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					SYS366 A & B
Mid Term Test V2 Ans.
Fall 2010

The test is out of 55 marks and is worth 15% of your course mark. Write all of your
answers on the test paper. No aids permitted. Good luck!

Part A: Narrative
McBloom Depot is a floral company whose customers are floral shops in the GTA. It is a warehouse operation that
ships orders of fresh flowers to the flower shops, daily from Monday through Saturday. It is one the largest floral
shipping facilities in Ontario and currently has 4 warehouses. It only deals with the supply of fresh flowers and
plants. It does not provide any of the services of a flower shop, such as creating arrangements, delivering
flowers to or for customers, making wreaths, etc.

McBloom has decided it wants to expand further into the Ontario market and in order to do so it wants to develop
a web site which allows it to automate many of its business functions, starting with an online ordering system
that will allow flower shops to place their orders for flowers online for delivery the next day.

McBloom Depot’s management considered using their own IT department to develop the system but they
determined that it did not have the time or the expertise. Therefore, they have given your company the contract
to develop the system for them.

Your company has sent a team of analysts to the 4 different locations of McBloom to determine the requirements
for this system. There was a great deal of fact-finding that needs to be done because the current system does
not have an online component and is a combination of automated and manual systems. At the different sites,
the team members have observed how the current system functions, read all of the documentation available for
the current system, and interviewed as many stakeholders as possible.

 McBloom wants you to develop the online ordering system first. This system will take orders for flowers from all
of the existing retail stores in Ontario. When these stores place an order, McBloom will ship the flowers and
plants they have ordered the next day if the order is placed before 1:00 p.m. In order to do this successfully,
McBloom must have accurate Inventory records at all of its warehouses so that eventually the online ordering
system will have to interface with McBloom’s existing inventory system. This, however, is not part of the team’s
current mandate.

The online ordering system will allow the flower shops to place orders, track orders, change orders and cancel
orders. The online ordering system will also have functionality to price the orders. This will include calculating
the cost for each part of the order (12 dozen long-stem yellow roses, for example), applying the taxes and the
delivery charges, and producing a final total for each order. So that the flower shops know what flowers and
plants are available for purchase, the system will provide an up-to-date catalogue of available products and their

The online ordering system will also provide valuable information to the Marketing Department
because it will track store order information. McBloom’s marketing department is very excited
about being able to produce reports about store buying trends. They will be able to produce reports
about which stores are buying the most flowers and plants, which stores are buying the least, as
well as the most popular types of flowers and plants that are sold by each store. Once the
Marketing department knows this information, they will produce mailings to stores customized to
the store’s buying pattern. In other words, if one location sells mostly Roses, then the marketing
department will send them information about roses (what are the most popular types, what are the
new varieties, when the different varieties will be on sale and so on). As well the Marketing
department can send targeted marketing pieces encouraging the stores to promote special
occasions throughout the year such as Valentine’s Day, Graduation, National Secretary Day,
Grandparents’ Day.

The management of McBloom Depot have asked you to make a formal presentation showing them how you
understand their business works, the problems with the existing system, and the benefits of the solution that you
intend to propose.
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SYS366 A & B
Mid Term Test V2 Ans.
Fall 2010

Question 1: Problem Statement (15 marks)

Write the problem statement for McBloom Depot system that you will present to management.

 The Problem of           An outdated system that is a combination of automated and manual processes and
                          will not handle the volume of orders if McBloom expands 2 marks

 Affects                  Customers, the retail flower shops, who place orders with McBloom; McBloom who
                          wishes to expand in Ontario,; the clerks who take the orders, the drivers who
                          deliver the orders; the inventory department who fill and ship the orders; the
                          Marketing Department who cannot produce store buying trends and so target
                          marketing 3 marks

 The impact of which is   That McBloom does not have a system that will allow it to expand or to service the
                          retail stores efficiently. The retail stores are not in control of their orders which
                          leads to frustration. The employees at McBloom have to deal with dissatisfied
                          customers which adds to job stress. The Marketing department do not know the
                          retail stores’ buying patterns and cannot do targeted marketing so the retail
                          stores are being underserved in terms of new product information about product
                          that they sell and the Marketing department is wasting time and resources not
                          knowing which stores are buying a great deal of product and which are not. 5
 A successful solution    Be a centralized database with online access through a web site. It will allow
 would                    clients to place their orders online, allow for delivery to retail shops the next day,
                          allow the stores to track orders, change orders and cancel orders without having
                          to go through a clerk. It will provide an up to date catalogue of available
                          products and their cost. It will track order data so that the Marketing Department
                          can produce trend reports and do targeted marketing.

                          5 marks (2 for solution, 3 for benefits)

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SYS366 A & B
Mid Term Test V2 Ans.
Fall 2010

Question ion 2: Business Use Case Diagram (10 marks)

You are to draw a Business use case diagram showing only the functionality that the online
ordering system will provide to the Marketing Department. Remember customers are the
flower shops that McBloom Depot delivers to. The icons that you are to use are given here:

            Business Use Case                             Business




      ProduceProductInformationMailings                             ProduceSpecialOccasionAdvertisements

                                           (from Use Case View)

-2 for incorrect icons
-1 to a maximum of 5 for use cases
-1 to a maximum of 3 for actors

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SYS366 A & B
Mid Term Test V2 Ans.
Fall 2010

Question 3: Business Use Case Description (7 marks)

Choose one of the Business Use Cases you drew in the diagram above and write a business use case
description for it using this template.

Business Use Case Name 1 mark

Short Description: This use case enables the actor, ..........                 1 mark

Actors:       1 mark

Trigger:      2 marks

Result: 2 marks

Part B: Narrative

 The Halton Police Department have decided to develop and implement a new accident processing
system. The system will be able to record when accidents happen, keep records of who was involved
in the accident, who was at fault, the estimated amount of the damage, the names of the insurance
companies and drivers. It will notify the insurance companies so that they can process payments

You have been selected to be the analyst who needs to start gathering requirements.

Question 4: Stakeholder’s Diagram (10 marks)

Draw a stakeholders diagram showing all of the stakeholders who will be affected by the new accident
processing system.

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SYS366 A & B
Mid Term Test V2 Ans.
Fall 2010

                                               (from Use Case View)
                                                                                      (from Test1V3)




                        (from Use Case View)

2 marks for icons
1 mark name of system
6 marks for stakeholders
1 mark for associations

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SYS366 A & B
Mid Term Test V2 Ans.
Fall 2010

Question 5: Key Stakeholders and Users Needs (13 marks)

In the table which follows, copy the names of the stakeholders from the diagram you drew above and
add their needs.
Stakeholder                          Stakeholder and User Needs
Halton Police                     Record driver information
                                  Record accurate accident reports
                                  Record drivers’ insurance companies
                                  Accurate records
                                  Interface with Courts
                                  Interface with the Insurance Company
                                  Ease of use
Courts                            Accurate accident reports
                                  Interface with insurance companies
                                  Interface with Police
Insurance                         Receive accurate information from the Police and courts in a timely
                                  Process payments to accident victims quickly
Drivers                           Accurate records
                                  Accurate assessment of damage
                                  Accurate reporting of an accident
Motor Vehicles Department         Accurate and timely reporting of accidents
                                  Names of those at fault
                                  Penalties imposed by police
Accident Victims                  Correct assigning of fault
                                  Accurate records
                                  Accurate estimate of damage
                                  Quick reporting of information to the insurance company
                                  Quick payment

13 marks for needs

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