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               Bridgeport - Class 2-C Myer/Shepherd

Dear Santa,                                Dear Santa,
How are the elves? I love you santa        How are you doing? How are you
and I love reindeer and I love mis         doing at the north pole? I would like
claus to. I will like four things I will   a DS and a toy bow and arrow. I
lik. I can play a guitar! and pokemon      have been helping people.
traying cars like 50 of them. and                                         Love,
pokemon cars like of 90 of them and                                       Caleb
an electric guitar. I deserve thes pre-
sents because I help my sister and I       Dear Santa,
help my mom. I love you and I love         How is Mrs. Claus. Is Ruddeph
you so much.                               ready? There are a few things I would
P.S. Santa I also want a picture of        like to have for Chrismas. I would
you like 12 of them. Meery Christ-         like a new transformer toy and a
mas.                                       transformer movie and my too front
                          Love, Chance     teeth. I deserve these presents be-
         Meery Christmas to you and        cause I helped decrat the chrismas
              Meery Christmas to all.      tree and pick up my
                                                                   Clay Colburn
                                        Dear Santa,
                                        How are things going up there? What
                                        kind of cookies do you like? This
                                        Chistmas I would like a I-pod. Also I
                                        wold a Justice coupon. I think I de-
                                        serve it because one time my sister
                                        wanted my lunchable and we swiched.
                                        And I get my sister Ice Cream every
 Dear Santa,                            night. Merry Chistmas!
 How are you doing? How are your                                         Love,
 elves? Mery chrismas! How is                              Sheridan Shallene
 Rudolph? This is waut I would like
 for chrismas. I would like a i-pod Dear Santa,
 with a lot of songs on it and a x-box How are you doing? How are the re-
 360 and a DS I have been nice to indeer? I would love a wii and a game
 my frinds I helped my dad wash the boy DS. and may I have some ear-
 car. Stay warm                         rings I deserve thse presents becus
                                  Love, I wash the dishes. I give compliments.
                          Casey Jones Have a merry cristmas.
                                                                    Abbey Hill
Dear Santa,
I cant wait tell christmas. How are
you raindeers? How is Mrs. Claus?
How are you elves Santa? I would Dear Santa,
like a new game boy. I would like a How are you and Mrs. Claus? How
new teddy bear. I deserve these pre- are the elves and reindeer? There
sents because me and Madison work are a few things that I would love
together. Have a great Christmas. for christmas. I would like a Dukes
                                  Love, of Haserd Game and truck with car
                     Shelby Edwards trailer with car raps with a 68 ford
                                        mustag the same color as my dad’s
                                        I deserve these presits because I
                                        have been helping my friend wen he
                                        fel and sed yes mam yes ser. Have a
                                        great christmas!
                                                                 Stevie Cooley
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The history of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
                                  what a mis-fit. At this point he tossed around. The name Rollo    Reginald, but that was too          nately for him they were
by Angela Dale
   The story of Rudolph the       knew his character had                                            “British.” Then the name            turned over in 1947. This se-
Red-Nosed Reindeer was            to be someone                                                     Rudolph came to mind, and           cured Mays financial future.
brought to life in 1939 by a      that folks would                                                  there was no looking back. In           With the copyright in hand,
gentlemen named Robert L.         want to cheer for,                                                1939, 2.4 million copies of the     “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Re-
May.                              somewhat of an un-                                                Rudolph booklet were distrib-       indeer” was printed commer-
   At the time, May, 34, was      derdog. What better                                               uted even though wartime pa-        cially in 1947 and shown in
a copywriter for the Depart-      than a deer who was                                               per shortages hindered printing     theaters as a cartoon the next
ment store chain, Montgomery      ostracized by the rein-                                           for the next several years. By      year.
Ward. He was asked by the         deer community just                                               the time 1946 rolled around, 6          Most Americans know that
Company to come up with a         because he had a glow-                                            million copies had been given       with the cartoon that is so fa-
Christmas story that could be     ing red nose.                                                      out to patrons.                    miliar to every child old
given away to shoppers as a            Although depart-                                                Although May had created         enough to watch, is a song that
promotional tool around the       ment heads shuttered                                                  the story, he was a paid em-    goes right along with the story.
Holidays.                         at the thought of a red-                                              ployee of Montgomery            Johnny Marks, Mays brother-
   For years, the chain had       nosed reindeer, (red                                                   Ward, so they held the         in-law, developed the words
been spending big bucks on        noses were associated                                                  copyright and he received      and lyrics, that no artist would
buying and giving away col-       with drinking and                                                      no royalties. This was hard    touch. That was until Gene
oring books to their loyal pa-    drunk people at that                                                      for May because he had      Autry’s wife urged the famous
trons, so with penny pinching     time) they soon                                                             lost his wife to a ter-   singer to record the song.
in mind, department heads         overcame their                                                                  minal illness about       The song sold 2 million
came to the conclusion that       hesitancy af-                                                                      the same time he   copies that year, and went on
creating a giveaway book of       ter May                                                                             c r e a t e d     to become the second best sell-
their own would be a way to       had an                                                                              Rudolph, and      ing song of all time, under-
save money.                       artist                                                                              he was in debt    neath Bing Crosby’s “White
   May had been known             friend                                                                              due to medical    Christmas” as number one.
around the office for writing     sketch                                                                    bills that racked up dur-       The 1964 television special
children’s stories so the folks   deer                                                 was con-     ing her illness.                    about Rudolph is an all-time
at Ward’s had their man. May,     from the local zoo.                              sidered, but        May conguered up enough          tradition for many families this
relating to his self, realized         The next obstacle was                  later denounced be-   courage to ask the corporate        time of year. It remains a holi-
that ,as a child, he was teased   to name this awkward re-              cause that just seemed to   president to turn over the copy-    day favorite and Rudolph him-
for being small, shy and some-    indeer. Several names were cheerful. The next name was            rights to Rudolph, and fortu-       self has become a great Christ-
                                                                                                                                        mas icon.

                                                                                                                                          & Happy New Year
                                                                                                                                         Intersection of Hwys 380 & 287
                                                                                                                                            501 N. Hwy 287 • Decatur
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              Bridgeport - Class 2-C Myer/Shepherd
Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,
How are you dowing I can’t wait til       How are the elves? I would pokemon
santa rides ruddof are a few things       trading cards, yi-gi-yo moves 1-10 I
that I would have a toy bo and arrow      devseve these presents because I
for christmas I deser these presents      helped a friend get the nurse.
because I helped a friend that cry                                       Love,
then now he is my best friend. Have                               Kegan Winn
a great christmas.
                                Love,     Dear Santa,
                     Harrison Wood        How are things going at the North
                                          Pole? Is the reindeer ready? There
Dear Santa,                               are a few things I would like for
What are you doing at the North           chrimas I woud like a PSP and
Pole? What kind of cookies do you         nintindo wii. and a nintindo DS and a
like? ARe the reindeer ready for          play stashin 2 game I woud like gutar
christmas? I hope I woud find a pink      hiro rock the 80’s. I deserve theese
i-pod and I woud a pear of white          becouse I hold doors for people all
boots with fur and little balls. under    the time.
the tree. I help my mom with my                                           Love,
baby brother Brayden. I take care                                  Ryan Roberts
of my pets. Have the best christmas
Dear Santa,
How are you and Rudolph? How is
the wether and how is mrs clos do-
ing and how is the randers? I have
to get the presents for chrismas and
I wish that I could keep them i woud
like a mp 3 playour and I would like
a baby alive and a tea set and my
                                          Bridgeport - Class 2 E
mom would love a necklace do you
no way I have presents because want       Dear Santa,
my family to be happy. Happy Holi-        I want scole matka for Chrismis. How
days                                      is the randeer? Do you like milk? I
                From Loreli to Santa      like cloklit milk. How is Misis Claus?
                                          My brether wants yugeo cards. I rele
Dear Santa,                               wont a robot rino. Trerele most a
How is mrs claus? Is rudolph real?        pupy for Crismis. Nuber 17 Niskar
Santa I would like sum things. I woud     for Chrismis. Trerele want a dinsor
like a pair of boots. I don’t care what   terex for Chrismis.
color they are I deserve thes things                              Ethan Fergsen
becus I hep my friend becus I am a
good boy.
                                         from Noah Dear Santa,
                                         I want seven toads and seven frogs
                       Dahlton Gidden
                                         and sea turtles and seven sea horses
                                         and rudloph the reindeer Happy
Dear Santa,                              Christmas and a ipod and a scquer
What do you do when it is not farm and a snake pet and a games
christmas? I hope I find these thang that are atrello 3 and 2 and 1 and a
under my tree. American girl doll. Her PSP and that game that I sall it look
name is Kit and a BB gun to also a like a ake and money to go on
pals of electric diary. I deserve these vaykayshone and I want I rilly want
presen because I help peple with a is a x-Box-360.
project and I have straight As. Happy
Holiday                                  Dear Santa,
                                   Love, from Joseph I wonta are hog and a
                       Jacquelyn Bailey toy car for Christmas.
Page 6… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Bridgeport - 2 E                         Dear Santa,                             Dear Santa,
                                         I hope I gite a dirtbike and another    I want a diamond ring and a puppy.    Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,
 Dear Santa,
                                         for my big brother. and me so I hope    I hope you have fun. Tell rudolph thatI wont scole marka for chrismis. How      I have been very good this year. I
 for Christmas I want the new furreal
                                         I get what I want and I wat my mom      I love him.                           is the randeer? Do you like milk? I       hope you come to my house we are
 friend pony. I want my mom to get
                                         a new truck.                                        your friend, Zoey James   like clokit milk. How is misis Claus?     going to have a lot of good food. I
 anything she wants for christmas. I
                                                                         Love,                                         My brether wants yogeo cards. I rele      want some toys. My brother has not
 want my dad to get anything he wants
                                                                     Zachary                                           wont a robot rino. I rele most a pupy     been good but I hope you bring him
 for christmas. I want my brother to
                                                                                 Dear Santa,                           for chrismis. Nuber 17 niskar for         something anyway.
 have anything he wants. Santa did    Dear Santa,
 you have a great year?                                                          My friend wants a i-pod for chrismas Chrismis. I rele rele wont a dinsore                               Your friend,
                                      This is what I want for Christmas,         and his name is Austin and I want it for chrismis.                                                         Heather
                          Your friend,wii UB funkeys pizza lazer the magic       to and i want a PSP my friend to                             Ethan Fergsen
                        Gracie Story  tree house series, guitar hero 1-3, a      again his name is Austin and my name Dear Santa                                Dear Santa Whunt I want a PSP
                                      hamster, lincoln logs, a globe, a map.     is Jennifer                                                                    and the movie transformers and a
Dear Old Fat Nick,                                                 Sincerely,                                          Did you have a good time at the
I want a movie and a cat and a cow                                                                               Love,                                          mp3 player and a chopper bike and
                                                                    Timothy                                            North Pole. I want a easy bake oven
and dirt bike and a motrsicle and P.S. I have been really good at school.                                     Jennifer and easy bake mix. I hope my grand       a bible book and church in my back
feret and a flag and a batman plan                                                                                                                              yard blue paint and a best friend
                                                                                                                          mother stays alive.
and a truck and a millen clothes and                                             Dear Santa,                                                                    and roses for mrs. hill and mrs. jones
                                                                                                                                           your special friend,
a hat and i need a robot to clen my Dear Santa,                                  This Christmas, I want you to have a                                    Chyna
                                                                                                                                                                and mrs. kent.
room and a box of legos and a jump I want st prime transformer toy. I            good time. Dear Santa, I want a                                                Dear Santa,
house and a buck of books and wood want a tree house. how is your wife?                                                   From Noah
                                                                                 chevy this christmas and I would also    Dear Santa I want seven toads and I want a new computer I want a new
and batman and a bose ball and a How are you doing, well? My friend              like a very big snow in Texas.
star.                                 wants a PSP. Her name is jennifer                                                   seven frogs and sea turtles and seven PSP. I wish I had money and I wish
                                                                        from,                                   From      sea horses and rudoph the reindeer you a Happy Christmas.
                            The end,                                                                             Cole                                                          From Caleb to Santa
                              Hunter                                   Austin                                                               Happy Christmas
Dear Santa,                           Dear Santa,
I want a PSP for christmas I hope I I like a PSP. I love PSP! Now you
have a nuf mone for a teddy bears. are my friend Santa? I like a com-
                                      puter from my dad! I like a i-pod. I
Dear Santa,                           like a cat little? My friend is a Jen-
Can I have a helicopter, and a plane nifer
that realy flys and my own music set                                   From,
and my own puzzle set and my own                                       Daisy
real puppy and my own little baby
panda bear.                            Dear Santa,
                         your friend, I wont a real hog and a toy car for                     Here’s hoping the holiday season delivers the best gifts of health and happiness to
                             Terence christmas.                                                 you and yours. We’re proud to be your bank of choice, and we’ll continue to
                                                                                                           strive to exceed your expectations in 2008 and beyond.
                                                                                                                        HOLIDAY HOURS:
                                                      Here’s hoping your
                                                      holiday season hits                      Monday, December 24, close at noon - Tuesday, December 25, Closed
                                                      all the high notes.                      Monday, December 31, close at 2:00 p.m. - Tuesday, January 1, Closed

                                                      It’s been a privilege
                                                         and a pleasure
                                                        serving you this
                                                                                             THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK
                                                            past year.
                                                                                                                                       First Since 1890
                                                      Merry Christmas!
                                                                                                                    RUNAWAY BAY, TEXAS
                                                                                                           A branch of First National Bank of Jacksboro
                                                                                                                       1055 Hwy. 380 West
                                         GOT TO GO SOLUTIONS                                • ATM open 24 hours for convenience
                                            500 W Sherman • Chico
                                         940- 644-5500 • 940-644-5228
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Page 8… Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007

Chico- 3rd grade Vernon                   Dear Santa,                                 Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,
                                          I was wondering if you weren’t to busy      what I want is a growing dog. bratz       may I please have a scooter and a        Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,                               can you get me a few gifts. If you          cd and I want a new dog just like         pic. of Rudolph the red nose rander.     I want a Iphone. I want a Ipod. I
The first thing I would like to have is   want you can check your list. Once          bandet. I want a radio a gutar a new      and a Hanna Motana game. High            want a hot pink play stashen. Olso I
a trampelean. the second thing I          even twice. because I’ve been good. I       bratz movie a new bratz game I want       school musical CD player May I           want thos shoos that have a whell on
would like to have is not avall to be     wanted dolls but, some people relize        my hair to grow longer. And I want a      please get Minks Books and Skunk         them. Olso I want a knew bookbag.
pakge. It is somthing I have wanted       that they have out grown dolls. Thats       talking birds that are at wall*mart       Book and Comanche Indains Books.         I want a goldfish. I want a Junie B.
for a very long time. It is a puppy       just like me. I did play with dolls until   and a cat that are at wall*mart I                      By Stephanie Crawford       Jones book. Whut cind of cukeys do
that would not get very big but stay      I felt like I wanted to stop playing        want everyone to have fun and santa                                                you like?
at avage size and be fun for my hole      with dolls. So I want a neckless and        I want you to have fun to santa is                                                                            Miranda
family.                                   braclet kit, a blank recipe book, a         everything going all right up in the
                     Denay Johnston       t.v. that already has a dvd player, a       north pole. Raven                                                                  Dear Santa,
                                          computer, a indian book that tells you                                            Dear Santa                                   I wod love a
                                          about diffrent tribes, a labtop, a                                                Can I have a four wheeler and some           shereck 3 and a
                                          prety horse that I can ride, a game                                               pokemon cards and baseball and               mouvy of sharck
Dear Santa,                                                                           Dear Santa,                           football cards and can I have a game         tails. I wontid to
                                          boy, a playstation 3, a drawing book
 I wont for Chirscmas is a now                                                         For chrismis can you fill my stocken boy.                                         asck you a queshten do you like
                                          that comes with pencils, a xbox 360,
driltdikk and mp3 paly, I fono, x box                                                 nothing but pokemon cards, and can                                   Donny         chocolit milck? Mine is whit milck. I
                                          a mio pup, a pit bull puppy, a crayon
360, the gam fean or fow, a now flat                                                  you make me a bike with peges, can                                                 wod like to giv you chocees. I love to
                                          kit, a paint kit to paint pictures with,
screm tv, a cpooft, jacpgort sand, a                                                  you make me a football, and can you                                                you to call my Dad so he can pas it
                                          a paint board, a aqua doodle kit, and
snowbord, drastat.                                                                    make me a dirt bike. How is Rhdph.                                                 to me. I will tell you wat do I want.
                                          a pet rabbit. Thats all I want Hows
           to Santa fun J.J. Johnson                                                  How are you doing santa. your frind                                                                            Gardenia
                                          the riendeer and elfs.
                                                                                                                  Jacob Lee
                                                                                                                                                                         Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                                                         Could you bring me Shrek 3. Could
                                                                                                                                                                         you bring me a TV. Could you bring
                                          Dear Santa,                                 Dear Santa                                Chico -Pendley Classroom                 me girl crush strican stile. Plese
By.JAMIE                                    Santa we are not having a big             For Christmas I want a Bike. Bratz,                                                bring me qucik gems. Do you like
Dear Santa.                               Cristmas tree it will only be 4 in tall.    new clotes, ear rings, skating shoe, a    Dear Santa,                              cookies? Do you think your rain deer
Can I plese have a motrscoter and a       I want for Cristmas is a blue scooter       ring a new trapline, a t.v. vecear. How   I wont a cell phon. I wont a real        would want some food? Do you like
sil kit. a maup kit a blue IPod and a     with a brake and a long jump rope. I        are you, Santa Hows Mrs. Clase?           scarlet king snake in a cage. I wont     choclet milk? Are you marred? Do
art kit a bag kit can I plese have a      also want the hole intire set of the        Howe Rudolph I’m doing fine.              real fish in a take. I wont a xbox       you have kids. Could you bring me
picher of rudolph and you together        littlest pet shop that would be fun. I                                    Marissia    360. I wont a real rabbit. I wont a      heelys. Is Rutof real? How are the
at the north pol. Can I plese have a      want book i can read to my brother.                                                   hipper slide. I wont a real baby         elvs? How are the rain deer. Could
muce dog and cat that sang and a          I want some new shoes and clothes.                                                    shark in a big take. I wont a lizzerd.   you bring me a PSP. Could you plese
paint kit I like to paint and I like to   I want really long fake braids to put                                                                                 Logan                      bring me cars the
                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                                                                          vido game. I want
rid a motrscoter can you git me a         in mhair. I want a pink nintendo DS         I wont a drtbike for Ckrismis. I oso
paint cit adn a motrscoter and all of     and games that go with it. PS                                                                                                                    a ipod. Could you
                                                                                      wont transformers the game for a                                                                     bring me a
the thaing’s I like to do and I like      Rudolph is my favirive raindeer.            playstashin 2. I whish for a helmit
Plese can you santa git me the thaing                                                                                                                                                      playsashon games.
                                                                    Love, Alyxis      with the drtbike, Santa how is the Dear Santa,                                                                  Laynee
I like. How is thaing at the North Pol                                                elvs dowing.                           May I hav moon shoos. Can I hav
is fudolf ok are you ok and are the                                                                             from Isaiah heeleys. Can I hav a Robo Sapien. Dear Santa,
randdeer’s ok and your elves are ok                                                                                          Can I hav a California king snake?
to. Have a Happy crismis eve Dear                                                                                                                          Blake Santa I want to have a xbox. I even
Santa.                                                                                                                                                           want to have a DS. I want a fone.
               Love your frand Jamie.                                                 Dear Santa,                                                                Santa do you like chocli malck? Do
                                                                                      I wont a scatbord and scatshoos and                                        your deer like
                                                                                      a puppy and a baby sister to and a Dear Santa,                             carets. Do you
                                          Dear Santa,                                 pair of boots. I wont a tikit to go to Could you bring me a snake. Could like coikes. I
Dear Santa,                               wote I wote four Christms is a go           six flags and a tikit to go to the you bring me heeleys. Could you want a new
for Christmas I would like a drum         cart. and a hermet cab traol Jeeo.          moveys. a game to go with my xbox bring me a psp. Could you bring me game for my
set and some housshoes and a              and a game colled desttery all Hu-          360. how are you today santa I hope a shooting game.                       game boy. I
trainieack and a choctaw soot. how        mans 2. and a rosellina pen. from           you are havina a grat tiyme be cus I
                                          wallmart fromt.j.                                                                                                Jacob want a snake.
are the raindeer and MS. Clause                                                       am having a grat tiym santa                                                       Patricio
                 Kelly Ray Pritchett                               Love Joy                            by Joscelynn Pollard
                                                                                                                             Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 9

