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									Greenleaf Wholesale Florist acquires United Wholesale Florist

October 2007, Greenleaf Wholesale Florist, Inc., a leading floral
wholesaler in the west and southwest of the USA, announced that it will
acquire United Wholesale Florist, LLC, a leading floral wholesaler in the
south central part of the United States. Read more

Karuturi Networks Limited acquires Sher Agencies Ltd. in
October 2007, Gerrit and Peter Barnhoorn reached an agreement with
the Karuturi Group for the acquisition of Sher Holland's shares in the
Kenya based company, Sher Agencies Ltd. The management team will
remain unchanged. The companies Sher Holland and Sher Ethiopia
remain under the ownership of the current shareholders, and Sher
Holland will continue to have the responsibility for the marketing of the
Kenyan flowers. Incorporated in 1994-95, the Bangalore based Karuturi
Networks Limited is engaged in three businesses; floriculture,
processing foods (gherkins) and information technology.

Takii & Co. Ltd. acquires K. Sahin Zaden
September 2007, Japanese based Takii & Co. Ltd. acquired 100% of the
share of K. Sahin Zaden in the Netherlands. Sahin will remain as an
independent legal entity for at least another few years. Elizabeth Sahin
accepted employment as general manager of Sahin for the coming year.
There are no immediate plans to change or reorganise the current
distribution system of Sahin and Takii products.

CNB and Hobaho stop negotiations
October 2007, the negotiations between the Central Dutch Flower Bulbs
Cooperation (CNB) and the Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer for the CNB to
takeover the auction's shares in the Hobaho Horti Groep ceased. Hobaho
will remain an independent company with Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer as
shareholder. Hobaho specialises in intermediation for flower bulbs, dry
bulbs and plants; mediation by 40 representatives has a €180 million

Merger proposal - VON and Vleuten
The Veiling East Netherlands (VON) in Bemmel and the Veiling Utrecht
region in Vleuten signed a declaration of intent on October 17, 2007 to
proceed with a merger of the two auctions. Directors André van
Kruijssen, Veiling Vleuten, and Peter Bakker, VON, are convinced that
“the market can be better serviced together than apart”. In January
2008, the members will vote on the proposed merger.

First Symposium on Horticulture in Europe
The First Symposium on Horticulture in Europe – SHE 2008 – is being
held from February 17-20, 2008, in Vienna, Austria. The Organising
Committee is looking forward to welcoming as many colleagues as
possible to give a strong impulse to the fact that horticulture is still very
much alive in Europe and that it is an important factor for our society
and our economy. Read more

Kunming International Flower Exhibition
The Netherlands were the most prominent foreign exhibitor this year
during the Kunming International Flower Exhibition, taking place from
September 6-9, 2007. Fifteen Dutch companies were present in the
Holland Pavilion. Their products ranged from cut flowers and post
harvest treatments solutions, to cold stores, substrates and greenhouse
equipment as well as horticultural training courses. Read more

Planning made easy for California Pack Trials
Visitors attending the California Pack Trials can begin planning their
travel itinerary using the National Garden Bureau website,
. Click on “CA Pack Trials” and the “Reservation Contact” will present the
emails already addressed to the contact and ready to be completed.

UK Garden Industry Monitor
Figures for the first seven months of the year from the UK HTA's
(Horticultural Trades Association) Garden Industry Monitor (GIM)
showed that fortunes were mixed for the UK's £3.7 billion garden
market as the good weather of March and April turned into grim
conditions from May to July; sales held up well for garden centres,
however there were challenges for DIY stores and supermarkets. Read

Flowers Made Easy is first Fair Flowers Fair Plants supplier in
In a bid to grow its business in a sustainable way, Flowers Made Easy,
one of Ireland's leading online flower business, has become the only
florist or flower supplier in Ireland supplying Fair Flowers and Fair Plants.
Read more

A flowering tree with many uses
Karyale, a tree growing wild on the hill slopes in the Western Himalayas,
is a conspicuous flowering tree with its large, showy and highly
conspicuous flowers due to their attractive white with a shade of light
purple colour. The unopened flower buds and petals of this tree are also
widely used, however, as a vegetable, the leaves act as fodder for cattle
with the tree further recognized as an important medicinal plant. Read

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