g,i CP,RP,HF || 2314 Md,e,h C,TR,NU
  legoushj Ma,b,c,d,f,h,i A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || legoushj egw to A kai to W o Prwtoj kai o Escatoj kai Me,g TR
  ekei Ma,c,f,g,i CP,RP,HF || --- Mb,d,e,h A,C,TR,NU
  e`pta Ma,b,c,,f,g,hpt,i ,CP,RP,HF,TR || --- Md,e,hpt A,C,NU
  ui`w Mapt,c,d,e,h A,C,CP,RP,TR || ui`on Mapt,b,f,g ,HF,NU
  mazoij Mc,d A,CP [Mept in com] || mastoij Ma,b,e,f,h,i C,RP,HF,TR,NU || masqoij Mg 
  wsei Mc,d,e2/3(1/3),hpt,ipt C,CP,TR || wj Mapt,f,g,hpt,iptA,RP,NU || kai wj Mapt,b HF [since wj occurs twice immediately following
(and twice more in the next verse) there may have been an assimilating influence]
  ceiri autou Mb,c,d,e1/3,f,hpt,i1/4 A,C,CP,NU || autou ceiri Ma,g,h1/4,i RP,HF,TR || autou Me1/3(1/4)h1/3
  epesa Ma,b,c,e,g A,C,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || epeson Md,f,hpt
   epeqhken Mc,d,e ,CP,TR || eqhken Ma,b,f,g,h,i A,C,RP,HF,NU
   autou ceira Mc,d,e CP,TR || autou Ma,b,f,g,h,i A,C,RP,HF,NU
   amhn Ma,b,c,d,f,g,i CP,RP,HF,TR || --- Me,hpt A,C,NU
   kleij Mb,c,d,e,g,h A,C,RP,TR,NU || kleidaj Ma,f ,CP,HF
   qanatou kai tou a`dou Ma,b,c,dpt,ept,f,g,h,i A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || 4231 Mdpt,ept TR
   genesqai Mc,d,ept,fpt P98vC,CP,NU || ginesqai Ma,b,ept,fpt,g,h RP,HF,TR || geinesqai A
   w`n Ma,b,c,d,f,g,i CP,RP,HF,TR || ou`j Me,h A,C,NU
   ai epta lucniai Mb,c,d,e2/3(1/3),hpt ()CP,RP,TR || ai lucnai ai epta Ma,f,g,hpt,i A(C)HF,NU
   a`j eidej e`pta Mc,d,e CP[RP]TR || e`pta Ma,f,g,h,i A,C,HF,NU || ai` e`pta Mb
   kopon Mc,d,e1/3 A,C,CP,NU || kopon sou Ma,b,e,f,g,h,i ,RP,HF,TR
   ebastasaj kai u`pomonhn eceij Mc,d,ept(pt)g,hpt CP,TR || 3421 Ma,b,f,hpt,i []A,C,RP,HF,NU
   kai ouk ekopiasaj (Ma,b,c,d,ept) ,CP,RP,HF || kai ou kekopiakej A,C,NU || kai kekopiakaj (Mept) || kekopiakaj kai
ou kekmhkaj TR


        4 ~Alla ecw kata sou o[ti thn agaphn sou thn prwthn afhkaj) 5 Mnhmoneue
oun poqen ekpeptwkaj1 kai metanohson kai ta prwta erga poihson\ eiv de mh(
ercomai soi tacu kai kinhsw thn lucnian sou ek tou topou authjean mh metanohshj)
6 Alla touto eceij( o[ti miseij ta erga twn Nikolaitwn( a] kagw misw)
        7 ~~O ecwn ouj akousatw ti, to Pneuma legei taij ekklhsiaij) Tw nikwnti dwsw
autw fagein ek tou xulou thj zwhj( o[ estin evn mesw tou Paradeisou 2 tou Qeou
                                                    [To Smyrna]
       8 ~~Kai tw aggelw thj evn Smurnh ekklhsiaj grayon\ Tade legei o` Prwtoj kai
o` Escatoj( o]j egeneto nekroj kai ezhsen\ 9 ~Oida sou ta erga kai thn qliyin kai thn
ptwceian alla plousioj ei=( kai thn blasfhmian twn4 legontwn Ioudaiouj einai e`autouj
e`autouj kai ouk eisin( alla sunagwgh tou Satana) 10 Mhden fobou a] melleij
pascein)5 Idou dh(6 mellei balein7 o` diaboloj evx u`mwn eivj fulakhn( i[na peirasqhte(
peirasqhte( kai e[xete qliyin h`merwn8 deka) Ginou pistoj acri qanatou( kai dwsw soi
ton stefanon thj zwhj)
       11 ~~O ecwn ouj akousatw ti, to Pneuma legei taij ekklhsiaij) ~O nikwn ouv
mh adikhqh ek tou qanatou tou deuterou)V
                                                  [To Pergamos]
        12 ~~Kai tw aggelw thj evn Pergamw ekklhsiaj grayon\ Tade legei o` ecwn thn
r`omfaian thn distomon thn oxeian\ 13 ~Oida ta erga sou kai pou katoikeij( o[pou o`
qronoj tou Satana) Kai krateij to onoma mou( kai ouk hrnhsw thn pistin mou evn taij
h`meraij evn ai`j9 Antipaj o` martuj mou o` pistoj( o]j apektanqh parV u`min( o[pou o`
Satanaj katoikei)
        14 ~AllV10 ecw kata sou oliga( óo[ti eceij ekei kratountaj thn didachn Balaam(
o]j edidaxen11 ton Balak12 balein skandalon enwpion twn ui`wn Israhl( fagein13
eidwloquta kai porneusai) 15 Ou[twj eceij kai su kratountaj thn didachn twn14
Nikolaitwn o`moiwj)      16 Metanohson15 Eiv de mh( ercomai soi tacu kai polemhsw
metV autwn evn th r`omfaia tou stomatoj mou)
        17 ~~O ecwn ouj akousatw ti, to Pneuma legei taij ekklhsiaij) Tw nikwnti dwsw
autw fagein apo tou manna16 tou kekrummenou) Kai dwsw autw yhfon leukhn( kai
epi thn yhfon onoma kainon gegrammenon( o] oudeij oiden eiv mh o` lambanwn)V
                                                   [To Thyatira]

  ekpeptwkaj Mc,d,e,g CP,TR || peptwkaj Ma,b,f,hpt,i ()A,C,RP,HF,NU
  mesw tou paradeisou (Mb,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR || tw paradeisw (Ma) A,C,HF,NU
  mou (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || --- (Md,e) A,C,TR,NU
  twn Mc,d,e,g CP,TR || ek twn Ma,b,f,h,i A,C,RP,HF,NU || thn ek twn 
  pascein (Mb,c,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || paqein (Ma) HF
  dh (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || --- (Mb,d,e) A,C,TR,NU
  balein (Ma,c,d) CP,RP,HF,TR || ballein (Mb,e) A,C,NU || ballein balin 
  h`merwn (Mb,c,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || h`meraj (Ma) HF
  en ai`j (Mb,c,d,e) CP[RP]TR [en taij ] || ai`j (Ma) HF || --- A,C,NU
   allV (Mb,c,d,ept) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || alla (Ma,ept) HF
   edidaxen (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || edidasken (Md,e) A,C,TR,NU
   ton Balak (Ma,b,c,d) CP,RP,HF || tw Balak A(C),TR,NU || en tw Balaak (Mept) || en tw Balaam ton Balak (Mept) || ---
   fagein (Mc,d,e) A,C,CP,TR,NU || kai fagein (Ma,b) [RP]HF
   twn (Mc,d,e) ,CP,RP,TR[NU] || --- (Ma,b) A,C,HF
   metanohsan (Mc,d,e) ,CP,TR || metanohsan oun (Ma,b) A,C,RP,HF,NU
   fagein apo tou manna (Mc,d,e) CP[RP]TR || tou manna fagein (Mb) || tou manna (Ma) A,C,HF,NU || ek tou manna


        18 ~~Kai tw aggelw thj evn quateiroij ekklhsiaj grayon\ Tade legei o` Ui`oj tou
Qeou( o` ecwn touj ofqalmouj autou w`j floga puroj( kai oi` podej autou o[moioi
calkolibanw\ 19 ~Oida sou ta erga kai thn agaphn kai thn pistin kai thn diakonian kai
thn u`pomonhn sou\ kai ta erga sou ta escata pleiona twn prwtwn)
        20 ~AllV1 ecw kata sou2 o[ti afeij thn gunaika sou3 Iezabel( h] legei4 e`authn
e`authn profhtin( kai didaskei kai plana touj emouj doulouj porneusai kai fagein
eidwloquta) 21 Kai edwka auth cronon i[na metanohsh( kai ouv qelei metanohsai ek
thj porneiaj authj) 22 Idou( ballw authn eivj klinhn( kai touj moiceuontaj metV authj
eivj qliyin megalhn( ean mh metanohswsin ek twn ergwn authj)5 23 Kai ta tekna authj
authj apoktenw evn qanatw\ kai gnwsontai pasai ai` ekklhsiai o[ti egw eimi o`
ereunwn nefrouj kai kardiaj( kai dwsw u`min e`kastw kata ta erga u`mwn)
        24 ~~Umin de legw( toij loipoij toij evn Quateiroij( o[soi ouk ecousin thn
didachn tauthn( oi[tinej ouk egnwsan ta baqea6 tou Satana( w`j legousin( ouv ballw7
ballw7 efV u`maj allo baroj\ 25 plhn o] ecete krathsate acrij ou` an h[xw) 26 Kai o`
nikwn kai o` thrwn acri telouj ta erga mou( dwsw autw exousian epi twn eqnwn
27kai poimanei autouj evn r`abdw sidhra\ w`j ta skeuh ta keramika
suntribhsetai28 w`j kagw eilhfa para tou Patroj mou) Kai dwsw autw ton astera ton
        29 ~~O ecwn ouj akousatw ti, to Pneuma legei taij ekklhsiaij)V
                                                              [To Sardis]
        3)1 ~~Kai tw aggelw thj evn Sardesin ekklhsiaj grayon\ Tade legei o` ecwn ta
e`pta pneumata tou Qeou kai touj e`pta asteraj\ ~Oida sou ta erga( o[ti onoma eceij
o`ti8 zhj kai nekroj ei=) 2 Ginou grhgorwn kai sthrison9 ta loipa a] emellej apobalein(10
apobalein(10 ouv gar eu[rhka sou ta erga peplhrwmena enwpion tou Qeou mou) 3
Mnhmoneue oun pwj eilhfaj kai hkousaj( kai threi(11 kai metanohson\ ean oun mh
grhgorhshj( h[xw epi se12 w`j klepthj( kai ouv mh gnwj13 poian w[ran h[xw epi se)
        4 ~AllV14 oliga eceij15 onomata evn Sardesin a] ouk emolunan ta i`matia
autwn\ kai peripathsousin metV emou evn leukoij( o[ti axioi eisin) 5 ~O nikwn

  allV (Mc,d,e) C,CP,RP,TR || alla (Ma,b) A,HF,NU
  sou (Ma,b,c,ept) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || sou polu (Mept)  || sou polla (Md) || sou oliga TR
  sou (Ma,b,c,d) CP,RP,HF || --- (Me) C,TR,NU || sou thn A
  h] legei (Ma,b,c,d) CP,RP,HF || thn legousan (Me) TR || h legousa A,C,NU
  authj (Ma,b,c,ept) C,CP,RP,HF,NU || autwn (Md,ept) A,TR
  baqea (Ma,b,c) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || baqh (Md,e) ,TR
  ballw Ma,b,d,e,f,g,h,i A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || balw Mc ,TR [representatives of Ma,d,e,h,i also have the future; but the present
appears to fit the context better (to copy only one ‗l‘ instead of two would be an easy slip of eye and pen; of course, a copyist
expecting the present could assume that his predecessor had inadvertantly dropped an ‗l‘, and so on into the night)]
  o`ti (Mb,c,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || kai (Ma) HF
  sthrison Mapt,c2/3,f,hpt,ipt A,C,RP,NU || sthrixon Ma1/6,b,c1/3,d1/3,e ,CP,TR || sthrizwn Mg || thrhson Ma1/3,d2/3 HF [the
evidence for sthrizw is overwhelming, against threw; the aorist beats the future]
   emellej apobalein Mc CP || emellej apoballein Mapt,f,ipt RP,HF || hmellej apoballein Mapt,e1/3 || emellon apoqanein
M            ()A,C,NU || hmellen apoqanein Mg || emellon apoqnhskein Md || mellei apoqanein TR [‗throw‘ is
supported by Ma,c,f,e1/3,i (66%); ‗die‘ is supported by Mb,d,ept,g,hpt A,C (33%); ‗throw away‘ was possibly thought to be too harsh,
but is presumably correct (the verb controls the person: ―they die‖; ―you throw‖). The atticized form of the imperfect, h- (27%),
loses to e- (72%). The aorist is supported by Mb,c,ept,g,hpt A,C,lat,sa,syh; the present is supported by Ma,d,ept,f,i bo,syph. Putting it
all together, Mc preserves the correct reading.]
   kai hkousaj kai threi (Mb,c,e) A,C,CP[RP]HF,TR,NU || kai hkousaj threi (Md) || --- (Ma)
   epi se (Ma,b,c,ept) ,CP,RP,HF,TR || --- (Md,ept) A,C,NU
   gnwj (Mc,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || gnwsh (Ma,b) ,HF
   allV (Ma,b,c,d,ept) CP,RP,HF || alla A,C,NU || --- (Mept) TR
    oliga eceij (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || eceij oliga (Md,ept)()A,C,TR,NU


ou`twj1 peribaleitai evn i`matioij leukoij( kai ou mh exaleiyw to onoma autou ek thj
Biblou thj Zwhj( kai o`mologhsw to onoma autou enwpion tou Patroj mou kai
enwpion twn aggelwn autou)
       6 ~~O ecwn ouj akousatw ti, to Pneuma legei taij ekklhsiaij)V
                                                          [To Philadelphia]
       7 ~~Kai tw aggelw thj evn Filadelfeia ekklhsiaj grayon\ Tade legei o` a[gioj( o`
alhqinoj( o` ecwn thn klein2 tou Dauid( o` anoigwn kai oudeij kleisei3 authn eiv mh o`
o` anoigwn(4 kai oudeij anoixei)5 8 ~Oida sou ta erga) Idou( dedwka enwpion sou
quran anewgmenhn( h]n oudeij dunatai kleisai authn\ o[ti mikran eceij dunamin kai
ethrhsaj mou ton logon kai ouk hrnhsw to onoma mou) 9 Idou( didwmi ek thj
sunagwghj tou Satana( twn legontwn e`autouj Ioudaiouj einai kai ouk eisin( alla
yeudontaiidou( poihsw autouj i[na h[xwsin6 kai proskunhswsin enwpion twn podwn
podwn sou kai gnwsin o[ti7 hgaphsa se) 10 {Oti ethrhsaj ton logon thj u`pomonhj
mou( kagw se thrhsw ek thj w[raj tou peirasmou thj melloushj ercesqai epi thj
oikoumenhj o[lhj( peirasai touj katoikountaj epi thj ghj)
       11 ~Ercomai8 tacu) Kratei o] eceij( i[na mhdeij labh ton stefanon sou) 12 ~O
nikwn( poihsw auton stulon evn tw naw tou Qeou mou( kai exw ouv mh exelqh eti)
Kai grayw epV auton to onoma tou Qeou mou kai to onoma thj polewj tou Qeou
mou( thj kainhj Ierousalhm( h] katabainei9 ek10 tou ouranou apo tou Qeou mou( kai
to onoma mou11 to kainon)
       13 ~~O ecwn ouj akousatw ti, to Pneuma legei taij ekklhsiaij)V
                                                            [To Laodicea]
        14 ~~Kai tw aggelw thj evn Laodikeia ekklhsiaj grayon\ Tade legei o` Amhn(
o` martuj o` pistoj kai alhqinoj( h` arch thj ktisewj tou Qeou\ 15 ~Oida sou ta erga( o[ti
oute yucroj ei= oute zestoj) Ofelon yucroj h=j h; zestoj) 16 Ou[twj o[ti cliaroj ei=( kai
ouvv12 zestoj oute yucroj( mellw se emesai ek tou stomatoj mou) 17 {Oti legeij(13
~~Plousioj eimi( kai peplouthka( kai oudenoj creian ecw(VV kai ouk oidaj o[ti su ei=
o` talaipwroj kai o`14 eleeinoj kai ptwcoj kai tufloj kai gumnoj18 sumbouleuw soi
agorasai crusion parV emou15 pepurwmenon ek puroj i[na plouthshj\ kai i`matia
leuka i[na peribalh kai mh fanerwqh h` aiscunh thj gumnothtoj sou\ kai kollourion16

  ou`twj Ma1/3,c,hpt,i1/4 (A)C,lat,syr,cop,NU || ou`toj Ma2/3,b,d,e,f,g,hpt,i CP,RP,HF,TR [ou`twj links ‗white‘ in verse 5 to ‗white‘ in
verse 4]
  klein (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF,NU (klin A,C) || kleida (Md,e) TR
  kleisei Ma,b,c,f(g)h,i CP,RP,HF,NU [klisei A,C] || kleiei Me TR || kleiwn Md
  authn ei mh o` anoigwn (+ kai kleiwn Mg) Ma,c,fpt,g,h1/4,ipt CP,RP,HF || kai kleiwn Mb,dpt(pt)e,f1/4,hpt ,NU [kleiwn A] || kai
kleiei Mf1/4 C,TR
  anoixei Ma,b,c,f,g,h,i ,CP,RP,HF || anoigei Me A,C,TR,NU || anoigwn Md
  h`xwsin Ma,b,cpt,dpt,e,fpt,g,h,i RP,HF,TR || h`xousin Mcpt,dpt,fpt A,C,CP,NU
  o`ti (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || o`ti egw (Md,e) A,C,TR,NU
  ercomai (Ma,b,c,e) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || idou ercomai (Md) TR
  katabainei (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || katabainousa (Md,e) A,C,TR,NU
   ek Ma1/3,c,d,e,h,i3/5 A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || apo Ma2/3,b,f,g,h1/4,i2/5 HF
   mou (Mb,c,d,e) A,C,CP[RP]HF,TR,NU || --- (Ma)
   ou (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || oute (Md,e) A,C,TR,NU
   legeij (Ma,c,e) ,CP,RP,HF || legeij o`ti (Mb,d) A,C,TR,NU
   o` (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF || --- (Md,e) C,TR,NU
   crusion parV emou (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || parV emou crusion (Md,e) A,C,TR,NU || crusion (Mb)
   kollourion (Mc,ept) A,(CP)TR[NU] [koulourion (Md)] || kollurion (Ma,b,ept) C,RP,HF


egcrison1 epi touj ofqalmouj sou i[na blephj) 19 Egw o[souj ean filw elegcw kai
paideuw) Zhlwson2 oun kai metanohson)
       20 ~Idou( e[sthka epi thn quran kai krouw) Ean tij akoush thj fwnhj mou kai
anoixh thn quran( kai3 eiseleusomai proj auton kai deipnhsw metV autou( kai autoj
metV emou) 21 ~O nikwn( dwsw autw kaqisai metV emou evn tw qronw mou( w`j
kagw enikhsa kai ekaqisa meta tou Patroj mou evn tw qronw autou)
       22 ~~O ecwn ouj akousatw ti, to Pneuma legei taij ekklhsiaijV)VV
                    [“The things that must happen after these”]
4)1 Meta tauta eidon kai idou( qura anewgmenh4 evn tw ouranw( kai h` fwnh h`
prwth h]n hkousa w`j salpiggoj laloushj metV emou( legousa(5 ~~Anaba w`de( kai
deixw soi a] dei genesqai meta tauta)VV
                                                         [The Throne Room]
       2 Kai euqewj egenomhn evn pneumati kai idou( qronoj ekeito evn tw ouranw
$kai epi tou qronou7 kaqhmenoj% 3 o[moioj8 o`rasei liqw iaspidi kai sardiw( kai irij
kukloqen tou qronou( o`moia9 o[rasei10 smaragdinw(11 4 kai kukloqen12 tou qronou
qronoi eikosi tessarej(13 kai epi touj qronouj14 touj eikosi tessaraj15 presbuterouj
kaqhmenouj( peribeblhmenouj evn i`matioij leukoij( kai epi taj kefalaj autwn stefanouj
crusouj) 5 Kai ek tou qronou ekporeuontai astrapai kai fwnai kai brontai) Kai e`pta
lampadej puroj kaiomenai enwpion tou qronou autou( ai[ eisin e`pta16 Pneumata tou
Qeou\ 6 kai enwpion tou qronou w`j qalassa u`alinh( o`moia krustallw)
                                                         [the four living beings]
        Kai evn mesw tou qronou kai kuklw tou qronou tessara zwa gemonta
ofqalmwn emprosqen kai opisqen) 7 Kai to zwon to prwton o[moion leonti( kai to
deuteron zwon o[moion moscw( kai to triton zwon econ to proswpon w`j anqrwpoj( 17
kai to tetarton zwon18 o[moion aetw petomenw) 8 Kai ta19 tessara zwa( e]n kaqV e]n
autwn(20 econ1 ana pterugaj e]x( kukloqen kai eswqen gemousin ofqalmwn) Kai

