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									 The Iva Chimes
Zion Lutheran Church, Hemlock, Michigan                  January 2011

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                                             Thank you to Doug Hollingsworth
                                              for pictures of the Advent Soup
                                            Suppers, Bake Sale and Children’s
                                                      Christmas Story

                                                      What’s Inside
             January 2011                                                          The Iva Chimes            2

        Prayer Corner of the World...

In Pakistan, a mullah offered more than $6,000 to anyone who kills an imprisoned
woman even after she is released. In the past, Christians have been killed in jail, on
their way to court, and even after being released from jail. This woman being threat-
ened, had in 2009 told the Muslim women about her faith in Christ, explaining that He
had died on the cross for our sins. Then she asked them what Mohammed had done
for them. She told them Jesus is alive, but Mohammed is dead. “Our Christ is the true
prophet of God,” she told them, “and yours is not true.” Out of anger for her Christian
witness, she was beaten and locked in a room, publicly humiliated by announcing she
should be punished by having her eyes blackened and paraded around the village on a
donkey. She was protected by police, but was charged with blasphemy and sentenced
to death.

Pray for her release and safety after release, and for ministry to her family, especially her children.

The paragraph above has been repeated from last month's newsletter. It is repeated to get your attention that one
story can look like another story, and we get lost in the shuffle of prayer requests. But, the people for whom we pray,
need a Savior, need prayer warriors, like you and me, who will repeatedly pray without excuse. Let us beware of
making so much out of Christmas that we forget to bring the message home to people and for people who are really
hurting and in need. This woman risked her life to proclaim Christ as the true and only Savior. Are we shepherds
who will go and spread the news, just as it has been told us, or are we sheepish, acting like animals who can't share
the message of Christmas in the New Year? Are we Wise men and women who will go the distance into the New
Year, traveling near and afar to worship Jesus by giving of our gifts which are only gifts from God to share the mes-
sage with others?

It is a New Year, by the grace of God. But, time is short for this world, and even shorter for many of us, and many
more who don't know the truth of Who Jesus is? Jesus was born for you to bring Good News of great joy to all the
people. Pray that you would use your talents to share Jesus and His love before a time comes when “no man can
work”, when, perhaps, we will be silenced in a night that isn't so sweet and holy. Pray for the woman in Pakistan,
and the neighbor in your block, and the person in your family who needs you to go and tell them of Jesus and His
love, the reason Jesus came to earth, to tell you, to show and tell others!

Make it your New Year's resolution and daily prayer.

                                 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

                                 Pastor Paul Hauser
The Iva Chimes                                                                     January 2011                     3

                               Pastor's Page...
                               Facebook is a place on the computer where friends can communicate with each other. It's
                               like a church is suppose to be in some ways. We will have a new Pictorial Directory/Album
                               at Zion to help know and communicate better with people here. I am making a request that
                               you will get your face in that book!
                                On Facebook sometimes, visitors come requesting to be friends. You can either confirm
                                them or say not now. (Sounds kind of what I do with 8 th graders!) You can either ignore
                                them or add them as your friend. (What we sometimes do with each other and our re-
                                quests.) Jesus requests to be your friend and mine. He is looking to communicate the heav-
   Pastor Paul Hauser enly Father's love to all His children. Some people wish to communicate with Him, and He
                                never ignores them. Some confirm that He exists, but don't communicate much with Him at
all. Some think so much of Him as God, that they bring others to be friends with Jesus too. What are you doing in response
to God and His love at Christmas? Take a look at His picture in the manger, on the cross, and in the tomb, and in the room
with you as you read this right now!
God has a Facebook where we see His face in the book called His Word. He's typed in various descriptions of what He is
like, enough to picture Him with a loving face shining down His favor upon us. What are the kind of comments He has writ-
ten on your page? “Even if you were the only person on earth, I would have died for you!” Does He ask you to join groups,
like Church boards, or remember people's birthdays, or check in on those who may need a friend like you? At the top of the
Facebook page there is a “Search” box. Does He have to “Search” for you, or do you get in touch with Him often? Some-
times He has to “Poke” people repeatedly with some incidents in their life to get their spiritual attention. Do you try and
change your “Profile” of your life, or do you let His Spirit point you to the passages in His book where He can edit and
change your soul, mind, and even your body by His love? (Most people try and change their Facebook picture often; we
could all stand to get our picture retaken so our faces to look more like His! The best snapshot of God is Him on His cross
and at His resurrection. We might strike a similar pose in our lives!
God's status is always available to chat from His Word with you, or listen to your prayers. Do you find that you “Like” His
comments, and tell Him and others so? Do you ever try and “Share” with others what He has “Shared” with you? His Word
is an album of parables that picture us and His people. If we look closely at our lives, we can “Tag” where we have seen
Him in our lives. When God tries to write on our hearts, it shows the times when He has done that. Sometimes, we don't
respond at all, and at other times we completely missed it. God has Old Testament “Posts” and New Testament “Posts”.
We are “Post” to read them and meditate on them, and shine His face on others pages, because He wants to write His story
in their lives too.
If you're looking for some friends in the New Year, you can find Jesus, the Best Friend anyone could want. He is God,
smarter and more powerful than any computer. He doesn't intrude on our privacy, but is willing to speak truthfully to our
rudeness, and offer His love to delete or remove anything we regret thinking, doing, or saying what's on the computer of our
minds and hearts. God will keep your life remarks confidential, clean up your misspelling of His love in your life, and wel-
come you to be a friend forever.
If this wasn't an article to your liking because you don't “do computers” or aren't computer friendly, think of how many people
feel who don't “do God” or aren't friendly with Him when we talk about Him. If you aren't into computers, you can get into
God. He's into you and how you work. Perhaps, we need to take some steps of faith, and just let Him contact you in His
Word, and enjoy the relationship He establishes through our mutual best friend, Jesus. Let's have a little gratitude and com-
passion to not only make a New Year's resolution to learn Facebook, but especially God's Word, and to witness it there!

