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									                                                     Mu Alpha Theta
                                     NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL AND TWO-YEAR COLLEGE
                                            MATHEMATICS HONOR SOCIETY
                                 c/o University of Oklahoma, 601 Elm Ave., Room 1102, Norman, Oklahoma 73019-3103
                                                 405-325-4489, FAX 405-325-7184      matheta@ou.edu

Mu Alpha Theta is an organization whose purpose is to stimulate               Colleges. There are now over 1700 chapters in the United States
interest in mathematics by providing public recognition of                    and eleven foreign countries. Colleges and major universities
superior mathematical scholarship and by promoting various                    recognize membership in Mu Alpha Theta as an important part of
mathematical activities. It is co-sponsored by the Mathematical               a student's academic resume. Topics presented during club
Association of America, the National Council of Teachers of                   meetings, participation in our free mathematics competitions,
Mathematics, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics,              and the interest generated by these activities help members to
and the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year                         gain a greater understanding and enjoyment of mathematics.

                                                    I. Purpose of the Organization

The National High School and Junior College Mathematics Club,                 4. The Spring and Fall Newsletter containing current chapter
Mu Alpha Theta, was formed in 1957 to engender keener interest                news, news of regional and national meetings, ideas from
in mathematics, to develop sound scholarship in the subject and               chapter meetings, and similar items of interest to the
promote enjoyment of mathematics among high school and two-                   membership.
year college students.
                                                                              5. Insignia pins, buttons, charms, patches, banners, small seals,
National policy is determined by a twelve-person Governing                    medallions, ID holder and key chain, tassels, graduation honor
Council consisting of three national officers (President,                     cords, t-shirts, and a tote bag are available from the National
President-Elect or immediate Past -President, and Secretary-                  Office.
Treasurer), four governors elected for four year terms, and
representatives appointed by our sponsoring partners. An                      6. Free mathematics competitions are offered by the National
Executive Director runs the day-to-day functions of the                       Office throughout the year for participation right at your school.
organization and is an   Ex-Officio member of the Governing                   Regional and state meetings are frequently arranged by
Council. Officers and Governors serve without remuneration.                   chapters.
                                                                              7. A National Convention is held annually during July with
Mu Alpha Theta provides the following:                                        lectures by outstanding mathematicians, as well as by students.
                                                                              Many individual and group math contests are held during the
1. Individual Membership Certificates, membership cards and                   National Convention.
School Charters issued by the National Secretary-Treasurer.
Member names remain in the National Database for membership                   8. Chapters are encouraged to make suggestions to the national
verification.                                                                 officers concerning additional projects which they would like to
                                                                              see carried out. A sincere effort is made to be as helpful as
2. Full members are eligible for Scholarships, Awards and                     possible.
Grants. Active chapters and their Sponsors are also eligible for
Awards and Grants.                                                            9. Math Horizons, an MAA publication, is available at reduced
                                                                              prices to chapters. The magazine includes articles, math
3. A Handbook for Sponsors is sent free to new chapters.                      puzzles and problems of interest to high school and college
                                                                              students interested in Mathematics.

                                                II: School Qualifications for Chapters

Any high school may petition to have a chapter, providing it                  4. An initial charter fee of $15.00, along with a one-time
meets the following minimum requirements:                                     Registration Fee of $10.00 for each full member, must
                                                                              accompany the petition for a charter. (These fees will be returned
1. At least six semesters of mathematics including geometry and               if the institution is ineligible for membership.) Applications are
more advanced topics must be offered. These requirements can                  approved by the President and the Governor of the appropriate
not be fulfilled by courses in general mathematics, business                  region. Should a chapter fail to be approved; the chapter can still
mathematics, shop mathematics, or arithmetic.                                 be approved by a favorable two-thirds vote of the Governing
                                                                              Council. Each petitioning institution will be notified as soon as
2. During the two semesters preceding that in which a petition is             possible whether or not a charter has been granted. This takes a
submitted, the school must have employed at least one teacher                 week or less.
whose primary teaching field is mathematics and who has
completed an undergraduate mathematics major or its equivalent                5. The petition should be submitted on the form provided by the
at an accredited college or university.                                       National Office. A list of mathematics courses offered by your
                                                                              school, including textbooks used, and a brief description of topics
3. The Principal, or other chief administrative officer of the                covered in each course must be submitted with each petition.
institution, must approve the petition.
                                           III. Qualifications for Individual Membership

Each chapter shall have a faculty-student committee which will         distinction (on a 4 point grading scale this shall mean at least a
recommend possible members for the chapter's consideration.            3.0 average).
No student shall be recommended for consideration who does
not meet the minimum qualifications. Additional requirements             (b) Associate Membership: High school students in grades 9
may be imposed by individual chapters; however, no student will        through 12, at the school where their permanent record resides,
be denied membership on account of race, religion, color, creed,       who have completed two semesters of algebra or their equivalent
ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual preference and/or           with distinction and who have enrolled in a third semester of
physical disability.                                                   mathematics are eligible for associate membership. Associate
                                                                       members do not pay the $10.00 Registration Fee but should be
  (a) Full Membership: High school students in grades 9 through        registered with the National Office, if they wish to compete in
12, at the school where their permanent record resides, who            national contests or our convention. They are not entitled to vote
have completed the equivalent of four semesters of                     on national policy. They are entitled to attend and be heard at
mathematics, Algebra 1 and up, and in addition have completed          meetings and, presumably, are likely candidates for full
or are enrolled in a still more advanced course, are eligible for      membership.
full membership providing their mathematical work was done with