  egcrison epi Mc CP || egcrison Mept TR || i`na egcrish Ma,b,f,ipt RP,HF || i`na egcrisai A,C || egcrisai Mgpt ()NU
[there are over 25 variants; Md,ept,gpt,h,ipt are badly splintered; but Mc,d,e,g,h agree in omitting i`na, which takes the subjunctive with
it, which leaves the imperative in control]
  zhlwson (Mc,d,e) ,CP,RP,TR || zhleue (Ma,b) A,C,0169,HF,NU
  kai (Ma,b,c) ,0169,CP,RP,HF[NU] || --- (Md,e) A,TR
  anewgmenh (Ma,b,c,d,ept) 0169,CP,RP,HF || hnewgmenh (Mept) A,TR,NU
  legousa (Mc,d,e) CP,RP,TR || legwn (Ma,b) A,0169,HF,NU
  kai euqewj (Mb,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR || euqewj (Ma) A,0169,HF,NU
  tou qronou (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || ton qronon (Ma,b) A,0169,RP,HF,NU
   o`moioj (Ma,b,c,d,e) CP,RP,HF || kai o` kaqhmenoj o`moioj A,0169,NU || kai o` kaqhmenoj hn o`moioj TR
  o`moia Mb,c,g CP || o`moioj Md,e,fpt,hpt,i A,TR,NU || o`moiwj Ma,fpt,hpt RP,HF [the adjective is modifying ‗rainbow‘]
    o`rasei Mb,c,d,e,fpt,g,hpt A,CP,RP,TR,NU || o`rasij Ma,fpt,hpt HF
    smaragdinw Mc,d,e,fpt,g,h,i) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || smaragdinwn Ma,fpt HF || smaragdw Mb
    kai kukloqen (Mb,c,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU [kai kuklw (Md)] || kukloqen (Ma) HF
    eikosi tessarej Mapt,c1/3,d1/3,ept,f,hpt,i2/3 CP,HF,NU || kd , Mapt,bpt,c2/3,d1/3,ept,gpt,hpt RP || eikosi kai tessarej Mbpt,d1/3,gpt A,TR
[the split in virtually every group suggests that some factor other than conviction as to the original form was at work (especially
since there is no difference in meaning); the distribution of MSS to the three variants is roughly 40:50:10 % (the abbreviation
loses 15 MSS below); the economic factor behind the use of abbreviated forms for sacred names and numbers would
presumably make itself felt when copies began to be proliferated, not when the Autographs were being penned; I conclude that
the abreviation is not original]
    qronouj Ma,b,d,e,f,g,h A,RP,HF,NU || qronouj eidon Mc CP,TR [are the elders to receive separate treatment, or not?]
    eikosi tessaraj Mapt,c1/4,d1/4,ept,f,h1/3 A,CP,HF,NU || kd , Mapt,b,cpt,dpt,e1/3,g RP || eikosi kai tessaraj Mc1/4,d1/4,e1/4,h TR
    e`pta (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || ta e`pta (Md,ept) A,TR,NU
    to proswpon w`j anqrwpoj (Mc,d,e) CP,RP,TR || proswpon anqrwpou (Ma,b) HF || to proswpon w`j anqrwpou A,NU
    zwon (Mc,d,e) A,CP[RP]TR,NU || --- (Ma,b) HF
    ta Ma1/3,b,c,d,fpt,g,h A[RP]HF,NU || --- Ma2/3,e,fpt CP,TR
    en autwn (Mc,d,ept) A,CP,NU [en autwn estwj (Mb)] || en (Ma,ept) RP,HF || eauto TR


anapausin ouk ecousin h`meraj kai nuktoj legontej( ~~{Agioj( a[gioj( a[gioj\ a[gioj(
a[gioj( a[gioj\ a[gioj( a[gioj( a[gioj\2 Kurioj o` Qeoj o` Pantokratwr( o` h=n kai o` wn kai
o` ercomenojVV
                                                        [the twenty-four elders]
       9 Kai o[tan dwsin ta zwa doxan kai timhn kai eucaristian tw kaqhmenw epi
tou qronou( tw zwnti eivj touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwn( 10 pesountai oi` eikosi tessarej4
presbuteroi enwpion tou kaqhmenou epi tou qronou kai proskunhsousin tw zwnti eivj
touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwn( kai balousin touj stefanouj autwn enwpion tou qronou
legontej( 11 ~~Axioj ei=( o` Kurioj kai o` Qeoj h`mwn( o` {Agioj(5 labein thn doxan
kai thn timhn kai thn dunamin( o[ti su ektisaj ta6 panta( kai dia to qelhma sou eisin7
kai ektisqhsanVV
                                                    [The Lamb takes the scroll]
             5)1 Kai eidon epi thn dexian tou kaqhmenou epi tou qronou biblion
gegrammenon eswqen kai exwqen8 katesfragismenon sfragisin e`pta) 2 Kai eidon
aggelon iscuron khrussonta9 fwnh megalh( ~~Ti,j axioj10 anoixai to biblion kai lusai
taj sfragidaj autouVV 3 Kai oudeij edunato11 evn tw ouranw12 oude13 epi thj ghj
oude14 u`pokatw thj ghj anoixai to biblion oude15 blepein auto) 4 Kai egw eklaion
polu( o[ti oudeij axioj eu`reqh anoixai kai anagnwnai16 to biblion oute blepein auto)
        5 Kai ei`j ek twn presbuterwn legei moi( ~~Mh klaie) Idou( enikhsen o` lewn o`
ek thj fulhj Iouda( h` r`iza Dauid( anoixai17 to biblion kai taj e`pta sfragidaj autou)VV
6 Kai eidon evn mesw tou qronou kai twn tessarwn zwwn( kai evn mesw twn
presbuterwn( Arnion e`sthkoj( w`j esfagmenon( econ kerata e`pta kai ofqalmouj
e`pta( a[18 eisin ta e`pta pneumata tou Qeou apostellomena19 eivj pasan thn ghn) 7
Kai hlqen kai eilhfen ek thj dexiaj tou kaqhmenou epi tou qronou)
                                                               [a new song]

    econ (Ma,bpt,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || ecwn (Mbpt,ept) A,NU || ecei (Md) || eicon ,TR
    a`gioj (nine times) Ma2/3,b,c,f ()CP,HF || a`gioj (three times) Ma1/3,d,e,g,h,i A,RP,TR,NU [Surely it is more likely that ‗nine‘ would
be changed to ‗three‘ than vice versa; in fact, try reading ‗holy‘ nine times in a row out loud—it starts to get uncomfortable!
Since in the context the living ones are repeating themselves endlessly, the ‗nine‘ is both appropriate and effective; three
‗holies‘ for each member of the Trinity]
  dwsin (Ma,b,c,ept) RP,HF || dwswsin (Mept)  || dwsousin (Md) A,TR,NU || dwsei CP
  eikosi tessarej Mapt,b,c1/4,d1/4,ept,f,g1/3,hpt,ipt A,CP,HF,NU || kd , Mapt,c,d,ept,g2/3,hpt RP || eikosi kai tessarej TR
  o` Kurioj kai o` Qeoj h`mwn o` ~Agioj (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || o` Kurioj kai o` Qeoj h`mwn A,NU || Kurie o` Qeoj
h`mwn (Md,e) || Kurie TR
  ta (Mc,d,e) A,CP[RP]TR,NU || --- (Ma,b) HF
  eisin (Mb,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR || hsan (Ma) A,HF,NU
  exwqen (Ma,b,c,d,ept) CP,RP,HF || opisqen (Mept) ()A,TR,NU
  khrussonta (Mc,d,ept) CP, TR || khrussonta en (Ma,b,ept) A,RP,HF,NU
   axioj Mc,ept,h A,CP,NU || axioj estin Ma,b,d,ept,f,g,i RP,HF || estin axioj TR [does the absence of the verb emphasize the
   edunato (Ma,b,c,ept) ,CP,RP,HF,NU || hdunato (Md,ept) A,TR
   ouranw (Mc,d,ept) A,CP,TR,NU || ouranw anw (Ma,b,ept) [RP]HF
   oude (Mc,d,ept) A,CP,TR,NU || oute (Ma,b,ept) ,RP,HF
   oude (Mc,d,ept) A,CP,TR,NU || oute (Ma,b,ept) RP,HF || --- 
   oude (Mc,d,ept) CP,TR || oute (Ma,b,ept) A,RP,HF,NU
   kai anagnwnai Mc,d1/5,e,g1/3,i1/3 syr,CP,TR || --- Ma,b,d,e1/5,f,g2/3,h,i2/3 ,lat,cop,RP,HF,NU [the clause forces an awkward
meaning upon blepein auto, which now must really mean ‗look at‘]
   anoixai (Mc,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || o` anoigwn (Ma,b) HF
   a[ (Ma,b,c,d) CP,RP,HF || oi` (Me) A,TR,NU
   apostellomena (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || ta apostellomena (Mept) || ta apestalmena (Md,ept) TR || apestalmena P24 ||
apesstalmenoi A,NU


        8 Kai o[te elaben to biblion( ta tessara zwa kai oi` eikosi tessarej1 presbuteroi
epeson enwpion tou Arniou( econtej e[kastoj kiqaraj(2 kai fialaj crusaj gemousaj
qumiamatwn( ai] eisin ai`3 proseucai twn a`giwn) 9 Kai adousin wdhn kainhn
legontej( ~~Axioj ei= labein to biblion kai anoixai taj sfragidaj autou\ o[ti esfaghj kai
hgorasaj tw Qew h`maj evn tw ai[mati sou ek pashj fulhj kai glwsshj kai laou kai
eqnouj\ 10 kai epoihsaj autouj tw Qew h`mwn basileij kai i`ereij( kai basileusousin4
epi thj ghj)VV
                                                     [all the angels]
       11 Kai eidon( kai hkousa w`j5 fwnhn aggelwn pollwn kuklw tou qronou kai twn
zwwn kai twn presbuterwn) Kai h=n o` ariqmoj autwn muriadej muriadwn kai ciliadej
ciliadwn( 12 legontej fwnh megalh( ~~Axion estin to Arnion to esfagmenon labein thn
dunamin kai plouton6 kai sofian kai iscun kai timhn kai doxan kai eulogianVV
                                                    [every creature]
        13 Kai pan ktisma o] estin7 evn tw ouranw kai epi thj ghj8 kai u`pokatw thj ghj
ghj kai epi thj qalasshj $a[ estin9 kai ta evn autoij%pantaj10 hkousa legontaj( ~~Tw
~~Tw kaqhmenw epi tou qronou(11 kai tw Arniw( h` eulogia kai h` timh kai h` doxa
kai to kratoj eivj touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwn) AmhnVV 14kai ta tessara zwa legonta
to12 Amhn) Kai oi` presbuteroi epeson kai prosekunhsan)
                                           [The Lamb opens the seals]
                                                    [The first seal]
         6)1 Kai eidon o[ti hnoixen to Arnion mian ek twn e`pta sfragidwn(14 kai
hkousa e`noj ek twn tessarwn zwwn legontoj( w`j fwnh bronthj( ~~ErcouVV 2 Kai
eidon kai idou(15 i[ppoj leukoj( kai o` kaqhmenoj epV auton ecwn toxon) Kai edoqh
autw stefanoj\ kai exhlqen nikwn( kai i[na nikhsh)
                                                  [The second seal]
      3 Kai o[te hnoixen thn deuteran sfragida16 hkousa tou deuterou zwou
legontoj( ~~ErcouVV 4 Kai exhlqen alloj i[ppoj( purroj(17 kai tw kaqhmenw epV
auton edoqh autw labein thn eirhnhn ek thj ghj(18 i[na allhlouj sfaxwsin\ kai edoqh
autw macaira megalh)
                                                    [The third seal]

  eikosi tessarej Ma1/3,b,c1/4,dpt,ept,f,gpt,hpt,i A,CP,HF,TR,NU || kd , Ma2/3,c3/4,dpt,ept,gpt,hpt RP
  kiqaraj Mc,d1/3,e,g,ipt CP,TR || kiqaran Ma,b,d2/3,e1/4,f,h,ipt A,RP,HF,NU
  ai` (Mc,d,ept) A,CP[RP]TR,NU || --- (Ma,b,ept) ,HF
  basileusousin (Mapt,b,c,dpt,ept) ,RP,HF,NU || basileuousin (Mapt,dpt,ept) A ,CP || basileusomen TR
  w`j (Ma,b,c,ept) ,CP,RP,HF || --- (Md,ept) A,TR,NU
  plouton (Mc,d,e) A,CP,TR,NU || ton plouton (Ma,b) [RP]HF
  estin (Mb,c,d,e) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma) A,HF,NU
  epi thj ghj (Ma,b,c,ept) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || epi ghj (Md) || en th gh (Mept) TR
  a[ estin Ma1/6,c,d1/4,e,h1/3,ipt CP,TR || osa estin Mb || estin Ma,f,g,h1/3,ipt A,RP,HF || --- Md,h1/3 ,NU
   pantaj (Ma,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || kai pantaj (Md) || panta (Mept) A,TR,NU || panta kai (Mb)
   tou qronou (Mapt,c,d,e) ,CP,RP,TR || tw qronw (Mapt,b) A,HF,NU
   legonta to (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || elegon to (Mb) || elegon (Md,e) A,TR,NU [the participle is controlled by hkousa]
   o`ti (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || o`te (Md,e) A,C,TR,NU
   e`pta sfragidwn (Ma,b,c,ept) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || sfragidwn (Md,ept) TR || e`pta 
   eidon $idon A,C% kai idou (Mc,d,ept) A,C,CP,NU || ide kai idou (Ma,b,ept) RP,HF || blepe kai eidon kai idou TR || ide
kai eidon kai idou  [note that  conflates the minuscule groups]
   deuteran $b , Mdpt% sfragida (Ma,c,d) CP,RP,HF,TR || sfragida thn deuteran (Mb,e) A,C,NU
   purroj (Mc,dpt,ept) ,CP,TR,NU || puroj (Ma,b,dpt,ept) A,RP,HF
   ghj (Ma,c,d) CP,RP,HF || ghj kai (Mb,e) A,C,TR,NU


       5 Kai o[te hnoixen thn sfragida thn trithn( hkousa tou tritou zwou legontoj(
~ErcouVV Kai eidon kai idou(1 i[ppoj melaj( kai o` kaqhmenoj epV auton ecwn
zugon evn th ceiri autou) 6 Kai hkousa fwnhn evn mesw twn tessarwn zwwn
legousan( ~~Coinix sitou dhnariou( kai treij coinikej kriqhj dhnariou\ kai to elaion kai
ton oinon mh adikhshj)VV
                                                      [The fourth seal]
      7 Kai o[te hnoixen thn sfragida thn tetarthn( hkousa fwnhn2 tou tetartou zwou
legontoj( ~~ErcouVV 8 Kai eidon kai idou(3 i[ppoj clwroj( kai o` kaqhmenoj epanw
autou( onoma autw Qanatoj(4 kai o` {Adhj akolouqei5 metV autou)6 Kai edoqh autw7
autw7 exousia epi to tetarton thj ghj apokteinai evn r`omfaia kai evn limw kai evn
qanatw( kai u`po twn qhriwn thj ghj)
                                                       [The fifth seal]
        9 Kai o[te hnoixen thn pempthn sfragida( eidon u`pokatw tou qusiasthriou taj
yucaj twn anqrwpwn8 twn esfagmenwn dia ton logon tou Qeou kai dia thn marturian
tou Arniou9 h]n eicon) 10 Kai ekraxan10 fwnh megalh(11 legontej( ~~{Ewj pote( o`
Despothj( o` a[gioj kai alhqinoj( ouv krineij kai ekdikeij to ai`ma h`mwn ek12 twn
katoikountwn epi thj ghjVV 11 Kai edoqh autoij e`kastw13 stolh leukh( kai erreqh
autoij i[na anapauswntai eti cronon(14 e[wj ou`15 plhrwswsin kai oi` sundouloi autwn
kai oi` adelfoi autwn16 oi` mellontej apoktenesqai17 w`j kai autoi)
                                                       [The sixth seal]
       12 Kai eidon( kai18 o[te hnoixen thn sfragida thn e[kthn( kai seismoj megaj
egeneto\ kai o` h[lioj melaj egeneto19 w`j sakkoj tricinoj( kai h` selhnh20 egeneto w`j
ai`ma) 13 Kai oi` asterej tou ouranou epeson eivj thn ghn w`j sukh ballei21 touj
olunqouj authj( u`po megalou anemou22 seiomenh) 14 Kai o` ouranoj apecwrisqh w`j
biblion e`lissomenon(23 kai pan oroj kai nhsoj ek twn topwn autwn ekinhqhsan)

  eidon $idon A% kai idou (Mc,d,ept) A,C,CP,NU || ide kai idou (Ma,b) RP,HF || blepe kai eidon kai idou TR || ide kai
eidon kai idou  || kai idou (Mept) [ conflates again]
  fwnhn (Mc,d,ept) P24A,CP,TR,NU || --- (Ma,b,ept) C,RP,HF
  eidon $idon A,C% kai idou (Mc,d,ept) A,C,CP,NU || ide kai idou (Ma,b,ept) RP,HF || blepe kai eidon kai idou TR || ide
kai eidon kai idou  [ conflates again]
  Qanatoj Mc,hpt C,syr,CP || o` Qanatoj Ma,b,d,e,f,g,hpt,i cop,RP,HF,TR[NU] || o aqanatoj A [the Text doesn‘t say that
Hades was on a horse]
  akolouqei (Mc,d,ept) CP,TR || hkolouqei (Ma,b) C,RP,HF,NU || hkolouqh (Mept) || hkolouqi 
  metV autou (Mc,d,ept) A,C,CP,TR,NU || autw (Ma,b,ept) ,RP,HF
  autw (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || autoij (Md,ept) A,C,TR,NU
  twn anqrwpwn Mc,e,h1/3 ,CP || --- Ma,b,d,f,g,h2/3,i A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU [animals also have souls]
  tou Arniou (Ma,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || Ihsou Cristou (Mb) || --- (Md,ept) A,C,TR,NU
   ekraxan (Ma,b,c) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || ekrazon (Md,e) TR
   fwnh megalh (Mc,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || fwnhn megalhn (Ma,b) HF
   ek (Ma,b,c) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || apo (Md,e) TR
   autoij e`kastw (Mb,c,e) A,C,RP,NU || autoij (Ma) HF || e`kastw autwn (Md) || e`kastoij TR || --- CP
   eti cronon (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || eti cronon mikron (Md,e) (A)C,TR,NU || epi cronon mikron 
   ou` (Mc,d,e) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma,b) A,C,HF,NU
   autwn (Mb,c,d,ept) A,C,CP,TR,NU || autwn kai (Ma,ept) [RP]HF
   apoktenesqai (Mapt,c,d) CP,RP,HF || apoktennesqai (Mapt,b) A,C,NU || apokteinesqai (Mept(ept)) A,TR
   kai Mc,e2/3 CP || --- Ma,b,d,e1/3,f,g,h,i A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU [the second kai is emphatic]
   melaj egeneto (Ma,b,c) ,CP,RP,HF || egeneto melaj (Md,e) A,C,TR,NU
   selenh (Mb,c,e) CP,TR || selenh o`lh (Ma,d) A,C[RP]HF,NU
   ballei Mc,e,hpt,ipt A,C,CP,TR,NU || apoballei Md || ballousa Mb,g1/3  || balousa Ma,e1/4,f,gpt RP,HF [the present beats the
   megalou anemou (Mc,d,ept) CP,TR || anemou megalou (Ma,b,ept) ()A,C,RP,HF,NU
   e`lissomenon (Mb,c) A,C,CP,RP,NU || e`ilissomenon (Me) TR || e`lissomenoj (Ma) ,HF || e`ilissomenoj (Md)


        15 Kai oi` basileij thj ghj kai oi` megistanej kai oi` ciliarcoi kai oi` plousioi kai
oi` iscuroi( kai paj douloj kai paj eleuqeroj(1 ekruyan e`autouj eivj ta sphlaia kai eivj
taj petraj twn orewn) 16 Kai legousin toij oresin kai taij petraij( ~~Pesete efV h`maj
kai kruyate h`maj apo proswpou tou kaqhmenou epi tou qronou2 kai apo thj orghj tou
tou Arniou 17 {Oti hlqen h` h`mera h` megalh thj orghj autou( kai ti,j dunatai
                                                        [The sealed of Israel]
          7)1 Kai meta touto3 eidon tessaraj aggelouj e`stwtaj epi taj tessaraj gwniaj thj
ghj( kratountaj touj tessaraj anemouj thj ghj( i[na mh pneh anemoj epi thj ghj( mhte
epi thj qalasshj( mhte epi pan4 dendron) 2 Kai eidon allon aggelon anabainonta apo
anatolhj h`liou( econta sfragida Qeou zwntoj) Kai ekraxen fwnh megalh toij tessarsin
aggeloij( oi`j edoqh autoij adikhsai thn ghn kai thn qalassan( 3 legwn( ~~Mh
adikhshte thn ghn( mhte thn qalassan( mhte ta dendra( acrij ou`5 sfragiswmen touj
doulouj tou Qeou h`mwn epi twn metwpwn autwn)VV 4 Kai hkousa ton ariqmon twn
esfragismenwn( e`katon kai tessarakonta tessarej ciliadej esfragismenoi6 ek pashj
fulhj ui`wn Israhl\ 5 ek fulhj Iouda dwdeka7 ciliadej esfragismenoi(8 ek fulhj
~Roubim9 dwdeka10 ciliadej(11 ek fulhj Gad dwdeka ciliadej( 6 ek fulhj Ashr dwdeka
ciliadej( ek fulhj Nefqaleim dwdeka ciliadej( ek fulhj Manassh dwdeka ciliadej( 7 ek
fulhj Sumewn dwdeka ciliadej( ek fulhj Leui dwdeka ciliadej( ek fulhj Isacar dwdeka
ciliadej( 8 ek fulhj Zaboulwn dwdeka ciliadej( ek fulhj Iwshf dwdeka ciliadej( ek fulhj
Beniamin dwdeka ciliadej esfragismenoi)12
                                             [A multitude from the Great Tribulation]
       9 Meta tauta eidon kai idou( ocloj poluj o]n ariqmhsai oudeij edunato(13 ek
pantoj eqnouj kai fulwn kai lawn kai glwsswn( e`stwtej 14 enwpion tou qronou kai
enwpion tou Arniou( peribeblhmenoi15 stolaj leukaj( kai foinikaj16 evn taij cersin
autwn) 10 Kai krazousin fwnh megalh( legontej( ~~~´H swthria tw Qew h`mwn tw
kaqhmenw epi tw qronw(17 kai tw ArniwVV
       11 Kai pantej oi` aggeloi ei`sthkeisan kuklw tou qronou kai twn presbuterwn
kai twn tessarwn zwwn( kai epeson enwpion tou qronou epi18 ta proswpa autwn kai
prosekunhsan tw Qew 12 legontej( ~~Amhn ~H eulogia kai h` doxa kai h` sofia kai

