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					HSE MS Revision

  Nivedita Ram – MSE/52

              Need for HSE-MS Review
   HSE-MS Code of Practice (CP-122) not reviewed/revised
    since it was released first in 2002
   Phase 1 of the Review Project - HSE-MS Gap Analysis.
   Phase 2 - Revision of the HSE-MS.
   Phase 3 – Communication of the Revised HSE-MS
   Gap Analysis and Revision of the HSE-MS conducted by
  Recommendations and Methodology on slide 2&3

Phase 1: Key recommendations Identified in the Gap Analysis

 • Make explicit reference in HSE Policy to “Process Safety Management”
   and “Behavior Based Safety”.
 • CP102 needs revisions to include definitions of documents, control
   management of documents.
 • Completely revise CP-122 to align with ISO14001, OHSAS 18001,
   OSHA-PSM, Shell HSSE&SP Control Framework (2009) and Omani
   HSE regulations, and provide complete linkage to all lower level
 • Strengthen the implementation, performance monitoring and assurance
   elements of the HSE-MS
 • Restructure, simplify (using flowcharts with RASCI) and revise Level 2
   and 3 HSE documents (where needed)
 • Include Contractor HSE Management in CP122
 • Develop an interactive HSE Portal with live-link to CMF Portal

             Phase 1: HSE-MS Review Methodology

                          Document Review                      Global Standards
                        • 64 PDO HSE documents                 & International Best Practices
                        • 86 Operational Documents             • ISO14001:2004 (environment)
                          related to HSE
                        • 81 Shell Control                     • OHSAS 18001:2007 (health & safety)
                          Framework Documents                  • OSHA-PSM (process safety)
                        • 2008-2009 HSE Audit &
                          Accident Investigation               •Shell HSSE&SP Control Framework (2009)

                                                                                     Using DNV’s
   Interviews                                        Site Verification
PDO Leadership and
                                                     Fahud, Marmul and                   ISRS8
HSE Focal Points (44)
   & Contractor
  Community (11)

      CP-122: Overview of Major Changes

1. THEME now focuses on how HSE is implemented day to day in PDO….
   PDO centric, with photographs to be inserted of PDO personnel implementing
   HSE “on the ground” encompassing the entire system, for the beginning of
   each process / element.
2. Alignment of PDO’s HSEMS to International Standards is explicit in the
3. Updated “Principles of Business Controls” includes continual improvement
   in the HSEMS, aligning to international standards, CP-107, and referencing
   Deming’s Cycle (Plan-Do-Check-Act).
4. Structure of each element organized into four parts: Why (Overview), What
   (Requirements), How (Procedure), and Where (References).
5. Language, Application, and Feedback – explicit requirements for use of
   language / terminology, where HSEMS is applicable, and how to provide
6. Deletion of historical information and background / guidance material to
   focus on what is mandatory.

      CP-122: Overview of Major Changes

7. Aligned to the current 8 Elements of the HSE-MS, the Shell HSSE
   Framework (2009), and the 20 points of CCPS.
8. All key Codes of Practice, Procedures and Specifications hyperlinked, and all
   HSE relevant PDO documents referenced in each section.
9. Use of flowcharts instead of large text wherever feasible for better
10. Introduces Discipline Controls and Assurance Framework (DCAF) in Element
    5 (Planning and Procedures) and its relevance to Element 7 (Assurance).
11. Reference Indicators (e.g. MSEM) replaced by functional titles (e.g.
    Corporate HSE Manager) throughout the document for better clarity.
12. Introduction of PMR (Performance Monitoring & Reporting) in each HSE
13. Standardization of templates for Procedures and Specifications.
14. Simplification – 50% reduction in size and 100% enhancement in clarity.
15. No cost implication to PDO or contractors.

