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Building Integrated Solar Roofing Systems


									Solar Roof
 Building Integrated
 Solar Roofing Systems
FM Logistic - France - work in progress

Attractive, emission-free, light-
weight and low-maintenance
Using solar energy is sensible and safe.   Global partnership of specialists
Solar energy is an efficient modern        Sika and Solar Integrated are international
technology which provides long-term        solar roofing system partners. Sika
environmentally friendly energy.           manufactures and supplies high-quality
                                           polymeric membranes globally and Solar
                                           Integrated is a leading manufacturer and
                                           supplier of flexible photovoltaic systems.

                                           Sika and Solar Integrated combine their
                                                                                         Residence - Lugano, Switzerland
                                           specialist fields and contribute their full
                                           expertise to the development of flexible
                                           solar roofing systems. These systems
                                           combine high-quality roof membranes
                                           with high-performance flexible thin-film
                                           solar cells. Customers benefit from
                                           specific technical expertise and support
                                           from both partners.

                                           Consultancy service:
                                             Efficiency calculation                      Wald-Solar-Heim building, Eberswalde, near Berlin

                                             System planning
                                             Installation planning
                                              Manufacturing process for the flexible PV panels
                                                                                                               3 solar cells lying one on top of another
                                                                                                               maximize annual energy production

Flexible, durable,
high-performance solar cells
                                                                                                                                                                                       Blue cell
                                                                                                                                                                                       Green cell
                                                                                                                                                                                       Red cell

Solar Integrated manufactures flexible BIPV   Highly efficient even in diffuse light
(building integrated photovoltaic) solar      The flexible thin-film solar cells used on                        Spectral sensitivity of a UNI-SOLAR ®
roofing products at its manufacturing plant   the Solar Integrated solar roofing panels                         triple junction solar cell
in Los Angeles. Solar Integrated is a         generate above average electricity in                                      1.0

pioneer in the development and manufac-       cloudy conditions.                                                                                                    Total

ture of flexible solar roofing panels for                                                                                                  Blue cell

commercial, industrial and mobile appli-      Unaffected by partial shade                                                0.6
                                                                                                                                                       Green cell

                                                                                                                                                                            Red cell

cations.                                      With each cell having a bypass diode,                                      0.4

                                              performance in conditions of partial shade
The solar cells (mounted on a stainless       is significantly higher than in traditional                                0.2

steel film and encapsulated to provide        modules.                                                                   0.0
                                                                                                                            300    400      500          600            700            800          900   1000

long-term resistance to weathering)                                                                                                                     Wavelength (nm)

are connected together and laminated          Greater efficiency in summer at higher
directly onto Sarnafil roofing membranes.     temperatures                                                     Greater efficiency in summer at higher
                                              The self-corrective process when module                          temperatures
                                              temperatures rise to above 40 °C means                                      8

                                              that the efficiency of the Triple Junction                                  6

                                              Technology comes into its own during the
                                                                                                 Preal / Pnom(STC) (%)

                                              summer months. By installing this solar
                                              roofing system without rear ventilation,                                   -2
                                              this positive effect is increased.                                         -4


                                              Advantages:                                                                -8
                                                                                                                               Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
                                                Light                                                                              Triple Junction Technology (solar roof)
                                                                                                                                   Crystalline modules
                                               Tesco - California - 2 MW solar roof installation

Generating clean electricity
                                                                                                   Feeding power into the national grid
Clean electricity generated from a solar       In an increasing number of countries,
roof can be fed directly into the national     energy suppliers are obliged to purchase
grid, or it can be used to meet a customer’s   solar energy at fixed prices governed by            Examples of annual electricity
own needs.                                     statute. Consequently, solar roofing systems        production:
                                               utilizing the statutory feed-in tariff can be
Approximately 20 m² of surface area is         operated under highly attractive financial          Munich:
required to generate one kilowatt peak         conditions.                                         30 kWp 942 kWh/kWp p.a.
(kWp).                                                                                             = 28,260 kWh/year
                                               Additional subsidies may be available in
Depending on the roof, a 30 kWp solar          the form of tax credits or investment               Athens:
system can be installed on a roof area         subsidies. Since solar energy is available          30 kWp 1,280 kWh/kWp p.a
of approximately 900 m².                       precisely at peak demand periods around             = 38,400 kWh/year
                                               midday, it is often also a worthwhile
                                               investment to reduce peak loads and
                                               increase security of supply.

                                               We would be pleased to advise on possible
                                               subsidies applicable in any country where
                                               the implementation of a solar roof project
                                               is being considered.

                                               It pays to produce your own electricity.
Public relations and
corporate responsibility
                                                                                           30 kWp solar roof, 645 m2
Solar energy is becoming increasingly        Clean solar energy saves up to 866 g of       Annual CO2 saving 25 t/year

popular. This is evident from a number of    CO2 emissions harmful to the environment
surveys. More and more people regard         for each kilowatt-hour produced. The
solar energy as the preferred energy         efficiency of this saving is demonstrated
source for the future – ahead of all other   by comparing it with using forests as CO2
forms of electricity generation.             sinks. The solar roof unit requires only
                                             2.6 % of the area of forest needed to save
                                             an equivalent amount of CO2.

