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									P   ROMOTION OF   I
                  NVESTMENT IN   A   DEN
                                            Investment Guide to Aden
                                      Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

E        conomic development does not depend
         only upon quality and quantity of the
         resources and potentials available in the
         country, but it also depends on the ways of
exploiting those resources effectively, through
                                                             encouraging the private sector to set up industrial

                                                             5- Gas Pipelines and Power Generation
laying down economic policies based on the                   Constructs pipelines to transport gas extracted
development priorities of the country.                       from the Marib-Shabwah fields to the regions of
                                                             Aden, Al-Hodeidah and Hadhramout for local use.
The last quarter of 2006 and the first quarter of            Specifically, seeks to build gas-powered stations
2007 represented a very significant era in Yemen's           and to link to the establishment of industrial estates
history. The indicators of the point of time                 in those three regions.
apparently showed that Yemen was capable of
succeeding in making one of its economics policy's
goal materialize. The Government is fully                    Government Business Environment and
committed in supporting investment activities. It put        Overall Strategic Plan
in its mind to benefit from Aden potentialities              The Government of Yemen is currently working
(Geographical, Economical, Humanistic and                    with the private sector to develop a strategic plan to
Historical) among its economic tasks priorities. Its         enhance the business environment. It aims to
development and qualification for the establishment          provide more incentives than those currently
of full-integrated Free Zone which makes Aden as             provided under Yemen's investment Law, such
Hub for international Trade and supporting various           incentives are:
country’s income recourses within a free economic            - Accelerate Yemen's accession to the World
policy and beneficiations to invest in Aden which              Trade Organization (WTO),
are:                                                         - Execute free trade agreements with the
 Liberal investment laws.                                     European Union and the United States of
 Tax free zones.                                              America,
 Low wages                                                  - Encourage privatization.
 Strategic commercial location                              - The introduction of the General Sales Tax (GST)
 Active local market.                                       - The reduction of petroleum subsidies is part of
                                                               the government's strategic plan to improve
Besides, these free economic policy and                        transparency, reliability and efficiency of revenue
                                                               mobilization in Yemen.
beneficiations, major investment promotion
strategies and programs in Yemen are:                        The Economic Legislations:
                                                             Yemen recognizes the importance and the strong
1- The Privatization Program:                                relevance of promoting competition to create an
                                                             attractive climate for investments. To that end, it
This program seeks to reinforce the role of the              has issued a number of laws which are:
government in the management of the market-
based economy and to encouraging private sector               Investment Law No. (22)
                                                             Investment Law No. (22) was issued on 10/4/1991,
investment and the realization of broader
                                                             and put into force 10/7/1991. In 2002, the law was
participation in ownership through       public              amended and updated. The law aims to regulate,
subscriptions. It also, seeks to accelerate                  promote and license investments in all aspects of
privatization.                                               economic activity.
2- The Free Zone Development Project:
This project supports the role of the Free Zone in           (To view the Investment Law No. (22) of Yemen,
                                                             go to the General Investment Authority website
Aden and improvement of the competitive capacity
                                                             then click on Trade Laws.
of the zone regionally and internationally by
developing     its  management        and    training
employees to deal with the conditions and
properties of the zone, in addition to completion of          The Free Zone Law
the infrastructure projects and the utility services         To view the Free Zone Law, go to the Free Zone
for the zone.                                                Authority website:
3- Port Cities Development Program:                 then click on the
Enhances the competitive edge of port cities by              Free Zone Law.
rehabilitating and improving their basic services
and It supports the administrative and technical              The Commercial Law
capabilities of the local authorities.                       (Encourages investments and attract new investors
4- Improving the Investment Climate:                         in various sectors)
                                                              (For more information about Commercial Law,
                                                             please go to Ministry of Industry & Trade website:
 This project aims to improve the performance of
                                                    click on Commercial
the General Investment Authority (GIA) and the               Laws.
Higher Council for Exports and its technical organs.
In addition to stimulate the extractive industry and

                                                  Investment Guide to Aden
                                            Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

 By-law of the Investment Law                                    o Its coastal area comprises of over 2500
                                                                    kilometers, contiguous to the Red Sea, the Gulf
                                                                    of Aden, and the Arabian Sea. Territorial waters
 The Commercial Company Law                                        abound with scores of islands, the largest of
(Facilitates registration procedures and attract                    which is the island of Socotra in the Arabian Sea.
foreign trade investments),                                       o The long stretch of costal regions could be
For more information about Commercial company                        developed for tourism use. Also, the global
Law, please go to Ministry of Industry & Trade Web site
                                                                     fishing Industry can benefit greatly from rich
                                                                     marine life in the bordering bodies of water.
 The Sales Tax Law
(Decreases sales tax rate to 5%, and gives
exemptions to most goods)
 The Customs Law                                                 o Simplicity of project license issuance procedures.
(Reduces most customs rate to 5% and makes                          An application is studied within 30 days, for
exemptions to most goods),                                          Health and Fish Projects, and 15 days for other
                                                                    projects, from date of submittal.
 Trade Law                                                       o The General Investment Authority as one party,
(To view the Trade Laws of Yemen, go to the Ministry of
                                                                    on behalf of investors, undertakes to finalize the
Industry and Trade website at:
                                                                    other procedures required for establishing and,                                            operating the investment projects related to the
                                                                    concerned governmental authorities.(GIA) as one
then click on Trade Laws.
                                                                    stop shop)
 The Arbitration Law                                             o Providing information requested by investor in
(an important tool for settling commercial disputes).               various fields.
To view the Arbitration Law, go to the website at:                o Facilitating procedures for bringing in foreign
                                                                    expatiates with skills not available in the country.
                                                                  o Any licensed investment project may open bank
Why Aden?                                                           accounts I foreign currencies at commercials
                                                                    banks merely upon presentation of the
o    Political and Economic Stability                               investment license thereof.
o    Pro-business Government                                      o Industrial and agricultural projects may open
o    Liberal Investment Policies                                    commercial shops individually or in association
o    Transparency of Policies                                       with other projects to sell their products in any
o    Policy of Welcome                                              region of the Republic.
o    Well Developed Infrastructure                                o Strategic projects Strategic projects such as
o    Harmonious Industrial Relations                                labor-intensive or export-based may receive
o    Trainable and Educated labor Force                             partial or full government funds for training
o    Quality of Life                                                purposes.
o    The Nation's Track Record                                    o Simplicity of Investment procedures required to
                                                                    establish, expend and upgrade investment
                                                                  o Simplicity of investment companies establishment
Advantages, Facilities, Incentives,                                 procedures and the opening of its branches.

