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                        Express News
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       Volume 14 Number 2                     Published for WCA Members Only                    Februuary 2008

                                   President's Message
                                   President's Messag
                                                   By Jerry Nix, President

                   T    oday’s car wash
                         owners don’t
                    expect to solve all of
                                             and their staff to delegate
                                             responsibility for the course of
                                             planning so that their organizations
                                                                                         • Check the progress of the project
                                                                                         at each stage so that corrective
                                                                                         action can be taken should
                    their organizational     progress forward.                           something go awry.
                    p r o b l e m s          Some tips for successful delegations
                    themselves. They         to your staff members are:                  • Take the time to delegate to
                    realize that sharing                                                 weaker staff members so that they
                    both the major and          • Determine how and who is to do         may have the opportunity to grow
                    minor dilemmas              the tasks to be delegated and ask        and develop into trusted
that they face daily in their                   yourself what would be the               employees.
businesses, solving them together               parameters and limitations of
with their staff makes good sense.              those asked to perform the task.         • Demonstrate your trust to your
How do they accomplish such tasks?                                                       employees. Delegate not only
They delegate their responsibilities.           • Be willing to delegate jobs you        responsibility for the project, but
It’s one of the most valuable business          would rather do yourself to staff        authority to accomplish it. Final
tools of today’s leaders. Delegation can        members who probably would do            accountability always rests with
offer a trio of significant advantages          as well or better than you.              the person delegating.
to the leader: more time devoted to
other projects, an increased reach of           • Delegate, don’t abandon the         Implementing a plan of delegation
the company’s activities, and effective         responsibility.                       into your car wash operation would
development and nurturing of                                                          most certainly aid or relieve you of
competent staff.                                • Stay informed but don’t suffocate   some of your responsibilities so that
                                                others’ enthusiasm and energy.        you may concentrate on more
Delegation does not, however, come                                                    significant issues that are impacting
easily since you remain accountable             • Don’t dictate the methods to be     your business.                    WCA

for what you have delegated. Involved,          used just clarify and focus on the
hands on, mentor style supervision is           achievements and end goal.
recommended so that you remain on
top of the project protecting your own
accountability.                                          WCA's 27th ANNUAL
The goal is to create a condition where
                                                     CONVENTION & TRADE SHOW!
those to whom the work has been
delegated to become in effect,
extensions of yourself. They do the                         September 22 - 24, 2008
actual work with the same
commitment as you, but not
necessarily in the same style or                           BALLY'S ON THE STRIP
process as you have exhibited for the
project itself.
                                                                 Las Vegas
                                                            RALLY AT BALLY'S &
Effective car wash owners and
managers realize they are unable to                           "LEARN TO WIN"
do the impossible, handle everything                      Mark your calendars now!
in their organization alone. They must
be confident enough in themselves
  2                                                        WCA Express News                                                 February 2008

                                       Detail Services at the Car Wash
                            By Bud Abraham, WCA Director and Owner, Detail Plus Car Appearance Systems

                                               SELLING “NEED” NOT “PRICE” – Part 2

The Sale and the Sales Presentation             Combining the three elements with a typical     open the driver’s door and ask if they would
                                                sales scenario might look like this: A          like the interior done.

