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					Insurance Coverage
and Claims Institute
April 1-3, 2009
The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago
Chicago, Illinois

                        Presented by
                        DRI’s Insurance
                        Law Committee

                        Who Should Attend
                        •	 Insurance coverage
                        •	   Claims professionals
                        •	   Risk managers
                        •	   Underwriters
                        •	   Insurance agents
                             and brokers
                        •	   Corporate in-house
                        •	   Insurance analysts
                             and regulators
                        •	   Business and legal
                             affairs officers
    April 1–3, 2009

  Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute

Three SeminArS for The price of one!
The Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute is a unique opportunity for insurance
professionals and the attorneys who advise them to learn the latest developments
and issues in insurance coverage and claims handling. The seminar is ideal for both
the seasoned veteran or someone new to coverage. This year, attendees are able to
select from two different tracks of presentations: one focused on personal lines and
the other on commercial lines issues.
inTroducTion Beyond Insurance 101: On the Wednesday afternoon preced-
ing the main conference, there is a special two-hour tutorial addressing the basic
elements of insurance work, including presentations on how insurance companies
are organized, how counsel and claims people can effectively work together, dealing
with policyholder demands and effective strategies for legal research and analysis.
dAy one The Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute opens with a day-long
presentation on key legal and strategic issues confronting casualty and property
insurers in the courts this year, led by leading coverage lawyers and senior
claims professionals.
dAy TWo On the concluding day of the conference, there are two concurrent
tracks: Long-Tail Claims and Workshop for a Winning Practice. The first track is
geared towards claims professionals and counsel handling asbestos, pollution and
mass tort claims. The second is more practice-oriented and encompasses numerous
different issues impacting a coverage practice, including when and how to file DJs
and summary judgment motions and how class action issues affect coverage claims
and an insurer’s exposure. These two tracks run concurrently so that you can choose
any five out of the 10 topics being presented to assemble a CLE curriculum tailored
to your particular interests and needs.
This is an unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of DRI’s tradition of superb
speakers and written materials, while also having a curriculum that is closely
tailored to your own interests and needs. The Insurance Coverage and Claims
Institute provides a great opportunity to learn the latest developments in insurance
law, while networking with your peers or clients and enjoying springtime on
Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

Michael M. Marick                   What you Will Learn
Program Chair                       •	 What are the emerging 21st century
                                       coverage issues?
Lee Craig                           •	 How will the Wall Street meltdown
Committee Chair
                                       affect your practice?
                                    •	 Insurer insights on controlling costs
Michael F. Aylwward
Law Institute
                                       in complex litigation
                                    •	 Ethical challenges for insurance lawyers
                                    •	 How to pick the right jury for your
                                       coverage case
                                    •	 Beyond Katrina: What are the new
                                       catastrophic coverage issues?
                                    •	 New controversies concerning the duty
                                       to defend
                                                           April 1–3, 2009

                     WedneSdAy, ApriL 1, 2009

            Boarding Pass Kiosk
            Sponsored by Bolender & Associates
1:30 p.m.   Registration
3:00 p.m.   Beyond Insurance 101—It’s Not Just for Rookies
            Spring is officially here and the baseball season has just begun.
            Your first year in “The Show” went well, but you want to take the
            next step to stardom. As every good “manager” will tell you, the
            best way to brush up on your insurance fundamentals is to attend
            this program. Here, you will learn how insurance company
            “teams” play the game, and you will learn from your teammates
            how to handle yourself in the big leagues.
            Jonathan L. Schwartz, Cray Huber Horstman Heil &
            VanAusdal LLC, Chicago, Illinois
            Audrey A. Seeley, Hurwitz & Fine PC, Buffalo, New York
3:15 p.m.   Inside Baseball—Understanding How Insurance
            Companies Work
            When playing in the big leagues, you must understand your role and
            how it fits into the team. This segment will introduce you to the
            insurance team’s structure, each department’s responsibilities within
            the company, and the lingo of the game so that you do not strike out.
            Audrey A. Seeley, Hurwitz & Fine PC, Buffalo, New York
3:45 p.m.   Teamwork—Nurturing the Insurer/Counsel Relationship
            Major league lawyers and claims professionals have a lot of
            pressures and expectations placed on them. This program will
            give you insight, from an adjuster’s perspective, on what internal
            performance expectations are placed on him or her, as well as
            what he or she needs from the coverage counsel to cultivate
            a winning team. You will also get tips from coverage counsel
            on how to maintain a good relationship with your adjuster to
            ensure that you don’t spend the season sitting on the bench.
            Kelly A. Dworniczek, CNA, Chicago, Illinois
            Rebecca R. Haller, Meckler Bulger Tilson Marick &
            Pearson LLP, Chicago, Illinois
4:15 p.m.   Fielding the Pitch—Art of the Tender
            You will learn about the makeup of an insured’s “first pitch,”
            including the anatomy of a tender, and how to respond to the
            tender, plus how to determine whether a reservation of rights or
            disclaimer letter is appropriate. This session will provide you with
            the right equipment for facing a tender, namely an understanding
            of the typical claim file and how to use it to your advantage.
            Jonathan L. Schwartz, Cray Huber Horstman Heil
            & VanAusdal LLC, Chicago, Illinois
4:45 p.m.   Old Timers—Tips from the Pros
            The Insurance Law Committee’s hall of famers – past committee
            chairs and some of the finest coverage minds in the country – will
            share their experience and insights, teaching you the ins and outs
            of how to approach and resolve insurance coverage questions. This
            is a can’t miss opportunity for anyone who desires one day to write
            coverage opinions from Cooperstown.
            Michael F. Aylward, Morrison Mahoney LLP, Boston,
            Shaun McParland Baldwin, Tressler Soderstrom Maloney
            & Priess LLP, Chicago, Illinois
            Julia A. Molander, Sedgwick Detert Moran & Arnold LLP,
            San Francisco, California
            Paul S. White, Tressler Soderstrom Maloney & Priess LLP,
            Los Angeles, California
  Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute
5:45 p.m.    Adjourn
6:00 p.m.    Networking Reception
             Sponsored by Matson Driscoll & Damico

