Changes la Leadership in the General Conference by jizhen1947


									    Changes la Leadership in the General Conference
                                    ROBERT H. PIERSON ELECTED PRESIDENT

                                                           By The EDITOR

     ON FRIDAY, June 17, a new president was elected            there in sincere repentance and in deep contrition yield
to head the Seventh-day Adventist Church for the next           ourselves to the man of Calvary. Then let us march up
four years. He is Robert, H. Pierson, formerly president        to the upper room, where in quiet confidence we may be
of the Trans-Africa Division, and onetime president of          filled with pentecostal power.
the Caribbean and the West Indies unions in Inter-
                                                                          "Our hearts and our bones need to be filled with
                                                                     fire — fire that comes down from heaven as Elijah's
       Closely associated with Elder Pierson in the leader- fire came, that will set us ablaze for God as we return
  ship of the church will be W. R. Beach, re-elected secre- to our fields. Then, brethren, let us march to the dark
  tary of the General Conference, and K. H. Emmerson, countries and districts, to the unentered cities in North
  newly elected General Conference treasurer.                        America and Europe. Let us march to the ends of the
       During the closing meeting of the recent General earth with hearts that glow with the love of Christ and
 Conference session, which was held                                                     with a passion for souls that will
in Detroit, Michigan, June 16-26,                                                        never burn out this side of the king-
Elder Pierson appealed:                              STATEMENT BY                        dom.
    "As we leave this great meeting,                  R. H. PIERSON                        "Let us march and march and
 I want us to consider the formula                                                      march until the last stronghold of
for a finished work, for the final           Upon Being Elected President o£ the
                                                       General Conference               heathenism or unbelief has fallen.
triumph of this movement. I find                                                        Let us march until the banner of
it from the pen of inspiration, re-             Brother Chairman, Elder Figuhr,
                                                                                        our coming King has been planted
corded in the Review and Herald,            delegates assembled here in this great
                                             conference this afternoon: I hardly know   victoriously in every land and on
December 15, 1885. Said God's               what to say. The very thought of ac-         every tiny atoll — on earth's most
servant: ' When divine power is             cepting the solemn responsibility makes     distant outpost. Let us march and
combined with human effort, the             me tremble. Never has a man stood           keep on marching until the gates of
work will spread like fire in the            where I stand just now, who has need-
                                             ed your prayers and your support more      Paradise swing ajar before us.
stubble.'                                   than I do. With God's help and with
    "I want you to notice that two          tue co-operation of the very fine lead-
                                                                                           "Oh, brethren and sisters, leaders
things are essential for a finished         ers scattered around the world, I'll do     and members of God's remnant
work. First, divine power; second,          my best. My faith and confidence in         church, let us respond to the voice
human effort. When these two fac-           this message, its ultimate and early        of God — the call of the Holv
                                            triumph, was never stronger than it is
tors are combined the results are                                                       Spirit. It is a call to primitive god-
certain but it takes both—both the             With you I wish to re-dedicate my        liness, to pentecostal living. It is a
divine power and the human effort.          life to the finishing of the work in this   call to renewed latter-rain action.
This is what we want to see during          generation. My heart is too full to say     Then will be fulfilled the precious
                                            any more just at this time, but I           assurance that 'when divine power
the forthcoming quadrennium — an
                                            appeal to everyone in this great audi-
outpouring of the Spirit of God and         torium to unite your hearts, your hands,
                                                                                        is combined with human effort,
a great forward thrust...                   and your prayers for a great forward        the work will spread like fire in
    "Let us march!                          movement of the cause of God. Pray          the stubble.' May God haste that
    "Let us march first, brethren and       for me. -REVIEW AND HERAtD                  day." Review and Herald, June 26,
sisters, to the foot of the cross, and                                                  1966.

VOL. X L I II                       SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER,                           1966                               No.     9
                                                 delegates: "When one stands in the
                                                 shadow of threescore years and ten
                                                 he begins to feel the weight of the
                                                 years, and these times demand a
                                                 man of activity as well as of strength
                                                 and courage."
                                                   During the twelve years that
                                                 Elder Figuhr headed the church, he
                                                .witnessed a marked advancement of
                                                 God's church throughout the world,
                                                 and steady growth from about one
                                                 million members in 1954 to 1.5
                                                 million today.
                                                   Closing his address, Elder Figuhr
                                                warned, "We are entering such days
                                                as the world has never before seen."
                                                Then quickly he gave testimony of
                                                his faith in the future by adding,
                                                "We confidently believe that great
                                                days of advance and triumph are
                                                before us. The quadrennium into
                                                which we now enter should see
              H. R. FIGUHR                      greater and more glorious triumphs                           ROBERT H. PffiHSON
President of the General Conference 1954-1966   for this cause, Our faith must be                       Newly Elected President of the
                                                commensurate with the challenge."                             General Conference
                                                Review and Herald, June 16, 1966.
  R. R. Figuhr, president of the
General Conference from 1954 to                    At this session of General Con-                fice or proven, they have been called
1966, announced his retirement after            ference about two thirds of the per-              by God. Let us pray for our leaders
rendering the president's report at             sons elected to fill offices in the Gen-          and co-operate with them in going
the first meeting of the 1966 General           eral Conference and overseas divi-                forward to greater accomplishments
Conference session. He told the                 sions are new. Whether new in of-                 for our King.

    The newly elected officers of the General Conference: Seated are (from left to right) Theodore Carcich, general vice-president; R. S.
Watts, general vice-president; M. V. Campbell, general vice-president; W. H. Beach, secretary; Robert H. Pierson, president; Kenneth 'H.
Emmerson, treasurer; F. L. Bland, general vice-president; O. A. Blake, umler-treasurer; Neal C. Wilson, vice-president for North America.
Standing are (from left to right) D. W. Hunter, associate secretary; C. O.' Franz, associate secretary; A. E. Gibb, associate secretary; D. S.
Johnson, associate secretary; David H. Baasch, associate secretary; R. R. Frame, associate secretary; W. P. Bradley, associate secretary; Martin
Kemmerer, assistant treasurer, W. L. Pascoe, assistant treasurer, Robert Osborn, assistant treasurer, and K. F. Ambs, assistant treasurer.