Guarantees, Privileges & Exemptions:                              Incentives:

                                                                  o 100% foreign ownership.
Advantages, facilities incentives and guarantees                  o Exemption from Yemeni trade, profit, and
provided to the leading sectors of the economy is                   income taxes for 15 years, renewable for an
one of such effective economic policies.                            additional 10 years.
                                                                  o Free transfer of capitals and profits.
Advantages:                                                       o No currency restrictions.
                                                                  o Personal tax exemption for non-Yemeni
o Strategically positioned, potential investors are                 workers.
                                                                  o No restriction on recruiting foreign labor.
  able to easily base their operations in Aden to
                                                                  o Freedom to choose investment field and legal
  enter neighboring markets.                                        status of project.
o The door is wide open for the movement of
  imports and exports to link the east and the west
  via Aden’s seaports.

                                            Investment Guide to Aden
                                      Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

Guarantees:                                                 Privileges:

Yemeni investment Law does not discriminate                 o Investment projects may import items required
between Yemeni and foreign investors.                         for establishment, expansion, development or
                                                              operation thereof such as fixed assets,
o Investors may administrate their projects in any            transportations means, and production inputs
  way they may deem proper to their economic                  without having to record in the Importers
  conditions and work situations.                             Register.

o Non-nationalization of projects or seizure                o Investment         projects/companies      and
  thereof. Moreover Law ensures non-seizing,                  Arab/foreign investors enjoy the right to
  confiscating, reservation or imposing restriction           buy/lease lands/buildings owned by the private
  on the funds of investment projects except                  sector or the State to be used for the purpose
  through jurisdiction.                                       permitted for the project.

o Non-imposing of an obligatory pricing on the              o Investment Projects may employ, set penalties
  projects' products or limiting profits thereof              and effect temporary dismissal on their
                                                              employees pursuant to project administration
o Investors may transfer their funds in foreign               viewpoint subject to compliance with the
  currency from abroad to Yemen for the purpose               employment contract and payment of all right s
  of investment and re-export the invested capital            stated in the Law.
  whether in kind or cash upon liquidation or
  project disposal.                                         o Investor may transfer their funds in foreign
                                                              currency into Yemen for the purpose of
o Investors may transfer, outside Yemen, their                investment thereof. In case an investor changes
  net profits resulting from investing foreign funds          his plan, he may transfer these amounts again
  in investment projects.                                     outside Yemen with their due interests.

o Investors may, by themselves or through                   o Priority is given, in purchases of the
  others, export products of investment projects              government and public institutions. To the local
  without any license and without having to                   agricultural and industrial investment projects
  record in the Exporters Register.                           within 15% price increase to local products
                                                              provided quality is identical.
o The Non-Yemeni investors have possibility of
  100 % acquisition and ownership of investment             o The licensed investment projects have priority
  project, The possibility of insuring investment             in obtaining credit loans and facilities form the
  projects against non commercial risks with the              specialized banks and financing institutions.
  following international institutions:

  - The Inter-Arab Investment Guarantee
    Corporation.                                            Exemptions:

  - Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency.               o Exemption of fixed assets required for
                                                              establishment, expansion or upgrade of
  - The Islamic Organization for Insuring                     investment projects form taxes and custom
                                                              duties and fees in general.
    Investments and Guaranteeing Export.
                                                            o Exemption of production inputs of livestock,
                                                              agricultural and fishery projects from custom
o Investor freedom to manage their projects                   fees and taxes
   according to their own assessment of the                 o Exemption of the investment projects from profit
   economical conditions and business situation.              taxes for seven years inside the city from the
                                                              commencement date of production or activity
o Excluding the Investment project products                   practice as the case may be. This period can be
  from imposing compulsory pricing thereto.                   extended for an additional two-year period if
                                                              projects fulfill the following conditions:
o The right to export project products without              o Projects established in Area (B)
   restriction on their own or by third party.              o Projects owned by public companies with a
                                                              subscription rate not than 25% of their paid
o Its strictly forbidden by this law any                      capital.
   nationalization of Investment projects or                o Projects in which the proportion of local
   seizure thereof. Moreover law ensures non-                 constituents of the fixed assets is more than
   seizing, confiscating, reservation or imposing             25% of the total value of the fixed assets of the
   restrictions on the funds of investment projects           project.
   except through jurisdiction.

                                                 Investment Guide to Aden
                                           Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

If a project suffers losses during the exemption
period, it shall be exempted from profit taxes for a
maximum period of 3 years effective from expiry of
                                                                 N   ew Opportunities Investment in Aden

original exemption period.
     o To exempt the projects from the royalty
          charges and fees of authentication of                   Industrial Zone
          Deed of Association.
     o To exempt the projects from real-estate                   Opportunities for new investment operations exist
          taxes, proportional royalties and tax of               in establishing and developing an integrated
          profession practice in establishments                  investment industrial zone for investment projects
          operating in Yemen in addition to other                such as the building materials industry, workshops,
          taxes imposed on capital.                              agricultural industries, clothes and tricot, paper
     o To exempt the projects for 5 years from all               industries, printing and publication equipment,
          taxes and charges determined against                   electric and electronic devices, as well as a storage
          revenue of projects using imported                     area and supporting administrative and commercial
          technologies.                                          services.
     o To exempt the profits distributed by the
          projects from income tax.                              Project’s location:
     o The projects, when expanded, are granted
          the same tax exemptions and for same                   The project’s location was carefully chosen to
          period proportional to the value of the                benefit from the land’s characteristics and location
          added capital.                                         from Julat Kaltakes to Haswa in sector (J) due to
     o To exempt the projects from all charges                   its proximity to the containers port, the airport and
          and taxes, in whatsoever form, imposed                 industrial zones in this sector and to the main and
          on exports.                                            central roads of the city, as well as its proximity to
     o To exempt the projects from products tax                  the city’s residential and service areas and the
          for the exported part of production                    existence of a large 835 hectare surface allowing a
     o To exempt the projects at 50% rate of the                 multistage development works of the zone upon
          tax in curredon export after the stated                request.
          exempted of the project expires.
     o     To refund all customs duties and taxes, in            The raw materials sources:
          whatsoever form, paid for the imported
          materials used in the exported part of                 There’s a lot of agricultural, fish, mineral and non-
          production.                                            mineral materials in the city of Aden and the
                                                                 neighboring areas.