Chico- Ms. Bowyer- 3rd grade          Dear Santa,                             Dear Santa,                             Tim Mcgraw CD,                      Crals. How was your Thangksgiving.
Dear Santa,                           How are your raindeer? How is Mrs.      Ho ware you and Mrs. Clos doing?        CD playler, Taylor                  How is it at the North Pole I bet it
How is rudolph? I ope you don’t get   Claus? How was your thanksgiving?       Iv ben good and I had a good year. I    Swift        CD,                    is cold up there I will like to go to
fosbite. I hope you have a safe trip  Is it very cold at the north pole? I    have the not I ceep the not you rote    make-up set,                        the nort pole I will hafe to bring a
back home to the North pole. I want   have been very good. Do you think I     me. I tis speacel do you now my         clothes, Barbie                     thik cote. Did you make a snowman
an xbox 360. A shotgun and a indain   have been very good? How is the         grampall dag he ses you do. Will        dolls, books, lisa                  did it have a back hat liek Frosty
blaket. My brother wants a peci of    elves? Have the elves been very good    you tell me this year my nana and       frank stuff, some boots, high schoolthe Snowmen. Please send me a
coll. I want a DS or psp. ow is       and the raindeer? Have you and Mrs.     me have ben cleaning th e house. We     musical 2 movie, a turtle, Haunted  xbox 360 and a army game to go
Miss. Clause? I bet the elves are     Claus been good. If you and Mrs.        have had a good year. Will you cleen    Hour movie, a four wheeler, The Bee with it and I wont Santa to make
really bueiss. I will give you a tip in
                                      Claus have been good yall should get    my room this year cus I can’t find a    Movie, a DS game boy, and a games   my mom a counch and a chare mad
my house you have to be quiet their   a present. Will you please give me a    place to put it so plase do it.         for my DS system, and a shake-it    out of cow scen and give my dad a
is a new puppy she bites.             paint pony, flat screen TV, video                                Your freind,   mp3 player.                         fishing pole and I wont you to give
                           Your freind,
                                      games like Mrs. Pat-Man and Sims                                      Sahara                             Your friend,
                                                                                                                                                          me Wii and for my sister a long-
                                  Cody2, Agressiee inline no the demo the                                                          Stephanie Nicole Beard horn blangkit. I wont my sister’s
                                      real game, Scooby doo night of 100      Dear Santa,                                                                 dog to have a cota and for littlelen
               Dear Santa,            frights, grand therft auto two, and a   How are the reindeer? How are you       Dear Santa,                         to have a chew toy I thang she will
               How is Mrs. Clase? new car. Have a safe trip.                  and Miss Claus? I have had a great      How is your elves. How is your rain like it.
How are you? I hope you wont be                                 Your friend   year. For Christmas I would like        deer. How is rudof. How is Ms.                                Your friend,
sick on Chrismas. I love all your                             Britton Petty   heelie shoes, Hannah Montana stuff,                                                                     Cameron
presants. Gess what Santa I’am
going ot leav out some cookies an
dmilk for you on Christmas day. How
is all the randeer? Do you have
cildren? How many presants do you
have. I am going to give you a
presants. What do you want. A cat,
bunny, dog, ponny, lizard. I want a
new tv or a cat.
                         Your friend,
               Destiany Paige Tigert

Dear Santa,
How are the rain deer? How are
you? How are the elve? How many
elve do you have? Do you have a
ploebear. Do you have DS for some
child. Can you get me and my brother
a DS and can I have a PS and my
dad was a flat sreen TV and my mom
was a more PJ for Chirtme and a
Hearthe to campe the have warm fo
rthese chirtme and me and my
brother made rain deer veed.
                         Your friend,
                     Jessica Redwine

Dear Santa,
I’m riteing this becays I want to see
waht’s going on up at the north poil
today how is Mis. Clows tell her that
I said hi how is rudofe that I said hi
okey now how are you Santa, do you
now what I what for Chresmes. I
whant a new Katar Heory and a frend
to play whith and to lews wate and a
psp for my brother and for him a
nice quiet buterful grilfrend an dmost
uv all for his grampal to get beter
and for are mom to stop smoking
sigrets that’s what I whant the most.
                            Your frend,
  V{Ü|áàÅtá ZÜxxà|Çzá
Page 10… Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007

                           Our Warmest

    At this marvelous time of year, the staff of Family Clinic stop to say how much we appreciate each of you, and to send our wishes for
    a joyous holiday from our families to yours. Pictured in the front row are Jon Copeland, D.O., David A. Ray, D.O. and Denise Casper,
    D.O. (not pictured is Scott Stowers, D.O.); back row - Rusty Tanner, PA-C, Chris Hansen, PA-C and J.R. Felkins, PA-C.

                                    Family Clinic
                                        808 W.W. Ray Circle • BRIDGEPORT • Phone 940/683-2297
                                                                                                                Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 11

Jesus is the reason for the season
by Beth Toombs                      home.                              Judea made an ordinance that       some shepherds tending their        earth, peace among men of
   These days we see a slogan          Mary was engaged to be          all men should go to the home-     sheep. Suddenly a bright light      good will.”
that says, “Jesus is the reason     married to Joseph, a carpenter.    town of their ancestors to pay     surrounded them, and the Glory          When the angels left, the
for the season.”                    When he learned that she was       taxes. Joseph was a descendant     of the Lord shone abut them.        shepherds looked at each other
   “Who is this Jesus?” you         pregnant, at first he thought he   of King David, so he and Mary      They were really scared. But        in wonderment and said,
ask. “What season?”                 would break the engagement,        had to go to Bethlehem. When       the angel of the Lord said,         “Let’s go straight to
   Well, let me tell you.           but an angel came to him in a      they got there, the town was       “Don’t be afraid. I have come       Bethlehem and see this thing
   Jesus is the Son of God, and     dream and said, “Don’t be          full of people, and they           to give you news of great joy       that God has made known to
the season is the time of the       afraid to take Mary for your       couldn’t find a place to stay.     which shall be for all people.      us.” And they hurried to
year when we celebrate His          wife, for the child she carries    Finally a kindly inkeeper, see-    Today, in the City of David, a      Bethlehem and found Mary
birthday.                           is of the Holy Ghost.” So he       ing that Mary was close to the     Savior was born, who is Christ      and Joseph and the baby, just
   A long time ago, more 2000       honored his committee to her.      time to have her baby, said they   the Lord. You will find Him, a      as the angel had said. And they
years ago, in the little town of    He took her to be his wife, but    could sleep in the barn where      little baby wrapped in swad-        told everybody what they had
Nazareth in Galillee of Judea,      did not have marital relations     they would be warm. And there      dling clothes, lying in a man-      heard and seen. Everybody
a young woman named Mary            with her until after the baby      the Baby Jesus was born. Mary      ger.”                               who heard about it wondered
was sitting by herself, when the    was born.                          wrapped him in some swad-              And about that time, a mul-     at the news, but Mary trea-
angel Gabriel, who was God’s           The months went by, and         dling clothes and laid him in a    titude of angels appeared, prais-   sured all these things in her
chief angel, appeared to her. Of    when Mary was well along in        manger filled with hay.            ing God and shouting, “Glory        heart.
course she was frightened, and      her pregnancy, the governor of         Outside of town there were     to God in the highest, and on
he said, “Don’t be afraid, Mary.
I have come to give you a mes-
sage, marvelous news which
shall be important to all people.
You will conceive and bear a
son, and call His name Jesus.
He will be great, and reign over
the house of David, and his
kingdom will have no end.”
Mary was puzzled. She said,
“How can this be? I am a vir-
gin. I have never been with a
   The angel explained, “The
Holy Spirit will come over you
and the power of the Most
High will overshadow you. For
that reason, the child shall be
called the Son of God.”
   “And also, you cousin,
Elizabeth, eventhough she is
old and has never had a child,
is also going to have a baby.
For nothing is impossible with
   (Elizabeth’s baby is the one
who grew up to be John the
   Mary said, “I am the
bondslave of the Lord. Let it
be to me as you said.” and the
angel departed.
   Mary immediately went to
see Elizabeth, and when she
entered the house and called
out a greeting, the baby in
Elizabeth’s womb leaped, and
Elizabeth was filled with the
Holy Spirit. Elizabeth cried,
“How is it that the mother of
my Lord shall come to me? For
behold, when you greeted me,
the baby leaped in my womb
for joy. You are blessed among
   Mary sang a song of praise
and dedication. She stayed
with Elizabeth for three
months, and then went back
Page 12… Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007

Chico- 3rd Grade                        Dear Santa Clause                        Dear Santa Clase,                        Dear Santa Clause,                         Dear Santa,
Lisa McDaniel                           are you wating for the big day to        How are you? Are the raindeer good?      How is Rudolph and Mrs. Clause             How’s everyone. This year I want a
                                        deliver all those gifts? I have been     Hope they are. I hope you are good.      doing? Wht i want for Cristmas is a        new compute, I also want a new game
Dear Santa,                             waiting for Christmas all year long.     I hope you are good. I hope I get        pink ipod, psp, wii nintindo ds games,     that is star wars that can go on you
For X-mas I want Monopoly, a Dell       How are you and Rudolph? For             the thing I want. please give me a       mario wii game, skatebord, legos,          TV. I relly want a car case that has
laptop, a Wii and memory card, an       Christmas I want the brat that           hand held laptop. With a lot of          flatscreen t.v, real pony, cloths, hats,   cars in it. My 4 brothers like to hav
airzooka, a Canon Camera, a             comes whith a camra. I have been         memery that runs on batery and           shoes, skirts, Jeans, carieoke matien,     a tranceformer. My fist brother
Nintendo DS, Pokemon Diamond, Wii       doing good in school. If you wernt       sollar power and a charger. Pleas give   playstation 1,2,and 3, motorcycle, 4       wants a Operaton Sponge bob too.
Pokemon Battle Revolution, Pokemon      here Christmas would not be fun. I       me it. Mary Christmas.                   weeler, ponytales, spystuff, Jones         My secent brothe wants books too.
Secret wonders packages, a laptop       will to leave some cookies and milk                               from Jacob, Kenny Chesneycd, Carie             My thid bother wants a train track
case, a USB wireless mouse, and the     for a snack. And food for Rudolph.                                                Underwood cd, Hannah Montana 1st           set too. My foth brothe wants a
Jonas Brothers CD. Don’t forget to      and all the other rain dear.             Dear Santa,                              cd, and radio disney cd.                   stufed up animal that’s a bever.
change Rudolph’s lightbulbs.                           from your friend Amy      How are the rein                                Merry Cristmas Santa Claus,                        Your freind Dominique
                             Austin                                              deers. Is Mrs.                                                           Hannah
                                                                                 Clause okay. I have
Dear Santa                                                                       seen all of your
                                        Dear Santa                               movies. I would like-another game for
merry christmas.                        How is your family. I hope you wake                                               Dear Santa
Das roodolph                                                                     my xbox 360 live I would like trans-     How are you? How is rowdof? I would        Dear Santa
                                        me up. Would you take me in a ride       formers the game. I would be happy                                                  How is every body? Santa all I want
realy have a shiny                      with your deers please. I might live                                              like a red m,p,3, player. som clos for
nose. I hope you                                                                 if I wished my mother a new              my four wheeler. Ernesto said that         for Chirsmis is that everybody has a
                                        you a prize for being a good friend. I   refrigirater. I would wish my dad for                                               good Chirsmis and that Anthony has
come see me one day. I have some        want a psp for Christmas and a                                                    rudolph is old. Are you real? Olso I
cookies waiting for you. How is                                                  a box of tools. I would leave reindoor   would like a new bike.                     a good Chrirsmis to and that es al I
                                        Nintendo Ds and I want over the          food on the porch. I would leave a                                                  want for Chirsmis.
mississ Claus. How many deer do you     Hedge for the psp and sponge bob                                                                           Love Nathan
have. Which deer is the leader of                                                box of cookies for you and Mrs.                                                                        Your friend Aimee
                                        for the Nintedo DS.                      Claus. I would like my sister to have
the pack. I cant wait to see you. I                              By Santiago
want a new bike this year. How many                                              a plastic baby with a scroller.
elfs are their. How many where red                                                                       Sincerly Erick
hat’s., How many where green hats.
How many toys did they make this
year. How many did they make last     Dear Santa,
year. How do they build. do they look Ho are you? Is Rudolph fin? Are you
in the snow for bords. what do they   excited about Christmas? I like
eat all winter. I hope your slay ant  Christmas because I like snow. I want
broke.                                for Christmas I want a pink ipot but
                                   TJ a small one not a big one. I want a
                                      computer. I want a big box of make-
Dear Santa Clause,
How are the elves doing at the work- up.
shop. I would really want to have a          Mary Christmas Diana Ponce                 Mom’s Pineapple Pie                                                          submitted by:

ipod for Christmas. Are you real if
you are I mite stay up on Christmas
                                                                                                                                                                          Carla Munn
night to see you when you come. But Dear Santa
I really really want is a compouter How are you
for Christmas. but I maybe will go doing even                                            1 1/2 cups sugar                      3 eggs
to Mexico on Christmas. How is Rudolph also                                                1 stick butter            1 cup crushed pineapple
Rudolph the rainder. I mean rainders. Ms. Clause I                                           2 T. flour                     (undrained)
Marry Christmas ho ho ho                                                                    1 t. vanilla                   1 cup coconut
                                      want a wii
                       Love Marcela also a MP#                                                      1 9” or 10” unbaked pie shell
ps How is Mrs. Clause.                player that
                                      holdes 1,00                                                            Directions
                                      songs like the one at my moms job             Combine sugar and melted butter. Add flour, vanilla and 1
                                      at radio shack. Then please I realy           egg at a time. Add pineapple and coconut and mix well.
                                      realy want a yellow and black brck.           Put in unbaked pie shell and bake for 1 hour and 15 min-
                                                Merry Christmas Ernesto             utes at 350 degrees or until golden brown.
                                                                                                                                    Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 13

Bridgeport - 2 G                          Dear Santa,                                Dear Santa,                             Dear Santa,                            Dear Santa,
                                          How are you? Santa how is every-           How are you How is Mrs. Claus? How      Is Ruldoph real? How are you? Merry    How are you? I hope every thing is
Dear Santa,                               body? I wish for a rock and roll room      are rudoph and all the other rein-      Christmas Santa you rock. How do       fine. I can’t wait till I see you on your
How are you? How is rudolph? I wish       I know that I will be good when my         deer? I like your sleigh. I want a x-   your reindeer fly? Can I please have   sleigh at Christmas night before I
these presents this year. This is my      dad and mom was gone. I was clean-         box 360.                                a gator set. Can I please have a       go to bed. Is rudolph’s nose still
first wish. I wish I could have a tea     ing the kitchen up. Now I wish for         I want a pley house. I want a laptop.   Nintendo wii. How is your wife? Oh,    bright as ever? Tell everybody I said
set. This is my second, a new bike.       everything was perfect and I wish          I deserve I help clean my home.         and can I please have a nintendo DS.   “hi”. I have a Christmas tree with
This is my third wish.                    for a good day for you. I can not                                          Love,                                  Love,   lights and it can spin around. Well, I
                                Love,     wait for Christmas to come! It will                               Harley Hobbs                           Michael Young    want a baby brat for Christmas
                     Maddison Strine      be fun with friends and a lot people.                                                                                     please. I think I get a present be-
                                          It will be fun, a lot of fun.                                                                                             cause I mind my teacher and I do
                                                                           Love,                                                                                    chores sometimes. Thank you, for the
                                                                MacKenzie Lons                                                                                      good times. Do you like chocolate chip
Dear Santa,                                                                                                                  Dear Santa,                            cookies. If you do I do too. What
How are you? How are your reindeers                                                                                          How are you and Mrs. Claus? Here       other cookies do you like? I am your
                                                                                     Dear Santa,                             are the things I want this year. A     friend. How do you know every body’s
including Rudoph! How is Mrs. Claus?      Dear Santa,                                How are you? How is every bidy at
Is she fine? How is the Christmas! I      How are you? How is everybody?                                                     play stashen 2, play stashen 3 and     name? Do you know my teachers
                                                                                     the North Pole are they doing good?     nintendo DS. I deserve these things    name? How are the elves? I like you
could get a toy for minding my teth-      Santa you rock! I can’t wait until         What I want for Chrimas is an x-
ers. I bet the elves are makeing a        Christmas Mallory’s wish list: Hiles                                               because I have been doing my chores    a bunch. I love chocolate. Andrew and
                                                                                     box 360. Anather thang I want is a      at home.                               John sit’s by me. And Hannah sit’s in
lot of toys for a lot of kids. I would    and DS game and a fur real pony.           robot plane and new dog. I should
like any thang that you give me.          Marry Christmas! How do reindeer                                                                           your friend,   front of me.
                                                                                     get gifts becuse I help by doing my                           Devin Daniels                                        Love,
                                 Love,    fly? Santa, you can come to my             chorse at home.
                       Brittny Carroll    christmas play december 4. Please                                                                                                            Brittany Armstrong
                                                                                                                    Love,                                           Bye Bye till Christmas
                                          come I miss you.                                                Mason Perkins
                                                           Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,                               I have been a good girl. I try real
How are you? How are the rein             hard to do what my teachers and
deers? and how is rudolph and             mommy and daddy tell me to do. I
pranser? How is evry body? and how        want a new game and to not be sick
is evry thing at your hous? Dont leav     for Christmas. I will be in Abilene at
any reindeer including rudolph. How       Giggy’s house. I will leave your rein-
are the elfs. Santa will you brang me     deer some food in the yard and you
a new chorer for my game boy. and         some cookies.
new bike. and a mack ofer ball whith                                       Love,
blue eits. and I deserve a present. I                                      Carli
help clean the hous.                      P.S. If mommy finds a place to keep
                                 Love,    a horse could you bring me a black
                        Skylar Horton     pony?