                                                                               Prophecy writings, a compelling
The Background of and Hopes for                                                imperative and organisational foun-
                                                                               dation was laid for the church.
                                                                               These were strengthened and be-
                                                                               came more clear during the last
         OUR FIFTIETH SESSION                                                  decades of the nineteenth century
                                                                               and the first two decades of the
                         By ARTHUR H. ROTH                                     twentieth century.
                                                                                   Not all were convinced that the
    Seventh-day Adventists from a- throne, and before the Lamb" (Rev.          church should go into other lands,
round the world are meeting in Det- 7:9).                                      or even labour in unity and con-
roit, Michigan, for the fiftieth session   Our pioneers, meeting at the        certed action. Shortly after the
of the General Conference. Detroit, first General Conference session in        denomination's first foreign mission-
the capital of the automotive indus- 1863, as the representatives of the       ary went abroad, Uriah Smith, one
try, where the session is being held, Advent faith in six States of the        of the leaders of the Advent people,
is about 100 miles from Battle Creek, new American nation, hardly could        wrote this about the need for "con-
where the pioneers of the Advent have envisioned the worldwide                 certed action":
 Movement held the first General Con- mission to which God was calling             "We profess to believe that the
ference session one hundred and them. They felt so insignificant. They         burden of the work of proclaiming
three years ago. In our day General had no influence. They had no power.       to the world the last message of
Conference sessions are held every But they did have the Word of God.          mercy is committed to our hands.
four years, in accordance with the They did have conviction about              How much is involved in this? This
General Conference Constitution and God's last message for mankind.            world, though small in comparison
Bylaws. In the early days of the They did have the Lord's counsel              with other worlds, is nevertheless
movement sessions were yearly in the Spirit of Prophecy. They did              to human beings quite a large place.
gatherings.                              have devotion. They did have faith.   Though three-fourths of it is under
    Those attending this session are So, like the early Christians, though      water, there is still a vast expanse
the representatives of the 1,578,000 few, they preached wherever they           of territory left. Its inhabitants are
Seventh-day Adventists         scattered went. Under God's blessing the Ad-    numbered by the hundreds of mil-
throughout the 14,650 churches from vent message and movement spread.           lions. How much labor will it take
Caracas to Calcutta, from Brisbane The remnant church began to grow.           to convey instruction on the present
to Berlin. They represent the men It grew in the land where it took             truth to all of these who are en-
and women and children who await root. It expanded into one country             titled to receive it? How many men
the coming of Jesus in Argentina, after another. As the work expanded           will be wanted? What kind of men?
in Rhodesia, in Norway, and all the and grew, the world mission and             The world's talent will be arrayed
 200 countries of the world where obligation of the Advent Movement             against the truth. Someone must be
 the Advent message is preached. came into sharper focus.                       prepared to meet it. How many
 This gathering of Adventists from         In the Scriptures our pioneers       books will be required? How many
 all the world is a convincing indica- read ever more clearly and deci-         thousand tons of periodicals? How
 tion that one of the great signs of sively: "Go ye into all the world,         much means to carry on the work?. . .
 our Lord's return mentioned by and preach the gospel to every                      "What more will be needed, we
 Matthew is being fulfilled: "This creature (Mark 16:15). "God is not           perhaps do not now clearly see. We
 gospel of the kingdom shall be the author of confusion, but of                 onlv know that this work is the
 preached in all the world for a peace, as in all churches of the               cause of God, and it will be accom-
 witness unto all nations; and then saints" (I Cor. 14:33). "There is one       plished. It cannot go back. The
 shall the end come" (Matt. 24:14). body, and one Spirit, even as ye            omnipotent hand of the God and
 Those present at the session are called in one hope of your call-              Christ of our blessed hope is be-
are eloquent evidence of the way ing; one Lord, one faith, one                  hind it. We know that that cause
people have responded to the preach- baptism (Eph. 4:4, 5).                     which represents in the earth the
ing of the gospel in "every nation,        The Lord's messenger to the          closing truths of the Word of God,
and kindred, and tongue, and church spoke: "God calls for men,                  and the finishing of the work of
people" (Rev. 14:6).                     volunteers, to carry the truth to      salvation among men, is no sham
    We can't help asking ourselves, other nations and tongues and               and slipshod affair, and will not be
Did this merely happen or come people." —Testimonies, vol. 3, p. 404.           done in a corner. There are thou-
 about by itself? Is it the result of 'Tress together, press together,          sands of localities to be lightened
wise human planning? indeed not! press            together."—Testimonies  to    with its presence which do not yet
Tt is the fulfillment of prpphecv. God Ministers, p. 56. "Never, never will     so much as know of its existence.
had a hand in this. More than that, these heavenly messengers (the co-          There are thousands of men to be
this is His programme. God raised operating angels) place their en-             raised up for the work of the har-
up the Advent Movement. He has dorsement upon irregulartiy, dis-                vest. There are tons of books to be
guided and led the movement from organization and disorder."—Testi-             produced. There are hundreds of
the beginning. He will continue to monies, vol. 1, pp. 649, 650.                thousands of dollars to he expended.
 lead it until that "great multitude,      With these guiding principles        Perhaps our present facilities must be
which no man could number, of and many more of like kind from                   doubled or quadrupled." — Review
all nations" will stand "before the Sacred Scriptures and the Spirit of         and Herald, Dec. 15, 1874.
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER,                        1966
     We who today are ever nearer to        operates by direction of the General          That the blessed hope of our
  the climax of the work of the church      Conference Executive Committee.            Lord's return will hold the pre-
  on earth, believe as firmly as did our    This Executive Committee, is elect-        eminent place in the message the
 predecessors that the church must          ed to serve the church for four            church announces to the world.
 in all lands move unitedly toward          years at the time of world sessions           That the pure Word of God will
the kingdom. We cannot, in these            such as the one now convening in           be re-emphasized as the only basis
times of Satan's final vicious attacks      Detroit. Throughout its term of            for what the church preaches.
on the church, afford the luxury of        service the committee with its offi-           That its chosen leaders will be
 independent and separate action. We       cers looks after the spiritual welfare      men and women directed by the
need to close ranks with our com-           of the world church, fosters evan-         Holy Spirit.
rades in the faith behind the               gelism, concerns itself with the mis-
 Captain of our salvation.                  sions programme of the church, and            That the finishing of God's work
    Does someone ask, Where does            counsels on general problems of            on earth will be the clear purpose
the individual stand in the church?        church administration. The work of          in the planning of every organisation,
The individual is important in God's       the administrative departments and          department, and committee of the
programme. There is room and need          committees is reviewed annually at         church.
for individual responsibility and          Autumn Council meetings of the                These longings cannot be satis-
 commitment. God's interest in             committee, when reports are re-            fied by any one man or group of
the individual as a vital factor in         ceived, suggestions and recommen-         men. They can be satisfied only by
the life and activity of the church        dations are considered, and general        praying sons and daughters of God,
is exceeded only by His interest in        plans are laid. In an even wider           consecrated to Him and blessed by
 him as a child in need of redemp-          aspect, reports of the worldwide          Him. In this we all share privilege
 tion.                                     work and world church plans are             and duty.
    Who is better qualified to speak       considered at quadrennial sessions             The faithful in all the world are
 about the role of the individual in       such as the present fiftieth ses-          longing and praying for the latter
the remnant church than the mes-           sion. ...                                  rain.
senger God gave His people? "We                What does the church around the           Are they longing and praying for
 should all feel our individual respon-    world expect from this session? What       too much? No!
 sibility as members of the visible        do the delegates prayerfully hope             The saints are expecting the ful-
 church and workers in the vineyard        for from this gathering? These are         fillment of God's promises.
of the Lord." — Testimonies, vol. 4,       soul-searching considerations. The
p. 16. "Every believer should be           church in all parts of the world has         Are their expectations too high?
wholehearted in his attachment to          been praying for this holy convoca-        No!
the church." - Ibid., p. 18. "Every        tion. It is an important gathering.           Such are the longings of the
soul that believes the truth is to         These are things longed for:               church. May. God grant visible re-
stand in his lot and place, saying,            That the church, though com-           sults of His visitation upon the fif-
' Here am I; send me.'" — Ibid.,           posed of "many nations, tongues,           tieth session of the General Con-
vol. 6, p. 49.                             and peoples," shall -be "one", as was      ference.
    Seventh-day Adventists regulate        prayed for by our Lord.                                   —Review and Herald
themselves in church matters accord-
ing to the representative form of
church government, which recog-
nizes that authority in the church
rests in the church membership.
    Five steps lead from the indivi-
dual believer to the worldwide or-
ganisation of the church, the General
Conference. First is the church, the
body, in which the individual be-
lievers are united. Second is the
local confreence or local mission,
the united body of churches in a
local territory. Third is the union
conference or union mission, the
united body of conferences and
missions in a larger territory. Forth
 is the division, a section oS the
General Conference, comprised of
union conferences and union missions
in large areas of the world. Fifth is
the General Conference, the world-
wide general body embracing the
church in all parts of the world.
    The General Conference is the
highest voice of church authority          John Kelley, David Silva, Donna Taylor, and Michael Kelley delight the audience with
among Seventh-day Adventists, and            their playing of the Mexican marimba during the Inter-American Division programme.

                                 How                                                     Such a time demands much of us
                                                                                      as leaders in churches, in confer-
                                                                                      ences, and in institutions. God ex-
                                                                                      pects us to plan wisely, manifesting
                                                                                      a vision commensurate with the

                                is the                                                urgency of the hour. Casual plan-
                                                                                      ning — even planning that might
                                                                                      be considered strong planning du-
                                                                                      ring normal times — will not suffice

