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Apostolat Militaire International AMI


									      Military Ordinariate of the

Proposal for AMI 2011 in the Philippines
The Proposed Theme:The Christian
      Soldier and His Church

The Christian Soldier and the Chaplaincy
            Program Institution
 The Approach – Questions to Focus on
        Re: the Chosen Theme
a. What are the observations of the Christian
  soldier about his Church?
     Its pastoral and spiritual care for him
     Its program for him
b. How does the Christian soldier feel towards
  his Church doing its role and responsibility?
c. What needs, desires and values of him as a
  Christian soldier that are met or not met,
  fulfilled or not fulfilled?
 The Approach – Questions to Focus on
        Re: the Chosen Theme
d. What specific requests the Christian soldier
  makes to his Church to meet or fulfill his
  needs, desires and values?
            Our Attempt to Answer the
                 Above Questions
   Through a Synod – the first for the Military
    Ordinariate of the Philippines
       To be celebrated on July 2011 on the occasion of
        the MOP's 25th Anniversary as Ordinariate
       Its formal preparation started last July 2010
        retreat of the Catholic Chaplains (130
       At present, some 5000 questionnaires are
        administered at random by the Chaplains in all
        60 camps
        Our Attempt to Answer the
             Above Questions
   By July 2011, the Synod Paper will be
    studied, discussed, and argued upon by
    the Synod Assembly composed of
    representatives coming from the men and
    women in uniform (AFP, PNP, PCG, BJMP,
    BFP), from their families, from the civilian
    employees and all Chaplains
                    MOP's Desire

We wish to share this journey, this experience
 of lights and shadows:
     Our attempt to make the lights seen by the Christian
      soldier brighter and the shadows discouraging them
     Our attempt to make the Christian soldier feel he is a
      living part of the Church and with him we are the
     Our attempt to bring the Christian soldier closer to
      Christ who can be His model of commitment as he
      serves and protects the people, and keep peace.
Thank You

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