T   he final detail sale can come a number
     of ways in the car wash detail area: 1)
The customer going to the detail department;
                                                customer asks about the cost of some
                                                detailing service. Your response should be,
                                                “Let’s look at the vehicle.”
                                                                                                Generally, their answers will be: Yes, No,
                                                                                                How much, and/or Yes, how much?
or 2) Drop-in customers who heard about
or were referred to your detail department.     As you inspect the vehicle, there are two       If they say “yes,” proceed to the engine and
                                                important things you must do: A) Reinforce      trunk to determine additional needs. Should
No matter how the opportunity to sell detail    the need for the service the customers thinks   they say “no,” don’t go any further and
services develops, the sales principles         they need. For example, indicate that the       finalize the exterior detail sale.
remain the same. Keep in mind that through      paint is scratched, water-spotted and/or
all of your promotion and advertising, you      oxidized. B) Ask relevant questions.            If they ask about price, indicate that it would
have been trying to create need and expose                                                      be part of a package, and you’d like to see
the motoring public to detailing services.      These questions help the customer recognize     the engine and trunk to determine the full
When customers acknowledge that need by         the needs of their vehicle, and to look at it   needs of the vehicle.
showing an interest in the service or by        as you, a detail expert do.
coming to the detail department, they are                                                       For the customer that replies. “Yes, but how
indicating that they are ready to buy.          For instance – Are you going to keep the        much?” continue toward the engine and trunk.
                                                car or sell it? Has it ever been detailed?
Now, it’s up to you to show them what their     How long ago? When was the last time it         Often, the customer will resist the up sell,
car needs and convince them of the value.       was waxed? Do you garage it? How often          so you must determine then what they will
Three key elements to remember when             is it washed? At home, or at the car wash?      actually purchase.
preparing a detail sales presentation are:      If at home, what is used? (Most use
                                                dishwashing detergent which contains a          Other Closing Techniques
      1.   What services do the customers       degreaser that removes wax/sealant). Did
           perceive they need?                  the carpet or upholstery ever have a fabric     Adding value, rather than simply
      2.   What does the vehicle actually       protectant treatment? Etc.                      discounting is critical to higher per car
           need?                                                                                revenues.
      3.   Are they price conscious?            There may be a number of others you can
                                                ask, but you can see how questions of this      For example, if you are trying to sell an
Or consider the ABC Sales Approach:             type reinforce the already-perceived need,      exterior/interior package and you sense the
                                                create new needs and give the customer          customer is hesitating, you might include a
      1. Ask relevant questions                 confidence in the salesperson.                  fabric protectant or engine cleaning at no
      2. Build the sales ticket, and                                                            extra charge.
      3. Confirm the sale                       How to Identify Customer Types
                                                                                                Many times after the price had been quoted,
                                                No matter what the vehicle requires, if you     a client would ask us if we could touch-up a
                                                don’t establish need as well as the value of    few chips. Before we offered the paint
      WCA Express News
          Express News                          the work you do and what you charge, price      touch-up system, we agreed to do it at no
  The WCA Express News is a twice-quar-         conscious customers will be hard to sell.       charge, if the customer supplied the paint.
  terly newsletter published by the West-
                                                Often, these customers buy just one service
  ern Carwash Association. Executive Di-
  rector and Publisher is Sam Olivito, 8119     when the vehicle requires several others.       There are numerous other closing
  Somerset Blvd., Paramount, CA 90723,                                                          techniques you can use to add value and
  (562) 633-9274, (800) 344-9274, Fax (562)     Price conscious customers are obvious.          finalize the sale. But, you can see that selling
  633-9555, E-mail Pub-
                                                They always ask what the price is first. How    detailing services is a time-consuming
  lished by Olivito & Associates, Chuck
  Chatham, Editor, address and phones           empathetic they ask in asking price should      process of showing need, adding value and
  same as Publisher. Information in this        determine just how price conscious they are.    closing the sale. In some instances, it can
  newsletter is from sources deemed reli-                                                       take as much as 10 to 15 minutes to finalize,
  able but cannot be guaranteed. Experts
                                                For example, a customer expresses a need        but this is how you close a $150 to $200
  in the fields of taxes, law or other spe-
  cialties in your state should be consulted    for a wax job. Go to the vehicle, ask the       sale.
  before implementing any suggestions           relevant questions about the exterior, then
  given in this newsletter.
                                                                                                                Continued at top of next column
  February 2008                                           WCA Express News                                               3

 BUD - from page 2                                New $5 Bill Could
It has been my experience that you just can’t
                                                    Be a Problem

do this kind of selling at the car wash
                                                    he U.S. government continues to
entrance. That is why detailing should be
                                                    stay ahead of counterfeiting by
handled separately from the car wash
                                                redesigning currency with enhanced
                                                designs and security features. A new
                                                $5 bill is entering circulation in early
Express Detailing Services
                                                2008.                                       WCA Express
To the consumer, detailing is detailing.                                                   News Via Email
                                                The redesign of U.S. currency began
Whether you call it full service or express,
                                                with the introduction of a new $20 bill
the consumer still sees it as detailing, and
                                                in 2003, followed by a $50 bill in 2004
                                                                                           We are no longer printing the
generally, is not informed enough, or doesn’t                                              WCA      Express       News
                                                and a $10 bill in 2006. A redesigned
care enough to differentiate between the two.
                                                $100 bill is scheduled to follow the new   newsletter and mailing it
Whether you charge $19.95 or $39.95 for a
                                                $5 bill.                                   through the U.S. Postal
wax, $19.95 or $39.95 for a carpet shampoo,                                                Service. Instead, we email
                                                For self serve car wash operators, this    each issue (8 during a
the customer still expects quality and value.
                                                could spell trouble for your bill
You can’t do any less of a job for $19.95
                                                changing machines. They may not
                                                                                           calendar year) to all
than you would for $59.95.                                                                 members for whom we have
                                                accept these new $5 bills. If not, then
                                                you have to check with the                 email addresses.
Price is only an issue when you have not
                                                manufacturer to see what corrections
convinced the customer that your service is
                                                need to be made. It’s possible you just    For those of you who we do
worth what you charge.
                                                need a new chip. You could also need       not have your email address,
                                                a new mechanism inside – or an entire
Therefore, the principles remain the same
                                                new bill changer, depending upon the
                                                                                           we also post each issue on the
for selling express detailing; you must show                                               News page of our website at
                                                make and model you own.
need and add value.
                                                                                  You can
                                                To be forewarned is to be forearmed.       open, view and print each
                                                                                           edition from this page.
Many operators sell express detailing                                                      Check it regularly to see
services as a part of their car wash sales,
but remember what has been said about not
                                                          2008                             when the latest edition has
                                                                                           been posted.
confusing the customer by trying to sell car           Scholarship
wash packages and detailing services at the
same time. Do you try to sell oil changes at            Program                            IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE
the vacuum islands?                                                                        YOUR NEWS-LETTER VIA
                                                 WCA’s Scholarship Program for             EMAIL, PLEASE SEND
Whichever program you offer, do not lose         2008 is now being implemented.            YOUR    REQUEST    VIA
sight of the fact that your services must be     Employees and children of                 EMAIL               TO
sold based on need and value.                    employees of WCA member car               MARIA@WCWA.ORG TO BE
                                                 washes may be eligible to enter           ADDED      TO     OUR
The better you are at demonstrating need         this program. A total of up to four       DATABASE! BE SURE TO
and value, the more money you are likely         $2,500 scholarships may be                INCLUDE YOUR CAR WASH
to make with detailing at your car wash.         awarded annually.
                                                                                           NAME AND MEMBER ID#.