How are you? How are your reindeer        Dear Santa,
(including Rudolph)? I think I might      How are you? Haw is your wife and
have some chocolate chip cookies.         the reindeer? Santa, please bring ma
We have a stocking that has some          a little soft little radio. Santa please
footprints. That is my dog’s stock-       bring me a little radio. Santa please
ing. I love you, Santa. I bet the elves   bring me a book.
are making the toys right now...I bet!                                       Love,
I would like a wii, x-box 360 and two                                 Erika Frotos
plush horses that you can cuddle with
on the floor. I hope you have a nice
and safe trip around the world and
back to the North Pole.
                             Love you,    Dear Santa,
                       Amanda Hewitt      How are you? Is Rudfer good?
                                          I have a present wish’s for my dad.
                                          a tol box, new tools, and charcoal for
                                          his grill. and can I have a land shark
                                                                     your friend,
                                                                     John Mauk
Page 14… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Bridgeport - 2 G                         Dear Santa,                              Dear Santa,                              Dear Santa,                           Dear Santa
Dear Santa,                              How are you Santa? I always wanted       How are the reindeer and how are         I would like a fish. Please bring me aHow have you been? How has Miss
How are you? How is your wife? How       a guitar. I always wanted roller         you? I’ve always wanted a radio And      skate board. How are the elf.         Claus been? Do reindeer really talk?
is rudolph and the other reindeers?      skates. I always wanted a skate          I would like a basketball hoop and a                                       LoveWell I would like a Ben ten PS game
This is want for Christmas can you       board. I always wanted a sled. Can I     basketball to go with it. I woulk like                                   brookeand a Spider man PS game too. I
please give me these things? Can I       have a tint can I have a sleeping bag?   a hot tub.                                                                     would like a skateboard.
                                                                   From .Haley                                             Dear Santa How are the elves to-                               From Jesse
have a x-box 360, wii and a play sta-                                                                       Love Taylar
                                                                                                                           day? I hope there doing good. I would
tion 3?                                                               To Santa
                                                                                                                           like a toy box that is green. I would Dear Santa
                                Love,    Dear Santa,                                                                       like a three 60. I would like a toy How is Rudolph? For Christmas I
                Willie Payheolfe JR.     How is the North Pole? I would like                                               that can walk.                        would like a Soccer goal and a little
                                         a baby brother. I always wanted a                                                                         Love Jasmine swimming pool. I would like a toy cat.
Dear Santa,                              baby sis. How is Rudolph? How is         Dear anta,                                                                                             From: Allison
How are you? How are your reindeer       the elves. How are the reindeers?        Can Rudolph rille talk? I always         Dear Santa
and rudolph? How is Mrs. Claus? I        How are you? How is Miss Claus.          wanted a dirt bike. And I would like     How is the reindeer? I would like a Dear Santa,
want a live harse please. and I want     How the are polar bares. How are         some video games.                        dirt bike that looks like a. bicycle. I’ve always wanted a snow board and
an x-box 360? Please. Can I have a       the penguins?                                                   From Austin       Please bring me a remote control car. a sled also a pet snake. How old is
                                                                                                                           I always wanted a power scooter.      the elves.
wii? I love you, santa. How are the                             Love jaidan                                  To Santa                                                                  By PC Younger
elves? I bet rudolph’s nose is as                                                                                                                   From Kolton
bright as ever.
           Love Joshua Allan Thomas

Dear Santa,
How are you. I hope you had a good
sumer. I want a pet mouse. Can I
please have a set of football pads. I
really want a dangerous hunts 2
game. I will make lots of cookies for
you. I will also poor lots of milk for
you. Have a Merry Christmas.
                      Andrew Horton

Dear Santa,
How are you? Hows mess clus and
hows the deer I wont a outside puppy
and I wont a hot dog and a robot
                        Toby Nichols

2nd Grade Mrs. Loper

Dear Santa
Does everybody have a good life? I
always want an x box 3 60. I always
want play station 3. I always wanted
mustang. I always wanted a bike .I
always wanted a copter.
                           By Dennis

Dear Santa
How is the North Pole? I’ve always
wanted a pet corn snake. Then please
bring me a four-wheeler they are so
cool. They go so fast. I wish for a
Wii they are cool.
Dear Santa,
How are the elves? I would like a
                         Your friend,
                                                                                           Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 15

Chico- Mrs. Terrells -K-class

      Dear Santa,                       Dear Santa
      I wont a dog.                     How r yu? I wont a
          Love Duncan Wiley             scatBorD. ples.
                                                  Love Logan

   Dear Santa                        Dear Santa,
   I lik u. I wont a supr nintindo   How r the elvs? I wont a
   DS Morio.                         Dora pla kitjen.
                      love Kenyon                     Love Chloe

    Dear Santa                       Dear Santa
    Is Rudof buze? I wont            How r the rander? I wont a
    a basbol bat.                    spidrman.
              Love, Drake                         Love William

    Dear santa                       Dear santa
    How is ol the rander?            How r the randeir? I wont
    I want a rel rabbet.             a babe dol tat swims.
            Love Geargie                         Love Marissa

                                                                   From L to R: Ric Moseley (son-in-law), Leah King, Kristy Moseley,
                                                                   Josh King, Terry King (wife), Phil King, Hannah King, Mary King, Sarah
                                                                   Holt (daughter), Isaiah Holt (grandson). Not pictured is Melody Holt
                                                                   and Jacob Holt, Phil's son-in-law and granddaughter.

    Dear Santa                        Dear santa
    I Love u. I wud lika pla          Iv ben gud. I wont a ras
    4 whelr.                          kar.
                Love Shelby                          Love Paul

                                                                   Political ad paid for by Phil King Campaign, P.O. Box 1913, Weatherford, Texas 76086
Page 16… Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007

Chico- Room 1-S                        Dear Santa,                                Dear Santa,                            Dear Santa,                                Dear Santa,
Dear Santa                             I would like a rill treschr chest with     What I wont for christmas is a Hanna   My mom and dad need a new car              I want a car for my dad and mom
I would like a cat and top and a a ril pirit ship.                                motana twister and clothes. and five   and truck. I want a new dirt bike          teachers help learn and write i want
Barbie and a dog and a babe doll                              Love Domanick       hanna montan tickets and jewlry for    and my good brother wants a dirt           a bike for christmas. and a car for
and a Hannah Montana singing doll. Dear Santa,                                    my mom and for my dad sum more         bike to. I wont a four wheeler. Me         me and a truck.
                       Love Lindsey I would like the big baby doll for            shoe and for my family they want a     and my good brother needs a new                                    By Zachery
                  Chico First Grade Christmas.                                    car.                                   dirt bike and a computer and
                                                                                                   Love Brooke Lynne                                          Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                         ribstick. I love chrismis. I need these
                                                              Love Jacqueline                                                                                 I want a DS with Pokemon Rager
                                                                                                                         for chrismis please.
Der Santu                                                  Chico First Grade      Dear Santa,                                                                 please get me it santa and get mom
I wt a wrk hu hu hnre. Santu, u r Dear Santa,                                     I wish for a bike and a car for my                                          a new car and for my dad get him a
hensom.                                For Christmas I would like a new four      mom. and a barbie and a bed and a                                           new motorcycle and my brother noth-
                                                                                                                         Dear Santa,                          ing.
                                  Luv, wheeler.                                   book for me. and a horse for me        I wish I could have a hot pink bike
                     Layne Spradlin                                 Love Zara     and a sweet cat for me and sweet                                                                by Jacob Taylor
                                                                                                                         santa I wish you a merry christmas
                        Chico Pre-K                                               dress for me and a hannah montana      a happy christmas to. I wish for a
                                       Dear Santa                                 barbie for my best friend hunter.      dream house with a pink bed in it. I Dear Santa,
dear Santa I want a pal uth dalb I would like to have a bike.                                                   Love,    want a DS a pink one to. I want a I wish for a good game and a good
aba banch has ah the bo uth the plis                                     Love                                   Ruby     hot pink g is case I go huting and I christmas my mom and dad needs
is bo ah I wot a hls ab a kitih ah                                     Ashtyn     Dear Santa,                            want a hot pink dirt bike.           a good supplies and I would like
                         love journey                      Chico First Grade      I wish I had a dirt bike and a cell             From BreeAunna Kay Hunt playstatioen. I hope my family gets
                                                                                  phone and I want to heal my                                                 a good christmas.
                                                                                  grandma. I want to have a puppy.                                                                          From
Dear Santa                               Dear Santa                                                      From Jayden                                                                         Jeff
I would like a horse. I love you Santa.  I would like a jup haows and a set uv
I like Christmas.                        mackup and I will love to hav gud
                            Love Chloe   toys. I like to hav noow craons and
Dear Santa,                                                               Love,
I would like a be bot. I love you Santa.                        Barbara Davis
Merry Christmas.                                               Chico 1st grade
                              Love Joey.
Dear Santa,
I would like a jup haows. I would likeBridgeport- 2-J
to jup on a haows.                    Dear Santa,                                                                                                May this holiday
                    McKenzie Phillips
                                      I want a skate board and some
                                      heeleys with the wheels in the back.
                                                                                                                                              season be your best yet,
                      Chico 1st grade My mom needs more money to buy
                                      things. Have a good christmas. You
                                                                                                                                               by leaps and bounds!
Dear Santa,

I would like a Hannah Montana kit friend every body in the world. I love
and a candy and a Barbie.             santa. Santa’s the best. I need more
                           Love Kylie friends like santa. We need a new
                                      car. Love Jason. I want everything in
                                      the whole wide world. Santa has ev-
Dear Santa,                           erything in the whole wide world. I
I would a Game boy and I would like love santa. I want another bike.
a radio. I love you.                                                                                                                               E-Line Services
                          Love Gene                                                                                                                2269 N. Masch
                                      Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,                           I need some clothes and I want                                                                          Branch Rd., Ste. 1 • Denton
I would like to have a baskitboll and pokemon diamond and pearl loops                                                                               940-484-4481
a baskit goul.                        the big pacx and 12 pacx nintendo
                                Love, DS pokemon diamond and pearl the                                                                                  •••
                     Cheyenne Hood game and money                                                                                              Chico Hwy • Bridgeport
                     Chico 1st grade                            By Nicholas
                                                                                                              Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 17

After the fiasco of trying to
                               NAME THAT HOLIDAY MOVIE
                                    twists and turns of life can be which won four Oscars. The France for a Christmas vaca-                 mas Eve who is hoping for be-
vacation at Wallyworld, you         wonderful if you have the right matter is settled once and for tion. Most of the film was shot          lief in the true spirit of Christ-
can understand why this fam-        perspective.                     all when the New York Su- in the Chicago suburbs of                    mas. After falling asleep, a
ily sticks close to home and                                         preme Court and the United Winnetka, Illinois and                      magical train pulls up in front
invites family to join them for     A beagle decorates his dog- States Postal Service both con- Wilmette, Illinois. Any other               of his house and he is invited
a holiday respite in this third     house, the resident philosopher cur.                               shots, such as those of Paris, are   to journey to the North Pole.
installment of the Warner           explains the true meaning of                                       either stock footage or faked.
Brothers series. Mishaps            the season, and the main char- There are 33 screen versions of                                          When 9-year-old Jessica
abound but none funnier than        acter struggles with all the the Dickens’ novelette featur- An infant in an orphanage                   stumbles across one of Santa’s
that of manic squirrel that leaps   materialism that surrounds him ing plum pudding, roaring crawls into Santa’s sack of toys               reindeer in a remote part of the
out and “terrorizes” the family.    in this holiday classic which fires, snowstrewn streets, car- one Christmas Eve and is acci-            forest, no one will believe her,
                                    first appeared in 1965.          olers, and, of course, the bitter dentally taken to the North          not even ther no-nonsense fa-
A discarded silk top hat magi-                                       curmudgeon who’s visited by Pole. Santa decides to allow the           ther (Sam Elliot). Jessica
cally transforms this ice-crys-     This 1954 movie was inspired three ghosts on Christmas Eve. child, called “Buddy” after a               nurses the deer back to health
tal creature into a fun-loving      by the success of the bears the The tale reminds us that Christ- label on his diaper, to be raised      in secret and is determined to
companion for a young friend.       name of an Irving Berlin tune mas isn’t about gifts and by a helper who has no children                 contact Santa and let him
                                    first performed in an earlier money, but rather friends, fam- of his own.                               know where his reindeer is,
This 1942 Irving Berlin musi-       movie. This time Bing Crosby ily and love.                                                              but her efforts only result in
cal was intended to feature         pairs up with Danny Kaye to                                        This 2004 film expands a story       public humiliation for her fa-
songs for all holidays of the       romance a pair of singing sis- This 1990 comedy stars that can be read in less than                     ther. Cloris Leachman appears
year, but it was the Christmas      ters performing at a Vermont Macaulay Culkin as an eight- three minutes into a ninety-                  in this 1989 film shot entirely
number that stole the show and      lodge.                           year-old who mistakely left nine-minute movie. It tells the            on location in Indiana.
won the Oscar for Best Music:                                        behind when his family flies to story of a young boy on Christ-
Original Song and led to the        After an outcry of protest in-
movie being considered a            sisting on a happy ending for
Christmas one! It paired up         the Misfit Toys, new scenes
Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire        were created to show Santa’s
for the first time.                 sleigh rescuing them and find-
                                    ing homes for them all in this
Jim Carrey’s facial contortions     1964 animated classic. Other
are a bit over the top in the       Characters include an elf who
2000 remake of the 1966 ani-        wants to be a dentist, an abomi-
mated holiday classic, but the      nable snowman, a prospector
residents of Whoville still man-    anmed Yukon Cornelius, and,           We’re sending our best
age to enjoy Christmas.             of course, the guy with the
                                    chapped proboscis.                    wishes to the many good
Unrealized dreams and $8000                                                friends and neighbors
in missing funds pushes             “Does Santa Claus really ex-
George Bailey to the brink in       ist?” A young Natalie Wood is          we’ve had the pleasure
this 1946 movie, but a guard-       convinced he does and is hold-         of serving this year.
ian angel named Clarence            ing court in a New York depart-        May your heart and home
helps George see that even the      ment store in this 1947 film
                                                                           be filled with good,
                                                                           Christmas cheer.
                                                                           We look forward to serving
                                                                           you in the year ahead.

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            Grandes Cafe                                                                                       Tire Store
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Page 18… Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007

Hello Santa                               Dear Santa,                          Dear Santa,                             Hello Santa my name is Juinor. I do        Dear Santa, I wont a rersper car
My name is Rosa I am a big fan of         I’ve been a good boy this year. What My name is Jennifer Salazar and I       not know how to write yet so my sis-       for Crismus. I hav ben gud Love Kolby
Hannah Montana I am 9 years old.          I would like for Christmas this year am 11 years old. How are you doing?     ter Rosa is writting for me I live in
How are you? I am fine. I’m just play-    is some toys that have to do with    I’m doing really fine. What I really    Bridgeport TX. Santa what are you          Dear Santa, I want a Nikki doll, lap
ing with my baby brother we lost the      Spiderman. He is my favorite. How    want for Christmas is a Karioke ma-     going to do for Thanksgiving? I am         top, mp3 player, and a game
phone and couldn’t find it. so we told    are your reindeer? Have a merry      chine, a doll called “Little Mommy”,    going to my couisons. Santa what do        thankyou Makenzi Wells
him were is it. It was in the trash       Christmas Santa. Love, Sebastian     a Hannah Montanah barbie doll, a        you want for a Christmas present? I
can. What do you want for Christ-         Green (youngest Green boy) Age: 4    cell phone, a digital camera, a new     want alot of balls I love balls and I
mas? I want a Hannah Montana lamp         Town: Bridgeport, TX                 watch, a bicycle, toys, a cute purse    want clothes, socks, shoes. My shoe        Dear Santa am 13 today Dec. 2, but
and a tooth tune of Hannah Mon-                                                and that’s what I want for Christ-      size is 5 and my size of clothes is 2      this is what i want for Christmas a
tana and a blanket of Hannah Mon-                                              mas. I hope I get these things. I’ve    years old. My sock size is 2 years         phone, make up, jewely, clothes, ipod,
tana a doll of Hannah Montana and                                              always wanted a cellphone, and a        old. It is okay if you cant give this to   my name is Barbara Ann Bridgeport,
miley Cyrus doll and a CD player and      Dear Santa,                          karioke machine. Well that’s all I      me well then good night. PS. I know        texas. P.S. PSP Player
a the set of Hannah Montana and           I have been good. Id like to have wanted to say well bye Santa!!!!           you deserve it well tell the elves I
Shrek the 3rd movie and the Hannah        some toys that deals with batman.                                            said goodnight and the raindeer and
Montana wig and moon sand and             And I would like to have some learn-                                         you good knight sleep tight don’t let
clothes preety clothes my friends         ing game to play on TV. Merry                                                the bugs bight.
always say that my clothes is ugly        Christmas Santa, Say hello to Mrs. Dear Santa, I have been a very good
and that i’m fat and call me a pig        Clause. Love Milton                  boy. All I want is a Nintendo DS. and
but I ignor them somtimes they hurt       Green Jr. (middle                    a guitar with a microphone. PS Please
my feeling I am a size 12 or 10/12. I     Green boy) Age: 5                    give my sister Madison some toys
also want some shoes and slippers         Town: Bridgeport, TX                 so she will stop playing with mine.
or the night It is okay if you can’t                                           Love Bryan Gibson Schwartz
get me all these stuff at least 1 or 2.
I know you have alot more presents
to make so I have to go Oh yeah I         Dear Santa,
wear size 31/2 or 4 of shoes good         I look foward to
night I know you need sleep and I’m       Christmas this year. I am a good
sorry if I have been naughty to my        boy. I like skateboards and I need
sisters and mom and dad it is just        some good bike gear for my safety.
they hit me alot of times like today      I like riding my bike. Merry Christ-
November 21, 2007 my sister won’t         mas Santa. Tell your reindeer I said
let me go inside her room she only        hi. Love Jordon Green (oldest Green
let’s my sister go in well good night.    boy) Age: 6 Town: Bridgeport, TX
Oh yeah forgot to tell you this. I
wanted this forever I want the dance

                                                                                         j|á{|Çz çÉâ tÇw çÉâÜá t ãÉÇwxÜyâÄ {ÉÄ|wtç áxtáÉÇA
                                          Dear Santa Claus,
mat of ... Hannah Montana but it is
                                          Mongoose Bicycle Hot pink and black.
only at Toys R Us Good night I’m
                                          Brooklyn Goines
sorry that I woke you up again. That
is if your asleep.

