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iPod Connection                                             drawings
A m p l i f y Yo u r B r a n d



A. International USB Power Adapter for iPod
Whether you’re out in your car or out of the
country, you can power your Samsung MP3
player, iPod or other device with these USB
adapters. If you feel powerless without your
music, these adapters come to the rescue.
The USB car adapter works with the cigarette
lighters of most cars. The USB power adapter            A
comes with AC plug adapters that help you
power-up in many countries around the world.
Item #I158

Qty.    25         100       250      500
Price $ 50.00      49.00     48.00    47.00 (P)

B. Stereo Alarm Clock for iPod
Break the monotony of going to bed and waking
up the same way everyday. With this stereo
audio system featuring the rich sound of jAura
acoustic speaker technology, you can start
and end the day on your own terms. You can              B
fall asleep or wake to your iPod, AM/FM radio
or buzzer. The music can even automatically
increase in volume incrementally to help you
wake up gradually. Made to accommodate most
types of iPod, including iPod shuffle.
Item #I177.
Product Size: 11.2”W x 3.1”H x 6.8”D

Qty.    25     100    250    500
Price $ 154.00 152.00 150.00 148.00 (P)

C. Stereo Speaker System for iPod
There’s more to this dock for your iPod than            C
meets the eye. Not only can it play music stored
on your iPod with its four dynamic, high-quality
speakers; it also charges your iPod while it plays
and syncs it to iTunes without un-docking. The
dock accommodates most types of iPod and
features a line-level input to increase your options.
Easy to use and install, it brings simplicity and
performance to a whole new level. Item #I188.
Product Size: 7.6” Wx 5.8”H x 4.2”Ds

Qty.    25         100       250      500
Price $ 82.00      79.00     77.00    75.00 (P)

D. Bluetooth Docking System with CD and Dual
What it brings to you is clear quality sound using
jAuraTM acoustic speaker technology playing
music from your iPod, CDs, MP3 CDs, USB or              D
AM/FM radio. What you bring is music from an
audio device, computer, mobile phone, etc.
Designed with Bluetooth wireless technology
and, thanks to the BluePinTM wireless audio
transmitter/receiver, that too can be played
through the system. Item #I199

Qty.    25     100    250    500
Price $ 260.00 256.00 254.00 252.00 (P)

                       E. Bluetooth Speaker System with Bluetooth
                       Wireless Technology
                       With this stereo audio system featuring the rich
                       sound of jAura acoustic speaker technology, you
                       can wake up and go to bed the way you want
                       to. You can fall asleep or wake to your iPod,
                       AM/FM radio or buzzer. Made to accommodate
                       most types of iPod, this system also comes with
                   E   a BluePin so you can send and receive music to
                       or from a mobile phone, laptop computer, MP3
                       player or other device with Bluetooth wireless
                       technology. Item #I277.
                       Product Size: 11.2” Wx 3.1”H x 6.8”D

                       Qty.    25     100    250    500
                       Price $ 188.00 184.00 182.00 180.00 (P)

                       F. Portable Audio System for iPod
                       This portable stereo audio system brings rich
                       sound from your iPod using jAura acoustic
                       speaker technology. With its self-contained
                       design, universal dock for your iPod, AM/FM radio
                       with programmable station settings.
                       Item #I552.
                       Product Size: 14.2”W x 7.5”H x 6.1”D

                       Qty.    25     100    250    500
                       Price $ 105.00 103.00 101.00 99.00 (P)

                       G. iLuv i1155 8.4” Portable Multimedia
                       Tablet-Style DVD Player for iPod® with Video
                       8.4” Portable Multimedia Tablet-Style DVD Player
                       for iPod® with Video. Play back from DVD or
                   G   your iPod video through the 8.4” widescreen
                       (16:9 aspect ratio) TFT LCD. Charge your iPod
                       with video. IPod full remote control.
                       Item #I1155.
                       Product Size: 12.75”L, Fork: 10.75”L

                       Qty.    25     100    250    500
                       Price $ 350.00 346.00 342.00 340.00 (P)

                       H. iluv i189 Stereo Speaker with iPod &
                       iPhone dock
                       Sleek design compliments iPhone & iPod*. AUX
                       stereo input jack for any MP3 player, CD player,
                       computer & other music devices*. AC powered
                       with iPod battery recharge system. Slide type
                       universal dock and adapter plates to hold your
                       iPod in securely. Power ON/OFF button with
                       LED indicator. 3D surround sound switch and
                       LED indicator. AC adapter supports speaker
                       functions and iPod battery recharge.
                       Item #I189.
                   H   Product Size: 9.75”L

                       Qty.    25        100      250      500
                       Price $ 82.00     79.00    77.00    75.00 (P)
A. iluv i707 FM transmitter with integrated car
adapter for your iPod
For years, car radios have offered programmable,
pre-set buttons to help the driver keep his eyes
on the road while listening to his favorite stations.
Now, you can do the same thing with your iPod
using this handsome FM transmitter. Plugging
into the cigarette lighter and featuring an exten-
sion to bring it easily within your reach, you can
play the contents of your iPod or iPod nano di-         A
rectly through an FM radio frequency on the car
radio. Item #I707.

