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									Basket Making Tips:
1. Use a basket smaller than what you think you will need. Smaller Baskets give the appearance of “overflowing” product, whereas items will get “lost” in a larger basket. You can use other items besides store-bought craft paper, such as grocery Store bags or styrofoam. Remove all products from their boxes. You’ll display both the product and its box separately within the gift basket. Always make sure to double check that all product lids, caps and tops are secured. Be sure to use plenty of glue dots and tape to secure items in basket. It doesn’t matter if these items show while you are building the gift basket. Once you cover it with cellophane, the glue dots and tape seem to “disappear”. Glue dots are available at most craft stores. A glue gun can also be used. It’s great to use extra “fillers” for your basket. Every item adds color dimension and value. You can find the perfect fillers at any craft, local “dollar” store, trinkets from post-holiday sales, garage sales, prior or current gifts-with-purchase from Avon, samples from Avon. Filler items can also include items such as pinecones, candy, trinkets, wrapped candles, potpourri, silk flowers or leaves, a gift tag, ribbon, holiday decorations. Unlike a flower arrangement, a gift basket is designed to look presentable from the front view. So, don’t spend time trying to make it appealing from all sides. Just prior to wrapping your basket, do a “once over” to be sure that no items have slipped or shifted out of place. You can place a piece of rubber drawer liner under the cellophane to keep the basket and cellophane from sliding as you wrap the completed basket. If, by chance, you forgot to include your business card, it is acceptable to tape it to the back of the finished basket.









10. When pricing an Avon gift basket, charge the full retail price for all products, plus the total cost of supplies, plus $5 for time and effort.

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