Sufficient Infrastructure for the Various                        Local Workforce is from both genders and in
Sectors                                                          competitive salaries in most fields, young, qualified
                                                                 and willing to undergo training and rehabilitation.
There has been good progress in establishing a
sufficient infrastructure for the various sectors.               Investment cost:

 The advances that Aden has realized in the                      49.727.830 USD
service and infrastructure sectors have been linked
to the need for providing investors with the                     Targeted markets:
adequate means to establish businesses. There
have been great improvements in the infrastructure               Are Local markets, markets in the Middle East,
of:                                                              Africa, Europe, and the Indian peninsula.

                                                                 Reasons for proposing the project:
Transport sect, communication sector,
                                                                  Are Increasing demand on investment projects,
                                                                 buildings, and offices and no sufficient supply.
electricity sector, oil and gas sectors,

private sector, Industrial sector,                               Infrastructure and available fundamental
private sector organizations,
                                                                 Electricity is partially provided by connecting the
investments opportunities,                                       location’s internal network to the special power
                                                                 plant of the free zone that has a 14 megawatt
telecommunication, transportation,                               capacity and can reach 28 megawatts. Water and
                                                                 drainage services can be provided partially by
and energy and tourism sector.

                                                 Investment Guide to Aden
                                           Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

connecting the location’s internal networks to the                Good source of unpolluted sea water
city’s water and drainage systems.                                The location should be far from possible oil sites.
                                                                  The location should be far from drainage
Other data:                                                        systems.
                                                                  The location should be far from industrial and
- A technical study by Halcro Cie. (1994).                         shipping areas.
- A feasibility study by Coppers and Lybrand Cie.                 The location should have access to deep water
  (1997).                                                          (preferably 10m deep).
- A technical study by Iklil cie. Turkey (2006).                  The location should be where the resulting very
-                                                                  salty water is prevented from circulating into the
                                                                   plant’s water passage.
     W        ater
                                                                 - Available electricity:
                                                                  The location should be close to the distribution
Establishing desalination plants (in the                            sources.
framework of a comprehensive study for water
                                                                  Available land.
in Greater Aden)
                                                                 Taking into account the areas for future
Supply and demand estimations:
                                                                 development, the plant should be located on the
                                                                 coast between Al Barika and the eastern coast
the preliminary estimations of the water level of
                                                                 from Khormaksar to the province borders.
Aden city supposing that the 43.6 million cubic
meters hypothetical production can be maintained
until 2020 and that the water rocky layer of the
sandstone is capable of producing 9.5 million cubic

                                                                 Transport & Warehousing
meters in the years 2009-2015. After the year
2020, water will be extracted from all wells in
sustainable amounts of 27.000.000 cubic meters
per year while the demand in 2025 will be
                                                                  The air shipping and goods village
72.2cubic millimetres/year of desalinated water.

Table (1) summarizes the required desalination                   The project’s objective:
capacity until 2025:
                                                                 Develop air transport and shipping by establishing
                                                                 warehouses: dry warehouses, air-conditioned
                                                                 warehouses, refrigerating warehouses, valuable
     Production            New         Total                     goods’ warehouses, in addition to administrative
     years              capacity      capacity                   buildings, services facilities and equipment. The
                      (1.000.000)   (1.000.000)                  project will be implemented in three phases:
                        liter/day      cubic
                                    meters/year                  The first         : 26.5 hectares
        2009              20            7.3                      The second        : 23.5 hectares
        2016              89           39.8                      The third         : 63 hectares.
        2021              89           72.2
                                                                 [Needs to state how the present demand for these
                                                                 services is being met. If not being met, then some
There is a need to execute a small to medium                     evidence has to be provided that the demand
desalination project on the short term to respond to             exists, otherwise the private investor may not take
the increasing demand and so that Yemen benefits                 this seriously]
from the desalination technique and acquires
knowledge and expertise in issues relating the
                                                                 The project’s location:
establishment and operating of desalination plants.
The water preliminary estimations as shown in the
table indicate that the establishment of a                       South west of Aden airport it was chosen for its
desalination plant with a 20ml/day capacity will be              proximity to the Aden airport runways, for the
immediately required to start production in 2009.                existence of available hangars ready for renewal
The table also shows that there is a future demand               and use as warehouses, as well as for its proximity
for two desalination plants, the first in 2016 and the           to the containers’ port and the industrial zones and
second in 2021 with the production capacity shown                for the existence of relatively large surfaces of 168
above (89ml/day).                                                hectares which will allow the development of the
                                                                 area in phases and its extension upon request. The
Possible locations for the desalination plants:                  location is also connected to the main and central
                                                                 roads of the city and is close to the city’s residential
The main requirements for the desalination plants                and service areas, in addition to an internal road
locations are as follows:                                        connected to the main and central roads of the city.

                                            Investment Guide to Aden
                                      Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden


 Local workforce is from both genders and in
competitive salaries in most fields, young, qualified
and willing to undergo training and rehabilitation.            Fokom and Omran Tourist Resort

Investment cost:
                                                             The project’s objective:
Around 15 million USD
                                                             Establishing touristic areas with integrated services
Targeted markets:                                            in light of the function planning of the touristic area.
                                                                             The project includes three main axes:
the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Indian peninsula            - A 9500m long and 200m wide beach area
and East Asia markets.                                       - A 300m wide green belt area on a 1341 hectare
Reasons for proposing the project:                           - The Omran touristic area including the following
                                                                activities: beach cabins, touristic hotels, motels
 Are increasing apparent demand on shipping                     and apartments
services (land/air – air/land) and the existence of a        - Locations for gas stations and surfaces for public
potential demand on air/air-sea/air shipping                    services centers and entertainment areas
services that can increase rapidly whereas supply
is limited to air shipping services alone.                   Project’s location:

                                                             Sector (O) on the coast from Bandar Fokom until
Infrastructure and available fundamental                     Ras Omran because the Fokom-Omran area is
services:                                                    favorable for internal and external tourism all year
                                                             long. This beach has soft sand, blue warm water
Electricity, water, drainage systems can be made             and coral reefs. There are also large 1341 hectare
provided, even though in a limited way, by                   surfaces enabling the development of the area in
connecting the locations internal networks to the            different stages and its expansion upon request.
city’s water and drainage systems.                           The location is also far from the city noise and
                                                             close to the airport and port (45min); it is connected
Other data:                                                  to the main and central roads of the city through an
                                                             internal road network.
- A preliminary study by a UNIDO expert (1997).
- A technical study by Nako cie. Netherlands
  (2001).                                                    Local workforce is from both genders and in
                                                             competitive salaries in most fields, young, qualified
                                                             and willing to undergo training and rehabilitation.

Rest project – external roads                               Investment cost:

                                                             around 120 million USD
The project’s objective:
Establish rest projects on external roads on a total         Targeted markets:
685m²-surface (buildings: 100m², external garden:
585m²)                                                       Are local and external markets.