  paj eleuqeroj (Mc,d,e) CP[RP]TR || eleuqeroj (Ma,b) A,C,HF,NU || --- 
  tou qronou (Mc,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || tw qronw (Ma,b) ,HF
  touto (Ma,b,c) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || tauta (Md,e) TR
  pan (Mc,d,e) ,CP,TR,NU || ti (Ma,b) C,RP,HF || --- A
  acrij ou` (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF,TR || acrij an (Md) || acrij  || acri (Mept) A,C,NU
  esfragismenoi (Mc,dpt,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || esfragismenwn (Mapt,b,dpt) HF || --- (Mapt)
  dwdeka (Mapt,b,dpt,e) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || ib , (Mapt,c,dpt) TR
  esfragismenoi (Mb,c,d,e) A,C,CP[RP]TR,NU || esfragismenai (Ma) HF
  Roub$e%im Mapt,bpt,c,d,e,fpt,gpt,h1/3,ipt RP,HF || Roub$e%in Ma1/6,b1/3,f1/3,h1/3 CP || Roubhn Ma1/4,f1/4,gpt,h1/3,ipt A,C,TR,NU
   dwdeka (Mapt,b,dpt,ept) A,C,CP,HF,NU || ib , (Mapt,c,dpt,ept) RP,TR [a similar statement obtains for all the following tribes]
   ciliadej (Ma,b,c) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || ciliadej esfragismenoi (Md,e) TR [this statement obtains for all the tribes except
Simeon and Benjamin]
   esfragismenoi (Mb,c,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || esfragismenai (Ma) HF
   edunato (Ma,c) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || hdunato (Mb,d,e) TR
   e`stwtej Ma1/6,c,d1/3,e,ipt A,CP,TR,NU || e`stwtaj Ma,b,d2/3,f,g,hpt,ipt RP,HF || e`stwtwn Me1/4,h1/3 C
   peribeblhmenoi (Mc,d,ept) CP,TR || peribeblhmenouj (Ma,b,ept) A,C,RP,HF,NU
   foinikaj (Ma,c,d) ,RP,HF || foinikej (Mb,e) A,C,CP,TR,NU
   tw qronw (Ma,b,c,ept) A,C,RP,HF,NU || tou qronou (Md,ept) CP,TR
   epi (Mc,d,e) A,C,CP,TR,NU || autou epi (Ma,b) [RP]HF


h` eucaristia kai h` timh kai h` dunamij kai h` iscuj tw Qew h`mwn eivj touj aiwnaj twn
aiwnwn) Amhn)VV
        13 Kai apekriqh ei`j ek twn presbuterwn legwn moi( ~~Ou`toi oi`
peribeblhmenoi taj stolaj taj leukaj( ti,nej eisin( kai poqen hlqonVV 14 Kai eipon1
autw( ~~Kurie mou( su oidaj)VV Kai eipen moi( ~~Ou`toi eisin oi` ercomenoi ek thj
qliyewj thj megalhj( kai eplunan taj stolaj autwn kai eleukanan autaj2 evn tw ai[mati
tou Arniou) 15 Dia touto eisin enwpion tou qronou tou Qeou( kai latreuousin autw
h`meraj kai nuktoj evn tw naw autou) Kai o` kaqhmenoj epi tw qronw3 skhnwsei epV
autouj) 16 Ouv peinasousin eti( oude diyhsousin eti( oudV ouv4 mh pesh epV autouj
o` h[lioj( oude pan kauma\ 17 o[ti to Arnion to ana meson tou qronou poimanei5
autouj kai o`dhghsei6 autouj epi zwhj phgaj u`datwn) Kai exaleiyei o` Qeoj pan
dakruon ek twn ofqalmwn autwn)VV
                                                 [The seventh seal]
         8)1 Kai o[te hnoixen thn sfragida thn e`bdomhn( egeneto sigh evn tw ouranw
w`j h`miwrion) 2 Kai eidon touj e`pta aggelouj oi] enwpion tou Qeou e`sthkasin( kai
edoqhsan autoij e`pta salpiggej)
       3 Kai alloj aggeloj hlqen kai estaqh epi tou qusiasthriou( ecwn libanwton
crusoun) Kai edoqh autw qumiamata polla i[na dwsei7 taij proseucaij twn a`giwn
pantwn epi to qusiasthrion to crusoun to enwpion tou qronou) 4 Kai anebh o` kapnoj
twn qumiamatwn taij proseucaij twn a`giwn ek ceiroj tou aggelou enwpion tou Qeou)
5 Kai eilhfen o` aggeloj ton libanwton kai egemisen auton ek tou puroj tou
qusiasthriou kai ebalen eivj thn ghn) Kai egenonto fwnai kai brontai8 kai astrapai kai
seismoj) 6 Kai oi` e`pta aggeloi oi` econtej taj e`pta salpiggaj h`toimasan e`autouj
i[na salpiswsin)

                                                  [The first trumpet]
       7 Kai o` prwtoj9 esalpisen( kai egeneto calaza kai pur memigmena evn ai[mati
ai[mati kai eblhqh eivj thn ghn) Kai to triton thj ghj katekah( kai to triton twn dendrwn
katekah kai paj cortoj clwroj katekah)
                                                [The second trumpet]
       8 Kai o` deuteroj aggeloj esalpisen( kai w`j oroj mega10 kaiomenon eblhqh eivj
thn qalassan( kai egeneto to triton thj qalasshj ai`ma) 9 Kai apeqanen to triton twn
ktismatwn11 evn th qalassh( ta econta yucaj) Kai to triton twn ploiwn diefqarhsan)12
                                                  [The third trumpet]
      10 Kai o` tritoj aggeloj esalpisen( kai epesen ek tou ouranou asthr megaj
kaiomenoj w`j lampaj( kai epesen epi to triton twn potamwn kai epi taj phgaj twn
  eipon (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || eirhka (Md,e) A,TR,NU
  autaj (Mc,d,e) A,CP[RP]NU || --- (Ma,b) HF || stolaj autwn TR
  tw qronw (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || tou qronou (Mb,d,e) A,TR,NU
  oudV ou (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || oude (Md,ept) A,TR,NU
  poimanei (Mc,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || poimainei (Ma,b) HF
  odhghsei (Mc,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || odhgei (Ma,b) HF
  dwsei (Mapt,b,c,d) A,CP,HF,NU || dwsh (Mapt,e) RP,TR
  fwnai kai brontai (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || brontai kai fwnai (Ma,b) P115(A)RP,HF,NU
  prwtoj (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || prwtoj aggeloj (Md,e) TR
   mega (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || mega puri (Mb,d,e) A,TR,NU
   ktismatwn (Ma,c,d,ept) CP,RP,HF || ktismatwn twn (Mb,ept) ,TR,NU
   diefqarhsan (Mc,d,ept) ,CP,NU || diefqarh (Ma,b,ept) RP,HF,TR


u`datwn) 11 Kai to onoma tou asteroj legetai o` Ayinqoj) Kai egeneto to triton twn
u`datwn eivj ayinqon( kai polloi twn anqrwpwn apeqanon ek twn u`datwn o[ti
                                                  [The fourth trumpet]
        12 Kai o` tetartoj aggeloj esalpisen( kai eplhgh to triton tou h`liou kai to triton
thj selhnhj kai to triton twn asterwn\ i[na skotisqh to triton autwn kai h` h`mera mh
fainh to triton authj(1 kai h` nux o`moiwj)
        13 Kai eidon kai hkousa e`noj aetou(2 petomenou evn mesouranhmati(
legontoj fwnh megalh trij(3 ~~Ouai( ouai( ouai toij katoikousin4 epi thj ghj( ek twn
loipwn fwnwn thj salpiggoj twn triwn aggelwn twn mellontwn salpizeinVV
                                                  [The fifth trumpet]
       9)1 Kai o` pemptoj aggeloj esalpisen( kai eidon astera ek tou ouranou
peptwkota eivj thn ghn) Kai edoqh autw h` kleij tou freatoj thj Abussou) 2 Kai
hnoixen to frear thj Abussou(5 kai anebh kapnoj ek tou freatoj w`j kapnoj kaminou
kaiomenhj\6 kai eskotisqh o` h[lioj kai o` ahr ek tou kapnou tou freatoj) 3 Kai ek tou
kapnou exhlqon akridej eivj thn ghn) Kai edoqh autaij exousia w`j ecousin exousian
oi` skorpioi thj ghj) 4 Kai erreqh autaij i[na mh adikhswsin ton corton thj ghj oude
pan clwron oude pan dendron( eiv mh touj anqrwpouj7 oi[tinej ouk ecousin thn
sfragida tou Qeou epi twn metwpwn autwn)8 5 Kai edoqh autaij i[na mh apokteinwsin
apokteinwsin autouj( allV i[na basanisqwsin mhnaj pente) Kai o` basanismoj autwn
w`j basanismoj skorpiou o[tan paish9 anqrwpon) 6 Kai evn taij h`meraij ekeinaij
zhthsousin oi` anqrwpoi ton qanaton( kai ouv mh eu`rhsousin10 auton\ kai
epiqumhsousin apoqanein( kai feuxetai apV autwn o` qanatoj)11
       7 Kai ta o`moiwmata twn akridwn o[moia i[ppoij h`toimasmenoij eivj polemon(
kai epi taj kefalaj autwn w`j stefanoi crusoi(12 kai ta proswpa autwn w`j proswpa
anqrwpwn) 8 Kai eicon tricaj w`j tricaj gunaikwn( kai oi` odontej autwn w`j leontwn
hsan) 9 Kai eicon qwrakaj w`j qwrakaj sidhrouj( kai h` fwnh twn pterugwn autwn w`j
fwnh a`rmatwn i[ppwn pollwn trecontwn eivj polemon) 10 Kai ecousin ouraj o`moiaj
skorpioij( kai kentra) Kai13 evn taij ouraij autwn exousian ecousin tou14 adikhsai touj

  h` h`mera $+ i`na Md) mh fainh $ouk efainen Mb) $fanh Mh A,NU) to triton $tetarton A) authj Mb,c,d,e,h,ipt
A,CP,RP,TR (NU) || to triton authj $autwn Mapt% mh fanh h` h`mera Ma,f,g,ipt HF
  aetou (Ma,b,c) P115A,CP,RP,HF,NU || aggelou (Md,e) TR
  trij Mc,d,e1/6,gpt CP || --- Ma,b,e,f,gpt,h,i A,RP,HF,TR,NU
  toij katoikousin (Mc,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR || touj katoikountaj (Ma,b) ,HF,NU
  kai hnoixen to frear thj Abussou (Mb,c,d,e) A,CP[RP]HF,TR,NU || --- (Ma) 
  kaiomenhj (Ma,b,c) RP,HF || megalhj (Md,e) A,CP,TR,NU
  anqrwpouj Ma,b,d,e,f,g,h,i A,RP,HF,NU || anqrwpouj monouj Mc CP,TR [the adjective emphasizes that it‘s only those
without God‘s mark]
  autwn (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF,TR || --- (Md,ept) A,NU
  paish Ma,b,cpt,d,e,f,g1/3,h,i RP,HF,TR,NU || plhxh Mcpt CP || pesh Mg2/3,h1/4 A
   ou mh eu`rhsousin (Ma,c,ept) ,CP,RP,HF,NU || ou mh eu`rwsin (Mb,d,ept) A || ouc eu`rhsousin TR
   apV autwn o` qanatoj (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF ||  3412 (Md,e) A,TR,NU
   crusoi (Ma,c) 0207,CP,RP,HF || o´moioi crusw (Mb,d,e) A,TR,NU
   kai (Ma,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || --- (Mb,d,e) || hn TR
   exousian ecousin tou (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || kai exousian ecousin (Mdpt) || kai h` exousia autwn (Me) TR || h`
exousia autwn (Mb) P47A(0207),NU


anqrwpouj mhnaj pente( 11 ecousai basilea epV autwn1 aggelon thj Abussou\ onoma
onoma autw ~Ebraisti Abbadwn(2 evn de3 th ~Ellhnikh onoma ecei Apolluwn)
     12 ~H ouai h` mia aphlqen) Idou( ercetai4 eti duo ouai meta tauta)
                                                              [The sixth trumpet]
       13 Kai o` e[ktoj aggeloj esalpisen( kai hkousa fwnhn mian ek twn tessarwn
keratwn tou qusiasthriou tou crusou tou enwpion tou Qeou( 14 legousan5 tw e[ktw
aggelw( o` ecwn thn salpigga( ~~Luson touj tessaraj aggelouj touj dedemenouj epi
tw potamw tw megalw Eufrath)VV 15 Kai eluqhsan oi` tessarej aggeloi oi`
h`toimasmenoi eivj thn w[ran kai thn6 h`meran kai mhna kai eniauton( i[na
apokteinwsin to triton twn anqrwpwn) 16 Kai o` ariqmoj twn strateumatwn tou i[ppou7
i[ppou7 muriadej muriadwn\8 hkousa ton ariqmon autwn) 17 Kai ou[twj eidon touj
i[ppouj evn th o`rasei kai touj kaqhmenouj epV autwn( econtaj qwrakaj purinouj kai
u`akinqinouj kai qeiwdeij) Kai ai` kefalai twn i[ppwn w`j kefalai leontwn( kai ek twn
stomatwn autwn ekporeuetai pur kai kapnoj kai qeion) 18 Apo twn triwn plhgwn
toutwn apektanqhsan to triton twn anqrwpwn( ek9 tou puroj kai tou kapnou kai10 tou
qeiou tou ekporeuomenou ek twn stomatwn autwn) 19 ~H gar exousia twn i[ppwn
evn tw stomati autwn estin kai evn taij ouraij autwn\ ai` gar ourai autwn o[moiai
ofesin11 ecousai kefalaj( kai evn autaij adikousin)
       20 Kai oi` loipoi twn anqrwpwn( oi] ouk apektanqhsan evn taij plhgaij tautaij(
ouv metenohsan ek twn ergwn twn ceirwn autwn( i[na mh proskunhswsin ta
daimonia( kai ta eidwla( ta crusa kai ta argura kai ta calka12 kai ta liqina kai ta xulina(
a] oute blepein dunatai13 oute akouein oute peripatein\ 21 kai ouv metenohsan ek
twn fonwn autwn oute ek twn farmakeiwn14 autwn oute ek thj porneiaj autwn oute ek
twn klemmatwn autwn)
                                                           [John eats a little book]
           $10)1 Kai eidon15 aggelon iscuron katabainonta ek tou ouranou(
peribeblhmenon nefelhn( kai h` irij16 epi thj kefalhj autou( kai to proswpon autou w`j

  ecousai basilea epV autwn (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || kai ecousi basilea epV autwn (Mb) || kai (--- P47,NU) ecousin epV
autwn basilea ton (Md,e) P47(NU) || kai ecousin ef autwn basilea ton TR || ecousin e`autwn ton basilea ton 
  Abbadwn Ma1/4,cpt,d,e2/3,f CP,RP,HF || Abbaddwn Mcpt || Abbaadwn Ma1/6,bpt || Abbaaddwn Ma1/4,g1/3 || Abaddwn
Mbpt,e1/4,gpt,hpt,ipt A,TR,NU || Battwn P47 [there are some 25 variants, half being singular readings; there are three basic
questions: how many ‗beta‘s, ‗alpha‘s and ‗delta‘s; the evidence looks like this: bb – Mapt,bpt,c,d,e2/3,f,g1/3,h1/4,i2/3 VS b –
Mapt,bpt,e1/3,g2/3,h,i1/3 P47A; aa – Mapt,bpt,g1/3,h1/4 VS a – Mapt,bpt,c,d,e,f,g2/3,h,i P47A; dd – Ma1/4,bpt,cpt,e1/4,g2/3,hpt,ipt (P47)A VS d –
Ma,bpt,cpt,d,e,f,g1/3,hpt,ipt; putting it all together, the single vowel appears certain; the evidence for the double ‗beta‘ is stronger, as also
for the single ‗delta‘; I take it that d and f preserve the original spelling]
  en de (Ma,b,c,d) CP,RP,HF || kai en (Me) P47A,TR,NU
  ercetai (Ma,c) P47A,CP,RP,HF,NU || ercontai (Mb,d,e) 0207,TR
  legousan (Mb,c,d,e) P470207,CP,RP,TR || legontoj (Ma) HF || legonta A,NU
  kai thn (Mc,d) || kai eij thn (Ma,b) [RP]HF || kai (Me) P47A,TR,NU || --- ,CP
  i`ppou (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || i`ppikou (Md,e) P47A,TR,NU
  muriadej muriadwn (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || duo muriadej muriadwn (Mdpt) P47()TR || dij muriadej muriadwn (Mept)
A,NU || muriadaj (Mdpt)
  ek (Mc,d,e) P47A,C,CP,TR,NU || apo (Ma,b) RP,HF
   kai (Ma,b,c) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || kai ek (Md,e) P47,TR
   ofesin (Mc,d,ept) P47A,C,CP,TR,NU || ofewn (Ma,b,ept) RP,HF
   kai ta calka (Mb,c,d,e) P47()A,C,CP[RP]HF,TR,NU || --- (Ma)
   dunatai (Ma,c) P47,CP,RP,HF,TR || dunantai (Mb,d,e) P85,115A,C,NU
   farmakeiwn Mc,d,e,h2/3,i RP,TR || farmakiwn Md1/5,e1/4,gpt A,CP || farmakwn Ma,b,f,gpt,h1/3 P47C,HF,NU
   eidon (Ma,c,d,ept) CP,RP,HF || eidon allon (Mb,ept) P47A,C,TR,NU
   h` irij (Ma,b,c) P47,115vid(A)(C)CP,RP,HF,NU || irij (Me) TR || irin (Md) || h` qrix 


o` h[lioj( kai oi` podej autou w`j stuloi puroj( 2 kai eicen1 evn th ceiri autou biblidarion2
biblidarion2 anewgmenon)3 Kai eqhken ton poda autou ton dexion epi thj qalasshj(
ton de euwnumon epi thj ghj( 3 kai ekraxen fwnh megalh w[sper lewn mukatai) Kai
o[te ekraxen( elalhsan ai` e`pta brontai taj e`autwn fwnaj) 4 Kai o[te elalhsan ai`
e`pta brontai emellon4 grafein) Kai hkousa fwnhn ek tou ouranou legousan(
~~Sfragison a[[ elalhsan ai` e`pta brontai( kai meta tauta grafeij)VV5 5 Kai o` aggeloj
aggeloj o]n eidon e`stwta epi thj qalasshj kai epi thj ghj hren thn ceira autou thn
dexian eivj ton ouranon 6 kai wmosen evn6 tw zwnti eivj touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwn( o]j
ektisen ton ouranon kai ta evn autw( kai thn ghn kai ta evn auth( kai thn qalassan kai
ta evn auth( o[ti cronoj ouketi estai\ 7 allV evn taij h`meraij thj fwnhj tou e`bdomou
aggelou( o[tan mellh salpizein( telesqh7 to musthrion tou Qeou( o[8 euhggelisato9
touj doulouj autou touj profhtaj)10
        8 Kai h` fwnh h]n hkousa ek tou ouranou palin lalousa metV emou kai
legousa( ~~ [Upage( labe to biblidarion to anewgmenon11 evn th ceiri tou aggelou
tou e`stwtoj epi thj qalasshj kai epi thj ghj)VV 9 Kai aphlqon proj ton aggelon legwn
autw( ~~Doj12 moi to biblidarion)VV13 Kai legei moi( ~~Labe kai katafage auto\ kai
pikranei sou thn koilian( allV evn tw stomati sou estai gluku w`j meli)VV 10 Kai
elabon to biblidarion14 ek thj ceiroj tou aggelou kai katefagon auto( kai h=n evn tw
stomati mou w`j meli gluku) Kai o[te efagon auto epikranqh h` koilia mou) 11 Kai
legei15 moi( ~~Dei se palin profhteusai epi laoij kai epi16 eqnesin kai glwssaij kai
basileusin polloij)VV
                                                         [The two witnesses]
          11)1 Kai edoqh moi kalamoj o[moioj r`abdw) Kai ei`sthkei o` aggeloj legwn( 17
~~Egeirai18 kai metrhson ton naon tou Qeou kai to qusiasthrion kai touj
proskunountaj evn autw) 2 Kai thn aulhn thn exwqen tou naou ekbale exwqen( 19 kai
mh authn metrhshj( o[ti edoqh toij eqnesin) Kai thn polin thn a`gian pathsousin
mhnaj tessarakonta duo)20 3 Kai dwsw toij dusin martusin mou( kai profhteusousin
h`meraj ciliaj diakosiaj e`xhkonta peribeblhmenoi sakkouj)VV
  eicen (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || ecwn (Ma,b) A,C,RP,HF,NU
  biblidarion (Mc,d) C,CP || biblaridion (Mept) A,TR,NU || biblion (Ma,b) P47,RP,HF
  anewgmenon (Ma,c,d) CP,RP,HF,TR || hnewgmenon (Mb,e) P47C,NU || --- A
  emellon (Mapt,b,c,d,ept) ,CP,RP,HF,TR || hmellon (Mapt,ept) A,C,NU || kai hmellon auta P47
  meta tauta grafeij (Mc,d,ept) CP || mh tauta grayhj (Mept) TR || mh auta grayhj (Ma,b) A,C,RP,HF,NU
  en (Mc,d,ept) A,C,CP[RP]TR,NU || --- (Ma,b,ept) P47,HF
  telesqh Ma1/6,c,e1/6 CP || kai telesqh Md,e,gpt(pt) TR || kai etelesqh Ma,b,f,h,i P47A,C,RP,HF,NU
  o[ Mc,d,e1/3 CP || w`j Ma,b,e2/3,f,g,h,i P47A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU
  euhggelisato Mc,d CP || euhggelisen Ma,b,ept,f,g,h A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU || euhggelhse Me1/3
   touj doulouj autou touj profhtaj (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || toij autou douloij toij profhtaij (Md) || touj eautou doulouj touj
profhtaj (Me) A,C,NU || touj eautou doulouj kai touj profhtaj P47 || toij eautou douloij toij profhtaij TR [I take it that
this is an instance of the double accusative with the passive voice; render ‗which was announced to His slaves‘]
   anewgmenon (Ma,c,d,ept) P47,CP,RP,HF || hnewgmenon (Mb,ept) A,C,TR,NU
   doj (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || dounai (Ma,b) P47A,C,RP,HF,NU
   biblidarion (Ma,b,c,d) CP,RP,HF || biblaridion (Me) P85,115C,TR,NU || biblion P47 || biblarion A
   biblidarion (Mc,d) CP || biblion (Ma,b) RP,HF || biblaridion (Me) A,C,TR,NU
   legei (Mc,d,e) CP,RP,TR || legousin (Ma,b) P47A,HF,NU
   epi (Ma,b,c,d) CP,RP,HF || --- (Me) P47A,C,TR,NU
   kai eisthkei o aggeloj legwn Mb,c CP || kai fwnh legousa Md || legwn Ma,e,f,g,h,i P47A,RP,HF,TR,NU || legei  [I
take it that the angel shifted position, perhaps with both feet on land]
   egeirai Mapt,b2/3,c,dpt,e1/3,fpt,h CP,RP,TR || egeire Mapt,b1/3,dpt,ept,fpt,g,i P47A,HF,NU || egeiron Me1/6
   exwqen (Mb,c,d,ept) A,CP,NU || exw (Ma,ept) P47,RP,HF,TR || esw 
   tessarakonta duo Ma1/4,b,c1/4,d1/3,e2/5,f1/3,g1/3,h,ipt ()CP,TR || tessarakonta kai duo Ma,f2/3,g2/3,h1/4,i1/3 (A)RP,HF([NU]) || mb ,
Mc,d2/3,e3/5,i1/6 P47