                 welcome time
                            By ROBERT H. PIERSON
                                                                                      to meet the requirements of this.
                                                                                      God's last thrilling hour. This is no
                                                                                      time for a "business as usual"
                                                                                      approach to the needs and the op-
                                                                                      portunities of our scattered fields.
                       President of the General Conference
                                                                                         The messenger of the Lord
(Elder Pierson's opening remarks were in        "Now is the accepted time." These     wrote: "The leaders of God's cause,
response to R. R. Figuhr, who introduced
                                             words of the apostle written nearly       as wise generals, are to lay plans
him to the congregation. — Editors).                                                  for advance moves all along the
                                             2,000 years ago are a clarion call
  Thank you, Elder Figuhr. Fol-              to the leaders and member of the         line." — Testimonies, vol. 9, p. 116.
lowing you in Washington will be             church of the remnant today, to          The work of God must make ad-
no easy assignment. Everywhere I             arouse to action. They are words         vance moves on all fronts. Our
move throughout this great gather-           our evangelists use to call men and      planning, as we go back to our fields
ing I hear expressions of appreciation       women under conviction, to decision      of labor, must include all depart-
for your leadership over the past            and action for God.                      ments and all fields. Ours must be
12 years.                                                                             a balanced, well-distributed pro-
                                                 Our day is a time of decision for    gramme. It must be a programme
   I can only say that with God's             the 3 billion people of earth, repre-
help I shall do my best as I work                                                     that includes every union, every lo^-
                                              senting hundreds of tribes and          cal field, every department, every
with the fine, godly men we have              nationalities scattered throughout
in Washington, with those scattered                                                   institution, every church, every
                                             North America, South America, Asia,      worker, and every church member,
throughout the world, and with the           Africa, Europe, Australia, and the
hundreds of thousands of loyal lay-                                                   and it must be a programme of
                                             islands of the seas. Now is a time       "advance moves all along the line."
men in all lands, to keep the church
                                             of decision for the leadership of
of God moving Zionward. I will                                                                  "GO FORWARD"
                                             God's church in all the world. We
make mistakes, but they will be mis-
                                             have already made vital decisions           Fellow workers, church officers, and
takes of the head and not of the
                                             here in Detroit this week, and there     believers in the Advent message, we
heart. I will need the prayers and
                                             are many more problems with which        can do no less in the face of the
support of all of God's people, but
                                             we must grapple before we leave.         solemn times in which we live and
with His grace and guidance we
                                             The little three-letter word NOW         labour. " The voice of God speaks
shall continue to move forward in
                                             conjures up a thrilling, turbulent,      clearly, Go forward. Let us obey the
this thrilling, challenging hour!
                                             frustrating, glorious quadrennium        command, even though our sight
   We are gathered here in this              ahead for which we must prepare          cannot penetrate the darkness. The
great auditorium todav at one of             and plan.                                obstacles that hinder our progress
the most decisive hours in this                                                       will never disappear before a halting,
                                                I like the Goodspeed translation
 world's history. We live* and labour                                                 doubting spirit." — Gospel Workers,
                                             of our text: "Now the welcome
in a world bristling with perils and                                                  p. 262.
                                             time has come! This is the day of
problems, yet at the same time many
                                             deliverance." What cheering, chal-          This is the voice of God speak-
parts of our world are fairly bursting
                                             lenging words!                           ing to us as leaders — men and
with opportunities and openings for
God's final message. What a glorious            Now indeed is a welcome time.         women alike — assembled here to-
hour in which to serve the cause of          This is the time "That many pro-         day. The command is clear and un-
present truth on this planet of peril        phets and righteous men have de-         mistakable - "Go Forward!" Of
and promise!                                 sired to see" (Matt. 13': 17). Now is    course there are problems! Of course
                                             the time, and we are the people,         there are obstacles! But our God,
  What more challenging text could                                                    who supplies grace and power, says,
                                             destined by God to witness the final
we select for consideration this                                                      "Go forward in spite of problems, in
                                             climactic movements in the history
Sabbath morning than the Words of                                                     spite of the obstacles!" Though we
Paul to the believers in Corinth:            of this world and of God's church.
                                             If we faithfully endure, our eyes        may not see our way through, our
"For he saith, I have heard thee                                                      part is to obey His command and
in a time accepted, and in the day           shall see God's day of deliverance.
                                             If we remain faithful, these eyes of     to lay the wisest possible plans. The
of salvation have I succoured thee:                                                   God of the Advent Movement will
behold, now is the accepted time;            ours shall behold the King in His
                                             glory.                                   not forsake or disappoint His peo-
behold, now is the day of salvation"                                                  ple. If He says, "Go forward!" even
(2 Cor. 6:2).                                   What a time! What a welcome           though our sight cannot penetrate
  » Sabbath Morning Sermon, June 18, 1966.   time! What a challenging time!           the darkness, I am confident He will
S E P T E M B E R - O C TO B E R,              1966
  supply His leaders and workers with        will have written! Think of the        our defenses, let us make bold plans
  needed wisdom and power to make           members who have stood for right,       for advance to finish the work. At
  the advance possible.                      with the heavens falling about          times and in places it may be a slow,
     In Moses' day Israel faced the          them. Think of the men and the wo-     frustrating advance — as it has been
  menacing Red Sea before them and          men, the boys and the girls, who        in some lands I know — but advance
  a hostile Egyptian army behind.           have given their lives for the truth.   it must be.
  They appeared to be trapped. With         Many have lost homes and all of            "Circumstances should not be
  danger ahead and disaster behind,          their worldly possessions. All has     allowed to shape the man. We
  God said to Israel: "Fear ye not,         gone — everything but their faith in    should seize upon circumstances as
  stand still, and see the salvation of     God. Many of our workers, national      instruments by which to work. We
  the Lord, which he will shew to           and expatriate alike, have exposed      are to master them, but should not
  you to day.... The Lord shall fight       themselves to danger and carried on     permit them to master us." — The
 for you.... Go forward"           (Ex.     when all seemed lost.                   Ministry of Healing, p. 500.
  14:13-15).                                    My brethren, we as leaders must        Now is the accepted time to move
     As the Israelites moved forward        not fail such workers and laity. Our    forward on every front, in every
  by faith, God did great things for        leadership in these perilous times      land around the world field.
 them. The sea, which seemed their          must be courageous, dedicated,
  certain destruction, became the           worthy of the times, the challenge,        COURAGEOUS PLANNING
  highway of their deliverance. The         and the people we lead. Our hearts        CALLS FOR GODLY LIVING
 mighty army of Egypt that appeared         and our lips must be filled with            But let us read our text again
 so invincible, became a hapless,           faith and fortitude, that they in        lest we lose the full import of its
  struggling mob caught in the sea          their need may draw strength and         message. "For he saith, I have heard
 when God took over. Israel's plight        courage from us.                         thee in a time accepted, and in the
 became God's challenge to deliver-            Like Israel of old, we will doubt-    day of salvation have I succoured
 ance.                                     less face our Red Sea experiences.        thee: Behold, now is the accepted
     Brethren, our God has done great      There may be times, as there surely       time; Behold now is the day of
 things for us around the world du-         will be, when we can see no way          salvation" (2 Cor. 6:2).
 ring the past four years. Though          out, only frustration or defeat con-         Now is not only the accepted time
 our paths have sometimes been cast        fronting us. Then, brethren, we           for courageous planning, it is a time
 in dangerous places, though we have       must trust our God. As leaders we         that requires godly living. Planning,
 had to contend with political un-         must talk courage though our own          no matter how wise or bold, is not
 certainty and strife in some areas,       hearts may be faint. When the             sufficient to meet God's require-
 the living God has fought valiantly       leader despairs, the cause is lost.       ments at this late hour. A spiritual
 on our behalf.                            Now is the time for us to talk           preparation is urgently required for
    Think of the ravaged Congo!            courage and to plan courageously.        the finishing of the work in all the
 Think of bruised and bleeding Viet-           Sometimes we must plan when          world. Courageous planning and
 nam! Think of other lands where           there appears to be no possibility       godly living must go together.
 thousands of our people have had          of carrying out those plans. Let us         We may learn a lesson from the
 their homes burned, plundered, and        set our goals and lay our plans for      children of Israel. Israel was on the
 looted. Countless numbers have           evangelism! Let us plan our insti-        borders of Canaan. It was the hour
been beaten. I have visited some of        tutes, our training programmes, and      for the final advance into the Pro-
these people in prison or in deten-        our church building projects! Let         mised Land. Plans had been laid.
tion camps. Some have lost their           us continue to build and equip our        Spies were sent ahead to survey the
lives. Yet how marvelously God has        institutions! We are commanded by         land. The report they brought back
stood by His church in these lands.        One who is our leader: "Occupy till      was discouraging. There were forti-
Hundreds of evangelistic campaigns         I come."                                 fied cities and giants in the land.
have been held, multiplied thousands           As one door closes let us be pre-    Surely Israel's plans to take the land
of precious souls have been bap-          pared to move into another that is        wiould fail. The people murmured
tised in some of these very lands.        still ajar. If we are unable to reach     bitterly: "Wherefore hath the Lord
Surely, brethren, we have witnessed       one field because of trouble, let us      brought us into this land. . . ? were
the salvation of the Lord in these        concentrate on fields that are still      it not better for us to return into
places where Satan has sought to          open. If there is a temporary retreat     Egypt?" (Num. 14:3).
do God's people harm.                      on one front, we must advance on            The Lord, through Joshua, re-
    With tie promises of God ringing       another. Let us never permit the         buked the people for their failure
in our ears and the earnest of His        things that can't be done in some         to trust Him. Because of their un-
power unfolding before our very           lands, to blind our vision to the         belief they were destined to wander
eyes, surely now is the accepted          things that still can be done.            forty years longer in the wilderness.
time for us as leaders throughout                                                   Most of their number would perish
                                               We dare not settle down to main-
the world field to lay broad plans        tain the status quo in troublous          short of the goal. God would have
for a mighty advance all along the        times, in any part of the world.          taken them victoriously into the
lines.                                    There is no status quo with God           Land of Promise if only they had
                                          and His last-day movement. As our         believed and trusted Him.
    When the struggle is over, what
a glorious "book of acts" our people      division and union committees meet           When the people heard these
in these troubled, tortured lands         shortly, let us not only shore up         things they "mourned greatly".
Immediately they began to lay           and yet their own hearts be car-        debtors' ?... Is there no bitterness in
presumptions plans to, possess the      nal." — Testimonies, vol. 5, p. 536.    your hearts, no envying, no jealousy,
land. "Lo, we... will go up into        We may speak eloquently of revival      no evil surmising?... Is there no
the place which the Lord hath pro-      and yet not experience it ourselves.    emulation, no desire for special
mised," they declared (Num. 14:40).        "A reformation is needed among       favor and honors, no wish to have
But Moses reminded ihem that sin        the people, but it should first begin   the supremacy?...
in the camp had disqualified them       its purifying work with the minis-         "We do well to examine ourselves
to plan such an advance.                ters." - Ibid., vol. 1, p. 469. What    to see what manner of spirit we are
   "It shall not prosper " he said.     solemn, sobering statements for us      cherishing. Let us learn to speak
"Go not up, for the Lord is not         to ponder! This solemn reminder         gently, quietly, even under circum-
among you" (Num. 14:41, 42).            is for me this morning! I dare not      stances the most trying. Let us con-
   Israel's planning was presump-       preach to others and then be a cast-    trol not only our words, but our
tuous, for they were not spiritually    away myself. How earnestly we           thoughts and imaginations. Let us
prepared for the challenge that lay     need to seek the Lord that none of      be kind, be courteous." — Our High
ahead. The servant of the Lord de-      these things may truthfully be said     Calling, p. 336.
scribes their hapless plight: "they     of us as workers in attendance at
were, in their own estimation, fully    this great convocation!                        A CHALLENGE TO
prepared for conflict; but they were                                                   SELF-EXAMINATION
                                           Our first work at this great ses-
sadly deficient in the sight of God."   sion is to be assured that the Lord        What a challenge to self-exam-
 Patriarchs and Prophets, p. 393.       is with us. Nothing is more import-     ination these inspired words are!
Therefore, the emblems of God's         ant. We may be well-informed            What a series of workers' sermons
presence and blessing were not          preachers, but this is not enough.      these two paragraphs contain! How
with them.                              God wants not only well-informed        do you and how do I measure up
    UNPREPARED TO ENTER                 leaders,    He    wants    thoroughly   when our lives are put under this
                                        transformed men at the head of His      magnifying glass? Are we at peace
   What a tragedy — God's people        work, in all of our fields and insti-   with God and with our brethren?
on the borders of Canaan, unpre-        tutions. The lateness of the hour,      Are our hearts free from bitterness,
pared to enter! It was a time to        the magnitude of the task in 1966,      envy, jealousy, and evil surmising?
make a great advance, but they were     demands men who know the Lord           Are we striving for the supremacy?
 spiritually unprepared to move for-    and who love their brethren. One        Do we speak gently, quietly, even
ward. God had make every provision      love-filled life can do more than       under provocation? Are we always
to lead them safely into promised       a hundred information-filled ser-       kind and courteous to those with
Canaan. The people hesitated. Their     mons to help finish the work.           whom we associate?
faith was weak.
   Then, impetuously, they laid pre-       We do not have an eternity in        These are tests of the presence of
sumptuous plans to advance, only        which to prepare for the challenge      God in our lives. Whether the Lord
to be told, "the Lord is not among      before us. "We have but a few,          is with us depends upon the kind
you." The Lord was not in their         a very few, days of probation in        of men and women we are. Th
planning. What a tragedy! What a        which to make ready for the future,     efficacy of our planning depends
lesson for those of us here in this     immortal life." — Child Guidance, p.    upon the kind of men and women
 auditorium this morning.               555. Those words were written in        we are. Many of us have been pray-
                                         1908. Our time of preparation is       ing for months that this General
   Plan we must. The Lord, through       58 years shorter now than it was       Conference session would be a time
His appointed messenger, has so         then. The message of our text is a      of great spiritual revival. It must
commanded us. But planning alone        message of urgency. "Now is the         be! This is an hour in the history
is not enough. In our own estima-       accepted time!" Now is the time for     of God's work throughout the world
tion we may feel ourselves              true heart searching. Now is the        that demands strong spiritual leader-
adequately prepared to undertake        time for honest self-examination.       ship.
the task of finishing the work in       Now is the time for sincere repent-
the world, but in God's sight we        ance. Now is the time for godly            This fiftieth session must not go
may be sadly lacking. This is a time    living.                                 down in the history of the church
for revival, for earnest seeking of                                             as just another quadrennial session,
the Lord. Nothing is more important       "Examine yourselves ... ; prove       a time for rendering reports, for the
than for us to know that the Lord       your own selves," the apostle Paul      laying of plans, and for the solving
is with us as we plan for the next      admonishes in 2 Corinthians 13:5.       of problems. The hour is too late
quadrennium.                            Weymouth's translation reads, "It is    for just another usual convocation,
   I have just a word for the hun-      your own selves you must test."         with the usual experieace. The cause
dreds, perhaps thousands, of my            "Many," the servant of the Lord      of present truth today needs men
ministering brethren here this morn-    reminds us, "may immediately re-        and women of God laying God's
ing. And in speaking to you I am        spond, 'Why, yes, I am in the faith,    plans to finish God's work.
speaking to R. H. Pierson as well.      I believe every point of the truth.'      Somehow the Spirit of God must
God's messenger has written some        But do you practice what you be-        come in among us, in a mighty,
very sobering counsel that we as        lieve?" she asks. "Are you at peace     moving experience that will arouse
ministers will do well to ponder.       with God and with your brethren?        us to our personal need and to the
"Men may present in a clear man-        Can you pray with sincerity, "For-
ner the claims of truth upon others     give us our debts, as we forgive our          (Continued on page 11)
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER,                         1966
    WHO CAN capture the beauty,