                                                                                          `tç à{x çxtÜ t{xtw uÜ|Çz ÅtÇç uÄxáá|Çzá çÉâÜ ãtç |ÇvÄâw|Çz {xtÄà{?
Dear Santa,                                                                               {tÑÑ|Çxáá tÇw zÉÉw yÉÜàâÇxA g{tÇ~ çÉâ yÉÜ á{Éã|Çz âá áÉ Åâv{ ~|Çw@
For x-mas I would like Patrick
Crayton Jersey, Zatchbell mamoodo
                                                                                          Çxáá tá vâáàÉÅxÜá tÇw yÜ|xÇwáA jx ÜxtÄÄç tÑÑÜxv|tàx çÉâÜ ÄÉçtÄ áâÑÑÉÜàA
Fury the game, Smackdown vs Raw

                                          name: Mathew Deering
2008, 1 Zatchbell and ponygon Toy,
Harry Potter order of the Pheonix         old: 9
                                          Dear Santa this is what i want for
DV D, The ulltimate Spider man
                                          Christmas. 1. games 2. wallet 3.
Comic collection, 1 Naruto, sasuke,
neji, and game Naruto toy’s, 1 Steve      gameboy 2 games 4. longhorns hat                                    914 Halsell St. • Bridgeport
                                          navy 5. hoody with a dragon 6.
nash jersey, The Simpsons season 2
                                          Pokemon cards 7. iPod 8. memory                                          940-683-2524
Sponge Bob seasons 5, shower radio
                                          card 9. pants 10. neckless
                                                                                                      Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 19

                                        submitted by:
                                                                                                                                  submitted by:
                                        Wanda Rose                             Susette’s Salad                                    Susette Peer
          Cherry Cake                                                                         Salad:
                                                                                    1 bunch of broccoli, chopped
                   Ingredients                                                         1 cup sunflower seeds
                                                                                            1/2 cup raisins
4 cups chopped Pecans         1 cup sugar                                   1/2 pound of turkey bacon, fried and crumbled
1 cup canied cherries         1 tsp baking powder                                      1 small onion, chopped
chopped                       4 eggs
3 slices candied Pineapple    1 cup flour                                                   Dressing:
1 cup dates chopped           1 tsp vanilla                                                1 cup Hellman’s
                                                                                             1/2 cup sugar
                   Directions                                                               1/2 tsp vinegar
 Beat eggs and sugar and cream.                                             Combine all ingredients. Chill at least 1 hour.
 Put flour and baking powder over fruit, add
 to egg mixture.
 Mix well.                                                                                                                                   submitted by:
 Bake in tube pan 1 1/2 hours at 325º                                                                                                        Vicky Keas
 with a pan of water on shelf above
 and below cake. This makes a large

                                                                submitted by:
                                                                                                       Cream Cheese Squares
                                                              Wanda Rose
                                                                                                     2 (8-ounce) cans refrigerated crescent roll dough
                                                                                                     1 teaspoon vanilla extract
                                                                                                     2 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese

                              Fruit Cake                                                             1/2 cup margarine, melted
                                                                                                     1 cup white sugar
                                                                                                     1/4 cup white sugar
                                   Ingredients                                                       1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

          2 1/2 cup flour
          1 cup sugar
                                                       3 eggs
                                                       1 box raisins                                                   Directions
          1 cup butter                                 3/4 cup buttermilk                           Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 9x13 pan.
          1 cup dark syrup (Grandma Molasses)          1 tsp. cloves                                Unroll one can of the crescent rolls and press it into
          2 cups candied fruit                         1/4 tsp. nutmeg                              the bottom of the prepared pan. In a medium bowl,
                                                                                                    mix together the cream cheese, 1cup white sugar, and
                                  Directions                                                        vanilla until smooth and creamy. Spread this over the
                                                                                                    crescent layer. Unroll the second can of crescent rolls,
Mix well and bake in round thin layers 3-4 fill with icing below.                                   lay them on top of the cream cheese layer.
                                                                                                    DO NOT PRESS DOWN.
                             Filling Ingredients                                                    Pour the melted margarine over the entire
                                                                                                    top layer of crescent rolls. Combine the
               3/4 cup sweet cream                   1 lb. dates                                    remaining 1/4 cup white sugar and cin-
               1 1/2 cup pecans                      2 cups sugar                                   namon. Sprinkle this over the top of the
                                                                                                    melted butter. Bake for 25-30 minutes
                                    Directions                                                      in the preheated oven, or until the top
                                                                                                    is crisp and golden.
Cook to almost candy. Spreading thickness. Ice entire cake. Decorate with Maraschino                Yields: 24 servings.
Page 20… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007
                                                                                                                 Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 21

by J.D. Clark                           A reporter named Croffut       outside of a major city and         able for people who wanted to       wireman,” so the design was
    Last night, a group of          visited Johnson’s home and         wanted an electrically-lit tree,    attempt the hand-wiring them-       not patentable.
friends and I went driving          wrote about the tree in the De-    he or she had to supply their       selves. In fact, Popular Elec-         GE’s failed attempt to
around to view the Christmas        troit Post and Tribune, widen-     own power from household            tricity Magazine featured a         patent the festoons left the
lights that are on display in our   ing the awareness of a possible    generators.                         piece for children detailing how    market wide open. Many
area this year.                     new holiday decoration.               A “wireman” also had to be       to light a tree with battery-pow-   companies began to manufac-
    As we enjoyed the elaborate         Two years later, in 1884,      hired to light the trees, because   ered lights.                        ture and sell the strings of
displays at some homes, I be-       Johnson improved his tree          few people were willing or able         In 1903, however, Christ-       lights, and the Christmas light-
gan to think about my annual        lighting design and decorated      to perform the intricate job of     mas tree lighting changed. The      ing industry was born.
Christmas story for the paper       his tree with 120 lights in        hand-wiring all the lights on       General Electric Company               Incidentally, the cost of
and what I would write about        globes of different colors. This   the tree. Because electric          (GE) introduced the first sets of   GE’s first string of lights was
this year.                          time around, the New York          socket outfits had not yet been     pre-wired sockets, which they       $12 per string of 24 lights.
    I wondered where and how        Times did a story on the tree,     invented, the tree lighting had     called festoons. GE attempted       While this amount may not
the tradition of Christmas          complete with detailed techni-     to be hand-wired each time.         to patent the festoons, but the     seem expensive today, in
lights started and decided that     cal descriptions.                     Battery-operated strings of      court system decided that the       1903, the average weekly
would make an interesting               In 1890, Edison’s company      lights, which were smaller but      idea was based on knowledge         wage was approximately
holiday piece.                      published a 28-page catalog        less expensive, were also avail-    possessed by “any ordinary          $13.20.
    To my surprise, a quick         that for the first time included
Internet search revealed piles      lighting for Christmas trees as
of information about historic       a genuine product.
Christmas lights. In fact, there        President Grover Cleveland
are numerous collectors of an-      displayed the White House’s
tique Christmas lights that are     first electrically-lit Christmas
incredibly knowledgeable            tree in 1895, and the nation
about the topic.                    took notice.
    Let’s jump back to 1879,            By the next Christmas, high
when Thomas Edison invented         society members were hosting
the world’s first light bulb.       Christmas Tree parties. These
    Edward Johnson, the vice        events were quite elite; typical
president of Edison’s electric      lighted trees at that time cost
company, experimented with          $300, which is equivalent to
lighting and electricity and in     $2000 in today’s currency.
1882 became the first person            In 1900, Edison began ad-
to electrically-light a Christ-     vertising his miniature tree
mas tree.                           lights in popular magazines,
    The tree was displayed in       which could (oddly enough)
the foyer of his New York City      even be rented. Edison’s ads
home, which was located in the      claimed that the lights had “no
first section of that city to be    danger, smoke, or smell.”
wired for electricity.                  At the time, however, elec-
    Johnson adorned his tree        tricity did not have the wide-
with 80 lights encased in glass     spread public distribution that
eggs of red, white, and blue.       we know now. If a person lived
Page 22… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Chico- Ms. Bowyer- 3rd grade                                                           Which one is so bad to you. Santa       can’t wait till you get here.                                      Your freind,
                                          Dear Santa,                                  Claus are you good today. I wan ta                                  Your friend                               Morgan
Dear Santa,                               How are yall? How is Princer and             ps3. RJ wants a xbox 360. My mom                                  Jacie Green
How are you doing? Are the rein-          Dancer? I have been very good. Am            wants a dimind ring. Mrs. Bowyer        Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,
deer fine? How’s rudolph doing? How       I on the good list or bad list? I would      wants a new sports car are done.        How is misses claus, and the rein-        How is Ms. Claus doing? How is
are the elfs? Is Mrs. Claus doing         like a fue thing for Chismas, like a         Herry and get here.                     deer well guess what I whould want        ruvdof doing? I hope you are redy
good? This year I’ve been good. I’ve      pony, baby sister, flat screa T.V., a                                Your friand     for Christmas I whould want a shot-       for chismas Santa. how do you get
been playing soccer with boys.            good Chismas. Do you thank I have                                  Scott Smout       gun, games for my gameboy and my          in a lot of houses in one night. When
Becase no and i said no girls will play   been good or bad? Is roodoff’s                                                       game cube, a knife, a miny four willer,   you come to my house you will get a
accept me! Hopefuly Stephanie             knose stile bright bright red. Oh I          Dear Santa,                             a small mashety, a crossbow, arows        lot of cookies and a glass of good
Beard will play soccer with me and        would like a pair of skaes. The size         How are the raindeer? How is Mrs.       for my bow and arow, gun cases, bow       milk. can i have a thomy 20, PS3
of corce the boys. She’s comeing          of skaets I would need a size 3. Hope        Clause? How are you? Do you see         and arow cases, a safe to poud my         with mario 64 and god of war 3. Then
Thursday. I can’t wait. I hope we         you have a good trip. Please come            poler bears a lot? Do you see pen-      pocket knifes in and some other stuff,    can i have a glow in the dark Nerf
don’t have to nap. I want a scope         soon.                                        guins a lot? Do you have a elf named    High School Musical one and two cds.      gun. See you soon santa!
for my gun, CD’s, head phones, video                                 Your friend,      Buddy? How are the elfs? Is enybody     Allsoe stuff Santa could give to other                                     Love,
games, like Tony Hawk Pro Skater,                                 Sarah Martin         geting sick? How cold is it up there?   people in my family like my mom, dad,                                    Michael
Gravity bikes, Woody Woodpecker,                                                       Has Mrs. claus been sick this year?     sisters, and my little brother. My
Drage the dark shadow, and most           Dear Santa,                                  Have you been sick this year? Have      mom whould like a stull because she
of all if your only going to give me      How are the elves? Are teh toys              the raindeer been sick this year? For   is short, my dad whould lik enay thing,
one give me agessive inline but not       good. Is your sleigh Santa. My               Chistmas I would like a raser phone,    my sister whould probley want cloths,
the demo the real thing.                  brother is nody. Santa do you like           and a 4 wheeler, and a pair of heeles   my other sister would like julerey, I
                          Your freind,    raindeer. Which one is good. Which           and a tree house taht is water proof    whould like a shot gun, an dmy little
                                  Kiley   one is so mad. Which elve is good.           and I can have a sleep over in it. I    brother whould like spy gear.

                                       Out of Eternity, out of His love –
                                God gave his best gift – Jesus came from above,

                                    He came as a baby, homeless and poor
                                   And centuries later, still knocks at the door.

                                 He’s God’s gift of life as he’s been from the start
                                 With no need for an inn, if there’s room in your                    IT’S A HOLIDAY TRADITION TO
                                                         heart.                                       WISH A MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                    This Christmas and always, we wish you                                  TO EVERYONE
                                       Brought only by his abundant love.
                                                                                                      WHO’S STOPPED BY TO SEE
                                                                                                           US THIS YEAR.
                                   Merry Christmas!                                                         IT’S BEEN A
                                    Tressa, Carl                                                      PLEASURE SERVING YOU.
                                      & Christi
                                                                                           J. D. Coffman Tank Trucks
                                                                                           503 W. Sherman • Chico, Tx
                 THE ELDON R. KAKER AGENCY
          1104 STEVENS ST. • BRIDGEPORT • 683-2621
                                                                   Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 23

                                             submitted by:
 Pumpkin Fudge                                Shannon
3 cups white sugar               spice
1 cup milk                       1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla ex-
3 tablespoons light corn         tract
syrup                            1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup pumpkin puree            1/2 cup chopped walnuts
1/4 teaspoon salt                (optional)
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie

Butter or grease one 8x8 inch pan.
In a 3 quart saucepan, mix together sugar, milk, corn syrup,
pumpkin and salt. Bring to a boil over high heat, stirring
constantly. Reduce heat to medium and continue boiling.
Do not stir.
When mixture registers 232 degrees F (110 degrees C) on
candy thermometer, or forms a soft ball when dropped into
cold water, remove pan from heat. Stir in pumpkin pie spice,
vanilla, butter and nuts. Cool to lukewarm (110 degrees F or
43 degrees C on candy thermometer).
Beat mixture until it is very thick and loses some of its gloss.
Quickly pour into a greased eight-inch pan. When firm cut
into 36 squares.

                                             submitted by:
    German Chocolate Fudge
2 cups semisweet chocolate       2 tablespoons butter
chips                            1 (12 fluid ounce) can evapo-
12 (1 ounce) squares German      rated milk
sweet chocolate                  1/8 teaspoon salt
1 (7 ounce) jar marshmallow      2 cups chopped pecans
4 1/2 cups white sugar

Combine chocolate chips, German sweet chocolate and
marshmallow creme in large bowl.
Combine sugar, butter, evaporated milk and salt in heavy
skillet. Bring to a boil over medium heat. Cook for 6 min-
utes, stirring constantly.
Pour hot syrup over chocolate mixture. Stir with wooden
spoon until smooth. Stir in pecans.
Spread into buttered 10x15 inch pan. Let stand until firm;
cut into squares.
Page 24… Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007

                                                                 Dear Santa                     Dear Santa                 Dear santa
                                       Chico - Mrs.              How is Rudof? I wont a         Is Rudof buze? I wont a    How is Rudof? I wont a
                                       Terrells -K-class         spidrmam. Love Donavon         butrscots pone.            prinses dol. Love Kristin
                                                                                                            Love Jordan

                                      Dear Santa                     Dear Santa                     Dear Santa             Dear Santa
    Chico - Mrs.                      I Ben Gwont atwrtl.            I wont a iceki                 I wont a pone.         I wont a ambulans.
    Barrnett -K-class                        Love, Jessica           Mallery                        Love Rosemary          Jose R

                                     Der Santa                                                    Dear Santa                Dear Santa
   To Santa                                                       Chico - Mrs.                    I wont a comudor
                                     I wont a biccle crish my                                                               I wont a gobooo nekiis,
   I ben good I wot a hot weels                                   Snider -K-class                 Keylee
                                     shav hend ood crl.                                                                     kupudr
   From Jose L                                                                                    love
                                     From Tiffany

   Dear Santa,                       Doar Su                                                      dear sant
   Ckatoordskupudro I wor            Ckiibtifoam foohioohmmp     Dear Santa                                                    Dear Sant
                                                                                                  kulpudr, boodet, bobij
                                     pnatiudsandopp rdgcimoom.   Babel map babil piz hor lot                                   I wont mauida
   makop, so brdd Hlez. Love                                                                      basbitforu. Love
                                     LoveMasson                  70z bit log pil pil Merilyn                                   Love, Katy
   Dailyn                                                                                         Audrey L U Jan

    Dear Santa,
    I wont a Dokdr set Borbes thit
    hav jimaksits Babedol.
                                       Dear Santa
                                       Helz Dahrz SrorD
                                       Love Mrsfnid
                                                                 T [xtÜàãtÜÅ|Çz [ÉÄ|wtç

    Dear Santa,                      Dear Santa,
    I wona modrsikl ckatbood         I wt a rabethles. I wt a
    kupudr. yellow. orange.          door sut. I wt a fepe
    aaron brown. green. red.         suud. I wt a tekrbulswt.
    black. blue. white.              I wt a sanis swt. I wt a
    Mrssnider Love,Aaron             barwswt. Love Kirsten

                                                                             From our home to yours, we wish you and your loved ones
                                                                                         the best holiday season ever!