The project’s components:                                    Reasons for proposing the project:

The project’s location:                                      Increasing apparent demand and rapidly growing
                                                             potential demand, particularly for foreign tourists
In the provinces of Aden: Barika / Hadramut-Shahr            and no sufficient supply.
/ Hadramut-Sihut / Lahj-Hoseini Bustan /Abin-Abin
delta / Sheboa-Mater valley / Sheboa-Azan /                  Infrastructure and available fundamental
Mahouit-Tawila / Mahouit-Matlal / Dale’e-Hiblin              services:

The investment cost:                                         Electricity, water, drainage systems can be made
                                                             provided, even though in a limited way, by
67.875 USD                                                   connecting the locations internal networks to the
                                                             city’s water and drainage systems.

                                             Investment Guide to Aden
                                       Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

Other data:                                                   Infrastructure:

A technical study was prepared for this project.                  -    Roads: the Omran beaches can be
                                                                       reached through the public road from
 A tourist village and compound on the                                Aden along 20 km
  Ras Omran beach and the Ozaiziya                                -    Electricity, telephone and water: Omran
  Island                                                               village water supply is from the local wells
                                                                       and the electricity is supplied from the
                                                                       general network
The project’s objective:                                          -    Communication: fixed and mobile lines
                                                                  -    Workforce: the inhabitants in Aden and
Provide lodging and food to tourists, as well as                       the villages and residential compounds in
services and facilities for maritime tourism and                       the area can provide workers for the
diving for tourists on the beach and island.                           project in the construction and operating
                                                                       phases, and foreign experts can be
The project’s components:                                              brought to Yemen.

The study made and funded by the EU in 1996                   The estimated investment cost:
showed a center for tourist development on the
Ras Omran beach including the following:                      1.330.000.000 USD without the capital

    -    A number of cabanas for different
         categories including 150-200 beds,
         provided that they include all the
         necessary     services     facilities  like

                                                               Salt production, refining and
         playgrounds, parking lots, gardens, a mall,
    -    As for the Jabal Aziz island, some mobile
         and movable facilities can be established
         (umbrellas, cafeteria chairs, water sports
         and diving center)
    -    Further information: the committee has a             The project’s objective
         preliminary study on the project and its
         components.                                          Benefiting from the natural resource (natural salt)
                                                              of available salt in the project’s region and exploit it
The project’s location:                                       economically by producing pure food salt and other
                                                              salt derivatives used in medicines and chemical
Ras Omran beach wet of Aden city far from                     industries.
residential areas in the city
                                                              Location and surface
The project’s characteristics               (tourist
importance of the project):                                   The project is located in the Memlah region in
                                                              Aden, the economic and commercial capital of
    -    A lovely beach with soft sand and a good             Yemen on a surface of more than 9 km².
         climate in terms of wind and temperature
         since it’s a bay.                                    The project’s investment incentives
    -    An area with pure water and calm water
         currents                                              High quality natural resource (salt) and possible
    -    Coral reefs and different types of aquatic             exploitation of its components in many industries.
         animals and turtles that can be seen on               Available infrastructure for the project.
         the water surface or on the sand beach in             Increasing local and regional demand on salt and
         Ras Omran or Jabal Aziz island                         its derivatives after manufacturing.
    -    Possibility to establish many tourist sites           Reduced cost of salt production and increased
         with the required facilities for internal and          prices of manufacturing outputs.
         external tourism on the Ras Omran beach               Available qualified and trained workforce.
         and to use the JAbal Aziz beache for                  Custom duties and tax exemptions for the project
         excursions and relaxation. From it, tourists           according to the investment law.
         can go visit the surrounding islands
                                                               Available preliminary feasibility study for the
         provided that it is connected to the fixed
         tourist development enter facilities in Ras
         Omran village
    -    Diving and water sports
                                                              The project’s components
    -    The Ras Omran beach and Jabal Aziz
         island can be visited by the inhabitants of           An integrated production line to obtain salt and
         Aden city, especially those who wish to                its derivatives to use it the food industry, drug
         stay there during the weekend and the                  industry and other.
         yearly holidays.

                                            Investment Guide to Aden
                                      Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

Available Investment Alternatives                                   H    ealth opportunities
 Strategic partnership with a 49% contribution.
 Financing the project partially according to the            A Hospital for Cancer Diseases
  B.O.T system for sale and renting.
 Financing the project totally.                             Capacity:

Estimated investment cost for the project                    At least 80 beds.

10 million USD                                               Suggested location: IBB/Aden


                                                             Locally available health workforce can be of
     F   ishing
                                                             assistance as well as sending for expertise from

The project’s objective                                      Investment Cost:

Fishing crustaceans, mollusks, cartilaginous fish,           The project's investment cost is worth around 16
bonefish, turtles and other kind of fish available in        million USD
large quantities in the different fishing areas.
                                                              Hospital for Heart Diseases and Surgery
Raw materials sources:

Red Sea, Aden gulf, Arab Sea, Soccatra Island                To establish a hospital specialized in the surgery
                                                             and treatment of heart diseases along with all its
Production capacity:                                         diagnosis    catheterization    equipments    and
                                                             therapeutic equipments, balloon angioplasty and
Determined according to the conventions                      open heart
concluded between investors and the Ministry of
Fisheries for each fishing boat.                             Capacity:

Workforce:                                                   At least 80 beds

Available and inexpensive, foreign experts can be            Workforce:
brought to Yemen.
                                                             Locally available health workforce can be of
Suggested location:                                          assistance as well as sending for expertise from

The following regions:                                       Investment Cost:
1- Coastal fishing area outside a four mile border           The project's investment cost is worth around 16
   area from the minimum level of islands in the             million USD
   gulfs of Aden, the Arab Sea and the Soccatra
   Island.                                                   Investing in drugs and medical supplies
2- Deep industrial fishing area outside an eight mile        Investments in the field of drugs are considered
   border area from the minimum level of islands in          one of the successful investments.
   the gulfs of Aden, the Arab Sea and the Soccatra

3- Deep and surface industrial fishing in the                Oil refinery and ship reception
   economic area
                                                             The project’s objective
4- The fishing activity in the Red Sea is limited to
   coastal fishing outside a six mile border area            The project aims at transforming useless oils to
   from the minimum level of the islands.                    high value oils by using a modern and economical
                                                             technology for oil treatment.
Investment cost:
                                                             Location and surface
Estimated by the investor                                    The project is located in Aden, the economic and
                                                             commercial capital of the project, on a 20000 m²

                                              Investment Guide to Aden
                                        Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

