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					1. What is FTP? FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is connected to the internet from one computer to another one (in both directions) to make file transfer protocol and developed a web application to do this work is the generic name given to the program. FTP first developed ... 1. What is FTP? FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is connected to the internet from one computer to another one (in both directions) to make file transfer protocol and developed a web application to do this work is the generic name given to the program. FTP is one of the first internet protocol is developed. With the FTP protocol; 1) from another computer to another computer for file transfer, the interaction with the computer connection is established at the same time 2) the protocol provided with the help of a series of command files between two computers with import / export transactions are made. 2. What you need to do FTP? - Connect the computer's internet address, we will, - Connect to access the files on the computer will calculate the user ID, if any, password, - With Internet access on computers that have FTP software - We will connect the computer, running FTP protocol to interpret commands in an FTP site, FTP service program that is required. 3. FTP Usage General use; FTP <FTP address of the machine> is. After this order - the appropriate computer is connected, the user name and password (password) are asked. After entering the user's machine is connected to them are. Some files between two machines using the FTP command operations, the machines also connect to some basic file / disk operations (file creation / deletion, etc.) operations are performed. THESE ARE REQUIRED to be able to do the FTP commands: CD: Change Directory. Use the cd <directory name> note: to move to the previous directory, CD .. are made. PWD: This command will see the name of the current directory. It lists the files in the current directory. DIR: It lists the files in that directory. LS: too many files in the directory, if the sheet is a short list and file, the command is useful to show. Use the LS-LR: the reverse alphabetical listing GET: File is receiving the command. Use the get () may remain on after receiving the same name. MGET: receiving more than one file is a command. Ex: a mget *. zip mget *.*

PUT: The file is send a command. Use the put () MPUT: Multiple file is sending the command. ASCII: ASCII file transfer is used as the transfer mode is specified. BINARY: The file transfer mode is used to specify the Binary kullanılır.Yani: * Archive files (zip, arj, z, zoo etc, etc.), * Executable program (. Exe, com, etc.), * image format programs, (gif, jpeg, wb, etc.), Obtained by FTP from / or to use this command before sending. DELETE: FTP in a command that you want to delete the file. Use the delete is. MKDIR: Create a new directory in the FTP command MKDIR dir.Kullanımı; mkdir <directory-name> is. RMDIR: FTP command to delete a directory is empty in the. Use the rmdir is. LCD: FTP environment without leaving your own allows you to change the directory on your machine. CLOSE: FTP environment without leaving the connection only closes about. QUIT: To exit the FTP environment to close the connection and is used commands. 4. The way to do FTP and 4.1. FTP from the Start Menu Start from the run will select: About ege.edu.tr a DOS window, then press enter ftp opens: Here you can see the archive for User (none) on the ground by: FTP (or Anonymous), password part: our e-mail address yazmalıyız.Karşımıza "ftp>" Remove. cd pub directories to our interests against me want to go into the directory and take appropriate action to close and quit the ftp program, ftp connections are cut off. 4.2. Web via FTP Recently, the general trend of all Internet access services more efficient and interactive environments, and different services to be used as interactive itself has tab. The most important ones is a taneside Web. Many Internet services including FTP, and many additional features can be established through this environment. Therefore, another way to do FTP to do FTP via WEB. This method is easier in terms of use. A binary file, accidentally, with a standard FTP program can easily obtain the ASCII mode, the mind and the FTP over the web, URLs are eliminated. For example, an image in standard image file format you can now send images to the screen.

5. Graphical interface FTP FTP classic sense, you'll give it a command. In recent years, some programs are developed without the need to give the user the command is called with a graphical user easier and allows you to FTP commands without entering. FTP commands are received from either pulldown/pop-up menu, or with a single mouse click different FTP commands to be executed. An example of this type of program, running under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, John Junod'un developed WS_FTP is. 5.1. Cute FTP Cute FTP with the use of the course discusses in detail. 5.2. WS_FTP WS-FTP program running under Windows, 16-bit and 32-bit version with an FTP program. Host Name To make the ftp connection is given the name of the machine. Ftp will be done if the machine does not accept anonymous users must always use the user code. To the user's password and password are required to write. The next process to confirm the setting and press the OK button to connect yeterli. TR-NET machine you want to make sure the ftp user is required to enter your code and password. After providing the connection that you want to copy the files via ftp to your own machine. Window, as seen in Figure two has occurred. They left us one of our disk files (Local System), the machines connected to the other side (Remote System) can be seen. To do what we want to take our computer files and to leave a mark on the right side and left side to hold him with Mouse That would .. Files are copied to individual machines.

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