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                  TENDER SCHEDULE

  (Furniture contractors on the approved panel of the Bank
                         need only apply)
Last date for submission of Sealed Tender: Before 3.00 PM on 03.08.11

          Opening of Sealed Tenders: At 3.30 PM on 03.08.11

                      Tender to be submitted to:

                  THE DY. GENERAL MANAGER,
                  STATE BANK OF HYDERABAD,
             DABA GARDENS, VISAKHAPATNAM- 530004

Name of the Contractor to whom issued:


Sealed tenders are invited for the above mentioned work in single bid
system from empanelled contractors of State Bank of Hyderabad.

1    Name of the work                   INTERIOR FURNISHING WORKS OF
                                        VALLURU BRANCH, WEST
                                        GODAVARI DISTRICT (A.P)
2    Cost of tender document.
     Tenders may be downloaded
     from the banks website             WAIVED. free of cost.         Tenders may be downloaded from the
                                        banks website free of

3    Date and Time where tender         From 12.07.11 To 03.08.11
     forms are available.               The Dy.General Manager’
                                        State Bank of Hyderabad,
                                        Zonal Office, Visakhapatnam.
                                        7th Floor,LIC Building,
                                        Jeevan Prakash Rd,
                                        for any other details/ information.
                                        Website details.””
4    Time and last date of submission   Up to 3.00PM on 03.08.11
     of Tender
5    Place & Address for submission     The Dy.General Manager’
     of tender.                         State Bank of Hyderabad,
                                        Zonal Office, Visakhapatnam.
                                        7th Floor,LIC Building,
                                        Jeevan Prakash Rd,
                                        Tele phone no: 0891-2878026.
6    Date,Time and Place of opening     At 3:30PM on 03.08.11
     of tenders.                        The Dy.General Manager’
                                        State Bank of Hyderabad,
                                        Zonal Office, Visakhapatnam.
                                        7th Floor,LIC Building,
                                        Jeevan Prakash Rd,
                                        Tele phone no: 0891-2878026.
7    Quantum of Earnest Money           Exempted for SBH Paneled contractors’ for
     Deposit (EMD)                      value of works up to Rs.10Lacs.
8     Quantum of Security Deposit.         As per terms of the tender document.
9     Terms of payment of Bills, if any.   No interim payment will be paid.
10    (Penalty clause) Liquidated          In case of delay a penalty @ the rate of 1%
      Damaged                              of the value of the work per week subject to a
                                           maximum of 10% (as per the value of work)
                                           would be strictly imposed.
11    Stipulated time for completion of     Two (2) Weeks
      the work/supply.
12    Estimated Value of tender/project    `.2.70 Lacs.
13    Validity period of the tender.       Three (3) Months.
14    Taxes                                Rates quoted should include all Taxes, Octroi
                                           vat other charges like Transportation etc.
                                           However I.T and WCT will be deducted at
15    Electronic Payment                   Electronic payment shall be preferred.
16    Any additional Information           -----------

 Note: The bank reserves the right to cancel or postpone the tenders at any
stage without assigning any reason.

                                             DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER
Terms And Conditions:

   1. Tenders will be received till 03.08.11 upto 3.00PM in the office of the Dy. General
      Manager, SBH, Zonal Office, Visakhapatnam, 7 Floor, LIC Building, Visakhapatnam-
      530004. The tenders will be opened on 03.08.11 at 3.30 PM.

   2. In case any contractor who is not on the panel but still quotes for the work job,
      the tender will not be considered even after the tenders are opened and the
      firm stands L1.

   3. The work has to be carried out/ executed in a running branch during odd hours
      without causing any inconvenience to the day to day functioning of the Branch.

   4. The contractors should quote in figures as well as in the words the rates, and amount
      tenders by them. The amount for each item should be worked out and the requisite
      totals given. Rates quoted by the contractor in item rate tender in figures and
      words shall be accurately filled in so that there is no discrepancy in the rates,
      figures and words. However, if a discrepancy is found the rates, which correspond
      with the amount worked out by the contractor shall be taken as correct. If the
      contractor does not work out the amount of an item or it does not correspondent with
      the rate written either in figure or in words then the rates quoted by the contractor in
      words shall be taken as correct. Where the rates quoted by the contractor in figures
      and in words tally but the amount is not worked out correctly the rates quoted by the
      contractor will be taken as correct and not the amount.

   5. The tender document must be filled in English and all the entries must be made by
      the hand and Written in ink. If any of the documents are missing or un-signed, the
      tender shall be considered invalid.