                                                               The project’s components
The project’s investment incentives
 Available large quantities of useless oil from the              A building for the administration
  ships that dropped anchor in the Yemeni ports, in               Qualified and technical workforce
  addition to oil from cars, vehicles and machinery               Five multipurpose ships for transport
  in all the Republic’s provinces, which can be                   Maintenance shipyards
  refined and benefited from.                                  Available investment alternatives
 Non available competitive projects.
 The existing laws encourage and support this
                                                                Strategic partnership with a 49% contribution.
  kind of projects (laws for the protection of the
                                                                Financing the project partially according to the
                                                                 B.O.T system for sale and renting.
 The project is situated in Aden port that is 4 km
                                                                Financing the project totally.
  away from the international navigation line and it
  provides the ships and sea carriers with oil
  emptying and provisioning services.                          Estimated investment cost for the project

The project’s components                                       20 million USD

The project includes:
    1- An oil refining line
    2- Reservoirs for oil assembling
    3- Oil transportation means
                                                               O     ther Available Investment and Fields
    4- Other facilities
                                                               �� Agriculture and fishery
                                                               - Reclamation & planting wasteland.
Available investment alternatives
                                                               - Grain Planting.
                                                               - Planting Industrial Crops.
 Strategic partnership with a 49% contribution.
                                                               - Establishing Livestock Breeding Farms.
 Financing the project partially according to the             - Production of fresh dairy.
  B.O.T system for sale and renting.                           - Poultry in different stages.
 Financing the project totally.                               - Fishing and marketing fish.
                                                               - Breeding decoration fish.
Estimated investment cost for the project                      - Establishing of agriculture and fishery
                                                                 service units.
12 million USD                                                 - Production of irrigation appliances.
                                                               - Establishing of fishery plantations in fresh
                                                                 and salty water.
      T he national company for                               - Production of various kinds of seeds and
navigation and sea transport                                   - Production of various kinds of fruits.
                                                               - Production of Industrial products (oil food
The project’s objective                                          raw, cotton, ....etc.).
                                                               - Production of poultry fodder and
Create a national company for navigation and sea                 production of the concentrates of the fodder.
transport to provide navigation and sea transport
services.                                                      �� Industry
                                                               1. Extract Industries
Location                                                       - Marble and Granite.
                                                               - Glass.
The project is located in Aden city and it’s an                - Gypsum and Nowrah.
important economic, commercial and historical port
that is close to the international navigation lines, as        2. Transformational Industries
well as to other ports in Hodeidah, Makhaa, Salif,             �� Food & Drink Industries
Mahra, Soccatra, El Mukalla and Bilhaf.                        - Fishery Industry & canning.
                                                               - Reservation & packing of different kinds
The project’s investment incentives                              of food-stuff.
 Growing demand on navigation and sea                         - Industry of canned food.
  transport services related to the development of             - Dates drying and canning.
  the commercial activity in the region.                       - Production of starch and glucose.
 Existing qualified and technical workforce on the            - Production of jams.
  administration and operation levels. The                     - Production of concentrated fruit juice
  company includes many agents of international
  companies in the navigation field.                           �� Textile and Leather Industry
 Available infrastructure for the project.                    - Production of ready-made clothes.
 Custom duties and tax exemptions for the project             - Production of woven fabrics, sheets,
  according to the investment law.                               curtains and towels.

                                                  Investment Guide to Aden
                                            Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

- Production of sports wears.                                     - Production of Medical lenses.
- Production of Carpets.                                          - Establishing centers for assembly of machinery
- Production of leather shoes.                                      & equipment.
- Production of sport shoes.                                      - Establishing integrate central workshops for
- Establishing of leather collection centers                        automobile maintenance.
  and preparing it for Industry purposes.                         - Establishing centers for assembly & installation
                                                                    of fork-lifts.
�� Paper Industries                                                - Assembly and re-manufacture of bicycles.
- Production of newspapers paper.                                 - Production of spare parts.
- Re-cycle of used paper.
                                                                  �� Tourism
�� Chemical Industries                                             - Establishing tourist hotels.
- Production of oil for different types of                        - Establishing tourist villages.
  machinery and equipment .                                       - Establishing first class tourist restaurants.
- Production of fertilizers.                                      - Establishing games parks and entertainment
- Production of caustic soda.                                       clubs.
- Production of automobile tires.                                 - Exploiting mineral water for medical & tourist
- Production of photography films.                                  purposes.

�� Construction Materials                                          �� Health services
- Industry of Cement.                                             - Establishing central health laboratories.
- Production of home sanitation.                                  - Establishing clinics out of main cities.
- Production of metal bars and rods.                              - Establishing specialized hospitals.
- Production of construction & building
  equipment.                                                      �� Education Services
- Production of brick molds, and tiles                            - Establishing centers & institutes for technical &
  presses and polishing equipment.                                  vocational training.
                                                                  - Establishing technical schools.
�� Metal and Steel Industries                                      - Establishing universities & schools.
- Production of fire extinguishers                                - Establishing hotel colleges & institutes.
- Production of knifes and spoons.                                For further information call the following
- Production of locks and keys.                                   addresses:
- Production of nails of different sizes.
- Production of saws and files.                                    The General Investment Authority
- Production of shovels and axes.                                   PO BOX : 19022 , Sana'a
                                                                    Email :
�� Electrical Industries                                                  Fax: 967 – 1 –
- Establishing of electricity transformer
                                                                   The General Authority for Lands, Survey and
  stations.                                                         Construction Planning
- Assembling water and electricity meters.                          Tel: (009671252590)
- Manufacturing electricity wires.                                  Fax: (009671252589)
- Assembling & installing electricity equipment.                    PO BOX: (1265 - 11137) Sana'a
- Industry of electricity lamps.
- Industry of and assembling televisions.                          Ministry of Electricity
- Industry of video and recorder cassettes and                                     Sana'a – al-Hosba the road to the airport
  computer disks.                                                   PO BOX: 11422
                                                                    Fax      : +967-1-326214 Sana'a
- Industry of water heaters.
- Establishing centers for telephone installation                  Ministry of Water and Environment
& maintenance .                                                     P. O. Box 19237 Sana'a
                                                                    Tel: +967-1-418285
�� Re-Manufacture of Residuals                                       Fax: (418290 – 418290)
- Refining used oil.
- Re-manufacturing used batteries.                                 Ministry of Industry and Trade
- Refining Refrigeration gas.                                       PO BOX: 1607 , Sana'a
- Grinding & re-manufacturing used                                  Fax : +967-1-251557
                                                                    Email :
�� Others                                                           The General Authority for Free Zones
- Industry of petroleum derivates and gas                           Aden Free Zone
- Industry of Scrap iron.                                           Tel: 009672232314
- Industry or assembly of automobiles.                              PO BOX: Khour Maksar 6137
- Manufacturing agricultural production means                       Fax: 2235637
  (Tractors, harvesters, etc.)                                      Email:
- Drug Industry                                                     Site:
- Production of fire prevention systems.
- Production of Glasses frames