                                                 Go to the Home page our website
                                                 at and locate the            This new procedure will
                                                 “News Articles” column in the             result in a cost savings to the
WCA will be in Booth #547 at the                 lower left. Click on “Full Story”         Association as well as get
AUTOMOTOVE OIL CHANGE ASSN.                      after the article titled “2008 WCA        each     edition     of    our
Fast Lube Expo 2008 March 10 - 13,               Scholarship Program” and you will
                                                                                           newsletter to you faster –
2008 at Mandalay Bay. Be sure to stop            be able to view and print all of the
by and visit with Sam Olivito, WCA's             paperwork needed.                         and in full color.
Executive Director.
 4                                                    WCA Express News                                          February 2008

                                           Workplace Violence
                             By Sam Furno, V.P. of Sales, Western Carwash Insurance Agency

W      orkplace safety and health
       hazards affecting California
employees have traditionally been
                                           Any preventative measure must be
                                           based on a thorough understanding of
                                           the risk factors associated with the
                                                                                       The cornerstone of an effective car
                                                                                       wash workplace security plan is the
                                                                                       appropriate training of all employees,
reviewed as arising from unsafe work       various types of workplace violence.        supervisors,      and      managers.
practices, hazardous industrial            And, even though our understanding          Employers with employees at risk for
conditions, or exposures to harmful        of the factors that lead to workplace       workplace violence must educate
chemical, biological or physical           violence is not perfect, sufficient         them about the risk factors associated
agents, rather than from violent acts      information is available which, if          with the various types of workplace
committed by other human beings.           utilized effectively, can reduce the risk   violence. Appropriate training should
Recently though, employees as well as      of workplace violence. However,             be provided in crime awareness,
supervisors and managers have been         strong management/ownership                 assault and rape prevention, and
all too frequently victims of assaults     commitment along with the day-to-           defusing hostile situations. Also,
or other violent acts in the workplace     day involvement of managers,                employers must teach their car wash
which entail a substantial risk of         supervisors, and employees, are             management and staff what steps to
physical or emotional harm. Many of        required to reduce the risk of              take during an emergency incident.
these assaults result in fatal injury,     workplace violence.
but an even greater number result in                                                   Employers who need assistance with
nonfatal injury or in the threat of        Many workplaces are at risk for             their workplace security program can
injury, which can lead to medical          workplace violence, but certain             download the Cal/OSHA Model IIPP
treatment, missed work, lost wages,        workplaces are recognized to be at          for Workplace Security at http://
and decreased productivity.                significantly greater risk than others.
                                           Therefore, every employer should            dosh_publications/iipsecurity.html.
A single explanation for the increase      perform an initial assessment to
in workplace violence is not readily       identify workplace security factors         Additional OSHA requirements and
available, so what can be done to          that have been shown to contribute to       employer responsibilities can be located at
prevent car wash workplace violence?       the risk of violence in the workplace. WCA

                  WCA's Arizona General Membership Meeting
     To begin this new year, we have a very informative meeting arranged for you. This meeting is very graciously being
     hosted by PROTO-VEST and will include a tour of their excellent facilities. We will also enjoy a Reception here.

     Our program speaker will be GLENN HAMER who is the President and CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce
     and Industry. He will talk to us about two very important topics:

             1. The Softening Economy and Its Impact on the Business Community Region Wide

             2. Employer Sanctions Compliance and Enforcement Act, which became effective January 1, 2008

     Another member benefit is FREE FOOD! To assist us, your early response will allow us to make a guarantee that
     is realistic and also try to accommodate a few walk-ins. There is no cost to members who pre-register and attend,
     however, there will be a $20.00 charge for no shows, non-members, and walk-ins. RSVP NECESSARY. Only pre-
     registration will guarantee your seat. Pre-Registration and cancellation deadline is February 21, 2008.

     Flyers on this meeting were mailed to all WCA members nationally. If you did not receive one or need to print another,
     go to the WCA website at and click on the "Events" page (upper right). Go to the date February 27th
     and click on the title in the box. You will be able to view and print the flyer.

                Our Other 2008 General Membership Meetings

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