                                                The General Conferen
 the colour, the inspiration of a Gen-
 eral Conference session? Lawrence
 Maxwell described his impressions
 well in "Thursday's Story, June 23,"
 for the Review and Herald General
 Conference Session Bulletin Number
 7. He wrote:
    "You would love it here!             by the Cathedral String Ensemble,        workers and church members were
                                         are only a few of the superb musical     killed or put into prison during the
    "If you are interested in clothes    groups who delighted their listeners.    period of terrorism, which has not
 and fashions, you would be fascin-      Outstanding soloists came long dis-      yet come to an end. Bush chapels
 ated by the costumes people wear        tances to serve their Master and         and schools have been burned down
here!                                    their church by singing. Two such        in many villages ....
    "If languages intrigue you, you      artists were Julia Gerassi, who trav-       "A year ago, one of our devoted
 would be delighted by the diversity     elled some 1500 miles from Miami,        African evangelists in Mozambique,
 of dialects spoken here!                Florida, and Carolyn Rhodes, who         who was in charge of an outstation,
   "If power and progress stir you,      came almost a thousand miles from        was preparing his talk for the prayer
you would be excited here!               New York City. There was also the        meeting that evening. While he was
   "If music thrills you, you would       105-piece symphonic band under          studying, some rebels came to his
be ecstatic here!                        the direction of Melvin Hill of          house and asked him, his wife, and
   "If well-thought-out Bible study      Union College and Norman Krogstad        little daughter to come out. As he
and the evidence of God's presence       of Andrews University to thrill the      obeyed their request, the rebels
are what you long for, you would         hearers.                                 told him to abandon Christianity
be contented here!"                         Each quadrennium the division         and the preaching of the gospel,
   Although a General Conference         fields seem to surpass all previous      as Christianity is the white man's
session is primarily a business ses-     records, showing that God's work         religion, and white men are hated
sion, much thought and effort are        is being done in God's way. Al-          now by Africans. If not, he would
given to satisfying the spiritual de-    though the pageantry of their pro-       be killed instantly. Our brother re-
sires of the hundreds of delegates       grammes enchants the audience, it        mained calm and answered that he
 and visitors. Every morning a church    is the story of a changed life which     could in no way abandon the preach-
leader developed a timely study          moves the listeners. Let me share        ing of the gospel, as it is a message
 during the sermon hour. Again just      three such stories with you.             that must go to every nation, peo-
before the close of the morning             Marius Fridlin, president of the      ple, tribe, and tongue.
 session a capsule devotional chall-     Southern European Division, re-              "'Cease to preach,' the rebels
enged listeners to a searching           ported the following recent inci-        ordered, ' because Adventism is an
meditation on some phase of Chris-       dent of touching heroism: "In            American religion. Your headquart-
tian living. The division programmes     Angola and Mozambique a good             ers are in Washington, D.C., and we
each evening brought reports of          number of our faithful African           hate American imperialism; other-
marvelous exploits for God at home
and overseas.
   Whether it was the congrega-
tional singing of the same Advent
hymns which the pioneers loved, or
a beautiful rendition of a choral
 arrangement sung by a well known
musical group, the music lifted
 one's spirit, thrilling the soul with
heavenly eostacy. Dr. Warren Bec-
ker of Andrews University at the
 console of the great Rodgers pipe
 organ and Van Knauss of Faith for
Today at the piano, or Brad Braley
of the Voice of Prophecy at the or-
gan and Olive Braley at the piano,
accompanied with masterful artistry.
   The Voice of Prophecy and Faith
for Today quartets, the Southern
California ministers' chorus under
E. Lome Jones, the Hymnsingers
made up of the King's Heralds, Del
Delker, and Mrs. Maurita Phillips,
the Choral Arts Soceity of Japan
Missionary College under the direc-
tion of Frank Araujo, accompanied                                                A view of the audience in the Cobo Hall Arena on thi

