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					R.K. Narayan

     A Horse and Two

      By Udo Gemmerich, Jan Wortmeier
+   Summary
+   Setting
+   Characters
+   Language
+   Narrative Technique
+   Relationship
+   Why Post- Colonial Literature
+   Historical Background
+   Author
+   setting: small village, called Kiritam, in India
+   Red faced man from New York appears
+   American  is interested in buying the horse-statue
+   Indian  talking about Indian mythology
+   American  just talking about the horse
+   End of story  red faced man gives money for the horse-statue /
     old Indian gives him the two goats

+ Place of action: a small village, called Kiritam, in India.
+ Kiritam „crown“ in Tamil language
+ Statues of a warrior and a massive guardian in shape
  of a horse in front of the village
+ Warrior in gay colours
+ Dry and hot area; full of rocks; cactuses; lantanas

Old Indian man                         American tourist
+Name: Muni                            + red face
+He owns two goats                     +khaki- coloured shirt and shorts
+Drowsing in the shadow of a cactus    +looks like a policeman
+He needs a capital of 20 rupees for   +comes from NY
   opening a souvenir shop             +has travelled 5000 miles in India
+monolingual: only Tamil               +smokes
                                       +wants to buy the horse- statue
                                       +has much more money than the old

     + „Good English“
     + Nobody realy tries to
Narrative Technique

+ 3rd person narrator
+ Narrator is omniscient

+ Old man wants to sell his   + Red faced man
  pets He needs money          Would be a sound of
+ Proud of his village         policy to show an
  wants to tell the myth of     interest in the old man`s
  the horse and the rider       pets
Why Post- Colonial Literture

+ The problem of communication
+ The meeting of different cultures
+ The difference in wealth
+ The difference in social signs
Historical Background

+ 18/19 century  3/5 of India was controlled by
  Britain /  2/5 ruled by lords
+ Reason for the rebellion (1857/58) was the fear
  of a growing influence by the western
  civilisation  mogul-empire was destroyed /
  India was put under rule by the British majesty
+ Was born in Madras on October 10,1906
+ Grew up and was educated in Madras and Mysore, took his B.A. at
  Maharaja`s College and decided to become a writer
+ Has written 12 novels between 1937-1990
+ Narayan`s family speaks Tamil / (but he decided to write
  in English)