   6. The acceptance of a tender will rest with the Competent Authority, who does not bind
      himself to accept the lowest tender and reserves to himself the authority to reject any
      or all of the tenders received, without assigning any reasons. All tenders in which any
      of the prescribed conditions are not fulfilled, or are incomplete in any respect are
      liable to be rejected.

   7. All compensation or other sums of money payable by the Contractor to Clients under
      the terms of this contract may be deducted from the security deposit, or from any sum
      that may be or may become due to the Contractor on any account whatsoever and in
      the event of the Security Deposit being reduced by reasons of any such deductions,
      the Contractor shall within 10 days of being asked to do make good in cash or by
      cheque any sum which have been deducted from his security deposit.
   8. Tender containing any condition leading to unknown/indefinite liability, are liable to be
      summarily rejected. If at all any rebate(s) is/are to be offered the tenderer shall first
      quote his rates strictly on the terms and conditions stipulated in tender document and
      then show separately rebate(s) offered specifying the conditions for such rebate(s).
      Failure to follow this procedure will render the tender liable to summarily rejection.

   9. Canvassing in connection with tenders is strictly prohibited and the tenders submitted
      by the contractors who resort to canvassing will be liable to rejection.

   10. The tenderer should quote their (own) rates for undertaking the work.

   11. All taxes including Sales Tax, Octroi, or any other statutory obligation / tax on
       material or on finished works like work’s contract tax, turn over tax etc. in respect of
       this contract, as applicable, shall be payable by contractor including transportation
       and TA / DA of the workers at site and the Bank will not entertain any claim
       whatsoever in this respect.

   12. Income Tax will be recovered @ 2.36% plus surcharge or as applicable as per
       Government Rules.
13. Works Contract Tax will be recovered @ 4.0% plus surcharge or as applicable as per
    Government Rules.

14. Retention amount equivalent to 8% of the gross value of work done, subject to a
    ceiling as detailed in (15) below, will be deducted from each running account bill and
    will be returned to the contractor, without any accrued interest, after one year from
    the date of virtual completion of the work.

15. The total security deposit on the contact, including Earnest Money Deposit, will
    be calculated as under :
              10% on the first Rupees one lakhs of the cost of works.
              7.5% on the next for the next Rupees one lakhs of the works.
              5% on the remaining value of works.

16. The work so completed will be under a Defect Liability Period of One year from the
    date of virtual completion.

17. Time is the essence of the contract. The work should be completed in Two (2)
    Weeks from the date of the work order issued to the contractor to commence
    the work, failing which, penalty will be strictly imposed.

18. Tenders for works shall remain open for acceptance for a period of 90days from the
    date of opening of tenders. If the tenderer withdraws his tender before the expiry of
    the said period or makes any modifications in terms and condition of the tender which
    are not acceptable to the Bank, then the bank without prejudice to any other right or
    remedy is at liberty to forfeit the earnest money
19. It will be obligatory on the part of the tenderer to tender and sign the tender
    documents for all the component parts and that, after the work is awarded, he will
    have to enter into an agreement for each component with the competent authority in
    the bank.

20. The tenderer, apart from being a competent contractor must co-ordinate himself with
    the agencies of appropriate class who are eligible to tender for (I) Electrical (II) Air-

21. The tenderer should visit the site to ascertain the working conditions and local
    authority regulations/restrictions if any and other information required for the proper
    execution of the work.

22. The quantities of various items given in the schedule of quantities are approximate.
    The quantities of work may vary at time of allotment / execution of work. Bank
    reserves the right to omit / delete any item(s) of work from the schedule at the time of
    allotment / before. Contractor will be paid for the actual work done at the site duly
    verified by the concerned official of the bank.

23. The unit price shall be deemed to be fixed price. In case of extra items, a record of
    labour charges paid shall be maintained and shall be presented regularly to the
    Employer’s for checking. The settlement will be made based on figures arrived at
    jointly and taking unit price given in the contract assigned to the successful Tenderer.
    In case of extra items where similar or comparable items are quoted in the tender,
    extra rates shall be based on tender rates.

24. The work has to be started within 7 (Seven) Days from the date of receipt of work
    order. In case of work not being started within this stipulated period, the bank
    reserves the right to cancel the work order duly forfeiting the Earnest deposit.

25. No employee of the Bank is allowed to work as a contractor for a period of 2 years of
    his/her retirement from Bank Services without previous permission of the Bank. This
        contract is liable to be cancelled, if either the contractor or any of his employees is
        any time to be such a person who had not obtained the permission of Bank as
        aforesaid before submission of the tender or engagement in the contractor’s service.