                                                          IV. National Finances

  There shall be no national annual dues. A one-time                   issued to the school. Finances are supervised by the
Registration Fee of $10.00 per full member shall be paid to the        Controller’s Office of the University of Oklahoma. Council
national Secretary-Treasurer for each person initiated into full       approval is required for expenditures, and the Secretary-
membership, whereupon the Secretary-Treasurer shall issue a            Treasurer must make a complete accounting to the Governing
membership certificate to that member and place his name in the        Council twice yearly.
National Database of members. A $15.00 charter fee shall be
charged each new chapter at the time the official charter is first

                                          V. Local Organizations, Officers, and Finances

   Each chapter is free to set up its own by-laws, regulate its        Office of new members in a timely manner can lead to
finances, and select its officers with the following restrictions:     cancellation of the chapter’s charter.

  1. Each chapter must have a semi-permanent faculty-sponsor             4. Each chapter must hold regular meetings at periodic
and the National Office (Secretary-Treasurer) must be kept             intervals and not merely consider itself an honor society for high
informed of the current faculty sponsor’s name, address, and           grades. At the minimum, we recommend one meeting every
email address.                                                         month.

 2. The minimum membership requirements set forth by the                  5. Local chapters are encouraged to participate actively in the
National Office must be met by all initiates.                          life of the school, providing stimulation of an interest in, and
                                                                       appreciation of, mathematics for all students.
 3. A complete and accurate list of all full member initiates,
accompanied by their $10.00 Registration Fee, must be received          6. Either the name National High School and Two-Year
by the office of the Secretary-Treasurer within one month of the       College Mathematics Honor Society or Mu Alpha Theta may be
date when initiation takes place. Failure to notify the National       used as desired by a chapter, as long as it submits new
                                                                       members at least once every two years.
                                                      Mu Alpha Theta
                                      NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL AND TWO-YEAR COLLEGE
                                             MATHEMATICS HONOR SOCIETY
                                  c/o University of Oklahoma, 601 Elm Ave., Room 1102, Norman, Oklahoma 73019-3103
                                                  405-325-4489, FAX 405-325-7184      matheta@ou.edu

                                                             Petition for Charter
Email, fax or mail everything to us. (Addresses and numbers listed above.) Since we must see the original signatures on this page, please
scan, fax or print and mail with check. Check should be sent with the Petition or arrangement for payment must be made so that once the
chapter is approved, certificates and materials can be sent out.

The undersigned hereby petitions that
                                                (School Name)


(City)                                                     (State)            (Zip Code)

(Phone Number)                              (Fax Number)                                               (Email Address)

be granted a charter. The following information is submitted to guide the President and Governor in determining the eligibility of the school.

1.    On separate sheets, list all mathematics courses from Algebra 1 and above, a paragraph summary of topics covered in each course,
and the textbooks used for each, including the authors and year of publication. Also include a few sentences telling us how you heard about
Mu Alpha Theta. As a student, were you ever a member? What grades does your school serve? Mu Alpha Theta membership is for 9 –
12 grade students.

2.       Approximate school enrollment and the total number of students graduated from the high school in the last three years.

                    Year                                Total Students in the School                                  Total Graduating

3.  Name of sponsoring faculty member whose primary teaching field is mathematics and who has completed an undergraduate
mathematics major or its equivalent.

Major Field of teacher:                                      Highest degree completed:                                       Year:

Graduated from:

List courses by title this teacher has taken above the calculus sequence: (If more than six courses are involved list only six)
Courses above calculus:

4. Attached is a certificate order blank giving names of all full-member initiates. The Charter fee of $15.00, plus $10.00 initiation fee for each

full member, totaling              , is enclosed.

                                                                                                         (Signature of Faculty Sponsor)

This petition is approved by the principal of the school.

                                                                                             (Signature of Principal or Chief Administrative Officer)
                                                        Order Blank for
                                                  Membership Certificates
                                                 (Allow two weeks for processing)
                                                                                                  Date of Order

                                                                                                      (School Name)

Teacher’s Email Address

Number of Initiates:

Amount Enclosed ($10/student):

       Names can be emailed to matheta@ou.edu or typed below. Type them exactly as you want them to
appear on the certificates. Group by year of graduation.

I hereby certify that the above named students meet all of the qualifications for full membership in Mu Alpha Theta and have been
declared Charter Members

                                                                                    Faculty Sponsor
Please make sure all of the following are included with your charter:

  School Statistics

  Principal or Chief Administrative Officer’s Signature

  Paragraph description of Math classes with textbook information

  List of Charter Student Members with year of graduation

  Your signature certifying student’s eligibility

  Check for $15 Charter fee plus $10 per member

  Answers to two questions in #1 of the petition

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