                    dAy one — GenerAL SeSSion
                      ThurSdAy, ApriL 2, 2009

             Boarding Pass Kiosk
             Sponsored by Bolender & Associates
             Cappuccino Bar
             Sponsored by Jeff Kichaven – Moderator JAMS
7:00 a.m.    Registration
7:00 a.m.    Continental Breakfast
             Sponsored by The Coverage Law Firm
7:00 a.m.    First Time Attendees Breakfast
8:15 a.m.    Welcome and Introduction
             Michael F. Aylward, Morrison Mahoney LLP, Boston,
             Lee Craig, Butler Pappas Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP, Tampa,
             Michael M. Marick, Meckler Bulger Tilson Marick
             & Pearson LLP, Chicago, Illinois
8:25 a.m.    Determining the Duty to Defend— It’s More
             Complicated than You Think
             Insurers and their coverage counsel are familiar with “black letter”
             duty to defend principles. But are the rules really so cut and
             dried, and are they the same across the country? This program
             will explore the unique and sometimes disparate rules applicable
             to an insurer’s duty to defend in various leading jurisdictions.
             Mary F. Stafford, Clausen Miller PC, Chicago, Illinois
9:15 a.m.    In the On-Deck Circle—Emerging Exposures: Asbestos
             or Y2K?
             Over the years, various types of new claims have confronted the
             insurance industry. Some, like Y2K, have surfaced and disappeared
             with stunning speed. Others, like asbestos, seem here to stay. What
             are the new types of claims that are emerging and what are their
             long-term implications for your clients and coverage practice?
             Michael F. Aylward, Morrison Mahoney LLP, Boston,
10:00 a.m.   Refreshment Break
             Sponsored by The Coverage Law Firm
10:15 a.m.   Managing Defense Costs in the Large Exposure Case
             The costs incurred by an insurer in defending a toxic tort,
             environmental or other high exposure case – particularly in
             relation to the carrier’s indemnity limits – can be enormous.
             This session will address, legally and practically, how an insurer
             can best control its defense cost exposure by enforcing its “right”
             to defend; selecting or agreeing upon appropriate defense counsel;
             requiring the insured’s complete cooperation; paying fair hourly
             rates and only reasonable and necessary fees; negotiating fair fee
             payment arrangements and billing guidelines; fee review/auditing;
             terminating the defense obligation through policy exhaustion or
             other appropriate means; and other strategies.
             Domenick C. DiCicco, Jr., Zurich North America, Schaumburg,
             Michael M. Marick, Meckler Bulger Tilson Marick
             & Pearson LLP, Chicago, Illinois
                                                               April 1–3, 2009
11:10 a.m.   Balls and Strikes—A Judicial Perspective on Insurance
             Disputes and Litigation
             The disputes between insurance carriers and policyholders may
             pend in a variety of forums – state, federal or alternative dispute
             resolution venues. This presentation explores the different
             approaches that may be employed, depending on where the dispute
             resolution occurs. What are judges looking for in these types of
             cases? How do you handle an insurance appeal in federal court?
             What is the best way to brief and argue an insurance dispute? This
             program will also be an opportunity to ask questions of a sitting judge.
             The Honorable Timothy M. Tymkovich, U.S. Court of Appeals
             for the Tenth Circuit, Denver, Colorado
12:00 p.m.   Networking Luncheon ($40 fee, check box on registration form)
1:15 p.m.    Jury Selection Techniques to Win an Insurance Case
             Most jurors dislike insurance companies, but jurors can be
             convinced to treat the insurer fairly. This presentation will explore
             the best techniques for weeding out hostile potential jurors and
             maximizing the likelihood of obtaining a panel that will give you
             and your client a fare shake. The speakers will identify the jurors
             to watch for, and some of the “code” answers that let you know
             they are hiding their true feelings about insurers.
             Christopher W. Martin, Martin Disiere Jefferson
             & Wisdom LLP, Houston, Texas
             Mark S. Sobus, Ph.D., J.D., R&D Strategic Solutions,
             Houston, Texas
2:10 p.m.    Insurance Lawyers in the Ethical Crosshairs—The
             Eternal Triangle and Beyond
             Insurance lawyers today face a variety of ethical challenges, from
             recurring conflict of interest issues in defense and coverage prac-
             tice to limits on independent counsel, as well as thorny litigation
             challenges that transcend practice areas. Even the best lawyers are
             constantly in unfriendly crosshairs. This program will examine
             some of the most common and yet most difficult professional
             responsibility challenges confronting insurance lawyers and offer
             practical analysis and solutions.
             Douglas R. Richmond, Aon Risk Services, Chicago, Illinois
3:10 p.m.    Refreshment Break
             Sponsored by The Coverage Law Firm
3:25 p.m.    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly—Post-Katrina
             Catastrophe Coverage Issues
             Hurricane Katrina spawned epic coverage, as well as political
             battles. Insurers faced the daunting tasks of simultaneously
             handling claims, making coverage determinations and defending
             against those who tried to use natural disaster for financial and
             political gain. This program will discuss the legitimate and the
             illegitimate coverage issues that follow a catastrophe.
             Jeffrey W. Jackson, State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance
             Company, Bloomington, Illinois
4:00 p.m.    The Mortgage Crisis—A Breeding Ground for a New
             Generation of Fraud and Arson Claims?
             The economic downturn and the severe tightening of available
             credit have placed extraordinary stress on lenders and borrowers
             alike that have spawned a brand new variety of property claims,
             which may be subject to arson and fraud defense. The genesis
             of such claims and the challenges they present will be explored.
             Rick L. Hammond, Johnson & Bell Ltd., Chicago, Illinois
5:00 p.m.    Insurance Law Committee Meeting (open to all)

  Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute
6:00 p.m.    Networking Reception
             Sponsored by Butler Pappas Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP

                     dAy TWo—proGrAm TrAcKS
                        fridAy, ApriL 3, 2009

             Boarding Pass Kiosk
             Sponsored by Bolender & Associates
             Cappuccino Bar
             Sponsored by RGL Forensic Accountants
7:30 a.m.    Registration
7:30 a.m.    Continental Breakfast
             Sponsored by Lindsay Rappaport & Postel LLC
8:20 a.m.    Announcements
             Michael M. Marick, Meckler Bulger Tilson Marick
             & Pearson LLP, Chicago, Illinois

             proGrAm TrAcKS—Schedule At-A-Glance
      For a complete description of each presentation, please see pages 6-8.
              TrAcK one                    TrAcK TWo
              Long-Tail claims             Workshop for a Winning practice

8:30 a.m.     Trigger Redux                An Adequate Investigation
9:15 a.m.     Number of Occurrences        Stacking the “Dec”

              Excess Insurers’ Defense     Use and Abuse of Summary Judgment
10:00 a.m.
              Obligations                  Motions

              The Aggregate Issue –      Preparing the Insurance Professional for
11:00 a.m.
              Products Versus Operations a Deposition

              Allocation Theories and      Class Actions—The Coverage Related
11:45 a.m.
              Exhaustion Requirements      Challenges Faced by Insurers

                    TrAcK one: LonG-TAiL cLAimS
  Chair: Matthew S. Foy, Gordon & Rees LLP, San Francisco, California