                                                                           Kokomo Energy Inc.
                                                                               101 Turkey Creek Trail ~ Bridgeport
                                                                                                                                 Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 25

Chico - Ms. Daniel                        Dear Santa,                              Dear Santa,                           Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,
1st grade                                 I have been good this year! Please       I have been good this year. Pleas     I have been good this year. Please        I have been good this year. Please
Dear Santa,                               bring me these things... all the high-   bring me a American Girls. I will     bring. me a wii bring 1 game for it       bring me mod sics and min. a lot of
Thank you for a trampoline. This year     school-musical dolls, a yorky, and       leave you milk and cookies.           and bring a nintendo game. I will leave   other I will leave you milk and cook-
will you plese bring me a DS with a       some other things. Please get my                                     Delaney   you milk and cookies. my Baby             ies.
Dog disk.                                 mom a real diming ring My cuz alot                                             Brother has almost nothing so please                                   Anthony
                   Love, Calli Gordon     of new cothes, my brother some baby                                            bring somthing for him.                   Dear Santa,
                                          toys,Chanse a new food bowl, and my                                                                          Bryson      I want a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Dear Santa,                               Dad a new watch. I will leave you a                                            Dear Santa,                               toy and a Spiderman 3 toy and a
Thank you for the cat. I want a dog       very very very good present if you    Dear Santa,                              I have been good this year. Plese         Spiderman 3 game for my game boy.
for Christmas. I want a house for         leave me a good present. I will leave I ahve been good good this year.         bring me High-School musical dors.        I also want a Teenage Mutant Ninja
Chirstmas. I want a pig for Christ-       you some chocolate milk and choco-    Please give me a chihuahua. I will       My Brther nes a tory thran. my mom        Turtle game. I want a Hulk toy, too!
mas, I want a tree for Christmas I        late-chip-cookie to! Thank you Santa  leav you milk and cookies. How are       nes a noo ring Santa Ples. and I wet                                      Ricky
want a toy for Christmas.                 Clause very, very much!               you santa?                               a Husky.
                                                                        Maikan                                Casey                                                Dear Santa,
             Love Deborah DeLeon                                                                                                                FromeiJayden
                                                                                                                                                                   I haved been good this year. Please
                                                                                1 Dear Santa,                            Dear Santa,                               bringme Iem wilee good I will leave
Dear Santa,                                                                     2 I have been                            I have been good this year. Pease         you milk and cookies
Thankyou for my house. I want a toy                                             3 good this year.                        bring me and my sister a Toy dog.                                    Colby H
airplane. I want a toy helicopter. I                                            4 Please g proozins enerctise            poodle I will leave you milk and cook-    Dear Santa,
want a four wheeler. I want a drum        Dear Santa,                           5 brin                                   ies. me and my sister love you.           I have been good this year. Please
set. I want a electric guitar.            I have been good this year. Please 6 Mrs. Davenport                                                            Tadem     bring me wii and a game boy. I will
              Love Dakoto to couts.       bring me a Gamecube I will leave                               Jackie lol H
                                                                                                                         Dear Santa,                               leave
                                          you milk and cookies! I want and                                               I have been good this year. Please                                      Rami
Dear Sa                                   Legend of Zelea.                      Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                         bring me a will please bring a DiBen      Dear Santa,
Yuor a spel and I wut four kismis I                                     Zachar I have been good this year. Please        ring and bring DiBin shrt for my sis-
wut a green paidl and gutr                                                      bring me a present. I will leave you                                               I have been good this year. Please
               love, Tyler Campbell       Dear Santa,                           milk and cookies.                        ters and bring a devin ring.              bring me a roboraptur. I will leave
                                          Dear Santa, I have been good this                                    Claire                                       Ty     you milk and cookies. and my sister
Dear Santa,                               year. Please bring me a xbox 3sexte                                                                                      wos a realguitar my mom wos a
Thank you for the CD. I want a                                                  Dear Santa,
                                          that at ol and i wut a modisickul and                                                                                    realring my Dad wos a momster
Hannah Montana I want a live dog I                                              I have been good this year. Please
                                          a reing for my mom                                                             Dear Santa,                               truck.
want High School musical                                                        bring me a watch. My mom she like
                                                                       Deymun                                            I have been good this year. Please                                     Emilly
            Love, Hannah Buckner                                                a watch and my dad. He nese a
                                          Dear Santa,                           kutingmushee my little babey He like.    give me a barbie-car. And a Chihua-       Dear Santa, I ahve been good this
Dear Santa,                               I have been good this year. Please a clock and my bruder one more for.         hua. I will leave you milk and cookies.   year. Please bring me swimmer doll.
I want PSP also tido DS. Also a xbox      bring me a PSP. I will leave you milk me i like a gambox and will giv you      I hope you like them. Have a good         I will leave you milk and cookies. and
360. Also pllastashin. Also a gam. Also   and cookies.                          milk and cookies.                        Christmas.                                mom and Dad.
gamboy. Thank you for the blue bike.                                  Tanner F.                             DiAngelo                              Bye-Bye Faith                                 Makayla
                Love, Adrian Breceda
Dear Santa,
I Love u because you are swet. Thank
you for my ball. Thank you for a
horse. I Love you Santa, I Y you. Go
                  Love, Bilyss Boling
Dear Santa
I want a new dog. Thank you I want
a new bike. Thank you I want a new
black DS. Thank you. I want a x Box
and a game. Thank you I want a PSP
and a game. Thank you I want a new
              Love you, Hank Bailey

 Bridgeport - Ms. Davenport
Dear Santa,
I have been good this year. Please
bing my mom a baby cib. I will leave
you milk and cookeys.
Page 26… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Chico Elementary                        Dear Santa,                                                                   Dear Santa,                             Dear Santa,
                                        I hope you are nice and warm. Do                                              I hope you are okay. Tall Rudolph he    How are you feeling? Can I have a
Dear Santa,                                                                                                           is cool. Santa I made Santa cookies
How are you doing Santa clos I hope     you ever get to sleep? I hope Rudolph                                                                                 WII or a x box. How are your rein-
                                        is fine. I was wondering if I could                                           for you. Be careful Santa on the away   deer? Can I have a PSP anda bow
you are doing good. Come to my                                                                                        don’t crash. Would you give me a PSP
house becuse I am goying to leave a     have a new four wheeler. I also want                                                                                  and arrow and a four weeler.
                                        a Wii. I also hope you are going to                                           and a playstashon 2 and a WiIIspors                      Signed Ty Deaton
class of milk. Do you now want I want                                                                                 and a Nintendo DS and a game cald
for Christmas I want a WII PSP          give my sister a dog. I hope I was
                                        good this year. I hope you give me                                            Crash Banday coot and a big ball.
Nintendo DS bebe gun and a four                                                                                                        Signed Marie Lingle
wheeler and a dirt bike. I dont want    alot of presents. I also hope you will
you to be see so be worm so you         give everybity alot of presents. I also
yonte get sec on Christmas eve and      want a new PSP game. It is caled                                              Dear Santa,
so your sleigh wont brake doun. Ceep    NcAA 08 football. I also want guitar                                          Do you ever get sleep? How are your
Rudolph the red nose reindeer and I     hero3. I cant wait till Christmas.      Dear Santa,                           reindeer doing? Santa would you bring
want a peeing pong table and a pol                          Signed Chris Tate Are your good? I hope your reindeer     me a Nintendo DS. I hope you make
table.                                                                          Are you good? would bring me a 9S9    it to my house.
               Signed by Aric Garza     Dear Santa,                             and the games to a 9S9.                           Signed Rheason Levelett
                                        How are you and Miss Clause and                        Signed Xavier Keller
                                        your reindeer? I was wandering when
                                        do you sleep? and why do you touch
Dear Santa,                             my nose when I’m asleep? but can I
Make shor you feed the reindeer.        have a Miero Phone Stand and a
Do you sleep on Chritmas nihgt. Can     stuffed dog or a new game for my
I have a Nintendo DS and a four         DS. a new car for my Barbie dolls. I
wheeler and a bebe gun and a lots of    wake up there are a lot gone after
mogy and a PSP game and a WII           you eating them. and a great Christ-
game and a gatar hero 3 and ping        mas!
gong table and a pool tadle.                            Signed DJ Goodman                   Here’s hoping your stocking is stuffed with
        Signed by Bailey Umphress                                                           peace, love and joy this Christmas, just as
Dear Santa,
I’m seven year old. How are you and
                                                                                             we’re overflowing with best wishes and
Rudolph the red nose reindeer. I’ll                                                                   gratitude for all of you.
make cookies for you. My Christ-
mas is going to be great. I would
like a Nintendo DS and a PSP for
my brother Ryan. anda truck for my
                                      Dear Santa,
                                      How are your reindeer I like Rudolph
                                                                                                                      WISE READY MIX
brother Harley. anda hoodie that says and the rest of the deer. So I’m go-                      2205 16th Street • Bridgeport, Tx. • 940-683-4255
Dallas cowboys.                       ing to tell you what I want for Christ-
             Signed Jamie Williford   mas. It is a Nintendo Ds and a bow
                                      and arrow and a guitar and a guitar
                                      pick and I want a ping pong table
                                      and a pull table.
Dear Santa,                           I hope you have a Merry Christmas.
Did you have Rudolph? How are you.                      Signed Jerod Blanks
I have a Christmas tree. I like your
reindeer. Did you go to sleep? How
are your reindeer. I want a DSP. Is Dear Santa,
it snow our there. Did you have I hope your Feeling ohkay. Tell rudolph
Christmas cookies? You have a good that he dos good Move. You do good
Christmas Day.                         to Santa I like your Movies to. For
             Signed Daniela Salinas Chrisms I would like a Nintendo DS
                                       I wold like the game to de cats and
                                       Dogs. Anda PSP. And some cloths.
                                       And a cards.
Dear Santa,                                     Signed Verenice Mandujano
Are your reindeer feeling good? Can
I have a x-box 360. I wish I can have
a Four Wheeler? I wish you will bring
men PSP? Can you bring me a WII
With the Mario games? Can you give
me a Nintendo DS. I wish I can have
a PS2? Can I have a bike?
            Signed Arnold Espinosa
                                                                                                                  Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 27

Toy safety at Christmas time
by Angela Dale                        called, but not every item that        ing lead, take the toy away and
    With all of the recent toy        has been recalled can be re-           call you health care provider.
recalls, it is important to get the   moved from circulation. This               DSHS offers these addi-
facts out there about toys and        is why it is important for you         tional safety tips:
their dangers, especially during      as a parent or anyone that will        Select toys that are age appro-
this gift-giving time of year.        give a gift to a child to educate      priate. Look for sturdy toys
    The idea of the product           themselves about the dangers.          with no loose parts
safety experts at the Texas De-           Consumers can look at a list       For children under 3 years of
partment of State Health Ser-         that is researched by the Con-         age, don’t buy toys with small
vices (DSHS) want shoppers to         sumer Product Safety Com-              parts such as balls, marbles,
keep a few things in mind             mission (CPSC) for toys or             etc.
when shopping for toys. First         items that have been recalled.         For children under 6 avoid
of all, know the child and know           One of the major concerns          building sets with small mag-
the toy. With these two pieces        this year has been toys recalled       nets. If the magnet or magnetic
of information you can almost         because of lead hazards. Lead          pieces are swallowed, serious
guarentee the toy will not only       is used in two ways during toy         injury or death could occur.
be enjoyed but it will also be        production. It is found in the         If you buy toys that contain ar-
safe.                                 paint on the toys and in plas-         rows or darts, be sure they have
    Read the labels for age rec-      tics. Toys that have been made         rubber suction cups or protec-
ommendations, and learn ev-           in other countries and imported        tive tips and teach them how
erything you can about toy re-        into the U.S. or antique toys          to play with them safely.
calls. The label will tell you if     passed down through genera-            Discard plastic wrapping on
a toy is safe for younger chil-       tions may expose children to           toys immediately, before they
dren and if it is not safe, why.      lead.                                  become deadly playthings.
Toys that are meant for older             Only a certified lab can           Look for toys that have strings
children may have parts or            make a positive analysis and           as part of the toy. Make sure
strings that can choke or             accurately test a toy for lead.        that they are not long enough
strangle a younger child, espe-       There are some do-it-yourself          for children to get wrapped up
cially those under 3 years of         kits, but they will not tell you       in.
age.                                  how much lead is present, and              For more information about
    Product safety inspectors         they may not detect low levels         toy safety please visit the web
regularly visit mega-sized re-        of lead.                               at www.dshs.state
tail outlets, small stores and            The best advice would be if        hazpro/toys.shtm. or for a com-
resale shops looking for dan-         you suspect your child has             plete list of item and toy recalls
gerous items and for those            been exposed to a toy contain-
products that have been re-

Bridgeport - Ms. Daniel- 1st grade
Dear Santa,                           Dear Santa
Thank you for my Barbie that you I appreiate. I love you. I want a gun.
gave me for Christmis Thank you for I want a motorcycle. I want a PSP. I
the Barbie doll that you gave me for want a dirt bike
Christmis                                      Love, Matthew M Williams
            Love, Kinly Kinly Walker Dear Santa
Dear Santa,                           Thank you. I want a boy Barbie, a
Thank you my polly pocket and comes dog house, a golden retrevior pupees,
with a tree. and bring me a High globe, toy dinosaur, and sticky Rain-
School musical Troy Bolton.           bow.
                  Love, Reena Spann             Love, Michaela Jo Martin
Dear Santa                            Dear Santa,
Santa you are great.                  Thank you from buying me a car set.
                        Love P.J. Neu You are the best fother I ha ve. And
                                      mom you are the gratest mom I ha
Dear Santa,                           ve. And sata clos you are the great-
I want a doll and a baby.             est ever.
                     Love, Paige Leai                       Love, Dameon
Page 28… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Bridgeport- PK-3
Dear Santa,                              Dear Santa,
I am going to give you milk and cook-    I want a baby doll and a bike for
ies. I want hot wheel cars. I have       Christmas. I have been good. My
been good. My mom wants a ring.          momma wants a bike too.
                           I love you.                               Love,
                              Dawson                              Makalia

Dear Santa,
I want a dog for Christmas. My mom       Dear Santa,
wants a black dog. I have been good.     I love you. You are the best Santa
                               Love,     Clause. I want a bratz computer. My
                             Alyssa      mom wants a new car.
Dear Santa,                                                          Audrey
I want Meelys and Barbies for
Christmas. My mom wants perfume.        Dear Santa,
I have been good.                       I would like a black power ranger
                               Love,    for christmas. My mom wants a
                           Veronica     necklace.
Dear Santa,                                                       I love you.
I would like a new computer. Bring                                     Bobby
my brother a book. I love you.          Dear Santa,
                           Gerardo      I want dinsaurs and lots of animals.
                                        I have been good. My mom wants a
Dear Santa,                                                       I love you,
I would like a power ranger for                                 Christopher
Christmas. I have been very good.
                            Christian Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,                             I would like a red power ranger and
My name is Milton. I want a red a spiderman video game. I’ve been
power ranger. I have been good. My good.
mom wants a cat and dog.                                          I love you!
                                  Love,                              Dakota
                                Milton Dear Santa,
                                        I want a puppy for Christmas. I have
                                        been good. My sister wants a cat.
Dear Santa,                                                           Chance
I would like the Island of Princess Dear Santa,
Barbie. I have been good. My brother I want you to come over to my house.
wants a hummer.                         Bring me a pretty talking doll who
                                 Love, can swim and walk.
                              Vivian P                            I love you,
Dear Santa,                                                      Christi Ana
I want a computer. I have been good.
My momma wants a lot of clothes.
                           I love you.
                                                                                 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
                               Brooke                                           We appreciate your business! Rusty&Chasity
Dear Santa,
I want a big place for my pets and       Dear Santa,
for it to snow. I have been good.        I want a bear toy and a unicorn. I
                                         have been very good. My mom wants
                                                                                  SANDY HILL REDI MIX CONCRETE COMPANY
                                love,                                                  3812 S. US Hwy 287 • Decatur, Tx.
                              Anaka      a trophy.
                                                                      Love,                      940-627-8769
                                                                                                     Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 29

Remembering our
troops at Christmas time
by Angela Dale                       not as real people.
    This is my last story as a re-       Even though this happens,
porter before transitioning into     the soldiers of our armed forces
marketing here at the Index, so      accept their fate heroically. You
I felt I needed to write about       don’t really hear a soldier com-
something that is close to my        plain that he is missing Christ-
heart, our veterans, especially      mas at home. Most of them
around this time of year.            know that they have their
    The sacrifices of wartime        buddy right there and that
are most felt around the holi-       young soldier is depending on
day season. For the small mi-        him.
nority of American families              Christmas at wartime
who have someone serving in          brings mixed emotions mainly
Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere       because most soldiers wake up
for that matter this time of year    on Christmas morning to the
can be devastating.                  same thing they have waken up
    Those left behind are left to    with the other 364 days of the
fill a void that just can’t be       year. They wake up to raids,
filled. Children don’t under-        blarring sirens, rocket attacks,
stand why mommy or daddy             IED’s being detonated, and
can’t be there with them over        enraged detainees and citizens.
the holidays.                        They wake up to war.
    The war is something ev-             So this time of year please
eryone is familiar with. It          realize the importance of sup-
dominates our evening news,          porting our troops by demon-
our political debates, our din-      strating our faith in what they
ner conversations, and our           are set to accomplish.
lives in general, however, the           Providing this world with
men and women of our armed           freedom and peace and com-
forces are often invisible. We       ing home alive, healthy, and
see them in photos, television       well.
ads and obituaries columns, but

                                                                            May the twelve days of Christmas brighten your heart and home,
                                                                         creating goodwill, joy and fond memories to last the whole year through.

                                                                               We feel fortunate to have you among our circle of friends.
                                                                                  Thanks for being so good to us this past year.
                                                                                    We look forward to seeing you again soon.

                 [tÑÑç [ÉÄ|wtçá yÜÉÅ                                         Have a safe and happy holiday!
                 V          INCENT
                            INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT

         2250 FM 51 South, Suite 900 • Decatur, TX 76234
       "Securities offered through Linsco/Private Ledger(LPL)
                        Member FINRA/SIPC."
                                                                               836 FM 2952 • Chico • 940-644-2759
Page 30… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Dear Santa,                            Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,
How is Rudolph, Prancer and Cupid.     How is Rudolph. How many lights           is rudolph ok and mrs claus. Are
What I whant for Christmas is a        Rudolph take a day. Am I a good           you ok. Is your reindeer ok i hope
sled. Makeup pet huppies and a         girl. If I wake up too early I was        they are ok. I like your sled i thank
pet nak and a nintendo.                just to excited. All l want for Christ-   it is cool. I thank you are cool. Santa
P.S. your friend                       mas I would like a toy Rudolph and a      is it could up there.
                     Jessica Byers     big bell for the Christmas sprit. I                                Tristan Guess
                                       would like the biggest stuf giraffe.
                                                               By a good girl,   Dear Santa,
                                                                         Azia    I ttak you for your Blasing. All I
                                                                                 waout is Butrsckoth and tackno the
                                       Dear Santa,                               dog. Thats all I wont. Sant i love
                                       Is Cupid ok. Is Rudolph there with        Santa. he is the best man ever. The
                                       his sled so he can pull it. I wish for    end.
                                       Rudoph for Christmas but my mother                                Your best fen
                                       said no. I want a toy home for                              Kellie Ncol Brewer      Friends, Family, Festivity!
                                       christmas.                                                                           May your holiday contain all the
                                                                      Sydnie                                                 makings of a joyous season.
Dear Santa,
How are the reindeer. Are the polar
                                       Dear Santa,
                                       I love Christmas Santa and I want a
                                                                                                                                  `xÜÜç V{Ü|áàÅtá
bear. How cold is it there. What
color is your house. How many elves
                                                                                                                                   9 [tÑÑç axã lxtÜ4
are there. How old are you. How
many toys are there. Santa I have      Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                  Trinity Care Center
                                                                                                                                         2108 15th Street
been trien to be good. For Christ-     How is Prancer? How is Cupid? How                                                                 Bridgeport, Texas
mas I want a ginnie pig.               are the polar bears? Oh, and how                                                                    940-683-5023
                         Your friend   are you doing? I hope you are doing
                              Javan    fine. I’m feeling good. I think you
                                       are very tired.
Dear Santa,                                                     Your freind,
How are you? I’m good how is you                            Caelia McNabb
reindeer? Is rudolph ok? Im shur
he does not cus he is a good rein Dear Santa,
beer. How is mrs claus, is she giving I hope me and my brother gig along.
you unof food? Is it to cold up there. How are the reindeer.
If is I ould put a coat on. I am                                       Love,
wrelly good can you get me a pocet
knife nex I wont a new puppy for my
                                                                   Rheanna             Thank you for your
sister Amber cus I love her and Im Dear Santa,
a good girl. I love you santa          I have bin a good girl. Cuod i have a
                            Your frind dog. And a cat. And a rabbit. A
                         Kaitlyn Argo lipstick for my mom. I wount a
                                       tuthbrush.                                       We hope you have a
                                                                Your friend,
                                                                       Jules           Merry Christmas & a
                                                                                        Happy New Year!