    CP-122 Overview of Major Changes


     CP-122 Overview of Major Changes


       What does this mean in a Contract

1. Review the current HSE MS and align to the revised CP-122
2. Clarity on C9 with easy access from HSE MS web page
3. Interactive HSE MS Webpage
4. Performance Monitoring Standards within each procedure
5. No additional cost


Phase 2
Engagement                PDO HSE MS Review &Revision - Development Plan
                                       Carry out HSE-MS Gap Analysis thru Comprehensive Document Review
                     a) 64 PDO HSE documents b) 86 Operational Documents related to HSE c) 81 Shell Control Framework Documents
   d) Global Standards & International Best Practices such as ISO14001:2004 (environment), OHSAS 18001:2007 (health & safety), OSHA-PSM (process
                   safety management) Shell HSSE&SP Control Framework (2009), and e) Fatal Incident Investigations, Audit findings.
                                                                      Jan - Feb 2010
            Engaged with the Organization thru interviewing PDO Line Leadership and HSE Focal Points (44) and the Contractor Community (11)

                                                                       Jan - Feb 2010
                                                                       Gaps Identified:

      Explicit                 CP102                Completely revise CP-122           Strengthen          Restructure,        Include
   reference to:      needs revisions to     to align with ISO14001, OHSAS              the           simplify (using      Contractor    Develop an
     Process          include definitions        18001, OSHA-PSM, Shell          implementation,      flowcharts with         HSE         interactive
    Safety Mgt.         for documents,      HSSE&SP Control Framework, &           performance      RASCI), and revise    Management     HSE Portal
    & Behavior           management          Omani HSE regulations, as well      monitoring, and    Level 2 and 3 HSE      in CP122.     with live-link
      Based                control of       as provide complete linkage to all       assurance      documents (where                        to CMF
      Safety.             documents.            lower level documentation.        elements of the        needed).                            Portal.
                                        Sought feedback from PDO Leadership on the Scoping Document May - June

                              MDC Endorsement of the HSE-MS Scoping Document and the Governance Structure 13th June

                      Tender Board for Phase 2 & 3 + Award of Contract August 2010. Commencement of Phase 2 – 10th Oct

                   Engagement with CFDHs across the Organization thru emails and workshop on HSE related Documents Nov – Dec

 Engage with CFDH across the organization on the final list of HSE documents to be hyperlinked or referred to in the HSE-MS 12th Mar 2011

 HSE CFDH engaged in review of the revised             Parallel commencement of revision of HSE          Feedback Discussions with Core Team on the
   HSE-MS Draft 1 & 2 12th Feb - 2nd Mar               Document revision by HSE SMEs Feb - Mar             Final Draft of the revised HSE-MS - Mar

                      Engagement with the IT team on Designing the interactive HSE-MS Webpage. UAT by 20th April Mar-Apr

                              Engagement with HSE Team Leads and ELT on revised HSE Documents by HSE CFDH - Mar-Apr
Phase 3
Engagement       PDO HSE MS Review & Revision – Communication Plan
                        Engagement with HSE Team Leaders, Advisors, & Key Contractors
                - Feedback / suggestions on extent and means of communication at site level as well as HSE Web redesign
                                                           3rd April 2011

                  Engagement of Corp. Com. Team                                Engagement of IT Team
                  - Agreement / suggestions on HSE-MS roll out          Agreement / suggestions on HSE Web redesign
                                3rd   April 2011                             (Ongoing - March / April 2011)

                 Engagement with Contractor HSE Managers                    Soft HSE-MS roll out - 27th April 2011

             HSE MS Management Review Training HSE CFDH & Team Leaders - 2nd & 3rd May 2011
                                      Mock-up of HSE MS Web Pages - 16th April 2011
               Engagement - IT Team - Alignment with PDO Intranet - Planned – April / May 2011

         Dev. of Comm. Package - DNV                                                Redesigned HSE Web for UAT
                 Approval on   7th   May 2011                                                   7th May 2011

                         Communication Package approved by HSE CFDH & Team Leaders
                                              12th May 2011

               UAT – Engage with key stakeholders across the organization (PDO & Contractors)
                                         7th May to 19th May 2011

                                        Launch of the HSE MS Web Page - 8th June 2011

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