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					                                RYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,ASR
                                HOLIDAYS HOME WORK OF CLASS 3
                                      Happy holidays children

 Note:students to do their holiday homework on ruled sheet and keep it in a file and decorate it.
A.       Observe your house for cleanliness. Note the following
        (a)      Does it have dustbins and how many?
        (b)      Are there any cobwebs in the house?
        (c)      What is the condition of bathroom?
        (d)      Is the drainage system good enough?
Find the weak points and bring them to the notice of your elders. Do what you can do to keep your house, school
and class clean and healthy.
Make a list of your points.
Do this assignment in S.St notebook.
B)      Make the following traffic symbols on chart paper. The traffic symbols are
        1.        no left turn
        2.       narrow bridge
        3.       no over taking
        4.        blow no horn
        5.        turn prohibited
        6.        one way
        7.        rough road
        8.        narrow road ahead
        9.        guarded level crossing
        10.       no entry
C       a) make the model of the political map of India on thermocol and mark all the states and their capitals,
        direction, water bodies and the neighboring countries of India (roll no1to20)
        b) Make the model of physical map of India on thermocol and mark all the important rivers, plateau,
        highest range and highest peak of the world, eastern and Western Ghats, important hills and the western
        desert (21 to 38)

  1. Prepare a scrap book by pasting 5 pictures of each type of nouns.
  2. Write five qualities of each member of your family.
  3. Write five good things that you do for other during vacation
  4. Paste a picture of any family member and write about him or her in 08-10 lines.
  5. Students to watch any animated movie in your vacation and tell the story of that movie to your teacher
     after vacation.
  6. Find the meaning of the given words from the dictionary and make         sentences:
        misplace               puzzles                   habit
        abuse                  stadium         colorful
        injure                 surprise        naughty
       giddy          famous                   strange
      behind                   decorated                 unhappy
       scar                    pushed                    large
       lack                    finish                    faithful
       enjoyed                 library                   anger
       planned                 relished        difficult
       beware                  stale                     curved
7    Read supplementary Reader book Lesson 01 and 02 and write few lines about its character.
8     Students to write 10 lines on their favourite visit during summer holidays and also paste pictures.

1)       Make project “Wonderful Sea Animals”
      Take some clayey soil. Take a wooden board.
      Spread clay on board. Give the effect of waves with fingers. Let it dry.
      Take some clay and make sea animals. Let them dry and paint them
      Paint the board blue.
 Paste the animals on board with glue.
2) Make Project “House”
    Take any cardboard box (an old shoe box).
    Paste the base of box on a thick piece of cardboard.
    Cut out doors and windows.
    Paste colored paper or paint your house.
    Paint the card board green to make the lawn.
3) Revise Chapter-4 (Housing and Clothing)
   And Chapter-7 (Living and Non-Living Things)

1) Make a abacus of place value upto hundred using toothpaste box/thermocol, pencils, sticks and
2) Make a snake and ladder game starting from 1000
3) Make a table book of your own(2 to 12)
4) Make any figure like hut , clown or train using basic geometrical shapes (circle , triangle , rectangle
   or square)
    Take glazed paper of different colours
    Cut out each shape using different colours.
    Arrange these shapes on a thermocol sheet or cardboard to form desired shape.

Little hands book- color pages 7 to 13
Activity book – pages 8,12,16,35 & 40

Make a collage of different types of computers and other devices related to computer
( Take pictures from magazines and newspaper)

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