8                                                                                                     MESSENGER
                                                       had often used before he knew               " 'Well, you see,' our literature

                                                      Jesus: His radiant smile gave testi-      evangelist   continued   confidently,
                                                      mony of the joy that Christianity         ' God the Father, God the Son, and
                                                      had brought to his life. Thrilling        God the Holy Spirit have promised
                                                      stories of persecution and miracu-        to help me. They have never failed
                                                      lous deliverance were surpassed only      me!"
                     By The EDITOR                    by his accounts of seeking out and             "The result? Today in this little
                                                      winning hundreds of souls for his           heathen community, so hostile at
    wise we will kill you on the spot.'               Saviour.
    Our dear worker remained calm                                                                first, there is a fine church organisa-
                                                            In Trans-Africa, "Paul Owour,         tion of 70 baptised members." Re­
     and told the rebels that the Advent              a humble farmer, was called from
    message is a universal message, and                                                           view and Herald, June 21, 1966.
                                                      the plow into the bookmen's army in            In contrast with the great surge
    that the fact that the General Con-               the East African Union. Some time
    ference of Seventh-day Adventists                                                            forward in the acceptance of the
                                                      ago he felt a great burden to sel*          gospel message in Africa, South
     is in the United States does not                 literature in a certain community
    remove the marching orders to go                                                             America, Inter-America, and the
                                                      near Lake Victoria. Upon his arrival       many island fields, the work goes
    into all the world.                               he found the people very much out          forward by measured steps, counted
        "Again the rebels ordered our                 of harmony with his plan.                  victories in some countries. R. A.
     evangelist to abandon Christianity                  " 'We don't need you here!' they        Wilcox, president of the Middle
    or be killed instantly. Here our                  frankly told him. ' The people here        East Division, declared in his re-
     faithful worker stood like Luther                are not Christians. They are not in-       port, "Every new project is a
     before the Diet of Worms. He said                terested in your religion. They will       thrilling experience of complete
     with complete peace in his heart:                not buy your books. You will only          dependence on the Lord for His
     ' I cannot do otherwise.' And the                starve to death here. Go away!'            leading and guidance. Every finished
    rebels cut him in pieces right before                "But Brother Owour, with the            monument is a modern miracle."
    his wife and little girl. We do not               divine imperative resting upon him,        But God's church does advance in
    understand why the Lord has per-                  felt impressed that he should carry        spite of difficult problems and seem-
    mitted this, but we know that our                 out his plan.                              ingly impassable obstructions.
    movement has its martyrs who                            'I will get along all right here/        An entering wedge which has
    would rather die than stop preach-                he replied courageously. 'The peo-         opened doors in difficult lands is our
    the third angel's message." — Review             ple need my books. You need not             emphasis on temperance. Pastor
    and Herald, June 23, 1966.                        fear that I shall starve to death. I       Wilcox stated: "The work of tem-
        Present from the Australasian                have three helpers who always work          perance has placed Seventh-day
    Division was Paul Piari, a native                with me, and together we shall suc-         Adventists in the Middle East before
    New Guinea pastor. Dressed as a                  ceed.'                                      the people in a most remarkable
    warrior in his grass skirt and fea-                  "The people looked mystified, for       way.... Anees Haddad, MV and
    thered headgear, with strings of                  he appeared to be alone.                   temperance secretary, and Dr. Her-
    beads hanging around his neck, he                    " 'Three helpers?' they inquired.       schel Lamp, division medical secre-
    carried the bow and arrow that he                ' Who are the others?'                      tary, inaugurated in 1965 for the
                                                                                                 first time in the Middle East the
                                                                                                 Five-Day Plan to Stop Smoking. In
                                                                                                  only a few horrrs after the first
                                                                                                 meeting conducted in Amman, Jor-
                                                                                                 dan, the interest in the programme-
                                                                                                 became nationwide ....
                                                                                                     "In Iraq, the president, Dr. Arif.
                                                                                                 arranged a five-minute interview but
                                                                                                 kept our team 45 minutes, asking
                                                                                                 questions about the work of Adven-
                                                                                                 tists. Television put our films on half
                                                                                                 a million TV screens, and Dr. Lamp,
                                                                                                 on radio and TV, told the story of
                                                                                                 the tobacco evils. Never before has
                                                                                                 the entire government of a Middle
                                                                                                 East country co-operated so magnif-
                                                                                                 icently to help Seventh-day Adven-
                                                                                                 tists do their work." Review and
                                                                                                Herald, June 22, 1966.
                                                                                                     Our Five-Day Plan to Stop
                                                                                                 Smoking has also opened doors in
                                                                                                 South America. J. J. Aitken, presi-
                                                                                                 den of the South American Division,
                                                                                                reported that "Recently a woman
                                                                                                ;in Brazil 140 years old was bap-
bath of the General Conference session in Detroit.
                                                                                                feed, and we found that she first
   SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER,                                   1966
  became acquainted with the Advent
  message through the Five-Day Plan.
  She said her greatest thrill was to
  be released from 100 years of smok-
  ing slavery and learn how to live
  a clean life."
     Sabbaths are high days at a
  General Conference session. A fore-
  taste of heaven, they are rich with
  blessings that abundantly feed the
  soul. Then only is all committee and
  subcommittee business laid aside.
     Early the first Sabbath morning
  delegates and visitors poured into
  the Cobo Hall Arena. By nine
 o'clock every seat of the more than
  11,000 Was taken. It was reported
 that attendance in the other divi-
 sions meeting in other halls was as
 follows: senior youth more than
 3,000, junior 800, primary 750,
 kindergarten 650; foreign language
  sections: Portuguese 30, German 25,
 Slavic 20, Spanish 200, French 4;
                                         L. A. Ramirez leads the parade of missionaries and national workers from Inter-America
 overflow in hall 6,500. This made                         for the missions pageant on Sabbath, June 18, 1966.
  a total of about 24,000. (Taken from
 Review and Herald, June 19, 1966.)
                                          they represented. Each country was         Choir was a magnificent climax to
     It was announced that R. R.          identified by a pennant and its own        the programme. Both programmes
 Figuhr was to be the speaker of          flag. The flag-bearers took their           were repeated so that everyone
the morning, but with the change in       places along the back and sides of         could have the opportunity of hear-
 leadership he invited R. H. Pierson      the stage, forming a beautiful             ing them.
 to occupy the pulpit. At the close      background for the impressive ac-
 of his sermon, which is found on                                                       Because these are fragmentary
                                          count of the march of the gospel           impressions brought back from the
page five of this issue of the            during the past quadrennium. As the
 MESSENGER, the million-dollar                                                       General Conference session, they in
                                         Guyana flag-bearer reached center           no way paint the complete picture.
offering was taken. One by one           stage, it was announced that that
division, union, and institutional                                                   May the time soon come when all
                                         was the first time the flag of that         those who are faithful will experi-
leaders reported the amounts raised       newly independent nation had been
in their fields, a total of                                                          ence the happiness, the association,
                                         shown in public.                            the inspiration, of the New Earth,
$1,191,006.54, plus the offering
                                             After the pageant another group         joys which will make General Con-
taken that day. God alone knows
                                         took its place on the platform. They        ference gatherings pale by com-
the sacrifice which made such an
                                         were the new mission appointees —           parison.
offering possible and will bless both
                                         40 families and single women on
the gift and the giver to the ad-
                                         their way to Latin America, South-
vancement of His work throughout
                                         ern Asia, Africa, Middle East, and
the world.                                                                           >• At the end of 1965 the Sabbath
                                         the Far East. Doctors, dentists,
    On the afternoon of the first Sab-                                               school membership in all the world
                                         nurses, teachers, ministers, adminis-       was 2,248,955. These members met
bath the missions pageant is a high      trators, all knelt in prayer to renew
light of a General Conference ses-                                                   in 26,342 organised Sabbath schools.
                                         their dedication to serve God
sion. This year's pageant, called        wherever He may call.
"Behold His Messengers," was re-                                                     >• Of the 236 countries and politi-
                                             On the afternoon of the second          cal subdivisions of the world, the
plete with colourful costumes worn       Sabbath the parade was different in         Seventh-day Adventist Church has
by missionaries and nationals. These     nature, but just as impressive.             organised work in 200, representing
costumes depict the traditional or       Entitled, "Behold His Glory," the           99.3 per cent of the world's popu-
holiday dress of nations that now        script portrayed stories of God's           lation.
follow the Western mode of dress,        grace to needy humans, aided by
the native garb of remote or island      God's servants under the direction         ^- During the quadrennial period
fields, and the beautiful embroidered    of the various departments of the          of 1962-1965, the fastest growing
silk shirts and dresses of the fields    church. Simultaneously in the over-        overseas division in membership in
in the Far Eastern Division.             flow hall a sacred conceit by various      terms of percentage of net increase
    The delegates marched in by divi-    musical groups was a fitting close         was the South American Division
sions. As they inarched on the plat-     to all the glorious music of the           with a growth of 38 per cent. The
form, W. R. Beach, the narrator,         General Conference session. The            Far Eastern Division was second
gave interesting stories and the         antiphonal number performed by             with 32 per cent, and the Inter-
latest church news from the lands        the General Conference Collegiate          American was third with 31 per cent.
10                                                                                                     MESSENGER
NOW IS THE WELCOMJE TIME                 enger. "Christ is waiting with long-     rich purple cushion. The young
                                         ing desire for the manifestation of      maharajah took the cushion in his
      (Continued* from page 7)           Himself in His church." — Christ's       hands and looked long and intently
                                         Object Lessons, p. 69.                   at the flashing splendour. Then
challenge of the times in which we
live and labour. How sad, now tra-          "Our Redeemer thirsts for recog-      quietly, almost reverently, he slipped
                                         nition. He hungers for the sympathy      down upon his knees before his be-
gic, if we should say in ofir hearts,
                                         and love of those He has purchased       loved sovereign.
"We will go up!" only to hear the
voice of God rebuking us, "It shall      with His own blood. He longs with          "Your Majesty," he began simply,
not prosper. Go not up, for the          inexpressible desire that they should    "years ago when I was but a small
Lord is not among you!"                  come to Him and have life." — The        boy this stone was presented to you
                                         Desire of Ages, p. 191. It is not        on my behalf. At that time I knew
   We are praying for revival. But       alone a task but the development of      nothing of its true value, Now, to-
where must this revival begin? A         character, the character of His          day, I wish to present it again to
worldwide revival should^ begin          people — your character and mine —       you."
with you and with me — with those        that stands between us and a
of us in this great auditorium this      finished work.                              What a touching scene that must
morning. Do not the words of our                                                  have been — that youthful, Oriental
text call us to such an experience?         "Christ is waiting with longing       prince tendering meaningful, heart-
"Now is the accepted time." Now          desire for the manifestation of Him-     felt homage to his queen. He gave'
is the time for us to be certain that    self in His church." How long will       again a gift of great worth to his
everything is right between ourselves    you and I, as leaders and members        sovereign.
and God, between ourselves and our       of His remnant church keep Him
fellow men. Revival can never come       waiting, waiting outside our heart's       Perhaps this morning, brethren,
while there is sin in the camp, while    door?                              ,     in this great convocation, as we sit
there are differences among us as                                                 here in the presence of our great
                                           "Now is the accepted time; be-         Sovereign — the Lord of heaven and
brethren. If we would have the Lord      hold, now is the day of salvation."
with us in our planning for the                                                   earth — you, with me, feel that you
                                            In this stirring hour, when there     would like to give again your heart,
coming four years, all these things      is so much at stake in this pro-
must be put right.                                                                your life your all, to your Saviour.
                                         gressing, transgressing world of         Probably most of us gave the gift
   All of our fine planning, all of      ours, when so much depends upon          of our hearts to the Lord many
our large budgets, all of our good       our relationship with God, shall we      years ago, but would it not be ap-
intentions and well-worded resolu-       not consecrate our lives anew to Him     propriate on this great occasion to
tions, all of our preaching, will mean   and to the finishing of His work         make a re-presentation?
precisely nothing if the voice of God    in the world field?
                                                                                     (At this point Elder Pierson called on var-
says to us, "Go not up, for the Lord       Perhaps you have heard the story       ious groups of denominational workers and
                                                                                  laymen to stand in rededication. Eventually
is not among you." Oh, brethren          I want to use in closing this morn-      the entire congregation responded to the call.)
and sisters, I appeal to you this        ing. If you have, kindly bear with               -REVIEW AND HERALD
morning — and I appeal to my own         me as I tell it again. Perhaps it will
 self as Paul admonished the believers   come to you with new impact to-          ^- Youth in every division of the
 at Corinth: "It is yourselves you       day amid the dramatic surroundings       world field have been participating
must test, to see whether you are        of this great session.                   in the project known to the church
 holding to the faith" (2 Cor. 13:5,                                              as MV TARGET 30,000. At the
 Goodspeed). Honestly, how is it            Many years ago the glittering         General Conference session MV
 with our own souls?                     Kohinoor diamond — one of the            leaders reported more than 60,000
                                         largest ever found, I believe — was      persons baptised in twio years of
         "NOW IS THE                     presented to Queen Victoria on be-       MV TARGET evangelism.
        ACCEPTED TIME"                   half of an infant Indian prince, too
                                         small at the time to understand          »«- Although Seventh-day Adven-
   "Now is the accepted time" —
                                         what all the fanfare and pageantrv       tists cannot be classified as rich or
not only for courageous planning,
                                         was about.                               well to do, the 380,855 church
but most of all for victorious, godly
living. Now is the time for us as                                                 members in North America support
                                            Years later, however, the young
church workers and lay members                                                    3,335 churches, 1,002 elementary
                                         maharajah, now come of age, paid
from all parts of the world field                                                 schools, 81 academies, 13 colleges,
                                         a visit to London, capital of the
to let the beauty of Jesus shine         empire. During his stay in this          2 universities, 11 schools of nursing,
through these lives of ours. Now is      great city he was invited to visit       34 hospitals, 4 publishing houses,
the time to be sure that our practice    the queen in one of her royal            3 food factories. In addition, they
measures with our profession. Now        palaces. During the visit the youth-     employ 3,211 ministers and 6,951
is the time that our living must be      ful prince made an unusual request.      teachers, besides contributing 88 per
adequate for our planning. Only God      He asked that he might be per-           cent of the world budget.
can finish the work in all lands of      mitted to see the precious gem he        ^- In two years of operation the
earth. At this session we must be        had given his sovereign years be-
                                                                                  Fernando Stahl, an airplane owned
assured that He is with us.              fore.                                    by the Inca Union, saved 70 lives
   Note these appealing statements         In due course the dazzling gem         by the rapid transport of emergency
from the pen of the Lord's mess-         was brought into the room on a           cases to medical clinics.
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER,                          1966                                                                              11
          A. HAY NORCLEPFE                         B. L. ARCHBOLD                                C. L. POWERS
               Treasurer                                Secretary                                   President