     26. Sealed tenders are to be addressed and sent to:

                          THE DY. GENERAL MANAGER,
                          STATE BANK OF HYDERABAD,
                        VISAKHAPATNAM ZONAL OFFICE
                            7TH FLOOR, LIC BUILDING,
                     DABA GARDENS, VISAKHAPATNAM-530004
                           (PHONE NO: 0891-2704523)

     27. Estimated Cost `2.70 Lacs.

     28. No advance will be granted for the works proposed and no interim bill will


1.    Ply Wood (Gurjan core & face synthetic           Green club / Truwood / Sharon
      melamine resin bonded) conforming to             Gold / Century Architect ply/
      IS 303                                           Hansur/ Everest / Yours ply
2.    Laminations                                      Royal Touch / Archid / Monarch /
                                                       Sundek / Greenlam
3.    Locks                                            Godrej.
4.    Sliding Channel                                  Efficient Gadget Ltd./ Earl Bihari
5.    Door Closure                                     Everite / Hardwin
6.    Enamel paints                                    ICI / Berger / Asian
7.    Glass                                            Modi Guard / Saint Gobain

     EMPLOYER.                                                   CONTRACTOR

                                                          (`)    (`)
1      CLERICAL COUNTER:                      Rft   6
       Manufacturing, Supplying and fixing
       of clerical counter made in curve
       shape as per design and Bank's
       standard specifications with working
       top of 3'-0' depth made out of 18mm
       plywood frame work to support 18mm
       plywood of top and front facia and
       with alround M.T.wood lipping. A 15"
       wide drawer complex is to be fitted on
       one side with three sliding drawers of
       which two are of 6" depth and the
       remaining height for the third drawer.
       the other side of counter to be fitted
       with a shelf for CPU placement with
       necessary supports. The drawers are
       to be fixed with telescopic locking
       arrangements. The top two drawers
       are to be provided with denomination
       partitions made with 8mm plywood.
       All exposed surfaces of Plywood,
       including leg space area, are to be
       laminated with 1mm thick laminate
       sheet pasted with adhesives and all
       exposed edges of plywood shall be
       fitted with teakwood beading finished
       with polish. All inside surfaces of
       plywood to be painted with two coats
       of enamel paint over a coat of primer
       and putty etc. complete as per
       directions. The working top of
       counters are to be fixes with 18mm
       thick galaxy black granite with its
       exposed edges polished to mirror
       finish and with fixing of a wire
       manager on the top of the counter.
       Ornamental M.S. grill curved in shape
       is to be fitted over the working top
       along the outer side of counter with
       necessary supports and as directed at
       site by the Engineer-in-charge. A
       footrest of 4'x1.5" teak wood section
    shall be provided duly polished. A
    keyboard drawer of size 32" wide x
    15' deep is to be provided with
    additional teak wood frame work and
    with ball bearing sliding arrangement
    for the same. All other general
    specifications to be as per the
    standard specifications of the Bank.
    The centerline dimension of the
    counters will be considered for
    measurement purpose. All exposed
    surfaces of plywood, including leg
    space area are to be laminated with
    1.0mm thick laminate sheet pasted
    with adhesives and all exposed edges
    of plywood shall be fitted with
    teakwood beading finished with