                                                 Investment Guide to Aden
                                           Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

 Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation                         3-   Simple Partnership Company
  PO BOX: (2805 – Sana'a)                                        4-   Private Limited Company
  Fax      : (+967-1-289509)                                     5-   Public Limited Company
 Ministry of Fisheries                                          6-   Share Partnership Company
  PO BOX: (19179 – Sana'a)
                                                                 7-   Joint Venture Company
  Fax     : (+967-1-268588)
                                                                 8-   Limited Closed Company.
 Yemen Geological Survey and Mineral Resources                  9-   Limited Liability Company
  PO BOX: 297 , Sana'a                                           Note:
  Fax    : +967-1-217575                                         As for the foreign companies that pursue activity in
                                                                 the Republic through the opening of branches or
                                                                 agencies, the provisions of the Law Concerning
 Ministry of Communication and Information                      Foreign Companies and their agencies apply.
  PO BOX: 25237 – Sana'a
  Fax     : 967-1-331801                                         It is not permitted to establish a joint stock
    :                                           company that places its shares for public
                                                                 subscription, except after obtaining a permit there
                                                                 for, in accordance with a Republican Decree. As for
 Ministry of Oil and Minerals                                   the company that does not place its shares for
  PO BOX: +967-1-202314                                          public subscription, it is permitted to be founded by
  Email    :                                 a Decree of the Minister of Supply and Trade.
                                                                 The majority of the Board of Director s must be of
 Ministry of Public Health and Population                       those who enjoy Yemeni nationality and are
  PO BOX: (299 - Sana'a)                                         domiciled in the Republic. By permit of the Prime
  Fax (+967-1-252247)                                            Minister, a company may be exempted from this
                                                                 provision if some of the shareholders are
                                                                 foreigners, but the percentage of foreigners on the
 Ministry of Tourism                                            Board of Director must not be more than the ratio
  Tel: 009671235112                                              of the foreign shareholders participation in the
                                                                 company's capital.

 General Authority for Tourism Development                      The Joint Stock companies that place 25% of their
  Tel: 252315 – 252318                                           shares for public subscription are exempted from
  Fax: 252317 – 252318                                           revenue, documentation and declaration tax for a
                                                                 period of two years. They are also completely
                                                                 exempted from capital tax.
 Ministry of Education
  Tel: 23005                                                     As for the Limited Shares companies a Republican
  Fax: 23005
                                                                 Decree is issued with regard to their Articles of
                                                                 Association. It cannot be violated except for

D    oing Business in Aden
                                                                 reasons accepted by the Minister. The provisions
                                                                 of founding of Joint Stock companies also apply to
                                                                 Limited Partnership companies.
Aden presents a wealth of opportunities and a
variety of challenges to international businesses                The incorporation of Limited Liability companies is
interested in working in the Aden market. No body                licensed by a Decree of the Minister of Trade and
is allowed to do business in Aden without obtaining              Industry
a license from Aden municipality, a certificate of
membership in Aden Chamber of Commerce and                       - Agencies of foreign companies or establishment
Industry and a certificate of registration in the                shall have to meet the following conditions.
Ministry of Trade and Supply, whether commercial,
industrial or professional are bound by law to do                FIRST:
so.                                                              If the agent is a natural person:
In order to obtain approval for practicing trade or              - He should be a Yemeni national and a
industry in Aden Governorate one has to have a                       permanent resident of the Republic of Yemen.
local partner. Share of such local partner should                - He should have a commercial register which
not be less than 51%. This is also applicable some                   specifies the category of relevant agency activity.
professional activities. Foreign companies not
willing to practice trade activities, can establish a            SECOND:
representative office to do a professional job, via,             If agent is a company:
liaison, in which case only a local sponsor is                   - It should have been founded in accordance with
needed.                                                             the laws of the Republic of Yemen and its head
Only the following forms of companies or firms are                  office is in the Republic.
allowed to be established in Yemen:

1-   Sole Proprietorship
2-   Partnership Company

                                             Investment Guide to Aden
                                       Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

- Its purpose, as specified in its Articles of                Joint Ventures/Licensing
    Association should contain the practice of
    agency activity.                                          Most joint ventures are regulated through the new
- Its capital should be owned by Yemeni persons.              Investment Code, Law 22 of 2002, implemented in
Note:                                                         October 2003. Section VI (Investment Cos.)
* It shall be a condition for an agent undertaking an         Articles 42 to 57, To view the Investment Law,
   agency work in the Republic to be a direct agent           please double click on the Gen. Investment
   of a foreign company or an establishment..                 Authority’s
* It shall be permissible to pursue an agency work
   for a foreign company or an establishment in
   Republic, except after obtaining a prior permit            Website:
   from the Ministry of Trade and the payment of     Then, click on Investment
   prescribed fees.                                           Law.