                                                                                    The Newly
                                          At the recent General Conference
                                       session held in Detroit, Michigan,
                                       many changes were made. A large
                                       group of workers who have long
                                       carried heavy responsibilities in the
                                       General Conference felt that it was
                                       time to lay their mantles on younger       full time medical secretary. Dr.
                                       shoulders. To fill the resulting           Pohle served Inter-America well,
                                       vacancies, the nominating committee        taking time from his busy medical
                                       drew heavily from the staffs of            practice to answer any call for his
                                       overseas divisions.                        counsel or help.
                                           Called from the Inter-American
                                        Division to world headquarters in            We shall    miss these former col-
                                       Washington, D.C., were three long-         leagues and    loved friends, but we
                                        time and capable workers. Clyde O.        wish them       God's direction and
                                       Franz, who has served Inter-America        blessings as   they continue to work
                                       for 21 years, was called to' be an         for Him in     new capacities.
                                       associate secretary of the General
            R. B. CALDWELL
                                                                                     C. L. Powers was re-elected to
                                       Conference. Working by his side,
     Assistant Treasurer and Auditor
                                                                                  the presidency of the Inter-American
                                        also as an associate secretary, will be
                                                                                  Division. Because he has worked in
                                       David H. Baasch, who has laboured
                                                                                  three different unions in Inter-
                                       in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Mexico,
                                                                                  America, travelled in almost every
                                       and on the division staff since 1944.
                                                                                  local field, learned to know and
                                       Fernon D. Retzer, affectionately
                                                                                  love her people, Elder Powers con-
                                       known throughout the division as
                                                                                  fesses that he is an Inter-American
                                       "Mr. Branch Sabbath School," has
                                                                                  in heart. Realizing the lateness of
                                       been called to be an associate secre-
                                                                                  the hour, he feels a great burden
                                       tarv in the General Conference Sab-
                                                                                  for the unwarned millions in this
                                       bath School Department.
                                                                                  vast territory, but his faith is strong
                                          The Inter-American Division also        in the consecration of his fellow
                                       lost the dean of its staff, our beloved    workers and church members. He
                                       J. C. Culpepper. After working as          knows they will meet the challenge
                                       the nublishing secretary since 1946,       of preparing themselves and others
                                       he has accepted a call to service in       to meet Jesus. He says, "The finest
                                       the Texas Conference. A. B. King,          hour for the church of God is just
                                       who for the past five years has            ahead. Let us arise as one man to
                                       served as an assistant in the trea-        finish the task in our generation."
                                       sury department, has responded to
                                       a call to work in the Florida Con-           B. L. Archbold, the newly elected
                                       ference, and Dr. Ernest Pohle,             secretary of the division, has been
        DONALD J. von POHLE            division medical secretary since           serving on the division staff as lay
      Transportation and Purchasing     1961, has stepped aside in favour of a    activities secretary during the past
12                                                                                                  MESSENGER
         WALTON J. BROWN
                                                 ANDHES H. BIFFEL
         Educational Secretary                                                              GEORGE BROWN
                                                 Lay Activities Secretary
                                                                                              MV Secretary