2   CASH COUNTER:                                       Rft   6
       Providing and erecting cash counters
    made in straight shape, as per specification
    of above said clerical counter except that a
    21” deep customer top fitted with 18mm thick
    black granite with its exposed edges polished
    to mirror finish and a trunking box of size 1’-3”
    x 0’-3” is to be provided over the working top
    of the counter as per standard specifications
    of the Bank and without 12mm thick glass on
    the front. A 8mm thick looking glass with
    necessary teak wood supports is to be fitted
    horizontally at the customer top level of the
    counter. All other general specifications to be
    as per the standard specifications of the
3   ALUMINIUM CASH ENCLOSURES Sft                              150
    Providing and fixing in position of cash
    enclosures made with frame work of powder
    coated aluminium sections of 2.5”x1.5’x2 mm
    size and fixed at 2’-0” to 3’-0” c/c as per site
    condition. The decorative aluminum grill
    Model No.BG 007 or BG 009 (Dural grill from
    M/s. Brij Pneumatics or equivalent duly
    powder coated) has to be fixed in framework
    above 3’-6” ht. On front, sides and top frame
    with necessary clips and channels. Each
    cash enclosures are to be made with the
    following specifications:
         (1) 9mm thick ply wood pasted with 1mm
             thick laminates on both sides with
             adhesives to be fixed with glazing
             clips up to 3’-6” height.
         (2) Aluminium/glass panel with hinges for
             closing transaction windows.
            (3)Cost should include cost of
    material and        labor for fixing of a
    door of size 2’6’x6’6” with Godrej
    night latch and other hardwares.
     (4) position of cash trays of size
    12”x8”x3” as per Bank’s Standard
4   FULL HEIGHT PARTITION.                              Sft.   375
    Providing and fixing metal stud partitions with
    following specifications.
         (a) Supporting system comprising of
             Gypsteel/ Boral make 51mmx32mm
             metal tracks at floor, middle, door and
             ceiling level with joints staggered to
             avoid through joints. The vertical
             member should touch with horizontal
             ceiling/ channel at slab/beam bottom.
             The rate should also include
             necessary       strengthening       with
             studs/tracks or channels at doors and
             other openings
         (b) 12mm ply of BWR Grade with 1mm
             laminate to be pasted on both sides
             upto 900mm and above 2100mm
             level to top level with grooves in
             laminate as directed at site.
         (c) 8mm thick clear float glass with
             etching(cost of etching @ Rs.50/- per
             Sft) with necessary teak wood
             beadings finished with melanine
             spray polish for heights between
             900mm and 2100mm
         (d) Rate quoted should include cost of
             door with frames, accessories and
             door closures for which no extra
             payment will be made.
5   MANAGERS TABLE:                                   Nos    1
    Table to be made using 18mm thick
    commercial Grade Plywood board for the
    verticals with intermediate supports in
    between the table. The table top shall be with
    dual top with 12mm thick tinted glass. The
    edges of the glass shall be bevelled (bull
    nosed on to the customer side and staff side).
    The table top shall be 18 mm thick
    commercial ply with laminate of 1.00 mm
    thickness, with the all side edges shall be
    fixed with elegant beadings bull nosed. Table
    shall have one below storage unit of of size
    (2'-0"x2'-0"x2'-0"), rack for CPU, Ebco
    Keyboard tray( Code No: KBTSM 45) ,
    Salwood foot rest of sectional size 4"x1.5",
    wire manager etc as usually required.
    Independent Storage Units shall be of
    size2'0" wide x 2'0" height x 2'0"deep shall
    be made and put in position. The unit shall
    have three draws as per detail sliding on
    telescopic draw channels of standard make.
    The sizes of the draws shall vary as per detail
    and the bottom draw shall have provision for
    vertical file storage. The draws shall be made
    in 18mm and 12mm (18mm for the sides and
    12mm for the bottom) commerical Grade
    Plywood. The exposed outer surfaces shall
    be fixed with 1.0mm thick laminate of
    approved shade and grains as per design
    and pattern suggested. The facias of the
    draws and top of storage unit shall be in
    18mm Thick commerical ply with 1.0 mm
    laminate and the edges finished with elegant
    bbeadings. 6" wide SS handles shall be
    provided for the draws.Side Multi-drawer lock
    for 3 draws Code No SMDL 58 - EBCO make
    or equivalent in 1 strip locking with side
    locking arrangement shall be provided for the
    three draws together.         .     All exposed
    plywood surfaces including leg space area
    are to be laminated with 1.0mm lamination
    of approved make and the inner surfaces to
    be painted with enamel paints in two coats
    over one coat of primer.
6   LOW HEIGHT PARTITIONS:                            Sft.   70
      Providing and fixing metal stud low height
    partition in any shape (Straight/curved) with
    specification as detailed in (6) above except
    that the overall height will be 3’-6” and 12mm
    thick plain glass with etching (cost of etching
    @Rs.50/- per Sft.) is to be fitted in it with
    12mm teak wood beadings finished with
    melamine spray polish.