                                                                                                      501 S. US 81 Bus. • Decatur • 940-627-2689
                                                                                                       206 Hwy 380 • Bridgeport • 940-683-2501
 T fÉÄw|xÜá V{Ü|áàÅtá
                                            Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 31

                                        EACH MONTH OF THE YEAR
                                           HOW MANY LAY ALONE
                                             A TEAR TO MY EYE
                                       AND I HEARD A ROUGH VOICE
                                          I DON’T ASK FOR MORE
                                          AND DRIFTED TO SLEEP
            SILENT, ALONE                 I CONTINUED TO WEEP
                                            SO SILENT AND STILL
                                        ON THAT COLD DARK NIGHT
         WAS THIS HERO                  THIS GUARDIAN OF HONOR
                                         WITH VOICE SOFT AND PURE
                                         AND I KNEW HE WAS RIGHT
Page 32… Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007

 Bridgeport - Romines              Dear Santa,                              Dear Santa                     Dear anta,                     Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,                        Ive ben veri good. I want a nintendo     Does everybody have a good Can Rudolph rille talk? I al- How are you Santa? I always
I have been good I wut in Hannah   poruvor. How are you st. nick?           life? I always want an x box 3 ways wanted a dirt bike. And I wanted a guitar. I always
Montana rug. and a pet shop. and                                    Lov     60. I always want play station would like some video games. wanted roller skates. I always
hannah montana guitar.                                             Nick     3. I always wanted mustang. I From Austin                     wanted a skate board. I always
                            Love                                            always wanted a bike .I always To Santa                       wanted a sled. Can I have a tint
                         Breanna     Dear Santa,                            wanted a copter.                                              can I have a sleeping bag?
                                     How is Mrs. Claus? I have been very By Dennis                                                        From .Haley
                                     good this new year. Please bring me                                   Dear Santa,                    To Santa
Dear Santa,                          some pet shop pets.                                                   How is the North Pole? I would
I have been good. I want a nintendo                                  Love,                                 like a baby brother. I always
and x-box.                                                        Jessica                                  wanted a baby sis. How is
                          Love Holt                                                                        Rudolph? How is the elves.
Dear Santa,                           Dear Santa,                           Dear Santa                     How are the reindeers? How
How is Mis clos. How is the elfs I I have been good this yer, How is How is the North Pole? I’ve are you? How is Miss Claus. Dear Santa How are the elves
wont a x-box 360 how is bringin mrs. Claus? I wut little pet shop. I always wanted a pet corn How the are polar bares. How today? I hope there doing
Happy new year.                       wut a cichin I wut a tee set i wut a snake. Then please bring me a are the penguins?                good. I would like a toy box
                               Love,  food set.                             four-wheeler they are so cool. Love jaidan                    that is green. I would like a
                               Harli                                 Love, They go so fast. I wish for a                                  three 60. I would like a toy that
                                                                    Katiea Wii they are cool.                                             can walk.
                                                                            Love                                                          Love Jasmine
Dear Santa,                          Dear Santa,
I have ben good i want a hannah I was verey god howe is Mrs. Claus          Kayla
montana wig and a hannah montana doweng. I have ben god sant i wont a
rug and many.                        dolhows howe is the ronder? howe
                               Love, are you santa?
                              Bekah                         Love Michelle
Dear Santa,
How is mrs. clos. I want a hannah
montana guitar. I ben good.
                               Love, Dear Santa,
                                Lexi X-box the sister noc in chro flwilr. I      Here’s hoping the Christmas season brings you
                                     been good.                                          lots of goodies and happy memories
Dear Santa,                                                          Love,
How is Mis close. How are the                                       Justin                      with family and friends.
randeer? I want a bebe gun.          Dear Santa,                                     Thanks so much for your loyal patronage.
                               Love, I want a Hannah Montana wig. I want
                              Ethan a Gtar. Have are you? How are Mrs.
                                                                                     We look forward to serving you next year!
Dear Santa,                          Claus?                                                         GA & Jan Buckner
I want a nintendo x-box 360                                  Love Reagan
Dear Santa,

How is roowdof
                                     Bridgeport - Mrs. Loper - 2nd
I want nintendo xbox how is mrs. C? grade                                 Chico Butane
                               Love, Dear Santa,
                               Ryan How are the elves? I would like
                                      a motorcycle.
                                                                            Gas Co.
                                      Your friend,
Dear Santa,
I have been very good. pleas bring Jon
                                                                                     400 Hwy 101 South
an I dog with an mp3 playar. How                                                              Chico
mises Cluos?                                                                             940-644-2624
                                                                                                      Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 33

                                           submitted by:
                                             Judy Smith                                                                          submitted by:

         Crunchy Lime Jello                                                                                                         Shannon
                    Ingredients                                                                                                    Smith-Green
1 large pkg lime jello
2 cups boiling water
12 oz. mini marshmallows
3 oz. pecan pieces
1/2 lb. green cabbage, shredded
                                                                               Flourless Chocolate Cake
2 cups crushed pineapple (drained)
1 1/2 cup salad dressing                                                                             Ingredients
1 carton whipped topping
                                                                              1 2/3 cup (10 oz. package)            1/2 tsp. Nescafe Tasters Choice
                                                                              Nestle Chocolatier 62% Ca-            100% Pure Instant Coffee
                                                                              cao Bittersweet Chocolate             granules
                        Directions                                            Morsels                               1/3 cup granulated sugar
                                                                              1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted             8 large eggs
Dissolve jello in boiling water. Stir in marshmallows until                   butter, cut into pieces               powdered sugar
dissolved-cool. Add nuts, cabbage and pineapple. Fold                         1/4 cup water                         whipped cream
in salad dressing. When jello becomes thick, fold in
whipped cream-pour into mold.
                                                                   Preheat oven to 325º. Grease bottom of 9-inch springform pan. Line bottom with wax
                                                                   paper. Grease paper. Place morsels, butter, water and coffee granules in saucepan. Heat
  for everyone who does not like            submitted by:          over medium-low heat, stirring frequently until melted and smooth. Stir in sugar until
           candied fruit
                                            Wanda Rose             smooth. Remove from heat.

                                                                   Beat eggs in large mixer bowl for 5 minutes or until volume doubles. Fold 1/3 of beaten
             Christmas Cake                                        eggs into chocolate mixture. Fold in remaining beaten eggs 1/3 at a time until thor-
                                                                   oughly incorporated. Pour batter into prepared pan.
 3/4 cup oil                                                       Bake for 33 to 35 minutes or until cake has risen (center will still move and
                                   1 tsp. vanilla
 1 1/3 cup mashed ripe                                             appear underbaked) and edges start to get firm and shiny.
                                   2 1/2 cups sugar
 bananas                           3 eggs, beaten
 1 small can crushed                                               Cool completely (center will sink slightly). Cover
                                   2 1/2 cup flour
 pineapple                                                         cake. Refrigerate for 4 hours.
                                   1/4 tsp. salt
 Jar of maraschino cherried,       1/2 tsp. baking soda
 drained                                                           To Serve: Thirty minutes before serving, remove by
                                   1 cup pecans, chopped
                                                                   running a knife around edge of cake. Invert cake on
                        Directions                                 wax paper. Peel off paper on top of cake. Turn cake
                                                                   right side up on serving platter. Dust with powered sugar.
Mix sugar, bananas, eggs, pineapple and cherries in large          Serve with whipped cream.
Stir in oil, sift together dry ingredients and add to first mix-
ture, stirring well.
Add nuts and vanilla.
Mix well by hand, not mixer.
Grease bundt or tube pan with solid shortening and dust
with flour.
Pour batter evenly into pan.
Bake for 1 hour 45 minutes at 300 degrees.
Cool before inverting pan.
Page 34… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Chico -Pendley Classroom                  Bridgeport - Mrs. Loper - 2nd             Deck the halls with bounds of hally             Hello Santa                               Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,                               grade                                     fall llallallallalla l lal lla. tis the sesun   My name is Marcus                         How is Mrs. Clause? Give the elves
Can you bring me a selfon. Can you                                                  to be jolly fall lla lla lla lla lla lla lla.   I want you to get me a game could         a high five for me. Four Christmass
                                          Dear Santa
bring my little brothe. Can yo ubring                                                                                       Colby   Halo3 with the Halo3 controlor. I relly   I would lika cell phone. Please? Tell
                                          How is the reindeer? I would like a
me a I-pod and a I phone and a four                                                                                                 want this new could Assassin 3 Creed      the reindeer I will leave Out carots
                                          dirt bike that looks like a. bicycle.
wole. I went a doll. Whant cand of                                                                                                  it is a relly cool game for the xbox      for them.
                                          Please bring me a remote control car.
cooks do you like and milk. Can I                                                                                                   360. And they is this other two game                                   Sicerly,
                                          I always wanted a power scooter.          Dear Santa,
have a playstation the clor that I went                                                                                             I want to tell you about they are call                                 Conner
                                                                  From Kolton       Hello, My name Bradi. How are the
is hot pink. I went a capener.                                                                                                      of Duty 4 Moder Warfar for the
                                 Leslie                                             raindeer and Mrs Claus? I am fine.              Xbox 360. and zoo tycoon 2 extict
                                          Dear Santa                                Oh, I forgot how are your elves? Are            animals for the computer. This are
Dear Santa,                               How is Rudolph? For                       the working hard?                               all the tings all the ting I want for
I wont a four wller. I wont a selfone.    Christmas I would like                    For my Christmas list I would like a            chrismes fom you .                        Dear Santa,
Do you like colkitt mik? I wont a I-      a Soccer goal and a                       Wii and a cover for the handles you                                        Your friend         How is prancer and the rest of
pod. Do your raindeer wont food? I        little swimming pool. I would like a      know how you held it. Also I would                                            Marcus      the team? This is my wish list.
wont a red shirt. I wont a doll.          toy cat.                                  like is a nintindo case hot pink. If                                                      1. A black Clydsdale named Red
                               Taylor                            From: Allison      you talked to my mom it is in a maga-                                                     2. A cart with a hitch and hay
                                                                                    zine that she has. Another thing I                                                        3. Reins and blinds and of course a
Dear Santa,                                                                         would like is some fatbaby boots. The                                                     harnes
                                          Dear Santa                                color I would like to have is pink and
What kind of cookies do you like?         How have you been? How has Miss                                                           Dear Santa                                4. Anything that might be needed to
Do you like chaclet chip cookies and                                                brown or pink and blue at “David’s              My name is Tyler Lee. How have you        keep Red fit
                                          Claus been? Do reindeer really talk?      Western saddle” up. It is in Decater.
chaclet milk or planin milk? Santa                                                                                                  been has Ms. Clause been. This is         5. A western style saddle, bit, and
                                          Well I would like a Ben ten PS game       If my grandma does not get me a
can you bring me a new baribe car.        and a Spider man PS game too. I                                                           my List for christmas. I want a bas-      spurs.
Santa I mite live cookies for your                                                  pajama set, will you get it for me?             ket ball goal and a basketball, a dirt-   6. A DS with the game “dogs”
                                          would like a skateboard.                  Also would like a four wheeler so I
reandeer. Santa can you get me                                                                                                      bike bike with brakes, a new play         7. A Play staytion with the game
                                                                   From Jesse       can give my sister my old one and
moonsand?                                                                                                                           station 3 with games, I want a cd         “Bully”
                                LuLu                                                then I can have a bigger one, be-               player with cd’s, I want a radio, and     8. A labtop that keeps up with feed-
                                                                                    cause I am kinda gettin big for it              poepomom card’s                           ing
                                          Dear Santa,                               So that’s what I like for Christmas.
Dear Santa,                               How are the reindeer and how are                                                                           Love you truly friend    The person who your going to give
I want a I-pod and a pink cell phone.                                                                                Love,                                      Tyler Lee     all the presents here,
                                          you? I’ve always wanted a radio And                             Bradi Anderson
I want a real rabbit and a real don-      I would like a basketball hoop and a                                                                                                                         Taylor Hood
key. What kind of cookies do you          basketball to go with it. I woulk like
want for you and your dears. I’m          a hot tub.
still going to put milk an dcookies if                              Love Taylar
my mom makes some. Thank you
for all the nice things you gifed me.

Dear Santa,
                                          Dear Santa,
I am happy you are comeing to my
house to give me my toy. I just want      I’ve always wanted a snow board and
                                                                                                                                                       We really appreciate your continued
two. I don’t want alot of toys I have     a sled also a pet snake. How old is                                                                           and loyal business this past year.
alot of toys at my house. I want a        the elves.
                                                                By PC Younger
                                                                                                                                                       With a bundle of best wishes to all our
plane and a doll. I can not weth any-
more I, am very happy and do yours                                                                                                                      neighbors and friends this holiday
deers eat alot? Do you like cookies?      Dear Santa,                                                                                                                season.
I think you do.                           I would like a fish. Please bring me a
                     Alondra Bolanos      skate board. How are the elf.
                                                                            Love                                                                       Happy Holidays from your friends at
Dear Santa,                                                               brooke

I wut a bike. I oso wut a snake. In
plees reeg me a forwheeler. Wut
kun of cookes Santa like? Take for

weeg me a prisint.
                            Ernesto Chico -Fourth Grade

Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,
I want an mp3. I want a Ipot. I           My name is Colby Actkenson
want an psp. I want a snake. How              My list is a viteo camru, a puppy,
old are you Santa. What cind of           snow, every pokemon stufed animal                                                                        1411 Chico Hwy. • Bridgeport
cookeys do you like. Do your rian
deer want food?
                                          ever made and my family to be happy
                                          and a better grade and a hores
                          Nicolas                                 Sinserily Colby
                                                                                                                                    Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 35

Chico -Fourth Grade                       Dear Santa,                                Dear Santa,                             Dear Santa                                Dear Santa,
                                          I want an ead or an MP3player but i            I know your probably busy tak-      How are things going up at the north           Hi, I’m Courtney dawn byers and
Dear Santa                                mostle want an Ipodd beacuse alredy        ing care of the reindeer and Mrs.       pole and sence I have been relly good     I’m in 4th grade, and I’am 10 years
Hello Santa my name is Jeremy. Here       had an mp3 player and I want a kit-        Clause. But I’d like to tell you my     this year hear is my christmas list       old.
is my list for Christmas I wan’t a        ten and a newborn puppy new clothes        Christmas wishes.                       1. yorkshiterrer                               How is Mrs. Claus. How are your
Wii and a smackdown game for it           new shoes and new belt. I want a               For Christmas I would desire a      2. High School musical 2                  elves and Reindeers.
    I wan’t a 25 bolt action and a        new bike a toy car that I can drive        flate screen T.V., a wii, and entendo   3. High School musical twister            How far is the North Pole. How is it
camo bb gun. This is all I wan’t from     around the house I could even drive        DS, and 50,000,000,000 dollars!         4. littlest pet shop monopoly             up there. Is it cold up there. I still
Santa because it is a little exspensiv    it to school and back home I wish I        Sinseraly,                              5. Nintindo Wii                           believe in you and your reindeer. Here
thats why I just wan’t 3 things from      could really get that car cause it would   Siarra                                  6. gift card with $150.00 to wallmart     is my Christmas list, I want a
you. Say hi to the elvs please am         be really really fun. So could you get         P.S. You can hold for the           7. spa kit                                Drumsets, An Eletric Gutiar, An Mini
Mrs. Clause tell Mrs. Clause that         that for me for christmas?                 50,000,000,000! I think I mimorised     8. labidor retrever                       Razor, An Sting Ray Bike that you
she looks very pretty this year. Santa                                  Sinserle,    the reindeer names, Dasher and          9. vidio camera                           petal An Magnetix set, an the Tales
I wish that I can meet you, Mrs                                             Hailey   Dancer, francer and Vickson, Comet      10. I-pod                                 From the Crypt series, An Unicorn
Clause and the elvs and your builfing      Dear Santa                                and Coupid Doner and Blitson and...     11. Mp3 player                            Coloring book, An Unicorn Puzzle.
factory where your elvs make the           How is it going up there at the North     Roudolf                                                     Sencerley, Dakota                                Yours truly,
toys for the children yors                 Pole. Are your reindeer redy to take                                                                                                              Courtney Buers
                         truly Jeremy      off. How are thelves are they doing                                                                                         P.S. How Many Reindeer do you have.
                                                                                                                             Dear Santa,
                                           ok. The list of the things I want for                                             How are you? Everybody said your
by: Kalan To: Santa                        Cristmas. I want a PSP with college                                               not real but I beleve in you every day.
Dear: Santa                                football game, and a XBox 360 and                                                                             Your friend
four Christmas I would want a dirt         PS3, and a new game boy game. The                                                                  Jason Tyler Shepard
bike. I would also want a exbox 360        new gameboy game is going to be
and a playstaiotn 3. I would also want     Madden NFL 07.
a flat screen tv. I would want a bas-                        Yours Cincerly Bray
ketball and a Dallas cowboys bas-
ketball and football. I would also want   Dear Santa,
                                                                                          Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas
a rocking chair. I would also want a      Hello Santa my name is Kyler Here
mini chalk board I would also want a      is my list for Christmas
laptop so I can play games on It. I       Wii                                           Commercial and Domestic                      Locally Owned                               Tanks Leased
would also want a cool control boat       PSP                                             Propane Delivery                           and Operated                                   or Sold
so when I go to the lak I can ge the      PS3
control out and set the boat in the       A game for my nintindo DS
water and play with it. I would also