                                             The public relations benefit of using solar   Area of forest 25,000 m2
                                             technology can be easily exploited in a       Annual CO2 storage 25 t/year

                                             variety of ways using modern communi-
                                             cation technology.
                                             Solar energy is:                              CO2 saving by a 30 kWp unit in Munich
                                               Environmentally friendly
                                                                                           Annual power generation:
                                                                                           30 kWp 942 kWh/kWp p.a. =
                                               technologically advanced
                                                                                           28,260 kWh/year
                                               Responsible                                 Annual CO2 saving:
                                                                                           0.866 kg/kWh 28,260 kWh/year =
                                             Solar energy promotes a positive              25,000 kg/year
                                                                                           Equivalent area of forest:
                                                                                           1 kg/m2 p.a. 25,000 kg p.a. = 25,000 m2

                                                                                           Area of solar roof:
                                                                                           30,000 Wp/46.5 Wp/m2 = 645 m2             4|5
                                                Economical welding of PV panels

Fast and easy to install                                                                         Solar Roof

Solar Roofing systems can be installed          This makes it possible to install the system
quickly and efficiently and require little      with a speed and ease not known before.
maintenance thereafter.                                                                          Theoretical level of use of area     100 %
                                                The direct current (DC) cables connecting        Loss due to self-shading               0%
The Solar Integrated PV panels are welded       the individual high-performance modules          Generator alignment            as preferred
using hot air welding tools. The flexibility    are concealed under a covering strip,            Yield in south-facing alignment       92 %
of the PV panels means that it is possible      integrating them onto the roof surface to        Yield in south-west alignment         92 %
to walk on the solar roof during installation   create a seamless appearance.
and for maintenance purposes.
                                                The DC cables are fed to the current con-
Since the roofing is installed over the full    verter which converts the DC current from        Traditional crystalline system
area, there is no self-shading of modules.      the solar cells into alternating current.
Loss of exposure to the sun due to the flat
orientation of the modules is comparatively     The solar roof can be used universally on
modest, thanks to the Triple Junction Tech-     new buildings, on redevelopments and for
nology. In the ideal instance, the entire       retrofitting. For this, the PV panels are laid
surface of a roof can be used to generate       on top of the previously installed roof and
electricity.                                    welded onto it. There is no need for addi-       Theoretical level of use of area      33 %
                                                tional metal supporting structures (which        Loss due to self-shading               9%
                                                are expensive to install), and no need for       Generator alignment                must be
                                                a static test.                                                                  south-facing
                                                                                                 Yield in south-facing alignment       91 %
                                                                                                 Yield in south-west alignment         87 %
                                                 TDDK - Dresden, Germany - 785 kWp system

Guaranteed durability and
                                                                                                 Solar roof – low specific weight
PV systems are environmentally friendly          The Solar roofing systems are ideally suited
and robust. They generate clean electricity      for installation on low-incline roofs on
during their long lifetime and are extremely     industrial, commercial and larger residential
weather-resistant. Even high wind stresses       buildings. There must be sufficient pitch on
do not present problems. Separate lightning      the roofs to allow rain water to run off.
protection is not required.                      However, roofs with supporting structures
                                                 or insulating levels without slopes can
With its high quality standards, Solar           easily be equipped with tapered insulation
Integrated is able to offer performance          to achieve the necessary pitch.
warranties for up to 20 years.                                                                   Solar roof, full use of area 4.9 kg/m2
                                                 Since the specific weight of the PV system
Sika provides guarantees on the Sarnafil         is low, it does not compromise the statics
roof sealing and the Sarnafil linear fastening   of the roof construction or of the building.
systems (materials and wind uplift               There is no need for a special sub con-
calculation).                                    struction, as is required with traditional
                                                 crystalline solar panels.

                                                                                                 Propped system > 25 kg/m2                6| 7
Sika – global integration, local presence                              Solar Integrated – leading provider of building
                                                                       integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems
Sika is a globally active company in the speciality and construction   Solar Integrated manufactures and supplies highly efficient
chemicals business. It has subsidiary manufacturing, sales and         solar roofing systems using UNI-SOLAR ® thin film solar cells
technical support facilities in over 70 countries around the world.    which are laminated directly onto high-quality Sika Sarnafil roofing
Sika is THE global market and technology leader in waterproofing,      Solar Integrated supports its customers with planning, efficiency
sealing, bonding, dampening, strengthening and the protection          costings and by providing technical support during implementation.
of buildings and civil engineering structures. Sika has approx.        Solar Integrated also provides warranties of up to 20 years on its
12 000 employees worldwide and is therefore ideally positioned         solar roofing systems, which are ideally suited for use on warehouses,
to support the success of its customers.                               production facilities, schools, public buildings, shopping centres,
                                                                       residential and office buildings.
                                                                       UNI-SOLAR ® is a registered trade mark of United Solar Ovonic LLC

                                                                                                                                   Sika        Solar Integrated

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