7   CONSTITUENT WRITING TABLE: Nos.                          1
    Manufacturing and fixing in position
    constituent writing table of 5’ – 6” x 1’
    –6”x 1’-6” size and having a 3’-6” x 1’-
     6” size writing top and below to it as
     voucher rocks all frame work made
     with 18mm thick plywood and voucher
     rock partitions with 12mm thick
     plywood. All exposures are faces to
     be laminated with 1.0m thick laminate
8    NOTICE BOARD:                          Nos           1
     Manufacturing and fixing in position
     notice board of size 3’-0”x1’-6” made
     out of 18mm plywood frame with Teak
     wood blazed shutters with 5mm glass
     and with locking arrangements. All
     exposed are faces of plywood to be
     laminated with 1.0mm thick laminate
     of approved shade. The inner back of
     Notice Board to be made with 12mm
     thick soft board covered with Blazer
9    SUGGESTION BOX:                        Nos           1
     Suggestion box of size 30"x12”x6”
     deep made with 8mm plywood duly
     finished with one coat of primer and
     two coats of approved synthetic
     enamel paint. Front face of box
     should be provided with Glass.
10   STORAGE UNITS:                         Sft           30
      Manufacturing and fixing in position low
     height storages wardrobes as per design as
     detailed at site by the Engineer- in-charge.
     The storage unit is to be made out of 12mm
     plywood on the backside and 18mm plywood
     on the remaining size including shelves. The
     exposed edges of the plywood are to be
     topped with 1mm laminate while the back and
     inner surface are to be painted with enamel
     paint with putty finish. Rates quoted to
     include all necessary hardware like hinges,
     locks, tower bolts, powder coated handles
     etc. all complete. The exposed edges of the
     ply to be fitted with teakwood lippings duly
     finished with melamine polish.
11   SINGLE WINDOW CUSTOMER CHAIRS:                 Nos   3
          A) Supplying three seater (tendon)
            black perforated sheet chairs (seat
            and back type ) of
            Godrej/Wipro/Eurotech make
12   COMPUTER LEDGE:                                Rft   8
      Supplying and fixing of computer
     ledge 2”-6’ width for server cabin
     made out of 18mm thick ply wood
     with top laminated with 1mm thick
     lamination and inner surfaces painted
     with 2 coats of enamel paint over a
     coat of primer. The exposed edges of
     plywood are to be lipped with ½”x3/4”
     size teak wood lippings with provision
     of keyboard of size 2’-0”x 1’-6” with all
     materials and labour all complete. A
     drawer and cupboard storage space
     is to be provided at every 5’-0”
     interval or as directed at site by the
     Engineer in Charge.
13   False Ceiling:Providing and fixing in true        Sft   200
     horizontal level false ceiling grid system with
     suspension system shall of Trulok Sihouette
     revealed profile grid systems with 15mm wide
     flanges incorptating a 3mm or 6mm central
     recess color, black or white revealed.
     Sihouette main runners and croos tees to
     have mitred ends with " birds mouth" notches
     to provide mitred ctuciform junctions. Main
     runners to be spaced at 120mm c/c fixed by
     using 2mm pre-straightened GI wire. Main
     tee, rotary stitched of size 15mm x 44mm
     x3600mm at every 1200mm c/c ,maximum
     and 1200mm cross tee of size 15mm x 44mm
     x1200mm at every 600mm c/c maximum and
     600mm cross tee of size 15mm x 44mm
     x600mm at every 1200mm c/c maximum and
     19mm x 19mm x 3000mm wall angle alround
     the wall to form grid size of 600mm x 600mm
     and suspending the grid using 2mm pre-
     straightened GI wire and 6mm nylon rawl
     plug at every 1200mm intervals at the maiti
     tee and laying of venus three of daiken ceiling
     systems of size 600mm x 600mm x 15mm
     over the formed grid etc., complete as
14   VOUCHER                    SORTING Nos                  1
     TABLE:Providng an supplying a
     voucher sorting table of size 3' x 2'
     (Ht) x 14" deep with pigeon hole (app
     24 nos) entire made up of 12mm ply
     as psecifed in the above item of
     works, outer area laminated with 1.00
     mm thick lamination, internal area
     painted three coats over putty etc
     complete. The edges shallbe finished
     beautifully  wiht    steeam    beach
15   DINING TABLE:                         Nos               1
     Manufacturing and supplying dining table with
     table top of size 3’ x 5’. The top of the table
     to be made with 18mm thick plywood glued
     with 1mm thick laminate. The table to have
     2.5” – 1.5” dia. tapered teak wood rounded
     turned legs and 4”x1.5” Teakwood framework
     for fitting the Top.      Rate quoted should
     include all-round Teakwood lipping of 1.5”
      thickness with necessary additional ply as
      required. All exposed surfaces to be finished
      with smooth French Polish
16    DINING CHAIRS:                                  Nos   4
      Supplying dining table chairs in 2”x1.5”
      Teakwood frame work with 12mm plywood
      curved seat and back topped with 1.0mm
      laminate and polishing to all exposed wood
      surfaces with approved smooth French


                         DATED SIGNATURE OF AGENCY
                                  WITH SEAL

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