         4 Ou`toi eisin ai` duo elaiai( kai ai` duo lucniai ai` enwpion tou Kuriou1 thj ghj
e`stwsai)2 5 Kai eiv tij autouj qelei adikhsai( pur ekporeuetai ek tou stomatoj autwn
kai katesqiei touj ecqrouj autwn) Kai eiv tij qelei autouj adikhsai(3 ou[twj dei auton
apoktanqhnai) 6 Ou`toi ecousin exousian kleisai ton ouranon4 i[na mh u`etoj brech
taj h`meraj5 thj profhteiaj autwn\ kai exousian ecousin epi twn u`datwn strefein auta
eivj ai`ma( kai pataxai thn ghn evn pash plhgh o`sakij ean qelhswsin) 6
         7 Kai o[tan teleswsin thn marturian autwn to Qhrion to anabainon ek thj
Abussou poihsei metV autwn polemon kai nikhsei autouj kai apoktenei autouj 8kai
ta ptwmata7 autwn epi thj plateiaj thj polewj thj megalhj $h[tij kaleitai pneumatikwj
Sodoma kai Aiguptoj% o[pou kai o` Kurioj autwn estaurwqh)
         9 Kai blepousin ek twn lawn kai fulwn kai glwsswn kai eqnwn ta ptwmata8
autwn h`meraj treij9 h[misu( kai ta ptwmata autwn ouk afhsousin10 teqhnai eivj
mnhma) 10 Kai oi` katoikountej epi thj ghj cairousin epV autoij kai eufranqhsontai 11
kai dwra pemyousin12 allhloij( o[ti ou`toi oi` duo profhtai ebasanisan touj katoikountaj
epi thj ghj)
         11 Kai meta13 treij h`meraj kai h[misu pneuma zwhj ek tou Qeou eishlqen epV
autouj kai esthsan epi touj podaj autwn( kai foboj megaj epepesen15 epi touj
qewrountaj autouj) 12 Kai hkousa fwnhj megalhj16 ek tou ouranou legoushj17 autoij(
~~Anabhte w`de)VV Kai anebhsan eivj ton ouranon evn th nefelh( kai eqewrhsan
autouj oi` ecqroi autwn) 13 Kai evn18 ekeinh th h`mera19 egeneto seismoj megaj kai
to dekaton thj polewj epesen( kai apektanqhsan evn tw seismw onomata anqrwpwn
ciliadej e`pta) Kai oi` loipoi emfoboi egenonto kai edwkan doxan tw Qew tou
         14 ~H ouai h` deutera aphlqen) ~H ouai h` trith( idou(20 ercetai tacu)
                                                     [The seventh trumpet]
      15 Kai o` e[bdomoj aggeloj esalpisen( kai egenonto fwnai megalai evn tw
ouranw legousai(21 ~~Egeneto h` basileia tou kosmou tou Kuriou h`mwn kai tou

  tou Kuriou (Ma,b,c) C,CP,RP,HF,NU || tou Qeou (Md,e) TR || Kuriou A
  e`stwsai (Mc,d,e) CP,RP,TR || e`stwtej (Ma,b) A,C,HF,NU
  qelei autouj adikhsai (Ma,b,c) C,CP,RP,HF || autouj qelei adikhsai (Me) || autouj qelh adikhsai TR || qelei autouj
apoktenai (Md) || qelhsh autouj adikhsai A,NU || qelhsh adikhsai autouj (P47)
  exousian kleisai ton ouranon (Mc,d,e) ,CP,RP,TR || thn exousian kleisai ton ouranon P47A,C,NU || ton ouranon
exousian kleisai (Ma,b) HF
  u`etoj brech taj h`meraj (Ma,b,c,ept) P47A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || u`etoj brecei taj h`meraj (Md) || brech u`etoj en taij
h`meraij (Mept) || brech u`etoj en h`meraij TR
  en pash plhgh o`sakij ean qelhswsin (Mc,d,ept(pt)) (P47)A(C)CP,RP(TR)NU ||  456123 (Ma,b) HF
  ta ptwmata (Mb,c,d,e) P47,CP,RP,TR || to ptwma (Ma) A,C,HF,NU
  ta ptwmata (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || to ptwma (Ma,b) P47C,RP,HF,NU
  treij (Ma,b,c,e) CP,RP,HF || treij kai (Md) P47(A,C)TR,NU
   afhsousin (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF,TR || afiousin (Md,e) A,C,NU
   eufranqhsontai (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF,TR || eufrainontai (Md,e) P47A,C,NU
   pemyousin (Mc,e) A,C,CP,TR,NU || pempousin (Md)  || dwsousin (Ma,b) RP,HF
   meta (Mc,dpt,e) ,CP || meta taj (Ma,b,dpt) P47A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU
   epV autouj Ma1/6,c,d1/4,gpt,ipt CP,TR || eij autouj Ma,b,e1/3,f,gpt,ipt P47,RP,HF || en autoij Md,e1/6,h1/3 A,NU || autoij Mept,hpt C
   megaj epepesen Ma1/3,c,e1/3,g,hpt,ipt A,C,CP,NU || epepese megaj Md2/3 || megaj epesen Ma2/3,b,e2/3,f,hpt,ipt P47,RP,HF,TR
   fwnhj megalhj (Mc,d,e) P47C,CP,NU || fwnhn megalhn (Ma,b) P115A,RP,HF,TR
   legoushj (Mc,d,e) P47C,CP,NU || legousan (Ma,b) P115A,RP,HF,TR
   kai en (Mb,c,d,e) P47A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || en (Ma) HF
   h`mera (Ma,b,c,d) CP,RP,HF || wra (Me) A,C,TR,NU
   h` ouai h` trith idou (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF ||  51234 (Mept) A,C,TR,NU ||  5342 (Md) || 345 (Meptvid)
   legousai (Mapt,b,c,d,e) P47,115C,CP,RP,TR || legontej (Mapt) A,HF,NU


Cristou autou( kai basileusei eivj touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwnVV 16 Kai oi` eikosi
tessarej1 presbuteroi( oi` enwpion tou2 Qeou kaqhmenoi3 epi touj qronouj autwn(
epeson4 epi ta proswpa autwn kai prosekunhsan tw Qew 17 legontej(
~~Eucaristoumen soi( Kurie o` Qeoj o` Pantokratwr( o` wn kai o` h=n kai o`
ercomenoj(5 o[ti eilhfaj thn dunamin sou thn megalhn kai ebasileusaj) 18 Kai ta eqnh
wrgisqhsan( kai hlqen h` orgh sou( kai o` kairoj twn nekrwn kriqhnai kai dounai ton
misqon toij douloij sou toij profhtaij kai toij a`gioij kai toij foboumenoij to onoma sou(
toij mikroij kai toij megaloij( kai diafqeirai touj diafqeirantaj6 thn ghn)VV 19 Kai
hnoigh7 o` naoj tou Qeou evn tw ouranw( kai wfqh h` kibwtoj thj diaqhkhj tou Kuriou8
Kuriou8 evn tw naw autou) Kai egenonto astrapai kai fwnai kai brontai9 kai calaza
                                                 [Parenthesis—partly historical]
                                                 [The woman, the Child, the dragon]
       12)1 Kai shmeion mega wfqh evn tw ouranw\ gunh peribeblhmenh ton h[lion
kai h` selhnh u`pokatw twn podwn authj( kai epi thj kefalhj authj stefanoj asterwn
dwdeka) 2 Kai evn gastri ecousa ekrazen wdinousa10 kai basanizomenh tekein)
       3 Kai wfqh allo shmeion evn tw ouranw\ kai idou( drakwn megaj purroj11 ecwn
kefalaj e`pta kai kerata deka( kai epi taj kefalaj autou e`pta diadhmata) 4 Kai h` oura
autou surei to triton twn asterwn tou ouranou kai ebalen autouj eivj thn ghn)
       Kai o` drakwn e[sthken enwpion thj gunaikoj thj melloushj tekein( i[na o[tan
tekh to Teknon authj katafagh) 5 Kai eteken Ui`on arrena o]j mellei poimainein panta
ta eqnh evn r`abdw sidhra) Kai h`rpasqh to Teknon authj proj ton Qeon kai proj ton
qronon autou) 6 Kai h` gunh efugen eivj thn erhmon o[pou ecei ekei topon
h`toimasmenon apo12 tou Qeou( i[na ekei ektrefwsin13 authn h`meraj ciliaj diakosiaj
                                                    [Satan excluded from heaven]
       7 Kai egeneto polemoj evn tw ouranw\ o` Micahl kai oi` aggeloi autou tou
polemhsai14 meta tou drakontoj\ kai o` drakwn epolemhsen( kai oi` aggeloi autou( 8
kai ouk iscusen(15 oude topoj eu`reqh autw16 eti evn tw ouranw) 9 Kai eblhqh o`
drakwn o` megaj( o` ofij o` arcaioj( o` kaloumenoj Diaboloj kai Satanaj( o` planwn thn
oikoumenhn o[lhn\ eblhqh eivj thn ghn( kai oi` aggeloi autou metV autou eblhqhsan)
10 Kai hkousa fwnhn megalhn evn tw ouranw legousan( ~~Arti egeneto h` swthria
  oi` eikosi tessarej Mapt,b,c1/3,d1/3,e2/3,f,hpt,i C,CP,RP,HF,NU || oi` kd , Mapt,c2/3,d2/3,e1/3,g,h1/3 P47 || oi` eikosi kai tessarej TR ||
eikosi tessarej A
  tou (Mc,d,e) P47A,C,CP,TR,NU || tou qronou tou (Ma,b) [RP]HF
  kaqhmenoi (Mc,d,e) P115A,CP,RP,TR,NU || oi` kaqhntai (Ma,b) ,HF || kaqhntai P47C
  epeson (Mapt,b,c,d,ept) CP,RP,HF || epesan (Mapt,ept) P47A,C,TR,NU
  kai o` ercomenoj Mc,d,e1/6,hpt,i1/3 CP,TR || kai P47,115C || --- Ma,b,e,f,g,hpt,i2/3 A,RP,HF,NU
  diafqeirantaj Ma1/6,b,c2/3,d1/5,fpt,gpt,ipt C || diafqeirontaj Ma,c1/3,d,ept,fpt,gpt,h,ipt P47A,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || fqeirontaj Mept
  hnoigh (Mb,c,d,e) P47A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || hnoicqh (Ma) HF || hnugh 
  tou kuriou Ma,c,f,gpt(pt)i P47,CP,RP,HF [tou qeou Mh1/4 ] || autou Mb,d,e,hpt A,C,TR,NU
  fwnai kai brontai (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || fwnai kai brontai kai seismoj (Me) A,C,TR,NU || brontai kai fwnai kai
seismoj (M(b)d)
   ekrazen wdinousa (Ma,b,c) (C)CP,RP,HF || krazei wdinousa (Md,ept) (P47)(A)TR(NU) || wdinousa krazei (Mept)
   megaj purroj (Mc,dpt,ept) A,CP,TR,NU || megaj puroj (Mdpt,ept) || purroj megaj P47,115 || puroj megaj (Ma,b) C,RP,HF
   apo Mc,d1/4,e,h P47A,C,CP,TR,NU || u`po Ma,b,d,f,g,i RP,HF
   ektrefwsin (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || trefwsin (Mb,d,e) ()A(C)TR,NU
   tou polemhsai Mc,h1/3,i1/3 A,C,CP,NU || polemhsai Ma,b,d,e,f,g,h2/3,i2/3 P47,RP,HF || epolemhsan TR [render ‗were to
fight‘; the dragon knew that Michael had received the order, so he decided to get in the first blow]
   iscusen (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || iscusan (Md,e) P47C,TR || iscusan proj auton 
   eu`reqh autw (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || eu`reqh autwn (Me) A,C,TR,NU || autwn eu`reqh (Md) P47 || eu`reqh 


kai h` dunamij kai h` basileia tou Qeou h`mwn kai h` exousia tou Cristou autou( o[ti
kateblhqh1 o` kathgoroj twn adelfwn h`mwn( o` kathgorwn autwn2 enwpion tou Qeou
Qeou h`mwn h`meraj kai nuktoj) 11 Kai autoi enikhsan auton dia to ai`ma tou
Arniou kai dia ton logon thj marturiaj autwn( kai ouk hgaphsan thn yuchn autwn acri
qanatou) 12 Dia touto eufrainesqe( oi`3 ouranoi( kai oi` evn autoij skhnountej Ouai th
th gh kai th qalassh4 o[ti katebh o` diaboloj proj u`maj ecwn qumon megan( eidwj
o[ti oligon kairon ecei)VV
                                           [Satan persecutes the woman]
       13 Kai o[te eiden o` drakwn o[ti eblhqh eivj thn ghn ediwxen thn gunaika h[tij
eteken ton arrena) 14 Kai edoqhsan th gunaiki5 duo pterugej tou aetou tou megalou
i[na pethtai eivj thn erhmon eivj ton topon authj( o[pwj trefhtai6 ekei kairon kai kairouj
kairouj kai h[misu kairou apo proswpou tou ofewj) 15 Kai ebalen o` ofij ek tou
stomatoj autou o`pisw thj gunaikoj u[dwr w`j potamon( i[na authn potamoforhton
poihsh) 16 Kai ebohqhsen h` gh th gunaiki( kai hnoixen h` gh to stoma authj kai
katepien ton potamon o]n ebalen o` drakwn ek tou stomatoj autou) 17 Kai wrgisqh o`
drakwn epi th gunaiki kai aphlqen poihsai polemon meta twn loipwn tou spermatoj
authj twn thrountwn taj entolaj tou Qeou kai econtwn thn marturian Ihsou)
                                                [Various Vignettes]
                                                [A beast from the sea]
       13)1 Kai estaqhn epi thn ammon thj qalasshj) Kai eidon ek thj qalasshj
Qhrion anabainon econ kerata deka kai kefalaj e`pta( kai epi twn keratwn autou deka
diadhmata kai epi taj kefalaj autou onomata7 blasfhmiaj) 2 Kai to Qhrion o] eidon h=n
h=n o[moion8 pardalei kai oi` podej autou w`j arktou9 kai to stoma autou w`j stoma
leontoj) Kai edwken autw o` drakwn thn dunamin autou kai ton qronon autou kai
exousian megalhn) 3 Kai mian ek twn kefalwn autou w`sei10 esfagmenhn eivj
qanaton( kai h` plhgh tou qanatou autou eqerapeuqh) Kai eqaumasen11 o[lh h` gh
opisw tou Qhriou)
       4 Kai prosekunhsan tw drakonti tw dedwkoti12 thn exousian tw Qhriw\ kai
prosekunhsan tw Qhriw legontej( ~~Ti,j o[moioj tw QhriwVV kai13 ~~Ti,j dunatoj14
polemhsai metV autouVV 5 Kai edoqh autw stoma laloun megala kai blasfhmian(15
kai edoqh autw exousia polemon poihsai16 mhnaj tessarakonta duo) 6 Kai hnoixen to
stoma autou eivj blasfhmian proj ton Qeon blasfhmhsai to onoma autou kai thn

  kateblhqh Mc2/3,e,g1/3,i1/3 CP,TR || eblhqh Ma,b,c1/3,d,f,g2/3,h,i2/3 P47A,C,RP,HF,NU
  autwn (Ma,b,c,ept) C,CP,RP,HF,TR || autouj (Md,ept) P47A,NU
  oi` (Mc,d,e) A,CP[RP]TR[NU] || --- (Ma,b) C,HF
  th gh kai th qalassh (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || thn ghn kai thn qalassan (Md,ept) ()C,NU || toij katoikousi thn ghn kai thn
qalassan (Mept) TR || thn agaphn kai thn qalassan A
  gunaiki (Ma,b,c) P47,CP,RP,HF,TR || gunaiki ai` (Md,e) A,C,NU
  o`pwj trefhtai (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || o`pou trefetai (Md,e) P47A,C,TR,NU
  onomata (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF[NU] || onoma (Md,e) P47C,TR
  hn o`moion (Ma,c) A,C,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || o`moion hn (Mb,d) || o`moion (Me) P47
  arktou Mc,d1/3,e1/4,gpt,hpt,i1/3 CP,TR || arkou Ma,b,d2/3,e,f,gpt,hpt,i2/3 P47A,C,RP,HF,NU
   w`sei (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || w`j (Md,e) P47A,C,TR,NU
   eqaumasen (Ma,b,c) ,CP,RP,HF || eqaumasqh (Md,e) P47vidA(TR)NU || eqaumastwqh C
   tw dedwkoti (Ma.c) CP,RP,HF || o`ti edwken (Mb,d,ept) P47A,C,NU || o`j edwken TR
   kai (Mb,c,d,e) P47A,C,CP,RP,NU || --- (Ma) HF,TR
   dunatoj (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || dunatai (Mb,d,e) P47A,C,TR,NU
   blasfhmian (Ma,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || blasfhma (Mb,d) A || blasfhmiaj (Mept) P47C,TR,NU
   exousia polemon poihsai (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || exousia poihsai (Md,e) P47A,C,TR,NU || poihsai o` qelei 


skhnhn autou( touj1 evn tw ouranw skhnountaj) 7 Kai edoqh autw poihsai polemon2
meta twn a`giwn kai nikhsai autouj) Kai edoqh autw exousia epi pasan fulhn3 kai
glwssan kai eqnoj) 8 Kai proskunhsousin autw4 pantej oi` katoikountej epi thj ghj( w-
n ouv gegraptai to onoma5 evn tw Bibliw thj Zwhj tou Arniou( tou esfagmenou apo
katabolhj kosmou)
      9 Ei tij ecei ouj( akousatw) 10 Eiv tij ecei aicmalwsian( u`pagei\6 eiv tij evn
macaira apoktenei(7 dei auton evn macaira8 apoktanqhnai) _Wde estin h` u`pomonh
u`pomonh kai h` pistij twn a`giwn)
                                               [A beast from the land]
       11 Kai eidon allo qhrion anabainon ek thj ghj( kai eicen kerata duo o[moia
arniw kai elalei w`j drakwn) 12 Kai thn exousian tou prwtou Qhriou pasan poiei
enwpion autou( kai epoiei9 thn ghn kai touj evn auth katoikountaj i[na proskunhswsin
proskunhswsin to Qhrion to prwton( ou` eqerapeuqh h` plhgh tou qanatou autou) 13
Kai poiei shmeia megala( kai pur i[na10 ek tou ouranou katabainh11 epi12 thn ghn
enwpion twn anqrwpwn) 14 Kai plana touj emouj(13 touj katoikountaj epi thj ghj dia ta
shmeia a] edoqh autw poihsai enwpion tou Qhriou( legwn toij katoikousin epi thj ghj
poihsai eikona tw qhriw( o] eicen14 thn plhghn15 thj macairaj kai ezhsen)16 15 Kai
edoqh autw pneuma dounai17 th eikoni tou Qhriou i[na kai lalhsh h` eikwn tou Qhriou
kai poihsh o[soi ean18 mh proskunhswsin th eikoni tou Qhriou i[na apoktanqwsin)19
16 Kai poiei pantajtouj mikrouj kai touj megalouj( kai touj plousiouj kai touj ptwcouj(
kai touj eleuqerouj kai touj doulouj i[na dwsin20 autoij caragmata21 epi thj ceiroj
autwn thj dexiaj( h; epi twn metwpwn 22 autwn( 17 kai i[na mh tij dunhtai23 agorasai h;
pwlhsai eiv mh o` ecwn to caragma( to onoma tou Qhriou h; ton ariqmon tou

  touj Ma,b,c,f,g,hpt,ipt A,C,RP,HF,NU || kai touj Ma1/5,d,e,hpt,ipt CP,TR || --- P47
  poihsai polemon (Ma,c,d) ,CP,RP,HF,NU || polemon poihsai (Mb) TR || --- (Me) P47A,C
  fulhn Mc,e2/3 P47,CP,TR || fulhn kai laon Ma,b,d,e1/3,f,g,h,i A(C)RP,HF,NU
  autw (Mc,e) ,CP,RP,TR || auton (Ma,b,d) P47A,C,HF,NU
  to onoma (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || to onoma autou A,C,NU || ta onomata (Md,e) TR || ta onomata autwn P47
  ecei aicmalwsian u`pagei (Ma,c,f,gpt,i) CP,RP,HF || eij aicmalwsian u`pagei (Md,ept) C || aicmalwsian sunagei (Mept)
|| aicmalwsian sunagei eij aicmalwsian u`pagei TR || eij aicmalwsian eij aicmalwsian u`pagei A,NU || eij
aicmalwsian apagei eij aicmalwsian u`pagei (Mb)
  apoktenei $&einei Md2/3 ; -ennei Mbpt,h1/4) Ma1/5,b,c,d,e,g,h,ipt C,CP,RP,TR || --- Ma,f,ipt HF || apoktanqhnai A,NU
  en macaira Mb,c,d,e,g,h (A,C)CP,RP,TR(NU) || --- Ma,f,i HF
  epoiei (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || poiei (Md,e) P47A,C,TR,NU || poihsei (Mb)
   kai pur i`na (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || i`na kai pur poih (Mept) A(C)TR,NU || i`na kai pur poiei (Mept) || i`na kai pur
poihsh (Mb) P47 || i`na en planh poih pur (Md)
   ek tou ouranou katabainh (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || ek tou ouranou katabhnai (Mb) P47 || ek tou ouranou katabainein
(Md) A(C)NU || katabainein ek tou ouranou (Me) ,TR
   epi (Ma,c(ept)) P47,CP,RP,HF || eij (Mb,d,ept) A,C,TR,NU
   touj emouj Ma,c,f CP[RP]HF || --- Mb,d,e,g,h P47A,C,TR,NU
   o[ eicen (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || o[ ecei (Mept) ,TR || oj ecei (Mb,d,ept) P47A,C,NU
   thn plhghn (Mb,c,d,e) P47A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || plhghn (Ma) HF || plhghj 
   thj macairaj kai ezhsen (Mb,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR || thj macairhj kai ezhsen (P47)A,C,NU || kai ezhsen apo thj
macairaj (Ma) HF
   pneuma dounai (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || dounai pneuma (Md,ept) A,TR,NU || pneuma C
   ean (Ma,b,c) A,RP,HF,NU || an (Md,e) ,TR || --- CP
   i`na apoktanqwsin Mc,ept CP,TR || apoktanqwsin Ma,b,d,ept,f,g,h,i P47vA,C,RP,HF,NU
   dwsin (Mb,c,ept,hpt) ) A,C,CP,RP,NU || dwswsin (Mapt,d,g) HF || dwsousin (Mapt) || dwsh TR
   caragmata (Ma,c) P47,CP,RP,HF || caragma (Mb,d,e) A,C,TR,NU
   twn metwpwn (Mc,d,e) P47,CP,RP,TR || to metwpon (Mapt,b) A,HF,NU || tou metwpou C
   dunhtai (Mapt,b,c) P47A,C,CP,TR,NU || dunatai (Mapt,d,e,f,g) RP,HF


onomatoj autou) 18 _Wde h` sofia estin) ~O ecwn noun yhfisatw ton ariqmon tou
Qhriou( ariqmoj gar anqrwpou estin) Kai1 o` ariqmoj autou estin2 cxj ,)

