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									                                                     Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
                                                                              April 2011

            2010-2011 Officers and Board              50/50 Raffle
President                                                    Linda Klaus        910- 399-4300
        MJ Johnson    910-679-4115                                              frenchy802@aol.com
                      mjohnson100@ec.rr.com                   Joan Kilby        910-383-1292
Vice President                                                                  jkilby@ec.rr.com
        Vicki Debaets 201-787-7487                    Assistant Treasurer
                      vdebae@aol.com                  Jean Connors 910-686-0479
2nd Vice President                                                           jconnors@ec.rr.com
        Sharon Minor 910-686-0794                     Photography/Historian
                      minormiracle@hotmail.com                Mary Jo Barbaretta 610-933-1225
Secretary                                                                    Maryjo.barbaretta@att.net
        Pam McNeill   910-679-4007                    Past President
                      pjmcneill@mac.com                       Pat Ford       910-341-7920
Treasurer                                                                    Timmyford@yahoo.com
        Karyn Taub    910-319-7059
                                                                         General Meeting
STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRS                                                   April 14, 2011
Membership                                            9:30am                                  10:00am
        Faye Basore     910-791-0054                  Social Time                             Meeting
                        Fay05@att.net                                Coastline Convention Center
Hospitality                                                                 501 Nutt Street
        Lil Mercer      910-599-6883                                   Downtown Wilmington
                                                      This month Janine Powell, Director of Donor Relations
Newsletter and Website                                for Parks, Gardens, and Senior Resources with New
         Mary Jo Wrynn 910-686-3984                   Hanover County will give a presentation on Airlie
                        mjwrynn@gmail.com             Gardens, a historic public garden in Wilmington with
Programs                                              formal gardens, wildlife, historic structures, walking trails
         Sally Barenbaum 910-319-7151                 and 10 acres of freshwater lakes.
         Lynne Pendse 910-388-6112                    We are having lunch after our April meeting at one of
                        lynpendse@gmail.com           Wilmington's best American cuisine restaurants, Henry's.
Publicity                                             They serve the freshest, locally cultivated produce and
         Cheryll Schramm 910-319-3169                 products in an inspired and delicious way. We have
                        Lc1schramm@yahoo.com          selected a prix fixe menu, and reserved the private Pine
Inspiration                                           Room dining room and the front of the restaurant for our
         Carole Perkins 910-399-5224                  group. Also, Chef Jason loves to talk food, so he will be
                        carolenc@yahoo.com            around if you want to ask him any questions. There will
Welcome Coffees                                       be a sign up sheet at the meeting, and all guests are
         Brenda Wolf    910-794-3038                  welcome to join us.
                        kbamwolf@yahoo.com            You do not want to miss our shopping trip after the
         April Tellegen 910-686-9062                  meeting! Last month we had a lot of fun and found some
                        atellegen@yahoo.com           great gifts at Crabby Chic. This month, we are going to
         Marian Spagnoli 910-679-4329                 Perry's Emporium, the largest jewelry store in
                        snookie.spsgnoli@gmail.com    Southeastern North Carolina. It is right beside Henry's,
                                                      so we do not have to move our cars.
Raffle                                                *******In addition to being able to shop, the owner,
       Marilyn Anderson 910-262-1690                  Alan Perry, is offering our group the opportunity to
                       manderson25@yahoo.com          view his upcoming exhibit before he opens it to the
       Jane Capen       910-399-7263                  public. We will have a once in a lifetime opportunity
                             beauvieg@yahoo.com       to see the historic Papal cross and ring presented by
       Linda Mathews 910-679-4285                     Pope Paul VI to the United Nations. The gold cross
                     lindam107@aol.com                contains over 59 carats of diamonds and emeralds.
                                                      The ring is a heavy platinum mount with diamonds
                                                      and rubies. ********
                                                            Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
                                                                                     April 2011
Thank you to our March hostess greeters Joan Furness,        Satellite Groups
Grace Unger, Lynn Levin, Toni Radcliffe and Mary K
Holland. Just a reminder for those who signed up to be
our Hostess Greeters for the April meeting: Paula            BARGAIN DINERS
Hickey, Linda Cooper, Jean Werling, Lynn Levin, Pat          Vicki Debaets 201-787-7487 vdebae@aol.com
McCartan, and Mary K Holland. We appreciate your             Rickie Miller 232-7741 rickiegm@bellsouth.net
willingness to help us welcome our visitors!                          On the third Monday of each month, enjoy a
                                                             dinner that doesn't break your budget. In choosing the
                                                             restaurant, there will be at least one entree (preferably
                                                             more) priced, with a non-alcoholic beverage, for under
                                                             $20. Singles and couples are welcome. Cocktails start at
From the President                                           6:00pm with dinner following around 6:30pm.
Spring is almost here and we can see everyone enjoying                March's restaurant choice is Creole Cafe. It is
the weather as they walk, run, bike, and play outdoors.      located 124 Princess Street. We will be meeting there on
The trees are budding and the flowers are beginning to       Monday, March 21st. Please contact Vicki Debaets if
bloom. It reminds me of our Club...we continue to            you'd like to join us.
blossom and grow. We welcomed 12 new members this                     Our April Bargain Diners date is Monday, April
month which increases out total membership number to         18th. Please contact the co-chairs for more information
168.                                                         or watch your email for the upcoming location and
Thinking of flowers, I hope everyone will participate
some way in the upcoming Azalea Festival. There will be
the Queen's coronation and Southern Belles, concerts,        BOOK CLUB
awesome azalea-filled gardens and beautiful, historic        Mary Jo Barbaretta 610-933-1225
homes to tour, parades, athletic events, the circus, art             maryjo.barbaretta@att.net
shows and of course, fireworks.                              Linda Iovine 910-319-7205 linda.iovine@gmail.com
                                                                     The Book Club meets on the 4th Thursday of
Thank you to the Nominating Committee, chaired by            each month. Members alternate making
Mary Jo Wrynn, for the many hours they worked putting        recommendations for the book selection and leading a
together a wonderful slate of candidates for the 2011-       discussion of same. All interested folks are welcome.
2012 WNC Board. The candidates were presented at             Completing the chosen book is not required.
our March meeting. The members will vote on the                      Any questions please contact Mary Jo
proposed slate of candidates at our April Meeting. I hope    Barbaretta at maryjo.barbaretta@att.net or 610-933-
many of you are planning to be there.                        1225 or Linda Iovine at linda.Iovine@gamil.com.

