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									     Recipe Formats

Definition: tool of cookery, a
blueprint or pattern to follow
           What to know:
A. What ingredients, equipment, & skills
you should know

 B. How much time is required to
 create the dish
         Parts of recipe:

1.List of
 ingredients -
 most useful in
 order used
  Directions for combining
ingredients to make product
 2A. Size and type of cookware/tools
 2B.   Temperature foods cooked at
 2C.   Length of time for cooking and prep
 2D.   Step-by-step directions
 2E.   Yield
What you must do when using a recipe:

•   Read it
•   Gather all equipment
•   Gather all ingredients
•   Measure everything – be ready to
        Standard = most used
• All ingredients listed in order
• Paragraph or step directions

               1 cup sugar
               1 cup corn syrup
               6 c. crispy rice

               Heat the sugar and corn syrup over low
               heat stirring constantly.
               Stir in the crispy rice. Flatten in pan
    Action: emphasizes activities
• Verb then ingredients
  related to it
• Needs more space

             Heat 1. cup sugar and 1 cup corn
             over low heat.

             Measure and stir in 6 cups of crispy

             Flatten mixture in pan.
    Narrative= Paragraph form
• Best for short, simple recipes
• Little space need, but difficult to pick out

                Heat 1 cup sugar and 1 cup corn
                Syrup in pan over low heat. Stir in
                6 cups of crispy rice and flatten in
                Oblong pan.
Where to find recipes
              •   Cookbooks
              •   Magazines
              •   Internet
              •   On boxes
              •   TV
              •   Family
  When choosing a recipe, make
• Fits your needs for menu planned
• Gives complete directions and numbers
• Used ingredients and equipment you have
               Be sure…..
Does not call for skills you don’t have

Can be made in the time you have

Fits in your budget

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