                                                [The Lamb and the 144,000]
         14)1 Kai eidon kai idou( Arnion e`sthkoj4 epi to Oroj Siwn( kai metV autou5
e`katon tessarakonta tessarej6 ciliadej( ecousai to onoma autou( kai to onoma tou
Patroj autou( gegrammenon epi twn metwpwn autwn) 2 Kai hkousa fwnhn ek tou
ouranou w`j fwnhn u`datwn pollwn( kai w`j fwnhn bronthj megalhj\ kai h` fwnh h]n7
hkousa w`j kiqarwdwn kiqarizontwn evn taij kiqaraij autwn) 3 Kai adousin8 wdhn
kainhn enwpion tou qronou( kai enwpion twn tessarwn zwwn kai twn presbuterwn\
kai oudeij edunato9 maqein thn wdhn eiv mh ai` rmd , ciliadej( oi` hgorasmenoi apo
thj ghj) 4 Ou`toi eisin oi] meta gunaikwn ouk emolunqhsan( parqenoi gar eisin) Ou`toi
eisin10 oi` akolouqountej tw Arniw o[pou an11 u`pagh) Ou`toi u`po Ihsou12
hgorasqhsan apo twn anqrwpwn( aparch tw Qew kai tw Arniw) 5 Kai evn tw stomati
autwn ouc eu`reqh13 yeudoj( amwmoi gar eisin)
                                                      [Three angels]
      6 Kai eidon allon aggelon14 petomenon evn mesouranhmati econta
euaggelion aiwnion euaggelisasqai15 touj kaqhmenouj16 epi thj ghj( kai epi17 pan
eqnoj kai fulhn kai glwssan kai laon( 7 legwn evn fwnh megalh( ~~Fobhqhte ton
Qeon18 kai dote autw doxan( o[ti hlqen h` w[ra thj krisewj autou( kai proskunhsate tw
poihsanti19 ton ouranon kai thn ghn kai thn qalassan kai phgaj u`datwn)VV
      8 Kai alloj aggeloj deuteroj20 hkolouqhsen legwn( ~~Epesen epesen21
Babulwn h` megalh Ek22 tou oinou tou qumou thj porneiaj authj pepotiken panta ta
      9 Kai alloj aggeloj tritoj hkolouqhsen autoij( legwn evn fwnh megalh( ~~Eiv tij
proskunei to Qhrion kai thn eikona autou( kai lambanei caragma epi tou metwpou

  kai (Mc,d,ept) A,C,CP[RP]TR,NU || --- (Ma,b,ept) (P47),HF
  estin (Mc,d,ept) P47C,CP[RP] || --- (Ma,b,ept) A,HF,TR,NU
  idou (Mb,c,dpt,e) P47,CP,TR || idou to (Ma,dpt,f,g,h) A,C[RP]HF,NU
  e`sthkoj (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF,TR || e`stoj (Mdpt) A,C,NU || e`stwj (Mb,dpt,e) P47
  autou (Mc,d,e) P47A,C,CP,TR,NU || autou ariqmoj (Ma,b) [RP]HF
  ekaton tessarakonta tessarej Ma1/3,b,d1/3,ept,g,h2/3,i1/3 CP,TR || ekaton tesserakonta tessarej A,C,NU || rmd ,
Ma2/3,c,d2/3,ept,f,h1/3,i2/3 P47,RP,HF
  h` fwnh h`n (Ma,b,c) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || fwnhn (Md,e) P47,TR
  adousin (Ma,b,c) P47,CP,RP,HF || adousin w`j (Md,e) A,C,TR[NU]
  edunato (Ma,c) P47A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || hdunato (Mb,d,e) TR
   eisin (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF,TR || --- (Md,e) A,C,NU
   an (Mb,c,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || ean (Ma) HF
   u`po Ihsou Ma,c,f,g,i CP,RP,HF || --- Mb,d,e,h P47A,C,TR,NU
   en tw stomati autwn ouc eu`reqh (Mc,d,e) P47A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU ||  561234 (Ma,b) HF
   allon aggelon (Mc,d) A,C,CP,TR,NU || aggelon allon (Mb) || aggelon (Ma,e) P47,RP,HF
   euaggelisasqai (Mb,c,d) P47()CP || euaggelisai (Ma,e) A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU
   touj kaqhmenouj (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || epi touj kaqhmenouj (Mb) P47C,NU || touj katoikountaj (Md) TR || epi touj
katoikountaj A || katoikountaj P115 || touj kaqhmenouj touj katoikountaj (Me)
   epi (Ma,b,c) P47A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || --- (Md,e) TR
   Qeon (Mc,d,e) P47A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || Kurion (Ma,b) HF
   tw poihsanti (Mb,c,e) P47A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || auton ton poihsanta (Ma,d) HF
   aggeloj deuteroj (Mc,d,ept) (C)CP,NU || deuteroj aggeloj (Ma,b,ept) A,RP,HF || aggeloj TR || deuteroj (b‘ P47) 
   epesen epesen (Mc,d,e) P47A,CP[RP]TR,NU || epesen (Ma,b) C,HF
   ek (Ma,c,d,ept) P47,CP,RP,HF || h ek (Mb) A,C,NU || oti ek (Mept) TR


autou h; epi thn ceira autou( 10 kai autoj pietai ek tou oinou tou qumou tou Qeou(
tou kekerasmenou akratou evn tw pothriw thj orghj autou) Kai basanisqhsetai evn
puri kai qeiw enwpion twn a`giwn aggelwn kai enwpion tou Arniou) 11 Kai o` kapnoj
tou basanismou autwn eivj aiwnaj aiwnwn anabainei\1 kai ouk ecousin anapausin
h`meraj kai nuktoj( oi` proskunountej to Qhrion kai thn eikona autou( kai eiv tij
lambanei to caragma tou onomatoj autou)VV
       12 _Wde h` u`pomonh twn a`giwn estin( w`de2 oi` thrountej taj entolaj tou
Qeou kai thn pistin tou Ihsou)3 13 Kai hkousa fwnhj ek tou ouranou legoushj moi(4
~~Grayon\ ~Makarioi oi` nekroi( oi` evn Kuriw apoqnhskontej apV artiV $legei
~~NaiVV5 to Pneuma% ~i[na anapauswntai ek twn kopwn autwn( ta de erga autwn
akolouqei metV autwn)VVV
                                                  [The earth is harvested]
        14 Kai eidon kai idou( nefelh leukh( kai epi thn nefelhn kaqhmenoj o[moioj6
ui`w anqrwpou( ecwn epi thj kefalhj autou stefanon crusoun( kai evn th ceiri autou
drepanon oxu) 15 Kai alloj aggeloj exhlqen ek tou naou8 krazwn evn fwnh megalh tw
tw kaqhmenw epi thj nefelhj( ~~Pemyon to drepanon sou kai qerison( o[ti hlqen9 h`
w[ra tou10 qerisai( o[ti exhranqh o` qerismoj thj ghj)VV 16 Kai ebalen o` kaqhmenoj
epi thn nefelhn to drepanon autou epi thn ghn( kai eqerisqh h` gh)
        17 Kai alloj aggeloj exhlqen ek tou naou tou evn tw ouranw ecwn kai autoj
drepanon oxu) 18 Kai alloj aggeloj exhlqen ek tou qusiasthriou ecwn exousian epi
tou puroj( kai efwnhsen kraugh11 megalh tw econti to drepanon to oxu legwn(
~~Pemyon sou to drepanon to oxu kai trughson touj botruaj thj ampelou thj ghj( o[ti
hkmasan ai` stafulai authj)12 19 Kai ebalen13 o` aggeloj to drepanon autou eivj thn
ghn kai etrughsen thn ampelon thj ghj( kai ebalen eivj thn lhnon tou qumou tou
Qeou( ton megan)14 20 Kai epathqh h` lhnoj exwqen15 thj polewj( kai exhlqen ai`ma
ek thj lhnou acri twn calinwn twn i[ppwn apo stadiwn ciliwn e`xakosiwn)
                                                 [Here come the bowls!]
       15)1 Kai eidon allo shmeion evn tw ouranw mega kai qaumaston\ aggelouj
e`pta econtaj plhgaj e`pta taj escataj( o[ti evn autaij etelesqh o` qumoj tou Qeou)
                                                  [The song of the victors]

  eij aiwnaj aiwnwn anabainei (Ma,b,c) P47A,CP,RP,HF,NU ||  4123 TR || eij aiwna aiwnoj anabainei (Md) C || eij
aiwna aiwnwn anabainwn (Mept)
  w`de (Mc,d,e) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma,b) P47()A,C, HF,NU
  tou Ihsou Mc CP || Ihsou Ma,b,e,f,g,h,i P47A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU || Ihsou Cristou Md [tou receives votes from four other
groups, but they add up to only 12 MSS; it preserves the symmetry in the verse—each genitive noun is preceded by an article]
  moi (Mc,d,e) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma,b) P47()A(C) HF,NU
  legei nai (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || nai legei (Mb,d,e) A,C,TR,NU || legei P47
  kaqhmenoj omoioj Mcpt,d1/3,e2/3,g,ipt CP,TR || kaqhmenon omoion Ma,b,d2/3,f,h,ipt A,C,RP,HF,NU || kaqhmenoj omoion
P47 [there are some eight further variants, which is why the numbers don‘t all add up; I take it that the grammar calls for the
  ui`w Ma1/3,b,c,dpt,e2/3,f2/3,g,h,ipt P47C,CP,RP,TR || ui`on Ma2/3,dpt,f1/3,ipt A,HF,NU || ui`oj Me1/3
  naou (Ma,b,c) A,C,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || ouranou (Md,e) || naou autou 
  hlqen Ma,b,c,d2/3,e2/5,f,g,h,i A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || hlqen sou Md1/3,e3/5 || hlqen soi Mg TR
   tou Ma1/3,c,e1/3,h,i1/3 ,CP,TR || --- Ma2/3,b,d,e2/3,f,g,i2/3 A,C,RP,HF,NU
   kraugh (Mapt,c,d,ept) (P47)C,CP,RP,TR || en kraugh (Mapt,b,ept) HF || fwnh A,NU
   hkmasan ai` stafulai authj (Mc,d,e) P47(A)C,CP,RP,TR,NU || hkmasen h` stafulh thj ghj (Ma,b) HF
   ebalen (Mc,d,e) P47A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || exebalen (Ma,b) HF
   tou qumou tou Qeou ton megan (Ma,c,e) (A)C,CP,RP,HF,NU || tou qumou tou Qeou thn megalhn (Md) ,TR [
561234 (Mb)] || tou qumou tou Qeou tou megalou P47
   exwqen (Ma,b,c) P47A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || exw (Md,e) ,TR