        Checking my messages from Jesus every day, and encouraging you to do the same!
                                                                    Pastor Paul Hauser
            January 2011                                                            The Iva Chimes                 4

                                  Educare News
                                         Miss Nicole

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday season. The children at Zion’s Edu-
care has so much fun talking about snow, winter, Christmas and the best gift of
all...Jesus. The children loved going into the church and seeing how lovely the church
looked with all the decorations. They loved looking at the indoor and outdoor nativities,
pointing out the sheep, shepherds, wise men, Mary, Joseph, the manger, angels and of
course, Baby Jesus.

We enjoyed a Christmas program on Wednesday, December 22nd. It was a blast and the                 Miss Nicole
children loved it! We had twenty children come dressed up in their Christmas attire. Pas-
tor Hauser opened with prayer and the children sang about 10 songs, then it was time for refreshments. Thank you to
Miss Pat, Miss Livy, and Miss Jess for helping with the children to make our program a success. Thank you to the par-
ents for coming and bringing a dish to pass and for all your support. Thank you also to the church members who came
out to watch and help us clean up. Your support of Zion’s Educare and the families we serve means so much to us.
About 75 people attended.

As most of you may know I have been offered a teaching position, which I have accepted. This was one of the hardest
decisions I have had to make. I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to serve at Zion’s Educare. I will take a piece
of Zion when I go. Thanks to everyone and I wish you all a fun-filled New Year!

                         Dear Zion Family,

                         Our deepest thanks this year to each of you who remembered us over the
                         Christmas Season...with your gifts and baked goods and cards. They are
                         always meaningful to us.

We can hardly believe we’ve been here at Zion since 2000. It’s been ten full years! So many
changes...some for the better and some leave us questioning why; but we made them togeth-
er and that brought us closer to each other.

On a very personal note: thank you so very much for every prayer spoken in church, or on
your own, regarding Debbie’s health concerns this past year. Your prayers are still very
much needed and we both are so grateful to you for them.

May our loving heavenly Father watch over each of us this new year with His abiding love,

                         Happy New Year in Him,
                             Pastor & Debbie
The Iva Chimes                                                                  January 2011                    5

                                                            Zion Church Directory
                                   The Board of Stewardship is working on producing a new church directory. Our most
                                   recent directory was done in 2005. In the past six years we have many new family
                                   members that have joined us.

                                   There is no cost to have your photographs taken, and you will receive a complimentary
                                   8x10 portrait and directory for participating. To make our directory a success we need
                                   volunteers. Stewardship members Sue Burdick, (837-9577), Lois Tessin (642-8216),
                                   John Gudaitis (642-8891) or Jack Traub (643-7039) are coordinating volunteers for our
                                   new directory. Sign up has begun. If you have not signed up yet you can call one of the
                                   above mentioned people and schedule an appointment. They will be calling on those
                                   who have not signed up trying to be sure no one is missed.

If you choose to have your picture taken by March 31, 2011 bring in a canned or boxed food item and receive an
additional “Feed the Need” $5 off portrait coupon. If you are interested in helping during our photography sign-ups,
telephoning our members, or serving as a host or hostess during the actual photography sessions, contact one of the
above mentioned people or call the church office at 642-5909.