                                                              Using an Agent or Distributor

E   stablishing an Office:                                    Most international companies in Yemen hire a
                                                              Yemeni agent, although this is not required by
                                                              Yemeni law.
- Obtain a letter from a Yemeni bank indicating
  that the business has accounts in dollars. The              Foreigner exporters in particular may require a
  cost is free. (Timeframe about 3 hours).                    local agent/distributor to manage their distribution
- Rent an office and keep a copy of the rental                in Yemen.
  agreement. (Timeframe 1-3 days).
- Register the company with the Ministry of                   Due to infrastructure constraints and to ensure
  Industry and Trade (MOIT).                                  widespread distribution, foreigner companies may
- On the registration form, indicate the type of              need multiple agents and distributors. Sanaa,
  business (i.e. import-export, services, wholesaler,         Aden, Taiz, Mukalla and Hodeidah are the
  and retailer),                                              country’s primary commercial centers.
- State the amount of capital, and whether it is a
  private or a public enterprise.                             International Company Profile (ICP) reports on a
- Once approved, the Ministry will assign a                   fee basis. Yemeni Law 23/1997 (amended)
  registration number. This registration number               regulates the branches and agencies of foreign
  must be presented upon request to any                       trading     companies.       All     agent/distributor
  government agency.                                          agreements with local companies must be
- The fees for registration, permit and publication in        registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
  the official gazette and announcement in.
- (the commercial register are 67,000 Yemeni Rials
  (USD349). These fees cover the initial payment              Procedures to Obtain Commercial Register
  for commercial registration at the Ministry and are
  valid for five years. The annual renewable permit
                                                              Specialized department (Commercial Register
  fee is 20,000 Yemeni Rials (USD 104)
  (Timeframe 2-3 days).
- Apply for membership with the local chamber of
                                                              Every Yemeni businessperson or foreign house or
  commerce, indicating the name and type of
                                                              company branch must:
- (The cost is USD 500, plus 10,000 Yemeni Rials
                                                              - Submit a request to register his/her name or the
  (USD 51) per year for renewal of membership.
                                                                branch in the commercial register within sixty
  (Timeframe about 2 hours).
-                municipality, indicating the type of
                                                              - Form the beginning of the commercial business
  business. The business will be given a permit
                                                                or the opening of the business or branch or
  with a number which must be displayed in the
  business office.
                                                              - Every Yemeni businessperson or foreign
- (The cost is 50,000 Yemeni Rials (USD 260)
                                                                company branch has to inform the relevant
  including fees for the City of Aden (Timeframe 2-
                                                                Commercial Register Office whenever any
  3 days).
                                                                change happens and inform the registration
- Register with the Yemeni government ministry
                                                                authority where the registration took place, within
  that oversees the business.
                                                                sixty days from the date of change;
                                                              - Registration has to be renewed in the
Depending on the type of business, (costs can
                                                                commercial register every ten years from the
range from 750 Yemeni Rials up to 50,000 Yemeni
                                                                date of the registration or the last renewal date.
Rials,(USD 260). (Timeframe 2-3 days)

                                            Investment Guide to Aden
                                      Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

                       Obtain   Permit   for
                                                             P  ermits to Establish             Insurance and
Companies:-                                                  Reinsurance Companies

Establishment contract signed by the partners; and           (Specialized Department for Companies)
the permit’s procedures completed when the
company is registered with Companies Department              - The Preliminary Contract and Company’s Articles
and its commercial register’s declaration.                     of Association;
                                                             - Certificate of paid capital;
- Procedures to Obtain Permit for Stock                      - Certificate of deposited guarantee.
                                                             Procedures to Obtain Permit for Branches
(Specialized Department - Companies Dept.)                   of Foreign Houses and Companies

- Application for company formation signed by at             (Specialized Department for Agencies)
  least five founders.
- A copy of the preliminary contract draft.                  A copy of the Company’s Commercial Registration
- The companies’ statute as per relevant                     along with a certified copy of its contract and
  specimen.                                                  Articles of Association; A certified copy of the
- The Founding Associations minutes.                         commercial register of the company head office
- Certificate of the companies paid capital issued           proving that its capital is not less than stated in the
  by the bank where application for shares was               Bank Law in respect to banks or Investment Law in
  received.                                                  respect to other foreign houses and companies;

                                                             A certified copy of the company’s budget for the
- Procedures to register Industrial and                      immediate preceding financial year prior to the date
Trade marks                                                  of application;

                                                             An official deputizing letter issued by the
Procedures to register Industrial and Trade marks
                                                             company’s head office and certified by the
                                                             specialized authority that contains naming the
(specialized department, Intellectual Property
                                                             agent or the manager authorized to manage the
Protection and Patent Rights Department)
                                                             branch who should reside in the branch location
                                                             and directly connected to the company’s head
An application to be submitted to the specialized
department containing the mark description and a
list of products and services requested to register
                                                             The company’s representative or manager will
their marks; The specialized department, within a
                                                             have the capacity to sign contracts pertaining to the
month from application receipt, a decree either
                                                             business managed by the branch; and The permit
approving the application or applying amendments
                                                             to be issued after legal requirements are completed
on the mark in order to increase its clarity or to
                                                             and a decree to that end to be published in the
prevent its ambiguity with another mark or non-
                                                             Official Gazette within thirty days on the branch’s
suitability for registration;
The applicant can protest the department’s decree,
within one month from its communication, and the             The Documents Required for Establishing
specialized department will take a decision in the           Business are as follows:
protest, within one month, and its decision can still        - Municipality Trade License application form.
be protested in court within maximum one month               - The Chamber Trade Name an Membership
from its communication;                                        application forms.
                                                             - Commercial Registration application form from
The mark will be registered in the assigned                    Ministry of Industry and Trade.
register; A certificate of mark registration will be
given to the applicant; Registration will be in force        Documents are:
from the date of application submission, cases
submission’s priority will be considered;                    - Office tenancy lease authorized by the
Registration declaration to be made in accordance            - Letter of Authorization or an authorized power of
with the approved regulations;             and Mark            attorney.
registration results in preventing    others from its        - Authorized partnership agreement (for companies
usage without the certificate registration holder’s            only).
approval. The registration protects the mark for ten         - Photocopy of owner's passport and photocopy of
years period starting from the effect registration’s           manager's or authorized persons' passport.

                                            Investment Guide to Aden
                                      Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

  For limited liability company, public limited              Import Requirements and Documentation
  company and share partnership company locally              Import documentation and requirements are
  established, it is required to submit:                     available from the Ministry of Industry and Trade
- A copy of Ministry of Trade and Industry.                  and/or the relevant ministry governing a company's
- A copy of the articles and memorandum of                   activities. A health certificate must be obtained to
  association.                                               export animal and fisheries products. The
                                                             government eliminated import licensing in 1996,
As for Branches of Foreign Companies:                        except on controlled products and materials such
- It is required to submit a copy of registration in         as alcohol and explosives. The following
  the original concerned authority,                          documents are required:
- A copy of article and memorandum of association
  in the country of origin                                   - Commercial Invoice
- And a copy of a power of attorney for the person           Three copies of the ordinary commercial invoice
  who will be in charge.                                     should accompany shipments. The invoice should
- All these documents should be authorized and               contain a full and accurate description of the
  authenticated.                                             goods, the marks and numbers, value of the
- Passport size photograph of each owner and                 merchandise, country of origin and net and gross
  partner.                                                   weight 31

                                                             - Certificate of Origin
                                                             A separate certificate of origin is required for
C   ustoms Authority                                         shipments to Yemen. The general form sold by
                                                             commercial stationers is acceptable.