Also, thank you all for the many contributions you made
for the Relay For Life luminaries. So far we have            BOOK SWAP AND LUNCH
collected $1265.00 for the American Cancer Society.          Syble Solomon 910-399-2200 syble@lifewise.us
What a wonderful, generous group of members we have!         Pam Andre 910-270-5273 pamandre@hotmail.com
I also hope Barbara Buckley's presentation encouraged                 Bring a book to swap (can be a recent read or
many of you to think about the Relay For Life Walk           something you read a long time ago and loved. Bring
which will be held at Ashley High School on April 15.        something to add to a salad (anything you like is fine--we
                                                             won't be coordinating this!) Greens and drinks will be
Please continue to check our website for updated             provided. We have a salad lunch and then talk about our
information on the satellite groups and other events such    books and swap. No fuss, no preparation, no stress.
as WOW, Work on Wilmington, coordinated by Toni                       Unlike more typical book groups, each
Radcliffe and Cheryll Schramm, which is being held on        participant brings a book which she wishes to share. So
April 16.                                                    each of us gets to talk about one book, which is then
                                                             available for others to take or borrow depending on the
Spring is almost here! Enjoy!                                wishes of the owner.
                                                                      This group has been so popular that the current
MJ Johnson                                                   group is full, but the chairs would be happy to share the
                                                             "secret to success" and help others to set up a new
                                                             group. If you are interested, please contact Syble at
                                                             bels800@gmail.com or Pam Andre at pamandre