Qty.    25         100      250       500
Price $ 88.00      86.00    85.00     84.00 (P)

B. iluv i108 Power your iPod with iLuv universal
USB power adapter
Power your iPod with iLuv universal USB power
adapter. Supplies power to an external device
through the built-in USB connector. Compatible
with any device charged through USB connec-
tor. Comes with 3 additional AC plug adapters
for Australia, New Zealand, UK, Hong Kong, and
Continental Europe. Can be used in North Amer-
ica and Japan without installing the included AC
plug adapters. Supports both 110V and 220V. 3
different AC plug adapters . Item #I108.

Qty.    25         100      250       500
Price $ 36.00      34.50    33.50     32.50 (P)

                                                            asi/70899                                                                                           asi/70899

 Art & Production Information

 Normal Production Time:                  supplied under these categories will       added to invoice. Title of goods
 Production time will begin after         be subject to further art charges.         passes to customer at the time the
 receipt of ra-ready ar                                                              merchandise is assigned a carrier.
 Rush Orders: 2-5 Day service on          Color Matching: Available at no            We are not responsible for delays or
 most items. Please contact factory       extra charge. Satisfactory matching        damages in route. After initial billing,
 for availability and extra costs.        of colors is usually possible.             additional freight charges may occur
                                                                                     for incorrect addresses or zip codes.
 Imprinting Methods: Silkscreen,          Standard Location:Unless specified
 pad print and digital printing for       by the customer, we will follow            Freight Claims: Claims for freight
 most items. Printed items under          the primary (A) imprint location as        adjustments, breakage, damaged
 5,000 pieces are created with a          illustrated in the catalog.                goods, and delay in transit must be
 digital laser printer. Exact Pantone                                                reported within 5 days or receipt of
 matching on orders of this size is       Samples: Samples billed at second          product. Goods should be inspected
 not guaranteed.                          column pricing.                            immediately upon arrival. Credit
                                                                                     will be issued upon receipt of paid
 Artwork Requirement: Our clear           Sample Returns: All items may be           claim.
 disposable cameras feature a fully       returned within 30 days of receipt
 custom face. For best results, your      for factory credit. Merchandise            Method of Shipment: We offer
 art should be either vector format, or   must be in saleable condition, not         shipping with both UPS and FedEx.
 a high resolution bitmap format (TIF,    damaged, with original packing,            For other carriers, please supply
 JPG). The size of your art should        instructions and all parts. If above is    your account number. Please allow
 be 5.5 x 2.75 inches at 300 dpi.         not met, then items will be refused        for additional shipping time.
 Please remember to leave a .25 inch      and returned to the sender.
 “safety” area around all edges.                                                     Split Shipments: For each shipment
 To design your own camera,               Spec Samples: Billed at EQP                after the first please add $6.00(v) per
 download our Illustrator template        pricing plus applicable set up, run        shipment.
 at If you          charges, and freight. Spec samples
 intend to submit flattened art, please   are not returnable.                        Foreign shipments: $25.00(v) for
 delete the dieline and any knockouts     Non Imprinted Merchandise:                 handling additional documentation,
 before flattening.                       When items are ordered with out am         unless you supply completed air bill,
 For pad printed products, Camera         imprint, they will be billed at the next   export declaration (if required), and
 ready artwork must be 600 dpi            column price. The minimum quantity         commercial invoice.
 or higher, clean, sharp and to           must be ordered to receive next
 size. Electronic art is preferred        column pricing.                            Billing: Net 30 days upon approval
 and accepted in most Mac/PC                                                         of credit. Accepted credit cards are
 formats. Art may also be emailed to      Overruns / Underruns: Every                American Express, MasterCard and Customers          effort will be made to ship the exact      VISA. Bank wire
 will be notified if additional work      quantity ordered. However, for             transfers are accepted for foreign
 is required. Unless exact sizing         imprinted merchandise, we reserve          accounts.
 is required, art will be reduced or      the right to ship up to 2% over or
 enlarged to appropriate size.            under the amount ordered. If your          NSF: Any payments received that
                                          customer requires an exact quantity        are retuned as non sufficient funds
 Unacceptable Artwork: Faxes,             please specify on the order “Please        will be re-invoiced with a $25.00 (v)
 copies of faxes, photocopies, slides,    ship exact quantity only”.                 banking fee with payment due upon
 transparencies, low resolution prints,                                              receipt of invoice.
 web images, letterhead, business         Shipping: F.O.B.New York. Shipping
 cards, or actual product. All artwork    and handling will be prepaid and

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