Import Tariffs                                               - Bill of Lading
The Yemeni Customs Authority follows Law                     There are no regulations specifying the form or
37/1997, which regulates tariffs on imported goods.          number of bills of lading required for any particular
In 2001, in exchange for participation in the Gulf           shipment. A bill of lading customarily shows the
Cooperative Council (GCC) institutions, Yemen                name of the shipper, the
moved toward amending customs levies to levels               name and address of the consignee, port of
closer to those adopted by the GCC. In April 2000,           destination, description of the goods, the listing of
in an effort to facilitate procedures and enhance            the freight and other charges, the number of bills of
transparency, the Customs Authority (CA) installed           lading in the full set, and the date and signature of
the Automated System for Customs Data                        the carrier’s official acknowledging receipt on board
(ASYCUDA).                                                   of the goods for shipment.
ASYCUDA, programmed in compliance with
Yemeni legislation and national security, helps              - Health Certificate
combat smuggling, fraud, and document counter-               A health certificate is required for shipments to
feiting.                                                     Yemen of animal stock, food, and agricultural
In 2004, CA launched an electronic clearance                 products.
processing service at 15 entry points. Further
more, CA anticipates that the USD 23 million                 - Free Sale Certificate
Container Vehicle X-ray Special System will be               Imports of pharmaceuticals require a free sale
fully installed and operational in a number of entry         certificate stating that the commodities in question
posts by mid-2006.                                           are in free circulation in the country of export.
The Yemeni Customs Authority assesses the value              In a dispute between the CA and the shipment’s
of imports at the Central Bank exchange rate,                owner, it shall be referred to two experts, one
which is allegedly the same as the market rate.              appointed by the authority and the other by the
From 1996 to 2005, in an effort to simplify and              goods owner, within 8 days. If both experts agree,
make transparent the customs procedures, the                 their opinion shall be final. If not, an arbitration
ROYG steadily reduced tariffs as the Cost of                 committee,       consisting     of    a     permanent
Insurance and Freight (CIF) decreased for all                representative of the Minister of Finance or two CA
imports. The tariff schedule consists of ad-valorem          and Yemen Standardization,
duties of :5, 10, 15 and 25%.                                YSMO,          and        Metrology       Organization
 At the 10% or less 30 bracket, duties are levied on         representatives, shall make a final and binding
3,134 items, which represent about 51% of the total          decision, and the losing party shall incur the
of 6,237 scheduled items.                                    arbitration expenses.
Under the positive influence of Yemen’s pursuit of
WTO accession, the government contemplates                   Temporary Entry
reducing the custom tariffs.
                                                             Temporary entry of equipment and furniture for
In 2004, CA submitted a draft custom Tariff Law
                                                             projects is allowed provided that they are re-
for approval by the Cabinet of Ministers and the
                                                             exported upon completion of the project; otherwise,
Parliament. The draft law proposed significant tariff
                                                             they will be taxed. Goods coming through the Free
reduction on several high-tariff goods decreasing
                                                             Zones into local markets are considered imports
from 15 percent and 25 percent to 5 percent or
                                                             and, therefore will be subject to all applicable taxes
less. The tariff reduction proposal was
                                                             and measures. Commercial samples are recorded
implemented in 2005.

                                             Investment Guide to Aden
                                       Chamber of Commerce & Industry – Aden

in the visitor’s passport and deleted once they are           Multiple  organizations   within    the  Yemeni
taken out of the country. A significant number of             government are responsible for standards and
samples imported for exhibitions and expos require            product quality control. Among them are:
a cash guarantee or deposit covering the customs
and tax duties. If the items are sold or disposed,            The Yemen Standardization, Meteorology, and
the deposit will be returned with a deduction.                Quality Control Organization (YSMQCO) of the
                                                              Ministry of Industry; the Customs Authority (CA);
Labeling and Marking Requirements                             the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA); and
Yemen observes a few clear labeling requirements:             the Environmental Department of the Ministry of
- The country of origin must be clearly marked in             Construction, Housing and Urban Planning.
  English on all imported goods, foodstuffs or
  pharmaceutical products entering Yemen and                  Yemen is a member of the International Standards
  production.                                                 Organization (ISO 9000), the World
- Expiration dates must be clearly printed on the
  package. Otherwise, GCC and international                   Meteorological Organization and the Arab
  standards are followed.                                     Standards Organization. YSMQCO supervises
                                                              testing imports and has legal authority to order a
Prohibited and Restricted Imports                             product’s removal from the market if it does not
The Government prohibits or restricts the                     meet accepted standards.
importation of some items such as:                            On August 16, 2002, the Prime Minister issued a
- Pork and pork products,                                     decree to adopt the GCC standards and
- Coffee, alcohol, narcotics, a limited list of fresh         specifications on Yemeni and imported products.
  fruits and vegetables during their local production
  seasons,                                                    Standards Organizations
- Weapons, explosives and the endangered                      Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control law
  rhinoceros horn.                                            44 of 1999 established the Yemen Standardization,
                                                              Meteorology, and Quality Control Org.
How to Get Customs Exemption                                   (YSMQCO) in order to protect human, animal and
To get a customs-exemption for imported fixed                 plant health and environmental safety. YSMQCO
assets of the project, the investor shall apply to the        works in association with customs staff on all the
customs office in the GIA, the following documents            major land, coastal, and air ports of entry. A
shall be attached to the application on the next              government decree imposes the GCC standards
page:                                                         and specification on the local and imported
- The original registration decision of the project           products.
   issued by the GIA,
- The list(s)of the project's requirements issued by          Yemen is a member in:
   the GIA                                                    - The International Standardization Organization
- Purchase invoice(s) of such requirements                      (ISO9000).
   showing the manufacturer's country and /or                 - World Meteorological Organization and the Arab
   source of exportation.                                       Standards Organization.
- Bid of lading.
- The project's owner's Tax Number +                          Conformity Assessment
   authorization to obtain a customs-release order            YSMQCO requests the following documents from
- The customs officer of the GIA's Office shall               the importer:
   mark the items to be exempted in the                       - Bill of lading
   requirements list (s) of the project. Then, he             - Certificate of origin
   shall specify the customs office at a certain              - Analysis certificate, and
   entry-port to release the requirements and shall           - Packing list
   inform the latter by sending a copy of such list(s)
   by facsimile. Also the same items are marked in            Product Certification
   the copy of the requirements list(s)of the project         For product certification of animal imports,
   for the office.                                            YSMQCO requests the above documents in
- The customs officers at the respective entry-port           addition to the following:
   shall mark the released tools and machineries in           - Health certificate
   the release. A copy of the marked list(s) would            - Halal food certificate, and
   be sent to he customs office in the GIA by                 - a certified document from the country of export
   facsimile.                                                   proving that imports are not affected by
                                                                epidemics or were not exposed to radioactivity.
To view the list of prohibited items, please double             For plant imports, YSMQCO adds the following
click on the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s                   documents:
website at:                                                   - A certified document from the country of export ,then, click on “Prohibited             proving that imports are not affected by epidemics
Good.”                                                          or were not exposed to radioactivity.


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