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									                                                              2011 Collection Calendar
         Drop Off Locations
Some items cannot be placed in the garbage             Residents EAST of Tracy Blvd. have the following
bins, such as electronics, appliances, and                   collection on the corresponding weeks:
household hazardous waste. These items may
be taken to different drop off locations through-   RECYCLE WEEK                     YARD WASTE WEEK
out the County.                                     January - 10,24                  January - 3,17,31
                                                    February - 7,21                  February - 1,14,28
Tracy Material & Recovery Facility (MRF)            March - 7,21                     March - 1,14,28
30703 MacArthur Dr., Tracy, CA 95377                April - 4,18                     April - 1,11,25
(209) 832-2355                                      May - 2,16,30                    May - 9,23
                                                    June - 1,13,27                   June - 6,20
Hours of Operation:
                                                    July - 1,11,25                   July - 4,18
Mon.-Sat. 8 am to 4 pm
                                                    August - 8,22                    August - 1,15,29                                       September - 5,19                 September - 1,12,26
                                                    October - 3,17,31                October - 10,24
This facility accepts all items except for          November - 1,14,28               November - 7,21
household hazardous waste, fees apply.              December - 1,12,26               December - 5,19

Household Hazardous Waste Facility                     Residents WEST of Tracy Blvd. have the following
7850 R.A. Bridgeford St., Stockton, CA 95206                 collection on the corresponding weeks:
Hours of Operation:                                 RECYCLE WEEK                     YARD WASTE WEEK
Thurs.- Sat. 9 am to 3 pm                           January - 3,17,31                January - 10,24
                                                    February - 1,14,28               February - 7,21
                                                    March - 1,14,28                  March - 7,21
This facility accepts all household hazardous
                                                    April - 1,11,25                  April - 4,18
waste and electronics, free of charge to
                                                    May - 9,23                       May - 2,16,30
San Joaquin County residents.
                                                    June - 6,20                      June - 1,13,27

Used Oil Locations
                                                    July - 4,18
                                                    August - 1,15,29
                                                                                     July - 1,11,25
                                                                                     August - 8,22
                                                                                                                  Garbage & Recycling
Please visit the City of Tracy website for used     September - 1,12,26              September - 5,19                  Services
oil locations throughout the City,                  October - 10,24                  October - 3,17,31 or call (209) 831-4331.          November - 7,21                  November - 1,14,28
                                                    December - 5,19                  December - 1,12,26
County Landfills
Please visit the County of San Joaquin’s web                                                                       Recycling today for a 
page at                   **Please note collection days are Monday - Friday. If
                                                    collection day falls on one of the following recognized         cleaner tomorrow! 
                                                    holidays, (New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and
                                                    Christmas Day), your collection will be the following day
                                                    for the remainder of that week.
                      City of Tracy, Public Works
                       Solid Waste and Recycling
                                  520 Tracy Blvd.   All bins must be placed behind a gate or at the side of the
                                 Tracy, CA 95376    garage within 24 hours after pickup per Tracy Municipal
                                   (209) 831-4331                    Code Section 5.20.200.
                                                                                         Public Works Department 
            Garbage Service                                            Curbside Recycling                                      Yard & Garden Waste

The City of Tracy maintains a franchise agreement                                                                     Residential yard and garden debris is collected in
                                                             All‐in‐one, no separation needed!                        the brown bin. Yard waste should be placed
with Tracy Delta Solid Waste Management, Inc.
                                                                                                                      along the curb by 4 am every other week alternat-
(Tracy Disposal) for all solid waste services. The   The blue recycling bin should be placed along the curb by        ing with the recycling bin. Brown bins should also
RESIDENTIAL program includes waste removal,          4 am every other week for collection, alternating with the       be placed 3 feet from your garbage bin.
curbside recycling collection, and yard waste        yard waste bin. Blue bins should be placed 3 feet from your
removal. The COMMERCIAL and INDUSTRIAL               garbage bin. Recyclable materials are collected with a           Loosely place your grass clippings, leaves,
programs offer a wide variety of debris boxes and    different truck than your regular garbage, therefore, it is      flowers, weeds, yard trimmings, and small
compactors for waste removal and custom tailored     collected at a different time of day.                            branches in your brown bin. Branches must not be
recycling programs.                                                                                                   larger than 6 inches in diameter and 3 feet in
                                                     Place all the following items                                    length. The lid must be closed.
Garbage is collected in the green bin once a week.   directly in your blue recycling bin:
Bins must be placed in the street with wheels                                                                         DO NOT place the following in the yard bin:
against the curb by 4 am on your garbage                   Glass bottles and jars                                      Plastic bags and film
collection day. Lids must be closed.                       Aluminum, steel, and tin cans                               Animal waste
                                                           Plastic containers and bottles                              Gravel, rocks or concrete
Please ensure that bins are at least 3 feet away           Newspaper                                                   Treated or painted wood
from each other.                                           Corrugated cardboard and shoe                               Coated wood chips
The following items are not accepted in your               Polystyrene (#6)                                                    Composting Operations 
garbage:                                                   Frozen food boxes, cereal boxes, pizza boxes,
    Household Hazardous Waste       Electronics            junk mail, magazines, catalogs, and phone books            Yard and garden waste received from residential
                                                           Colored paper, paper bags, and envelopes                   and commercial operations in the City of Tracy is
    Construction Debris              Dirt/Rocks            Computer paper, paper (binder, school,                     taken to the Material Recovery Facility, where it is
    Computer Systems                Tires                  and craft)                                                 cleaned and ground up for composting. The
                                                           File folders                                               composting process takes about 6 to 8 weeks. The
                                                           Wrapping paper without foil                                finished organic compost is sold to public and
                                                                                                                      private users who mix it with soil completing the
          Special Collections                        DO NOT place the following in the blue bin:                      "earth-to-earth" cycle.
                                                         Plastic bags and film
For extra garbage pick up or for bulky item              Foil lined boxes, paper, or plastics
removal, please call Tracy Delta Disposal at             Light bulbs                                                                    Leaf Pick Up 
                                                                                                                                        Leaf Pick Up 
(209) 835-0601. Fees apply for all special               Window panes, pyrex glass, mirrors, and
collections.                                              drinking glasses                                            Fall and Winter leaf pick up season typically
                                                         Ceramics                                                     begins the last week of November and continues
For further information regarding upcoming               Motor oil containers                                         through the first week of January. Only leaves
events, please call (209) 831-4331 or visit the          Household hazardous waste or electronics                     may be placed at the curb for pickup. For more
City’s website at:               For more information on recycling visit www. or   information, visit: or call
                                                     the Yellow Pages under Recycling.                                (209) 831-4420.
  Garbage, recycling, and yard waste will not        `
                                                             HOLIDAY TREE RECYCLING
   be collected on Thanksgiving, Christmas,                Trees are picked up curbside beginning                       * Brochure available in Spanish upon request
   and New Year's Day. Instead, collection                 December 26th through the first week in
       will take place the following day.                January on your regular collection day. No
                                                         flocking, tinsel, ornaments, nails, or stands.                            Printed on Recycled Paper with Soy Ink

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