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					Many Ideas that I have accumulated to help gain new business:
1.a bowl full of samples 2.AVON games, I’ve used AVON words in a word search, crossword puzzles and quizes. 3.Make door knob hangers to go door to door with your info on it (posterboard is good) 4.Take trade ins. Give people a discount for trading in their old beauty supplies for new ones. 5.If someone wants a high dollar item, let them lay it away and make payments on it. 6.Put a box in front of your house with books in it. 7. Spray your car with AVON body spray, someone might buy that idea. 8. Give free nail polish with footworks purchase. 9. Have a phonethon and give discounts on a certain time frame and tell your customers to call. 10. Have some AVON stock in your trunk ready to sell. 11. Follow up with every person/place you leave a book 12. Give people gifts on holidays. 13. Tape samples to the correct page in the brochures. 14. Get your customers birthdays and remember them with a free gift. 15. Thank you cards 16. Drawings 17. Raffle an item off once a month, keep adding names to the pot. 18. Have an AVON theme party such as makeovers or christmas parties 19. Put perfume on cotton balls, flower pedals or construction paper to put in bags. 20. Demonstrate perfume on people. 21. Get people to help you and give them a discount 22. Utilize the outlet books 23. Make AVON money like Monopoly money and give to customers 24. Make frequent buyer punch cards 25. Put lotion or samples in restrooms 26. Have a footworks party and have people soak their feet. 27. Order lots of books, don’t throw away old books. 28. Be consistant 29. Put lables on your products with your phone # just in case they need to reorder it. 30. Freebies 31. Bundles 32. Discounts 33. Wedding gifts, shower gifts 34. Make recipes and put in bags 35. Include batteries with products that need batteries 36. Grab bags 37. Make customers a statement of what they have spent 38. Give AVON (fake) money for every $20 they spend 39. Have a makeup party and have guest bring makeup bag, give prize to the one with the most AVON products. 40. Find a new customer every campaign 41. 3 people a day 42. Give brochure with one new business each campaign CONTINUED

43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67.

Wear and AVON pin or Tshirt Advertise and sample out one item at a time Show people that AVON is in national magazines. Spray perfume on the brochure Leave baskets of AVON in offices. Accept Credit Cards Business Cards on bulletin boards Offer free gift wrapping. (Cheap paper at Dollar tree) Have a Fundraiser Reproduce the fundraiser kits with copies that you make and present them to places. Have a meeting/go to meetings Make signs and Ads in newspapers Have a yard sale and sell AVON in it Become an E-Representative Become a Beauty Advisor Get involved in leadership Sponcer a sports team to advertise your business Give donations to schools and churches Bridal and Baby shower gifts Teenager make over party Booth a the county fair Randomly mail books to people and business Follow up on refillable orders Magnet business cards AVON checks

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