8:30 a.m.    Trigger Redux
             In cases of repeated or progressive injury, it often is impossible
             to know precisely when injury takes place for purposes of deter-
             mining which policies are triggered. Courts across the country
             have adopted different trigger rules, e.g., continuous injury,
             exposure, manifestation or injury-in-fact. These rules have been
             shaped by policy language, science, and equitable considerations.
             This presentation will discuss how these rules apply to particular
             types of claims, challenges faced by courts in extending them to
             new and emerging long-tail claims and key issues relating to the
             parties’ respective burdens of proof on trigger issues.
             Charles W. Browning, Plunkett Cooney PC, Detroit, Michigan
9:15 a.m.    Number of Occurrences
             In recent years, the number of occurrences issue has surfaced
             as one of the vital concerns in high stakes coverage litigation,
             whether in the context of a CGL carriers’ limits, the insureds’
             duties to pay SIRs or disputes between primary and excess carri-
             ers. What jurisdictions follow the “cause” test, the “effects” test
             or some variation? How have “deemer” clauses been applied?
                                                               April 1–3, 2009
             What considerations impact how policyholders, primary insurers
             and excess insurers approach the number of occurrences issue?
             This session will address these and related questions in the context
             of the most recent cases from across the country.
             Amy S. Parker, Swiss Re, Overland Park, Kansas
10:00 a.m.   Excess Insurers’ Defense Obligations
             While rules governing a primary insurer’s duty to defend are
             well defined and commonly understood, that is not the case
             when it comes to an umbrella or excess insurer’s claimed obliga-
             tions to pay or share defense costs. Under what circumstances
             do such obligations arise and how do they differ from a primary
             insurer’s duty to defend? Is it an affirmative obligation to defend
             or a reimbursement obligation? Are defense costs paid within or
             in addition to limits? What positions are policyholders taking?
             These and related questions will be covered in this presentation.
             Matthew S. Foy, Gordon & Rees LLP, San Francisco, California
10:45 a.m.   Refreshment Break
             Sponsored by RGL Forensic Accountants
11:00 a.m.   The Aggregate Issue—Products Versus Operations
             With traditional asbestos defendants on the decline and aggregate
             limits depleting, insurers can expect to see an increase in the
             number of claims characterized as involving “operations” or
             “non-products” exposures. This presentation will explore the
             differences between these claims (which are typically not subject
             to aggregate limits) and “products-completed operations” claims
             (which typically are). In addition to evaluating relevant policy
             language and the latest cases from around the country, emerg-
             ing issues such as “mixed” claims, re-characterization, course of
             performance and burden of proof will also be discussed.
             Ray L. Wong, Duane Morris LLP, San Francisco, California
11:45 a.m.   Allocation Theories and Exhaustion Requirements
             This session will navigate the pitfalls and possibilities of the coverage
             chart: “all sums” versus “pro-rata” allocation, horizontal versus
             vertical exhaustion, covered versus uncovered claims, and every-
             thing in between. The impact of policy language, insurance
             unavailability, underlying settlements and equitable considerations
             will all be discussed.
             Catalina J. Sugayan, Sedgwick Detert Moran & Arnold LLP,
             Chicago, Illinois
12:30 p.m.   Adjourn

       TrAcK TWo—WorKShop for A WinninG prAcTice
             Chair: Linda A. Weaver, CNA, Chicago, Illinois

8:30 a.m.    An Adequate Investigation
             The genuine dispute doctrine often requires that an insurer
             investigate a claim adequately before denying coverage. That is
             easier said than done. This presentation goes through the steps
             necessary to conduct a good faith and thorough investigation for
             a variety of types of claims and covers how to protect against
             subsequent bad faith claims.
             Canon T. Young, Greenan Peffer Sallander & Lally LLP,
             San Ramon, California
9:15 a.m.    Stacking the “Dec”
             Declaratory relief has its pros and cons. No longer does declaratory
             relief automatically protect an insurer from bad faith. On the other
             hand, a well-crafted DJA can preserve rights that may otherwise
             be lost. This presentation will review the “best practices” for
  Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute
                declaratory relief, as well as the possible negatives.
                Stacy A. Broman, Meagher & Geer PLLP, Minneapolis,
10:00 a.m.      Use and Abuse of Summary Judgment Motions
                Motions for summary judgment are uniquely important to insur-
                ance litigation, since these cases often turn on pure legal questions.
                Yet what happens if the motion is denied? If the case involves the
                refusal to defend the underlying action, the denial of summary
                judgment may effectively decide the case. This presentation will
                explore the strategic choices in moving for summary judgment in
                a given case. The speaker will also take you beyond the summary
                judgment motion to Plan B, if the motion is denied.
                Richard H. Nicolaides, Jr., Bates & Carey LLP, Chicago,
10:45 a.m.      Refreshment Break
                Sponsored by RGL Forensic Accountants
11:00 a.m.      Preparing the Insurance Professional for a Deposition
                Who wants to depose the insurer and why? What are the traps and
                opportunities? Learn who should be deposed and how to prepare
                him or her to give accurate and helpful testimony. Selecting cor-
                porate representatives, preparing adjusters, claims managers, and
                underwriters to testify, and evaluating some of the privilege issues
                related to the insurance professional’s deposition will be covered.
                F. Lane Finch, Jr., Haskell Slaughter Young & Rediker LLC,
                Birmingham, Alabama
11:45 a.m.      Class Actions—The Coverage Related Challenges
                Faced by Insurers
                Class actions add a layer of complexity to already complex insur-
                ance disputes. Insurance companies find themselves involved
                in class actions in two distinct ways. An insurer can be a direct
                defendant when its own conduct is at issue, which presents
                strategic issues regarding class certification, the conduct of
                discovery and motion practice, settlement concerns, and other
                issues. Where a class action is asserted against an insured,
                coverage issues are presented such as the definition of the puta-
                tive class and the duty to defend, the allocation of defense and
                indemnity expenses among triggered policies, whether attorneys’
                fees awarded to class counsel are supplementary payments or
                payable within limits, and other issues.
                David H. Levitt, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, Chicago, Illinois
12:30 p.m.      Adjourn