Elected IAD Staff....
four years. Looking to the future       during which time he was secretary-
with confidence, he says: "As we        treasurer of the Mexican Union. He
face the next quadrennium, my           comments: "As I think of the tre-
hope for Inter-America's constitu-      mendous challenge that lies ahead
ency and working staff is for unity     during the next four years, I take
of purpose, unity of effort, oneness    courage in the promises of God to
in prayer, love, 'and devotion. Then    guide and direct. Thankful for the
together we will experience a great     privilege of serving Him, I fully
spiritual revival which will bring      reconsecrate myself for the purpose
Pentecostal power and result in Pen-    of helping to finish His work in this
tecostal soul winning."                 part of His vineyard."
   A. Ray Norcliffe, newly elected
treasurer of the division, came to         Donald J. von Pohle, appointed                 TULIO R- HAYLOCK
Inter-America in 1949 after working     assistant in the treasury department      Sabbath School and Iladio-TV Secretary
for six years as district pastor in     in charge of transportaton and pur-
Pennsylvania. He served as mission      chasing, has wroked with the youth       teacher, secretary of the department
and union president in the Colom-       of the South American and Inter-        of education, and school administra-
bia-Venezuela Union until "late 1962,   American divisions for the past 30      tor in South America, North
when he was called to the Antillian     years. As teacher, school director,     America, and Inter-America. During
Union. He too faces the future with     and MV secretary, Elder von Pohle       the past six years he has prepared
confidence. He states: "The chal-       inspired many young people to           22 textbooks for use in the
lenge today is truly beyond the         spend themselves in service to their     schools of our division. His latest
capabilities of human ability, but      Master. As he takes up new res-         work is the guide for school admin-
with the blessing of the Lord and       ponsibilities, he says, "The future     istration which he prepared in both
consecrated workers the task can be     holds tremendous challenge for each     English and Spanish. Looking to the
finished in this quadrennium. I look    one of us. As we see the many           future, he hopes to see Inter-
to the future with confidence, know-    evidences of God's blessings and        America's schools upgraded in qua-
in" that the Lord is with us and        guidance, we are determined to go       lity of personnel, in the number of
will bless the faithfulness of His      forward with courage and consecra-      years of instruction, and in the
people in Inter-America."               tion, dedicating our all to the work    types of courses offered.
                                        assigned us."
   R. B. Caldwell, assistant trea-                                                 A. H. Riffel, newly elected secre-
surer and auditor, has been ren-                                                tary of the lay activities department,
                                          Walton     J.  Brown,    re-elected
dering outstanding service in the                                               comes to the division office after
                                        secretary of the educational depart-
treasury department of the Intel--                                              serving in the Antillian, Central Am-
                                        ment, has been a member of the
American Division since 1940 with                                               erican, and Colombia-Venezuela, uni-
                                        division staff since 1960. Before
only one interruption of four years,    coming to this office, he served as           (Continued on page 15)
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER,                        1966                                                                        13
 Around the Unions

     An Interesting Dream
    "... your old men shall dream
 dreams; your young men shall see
 visions" (Joel 2:28).
    This beautiful promise given by
 the prophet Joel is for our day,
 that is, for the time just before ths
 end of all things when the gospel is
 to be preached with the power of
 the Holy Spirit and when we can ex-
 pect a thousand conversions in one
 day. In the Dominican Republic,
 we firmly believe that this promise
 is beginning to be fulfilled. Why?
 Because of the number of conver-
                                                                   The newly organised Cidra church group.
 sions which we are witnessing every-
 where and the miracles that we see
 daily.                                             A New Church Organised in New Territory
   I would like to relate a small,            In June, 1964, the Puerto Rico Conference Committee asked Eliezer Candelaria to
                                         move to the town of Cidra to proclaim our message and establish our work in that unentered
but moving experience. On Friday,        area, under the auspices of the "Into New Regions" plan.
March 4, Carmen Veras of the
Higueral church dreamed that the              With the help of some of the members of the nearby Cayey church, Pastor Candelaria
                                         began to work diligently. Immediately an interest was awakened, and a group of believers
wife of one of our church mem-           was formed. The Cidra group grew steadily, and on Sabbath, May 21, 1966, the new Cidra
bers had given herself to the Lord,      church was organised with 32 charter members.
and that she and I were present at
the time of her decision.                    Present for the ceremony were A. Ray Norcliffe, then president of the Antillian Union,
                                         Hector J. Brignoni and the writer, secretary-treasurer and president respectively of the Puerto
                                         Rico Confernce.
   On the following day I preached
in a church far from Higueral, but            We wish to thank the Inter-American Division    for the "Into New Regions" plan which
on returning home I' felt that I         has already produced, beside the Cidra church, the    Lares church, which was organised last
should take that route, even though      year with 40 charter members, and the Aibonlto        group with 12 baptised members. We
                                         trust that soon the Aibonito group will also join    the sisterhood of Seventh-day Adventisi
the distance is greater that way. As     churches in Puerto Rico.
I drove through the city, I was im-                                                                          —J. H. Pigaeroa, Jr.
pressed to stop at the home of
Brother Medrano, the man whose           accept Jesus as my personal Sav-
wife had given herself to the Lord       iour." Then she took off her jew-
in the dream which Sister Veras had      ellery to prove that her conversion                       Wett 3ndie*,
the night before.                        was genuine.
   As I got out of the car ?nd              I believe that this dream was
started toward the house, the first      from God and that in the last days
person to come outdoors to greet                                                                 The Nassau Effort
                                         we shall see many more such ex-
me was Sister Veras. She had been        periences as the end approaches.                   For the second consecutive year
relating the dream to Brother                                                            the big gospel tent in Nassau, Ba-
Medrano's wife, urging her to de-                         —Aristides Gonzalez            hamas, was opened to the public
cide for Christ. She told me about                                                       to hear our truth presented. On
the dream and about her visit. I,         >• Dr. Robert W. Woods, an out-                Sunday evening, March 13, L. V.
too, appealed to Senora Medrano to       standing teacher of physical science            McMillan, the principal speaker,
give bferself to Jesus without re-       and a member of the Pacific Union               saw an audience of over 800 present
serve, assuring her that then she        College faculty, has joined the                 for the opening meeting. This attend-
would know true happiness and            Antillian College staff for two years           ance continued throughout the series.
peace of heart. With tears in her        to organise and head its physics                Recently Pastor McMillan wrote:
eyes she said, "With all my heart I      department.                                     "There was a great interest up to
the kst meeting, and it is rewarding         hold these meetings was changed.              he looks forward to working with the
to see the fine attendance _ at the          The new warden soon ordered the               laymen of Inter-America to bring
Sabbath services."                           guards not to permit any more meet-           about an. even greater sense of res-
   Associated with Pastor McMillan           ings. He said that prisoners were es-         ponsibility for the souls of our
were N. E Scarvella, pastor of the           caping as the laymen left.                    neighbours and friends. His great
large Centervelle church, and H. A.             However, our brother continued             desire is to see an awakened church
Roach, principal of the Bahamas              holding meetings in the street in             whose members recognise that the
Academy. Pastor Roach volunteered            front of the prison.. He also made the        greatest exploits for God Jie just
to be the song leader for the effort,        situation a matter of prayer. One             ahead.
and the large audiences were great-          Sabbath afternoon a guard approach-
ly inspired by the congregational                                                             George Brown, a native of the
                                             ed Brother Jean with the message              Dominican Republic, has been work-
singing of the gospel songs under his        that the warden had given permission          ing with young people ever since
•direction.                 ;,               for him to hold meetings in the jail          his graduation from college. Even
                                             whenever he was there.                        during the three years he. served as
   In the first baptismal service 78
precious souls were baptized. Since             The following week our brother             church pastor in the Virgin Islands,
then 14 more have been added o               dreamed that someone told him:                his interest was in the youth of his
the church by baptism, bringing the          "Hurry to the warden's office. He             flock. As newlv elected secretary of
total to 92. We believe that the fin-        will grant you permission to preach           the MV department, he comes to
al harvest will total more than 100          inside the prison again." Early the           the Inter-American Division from
souls.                                       next morning Brother Jean hurried             the Caribbean Union College, where
                                             to find the captain. He asked, "What          he has been serving as its president.
   Truly a new day has dawned for                                                          Looking ahead he is sure that the
the Bahamas, and we rejoice to see           do you want, my friend? I am about
                                             to leave for Port-au-Prince."                 next four years will be freighted
this marked manifestation of God's                                                         with unmistakable signs of our
Holy Spirit.                                    "Captain, I would like to be able           soon-coming Lord. His desire is to
               —M. G. Nembhard               to tell the prisoners the story of             lead Inter-America's young people
                                             Jesus."                                       in a dynamic youth-for-Christ evan-
                                                The captain looked at our lay bro-          gelism programme.
                                             ther for a moment, and then he said,
                                             "Brother Pierre Jean, you have that              Tulio R. Haylock, also an Inter-
                                             permission." Now more than ever               American by birth, is the newly
          In Prison                          our layman is working to give prison-         elected Sabbath school and radio-
                                                                                           TV secretary of the Inter-American
                                             ers of Satan the wonderful news of
  Brother Pierre Jean, North Haiti's         freedom in Jesus.                             Division. Carrying two departments
Layman of the Year for 1965, has                                                           will not be a new experience for
been holding meetings in the Cape-                                   —Marcel Abel          Elder Haylock; in the Nicaragua
Haitien Jail. Prisoners rejoice to hear                                                    and Guatemala missions he carried
                                             THE NEWLY ELECTED ...
that the love of God includes every­                                                       the responsibility of all the depart-
one, even them, and more han 50                      (Continued from p. 13)                ments. He has also served as depart-
have been won to Jesus.                                                                    mental secretary of the Antillian
                                             ons, both as administrator and as             Union and president of the Domi-
  A few months ago the warden                departmental secretary. Known by              nican Academy. He writes: "As I
who gave Brother Jean permission to          his colleagues as a man of action,            step into this new responsibility, I
                                                                                           do so with a humble heart. My con-
                                                                                           stant prayer is for God to use me
                                                                                           to advance His work faster than
                                                                                           ever before during this coming