                                                             Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
                                                                                      April 2011
Satellite Groups - continued                                  part of the tour. During that presentation the curator
                                                              provides more historical information on the museum and
BRIDGE - INTERMEDIATE COUPLES                                 its collections along with items that are not out for
Elaine Gomperts 319-7090 windsorgomps@yahoo.com               display. Additionally, more detail will be presented on
        Join other bridge fans for an evening of bridge       two of the featured displays. For the time we have
once a month from 7:30-10:30 p.m. We are also looking         scheduled she will focus on the B. W. Wells exhibit on
for substitutes. Call or email Elaine.                        our Savannah area and the photography exhibit. There
                                                              was an article in the paper recently on the
                                                              Wells/Savannah exhibit. Following the tour you may
BUNCO                                                         explore the museum at your leisure.
Fran Summerlin 910-256-0307 fsummerlin1@ec.rr.com                       If you have visited the museum before you may
          This group meets the 3rd Wed. of each month at      still want to join us. It's a real plus to have the Curator
2pm. If you have never played before, it is VERY EASY.        conduct the tour and have the opportunity to see items
It is held in different hostesses' homes each month.          behind the scenes...and, exhibits change from time to
Bunco members will be contacted by email the first week       time so there's something new to see. RSVP to Betty or
of every month. The first 12-16 responding to the email       Pat.
will be notified as to the address and directions.                      We are not planning an event for April and
          For those of us who are signed up to play           instead urge you to spend that time with the some of the
Bunco, we need hostesses for the following months:            many events planned for the annual Azalea Festival.
April, May and June. Please contact Fran at                   Look for schedules and detailed information in the local
fsummerlin1@ec.rr.net or call 256-0307.                       media. You won't want to miss being a part of this fine
          All Bunco members should be receiving emails        Wilmington tradition.
notifying them of the next hostess and place to play. If
you are not receiving these emails, contact Fran at 256-
0307. New members interested in joining this group may        DINING AROUND TOWN
do so by signing the satellite sheet or calling Fran          Elaine Gomperts 319-7090 windsorgomps@yahoo.com
Summerlin at 205-566-3287 or home phone 910-256-              Anne-Marie Goff 901-395-2165 amgoff@hotmail.com
0307.                                                                 Our diners meet the last Wednesday of
                                                              the month to a fine dining restaurant in Wilmington. We
                                                              welcome any diners, single or couples, to join us.
CHIX FLIX                                                             Wed. March 30 we will be dining at the Bridge
Martha Lurie 910-686-5016 marthal0807@yahoo.com               Tender on Eastwood next to the bridge to Wrightsville
        The Chix Flix group, a first Wednesday of the         Beach. Meet at 6 at the bar and dinner will be served at
month event, is for women who would like to enjoy a           6:30. RSVP to Anne-Marie to join the group.
nice lunch out and a movie that will interest women. We               Keep the last Wed. night booked on your
send out e-mails that let you know the restaurant and         calendar for DINE AROUND TOWN.
movie of the month. Join us for a lovely afternoon. E-mail
Martha if you would like to be added to the list.
                                                              FRIDAY NIGHT SINGLES
                                                              Faye Basore 910-791-0054 fay05@att.net
                                                              Kimberly Hunt 910-399-3602
                                                                       Friday, March 18th, from 8-9 pm there will be
Betty Smith 910-679-4168 smithbetty805@gmail.com
                                                              dance lessons specific to the Swing, Shag, and Country
Pat Ford          910-341-7920 timmyford@yahoo.com
                                                              Dancing. Then from 9 -11 pm there is open dancing. I
         Want to learn more about what the Wilmington
                                                              asked if there would be male dancers for us to practice
area has to offer? Join us as we visit various tourist
                                                              with. She said many weeks there are more men than
attractions, historical sites, and museums, enjoy eco-
                                                              women...if not, we can practice together. The cost is
tours, and explore fun locations. If you are on the Day
                                                              $10.00 per person and includes appetizers. Responses
Trippers email list, you will get a monthly update about
                                                              due 3/16.
the upcoming tours.
                                                                       Saturday, March 19th: The Coastal Living Show
For March:
                                                              at the Schwartz Center beginning at 10:00 am on
What: Tour of The Cape Fear Museum of History and
                                                              Saturday, March 19th, at 601 Front Street . Cost is $5.00
                                                              per person. I suggested we meet at 10:00 am at the
Where: 814 Market Street
                                                              center and then have a late lunch downtown. Responses
When: Wednesday, March 30 at 10 am
                                                              due 3/16.
Cost: $10 to be paid to the museum on arrival
We are fortunate to have arranged a tour guided by the                 Thursday, March 31st: Dinner at the El Cerro
Curator of the museum. A multi-media presentation is          Grande Mexican Restaurant on Thursday, March 31st, at
                                                              6:00 pm at 5120 South College Road in Wilmington,
                                                             Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
                                                                                      April 2011
