; What is the virus?
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What is the virus?


A guide about virus' How can you guard,how can you delete virus. etc.

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									What is VIRUS? Viruses, word processor, spreadsheet, design, database programs, such as a computer program. Viruses, bildigimiz computer program has 2 significant difference. The first disk, and other programs / bulasmalari discs, one to activate them every way. Virus programs can continue varliklarini, çogalmak must bulasarak for yayginlasabilmek. And for themselves çogalabilmek and gerçeklestirmek hemde amaçlarini is required to activate. The virus will become active for the memory to be installed. To install the memory in your own code behind by adding other applications such as parçasiymis or the first sector is loaded into memory during boot yerleserek çogalabilir. If the original program to provide its own code to be operational by the start code yazmali own degistirip. This way you can move on to an infected program çalistirildiginda control virus.

VIRUS HOW enters Viruses from any source bulasabilirler. Viruses are usually given as a game and a free (shareware) program to come from. Is very rare, sometimes the original (licensed) programs can be found in viruses. Viruses bulasma methods, the program also reveals itself as farkliliklarini are the most important features. This feature çogalmadir itself. A program selfçogalmasi, kopyalanmasiyla gerçeklesir program to another. This is a copy of the DOS copy command gerçeklesir. Harddrive floppy kopyalandiginda is a program çogalmis. Sure, the program itself çogalmadi it çogaltti person who kopyalamayi. Viruses without asking themselves if you do. Viruses, knowingly and voluntarily çalistirmazsiniz, so instead of viruses amaçlarini find a way to bring çalistirilmanin. Programs executed by other processes arasina for Çalistirilmak try before. Viruses, bulastiklari program at a time before the work basardiklari a barrier artik kalmamistir for çogalmalari. With an infected floppy disk boot ettiginizde, viruses egemenligini declares yerleserek memory.

VIRUS TYPES: Boot Sector Viruses could find: a floppy disk to install the computer system or in need Harddrive. System disks, floppy disks, and computers are usually open to boot (to boot) is used. During boot, the boot disk is loaded, the computer is not possible in any program çalistirilmasi. Computer açildiktan, the boot disk files on the memory is installed. These basic functions on the files (delete, copy, etc.). Contain. System disk in the general area of where the initial program is called the boot sector. Stored in the disk boot sector, and especially about making changes to files bulastigi boot sector viruses are called viruses uzmanlasan. Sayilirlar among the most dangerous viruses. Command Islemcisine (Command.Com) Viruses could find: Basic user programs (copying, deleting, etc.). COMMAND.COM is found in the file name data. C:> or A:> command message can be prepared görüntülendiginde computer user entry. Each process is made like this stage, if COMMAND.COM 'bulasmis a virus is a virus that will serve for publishing. This type COMMAND.COM viruses are active in memory and always kalicidir. Even during the re-opening of the system memory are installed, close açsaniz.

We find a general purpose Viruses: Most popular are computer viruses. Ways similar to other viruses in this virus to enter the system. More. EXE and. Bulasma tend to dosyalarina COM. Viruses could find generalpurpose, all systems can easily capture. Executables (. EXE,. COM) moves very fast and very short time between all bulasirlar files. Anti virus programs can be determined by deleting the virus can damage files are bulunduklari know they are.

Multi-Purpose Viruses could find: Multi-purpose you find viruses, boot sector, COMMAND.COM 'a find and we find the general-purpose covers all the features of the virus you are infected. As we find the basis of all-purpose boot sector viruses, COMMAND.COM 'is a really general-purpose or ikisinede bulasirlar and here is bulasanlar will spread the virus parasite. With two or more multipurpose technique infectious virus could find a more long legislative sans.

Viruses could find memory Built: Viruses could find located memory, the memory is installed on the computer kalir and appropriate conditions belleginde become active. These viruses continually processing a lot of memory installed and active intervention to yetenegine they have. As this process müdahelelereörnek interrupted ugramasi the information be destroyed and can be shown regularly increased insensible number of infected files.

VIRUS PRECAUTIONS can be taken against: "The most secure computers against viruses, fisi çekilmis Computer." In the above mentioned measures against viruses alinabilecek shows a serious planet. Programs to protect against viruses, because a real anti-virus protection saglayamiyor aldıgım. Why all of a new anti-virus program then produces the new virus programs. Therefore never fully secure sayilmazsiniz. However, some measures have still not alinacak. The first, which many in the system BIOS for the "boot sector virus protection" seçenegini "enabled" yapmaktir. Loading a program, boot sector to make the registration to the board wanted it enters the alert system and process stops. Then a user uyarir, stopped verilmedigini asks to be allowed devamina process. Many know what it was no problem process, yes for Y'ye basin. If you are not aware of procedures for almost no hit n to get. Second, the protection programs that are running in memory located GUARD.COM to scan floppy disk drives each with takilan, you uyarir infected floppy disk. Finally, you have the best anti-virus programs is the most effective way to protection against viruses. For this, the company that sells anti-virus programs regularly to obtain new versions. New anti-virus programs installed on your system, and each disk taktiginiz always make sure every virus temizlendiginden.

Symptoms of the virus is a computer: It takes more time than normal to install the program. Disk areas azalir quickly.

Continuously increasing number of corrupt sectors. As a constant current azalir RAM. Corruption programs will work normally. Errors in the program is not already karsilasilir. Does not belong to them will display error messages. The display includes interesting shapes and characters. Files are lost. To file information varies. (name, extension, date, etc.). How files and directories appear olustugu unknown.

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