                                                                                                               WISE PROPANE
                                          Raman arena for a Wii
want a dalls cowboy’s jersey. I want      That is pretty much all I want. Tell
the jersey number to be 24 beacus         Ms. Clause I said hi, and The elves
marine barber scores a lot of             too.
touthdown’s and I would also want                                  Your freind,
cowboy tikets so I can watch them                                          Kyler
give me good seat tickets.                 Dear Santa                                    A Fully Owned Subsidiary of Wise Electric Cooperative, Inc.
                                           What’s up May I please have a
                                           1. dirt bike
                                           2. playstation3                                          A Full Service Propane Dealer
                                           3. xbox360
                                           4. four weler
Dear Santa,                                5. airsoft gun
                                           6. dart gun
Hello Santa
My name is Shelby and you probly           7. money                                      Call Wise Electric at 940-627-2167 or 1-888-627-9326 Toll Free
know me I like a lot of stuff not boys     8. new tv
                                           9. new house                                                    or Call Direct 940-683-2683
only cars the hot weels they are cool
now this is my list I want everything      10. new bed                                              US Highway 380 West, Bridgeport, Texas
that go’s to girls. Oh how is Mis.         11. puppy
clause? Is she fine? Tell the elfs that
I said Hi
                                           12. to be able to pay the bills
                                           13. freind                                                    & a Happy New Year!
Page 36… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Chico -Fourth Grade
Dear Santa                                  Dear Santa                                    Dear santa These is your friend Nick    Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa
    Hi Santo. My name is Stephen.           Hello Santa. My name is Armando.              so How is it going in the NorthPole.         Hello, my name is Colton. I want             How are you doing. How is Roodof
I ben good thes year. How are your          How are you being and Ms. Santa.              How are u doing How is Mrs.claws        to show you some of my Cristmas              and Miss. Clos doing. I hope yall are
elfs? Here is my list fist: woun’t a        This is my christmas list I wish for a        doing are yall taking good care av      list. It is a four page list. I would like   all doing go. Oh one more thing wut
Skatebored for christmas in ! won’t         1. wii for christmas                          them alf’s. OK Santa this is what I     to give you all of my list but it is to      kind of cookis do you won’t . Will
a ipod e ring all the stuff you can get     2. dike                                       would like for Christmas a Ipod a       long and I don’t remember all of it.         now it’s time fore my lisst. starting
me How is the ms. claus doing well !        3. DS                                         new skateboard and Guitar horoe         I’ll show you my list later thow.            with a brand now fouler, and a p.s.p,
hope she do good. Are you working           4. xboxs                                      three and some money so I can go             How is Mrs. Claus, and the rein-        and a big chack fore a $100.00
hard christmas is couming up So you         5. psp                                        to the mail in get some stuff. What I   deer. Give the elfs a highfive. I would      dollers to. I hope you, Roodof, and
meed to het the ger. How froesty            6. mp3                                        would willy do is go get my friends     give you my Christmas list, but I don’t      Miss. Clos have a good chrismis.
coumen he won’t home for christmas          7. ipod                                       some thing for Christmas with that      remember it yet.                                    By: youer trouly Cody A. Argo
! hope you have anynouf stouf. In at        8. Football                                   money.                                                                  Senserly,
my house thore are some cookies             9.Baseball                                                                                                               Colton
wrating for you to in you can coum to                        your frand: Armando
my house anytime you won’t. We have                                                                                                                                            Dear Santa, My name is Chandler I
a christmas tree up all rety. P.S you                                                     Dear Santa                                                                           cant whit untill Christmas. I have seen
need to coum your heir.                     DearSanta,                                    Hello Santa my name is. Guillemo                                                     alot of things that I like. What I want
                              Your trdy     Hi Santa my name is James Wilmoth             Deleon. Hello santa the you work        Dear Santa.                                  the most is a dirt bike. I had a dirt
                               Stephen      What I want for Christmas I want a            hard. I want for Crismas a big          How are you today i hope your ok             bike A long time ago but it brok two
                                            Nintendo WII, a Nintendo DS, a pack           trasformars and two Game boy and        because if you or one the raindeer           times. But it was olny a 50 I want a
                                            of YU-GI-OH cards, a pack of                  games for my Gameboy and I want         were sick you would miss Christmas                                         Chandler
                                            Pokemon cards, an IPOD, the I-                ai exbox 64 and I wan four dog’s one    and that would be bad. Here is my
                                            DOG, the Ripstick scateboard, and             for my brother one for my sister and    list of things i would wish to have, I
Dear Santa,                                 the Fusion scooter. Well Santa that
     My name is Brittany Ann Salazar.                                                     one for my leto brother and one for     wish i hat these things roboquad,
                                            is all I want for Christmas.                  mie and I want a big crismas hause.     heeleys, ps3, 1/2 in. indians, splinger
My little sisters should know about                                  Your freind,
you, but they don’t, but I promise                                                        Nex yerd I want a leto moto saico       cell for DS, pokemon pearl for DS
                                                                          James           and for you I want to give a Hot milk   too, havok heley laser tag, The dragon
you that I will tell them soon really
soon. I don’t mean to intrude, but                                                        wet cookies and have a go crismas       fly from wow wee, a laptop, ripstick,
my family really does not want much.                                                      santa.                                  and a tearaniac.
Just to give you some information.                                                               Your frend Guillermo De leon                                 Your friend
                                            DearSanta                                                                                                               Kevin
So here is my list for Christmas. I         Hi Santa My name is Chris Cowley
want a 100 dollars, a cure for my           How are you and the elvies doing are
illness, to be rich, and have my papa       the raindeer doing good? here is my
to come back from the hospital.             Christmas list. What I want is Star
     Well, I guess that is every single     wars battelfront. Or God of war the
little thing I want.                        video game. And i want the legen of
                             Yours truly,   spiro, the eternal night. And a robow
                       Brittany Salazar     re tier, And a Tony hawk proget 8.
                                            And i wan’t a PS3, And i want Sonic
                                            and the secret rings. Thats what i
                                            wan’t for christmas,
                                                         yourfrenid Chris Cowley
Dear Santa My name is Lena and I
wanta Nintindo D.S for Christmas. I
Also want a rezer cell phone and yes
I have been very good this year Also        Dear. Santa
has my sister bur all she wants is          Hi santa this is Brenden Dale Hughes
some thing that she can put in her          how is the Mrs. Clause. Has the Elves
mouth so has my mom but she                 been working hard I hope I’ve been
deservs evrything becaus she works          good this year because. I would like
12 hours a day for us so try to give        to have a PSP and a game for it
her e verythig she wants                    called Drift. A Cd called Now 25, and
                         Your’s truly       Now 26, a duke’s of hazzard DVD
                                Lena        and game. I also want a cell phone
                                            whith a 25 Collar Go phone minutes
                                            some shoe’s called spinner’s. I would
Dear Santa,                                 defintly like a little flat screen tv that
    My Name is Tristin Belew. This          could hang up on the wall. And a DVD
is what I want for Christmas. Can           called tranco formers.
you please get me a ipod, pony, a                                                 love,
puppy and a back pack that can roll                          Brenden Dale Hughes
on wheels.
                                                                                                                                      Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 37

Chico -Fourth Grade                        Dear Santa                                 Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,                              Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,                                Hi Im How is Mrs Claus and I Love              Hey Santa My name is Tracie               For Christmas this year I would      All I want for Christmas is for every
Hi my name is Leah I think I have          You RuinDeer but they are cool Here        Pryor. Santa just to let you know I       like a PS3 and a bp gun. If you could    one to be happy because its not fun
been good this year. How is Mrs.           is my Cristmas listen this year I what     might not put any cookies and milk        let my grandpa come to Christmas,        to be sad on Christmas. Also it would
Claus and the riendeer doing? Have         a Ipod and PSP a Ninteno DS a              out this year because the prices are      that would be so cool.                   be nice if every one got what they
they had a good year so far. For           baster staien a talanes staney 600K        so high now.                                  But what I really want for Christ-   asked for. But don’t forget about me
Christmas I will make some cookies         Reese a Han23 bars Guss New                    Here is my Christmas list for this    mas is for the army people to come       and my brother we need at lest one
and set them on my table for you to        House Paletone Stataley New Door           year. I kind of want an MP3 player I      home. The last thing I want is for       present. Im not shure what he wants
eat when you stop by my house. I           Chirstmas tree pokemon money               would really like it if you gave it to    snow to fall the the ground.             but I no I want a wii well try to give
was wondering how are the elves            clecra ayntor zat natv lula dunk sara      me. I also want an Ipod I’m sure you      Have a jolly Christmas,                  every one a fare share.
doing up there and what have all of        slash rgv home uuzales park dragon         know what that is you probely have                                Austin Garza     Have a Holly Jolly Christmas,
you been doing in the north pole? Has      slash dragon bwafley alam the hay          one yourself. The thing I want the                                                                                  Love,
it been cold up there lately or all        feel shares Isky Lasen Kale Lore           most is my parents love.                                                                                           Kylee
years? Have yall elves been busy                              Soon Lasen math.                                    Your truly,
making us kids toys? I want to give                                                                            Tracie Pryor                                            Dear Santa,
the elves a thumbs up for all the          Dear Santa Claus, How are you do-          Chico -Fifth Grade                                                                  What I really want for Christ-
hard work yall have done building us       ing? How are the reindeers doing?                                                                                           mas. Is for all my family to be to-
all those toys! And santa you get a        What would the reindeers want for          Dear Santa                                                                       gether and have a White Christmas.
thumbs up to for all that flying and       Christmas to eat? How is Mrs. Claus        For Christmas I whould like for all       Dear Santa,                               I would really want is a new cell
stopping at one million houses and         doing? I have been a good boy in           the soldiers to come home now that           I wish that my hole family could phone and a new game for my
delievering all those gifts! Mrs. Clause   school and for Christmas I want a          whould be so cool. And I whould like      be together. We do not always have Nitendo DS.
you get a thumbs up for baking them        Nintendo DS with games and a bo-           for all the kids who don’t get pre-       a holiday dinner where we are all                               Yours Truly,
food/cookies and lots of sweets! And       nus which is a handbook. The games         sents I wish they got one. And for        together.                                                             Katie
thanks for all the support you guys        I want are Pokemon Diananod & Pearl        me to have Madden 08 and a phone             For me I would relly like a laptop
and gals have been giving us. Well         (2) which means that I two, Mario          cause I have always wanted a phone        that I can type storys and do re- Dear Santa,
here comes a new year so you guys          Party DS (1), Transformers the All         for Christmas.                            ports on. I would also like a nintindo    for chritmas I would like every
and gals have to get ready to do all       spark (1), Nintendo dogs (1), Cook-        Sincerely Chris Gilmore                   DS and same games to go with it. person to have at lease to have one
that good work again. Well, Merry          ing Mama (1) and that bonus I said         Merry Christmas                           Thats all I want for Christmas. But I present or more. I would like to have
Christmas everybody in the North           I want it to be a Pokemon Handbook         Santa.                                    want a pretty neckles for my mom. a four wheeler so I can ride all over
Pole! Well there is a lot of kids wait-    that has all the Pokemon from the                                                                                Sincerely, my ranch.
ing for Christmas to come because          Kanto, Jhoto, Hoemn, Sinaeh region                                                                              Katie Tate                             Sincerely
this is thier favorite holiday. This is    and when they enlove and that has                                                                                                             Mark Arredondo
my favorite holiday and I am one out       all the places & techniques & hidden
of one billion people that likes this      powers. Well I better let you go since
holiday. Well talk to you soon Santa       you are going to pack all of those
Clause!                                    gifts in that red velvet sack of yours.
          Yours Truely Leah Davidson                  Sincerely, Ancelmo Galindo

                                           Dear Santa,
                                           Hi Santa it’s me Stacee. I just wanted
                                           to see how you, Mrs. Clause, and the
                                           elves are doing. I will give you a list
                                           of things I want for Christmas.
                                           1. scented cabbage patch kid
                                           2. new born CPK named Liliana De-
                                           3. drum set
Dear Sant                                  4. tall as me kitchen
    How are you and the Misses
doing it is your frend CJ I have a         Dear Santa
favor to ask you. Would you get red        This is Tyler Barnard and I want to
of my asthma lateley it has ben both-      tell you my christmas list. Just like
ering me our P.E. teachers have ben        last year I want you to surprize me
over working us that has ben a             with something cool. and can you Dot
proplem sometimes I can hardley            the cards like you Did last year But
Breth but please get rid of my             a little hard it like it. Ok Buck to the
asthma. Sometimes my hip hurts wen         Christmas list. i think my mom and
I run I hate it why dont they stop         dad are geting me an ipod, and i dont
P.E.                                       know what any Body eld is geting me.
    then I wold not sufer from             oh ya can you get me some cool
anather asthma attack like at my           games for my PSP.
house.                                                                   Thank you.
                        Your frend CJ                                 Tyler Barnard
Page 38… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Chico- Fifth Grade                      Dear Santa,
                                            What I would like for Christmas
Dear santa,                             is a new cell phone and an I-Pod. I
I only want 2 things for Christmas. 1:  would also like for the fas prices to
I want an MP3 player. 2: I want all     go down and for my mom to have
the homeless people to have the most    enough money to buy Christmas pre-
Wonderful Christmas. Just one more      sents for us. Also Santa I would like
thing Santa I would like for my Aunt    to be able to see my dad for Christ-
Amy to have a beautiful and healthy     mas. That is what I would like for
baby. I guess that’s all I want for     Christmas.
Christmas. Oh, ya will you let every-                              Sincerely,
body have a wonderful. Will you also                               April Liles
let Victoria Brook, Bryan Marsh,
Becca Marsh have a wonderful
Christmas and I hope they all 3 get
             Merry Christmas Santa! Dear Santa,
                  Sincerely, Haille Rice     If I could have five or more
                                         wishes. The firt Thing I would wish
                                         for is to ask god to let everyone in
                                         heven to let Them be free. To let them
Dear Santa,                              go and veset there family the most
     My wish’s for Christmas is I want in portent thing to me is my grandma.
all the kids in Africa to have a nice And for my hole family to have a
carring family to go home to for good Christmas.
Christmas.                                                            Sincerely
     The next thing I want for Christ-                                     Jade
mas is to get my brother toware he
won’t have any more cancer or prob-
lems in his body.                        Dear Santa,
     It would be great if all our troops     If I can have one wish I would
could come home and spend time wish for a omutrex and every time
their family.                            ben gets a new alyen I will get the
     I would really like to meet my alyen’s to and fite bad alyen’s.
real and fun family from oklahoma.           Alsow if I cood have to more
                     Merry Christmas     wishes the firs one would be to end
                                   Matti the war in irack and the other would
Dear Santa,                              be to help me not to get in truble
I only have three wishes for Cristmas. and to bo beter in school.
first is for all the homeles two find                                Sincerely,
ther path to a better life. 2nd is for                           Tyler Sparks
evry littel girl or boy to get well. 3rd
for all the solders to get back from
irack for cristmas.
                      Merry Cristmas
                             Trey nevins
                                        Dear Santa,
                                            Hows was your Christmas last
Dear Santa,                             year? Well what I really want is for
    for the three main presents I       gas prices to go down so that people
realy want for christmas is a Hp flat   couldd travel more. The four top
skreen monitor and a Nentendo DS        things I want are the guitar hero
with red top and a black bottom with    three. Play station two an I-pod, and
games brain age 2, and Mario broth-     a new cell phone.
ers. and Super Mario paper on               The last thing I want is for people
Game Cube.                              who are homeless to have a very good
PS. you do not have to get me the       feast and Christmas!
Hp flat skreen monitor                                      Merry Christmas
             Thomas Danial DeGan                                         !Hope!
                                                                                                                                   Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 39