           Annual Turkey Dinner
 Zion will hold their annual Turkey dinner on Wednesday,
 January 12 from 4:30 ~ 7:00 pm. Adults $9, Children 5-12
 $4, Under 5 are free. Come and support your church and
 enjoy a homemade turkey dinner with all the fixin’s. Every-
 one knows we have some great cooks! If you are unable to
 attend please consider a donation to purchase turkeys. Help
 will also be needed to set up, prepare and serve dinner. This
 is a great opportunity for fun and fellowship with your Zion
 family. See Jack Armstrong or Lloyd Zastrow if you have any
               January 2011                                                                   The Iva Chimes              6

                                                                    Altar Guild
                                    The 2011 flower calendar is on the wall to the left of the information
                                    center in the narthex. Please sign up to put flowers on the altar for a
                                    special birthday, anniversary or any other special event.

                                    We are in need of a altar guild members serve on altar guild for the
                                    months of March and July. We could also use another person for
                                    February. Please contact the church office if you are interested in
                                    helping out.

                                    The Altar Guild’s next meeting will be held January 19, 2010.

           From Humble Beginnings

In 1804, William, a 21-year-old from a poor family, de-
cided to go to New York City to find a job. He told a
neighbor his plans, saying he knew how to make soap
and might work in a soap factory.

The neighbor said, “Just remember to be a good man,
give your heart to Christ and pay the Lord all that be-                             Received for the Lord’s Work
longs to him. Give a dime of every dollar you make,                                      As of December 19, 2010
make an honest soap and you will be a happy and
                                                                         Income received from:
wealthy man.”
                                                                         Loose Plate              $ 12,948
                                                                         General Fund Envelopes   $ 195,766
Sure enough, William found a job making soap. Later,
                                                                         Mission                  $ 8,913
he became part owner and then sole owner of the busi-
                                                                         Maintenance              $ 18,425
ness. His product line — and giving — expanded great-
                                                                         Daycare Fees/Fund        $ 105,338
ly. He gave many millions of dollars to the Lord’s work
                                                                         Total Income             $ 341,390
throughout the world, far more than 10 percent of his
                                                                         Budgeted Income          $ 352,920
                                                                            $6,920 per week
                                                                         Shortfall to date        ($- 11,530)
William Colgate died in 1857 at age 74, but his legacy
and company, Colgate-Palmolive, still thrive.

                                                                            Missing Pronouns

                                                            You cannot pray the Lord's Prayer and even once say I.
                                                           You cannot pray the Lord's Prayer and even once say My.

                                                    Nor can you pray the Lord's Prayer and not pray for one another,
                                                    To ask God for “our” daily bread, you must include your brother.

                                                               For others are included ... in each and every plea,
                                                          From the beginning to the end of it, it does not once say Me.
The Iva Chimes               January 2011   7

   Fellowship at Zion~ Advent Soup Suppers
                  Annual Bake Sale
January 2011                        The Iva Chimes   8

         The Children’s Christmas Story 2010
The Iva Chimes   January 2011   9
             January 2011                                                          The Iva Chimes                10

                         Valley Lutheran High School Bulletin Board
                                      Shadowing Days at Valley Lutheran High School
Families of middle school students who are looking for a school to call “home” for high school are invited to spend a day
“shadowing” students at Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw Township. This year’s “Shadow Days” on February 2 nd
and February 11th give students the chance to spend a day with a current Valley Lutheran student and in the process get
an inside look at the family-like Valley Lutheran experience. For more information contact Tom Roekle, Director of Student
Recruitment, to reserve your space. He may be contacted at 989-790-1676 or

                                          Valley Lutheran Open House Series
Valley Lutheran High School, 3560 McCarty Road in Saginaw Township, welcomes all area 7 th and 8th grade students and
families to their “3rd Sunday Open House” series of events. Beginning January 16th, and continuing the 3rd Sunday in each
month in February, March, April and May, faculty members will be on hand from 2-3PM to take families on guided tours of
Valley Lutheran, and share information about its’ many opportunities available to students. You don’t need a reservation to
take part in one of these sessions. For more information, please contact the Director of Student Recruitment, Tom Roekle,
at 989-790-1676, or

                                             Valley Lutheran Job Opportunity
Valley Lutheran High School has an immediate opening for a full-time custodian. The ideal candidate will have 3 years of
experience in cleaning and light maintenance at a school or commercial setting; be in good physical condition able to do
strenuous work including heavy lifting; possess a valid Michigan driver’s license; work well in an open Christian environ-
ment; able to work independently; able to operate power equipment ranging from power cleaning equipment to tractors;
possess a high school diploma or its equivalent; be a member of a congregation of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
and supportive of Lutheran high school education. The candidate must pass a fingerprint criminal background check. In-
terested applicants should mail, e-mail, or fax a resume of related experiences and references to Dr. John Brandt, 3560
McCarty, Saginaw MI 48603;; fax 989-790-1680.
Check out Zion’s bulletin board spotlighting Valley Lutheran located in the hallway across from the kitchen. The bulletin
board is updated every month or so with school activities as well as spotlighting a Valley student. If you have questions
about Valley there is contact information on the bulleting board or feel free to contact the church office.