                            GenerAL informATion

cLe Accreditation
This seminar has been approved for MCLE credit by the State Bar of California in the
amount of 13 hours, including 1 hour of ethics credit. Accreditation has been requested
from every state with mandatory continuing legal education (CLE) requirements. Cer-
tificates of attendance will be provided to each attendee. Attendees are responsible for
obtaining CLE credits from their respective states. Credit availability and requirements
vary from state to state; please check our website at for credit information
for your state.
The registration fee is $745 for members and those who join DRI when registering and
$875 for non-members. The registration fee includes CD-ROM course materials, conti-
nental breakfasts, refreshment breaks and networking receptions. If you wish to have
your name appear on the registration list distributed at the conference and receive the CD-
ROM course materials in advance, DRI must receive your registration by March 12, 2009
(please allow 10 days for processing). Registrations received after March 12, 2009, will be
processed on-site.
                                                                        April 1–3, 2009
Special discounts
The first and second registrations from the same firm or company are subject to the fees
outlined above. The registration fee for additional registrants from the same firm or
company is $695, regardless of membership status. All registrations must be received at the
same time to receive the discount.
refund policy
The registration fee is fully refundable for cancellations received on or before March 12,
2009. Cancellations received after March 12 and on or before March 19, 2009, will
receive a refund, less a $50 processing fee. Cancellations made after March 19 will not
receive a refund, but the course materials on CD-ROM and a $100 certificate good for any
DRI seminar within the next 12 months will be issued. All cancellations and requests for
refunds must be made in writing. Fax to DRI’s Accounting Department at 312.795.0747.
All refunds will be mailed within four weeks after the date of the conference. Substitutions
may be made at any time without charge and must be submitted in writing.
course materials
In order to better serve and satisfy the numerous requests from our membership, DRI
will mail the course materials to all registrants in CD-ROM format 12 days in advance
of the seminar. You can order additional copies by checking the appropriate box on the
registration form on the back of this brochure or ordering online at
Sponsored by Waldrep Stewart & Kendrick LLC
Supplemental materials
Recommended supplemental material for this seminar is Evidentiary Privileges for Cor-
porate Counsel from DRI’s Defense Library Series. Order your copy by checking the
appropriate box on the registration form on the back of this brochure. You can also view
the entire list of DRI publications offerings and make purchases online at
hotel Accommodations
A limited number of discounted hotel rooms have been made available at The Westin
Michigan Avenue Chicago, 909 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611.
For reservations, contact the hotel directly at 312.943.7200. Please mention DRI’s
Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute to take advantage of the group rate of $239
Single/$259 Double. The hotel block is limited and rooms and rates are available on a
first-come, first-served basis. You must make reservations by March 3, 2009, to be eligi-
ble for the group rate. Requests for reservations made after March 3 are subject to room
and rate availability.
Travel discounts
DRI offers discounted meeting fares on various major air carriers for DRI’s Insurance
Coverage and Claims Institute attendees. To receive these discounts, please contact
Hobson Travel Ltd., DRI’s official travel provider at 800.538.7464. As always, to obtain
the lowest available fares, early booking is recommended.
The taping or recording of DRI seminars is prohibited without the written permission of DRI.
Speakers and times may be subject to last-minute changes.
DRI policy provides there will be no group functions sponsored by others in
connection with its seminars.

                  dri WiSheS To ThAnK our SponSorS
               for Their SupporT AT ThiS yeAr’S SeminAr!

  Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute


Michael F. Aylward is a senior partner in the Boston office of Morrison Mahoney
LLP, where he chairs the firm’s complex insurance practice group. Mr. Aylward is a
member of DRI’s Law Institute, a former member of the Board of Directors and a
past chair of DRI’s Insurance Law Committee. He is the immediate past chair of the
Reinsurance, Excess and Surplus Lines Committee of the FDCC. Mr. Aylward has
written many articles on insurance law topics, including two chapters in New Appleman
on Insurance Law Practice Guide.
Shaun McParland Baldwin is a partner in the Chicago office of Tressler Soderstrom
Maloney & Priess LLP, where she concentrates her practice in the areas of insurance cov-
erage litigation, bad faith litigation and counseling on insurance-related issues. Ms. Baldwin
has also served as an arbitrator and expert witness. She is a past chair of DRI’s Insurance
Law Committee and a past chair of the Casualty Insurance Committee for the IADC.
Stacy A. Broman is a partner with Meagher & Geer PLLP in Minneapolis. Her
practice focuses on complex commercial litigation, defending insurers in insurance
coverage and bad faith litigation. Ms. Broman has been named a “Super Lawyer”
by Minnesota Law & Politics magazine and was recently named among the “Top 100
Women Super Lawyers” in Minnesota. She is vice chair of the insurance coverage and
extra-contractual liability sections of the FDCC and co-author of a chapter in the
New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide.
Charles W. Browning is a shareholder and member of the board of directors of
Plunkett Cooney PC, a large multi-state law firm headquartered in Detroit. Mr. Browning
oversees Plunkett Cooney’s duties as coverage counsel for several major property and
casualty insurance companies and has represented insurance companies in countless
coverage cases in more than 30 states. He is a member of DRI (Insurance Law Com-
mittee), ABA (Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee) and the IADC (chair of
Casualty Insurance Committee 2006-08).
Lee Craig is a partner in the Tampa office of Butler Pappas Weihmuller Katz Craig
LLP. An experienced trial and appellate lawyer, his practice focuses on the defense of
first-party insurance matters arising out of property policies. Mr. Craig has expertise
with bad faith and other extra-contractual litigation. He is the chair of DRI’s Insurance
Law Committee and a member of the Federal Bar Association.
Domenick C. DiCicco, Jr. is senior vice president, chief legal officer of Zurich
North America Claims in Schaumburg, Illinois. Mr. DiCicco leads the Zurich groups
responsible for coverage and bad faith counseling and litigation and for the litigation
management of the entire claims organization. He previously served as Zurich’s head
of global litigation management and complex claims, managing the company’s high
risk cases around the globe. Prior to joining Zurich, Mr. DiCicco enjoyed a long career
as a trial attorney, first as a coverage and defense attorney, and then as a partner in a
plaintiffs’ personal injury practice.
Kelly A. Dworniczek is a complex claims director with CNA in Chicago, overseeing
strategic legal issues for complex corporate, fiduciary and financial claims. Ms. Dworniczek
is also involved in managing insurance coverage litigation involving D&O and errors
and omissions policies. Prior to joining CNA in 2003, she was in private practice in
Chicago, where she concentrated her practice in commercial litigation.
F. Lane Finch, Jr. is a member of Haskell Slaughter Young & Rediker LLC in
Birmingham, Alabama. For 21 years, Mr. Finch has focused heavily on insurance law
and commercial litigation. He is recognized by Super Lawyers and has handled insur-
ance coverage claims involving up to $500 million, as well as class action and other
liability claims exceeding $100 million. Mr. Finch is also a frequent speaker and author
on insurance coverage and bad faith issues.
Matthew S. Foy is a partner in the San Francisco office of Gordon & Rees LLP. His
practice focuses on insurance coverage litigation and advice pertaining to primary and
excess general liability policies, with an emphasis on mass tort, environmental and
construction defect claims. Mr. Foy also counsels clients in claims administration,
policy analysis and drafting. He is a former editor of DRI’s Insurance Law Commit-
tee’s newsletter, Covered Events, and a frequent speaker on insurance-related issues.
Rebecca R. Haller is a partner with Meckler Bulger Tilson Marick & Pearson LLP
in its Chicago office, where she provides coverage counseling and represents insurance
companies on a national basis in connection with both liability and first-party policies.
Prior to joining MBT, Ms. Haller was responsible for setting up and managing the
Midwest Regional Coverage Counsel office for a national property and casualty insurer.
                                                                   April 1–3, 2009
Rick L. Hammond is an equity shareholder with the law firm of Johnson & Bell Ltd.
in Chicago and co-chair of the firm’s insurance coverage group. He concentrates his
practice on matters relating to property insurance coverage, arson and fraud, and bad
faith litigation. Mr. Hammond is president-elect of the Illinois Association of Defense
Trial Counsel, general counsel for a national insurance trade association, a board
member of the Insurance School of Chicago, vice chair of the ABA’s Property Insurance
Law Committee, and a member of DRI and the FDCC.
Jeffrey W. Jackson is the senior vice president and general counsel of State Farm Mutual
Automobile Insurance Company in Bloomington, Illinois. Mr. Jackson has overall
responsibility for the corporate law department, which handles litigation management
and regulatory affairs and provides counsel to State Farm’s general departments and
zone offices. Prior to joining State Farm in 1988, he was in private practice with a law
firm in Peoria, Illinois.
David H. Levitt is a partner in the Chicago office of Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP.
Mr. Levitt’s insurance coverage work ranges from simple personal lines coverage
disputes to complex coverage litigation involving environmental and bankrupt health
care providers, and insurer insolvencies. He has resolved coverage issues involving
hundreds of claims against insolvent national health care and nursing home operators,
negotiating and litigating disputes in the bankruptcy court between the insurers, the
debtor or trustee and the claimants. Mr. Levitt is a board member of the Illinois Associa-
tion of Defense Trial Counsel.
Michael M. Marick is a founding partner of Meckler Bulger Tilson Marick &
Pearson LLP, a Chicago-based firm with offices in Dallas and Phoenix. His nationwide
practice focuses on insurance coverage counseling and litigation on behalf of insurers.
Mr. Marick has taught insurance law at the law school level and has been selected for
inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America and Euromoney’s World’s Leading Insurance
and Reinsurance Lawyers. He received the 2008 IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law
Professional Achievement Award. Mr. Marick is the program chair of this seminar.
Christopher W. Martin tries insurance coverage and bad faith lawsuits across
the country. The founding partner of Martin Disiere Jefferson & Wisdom LLP in
Houston, Mr. Martin is the author of four legal treatises and more than 100 articles
regarding insurance litigation and insurance law. He taught insurance law at the
University of Houston Law School for 10 years.