       2 Kai eidon w`j qalassan u`elinhn1 memigmenhn puri( kai touj nikwntaj ek tou
Qhriou kai ek thj eikonoj autou kai2 ek tou ariqmou tou onomatoj autou e`stwtaj epi
thn qalassan thn u`elinhn(3 econtaj kiqaraj4 tou Qeou) 3 Kai adousin thn wdhn
Mwuseoj(5 tou doulou tou Qeou( kai thn wdhn tou Arniou( legontej( ~~Megala kai
qaumasta ta erga sou( Kurie( o` Qeoj o` Pantokratwr Dikaiai kai alhqinai ai` o`doi
sou( o` Basileuj twn eqnwn 4 Ti,j ouv mh fobhqh se(6 Kurie( kai doxash7 to onoma
sou {Oti monoj a[gioj ei=\8 o[ti panta ta eqnh9 h[xousin kai proskunhsousin enwpion
enwpion sou\ o[ti ta dikaiwmata sou efanerwqhsan)VV
                                                 [The angels are commissioned]
       5 Kai meta tauta eidon( kai hnoigh o` naoj thj skhnhj tou marturiou evn tw
ouranw) 6 Kai exhlqon oi` e`pta aggeloi oi` econtej taj e`pta plhgaj ek tou naou(10 oi]
hsan11 endedumenoi linon kaqaron lampron kai periezwsmenoi peri ta sthqh zwnaj
crusaj)   7 Kai e]n ek twn tessarwn zwwn edwken toij e`pta aggeloij e`pta fialaj
crusaj gemousaj tou qumou tou Qeou tou zwntoj eivj touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwn) 8 Kai
egemisqh o` naoj12 kapnou ek thj doxhj tou Qeou kai ek thj dunamewj autou( kai
oudeij hdunato13 eiselqein eivj ton naon acri telesqwsin ai` e`pta plhgai twn14
aggelwn) 16)1 Kai hkousa fwnhj megalhj ek tou naou legoushj toij e`pta aggeloij(
~~~Upagete(15 ekceate taj16 fialaj tou qumou tou Qeou eivj thn ghn)VV
                                                            [The first bowl]
      2 Kai aphlqen o` prwtoj kai execeen thn fialhn autou epi17 thn ghn( kai
egeneto e[lkoj kakon kai ponhron eivj18 touj anqrwpouj touj econtaj to caragma tou
Qhriou kai touj proskunountaj th eikoni autou)19
                                                         [The second bowl]
      3 Kai o` deuteroj aggeloj execeen thn fialhn autou eivj thn qalassan( kai
egeneto ai`ma w`j nekrou\ kai pasa yuch zwsa20 apeqanen evn th qalassh)
                                                           [The third bowl]

  u`elinhn Ma1/3,b1/4,c,d1/5,ept,f1/4,hpt,i1/4 P47,CP || u`alinhn Ma2/3,b,d,ept,f,g,hpt,i A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU [Hellenistic or Attic, which?]
  kai (Ma,c) P47vA,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || kai ek tou caragmatoj autou kai (Mb,d,e) || kai ek tou caragmatoj autou TR
  u`elinhn Ma1/3,b1/4,c,d1/5,ept,f1/5,g2/3,hpt,i1/4 P47v,CP || u`alinhn Ma2/3,b,d,ept,f,g1/3,hpt,i A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU
  kiqaraj (Mc,d,e) P47A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || taj kiqaraj (Ma,b) HF
  Mwuseoj Ma1/3,c,d1/5,f1/4,h1/4 CP || Mwusewj Mapt,b,e2/3,f,g,hpt,i A,RP,HF,NU || Mwsewj Md2/3,e1/4 P47,TR
  ou mh fobhqh se (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF,TR || 123- (Md,e) A,C,NU ||  4123 P47 ||  41-3 
  doxash (Mapt,b,c,ept) ,CP,RP,HF,TR || doxasei (Mapt,d,ept) (P47)A,C,NU
  a`gioj ei Mc,h1/4,i1/3 CP || a`gioj Ma,b,e(1/4)f,g,ipt RP,HF || ei P47 || o`sioj Md,e,h A,C,TR,NU [agioj ei has slight support from
four other families as well; the verb, before or after the adjective, is supported by Ma1/9,c,e1/3,hpt,ipt P47; being the song of Moses
and the Lamb, both Jews, we should presumably expect the fuller form]
  panta ta eqnh (Mc,d,e) P47A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || pantej (Ma,b) HF
   ek tou naou Ma1/6,d,e,g,h P47A,C[RP]TR,NU || ek tou ouranou Mc CP || --- Ma,b,f,i HF [the context really seems to
require naou; so much so that if ouranou were original some might have omitted while others made the obvious change—if
naou were original, why would anyone omit or change? Still, the context . . . ]
   oi` hsan (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || --- (Md,ept) P47A,C,TR,NU
   naoj (Mc,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || naoj ek tou (Ma,b) P47v,HF
   hdunato (Mb,c,d,e) ,CP,TR || edunato (Ma) A,C,RP,HF,NU
   twn (Mc,d,e) CP || twn e`pta (Ma,b) A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU
   u`pagete (Mc,d,ept) CP || u`pagete kai (Ma,b,ept) A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU
   taj (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || taj e`pta (Ma,b) A,C,RP,HF,NU
   epi (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || eij (Ma,b) P47A,C,RP,HF,NU
   eij (Mc,d,ept) CP,TR || epi (Ma,b,ept) P47A,C,RP,HF,NU
   touj proskunountaj th eikoni autou (Ma,b,c,ept) P47A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || -2345 (Md) ||  13452 TR || touj
proskunountaj thn eikona autou  || touj thn eikona proskunountaj autou (Mept)
   yuch zwsa (Mc,d,e) P47,CP,RP,TR || yuch zwhj (A)C,NU || yuch (Ma,b) HF


       4 Kai o` tritoj aggeloj1 execeen thn fialhn autou eivj touj potamouj kai2 taj
phgaj twn u`datwn( kai egeneto ai`ma) 5 Kai hkousa tou aggelou twn u`datwn
legontoj( ~~Dikaioj ei=( o` wn kai o` h=n( o` ~Osioj(3 o[ti tauta ekrinaj) 6 {Oti ai`ma
a`giwn kai profhtwn execean( kai ai`ma autoij edwkaj piein) Axioi eisin)VV 7 Kai
hkousa tou qusiasthriou legontoj( ~~Nai( Kurie o` Qeoj( o` Pantokratwr alhqinai kai
dikaiai ai` kriseij sou)VV
                                                 [The fourth bowl]
      8 Kai o` tetartoj aggeloj4 execeen thn fialhn autou epi ton h[lion( kai edoqh
autw kaumatisai touj anqrwpouj evn puri)5 9 Kai ekaumatisqhsan oi` anqrwpoi
kauma mega( kai eblasfhmhsan oi` anqrwpoi6 to onoma tou Qeou tou econtoj thn7
exousian epi taj plhgaj tautaj) Kai ouv metenohsan dounai autw doxan)
                                                  [The fifth bowl]
       10 Kai o` pemptoj aggeloj8 execeen thn fialhn autou epi ton qronon tou
Qhriou( kai egeneto h` basileia autou eskotwmenh\ kai emaswnto9 taj glwssaj autwn
ek tou ponou) 11 Kai eblasfhmhsan ton Qeon tou ouranou ek twn ponwn autwn kai
ek twn e`lkwn autwn) Kai ouv metenohsan ek twn ergwn autwn)
                                                  [The sixth bowl]
       12 Kai o` e[ktoj aggeloj execeen thn fialhn autou epi ton potamon ton
megan11 Eufrathn( kai exhranqh to u[dwr autou i[na e`toimasqh h` o`doj twn
basilewn twn apo anatolwn12 h`liou) 13 Kai eidon ek tou stomatoj tou drakontoj kai ek
tou stomatoj tou Qhriou kai ek tou stomatoj tou Yeudoprofhtou pneumata tria
akaqarta13 w`j batracoi) 14 Eisin gar pneumata daimonwn14 poiounta shmeia( a]
ekporeuetai15 epi touj basileij thj oikoumenhj o[lhj( sunagagein autouj eivj ton
polemon thj h`meraj ekeinhj thj megalhj tou Qeou tou Pantokratoroj) 15 $~~Idou(
ercomai w`j klepthj) Makarioj o` grhgorwn kai thrwn ta i`matia autou i[na mh gumnoj
peripath kai blepwsin thn aschmosunhn autou)VV% 16 Kai sunhgagen autouj eivj
ton topon ton kaloumenon ~Ebraisti Armagedwn)16
                                                [The seventh bowl]
      17 Kai o` e[bdomoj aggeloj17 execeen thn fialhn autou eivj18 ton aera( kai
exhlqen fwnh megalh apo tou naou tou ouranou apo tou qronou19 legousa(

  aggeloj (Mb,c,d,e) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma) P47A,C,HF,NU
  kai (Mc,d,ept) A,C,CP,NU || kai eij (Ma,b,ept) RP,HF,TR
  o` o`sioj (Mapt,c,d,ept) ,CP,RP,NU || kai o` o`sioj (Mept) TR || kai o`sioj (Mept) P47 || o`sioj (Mapt,b) A,C,HF
  aggeloj (Mb,c,d,e) ,CP,RP,TR || --- (Ma) P47A,C,HF,NU
  touj anqrwpouj en puri (Mc,d,e) A,C,CP,TR,NU [12-4 ] ||  3412 (Ma,b) RP,HF
  oi` anqrwpoi (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || --- (Md,ept) A,C,TR,NU
  thn Mc,d1/5,ept,f1/3,h1/3,i1/3 A,CP,NU || --- Ma,b,d,ept,f2/3,g,h2/3,i2/3 C,RP,HF,TR
  aggeloj (Mb,c,d,e) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma) A,C,HF,NU
  emaswnto Mapt,c,dpt,e1/3,fpt,g2/3,h2/3,ipt A,C,RP,HF,NU || emasswnto Mapt,b,dpt,e2/3,fpt,g1/3,h1/3,ipt CP,TR
   aggeloj (Mb,c,d,ept) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma,ept) P47A,C,HF,NU
   megan (Ma,c,ept) ,CP,RP,HF || megan ton (Mb,d,ept) P47A,C,TR,NU
   anatolwn (Mc,d,e) A,CP,TR || anatolhj (Ma,b) P47C,RP,HF,NU
   tria akaqarta (Mc,d,ept) P47A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || akaqarta tria (Ma,b) HF || akaqarta (Mept)
   daimonwn (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || daimoniwn (Ma,b) P47A,RP,HF,NU
   a ekporeuetai (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || ekporeuesqai (Md,e) P47,TR
   Armagedwn (Mb,c,ept) A,CP,RP,NU || Armageddwn TR || Magedwn (Ma,d) HF
   aggeloj (Mb,c,d,e) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma) A,HF,NU
   eij (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || epi (Ma,b) A,RP,HF,NU
   tou naou tou ouranou apo tou qronou (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF,TR || --34567 (Md,e) || 12--567 P47vA(NU) || tou naou tou
Qeou 


~~GegonenVV 18 Kai egenonto astrapai kai brontai kai fwnai\1 kai seismoj egeneto2
egeneto2 megaj( oi`oj ouk egeneto afV ou` oi` anqrwpoi egenonto epi thj ghj(
thlikoutoj seismoj( ou[twj megaj 19 Kai egeneto h` polij h` megalh eivj tria merh( kai
ai` poleij twn eqnwn epeson)3 Kai Babulwn h` megalh emnhsqh enwpion tou Qeou(
dounai auth to pothrion tou oinou tou qumou thj orghj autou) 20 Kai pasa nhsoj
efugen( kai orh ouc eu`reqhsan) 21 Kai calaza megalh w`j talantiaia katabainei ek
tou ouranou epi touj anqrwpouj) Kai eblasfhmhsan oi` anqrwpoi ton Qeon ek thj
plhghj thj calazhj( o[ti megalh estin h` plhgh authj4 sfodra)
                                                         [About Babylon]
       17)1 Kai hlqen ei`j ek twn e`pta aggelwn twn econtwn taj e`pta fialaj kai
elalhsen metV emou legwn(5 ~~Deuro( deixw soi to krima thj pornhj thj megalhj thj
kaqhmenhj epi twn u`datwn twn pollwn(6 2 meqV h`j eporneusan oi` basileij thj ghj(
kai emequsqhsan oi` katoikountej thn ghn ek tou oinou thj porneiaj authj)VV
                                                      [A woman and a beast]
        3 Kai aphnegken me eivj erhmon evn Pneumati) Kai eidon gunaika
kaqhmenhn epi qhrion7 kokkinon gemon onomatwn8 blasfhmiaj( econ kefalaj e`pta
kai kerata deka) 4 Kai h` gunh h=n peribeblhmenh porfuran9 kai kokkinon(
kecruswmenh10 crusw11 kai liqw timiw kai margaritaij( ecousa crusoun pothrion12 evn
th ceiri authj gemon bdelugmatwn kai ta akaqarta thj porneiaj authj)13 5 Kai epi to
metwpon authj onoma gegrammenon\ musthrion( Babulwn h` megalh( h` mhthr twn
pornwn kai twn bdelugmatwn thj ghj) 6 Kai eidon thn gunaika mequousan ek14 tou
ai[matoj twn a`giwn kai15 ek tou ai[matoj twn marturwn Ihsou) Kai eqaumasa( idwn
authn( qauma mega)
                                                       [The vision explained]
       7 Kai eipen moi o` aggeloj( ~~Dia ti, eqaumasaj Egw soi erw16 to musthrion
thj gunaikoj kai tou Qhriou tou bastazontoj authn( tou econtoj taj e`pta kefalaj kai ta
deka kerata) 8 To Qhrion o] eidej h=n( kai ouk estin( kai mellei anabainein ek thj
Abussou kai eivj apwleian u`pagein) Kai qaumasontai oi` katoikountej epi thj ghj( 17
w`n ouv gegraptai ta onomata18 epi to Biblion19 thj Zwhj apo katabolhj kosmou(

    astrapai kai brontai kai fwnai (Ma,b,c) P47,CP,RP,HF [123-- (Mept)] ||  14523 (Mdpt(pt)) A,NU ||  52341 (Mept) TR ||            
3214523 
  egeneto (Mc,d,e) P47A,CP[RP]TR,NU || --- (Ma,b) HF
  epeson Ma2/3,b,c,d1/3,e2/3,f,h,i CP,RP,HF,TR || epesan Ma1/3,d2/3,e1/3,g,h1/4 P47A,NU || epesen 
  authj Mapt,bpt,c,e,g1/3,h,i2/3 P47vA,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || auth Mapt,bpt,d,e1/4,f,g2/3,h1/4,i1/3 HF
  legwn (Ma,b,c) P47A,CP,RP,HF,NU || legwn moi (Md,e) TR
  twn u`datwn twn pollwn (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF,TR || u`datwn twn pollwn P47v || u`datwn pollwn (Mb,d,e) A,NU
  qhrion (Mbpt,c,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || qhrion to (Ma,bpt) HF
  gemon onomatwn (Mb,c,d,ept) CP,TR [gemwn onomatwn (Mept)] || gemon onomata (Ma,ept) RP,HF || gemonta
onomata A[NU]
  porfuran (Mbpt,c,d,e) CP || porfura TR || porfuroun (Ma,bpt) A,RP,HF,NU
   kecruswmenh (Ma,c,d,ept) CP,RP,HF || perikecruswmenh (Mb) || kai kecruswmenh (Mept) A,TR,NU
   crusw (Mc,d,e) ,CP,TR || crusiw (Ma,b) A,RP,HF,NU
   crusoun pothrion (Mc,d,e) CP,TR ||  21 (Ma,b) A,RP,HF,NU
   authj Mb,c,d,e,gpt,h3/5,ipt A,CP,RP(TR)NU || thj ghj Ma,f,gpt,h2/5,ipt HF [ conflates both, which shows that the minuscule families
are earlier]
   ek (Mbpt,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR,NU || --- (Ma,bpt) ()HF
   kai (Mc,d,e) A,CP[RP]TR,NU || --- (Ma,b) HF
   soi erw (Mc,d,e) ,CP,TR ||  21 (Ma,b) A,RP,HF,NU
   epi thj ghj (Mbpt,c,d,ept) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || thn ghn (Ma,bpt,ept) HF
   ta onomata (Mbpt,c,d,e) ,CP,RP,TR || to onoma (Ma,bpt) A,HF,NU
   epi to biblion (Mbpt,c,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || epi tou bibliou (Ma,bpt) HF || en biblw (Md)


blepontej1 to Qhrion o[ti h=n2 kai ouk estin kai parestai)3 9 _Wde o` nouj o` ecwn
sofian\ Ai` e`pta kefalai e`pta orh eisin o[pou h` gunh kaqhtai epV autwn) 10 Kai
basileij e`pta eisin)4 Oi` pente epeson(5 o` ei`j estin( o` alloj oupw hlqen) Kai o[tan
elqh oligon auton dei6 meinai) 11 Kai to Qhrion o] h=n kai ouk estin( kai autoj7 ogdooj
ogdooj estin( kai ek twn e`pta estin kai eivj apwleian u`pagei) 12 Kai ta deka kerata
a] eidej deka basileij eisin( oi[tinej basileian oupw elabon allV exousian w`j basileij
mian w[ran lambanousin meta tou Qhriou) 13 Ou`toi mian gnwmhn ecousin8 kai thn
dunamin kai thn9 exousian autwn tw Qhriw didoasin)10 14 Ou`toi meta tou Arniou
polemhsousin( kai to Arnion nikhsei autouj( o[ti Kurioj kuriwn estin kai Basileuj
basilewn\ kai oi` metV autou klhtoi kai eklektoi kai pistoi)VV
        15 Kai legei moi( ~~Ta u[data a] eidej( ou` h` pornh kaqhtai( laoi kai ocloi
eisin( kai eqnh kai glwssai) 16 Kai ta deka kerata a] eidej( kai to Qhrion( ou`toi
mishsousin thn pornhn kai hrhmwmenhn11 poihsousin authn kai gumnhn poihsousin
authn12 kai taj sarkaj authj fagontai kai authn katakausousin evn puri) 17 ~O gar
Qeoj edwken eivj taj kardiaj autwn poihsai thn gnwmhn autou( kai poihsai gnwmhn
mian13 kai dounai thn basileian autwn tw Qhriw acri telesqhsontai oi` logoi14 tou
Qeou) 18 Kai h` gunh h]n eidej estin h` polij h` megalh h` ecousa basileian epi twn
basilewn thj15 ghj)VV
                                                           [Her fall proclaimed]
       18)1 Kai meta tauta eidon allon aggelon katabainonta ek tou ouranou
econta exousian megalhn( kai h` gh efwtisqh ek thj doxhj autou) 2 Kai ekraxen evn
iscura fwnh17 legwn\ ~~Epesen epesen18 Babulwn h` megalh kai egeneto
katoikhthrion daimonwn( kai fulakh pantoj pneumatoj akaqartou( kai fulakh pantoj
orneou akaqartou kai memishmenou)19 3 {Oti ek tou qumou tou oinou20 thj porneiaj
authj pepwken21 panta ta eqnh( kai oi` basileij thj ghj metV authj eporneusan( kai oi`
emporoi thj ghj ek thj dunamewj tou strhnouj authj eplouthsan)VV

  blepontej Ma1/7,c,d1/5,e1/3,i1/3 CP,TR || blepontwn Ma,b,d,e2/3,f,g,h,i2/3 A,RP,HF,NU [the subject is nominative]
  to qhrion oti hn (Mc,d,ept) A,CP,TR,NU ||  3412 (Ma,b,ept) RP,HF
  kai parestai (Ma,b,c,ept) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || kai parestin (Md,ept) || kai palin pareste  || kaiper estin TR
  e`pta eisin (Mc,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU ||  21 (Ma,b) HF
  epeson Mapt,b,cpt,d1/3,e2/5,f,gpt,hpt,i2/3 CP,RP,HF || epesan Mapt,cpt,d2/3,e3/5,gpt,hpt,i1/3 A(TR)NU [toss a coin; the meaning is the
  auton dei (Mc,d,e) A,CP,TR,NU ||  21 (Ma,b) RP,HF
  autoj (Mbpt,c,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || outoj (Ma,bpt) ()HF
  gnwmhn ecousin (Mc,d,e) A,CP,TR,NU ||  21 (Ma,b) RP,HF
  thn (Mbpt,c,d,e) ,CP,RP,TR || --- (Ma,bpt) A,HF,NU
   didoasin (Ma,b,c,ept) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || dwsousin (Md) || dedwkasin (Mept) || diadidwsousin TR
   hrhmwmenhn (Ma,b,cpt,ept) A,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || erhmwmenhn (Mcpt,d,ept)
   kai gumnhn poihsousin authn (Ma,b,c) CP[RP]HF || kai gumnhn (Md,ept) A,TR,NU || --- (Mept)
   kai poihsai gnwmhn mian (Ma,bpt,c) CP,RP,HF || kai poihsai (-se ) mian gnwmhn (Mept) ,TR,NU || kai poihsai
gnwmhn autwn (Mbpt) || --- (Md) A
   telesqhsontai oi logoi (Mc,d,ept) A,CP,NU || telesqwsin oi logoi (Ma,b,ept) RP,HF || telesqh ta rhmata TR
   thj (Mb,c,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || epi thj (Ma) HF
   kai (Mb,c,d,e) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma) A,HF,NU
   en iscura fwnh (Mc,d) A,CP[RP]NU || iscura fwnh (Ma,b) ,HF || en iscura fwnh megalh (Mept) || iscura fwnh
megalh (Mept) || en iscui fwnh megalh TR
   epesen epesen (Mbpt,c,d,e) A,CP[RP]TR,NU || epesen (Ma,bpt) ,HF
   kai fulakh pantoj orneou akaqartou kai memishmenou (Ma,bpt,c) ,CP,RP,HF,TR || 123qhriou567 A ||
1234567123qhriou5 (Mbpt) || 12345123qhriou567 [NU] || -----67 (Md,e)
   tou qumou tou oinou (Mbpt,c,d,e) CP ||  3412 (Ma,bpt) ,RP,HF,TR,NU || 12-- A
   pepwken Mc3/4(1/4)ept CP,TR || pepwkasin Ma1/4,b,f,h1/3,i1/3 HF || pepwtiken Md || peptwkasin Ma,ept,g,hpt,ipt ,RP ||
pepwkan NU [for ‗drink‘ we have Ma1/4,b,c(d)ept,f,hpt,ipt; for ‗fall‘ we have Ma,ept,g,hpt,ipt A,C]


        4 Kai hkousa allhn fwnhn ek tou ouranou legousan( ~~Exelqete 1 evx authj( o`
o` laoj mou( i[na mh sugkoinwnhshte taij a`martiaij authj( kai ek twn plhgwn authj i[na
mh labhte\2 5 o`ti ekollhqhsan authj ai` a`martiai acri tou ouranou( kai
emnhmoneusen authj3 o` Qeoj ta adikhmata authj) 6 Apodote auth w`j kai auth
apedwken u`min(4 kai diplwsate auth dipla5 kata ta erga authj\ evn tw pothriw6 w`
ekerasen kerasate auth diploun) 7 {Osa edoxasen e`authn7 kai estrhniasen(
tosouton dote auth basanismon kai penqoj\8 o[ti evn th kardia authj legei o[ti
~Kaqhmai basilissa( kai chra ouk eimi( kai penqoj ouv mh idw)V 8 Dia touto evn mia
h`mera h[xousin ai` plhgai authjqanatoj kai9 penqoj kai limoj) Kai evn puri
katakauqhsetai o[ti iscuroj Kurioj o` Qeoj o` krinaj10 authn)

                                                      [Her fall lamented]
        9 ~~Kai klausousin11 kai koyontai epV authn12 oi` basileij thj ghj oi` metV authj
porneusantej kai strhniasantej( o[tan blepwsin ton kapnon thj purwsewj authj( 10 apo
makroqen e`sthkotej dia ton fobon tou basanismou authj legontej\ ~Ouai( ouai( h`
polij h` megalh Babulwn( h` polij h` iscura {Oti mia w[ra hlqen h` krisij sou)V
        11 ~~Kai oi` emporoi thj ghj klaiousin kai penqousin13 epV auth(14 o[ti ton
gomon autwn oudeij agorazei ouketi\ 12 gomon crusou kai argurou( kai liqou timiou
kai margaritou( kai bussou15 kai porfurou16 kai shrikou kai kokkinou( kai pan xulon
quinon kai pan skeuoj elefantinon kai pan skeuoj ek xulou timiwtatou kai calkou kai
sidhrou kai marmarou( 13 kai kinamwmon kai17 qumiamata kai muron kai libanon(
kai oinon kai elaion kai semidalin18 kai siton( kai kthnh kai probata19 kai i[ppwn kai
r`aidwn(20 kai swmatwn kai yucaj anqrwpwn 14 $~Kai h` opwra thj epiqumiaj thj
yuchj sou aphlqen apo sou( kai panta ta lipara kai ta lampra apwlonto21 apo sou( kai

    exelqete (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || exelqe (Ma,b) C,RP,HF || exelqate A,NU || exelqatai 
    kai ek twn plhgwn authj ina mh labhte $blabhte Md) (Ma,b,c,d,ept) ()(C)CP,RP,HF,NU || -----678 (Mept) ||  678-2345
  authj Ma2/3,bpt,c,i1/3 CP,HF || --- Ma1/3,bpt,d,e,f,g,h,i2/3 A,C,RP,TR,NU [the pronoun seemed awkward or redundant]
  u`min (Mc,d,e) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma,b) A,C,HF,NU
  auth dipla (Mapt,b,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR || ta dipla C,NU || ta dipla wj kai auth kai (Mapt) HF || dipla A
  pothriw (Mbpt,c,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || pothriw authj (Ma,bpt) ,HF
  e`authn (Mb,c,d,ept) CP,RP,TR || authn (Ma,ept) A,C,HF,NU
  kai penqoj Ma,b,d,ept,f,g,h,i A,C,RP,HF,TR,NU || --- Mc,ept CP
  kai (Mc,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || --- (Ma,b) HF
   o` krinaj (Ma,bpt,c,ept) ()(A)C.CP,RP,HF,NU || o` krinwn (Mbpt,ept) TR || o` Pantokratwr o` krinwn (Md)
   klausousin (Ma,b,c,ept) C.CP,RP,HF,NU || klausousin authn (Md) || klausontai authn (Mept) TR || klausontai A
   authn (Ma,b,c) C,CP,RP,HF,NU || auth (Md,e) A,TR
   klaiousin $kleousin C% kai penqousin (Mc,e,h) A,C,CP,TR,NU || klausousin kai penqhsousin (Ma,b,f,g) RP,HF ||
klausontai (Mdpt)
   ep auth (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF,TR || en auth A || ep authn (Mbpt) C,NU || ep authj (Mbpt) || ef eautouj (Mept) || ef
eautoij (Mept) || en eautoij (Mdpt)
   bussou (Mc,d,e) CP,TR || bussinou (Ma,b) A,C,RP,HF,NU || bussinwn 
   kai porfurou (Ma,c,d,e) CP,RP,HF || kai porfuraj (Mb) C,TR,NU || --- A
   kai (Ma,c,ept) CP,RP,HF,TR || kai amwmon kai (Mb,d,ept) A,C,NU