Satellite Groups – continued                                  is best to plant for our individual needs. Meet us on April
                                                              28 at 10:30 at the Garden on 16th street just south of
                                                              Market Street. A reminder will be sent later in April.
790-8727. Kimberly must get responses back by 3/27 to
make reservations. Please copy Faye as well. For
additional information please contact Faye Basore,            LEISURE KAYAK GROUP
fay05@att.net, 910-791-0054 or Kimberly Hunt,                 Barbara Buckley 910-622-7772
khunt20@ec.rr.com, 910-399-3602.                              barbarajo53@hotmail.com
                                                                        This is not a set date, once a month venture, but
                                                              an adventure group that can communicate by email of
THE GATHERING                                                 when and where someone wants to go kayaking with
Joanne Cavan 910-686-8660 jcavan@ec.rr.com                    friends. Give us your email address and Barbara will be
Karen Ruff        910-509-0233 kmruff07@bellsouth.net         the contact person to spread the word and the specifics
Pam McNeill       910-679-4007 pjmcneill@mac.com              by sending out a mass email to those who have signed
         The Gathering meets on Sunday evening 5 – 7          up. We will wait for warm waters to resume our
p.m. and it welcomes both singles and couples. PLEASE         activities. This group can expect to hear from me in April
CALL THE HOSTESS FOR RESERVATIONS. DO NOT                     with more planning and adventures to come.
CALL THE COORDINATORS. Remember to bring an                             If you have a day that you’re thinking about
appetizer to share, your choice of beverage, plus $1.00       kayaking and wish you had friends to join you, just
per person to cover the cost of paper goods that the          contact me, provide the details below and I’ll spread the
hostess provides.                                             word:
   If you would like to host one of these events in the                 Who’s initiating the plans? Where do you want
future, please contact Joanne Cavan at                        to kayak? When will you launch? What to bring (picnic
jcavan@ec.rr.com or 686-8660.                                 lunch or ?) Why are you inviting others to go (is it a
         The March Gathering will be on March 20 from 5       location that you’ve found enjoyable previously, a
to 7 at the home of Fran and Jim Summerlin at 2312            location that you are unsure of where to paddle, etc)?
New Orleans 28403. Their phone number is 256-0307.
         The April Gathering will be on April 17 from 5 to
7 at the home of MJ and Bill Johnson at 601 Bedminister       NEEDLEWORK/KNIT/CROCHET
Lane 28405. Their phone number is 679-4115.                   Karyn Taub 910-319-7059 karyn327@aol.com
         BE SURE TO CALL YOUR HOSTESS IF YOU NEED                      If you are a knitter, crocheter, needlepointer,
TO CANCEL YOUR RESERVATION!!                                  come join our group. We are a group of women who
                                                              enjoy one or all of the different needlework venues. We
                                                              come together to share our experiences, help each
GENEALOGY                                                     other, exchange ideas and patterns and to sit back and
Nancy Hoyt      399-7226         njhoyt@neo.rr.com            relax with our projects. If you are a beginner or
        Did you make a resolution regarding genealogy         experienced, this is the place to be. We meet the first
research? If you did, here's your chance to start working     Tuesday of the month at 2 pm. Location will vary month
on it. We meet on the third Monday of the month.              to month. Next meeting is at the home of Linda Cooper.
Contact Nancy if you are interested in joining the group.     If anyone is interested, please forward your email to
                                                              Karyn so that you can receive notification of meeting
Mary Kay Holland 910-399-3180
          mkholland2001@yahoo.com                             SCRABBLE
Angela Skinner 679-4017 a.w.skinner@gmail.com                 Helen Shalfi 910-399-7988 max567@verizon.net
         The House & Garden Club meets on the fourth                   Meet every other Monday evening at 7:30 pm at
Thursday of the month in the morning. The locations           Helen’s house for a game of Scrabble. Call or mail me
change depending on the particular program.                   for directions/information.
         Our second event this month is March 24 at
10:30 at Airlie Gardens for a walk around the gardens.
There should be tulips, narcissus, and maybe camellias        SUPPER CLUB AT HOME
in bloom. Cost is $5.                                         Marian Spagnoli 910-679-4170
         In April we will be meeting at The Transplanted             snookie.spagnoli@gmail.com
Garden to plant a beautiful container for spring for our      Pam McNeill 910-679-4007 pjmcneill@mac.com
patio or porch. The owner will have the plants, potting
soil and conainers available for purchase or we can
bring a container from home. He can advise us on what
                                                               Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
                                                                                        April 2011
Satellite Groups – continued                                            Keep watching the newsletter for topics and
                                                                locations of future meetings.
The Supper Club will meet on a "flexible" Saturday
schedule. This group welcomes couples and singles
with a maximum per hostess of eight to ten people. The          WALK AND TALK
hostess prepares the entree, and all side dishes are            Mary Jo Barbaretta 610-933-1225
provided by the guests.                                                 maryjo.barbaretta@att.net
         The hosts of the May 14 Supper Club will be            Mary Clark 910-251-8666           mclark54@gmail.com
Syble Solomon and Bob Gimpel. (syble@lifewise.us)                       Walk and Talk will meet Monday mornings in the
         Sally and George Scott will be the hosts for the       parking lot of the Wrightsville Beach Park at 9:00. Just
July Supper Club. Date to be announced.                         show up. Any questions please call or e-mail Mary Jo.
         This is a wonderful way to combine great food, a
small setting, and getting better acquainted with fellow
newcomers. Because of the great response this year,             ** Please wear your nametags to the
we have been meeting every other month. Sign up for               General Membership Meetings.
this satellite group to be part of future Suppers at Home.