Julia A. Molander is a partner in the San Francisco office of Sedgwick Detert Moran
& Arnold LLP. Ms. Molander concentrates her practice in insurance law and litigation,
and ERISA litigation. She has expertise in virtually all aspects of the insurance busi-
ness, including insurance coverage, reinsurance, claims handling, bad faith liability,
insurance fraud, underwriting matters, regulatory compliance, brokerage and agency
liability, insurance insolvency and legislative issues. Ms. Molander is a past chair of
DRI’s Insurance Law Committee.
Richard H. Nicolaides, Jr. is a partner with Bates & Carey LLP in Chicago, concen-
trating on insurance coverage and bad faith litigation. Mr. Nicolaides litigates complex
insurance coverage disputes in federal and state courts throughout the United States,
including disputes involving the interpretation of general liability, excess/umbrella,
first-party property, commercial auto and professional liability insurance policies. He
also represents insurers in bad faith and unfair claims handling practice lawsuits.
Amy S. Parker is a vice president of claims and liability management in the Overland
Park, Kansas office of Swiss Re, where she manages complex latent claims litigation,
including coverage issues related to environmental, asbestos, silica, benzene claims
and other toxic tort matters. Ms. Parker’s experience includes coverage litigation and
defense of underlying liability claims, both in the insurance/reinsurance industry and
in the private practice of law.
Douglas R. Richmond is senior vice president in the professional services group of
Aon Risk Services in Chicago, where he consults with Aon’s large law firm clients on
professional liability and responsibility issues. Before joining Aon, Mr. Richmond was
a partner with a Kansas City, Missouri law firm, where he had a national trial and ap-
pellate practice. He teaches legal ethics at the Northwestern University School of Law
and is a regular faculty member of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy.
Jonathan L. Schwartz is an attorney with Cray Huber Horstman Heil & VanAusdal
LLC, a Chicago-based law firm, where he concentrates his practice in insurance
coverage litigation and commercial litigation. He also maintains an active appellate
practice. Mr. Schwartz is a member of the DRI’s editorial staff for the Insurance Law
Committee’s newsletter, Covered Events, and is the chair of the Insurance Law Com-
mittee’s Young Lawyers Subcommittee.
  Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute
Audrey A. Seeley is a senior associate at Hurwitz & Fine PC in Buffalo, New York,
where she focuses on insurance coverage and no-fault coverage. She counsels insurers
on personal and commercial lines policies and handles declaratory judgment actions in
state and federal courts in New York. Ms. Seeley authors a bi-weekly column on recent
developments in no-fault law for the firm’s electronic newsletter Coverage Pointers. She
is the co-author of a chapter in New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide. Ms. Seeley
is vice chair of the Young Lawyers Subcommittee of DRI’s Insurance Law Committee.
Mark S. Sobus, Ph.D., J.D., is a partner with R&D Strategic Solutions in Houston,
a national jury consulting and litigation strategy firm. He is a graduate of the law/
psychology program at the University of Nebraska. For the last 15 years, Dr. Sobus has
assisted clients across the country in the development of trial strategy, witness preparation,
and jury selection in high stakes complex litigation. He has worked in the defense of
insurance companies in more than 20 states.
Mary F. Stafford is a senior partner in the Chicago office of Clausen Miller PC.
Ms. Stafford handles complex, high exposure insurance matters throughout the
country, particularly commercial risks, toxic tort exposures, D&O and professional
liability claims. Her practice includes all aspects of insurance coverage law, including
policy drafting, investigations, claim handling and loss prevention advice, reinsurance
disputes and all phases of declaratory judgment litigation. She is a frequent author on
insurance topics and a DRI member.
Catalina J. Sugayan is a partner in the Chicago office of Sedgwick Detert Moran &
Arnold LLP. Ms. Sugayan provides U.S. and U.K. insurers with coverage analysis and
risk management counsel and defends insurers in coverage disputes in state and federal
courts and in mediation proceedings. Her substantive areas of experience include
civil rights, employment, personal injury, land use and professional malpractice claims
involving government entities, universities, school districts, churches and professionals.
The Honorable Timothy M. Tymkovich has been a Circuit Judge on the U.S.
Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit in Denver since 2003. From 1996 until 2003,
he practiced in his own firm, specializing in commercial and constitutional matters.
Judge Tymkovich currently sits on several federal judicial committees, is a board
member of the Federal Judges Association, and is an adjunct professor of law at the
University of Colorado School of Law. He is co-author of Lexis-Nexis’s United States
Supreme Court Cases and Comments: Criminal Law and Procedure and is a contributor
to the New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide.
Linda A. Weaver is an attorney with Colliau Elenius Murphy Carluccio Keener &
Morrow, in-house coverage counsel for the CNA insurance companies in Chicago,
where she analyzes coverage for large commercial losses, consults with underwriters
on existing and new products, and advises claims and underwriting management on
emerging coverage and tort issues. Prior to joining CNA in 2003, Ms. Weaver was in
private practice, representing major carriers in coverage litigation. She is the founder of
the Armadillo Club, a nationwide networking group of insurance coverage attorneys.
Paul S. White is a partner in the Los Angeles office of Tressler Soderstrom Maloney &
Priess LLP. His insurance coverage practice includes representing insurers in bad faith
litigation and in insurance policy disputes, including first-party property policies,
general liability coverage, errors and omissions insurance, directors and officers insur-
ance, and media liability insurance. He also represents insurers in subrogation actions
on property losses. Mr. White is a past chair of DRI’s Insurance Law Committee.
He is the author of “Understanding Errors and Omissions Insurance,” Chapter 38,
New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide.
Ray L. Wong is a partner in the San Francisco office of Duane Morris LLP. His
practice focuses on business litigation, including employment and other complex civil
litigation. Mr. Wong is co-chair of the ADR/mediation subcommittee of the ABA’s
Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee. He has been listed in Best Lawyers in America,
2008 and 2009 editions, and has been recognized as one of Northern California’s
“Super Lawyers” for the last five years. Mr. Wong is a member of the Bay Area Asian
American Bar Association, the FDCC, and the San Francisco Bar Association.
Canon T. Young is an insurance coverage attorney at Greenan Peffer Sallander &
Lally LLP in San Ramon, California. Mr. Young has successfully litigated insurance
coverage disputes and routinely provides coverage analysis to insurance companies.
His insurance work involves commercial general liability policies, media policies,
third-party and first-party coverage issues. Mr. Young’s practice also includes construc-
tion defect claims, commercial and business disputes, general investigation and general
litigation counseling for corporations.

