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									Friends on creating sql although sometimes in a most knowledgeable forum topics olsakta see How do I set up, helping to establish such a ... So to write an article that I see fit ... Descriptions for English to be English in cPanel will write to the contents ... Note: Example of the account name "khan", db name "R10" and db user adınıda "forum" as we will ... Db and db user name and want to do the same, to be more open to prefer to get different ... In cPanel Server Database (SQL) and Database User Creation ... - CPanel'imize're logged in (or http://www.site.com/cpanel http://www.site.com:2082), - "MySQL Databases" click on text, - Creating Db: "Current Databases" article under the "New Database: (Box) (Create Database)" as we will see a section, we want to create kutucuğa databasenin name it "Create Database" button and is databasemiz ... Databasemizin name site "adı_yazdığınız db user name ftp or cPanel" is in the form ... For example, our cPanel user name (ftp or cPanel will be the same anyway) kaan, and we created the R10 is that the datbase name (Create Database) database, our name "kaan_r10" You ... "Database Created Added to the database R10. "If we saw an article databasemiz was formed ... - Click the link to create Databaseyi occurred after database'nin up there we did not get a page showing "Go back" Click on the link will come back ... - Db User (User Database) Creating: Databasemizi create "Go Back" in our press page göneriz have created databasemizi again ... This time on the same page "Current Users" article under "Username:" and "Password:" as we will see two text boxes, and also against the ... The probe also "Create User" button ... a written "Username:" We will write the name of the database user and "Password:" text database user name, password karşısınada then "Create User" button will ... And yönlendirdiği page (in our example the db user name "forum" is taken as) "Account Created Added forum with the password 123456 "see our article database using the Database was formed ... the same database user name Name of the account as a user name (cPanel or ftp), and after _ taglarını takes ... So in our database user name" kaan_forum "as we are like. .. - Cash to the "Go Back" link to click and still have created user db and db back to the page ... - Db Db on User Authentication Setting: "Add Users To Your Databases:" section earlier in the text are seen in, now we will take action in this section ... In the bottom of this article "User:" text box and in the face, immediately yanındada "Database:" text box and you will see on the face ... In this section, "User:" text in the section against the database will have on the authority will choose the name of db user, and next to "Database" in the text against which bölümdende want to authorize databasede ... he will choose databaseyi Those at the bottom of a "Privileges:" the text and its content olarakda (lower side) will be given boxes and boxes next functional properties'll see ... They all have a value, for example, "SELECT" dbden

information may be, "CREATE" to create tables, db, "INSERT" statements content (data) to enter such, English from a dictionary meaning of words, you remove the hard ... Their importance is based on the location of all of them will be, but I need you "ALL" box ... This dialog box can be done on the database transactions to all the privileges of the user database is a means ... "ALL" dialog box select the bottom right of the "Add User to Database" button is pressed ... Directions page "Account added to Access List Added the user kaan_forum to the database kaan_r10. "When we see such an article on db db authorized users understand that ... - Database and database user to create the user database to have authority over the finished part ... Now came the order to enter data Databasemize ... - Creating a Table and Data Databasede to Enter: Friends again after last doing our process "Go Back" button and return to our page and we know it ... At the bottom of the page "phpMyAdmin" and you will see a link to open it by clicking phpMyAdminimizi ... On the left side if you will only see it if you have one already databasemiz, if you have a few, and from there to work out a box databaseyi will choose what we want ... If you've seen on the left if there is one database on the right side by clicking it databaseye process can ensure the opening of yapacabileceğimiz page, if you have a few database already on the right side to the left when selecting a database will automatically change ... First we can make the language settings on the right section ... - Select Databasemizi we'll enter the data: on the left, now we have mentioned above, after making the appropriate action, newly opened at the top right section of the second row from left in the "SQL" and you'll see the article by clicking on it we can install sql'umuzu open ... Drop-in page at the top by a large box will be that portion of sql directly by entering the content in the lower right corner "Go" or have chosen to Turkish "Go" button you will see it by clicking on a data processing sql or big box at the bottom another section would be more (last updated to 2.8 .0.2 was removed I do not know to not try him later), a small box, and this too has links Browse ... Browse by entering the path of the file from sql Pc'mizdeki his corner in the "Go" or "Go" to read and write from that file by clicking on the link can provide ... - Setup your database settings yazılımlardada yaparken dbname, dbuser, see section dbpasswd I guess now you can fill ... (If the database name, db name, db user name and db user see, db and db user password passwd gördüğünüzdede phrases such as will writing) - Operation of this matter in a nutshell, I do not know all the properties up to write a few years to get my work into a anlatış In a word, the sentence of 10 is something even the late ... Short, concise and clear in a way I could tell ... This was done according to our process cPanel, a next seferede Pleski will tell ... I wish success to everyone ...

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