   oinon kai elaion $eleon C% kai semidalin (Mc,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU ||  54123 (Mbpt) ||  32145 (Mbpt) || --345
   kthnh kai probata (Mc,d,e,h) A,C,CP,TR,NU ||  321 (Ma,b,i) RP,HF
   raidwn (Mapt,bpt,c,f,g,h,i) CP,RP,HF || redwn (Mapt,bpt,d,e) A,C,TR,NU
   apwlonto Mbpt,c,g,i1/4 ,CP || apwleto Ma,bpt,f,h,i2/3 A,C,RP,HF,NU || aphlqen Ma1/4,d,e TR


ouketi ouv mh eu[rhseij auta)V%1 15 Oi` emporoi toutwn oi` plouthsantej apV authj(
apo makroqen sthsontai dia ton fobon tou basanismou authj(2 klaiontej kai
penqountej 16 kai legontej(3 ~Ouai( ouai(4 h` polij h` megalh( h` peribeblhmenh
bussinon5 kai porfuroun kai kokkinon( kai kecruswmenh evn crusw6 kai liqw timiw kai
kai margaritaij 17 {Oti mia w[ra hrhmwqh o` tosoutoj ploutoj)V
       ~~Kai paj kubernhthj kai paj o` epi twn ploiwn plewn7 kai nautai kai o[soi thn
qalassan ergazontai( apo makroqen esthsan 18 kai ekrazon( blepontej ton kapnon thj
purwsewj authj legontej( ~Ti,j o`moia th polei th megalhV 19 Kai ebalon coun epi taj
kefalaj autwn kai ekrazon klaiontej kai penqountej kai8 legontej( ~Ouai( ouai( h` polij
h` megalh( evn h] eplouthsan pantej oi` econtej ta9 ploia evn th qalassh ek thj
timiothtoj authj {Oti mia w[ra hrhmwqh)V
                                                        [Her doom final]
        20 ~~Eufrainou epV auth( Ourane( kai oi` a[gioi kai oi` apostoloi kai oi`
profhtai( o[ti ekrinen o` Qeoj to krima u`mwn evx authjVV 21 Kai hren ei`j aggeloj
iscuroj liqon w`j mulon megan kai ebalen eivj thn qalassan legwn( ~~Ou[twj
o`rmhmati blhqhsetai Babulwn h` megalh polij( kai ouv mh eu`reqh eti) 22 Kai fwnh
kiqarwdwn kai mousikwn kai aulhtwn kai salpistwn ouv mh akousqh evn soi eti) Kai
paj tecnithj pashj tecnhj ouv mh eu`reqh evn soi eti) Kai fwnh mulou ouv mh akousqh
evn soi eti)11 23 Kai fwj lucnou ouv mh fanh evn soi eti)12 Kai fwnh numfiou kai
numfhj ouv mh akousqh evn soi eti) {Oti13 oi` emporoi sou hsan oi` megistanej thj
ghj( o[ti evn th farmakeia sou eplanhqhsan panta ta eqnh) 24 Kai evn auth ai[mata14
profhtwn kai a`giwn eu`reqh( kai pantwn twn esfagmenwn epi thj ghj)VV
                                                       [Her fall celebrated]
          19)1 Kai15 meta tauta hkousa w``j fwnhn oclou pollou( megalhn(16 evn tw
ouranw legontwn\ ~~Allhlouia ~H swthria kai h` dunamij kai h` doxa17 tou Qeou
h`mwn 2 {Oti alhqinai kai dikaiai ai` kriseij autou( o[ti ekrinen thn pornhn thn

 ou mh eurhseij auta Mc,ept,i1/5 CP || ou mh eurhshj auta Ma1/5,ept,h2/5 TR || ou mh eurhj auta Md,f(h1/3)i1/3 RP || ou mh
eurhsousin auta Mbpt || ou mh auta eurhsousin Mbpt,h1/4 A,NU || auta ou mh eurhj (Ma3/4,e1/4,gpt(pt)i1/3 HF || auta ou
mh eurhsousin C [the evidence for the word order is adequate (Ma1/5,bpt,c,d,e,f,hpt,ipt); in vs 14 an unidentified speaker addresses
Babylon, so the verb must be 2nd sing.; the plural forms support the indicative; although ou mh usually takes the subjunctive,
on occasion it takes the volitive future when the certainty of the statement is being emphasized, as here]
  authj (Mb,c,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || authj kai (Ma) HF
  kai legontej (Mapt,b,c,d,ept) CP,RP,HF,TR || legontej (Mapt) A,C,NU || --- (Mept)
  ouai ouai (Mc,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || ouai ouai ouai (Mb) || ouai (Ma)
  bussinon (Mb,c,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || busson (Ma) HF
  en crusw (Mc,d,e) ,CP,TR || en crusiw C[NU] || crusiw (Ma,b) A,RP,HF
  o` epi twn ploiwn plewn Mb1/3,c,i1/3 CP || epi twn ploiwn plewn Md2/3,ept,f || epi twn ploiwn omiloj Me1/4 || epi twn
ploiwn o omiloj TR || o` epi topon plewn Ma,bpt,g,hpt,ipt A,C,RP,HF,NU || o` epi ton topon plewn Mhpt  [o epi is the
best attested, by far (a,b,c,g,h,i A,C) against (d,e,f); twn ploiwn is better than topon, the sequence ploiwn plewn
presumably gave rise to evasive action]
  klaiontej kai penqountej kai (Ma,bpt,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || 123- (Mbpt,d,ept) C,TR,NU || --- A
  ta (Ma,bpt,c,ept) A,C,CP,RP,HF,NU || --- (Mbpt,d,ept) TR
   ep auth (Ma,bpt,c) C,CP,RP,HF,NU || ep authn (Mbpt,d,e) TR || en auth A
   kai fwnh mulou ou mh akousqh en soi eti (Mapt(bpt)c,d,ept(f)g,h) A,C,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || --- (Mapt,bpt,ept) 
   kai fwj lucnou ou mh fanh en soi eti (Ma,c,ept(pt)f,g,h) (C)CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || --- (Mb,d) A
   o`ti (Mb,c,d,e) A,C,CP,RP,TR,NU || --- (Ma) HF
   aimata (Ma,b,c,e) CP,RP,HF || aima (Md) A,C,TR,NU
   kai (Mc,d,e) CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma,b) A,C,HF,NU
   fwnhn oclou pollou megalhn Mc CP,TR ||  1423 Ma,b,f,g,h,ipt A,C,RP,HF,NU || fwnhn $fwnhj Md) oclou pollou Md,e
[the emphatic use of megalhn was not understood—some omitted while others ‗corrected‘ the order]
   h dunamij kai h doxa (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF ||  45312 (Md,ept) A,C,NU ||  4531timh312 (Mept) TR || 12--- 


megalhn h`tij diefqeiren1 thn ghn evn th porneia authj\ kai exedikhsen to ai`ma twn
doulwn autou ek2 ceiroj authj)VV 3 Kai deuteron eirhken(3 ~~Allhlouia Kai o` kapnoj
kapnoj authj anabainei eivj touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwnVV 4 Kai epesan4 oi` presbuteroi
oi` eikosi tessarej5 kai ta tessara zwa kai prosekunhsan tw Qew tw kaqhmenw epi
tou qronou6 legontej( ~~Amhn AllhlouiaVV 5 Kai fwnh ek7 tou qronou exhlqen(
legousa( ~~Aineite ton Qeon h`mwn( pantej oi` douloi autou kai oi` foboumenoi
auton( oi` mikroi kai oi` megaloiVV
                                              [The wedding of the Lamb]
        6 Kai hkousa w`j fwnhn oclou pollou kai w`j fwnhn u`datwn pollwn kai w`j
fwnhn brontwn iscurwn legontaj\8 ~~Allhlouia {Oti ebasileusen Kurioj o` Qeoj
h`mwn( o` Pantokratwr 7 Cairwmen kai agalliwmeqa9 kai dwmen10 thn doxan autw(
o[ti hlqen o` gamoj tou Arniou( kai h` gunh autou h`toimasen e`authn)VV 8 Kai edoqh
auth i[na peribalhtai bussinon lampron kai kaqaron(11 to gar bussinon ta dikaiwmata
twn a`giwn estin)
        9 Kai legei moi( ~~Grayon\ ~Makarioi oi` eivj to12 deipnon tou gamou tou
Arniou keklhmenoiVVV Kai legei moi( ~~Ou`toi oi` logoi alhqinoi eisin tou
Qeou)VV13 10 Kai epeson14 emprosqen twn podwn autou proskunhsai autw) Kai
legei moi( ~~{Ora mh Sundouloj sou eimi kai twn adelfwn sou twn econtwn thn
marturian Ihsou) Tw Qew proskunhson ~H gar marturia tou15 Ihsou estin to pneuma
thj profhteiaj)VV
                                              [The battle of Armageddon]
       11 Kai eidon ton ouranon anewgmenon( kai idou( i[ppoj leukoj( kai o`
kaqhmenoj epV auton( kaloumenoj Pistoj kai Alhqinoj(16 kai evn dikaiosunh krinei kai
polemei) 12 Oi` de ofqalmoi autou17 flox puroj( kai epi thn kefalhn autou diadhmata
polla( ecwn onomata gegrammena( kai18 onoma gegrammenon o] oudeij oiden ei`
mh autoj( 13 kai peribeblhmenoj i`mation bebammenon ai[mati( kai kaleitai19 to
onoma autou( ~O Logoj tou Qeou) 14 Kai ta strateumata ta20 evn tw ouranw
hkolouqei autw epi i[ppoij leukoij(21 endedumenoi bussinon leukon kaqaron) 15 Kai

  diefqeiren (Ma,bpt,c) CP,RP,HF || efqeiren (Mbpt,d,ept) ()C,TR,NU || ekrinen A || --- (Mept)
  ek (Ma,b,c) A,C,CP,HF,NU || ek thj (Md,e) [RP]TR
  deuteron eirhken (Ma,c,f,g,I) CP,RP,HF || deuteron eirhkan (Md,e) A,TR,NU || deuteron eipan C || ek deuteron
eirhkan (Mbpt) || ek deuteron eirhkasi (Mbpt)
  epesan (Mc,dpt,e,g) A,C,TR,NU || epeson (Ma,b,dpt,f,h) CP,RP,HF
  eikosi tessarej (Mapt,b,ept) (A)C,CP,RP,HF,NU || kd , (Mapt,c(d)ept) || eikosi kai tessarej TR
  tou qronou (Mc,d,e) CP,RP,TR || tw qronw (Ma,b) A,C,HF,NU
  ek (Mc,d,e,f) ()CP,TR || apo (Ma,b,g,h) A,C,RP,HF,NU
  legontaj Ma1/4,c,e,gpt TR || legontej Ma,bpt,fpt,gpt,i1/3 RP,HF || legontwn Mbpt,d,fpt,h,i2/3 A,CP,NU || legouswn  [the
accusative is correct]
  agalliwmeqa (Ma,bpt,c,ept) CP,RP,HF,TR || agalliwmen (Mbpt,d,ept) A,NU
   dwmen (Ma,b,c,ept) ,CP,RP,HF,TR || dwswmen (Md,ept) NU || dwsomen A
   lampron kai kaqaron (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || 1-3 A,NU ||  3-1 (Md,ept) ||  321 (Mept) TR
   to (Mapt,bpt,c,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || ton (Mapt,bpt) HF
   eisin tou Qeou (Mc,d,e) ,CP,TR ||  231 (Ma,b) A,RP,HF,NU
   epeson (Mapt,bpt,c,f) CP,TR || epesa (Mapt,bpt,d,e,g) A,RP,HF,NU
   tou (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF,TR || --- (Md,e) A,NU
   kaloumenoj pistoj kai alhqinoj (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF,TR[NU] || -234 (Md,ept) A ||  2341 (Mept) ||  2134 
   autou (Ma,c,d,ept) ,CP,RP,HF || autou wj (Mb,ept) A,TR[NU]
   onomata gegrammena kai (Ma,b,c,ept(g)) CP,RP,HF || --- (Md,ept,f) A,TR,NU
   kaleitai (Mbpt,c,d,e) ,CP,RP,TR || keklhtai (Ma,bpt) A,HF,NU
   ta (Mapt,bpt,c,fpt) CP[RP]HF[NU] || --- (Mapt,bpt,d,e,fpt,g) A,TR
   epi ippoij leukoij (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || ef ippoij leukoij (Mept) A,TR,NU || ef ippoi polloi (Md,ept)


ek tou stomatoj autou ekporeuetai r`omfaia distomoj1 oxeia( i[na evn auth pataxh ta
eqnh) Kai autoj poimanei autouj evn r`abdw sidhra) Kai autoj patei thn lhnon tou
oinou tou qumou thj2 orghj tou Qeou tou Pantokratoroj) 16 Kai ecei epi to i`mation kai
kai epi ton mhron autou onoma gegrammenon\ Basileuj basilewn kai Kurioj kuriwn)
                                                [a feast for vultures]
       17 Kai eidon e`na3 aggelon e`stwta evn tw h`liw\ kai ekraxen fwnh4 megalh(
legwn pasin toij orneoij toij petomenoij evn mesouranhmati( ~~Deute sunacqhte eivj
to5 deipnon to mega tou6 Qeou( 18 i[na faghte sarkaj basilewn kai sarkaj ciliarcwn
kai sarkaj iscurwn kai sarkaj i[ppwn kai twn kaqhmenwn epV autwn( kai sarkaj
pantwn( eleuqerwn te kai doulwn kai mikrwn te7 kai megalwn)VV
       19 Kai eidon to Qhrion kai touj basileij thj ghj kai ta strateumata autwn
sunhgmena poihsai polemon8 meta tou kaqhmenou epi tou i[ppou kai meta tou
strateumatoj autou) 20 Kai epiasqh to Qhrion( kai metV autou o`9 Yeudoprofhthj( o`
poihsaj ta shmeia enwpion autou( evn oi`j eplanhsen touj labontaj to caragma tou
Qhriou kai touj proskunountaj th eikoni autou) Zwntej eblhqhsan oi` duo eivj thn
limnhn tou puroj thn kaiomenhn evn10 qeiw) 21 Kai oi` loipoi apektanqhsan evn th
r`omfaia tou kaqhmenou epi tou i[ppou th exelqoush ek tou stomatoj autou) Kai
panta ta ornea ecortasqhsan ek twn sarkwn autwn)
                                                [The Millennium]
                                                   [Satan bound]
         20)1 Kai eidon aggelon katabainonta ek tou ouranou econta thn klein thj
Abussou kai a[lusin megalhn epi thn ceira autou) 2 Kai ekrathsen ton drakonta( ton
ofin ton arcaion( o[j estin diaboloj kai o`11 Satanaj( o` planwn thn oikoumenhn
o[lhn(12 kai edhsen auton cilia eth\ 3 kai ebalen auton eivj thn Abusson kai ekleisen13
kai esfragisen epanw autou i[na mh plana14 eti ta eqnh acri telesqh ta cilia eth) Kai15
meta tauta dei auton luqhnai16 mikron cronon)
                                                   [Saints reign]
        4 Kai eidon qronouj( kai ekaqisan epV autouj( kai krima edoqh autoij( kai taj
yucaj twn pepelekismenwn dia thn marturian Ihsou kai dia ton logon tou Qeou( kai
oi[tinej ouv prosekunhsan tw Qhriw17 oute18 th eikoni19 autou kai ouk elabon to

  distomoj (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || --- (Md,ept) A,TR,NU
  thj (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || kai thj (Md,e) TR
  e`na (Mc,e) A,CP[RP]TR,NU || e`na allon (Mb) || allon  || --- (Ma,d) HF
  fwnh (Mapt,bpt,c,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR || en fwnh (Mapt,bpt) ,HF[NU]
  to (Mapt,c,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || ton (Mapt,b,d) HF
  to mega tou (Mapt,c) A,CP,RP,NU || ton megan tou (Mapt,b) HF || tou megalou (Md,e) TR
  te (Ma,c) CP,RP,HF || --- (Mb,d,e) A,TR,NU
  polemon (Mapt,b,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR || ton polemon (Mapt) A,HF,NU
  met autou o` (Mc,d,ept) ,CP,NU || meta toutou o` (Mept) TR || o met autou (Ma,b) RP,HF || oi met autou o A
   en (Ma,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || en tw (Mb,d,e) TR
   o` (Mapt,b,c,d) A,CP[RP]HF,NU || --- (Mapt,e) TR
   o` planwn thn oikoumenhn o`lhn Ma,b,c,fpt,g,i CP,RP,HF || --- Md,e,fpt,h A,TR,NU
   ekleisen (Ma,b,c,ept) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || edhsen (Md,ept) || ekleisen auton TR
   plana (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || planhsh (Md,ept) A,TR,NU || planhsei 
   kai (Mbpt,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR || --- (Ma,bpt) A,HF,NU
   auton luqhnai (Mbpt,c,d,e) ,CP,RP,TR ||  21 (Ma,bpt) A,HF,NU
   tw qhriw (Mbpt,c,e,f2/3,g) CP,RP,TR || to qhrion (Ma,bpt,d) A,HF,NU
   oute (Mbpt,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR || oude (Ma,bpt,g) A,HF,NU
   th eikoni (Mc,ept,g,hpt) CP,TR || thn eikona (Ma,b,d,ept) A,RP,HF,NU


caragma epi to metwpon autwn1 kai epi thn ceira autwn) Kai ezhsan kai ebasileusan
ebasileusan meta tou Cristou cilia2 eth) 5 $Kai oi` loipoi twn nekrwn ouk ezhsan acri
telesqh ta cilia eth)%3 Au`th h` anastasij h` prwth) 6 Makarioj kai a[gioj o` ecwn meroj
meroj evn th anastasei th prwth) Epi toutwn o` deuteroj qanatoj4 ouk ecei exousian(
allV esontai i`ereij tou Qeou kai tou Cristou( kai basileusousin metV autou5 cilia eth)
                                                       [The final rebellion]
        7 Kai o`tan telesqh6 ta cilia eth luqhsetai o` Satanaj ek thj fulakhj autou 8
kai exeleusetai planhsai ta eqnh ta evn taij tessarsin gwniaij thj ghj( ton Gwg kai ton 7
ton7 Magwg( sunagagein8 autouj eivj ton9 polemon( w`n o` ariqmoj10 w`j h` ammoj thj
thj qalasshj) 9 Kai anebhsan epi to platoj thj ghj kai ekukleusan11 thn parembolhn
twn a`giwn kai thn polin thn hgaphmenhn) Kai katebh pur ek tou ouranou apo tou
Qeou12 kai katefagen autouj) 10 Kai o` Diaboloj o` planwn autouj eblhqh eivj thn
limnhn tou puroj kai13 qeiou( o[pou kai to Qhrion kai o` Yeudoprofhthj) Kai
basanisqhsontai h`meraj kai nuktoj eivj touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwn)
                                                 [The Great White Throne]
       11 Kai eidon qronon megan leukon14 kai ton kaqhmenon epV auton( ou` apo
proswpou efugen h` gh kai o` ouranoj) Kai topoj ouc eu`reqh autoij) 12 Kai eidon touj
nekrouj touj megalouj kai touj mikrouj e`stwtaj15 enwpion tou qronou( kai biblia
anewcqhsan)16 Kai allo Biblion anewcqh17 o[ estin thj Zwhj) Kai ekriqhsan oi` nekroi
ek twn gegrammenwn evn toij biblioij( kata ta erga autwn) 13 Kai edwken h` qalassa
touj evn auth nekrouj(18 kai o` Qanatoj kai o` {Adhj edwkan touj evn autoij nekrouj)19
Kai ekriqhsan e[kastoj kata ta erga autwn)20 14 Kai o` Qanatoj kai o` {Adhj
eblhqhsan eivj thn limnhn tou puroj) Ou`toj estin o` qanatoj o` deuteroj(21 h` limnh tou
puroj) 15 Kai eiv tij ouc eu`reqh evn th Biblw22 thj Zwhj gegrammenoj eblhqh eivj thn
limnhn tou puroj)
                                                  [New heaven, new earth]

    to metwpon autwn (Mc,e) CP[RP]TR || twn metwpwn autwn (Mdpt) || to metwpon (Ma,b) A,HF,NU
    cilia (Mbpt,c,d,e) A,CP,NU || ta cilia (Ma,bpt) [RP]HF,TR
  Sentence within ( ) Mbpt(pt)c,d,e,f,h,ipt (A)CP,RP,HF(TR)NU || omit sentence Ma,g 
  o` deuteroj qanatoj (Ma,b,c,ept) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || o` qanatoj o` deuteroj (Md,ept) TR
  met autou (Mb,c,d,e) A,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || meta tauta (Ma)
  otan telesqh (Mb,c,d,ept) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || ote etelesqhsan (Mept) || meta (Ma) HF
  ton (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF,TR || --- (Md,e) A,NU
  sunagagein (Ma,bpt,c,ept) A,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || kai sunagagein (Mbpt,d,ept) 
  ton Ma,bpt,c,g,h,i A,CP,RP,HF,NU || --- Mbpt,d,e,f TR
   ariqmoj (Mbpt,c,d,e) CP,TR || ariqmoj autwn (Ma,bpt) A[RP]HF,NU
   ekukleusan (Ma,c) A,CP,HF,NU || ekuklwsan (Mb,d,e) ,RP,TR
   pur ek tou ouranou apo tou Qeou (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || 1234--- (Md) A,NU ||  127534 (Mept) ||  2671534 (Mept) ||
 1567234 TR || --- 
   kai (Ma,c,e) A,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || kai tou (Mb,d) 
   megan leukon (Ma,bpt,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU ||  21 (Mbpt,d,e) TR
   touj megalouj kai touj mikrouj e`stwtaj (Mbpt,c,d,e) A,CP,RP,HF,NU ||  645312 (Mbpt) ||  323456  ||  5326 TR || -
----6 (Ma)
   anewcqhsan Mc,h1/4 CP || hnewcqhsan Me2/3,g1/3,hpt,i1/3 RP,TR || hnoicqhsan Mb,d,f,h1/4,i1/3 A,NU || hnewcqh  ||
hnoixan Ma2/3(gpt)i1/4 HF
   anewcqh Mc,f1/4,h1/4 CP || hnewcqh Ma,b1/3,e1/3,f,g,hpt,i RP,HF(TR) || hnoicqh Mbpt,d,ept A,NU || --- 
   en auth nekrouj Ma1/6,c,e CP,TR || eauthj nekrouj Me1/4 || nekrouj touj en auth Ma,b,d,f,g,h,i A,RP,HF,NU [the dead
have already been introduced, emphatically, in verse 12]
   en autoij nekrouj Ma1/4,c,e TR || eautwn nekrouj Mg1/3 CP || nekrouj touj en autoij Ma,b,d,f,gpt,h,i A,RP,HF,NU
   autwn (Mapt,c,d,e) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || autou (Mapt,b) HF
   estin o` qanatoj o` deuteroj Mc CP ||  1453 Ma1/4,e1/4,h1/3,ipt TR ||  23451 Mapt,b,e1/4,f,gpt,h1/4,ipt A,RP,HF,NU || 2351 Md ||
--- Ma1/6,ept ||  4531 Mh1/3 
   en th biblw (Mc(d)ept) A,CP,TR,NU || en tw bibliw (Ma,b) RP,HF || eij thn biblon (Mept)


       21)1 Kai eidon ouranon kainon kai ghn kainhn( o` gar prwtoj ouranoj kai h`
prwth gh parhlqen)1 Kai h` qalassa ouk estin eti) 2 Kai thn polin thn a`gian(
Ierousalhm Kainhn( eidon katabainousan apo tou Qeou ek tou ouranou(2
h`toimasmenhn w`j numfhn kekosmhmenhn tw andri authj) 3 Kai hkousa fwnhj
megalhj ek tou ouranou legoushj\ ~~Idou( h` skhnh tou Qeou meta twn anqrwpwn(
kai skhnwsei metV autwn kai autoi laoj3 autou esontai( kai autoj o` Qeoj estai metV
autwn)4 4 Kai exaleiyei pan5 dakruon apo twn ofqalmwn autwn( kai o` qanatoj ouk
estai eti( oute penqoj oute kraugh oute ponoj ouk estai eti( o[ti ta prwta 6 aphlqon)VV7
       5 Kai eipen o` kaqhmenoj epi tou qronou(8 ~~Idou( kaina poiw panta)VV9 Kai
Kai legei moi(10 ~~Grayon( o[ti ou`toi oi` logoi alhqinoi kai pistoi11 eisin)VV12 6 Kai
eipen moi\ ~~Gegona13 to Alfa kai to W( Arch kai Teloj)14 Egw tw diywnti dwsw15 ek
thj phghj tou u[datoj thj zwhj dwrean) 7 ~O nikwn klhronomhsei tauta16 kai esomai
autw Qeoj( kai autoj estai moi ui`oj)17 8 Toij de deiloij kai apistoij kai a`martwloij kai18
ebdelugmenoij kai foneusin kai pornoij kai farmakoij kai eidwlolatraij( kai pasin toij
yeudesin( to meroj autwn evn th limnh th kaiomenh puri kai qeiw( o[ estin o` qanatoj
o` deuteroj)VV19
                                                     [The New Jerusalem]
       9 Kai hlqen ei`j ek twn e`pta aggelwn twn econtwn taj e`pta fialaj gemousaj
twn21 e`pta plhgwn twn escatwn( kai elalhsen metV emou legwn( ~~Deuro( deixw soi
thn gunaika thn numfhn tou Arniou)VV22 10 Kai aphnegken me evn Pneumati epV
oroj mega kai u`yhlon( kai edeixen moi thn polin thn megalhn( thn a`gian23
Ierousalhm( katabainousan ek tou ouranou apo24 tou Qeou( 11 ecousan thn doxan
  parhlqen (Mc,d,e) CP,RP,TR || aphlqen (Mbpt) || aphlqon (Ma,bpt) HF || aphlqan A,NU
  apo tou Qeou ek tou ouranou (Mc,d,e) CP,TR ||  456123 (Ma,b) A,RP,HF,NU
  laoj (Ma,b,c) CP,RP,HF || laoi (Md,e) A,TR,NU
  estai met autwn (Mbpt,c,ept) ,CP,RP ||  231 (Ma,bpt) HF || 123Qeoj autwn (Md,ept) TR ||  231autwn Qeoj A[NU]
  pan (Mbpt,c,d,ept) ,CP,RP,NU || o Qeoj pan (Mept) A,TR || ap autwn pan (Ma,bpt) HF
  oti ta prwta (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF,TR[NU] || ta gar prwta (Md) || ta prwta (Mept) || ta probata 
  aphlqon (Mbpt,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR || aphlqen (Ma,bpt) ,HF || aphlqan A,NU
  epi tou qronou Ma1/5,c,ept,hpt,ipt CP,TR || epi tw qronw Ma,bpt,ept,f,g,hpt,ipt A,RP,HF,NU || en tw qronw Mbpt(d) [is the Creator
relaxed on His throne (dative), a little bored or sad, saying, ―Well, you know, I guess I‘ll have to start over,‖ or is He sitting on
the edge of His chair (genitive), exited, saying, ―Hey, I‘m going to make everything new!‖? We know that as an eye witness
John was good at observing detail (Jn. 19:34); I imagine that it looked to John like He was going to get up and start right then!]
  kaina poiw panta (Mbpt,c) ()A,CP,NU [kainopoiw panta (Md,ept)] ||  132 (Mept) TR ||  312 (Ma,bpt) RP,HF
   moi (Mapt,bpt,c,d,e,f) ,CP,TR || --- (Mapt,bpt,g) A,RP,HF,NU
   alhqinoi kai pistoi (Mbpt,c,d,ept(pt)f) CP,RP,TR ||  321 (Ma,bpt,g,h) A,HF,NU
   eisin (Mc,d,e,h) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || eisin tou Qeou (Mbpt,f) || tou Qeou eisin (Ma,bpt,g) HF