                                               Valley Lutheran Chicken BBQ
Valley Lutheran High School, 3560McCarty Road Saginaw, is having their annual Chicken BBQ on Sunday, January 9,
2011 from 11:00 a.m. To 2:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria. Menu includes: ½ or ¼ of a chicken, mashed potatoes and gra-
vy, corn, cole slaw, rolls, dessert and beverages. Cost is $9.00 for ½ chicken and $7.00 for ¼ chicken. Take outs availa-
ble. All proceeds benefit the drama, music and athletic departments of Valley.

                                          Valley Lutheran Benefit Dinner & Auction
SAVE THE DATE! Phantom of the Auction - The 8th annual VLHS Benefit Dinner & Auction is going to be on Saturday,
February 26, 2011 at Apple Mountain Conference Center. The past 7 auctions have netted us over $250,000 which has
been applied to various school improvements including the 21st Century Classroom Initiative, busses, student aid, teacher
training & more! Thank you for your past support of VLHS! We could use your help - we are asking for items to be donated
and put up for bid (merchandise, tickets, services, vacation homes, etc.) There are also opportunities to participate by way
of Prayer, advertising, sponsorship, or attending the auction. Click on our Auction link and get more infor-
mation and check out our often-updated list of items. Watch your bulletin and/or church message board for ticket/donation
fliers. For further information or questions, you may call Valley Lutheran at 790-1676, Beth (Lambert) Kaul 989-754-5918, or Karrie Gatza 989-667-0034
The Iva Chimes                                           January 2011                         11

       January Birthdays
1 Cheyenne Baccary          9 Aidabelle Midcalf         23 Shawnie Klemm
  Angela Helpap             13 Dick Diebel              24 Duane Neuenfeldt
  Jacob Rossow                 Gary Kade                25 Lindsey Wietfeldt
2 Kathleen Case             15 Joyce Neuenfeldt         26 Bill Beyersdorf
  Roger Kade                   Spencer Rossow           26 Aaron Brown
3 Janet Kilgore             16 Vince Wolgast            27 Jerald Keel
  Heather LaPorte           18 Kirk McNett                 Jerry Neuenfeldt
4 Calista Goward            19 Bud Parker                  Jacob Valliere
5 Ben Richardson            20 Matthew Gudaitis            Irmie Roggow
6 Irene Kruth               21 Daniel Benes             29 Denise Martin
7 Carol White                  Raegyn Mayer                Ann Moore
8 Dan Brickel                  Derek Beougher           30 Amy Schmoyer
  John Strouse                 Jeffrey McQuiston        31 Rusty Laurenz
9 Bernard Neuenfeldt           John Nunn
                               Carmen Rowe
                               Bruce Tessin                                       Zion
         Happy Anniversary!                                                      Chain
    January 4    Larry & Sharon Feusse             Members of Zion are invited to join the prayer
                                                   chain. The prayer chain members meet
    January 14   Park & Mary Beth Strouse          monthly on the second Thursday at 10 am.
                                                   Please join us. Feel free to ask for prayer for
                                                   yourself, family and friends, even if you do not
                                                   join us for our prayer chain meetings. Please
                                                   call 643-5196 or 642-9161 for prayer re-

                                                   Please report any corrections on birthdates or anniver-
                                                    sary dates to the church office so we may correct our
                                                                     records. Thank you.
Zion Lutheran Church                                                                                          NON-PROFIT
17927 Dice Road                                                                                                    ORG.
Hemlock, Michigan 48626                                                                                      U. S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                              HEMLOCK MI

                                         May Jesus shine through you in 2011!

                                                                             Zion Lutheran Church
     The mission and vision of Zion Lutheran Church is to                                 Who’s Who
              share Jesus with all people as we
                                                               Pastor: Rev. Paul Hauser
               J~oyfully worship                               Church Office - Irene Kruth, Secretary 989-642-5909
                                                               Secretary Office Hours Tues. & Thurs. 2-4 pm
               E~ducate all people                                                             Fri 9am-12 pm
               S~hare God’s Word                               Parsonage                               989-642-9161
               U~tilize all gifts                              Pastor’s Cell Phone                     989-964-8722
               S~erve all souls                                Educare                                 989-642-3180
                                                               Zion’s Fax                              989-642-4416
                                                               Zion Prayer Chain                       989-643-5196
                                                               Zion’s E-mail       

                                                               Zion’s newsletter, “The Iva Chimes” is published monthly. Information to
                                                                be included in the newsletter is due on or before the 23rd of the month
                                                                        and can be faxed or emailed to the church.

                                                                                Sunday Worship Schedule
                                                                               9:30 A.M. Divine Worship Service
                                                                               10:45 am JAM Sunday School
                                                                        (Holy Communion 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month)

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