Increase Sales by avonladymellisa


									Ideas to Increase Sales
1. Spray stacked Avon books with latest fragrance. 2. Make up rebate cards for each campaign. Example: buy two Advanced Techniques products and get two Avon bucks. Customers keep these and use them whenever they choose, you can put an expiration date on them (usually a year). And stipulations like “cannot be used with any other offer or used on the next campaign rebate”. Avon bucks look like real money but are smaller and have Miss Albee’s face on them. When the customer gives these back to redeem, keep them to recycle them back out to another customer. 3. Group similar products together and give a discount if they buy all the products. Example: buy an eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara and get 10% off this grouping. 4. Make up “New Customer” Welcome bags. Use a small delivery bag and write a little note thanking them. Put samples of men and woman’s fragrance, shampoo, lipstick and skincare. Then a lip balm, and hand cream. 5. Business Card lollipops – Use a hole-punch and make two holes in your business card and feed the lollipop through the holes. Hand these out to potential customers. 6. Have special sales of your own. When products like Glazewear are on sale, buy three Glazewear get the fourth free. Or you can use other makeup products like Nailwear. This is a great way for Beauty Advisors to get their sales up. 7. Take a basket with products around when delivering orders and instead of calling it cash and carry, call it “Falling prices” basket; make those products in that basket available for a limited time. Change out the products each campaign. 8. Give customers discounts or free products if they come to pick-up their order from your house. Then have a display table set where you can have demos and samples. Change them every campaign. This would especially be nice at Valentine’s Day and Easter. Have gift baskets made up to purchase. 9. Anew Skin Care Club – When Customers buy one Anew product at full price, they receive 20% off their next Anew purchase. 10. Recycling Brochures – Never throw away an old brochure. Print up labels to put on the front cover that say: “Sample Brochure” (in bold type) then your name, phone number and e-mail address. 11. When eating out, leave your business card with a sample and your tip. 12. Play “find the sticker”. Place some type of sticker in a few brochures each campaign and tell your customers to look for it. If they find one, they can have a free product off that page. Be sure to place the sticker on pages with every day items so if the customer likes the item, they will keep buying it since they use it everyday. The stickers can be purchased at dollar stores. 13. Keep track of all your customers’ birthdays. Let them know when they place an order that month they get a discount or a free gift. Use an old calendar to keep track.

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