TENNIS                                                          Welcome To Our January New Members
Dottie Villers 910-509-2906 dottievillers@yahoo.com             Marilyn Godshall relocated from Bucks County Pa.
         We are inviting folks to play tennis. Specific
details for the group are in progress, but contact Dottie if    Sonia Morris relocated from Basking Ridge N. J.
you are interested.
                                                                Leanna Giaimo relocated from Paramus, N. J.

TRAVEL GROUP                                                    Sarah Kiefer relocated from Cincinnati, Ohio.
Karen Ruff 509-0233 Kmruff07@bellsouth.net
April Tellegen 686-9062 atellegen@yahoo.com                     Lisa Hendricks relocated from Chaplin Ct.
Pam Andre 270-5273 pamandre@hotmail.com
         The travel group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of           Debra J. Paulson relocated from El Paso, Texas.
every other month. (Please note that we have changed
                 rd                      rd
the date to the 3 Tuesday (instead of 3 Thursday) and           Mette Bach relocated from Copenhagen, Denmark.
will be meeting every other month in 2011 (March 15,
May 17, July 26*, September 13, November 15). Anyone            Brenda Rodstrom relocated from New York City, N.Y.
who is interested in learning, discussing, and
exchanging information on travel destinations and               Kiplyn Duffy relocated from Newtown, Ct.
resources should attend. Couples and singles are
welcome. The host will provide sodas, coffee and a              Grace Cooley relocated from West Friendship, Md.
small dessert or appetizer item. Any other drinks of
choice (including wine) for the evening are welcome. A          Harriet Maulden Forbis relocated from Pfafftown, N. C.
$1.00 contribution per person will help cover incidentals.
                                                                Elisa D. Holt relocated from Boonton, N. J.
Upcoming Events:

March 15: Terri and John Littlejohn will take you "On the       Welcome Coffee & Social for New Members
Trail: Grand Canyon Adventures." Please let Terri know
if you will be attending either by e-mail:                      Brenda Wolf kbamwolf@yahoo.com 910-794-3038
littlejohnterri@yahoo.com or call 509-0255.                     April Tellegen atellegen@yahoo.com 910-686-9062
                                                                Marian Spagnoli
May 17: Hosts: Pam and John McNeil. The topic will be                    snookie.spsgnoli@gmail.com 910-679-4329
arranged by Pam Andre as you "Travel the USA."                           Newcomers will celebrate St. Patrick's Day by
Please let Pam McNeill know if you will be attending            welcoming many of our new members to a coffee in their
either by e-mail: pjmcneill@mac.com or call 679-4007.           honor. The coffee will be at the home of Brenda Wolf,
July 26: *(one time change to 4th Tuesday): Karen and           794-3038. The next coffee will be held at the same
Mike Ruff have lots to share as a follow-up to their            location the 3rd or 4th week of April. New members will
travels along the Coast of Croatia and river cruising in        receive an invitation.
France.                                                         We are lucky to have many new residents joining our
                                                                organization, and enjoy this chance to become
                                                           Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
                                                                                    April 2011
acquainted in a smaller group. We look forward to           2010-11 Attractions Dining & Value Guides
welcoming new members in this informal setting.                     The 2010-11 Attractions, Dining and Value
                                                            Guide books are available at the General Meetings for
                                                            $25. Be sure to pick up this great coupon book at the
Sharing and Caring                                          next meeting. The club receives $10 for each book sold.
        If you know of any member who is ill or has lost
a loved one, please contact Carole Perkins at 910-399-
5224, or e-mail her at carolenc@yahoo.com. Births and
weddings will be announced at the meetings
                                                            Have You Moved, Changed Name, Email or
                                                            Phone Number??
                                                                    It is important that you keep us updated
Inspiration for The Month                                   whenever you move, change your phone number, or
By Carole Perkins                                           change your e-mail address. Please contact Faye
                                                            Basore, 910-791-0054, Fay05@att.net with any
Dance                                                       changes.