                                                                                              Nicolas Chaij, newly elected sec-
                                                                                           retary of the publishing department,
                                                                                           is no stranger to Inter-America. He
                                                                                           has served the field as Bible teacher
                                                                                           in the Central American Vocational
                                                                                           College and as publishing secre-
                                                                                           tary in the Antillian Union. For
                                                                                           the past 12 years he has led the
                                                                                           colporteurs of the South American
                                                                                           Division to first place among all
                                                                                           overseas divisions. He comes back
                                                                                           to Inter-America determined to
                                                                                           carry on the excellent work estab-
                                                                                           lished by Elder Culpepper and to
L. V. McMillan speaking during the recent Nassau effort. To the left are H. A. Roach and   set even higher goals and win more
                                    N. E Scarvella                                         and more souls.
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER,                              1966                                                                          15
                                                            Resolution of Gratitude to God
 >• S. L. Folkenberg, who has been
 working as district pastor in the New                AS DELEGATES assembled in Detroit, Michigan, for the fiftieth
 York Conference, has accepted a call,           session of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, we
to the presidency of the Colombia-               express our united and profound sense of gratitude to God for His
Venezuela Union. Elder Folkenberg                unfailing watchcare over the Adventist people during the past
is no stranger to Inter-America; from            quadrennium. This providential care has been exercised by our
1938 to 1950 he served as assistant              heavenly Father in times marked by the perils of revolt and war
treasurer in the Antillian Union, as             in many lands and in the midst of a world made dangerous by
treasurer and as president of the                worsening morality and the most violent crimes.
Puerto Rico Conference, and as                         In spite of physical and spiritual perils and many hindrances,
departmental secretary of the Antil-             including our own limitations and human shortcomings, the gracious
lian Union.                                      hand of God has been felt in the worldwide' church as extensive
                                                 efforts have been made to extend the gospel to all parts of the
^- At the time of the General Con-              world. Not only in one country but in all the lands of the earth
ference session Ray L. Jacobs accep-             the triumphs of the cross of our blessed and conquering Lord have
ted a call to Beirut, Lebanon, to be             been seen. For these marked evidences of soul-winning success and
the secretary of the Middle East                 missions advance we are profoundly grateful.
Division. Elder Jacobs accepted a                     We have been keenly aware of the Holy Spirit's ministry in
call to Beirut, Lebanon, to be the              our church life prompting our people to increased faithfulness in
secretary of the Middle East Divi-              the stewardship of material treasures. For these large gifts of love
sion. Elder Jacobs has served the               and faithfulness we express gratitude to our benevolent Lord, and
Inter-American Division for the past            with even greater joy we praise God for the abundant evidences
twelve years, first as president of the         of spiritual life and vitality among the remnant people of God.
Antillian Union from 1954 to 1962,                    Seventh-day Adventists today are united in belief and organ-
and then as president of the Franco-            isation. The church is keenly aware that the strength of this unity
Haitian Union from 1962 to 1966.                results from providential guidance provided through God's gift
These unions experienced marked                 of the Holy Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophecy. For these treasures
growth under his able and kindly                of truth — to which we steadfasly hold — we are deeply grateful
guidance.                                       to God. And for the joyful hope of the soon return of Jesus, which
                                                hope — in this age of confusion and uncertainty — we resolve to
>• Arthur L. Edeburn has accepted
                                                share in greater fulness with the world about us.
an invitation to return to Inter-
America to be the secretary-                                                              -REVIEW AND HERALD
treasurer of the Central American
Union. Brother Edeburn has been
working as insurance counsellor for
the General Conference Insurance          ^- W. T. Collins, who has been pre-       >• A. A. Ward, formerly president
Service. From 1930 to 1952 he             sident of the Guatemala Mission for       of the South Caribbean Conference,
served the Inter-American Division,       the past four years, has accepted the     is assuming the pastorship of the
first in the publishing house in Bal-     invitation to serve as president of the   Central district in Panama City,
boa, then as secretary-treasurer of       Antillian Union. He arrived in his        Panama.
the Dominican Mission, the Colom-         new field of labour on August 5.          >• R. R. Drachenberg has been
bia-Venezuela Union, and the West                                                   appointed educational and church
                                          >• Henry Fuss, who has been serv-
Indies Union.                                                                       development secretary of the Mexi-
                                          ing as MV and educational secretary
                                                                                    can Union.
>• E. Herbert Thomas, a graduate          of the Mexican Union, has been
of the West Indies College Class of       appointed president of the Pacific        *- On August 9, Dr. and Mrs. O. J.
'66, has accepted an invitation to        Agricultural and Industrial School at     Pogue and their four children left
work as ministerial intern in the         Navajoa, Sonora,- ^Mexico.                Georgetown, Guyana, to return to
British Honduras Mission.                                                           their homeland. Dr. Pogue served as
                                          >- Because of the recent General          medical director of the Davis
^- Efraim Murillo has been ap-            Conference session there have been        Memorial Clinic and Hospital for
pointed president of the Dominican        scores of workers passing through         eleven years. The Pogues arrived in
Academy. Elder Murillo has been           division headquarters in Miami.           Guyana in 1955, just one year after
serving as district pastor in Santo       During the months of June, July,          the clinic was first opened, in time
Domingo.                                  and August, Ricky Caldwell, son of        to care for the first hospital patients.
                                          R. B. Caldwell, assisted A. B. King       Under his direction a modern 44-
^ Mrs. Ann Spenst-Garett has re-          and D. J. von Pohle in attending
turned to the Inter-American Divi-                                                  bed hospital has~been constructed.
                                          these visitors.                           Three of the Pogue children, Carol
sion office to work as office secretary
                                                                                    Pamela, and Roy, were born in
in the MV and publishing depart-          >• On July 8, Gilbert Tunco, M.B.,
ments. Mrs. Garett served as secre-                                                 Guyana.
                                          of Staunton, Virginia, arrived at
tary to the MV and educational            the Montemorelos Hospital in Monte- >- Fred Hernandez has joined the
department secretaries from 1954 to       morelos, Mexico, to serve as relief Bella Vista Hospital staff to serve
1958.                                     doctor for three months.            :aS chaplain.
16                                                                                                   MESSENGER

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