The Florist

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                              The Florist
           A florist wanted to find out whether adding table sugar to water placed in
     vases of cut flowers would extend the freshness of the cut flowers. She prepared
five vases of identical size and placed the same type of flowers in each. Then she placed
different amounts of sugar in equal amounts of water and placed them in the vases as
described below:

Vase #         Water (ml)     Sugar (g)
1              200            0
2              200            25
3              200            50
4              200            75
5              200            100

Three days later, she compared the quality of the flowers in each vase.
   1. What is the florist’s hypothesis in this experiment?
           a. If I add sugar to water then it will prolong the freshness of the cut flowers.
           b. If I increase the vase size then it will influence the freshness.
           c. If I use different types of flowers, then they will respond to sugar
           d. If I use different amounts of water, then the flowers will respond

   2. What is the independent variable for this experiment?

   3. What is the control group for the experiment?

   4. What is the dependent variable for this experiment?
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Marianne’s science class performed an experiment to determine how the amount of salt
in a salt solution affects the rate of water evaporation. The students prepared five
       Amount of water (mL)                   Amount of salt (g)
                100                                   0
                100                                   10
                100                                   20
                100                                   40
                100                                   80

They placed the solutions in five identical dishes and put the dishes side by side in a
closed room. After five days, they measured the amount of liquid remaining in each dish.

   5. What is the dependent variable in this experiment?
             a. Amount of salt
             b. Amount of liquid left
             c. Amount of water
             d. Length of time

   6. What is the independent variable?
             a. Amount of salt
             b. Amount of liquid left
             c. Amount of water
             d. Length of time

   7. What is the control group?
             a. Group with 0g salt
             b. Group with 10g salt
             c. Group with 40g salt
             d. Group with 80g salt