Dance! When you get the chance
                                                            May Newsletter Deadline
It's OK to pat your feet
and sway as you move                                                 Deadline for information for the MayNewsletter
to the rhythmic beat.                                       will be Saturday, April 16. Please submit your
                                                            information as early as possible to Mary Jo Wrynn,
Dance!                                                      mjwrynn@gmail.com.

Enhance your prancing
by letting loose                                            Thanks to the Raffle Prize Contributors
get up and shake that butt                                          We wish to thank the following businesses for
give all those excuses up                                   their generous contribution to our raffle ticket drawing.
                                                            The lucky recipients for March were:
Wave your hands and feel free to do it
remove those restrictions with thought deluded              Alfred F. Rhodes Jewelers, $100 Gift Certificate - Myrna
what is there to prove if you don't or do?                  Brown
improve your health and state of mind too                   Symphony Pops! Concert, 2 tickets - Margaret Colman
tighten up those muscles in that sagging behind             Pampered Chef Bamboo Serving Bowl - Paula Hickey
and Dance!                                                  Celtic Shop, Irish Music CD - Grace Unger
                                                            Ke Bu Salon, $25 Gift Certificate - Linda Cooper
Treat it like a mental release!
Dance                                                       Please frequent our sponsored raffle businesses and tell
from your head down to your feet                            them you heard it here!
Get rid of those excuses you keep                           Winner of the 50/50 was Myrna Brown. $63!!
Dance, dance, dance and keep on dancing
                                                            The Plant Place, 6114 Market Street (791-9594),
- Lawrence Pertillar                                        provides the plant for the New Member Drawing
                                                            each month. Please remember them when you are
                                                            shopping for your garden needs!
Please let me know if you have something special for me
to read, I'd be happy to consider it. My email is
carolenc@yahoo.com. Phone: 399-5224.
- Carole Perkins

                                                             Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
                                                                                      April 2011
             Volunteer Opportunities                              Watch for the new "virtual" Bulletin Board
1) Dreams:                                                                      next month!!
This is a youth development organization that uses the
performing, visual and literary arts to reach young           If you would like to post an announcement, please
people ages 8-18 who are living in poverty and at risk for    submit it to mjwrynn@gmail.com in final copy form.
involvement in the Juvenile Justice system, as well as        Submissions should be made at least a month in
for academic failure. Please check out their website          advance and pertain only to activities involving bona fide
dreamswilmington.org for more details. Currently they         non-profit organizations. All entries will be presented to
feed healthy snacks to over 100 children per week and         the Board for approval before publication. The Board
need both donations and volunteers to fulfill this and        reserves the right to reject proposals they find
other missions. To find out how you can help this             inappropriate for the website. If you have any questions,
organization, contact Tracy Wilkes, DREAMS Director,          please contact Mary Jo Wrynn at the email address
(910) 772-1501.                                               above.

2) Domestic Violence Shelter:                                 Let's make this the "go-to" place for information on
Volunteers are needed to work at the Vintage Values           what's going on around town!
resale shops, whose proceeds support victims of
domestic violence. They desperately need volunteers to
work at the stores on a regular basis and also for a large
project that involves separating merchandise donated
between fall/winter and spring/summer. This second
project will require a group of about 10 people to work a
few hours. Contact Billie Blackwell at 762-7720 to offer
your help or for more information.


Check out the newly updated Community tab on this
website for information on the many organizations in
the greater Wilmington area that are looking for
volunteer help. There are endless opportunities to
put your time and service to good work by helping in
this community. All the non-profit agencies who
participated in our January presentation on
volunteerism are now included.

                                             Wilmington, NC Newcomers Newsletter
                                                                      April 2011

President             Sharon Minor
1 VP                  Karyn Taub
2 VP                  Linda Cooper

Secretary             Sandy Maners

Treasurer             Jean Connors

Standing Committees:
Membership           Marilyn Anderson

Publicity             Toni Radcliffe

Programs              Marian Spagnoli
                      Lil Mercer

Hospitality           Mary Holland

Welcome Coffees       Paula Hickey
                      Jean Werling
                      Linda Cooper

Newsletter            Mary Jo Wrynn

Inspiration           Connie Marhevsky
                      Brenda Wolf (backup)

At-Large (Non-Voting):
Raffle                 Jane Capen
                       Joanna Frye

50-50                 Faye Basore
                      Myrna Brown

Asst. Treasurer       Cathy Davis

Historian             Faye Egan


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