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Waste Heat Recovery_Philips


									Waste Heat Recovery

      Bruce Phillips
   Managing Director
               Free Hot water………
• Collecting waste heat from large air-conditioning systems offers a
  highly efficient means to provide pre-heated hot water to hotels

• Desuperheaters are heat exchangers that can be added to an air
  conditioning or other refrigeration equipment, either at the factory
  or in the field.

• They heat water with 5 to 15% of the energy that would otherwise
  be given up by the system's condenser.

• When properly applied, desuperheaters can provide a lot of useful
  high efficiency water heating. However, they provide water heating
  only when the system to which they are attached is operating.
  Backup water heating is needed at other times.
                   Typical installation
• A large insulated hot water storage tank is required (approx 2000 liters).

• As long as the compressor is operating, the system is able to provide pre-
  heated water at around 50 to 55 0C from “waste heat”.

• 2000 liter tank will retain constant temperature and act as a pre-heater for
  the main hot water supply.

• Additional energy efficiency is gained from as heat is drawn off the chiller,
  thus reducing the amount of heat to be discharged -allows
  additional energy saving from slowing condenser or cooling tower fan

• Resorts that have used these systems are Naviti, Fijian, Radisson,
  Sheraton, Novotel and Mecure .

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