 Chico- Fifth Grade                      Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa                               Dear Santa,                              Dear Santa,
Dear Santa,                                  If I could get only one thing It          If I got a i phone that would be         I hope your ready for this year!          All I want for christmas is a yel-
     If I could have anything for        would to be with all of my family. If I   cool. But if not that would be ok be-    Get ready I have got about 4             low labrador puppy.
Christmas I just wish for peace and      could get that I would be so happy.       cause I am thankful for what I got.      christmas wishes for you these are            The only other thing I want is for
the war in Iraq to stop forever. Then        One thing I want is A nice Christ-        I hope that all the peolpe and       them: If you don’t mind I’d like you     all of the homeless children and there
another thing is that my family to       mas with snow. Some hot Coaco would       kids. Who do not have a home that        to help my mom’s boo boo to get          family’s to have a nice gift, like a
have a great Christmas. Also Santa       go great with that. A good thing to       They have a Merry Christmas.             better so the docotors can fix it! An    house or even a home cooked meal.
I would like for all the people who      do with a white Christmas is some                             Merry Christmas      to have keys to a four wheeler in a           I wish that everybody in my town
don’t get presents like the kids in      good, nice, and warm clothes for the                   Brittany Nicole Isenberg    cute giftedwraped box. The last and      would pitch in to atleast give them a
Africa to get some, and just a couple    rest of the Winter.                                                                not least wish is to let is snow at      blanket or 2 and a pillow so that they
things for me like Madden 08 and             If I could give a present to ev-      Dear Santa,                              least 2 inches pretty please!            can be confortable, like all of us.
Guitar Hero 3.                           eryone I know I would. One present        If I could have 4 wishes I would wish        Those are my wishes and 1 more                                 Best Wishes,
                   Merry Christmas,      is all I need. That present would be      for lots and lots of presents for        wish is for my family to have a good                           Ashlyn R. Freds
                                 Brett   a nice art kit a with a stand to paint    people who can’t afford presents for     christmas. An to you to Mister C!
 Dear Santa                              on.                                       their kids. And for the war in iraq to         Sincerely with the best of love,
      I want alot more people gave                          Merry Christmas,       stop so everybody who helped our                                  Heidi Spann
 presents ro homlass people. It is not                                  Darian     country to come home for the holi-                                                Dear Santa,
 fair that we get a merry Christmas      Dear Santa,                               days and to celebrate Christmas with                                                   I would like a Are Yousmarterthan
 and they do not. I want a playstion 3       I hope that this Christmas it         their familys. And for everybodys                                                 a fith grader? game, T.v, Faire lamp
 and madden 08 to play that is what      snows. I would like for everybody to      family to have the best christmas                                                 & throw, strawberry short cake doll,
 I want.                                 get along. I also wanted to know if       ever. And my final wish is to see my                                              Hanna Montana doll.
            Merry Christmas Corbin       you could get my sister a I pod. That     grandpa who passed away and to be                                                                              Sincerely,
                                         is all I want.                            with him and one more thing.....Merry                                                                    Cydnee Hornsby
                                         Go Santa!                                 christmas!
                                                          Love Emilie Deering                           Happy holidays,
Dear Santa,                                                                                             Michael Galindo
     I want A new RAZOR Phone Zune,
I-phone, maybe a blackberry.
                                         Dear Santa,
     I also want a i-pod nano with a                                               Dear Santa
                                             I only have a couple of wishes or
screen another thing is I hope and                                                 Santa if i could have 5 wishes frist i
                                         presents I want. I now I realy want
wish for most no all of the soldiers                                               could ask for a proble paystain 2.
                                         my father back and home safe, and
to come home especially Shanna                                                     second i would ask for the new school
                                         a phone to call him and my family
Austin sister she has a baby that                                                  to built so we can have more kids to
                                         with. I also need an i-pod so I wont
is’nt very old so I magen he wants to                                              play with, thired get my sis to be
                                         get bored like usaly. And I would like
see her.                                                                           have. fourth give the rest of the
                                         to find the homeless a job or house.
     I also want The bruce children                                                wishes to my sis.
                                         P.S. I hope this is not much!
and Victoria Brooks to get better if                                                                           Sincerely,
                                                       Sincerely, Brittanie Neu
you ever see a home less person on                                                                                Jacob
                                                                 Merry x-mas
the holiday wish them a Very Merry
CHRISTMAS for me OK SANTA                                                          Dear Santa,
BEST WISHES                                                                           What I really really like from
                       Sarah Choate      Dear Santa,                               Santa is my family from Mexico. I
Dear Santa,                                  If I had about five wishes I would    haven’t seen my family for a long
    Dear santa if theyr someting I       wish for people to get to Christmas       time. I wish all my family comes to
could rely have I wad want My            safely without any recks gas prob-        my house and have a wonderful
granpals and gramals to come             lems and other thing to get home          christmas time. Have a Happy
becaus I haven’t see them for one        safe.                                     Christmas Santa.
year and I woud like to see them for
                                             I would wish for the war to stop
                                         and for Austin Martin’s sister to
                                                                                                        Alondro Garcia                         Munn’s
    If they somting I coud rely have
I woud rely like a forweler or a play
                                         make it our of war safely for
                                         christmas becuase Austin loves her
                                         sister and he want her back safely
                                                                                                                                            Ace Hardware
stasion 2 or woud want to have a
                                         to. And thats all I would wish for.                                                         112 S. Hovey • Boyd • 940-433-2321
coupo for the New York Yankees.
                            Sincerely                                Sincerely,
                       Junior Deleon                              Austin Collins
Page 40… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Chico- Fifth Grade                                                                                                        Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,
                                         Dear Santa,                              Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                          I love your reaindeer and I would like    How is Ms. Claus? I have been a
Dear Santa,                                  Santa I wound like a Idog for        How are you doing? Are you sick? I
                                                                                                                          a stuffed snake and a rooster abd a       good girl so I want a new pare of
   For Christmas I would like a          Christmas be cause It has muise on       have been trying my best to be a
                                                                                                                          dig and I hope you are not sick. I will   Hileys. They are shos that have wels
puppy his name is Duke. He only has      I                                        good girl. I liked what you got me
                                                                                                                          leav them some food on the ground         on the botm. Plaese may I have a
three legs because his siblings              I woud aols like The Homeliss        last year. I lisend to my Hanna Mon-
                                                                                                                          and your food on the tabel.               barbiedoll. Also, I want one more
chewed it off.                           people to huve the best Christmas        tana cd on my new cd player. My cd
                                                                                                                                                    Love, Read      thing whick is a skatebord. Is roodof
   Santa, I would also like for my       ever and they can get money and get      got mesed up but I don’t know how
                                                                                                                                                                    OK? I sure hope he is.
family to be safe from any harm.         a job and the kid can get school sup-    it got scratched up the cd player
                                                                                                                                                                                             love Brialla
                  Merry Christmas,       plies and clothes and Ashlyn for her     must have done that. All I want for
                   Destinee Hardee       leg to get beter and Victoria Brooks     Christmas is for everybody to get                                               Dear Santa,
                                         to get Beter                             along and a stufed Roud off the Red                                             I have been rille good boy I hellped
Dear Santa,                                                 Sincerely, Brittany   Nose Raindeer                                                                   my mom and. dad cleen the hous I
    I would realy like a big family                    have a good christmas                                 love:Megan   Dear Santa,                             would like a gray ball with a green
feast and for everyone who can to                                                                                         I hope you can give all the presents thing in the mitool. And I would like
come. I would like for my whole family   Bridgeport - Mrs. McKinley &                                                     to all the chldern in the world. I love some Ben 10 toys.
to have a holly Jolly Christmas. I       Mrs. Walton                                                                      Santa. I wnat a gitar, Brats, Pretend                         love , Brennon
would like it if everyone who is my                                                                                       Horse. I love your raindeer and your
friend to have a merry Christmas         Dear Santa,                                                                      elfves because they help you give the
to.                                      I hope Mrs. Claus is pretty how is                                               presents to the childern and they will
    If only those whos family mem-       Rudolph. Are you pollish his nose. The                                           be happy.
bers died to feel so much better. If     elf-elves are they vere beze and for                                                                        Love Jacky
you can please let Shanna Martin         Christmas I would like a cpoodr and
and the other solders to come home       a srpriz and a horse to. My brother
for Christmas. For the Homeless          said you are not rele I thank you are
people to have a great Christmas!        rele santaclaus I been a good little
                   Merry Christmas,      girl and is Mrs. claus well I hope you
                  Cortney Gammage        will come to my house and deliver
                                         my presents.
Dear Santa,                                                     from Sabinara
    I would like a Nintindo DS with
the “Ben 10: Protector of Earth game
                                                                                                                                                                          In Concrete
for Christmas.
    Also, I want you to bring all the
families together so they can have a
                                                                                              Gene Moody                                                                  Business for
                                                                                                                                                                         over 20 years
good time with each other on the best
holiday ever.
    One more thing. I want all of the
                                                                                     Concrete Construction
homeless people to have a big feast
and a warm place to sleep.
                            Sincerely,                                                                      all types of concrete constuction
                        Joseph Evans
Dear Santa,
If I had 5 wishes I would like a new
                                                                                      Retaining Walls • Sidewalks • Driveways
cell phone, and a new IPod,
playstation 3, and WII. But most of
all I would like every body to be with
                                         Dear Santa Clasa,
                                         I would like Hannha Montana Camru
                                                                                                1198 FM 2127 • Chico
there familys. Witch means the           and I would like a puppy and a crayon.             644-2910 Home • 389-5460 Cell
people who died would be with there’s
on holidays. And the people that are
                                         I have some cookes oN the table                            644-2005 Fax
                                         and a dey and a prasont for you and
pour have a good hot cup of co-co,       I real dog
and a hot pleace to stay.                                         Love, Emma
                         Best Wishes,
                                                                                                                                     Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 41

Bridgeport - Mrs. McKinley & Dear Santa,                                            Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,                             Dear Santa,
Mrs. Walton                           How is Mrs. claus doing and how are           I hope you are safe on your trip.         Thank you for all the prestins you      I wish it was Christmas allready be-
                                      the elves doing at the shop? How is           What I want for Crismiss is a             brot me last year. How did you go all   cause when you come I’m going to
Dear Santaclaus How do your rein- Roodoff the red nose reindeer do-                 compownd bow so I can go hinting.         acoss the world in one night? Is        leave you some cookies and a cup of
deer fly in the sky at night to give ing? I hope the elves are making a             Be safe while you fliy to the howses.     Ruwdoff real? Are you magick? Can       milk. And may you bring me 2 or 3
the present. Have I been a good girl. lot of toys at the shop for all the           Cepe your randdeer helthy so they         you get me a girl dog for my boy        books to read at home and at school.
I love Christmas Santaaclaus. children. Santa will you please give                  can fliy to the howses so you can         dog Shane dog. Not little because       And may I have a jump rope and a
Santaclaus can I pretty please have me a horse and a xbox 360 and a                 give the girls and boys that have been    my dog mite hurt it. and you get me     Barby because when my friends come
a barbie jee. Mrs. Claus can you piano with it                                      good. all of their toys.                  ntedo that I can play Mrareo.           to my house I could play with the
make a barbie blanket.                                            Y Emily                                        Love, Will                           Love, Shane     Jump rope and the Barby. And we
                      Love, Brooklyn                                                                                                                                  could read the books and take terns
                                                                                    Dear Santa,                                                                       reading the books.
                                         Dear Santa,                                How is Mrs. Claus? is Rudolph well?       Dear Santa,                                                    Love Nayelly
                                         I’ve been a good boy and I’ve realy        Are you takeing care of him? are          I love you Santa Clause I hope you
                                         been wanting an acoostick guitar so        your elves OK? I Beleive you are real.    have a happy Christmas and your
                                         it would be easy to make. I’ve also        are you? I want some Hulk hands           reindeer are ready to pull the slead.
Dear Santa,                              been wanting a basket ball poster.         and a bike to that’s all I want. I        I want a stroler that I can play with
Merry Christmas how is Rudolph and       I’m sure it won’t be hard to make,         baked some cookies for you. you are       when I play with my baby dolls and I
the otehr reindeer and how is Mrs.       and I’ve all so been wanting a base-       going to love them I hope you love        want a new baby doll that will love Dear Santa, Have you ben polishing
Claus. are your elves doweing oK. can    ball poster. Please and thankyou. and      them. We have a green tree this year.     me and I will take care of her.       Rudolphs nose? Is Mrs. Claus OK.
I have a stuffed Rudollph and Clerece.   how are your raindeer? How are the         I like you Santa. I want to eat break-                    Your friend, Shannan Are you OK. Are your reindeer feel-
I realy wish I could have a mp3 playr.   elves?                                     fast with you Santa, toys are awsome,                                           ing OK. May I have a xbox 360 for
                               Ashley                     Your friend, Brandon      espeshIly your’s Santa. Last hear I                                             Christmas and a DS to for me and
                                                                                    had hulk hands. I’ve been a good boy.     Dear Santa,                           my brother. Can my sister have a
                                                                                    Have you been waching me? I hope          I want a bike to ride at hime. And I piano for Christmas. My mom wants
Dear Santa Claus                                                                    you have. now It’s almost December.
How fast dose your sleigh goes. How                                                                                           want some little fake puppys to play for Christmas is makeup.
                                                                                                                Love, Joey    with My friends. I want three Barbys                From your friend, Jose
are the reindeers and Rudolph Have
I ben a goode boy Santa if your elfs                                                                                          with close to play. with my friends n
can make me a ? spider-manst aft                                                    Dear Santa,                               cousins. I’m going to leave you some
up spider-man that its eyes gloe in                                                 I am makz a nose for you Santa.           cookies and a cup of milk. And I want Dear Santa,
the dark and the spider gloes up                                                    Are you happy? Santa Claus can you        a phone to play games and sind I wundr what your reindeers look like.
too! if your elfs can make it.                                                      sent my a psp and a Ds and please         maseges. I wish you good luck. and Does rudof relee have a red nose?
                                         Dear Santa,                                can you sent me new shous please
                         from Jared.     How is Rudolhp as well as all your                                                   take good care of your reindeers.      Santa, I have been wanting a intindow
                                                                                    can you. You don’t hafta give me one                               Love, Nancy DS. The color of the intindow DS
                                         other reindeer? Is Rudolhp’s nose          presint because I have new shous.
                                         glowing very well? I am a very good        Can you give my sister a care ber                                                 would be gray. I would want a puppy.
Dear Santa.                              boy. May I have a pair of heelies?         and a DVD a hsis is land DVD and a                                                Could the puppy have a black circle
Is Rudolph happy today and is Mrs.       are you still pollishing rudolph’s nose?   Jacit and my big brother a drum and Dear Santa,                                   around her eye and could her whole
Claus ok and happy and did one of        are you being good or notty? Do you        a gtar.                              I love you. Are you magic? May I             body be white.
your reindeer brake ther leg. I hope     have a zillian dollars or somehing to                              Love Manuel have a entendo wii for my family and                                  Love Moriah
not. And are your other rienders ok?     bie the presantse or $300.3                                                     a ds for me to play with also please
so they can fly in the scky and I want                              Love, Gunner    Dear Santa,                          take care of your reindeer. Oh and I         Dear Santa,
a transformer and it is oGtomos                                                     I wish it was Christmas allready be- might have some reindeer food.               I love your reindeer because they help
prime and a Rudolph toy.                Dear Santa,                                 cause when you come I’m going to Merry Christmas to you and I will                you get to the other houses. I hope
          From your friend, David M How do your reindeer fly? Do thay               leave you some cookies and a cup of fix you some cookes. And some milk.           you get all the presents to all the
                                        have a jet on theire back or                milk. And may you bring me 2 or 3                             from Haley
                                        somthing? I wish I cold know. Mery                                                                                            children. I want a np3 player. And
                                                                                    books to read at home and at school.                                              two pet fish. I want a Xbox 360. I
 Dear Santa,                            Christmas. May I have a shiny gold          And may I have a jump rope and a                                                  will bake some cookies for you. I tried
 How is Enerest the elf? Did you shave Barbie car and a Barbie doll. May            Barby because when my friends come                                                to be a good boy. Are you sick? I
 your beerd? Can you get me candy pleas have gloe in the dark stars that            to my house I could play with the                                                 hope not. I put my Chrismis tree up
 pleas? and my favorit peac of candy stik on the wall? Pleas pleas pleas            Jump rope and the Barby. And we                                                   so you can put my presents under it.
 is mintey gum. Can you put some let me have some game boy games                    could read the books and take terns                                               I love you I will put the cookies on
 under ever present. I wil be glad if May I pleas hav a Babby born that             reading the books.                                                                my table.
 you did.                               swims in the water. Thank you.                                      Love Nayelly
                                                                   Y Lauren                                                                                                                     love Easton
                             love Caleb
Page 42… Merry Christmas to you, December 20,2007

Bridgeport - Mrs. McKinley &             Dear Santa,                             How are you doing Santa. Are you          Dear Santa,                             Dear Santa, I love you. you love me
Mrs. Walton                              How is Ms. Claus? I have been a         doing fine. this is what I want for       Merry Christmas How is Mrs. Caus        may I have a wii and a DS may I
                                         good girl so I want a new pare of       Crimis. May I Ples have the game          so Happy or sad rudolphd and How        have a stufd dog and a stufed cat to
Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                                        teas my hamster named furey
                                         Hileys. They are shos that have wels    crash hande lot the rath of cortecs       are the other Reindeers happy or
I have been a good girl. I have been                                                                                       sad And how are the elves are they                             Love, Payton
helping my mom cook. I want three        on the botm. Plaese may I have a        the game is on Plash Stashen 2 love
                                         barbiedoll. Also, I want one more       Samuel                                    working hard yes or no? Where do
presents from you Santa. I hope you
                                         thing whick is a skatebord. Is roodof                                             you get the presenste? I wish you
see what I worte to you. I love you                                                                                        could come to my houe with your sled.
Santa Clause because you are funny.      OK? I sure hope he is.
                                                                     Y Brialla                                             I would love a horse.
Santa I love the presents you got
                                                                                                                                                   love Andrew
me last year. Santa, I hope you are
feeling good. Santa I’m going to set                                             Dear Santa,
out some cookies and milk for you.                                               Thank you for the presents that you
                                                                                 brought my family and friends last                                                Dear Santa, I hope you are feeling
Santa I would like some barbie dolls,                                                                                                                              good because Christmas is coming
Hello Kitty cards, and a pretend frog.                                           year. Do your reindeer really talk that
                                         Dear Santa,                             must be cool. For christmas I want                                                up. May you get me a Hannah Mon-
I hope you have a super super su-                                                                                                                                  tana wig because it is long? Can you
per merry Christmas. I hope you can      I have been rille good boy I hellped    a xbox three sixty. My sister wants
                                         my mom and. dad cleen the hous I        a baby. My mom wants flawer dishas.                                               get me a Hannah Montana shirt be-
get all the presents to the children                                                                                                                               cause I will be a twin like Jacky? I
in the whole wid world. Santa I like     would like a gray ball with a green     My brother wants crayons. My dad
                                         thing in the mitool. And I would like   wants a hammer and a blue truck                                                   would love Hannah Montana pants
your reindeer. I’m going to set out                                                                                                                                because it will mach my shirt.
some water for your reinder.             some Ben 10 toys.                       and a pet dog.
                                                               love Y, Brennon                           Love, Coalten                                                                      Love, Alexis
                       Love Armeania

Things you might not know about Christmas...
by Angela Dale                                                                   like a “J” for Jesus. The red-and-white stripes rep-
   Did you know that.....                                                        resented Christ’s blood and purity. The three red
Christmas trees have been selling commercially                                   stripes symbolized the Holy Trinity. The hardness
in the United States since the 1950’s.                                           of the candy cane represented the Church’s foun-
   Thomas Edison’s assistant, Edward                                                                          dation on solid rock and
Johnson, came up with the idea of                                                                              the peppermint flavor
electric lights for Christmas trees                                                                             represented the use of
in 1882.                                                                                                         hyssop, an herb re-
   In the first week, a tree in your                                                                              ferred to in the Old
home will consume as much as a                                                                                     Testament. As men-
quart of water per day.                                                                                             tioned before,
   There are over 10,000 cut-your-                                                                                   there is no evi-
own farms in the United States                                                                                       dence to support
alone.                                                                                                             this thought, but
   The candy cane has many sto-                                                                                 they are lovely
ries, but the origin of the candy                                                                             thoughts to say the
cane goes back over 350 years. The                                                                           least.
original cane was straight and com-                                                                           A Catholic priest named
pletely white. There is legend that                                                                          Gregory Keller invented
many folks find “sweet” although                                                                            a machine to automate
there is no historical evidence to                                                                          candy cane production
support the claims, that the candy cane was shaped                                                          during the 1950’s.
                                                                  Merry Christmas to you, December 20, 2007. . .Page 43

Christmas Greetings!
             Our Sincerest

   2007 has been a year of tremendous growth in Wise County, and of many changes in county
government necessary to meet those challenges.
   During that time, it has been our great privilege to serve as the voice of Wise County people
from the courthouse to the State Capitol.
   At this wonderful time of year, we want you to know how thankful we are that you have given us
the privilege to represent you throughout the year, and to send our wishes for a grand holiday
season to you and your loved ones, and for a healthy and prosperous new year.
   Thanks for your trust and confidence.

                      Wise County Judge
  Bill & (Mrs.) Kim McElhaney
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