   gegona (Ma,c,ept(h)) CP,HF || gegone (Mdpt,ept) || gegona egw (Mb,dpt,ept,f) [RP] || gegonan egw eimi A[NU] ||
gegone egw eimi TR
   arch kai teloj Mc,ept,f CP || h arch kai to teloj Ma1/4,b,d,g,h,i A,RP,TR,NU || kai h arch kai to teloj Ma,e1/4 HF [the
absence of the article emphasizes the inherent quality of the nouns]
   dwsw Mc,d,e,g,h,i A,CP,RP,TR,NU || dwsw autw Ma,b,f HF
   klhronomhsei tauta (Mc,d,ept,h) A,CP,RP,NU || klhronomhsei panta (Mept) TR || dwsw autw tauta (Ma,b,f) HF
   autoj estai moi uioj (Ma,b,c) ,CP,RP,HF,NU || -234 A || 123o`4 TR || autoi esontai moi uioi (Md,e)
   kai a`martwloij kai (Ma,b,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || kai A,TR,NU || --- (Md,ept)
   o qanatoj o deuteroj (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || -2-4 (Md) ||  142 (Mept) ||  42 TR || --- (Mept)
   ek (Ma,bpt,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || --- (Mbpt,d,e) TR
   gemousaj twn (Ma,bpt,c,f) CP,RP,HF || taj gemousaj twn (Mept) TR || twn gemontwn twn (Mept) A,NU || twn
gemontwn (Md) || taj ecousaj twn (Mbpt)
   thn gunaika thn numfhn tou arniou (Ma,c,f,g) CP,RP,HF ||  341256 (Mb,h) A,NU ||  345612 (Md,e) TR
   thn megalhn thn a`gian (Mc) CP[RP]TR || thn megalhn kai a`gian (Mbpt,d,e,fpt) || thn a`gian (Ma,bpt,fpt,g,h) A,HF,NU
[‗the great‘ beats out omit, and ‗the holy‘ beats out ‗and holy‘; so Mc preserves the original]
   apo (Mc,d,ept) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || kai apo (Mept) || ek (Ma,bpt(pt)) HF


tou Qeou) ~O1 fwsthr authj o[moioj liqw timiwtatw( w`j liqw iaspidi krustalizonti(2 12
ecousa3 teicoj mega kai u`yhlon( ecousa pulwnaj dwdeka kai epi toij pulwsin
aggelouj dwdeka(4 kai onomata epigegrammena a[ estin5 twn dwdeka fulwn twn
ui`wn6 Israhl\ 13 apo anatolwn7 pulwnej treij kai8 apo borra pulwnej treij kai apo
notou9 pulwnej treij kai apo dusmwn10 pulwnej treij) 14 Kai to teicoj thj polewj econ
econ qemeliouj dwdeka kai epV autwn dwdeka onomata twn dwdeka apostolwn tou
Arniou) 15 Kai o` lalwn metV emou eicen metron(11 kalamon crusoun( i[na metrhsh
thn polin kai touj pulwnaj authj)12 16 Kai h` polij tetragwnoj keitai( kai to mhkoj authj
o[son to platoj) Kai emetrhsen thn polin13 tw kalamw epi stadiouj14 dwdeka15 ciliadwn
dwdeka)16 To mhkoj kai to platoj kai to u[yoj authj isa estin) 17 Kai emetrhsen17 to
teicoj authj e`katon tessarakonta tessarwn18 phcwn( metron anqrwpou( o[ estin
aggelou) 18 Kai h=n h` endomhsij tou teicouj authj iaspij\ kai h` polij crusion kaqaron
o[moion19 u`elw20 kaqarw\ 19 kai21 oi` qemelioi tou teicouj thj polewj panti liqw timiw
kekosmhmenoi\ o` qemelioj o` prwtoj iaspij( o` deuteroj sapfeiroj( o` tritoj calkhdwn(
o` tetartoj smaragdoj( 20 o` pemptoj sardonux(22 o` e[ktoj sardioj(23 o` e[bdomoj
crusoliqoj( o` ogdooj bhrulloj( o` enatoj24 topazion( o` dekatoj crusoprasoj( o`
e`ndekatoj u`akinqoj( o` dwdekatoj amequsoj) 21 Kai oi` dwdeka pulwnej dwdeka
margaritaiana ei`j e[kastoj twn pulwnwn h=n evx e`noj margaritou) Kai h` plateia
thj polewj crusion kaqaron w`j u[eloj25 diaughj)
                                                             [Her glory]
        22 Kai naon ouk eidon evn auth o` gar Kurioj o` Qeoj o` Pantokratwr naoj
authj estin( kai to Arnion) 23 Kai h` polij ouv creian ecei tou h`liou oude thj selhnhj
i[na fainwsin en26 auth( h` gar doxa27 tou Qeou efwtisen authn( kai o` lucnoj authj to
Arnion) 24 Kai peripathsousin ta eqnh dia tou fwtoj authj( kai oi` basileij thj ghj

  o` (Ma,bpt,c,d,ept) (A)CP,RP,HF,NU || kai o (Mbpt,ept) TR
  krustalizonti (Mapt,bpt,c,d,ept) CP || krustallizonti (Mapt,bpt,ept) A,RP,HF,TR,NU
  ecousa (Ma,bpt,c,d,ept) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || ecousan (Mbpt) || ecousa te (Mept) || ecousan te TR || econti 
  dwdeka (Mapt,bpt,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR,NU || dekaduo (Mapt,bpt) HF || ib  || --- (Mept) A
  estin (Mc,d,e) ,CP,TR || estin onomata (Ma,bpt) [RP]HF || estin to onomata (Mbpt) A[NU]
  twn uiwn (Mc,e) CP[RP]TR || uiwn (Ma,b) A,HF,NU || tou (Md)
  anatolwn (Ma,b,c,ept,f,g) CP,RP,HF || anatolhj (Md,ept,h) A,TR,NU
  kai (Mapt,b,c,f,g,hpt) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || --- (Md,e) TR
  kai apo notou (Mapt,b,c,d) CP,RP,HF,NU || apo notou (Mept) TR || kai apo dusmwn A || apo dusmwn (Mept) || kai
apo borra 
   kai apo dusmwn (Mapt,b,c,d) CP,RP,HF,NU || apo dusmwn (Mept) TR || kai apo notou A || apo meshmbriaj (Mept)
   metron (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || --- (Md,e) TR
   authj Ma,c,g CP || authj kai to teicoj authj Mb,d,e,f,h,i A[RP]HF,TR,NU
   polin Ma,c,fpt,g,h,i A,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || polin en Mb,d,e,fpt
   stadiouj Ma,bpt,c,f,g,h A,CP,RP,HF || stadiwn Mbpt,d,e,i ,TR,NU
   dwdeka Mbpt,c,d,e,gpt,h,i A,CP,RP,TR,NU || dekaduo Ma,bpt,f HF
   dwdeka Ma,bpt,c,f,gpt CP[RP]HF || --- Mbpt,e,h,i A,TR,NU || authj Md
   emetrhsen Mc,d,e,g,i A,CP,RP,TR,NU || --- Ma,b,f HF
   ekaton tessarakonta tessarwn (Mapt,b,d,ept) CP,RP,HF,TR(NU) || rmd , (Mapt,c,ept)
   omoion (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || omoia (Md,e) TR
   u`elw (Mapt,bpt,c,ept) A,CP,RP,HF || u`alw (Mapt,bpt,d,ept) TR,NU
   kai (Mbpt,c,d,e) ,CP[RP]TR || --- (Ma,bpt) A,HF,NU
   sardonux (Ma,bpt,cpt,e) ,RP,HF,TR,NU || sardwnux (Mbpt,cpt,d) CP || sardiwnux A
   sardioj (Mbpt,c,d,e) CP,RP,TR || sardion (Ma,bpt) A,HF,NU
   enatoj (Ma,b,c,dpt) A,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || ennatoj (Mdpt,e) || eq 
   u`eloj (Ma,bpt,c,ept) CP,RP,HF || u`aloj (Mbpt,d,ept),TR,NU
   en Ma1/6,c,d,ept,h1/3 CP,TR || --- Ma,b,ept,f,g,h2/3,i A,RP,HF,NU [a not very difficult case of homoioteleuton; since the resulting
reading made good sense, there was no reason to question it]
   auth h gar doxa (Mb,c,ept) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || authn h gar doxa (Md,ept) ||  1324 (Ma) HF


ferousin thn doxan kai thn timhn autwn eivj authn)1 25 Kai oi` pulwnej authj ouv mh
kleisqwsin h`meraj( nux gar ouk estai ekei) 26 Kai oisousin thn doxan kai thn timhn
twn eqnwn eivj authn)2 27 Kai ouv mh eiselqh eivj authn pan koinon kai poioun3
bdelugma kai yeudoj( eiv mh oi` gegrammenoi evn tw Bibliw thj Zwhj tou Arniou)
                                                                 [Her river]
           22)1 Kai edeixen moi potamon kaqaron4 u[datoj zwhj( lampron w`j
krustallon(5 ekporeuomenon ek tou qronou tou Qeou kai tou Arniou( 2 evn mesw thj
plateiaj authj\ kai tou potamou enteuqen kai enteuqen6 xulon zwhj poioun karpouj
dwdeka( kata mhna e[kaston apodidouj7 ton karpon autou) Kai ta fulla tou xulou eivj
qerapeian twn eqnwn) 3 Kai pan kataqema ouvk estai ekei(8 kai o qronoj tou Qeou
kai tou Arniou evn auth estai( kai oi` douloi autou latreusousin9 autw) 4 Kai oyontai to
to proswpon autou( kai to onoma autou epi twn metwpwn autwn) 5 Kai nux ouk estai
ekei10 kai creian ouk ecousin lucnou kai fwtoj h`liou11 o[ti Kurioj o` Qeoj fwtiei12
autouj) Kai basileusousin eivj touj aiwnaj twn aiwnwn)
6 Kai legei moi( ~~Ou`toi oi` logoi pistoi kai alhqinoi) Kai Kurioj o` Qeoj twn
pneumatwn twn14 profhtwn apesteilen ton aggelon autou deixai toij douloij autou a]
dei genesqai evn tacei) 7 ~Idou(15 ercomai tacu Makarioj o` thrwn touj logouj thj
profhteiaj tou bibliou toutou)VVV
       8 Kagw16 Iwannhj o` akouwn kai blepwn tauta(17 kai o[te hkousa kai ebleya(18
epeson19 proskunhsai emprosqen twn podwn tou aggelou tou deiknuntoj20 moi tauta)
9 Kai legei moi\ ~~{Ora mh Sundouloj sou eimi kai twn adelfwn sou twn profhtwn(
twn21 thrountwn touj logouj tou bibliou toutou) Tw Qew proskunhsonVV 10 Kai legei
moi\ ~~Mh sfragishj touj logouj thj profhteiaj tou bibliou toutou o`ti o` kairoj22 egguj

  thn doxan kai thn timhn autwn eij authn Ma1/6,c,e1/5,gpt,ipt CP,TR || 12---678 Md,ept,h A,NU || thn doxan kai thn timhn
twn eqnwn eij authn Mb || autw doxan kai timhn twn eqnwn eij authn Ma,f,gpt,ipt RP,HF [thn beats out autw and autwn
beats out twn eqnwn; Mc preserves the original]
  authn Mb,c,d,ept,gpt,h A,CP,RP,TR,NU || authn ina eiselqwsin Ma,ept,f,gpt HF
  poioun Mbpt,c,d,e,f CP,RP,TR || poiwn Mbpt,hpt A || o poiwn Ma,g v,HF[NU]
  potamon kaqaron Mbpt,c,d,e,f) CP,RP ||  21 TR || potamon (Ma,bpt,gpt) A,HF,NU
  krustallon (Ma,bpt,cpt,d,ept) A,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || krustalon (Mbpt,cpt,ept)
  enteuqen Mbpt,c,d,e,hpt CP,RP,TR || ekeiqen Ma,bpt,f,g,hpt A,HF,NU
  ekaston apodidouj Mc,dpt,e1/5 ,CP,RP || ekaston apodidon Mbpt,fpt || ekaston apodidoun Md1/3,e2/3,h1/3 A,TR,NU || 
21 Ma2/5,bpt,f1/3,gpt HF || apodidouj ekastoj Ma1/3,gpt [-douj (a,bpt,c,dpt,e1/4,f1/3,g,hpt,ipt,) is the clear winner over both -doun
(a1/7,d1/3,e,h1/3,ipt,A) and -don (bpt,fpt); e. a. (bpt,c,d,e,f2/3,h,ipt,A) beats out a. e. (a,bpt,f1/3,g,ipt); so Mc has the correct reading]
  ekei (Mbpt,c,d,e,f,gpt) CP,RP || eti (Ma,bpt,gpt) A,HF,TR,NU || --- 
  latreusousin (Mapt,bpt,c,d,e,f2/3,g2/3) A,CP,RP,TR,NU || latreuousin (Mapt,bpt) HF
   ekei Mbpt,c,d,e,f,g,hpt CP,RP,TR || eti Mbpt,hpt A,NU || --- Ma HF
   creian ouk ecousin lucnou kai fwtoj $fwj Mept,f% h`liou (Mbpt,c,e,f) CP,RP,TR || creian ouk ecousin fwj lucnou kai fwj
h`liou (Mdpt) || ouk ecousin creian fwtoj lucnou kai fwtoj h`liou (A)NU || ou creia lucnou kai fwtoj (Ma,g) HF
   fwtiei (Ma,bpt,c,e) ,CP,RP,HF || fwtizei (Mbpt,d) TR || fwtisei A,NU
   legei Ma,bpt,c,g CP,RP,HF || eipen Mbpt,d,e,f,h A,TR,NU
   pneumatwn twn Ma,c,f2/3,g,h A,CP,RP,HF,NU || pneumatwn twn agiwn Mb || agiwn Md,e TR
   idou Mbpt,c,e,f,hpt CP,TR || kai idou Ma,bpt,d,g,hpt A[RP]HF,NU
   kagw (Ma,bpt,c,gpt) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || kai egw (Mbpt,d,e,f,gpt) TR
   akouwn kai blepwn tauta (Ma,bpt,c,g) A,CP,RP,HF,NU ||  3214 (Mbpt,d,e,f)  ||  3421 TR
   ebleya (Mbpt,c,d,e,f) ,CP,RP,TR,NU || eblepon A || ote eidon (Mapt,g) HF || eidon (Mbpt)
   epeson (Ma,bpt,c,d,ept) CP,RP,HF || epesa (Mbpt,ept) A,TR,NU
   deiknuntoj (Mapt,c) ()(CP)HF || deiknuontoj (Mapt,b,d,e) (A)RP,TR,NU
   twn (Mc,e2/3,fpt) CP || kai twn (Ma,b,d,e1/3) A,RP,HF,TR,NU
   oti o kairoj Mc,e,fpt(gpt) CP,TR || o kairoj gar Ma,b,fpt,gpt,h A[RP]HF,NU || o gar kairoj Md


estin) 11 ~O adikwn adikhsatw eti( kai o` r`uparoj rupareuqhtw eti( kai o` dikaioj
dikaiosunhn poihsatw eti( kai o` a[gioj a`giasqhtw eti)VV
                                                    [Jesus’ final word]
        12 ~~Idou( ercomai tacu( kai o` misqoj mou metV emou( apodounai e`kastw
w`j to ergon estai autou)1 13 Egw to Alfa2 kai to W( Arch kai Teloj( o` Prwtoj kai o`
14 $Makarioi oi` poiountej taj entolaj autou( i[na estai h` exousia autwn epi to xulon
thj zwhj( kai toij pulwsin eiselqwsin eivj thn polin) 15 Exw oi` kunej kai oi` farmakoi
kai oi` pornoi kai oi` foneij kai oi` eidwlolatrai( kai paj filwn kai poiwn4 yeudoj)%
16 ~~Egw Ihsouj epemya ton aggelon mou marturhsai u`min tauta epi taij ekklhsiaij)
Egw eimi h` ~Riza kai to Genoj Dauid( o`5 Asthr o` lamproj o` prwinoj) 17 Kai to
Pneuma kai h` numfh legousin( ~ErcouV Kai o` akouwn eipatw( ~ErcouV Kai o`
diywn ercesqw) ~O qelwn( labetw u[dwr zwhj dwrean)
                                                    [A serious warning]
        18 ~~Marturw egw panti akouonti touj logouj thj profhteiaj tou bibliou toutou\
Ean tij epiqh epV auta( epiqhsai7 epV auton o` Qeoj8 taj e`pta9 plhgaj taj
gegrammenaj evn tw bibliw toutw) 19 Kai ean tij afelh apo twn logwn tou bibliou thj
profhteiaj tauthj(10 afeloi11 o` Qeoj to meroj autou apo tou xulou thj zwhj kai evk thj
polewj thj a`giaj( twn gegrammenwn evn tw bibliw toutw)VV
                                                      [John signs off]
       20 Legei o` marturwn tauta( ~~Nai( ercomai tacu)VV Amhn Nai(12 ercou(
Kurie Ihsou13
       21 ~H carij tou Kuriou Ihsou Cristou meta pantwn twn a`giwn) Amhn)14
                                                  MSS of Revelation
                                 This list is based on Hoskier‘s groupings of MSS

Odd Uncials —P18 P24 P43 P47 P85 P98 P115  A C E P 0163 0169 0207                                                        15

Mb(“Coptic”)—34,35,68,87(124)132,156(165)181,188                                                                           10

  wj to ergon estai autou (Ma,bpt,c) CP,RP,HF ||  12354 (Mbpt,e) TR || wj to ergon estin autou A,NU || kata ta erga
autou (Md)
  alfa (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || A (Md,e) TR
  arch kai teloj o prwtoj kai o escatoj Mc,d,ept,f CP,TR || o prwtoj kai o escatoj Mept || o prwtoj kai o escatoj h arch
kai to teloj Ma,b,g,h ,RP,HF,NU || prwtoj kai escatoj h arch kai to teloj A
  filwn kai poiwn Ma,c,gpt,hpt A,CP,RP,NU ||  321  || o filwn kai poiwn Md,e,f,gpt,hpt,i HF,TR || o poiwn kai filwn Mbpt || o
poiwn kai o filwn Mbpt
  o (Ma,c) A,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || kai o (Mb,d,e)
  panti Mc,d,ept CP,TR || panti tw Ma,b,ept,f,g,h A,RP,HF,NU
  epiqhsai (Ma,c,gpt) CP,RP,HF || epiqhsei (Mbpt,dpt,e) A,TR,NU || epiqhsh (Mdpt) || epiqhsetai (Mbpt)
  ep auton o Qeoj Mbpt,c(d)ept,f ,CP || o Qeoj ep auton Ma,bpt,g,h RP,HF,TR,NU || o Qeoj autou Mept || o Qeoj A
  epta Mbpt,c,e,f CP[RP] || --- Ma,bpt,d,g,h A,HF,TR,NU
   tou bibliou thj profhteiaj tauthj (Ma,b,c,ept) A,CP,RP,HF,NU || biblou thj profhteiaj tauthj TR || toutwn tou bibliou thj
profhtiaj tauthj  || thj profhteiaj tou bibliou toutou (Md,ept)
   afeloi (Mapt,bpt,c(gpt)) CP,RP,HF || afelei (Mbpt,d,e,f(gpt)) A,NU || afeli  || afairhsei TR
   nai (Ma,bpt,c,d,g) CP,RP,HF,TR || --- (Mbpt,e,f) A,NU
   Ihsou (Ma,b,c) A,CP,RP,HF,TR,NU || Ihsou Criste (Md,e)
   amhn (Ma,b,c,ept) ,CP,RP,HF,TR || --- (Md,ept) A,NU


Mc(“Compl.”)—10(17)37,49,77,91,96,110,150(154)157,160,161,187 [3:12],190,
         192,202,212,221,223,224,227,228,229,230,232(233)242,244,250                                                              30
         [14,92,201]                                                                                                               3

         170,191(220)                                                                                                             17

         145,147,152,159,162,163,179,184,187[1:1-3:12],189,193(204)208,241 31
         [15,98,100[1:-10:],119,123,144,148,158]                            7

Mf(“Areth.”)—4,6,20,31,48,64,74,106(164-166[1:-11:])171,174(182)                                                                  13

Mg(“Gr-Lat”)—7,16,39,45,69,102,104,151,180                                                                                         9

Ma(“Fam. Q”)—B,2,19,22,33,40,50,93,125,142(169)177,186,194,210(216)
         245,251                                                                                                                  18

    (Ma-Mb) —44,51,52,61,82,90,97,122,126(164-166[12:-22:])172,214,217,218,
            219,246                                                                                                              15

    (Ma-Mc) —13,23,55,150s,226                                                                                                     5

    (Ma-Md) —25,26,41,42,53,58,70,78,84,94,107(128)(153)207(211,222)                                                              16

    (Ma-Me) —29,30,129(149)                                                                                                        4

    (Ma-Mg) —8,9,24,27,75,140                                                                                                      6

Mh [“Egypt”]—F,38,95,111,127,143,146,155,178,200,203,215,240                                                                      13

Mi(“Indep.”)—18,32,36,47,56,108,109,113,167,176,206                                                                               11

[miscellan.]—57,89,236,238                                                                                                        4
Obs.: Hoskier does not have P                , of course. Not all of the above will be extant at any given
                               a-e  f-h                     f                                    a
point. I follow H-F in using M . M are my invention. M was included by Hodges in his M ; besides
factoring it out (for obvious reasons) I have further subdivided M . (I understand Hoskier to say that
   a  b                                 a  c
M -M is a mixture of a and b, that M -M is a mixture of a and c, etc. If these subgroups are mixtures,
then they are secondary developments, which tarnishes their credibility.) Hodges ignored M and the

197,198,199,205,209,213,225,231,234,235,237,239,243,247,248,249,252 = 43 MSS

                                             ORIGINAL TEXT THEORY
         I am sure that if Burgon were alive today he would agree that the discoveries and research of
the last hundred years make possible, even necessary, some refinements on his theory. I proceed to
outline what I consider to be the correct approach to N.T. textual criticism. I venture to call it Original
Text Theory.

 I have thought of resurrecting the term "traditional", but since Burgon and Miller are not here to protest, I hesitate; besides, that
that term is no longer descriptive. Terms like "antiochian" or "byzantine" carry an extraneous burden of antipathy, or have been


1) First, OTT is concerned to identify the precise original wording of the N.T. writings.
2) Second, the criteria must be biblical, objective and reasonable.
3) Third, a 90% attestation will be considered unassailable, and 80% virtually so.
4) Fourth, Burgon's "notes of truth" will come into play, especially where the attestation falls below
5) Fifth, where collations exist, making possible an empiric grouping of the MSS on the basis of
          shared mosaics of readings, this must be done. Such groups must be evaluated on the basis
          of their performance and be assigned a credibility quotient. A putative history of the
          transmission of the Text needs to be developed on the basis of the interrelationships of such
          groups. Demonstrated groupings and relationships supersede the counting of MSS.
6) Sixth, it presupposes that the Creator exists and that He has spoken to our race. It accepts the
          implied divine purpose to preserve His revelation for the use of subsequent generations,
          including ours. It understands that both God and Satan have an ongoing active interest in the
          fate of the N.T. Text—to approach N.T. textual criticism without taking due account of that
          interest is to act irresponsibly.
7) Seventh, it insists that presuppositions and motives must always be addressed and evaluated.

                                                                                           Dr. Wilbur Pickering
                                                                                           Brasília, Jan. 30, 2002

preempted. So here's to Original Text Theory. Since I really do believe that God has preserved the original wording to our
day, and that we can know what it is on the basis of a defensible procedure, I do not fear the charge of arrogance, or
presumption, or whatever because I use the term "original". All textual criticism worthy the name is in search of original
 Please note that I am not referring to any attempt at reconstructing a genealogy of MSS—I agree with those scholars who
have declared such an enterprise to be virtually impossible (there are altogether too many missing links). I am indeed referring
to the reconstruction of a genealogy of readings, and thus of the history of the transmission of the Text. The work of Hoskier
and Wisse shows us that it is possible to group the MSS empirically, on the basis of a shared mosaic of readings. (The
collations published in the Text und Textwert series edited by K. Aland represent an important contribution with reference to the
variant sets treated.) Once this is done we are dealing with independent groups, not individual MSS. Thus, Wisse's study in
Luke reduces 1,386 MSS to 37 groups (plus 89 "mavericks"). Please note that I am here concerned with the principle
involved. Of course different scholars may argue for different alignments, assign individual MSS to different groups, etc., but
none of this alters the principle that the MSS can be grouped, empirically. These groups must be evaluated for independence
and credibility. The independent, credible witnesses must then be heard and their testimony analyzed.


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