                    2009 dri SeminAr ScheduLe

January 28–30     Civil Rights and Governmental Tort Liability
                  The Ritz-Carlton New Orleans, New Orleans, LA
March 5–6         Sharing Success—A Seminar for Women Lawyers
                  Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, Santa Monica, CA
March 11–13       Medical Liability and Health Care Law
                  Walt Disney World Dolphin, Lake Buena Vista, FL
March 18–20       Damages
                  Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV
March 19–20       Toxic Torts and Environmental Law
                  Arizona Biltmore, Phoenix, AZ
April 1–3         Insurance Coverage and Claims Institute
                  The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago, Chicago, IL
April 15–17       Product Liability Conference
                  Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego, CA
April 22–24       Commercial Litigation
                  Wyndham Chicago, Chicago, IL
April 22–24       Life, Health, Disability and ERISA Claims
                  Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, New York, NY
April 30–May 1    Employment Law
                  JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes, Orlando, FL
May 7–8           Electronic Discovery
                  Hilton New York, New York, NY
May 13–14         Culture Clash! Data Protection, Freedom of
                  Information and Discovery–How to Protect Your
                  Business in Transnational Disputes
                  Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski, Munich, Deutschland
May 14–15         Drug and Medical Device Litigation
                  Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, New York, NY
June 4–5          Young Lawyers
                  Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV
June 11–12        Diversity for Success
                  Swissôtel, Chicago, IL
June 18–19        Bad Faith
                  Seaport Hotel, Boston, MA
August 17–18      DRI’s National Workers’ Compensation Review
                  Orlando World Center Marriott, Orlando, FL
September 10–11 Construction Law
                The Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA
September 10–11 Nursing Home/ALF Litigation
                The Westin Kierland, Scottsdale, AZ
September 24–25 Strictly Automotive
                Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA
November 5–6      Appellate Advocacy
                  Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines, La Jolla, CA
November 12–13 Asbestos Medicine
               Fontainebleau Miami Beach, Miami, FL
December 3–4      Insurance Coverage and Practice
                  Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers, New York, NY

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