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News, views, product launches and more from the UK’s leading shower manufacturer

Instalment 10                                                             newsletter 10

Crunch busting training events...
4 new mixer ranges, featuring brass valves, and many installer benefits
Plus New Harmony shower heads with water saving features...
Hassle free retrofits… Competition news... Frequently Asked Questions...
 Hello and welcome to our first
 Instalment of 2011. Whilst I’ll admit
 to being a little biased, I think a quick
 flick through will leave you impressed.

 Spring is all about new shoots and showers – both of the
 rainy and other variety – and here at Aqualisa, we don’t
 tend to do things by halves. After all, why launch one new
 shower when you could launch four? Turn to pages 4 and 5
 to find out all about our sparkling new range of
 thermostatic showers – Dream, Aspire, Siren and Colt.

 Water saving is a pressing topic for the plumbing world
 at present – check out how we can help you and your
 customers go greener with our new range of Harmony
 shower heads on page 6. Elsewhere, you can read about
 how we’re supporting installers with recession busting
 training seminars to bring
 you bang up to date with
 the latest shower technology.

 So, crack open a creme egg,
 get the coffee on and…enjoy!

 Janet White
 Marketing Communications Manager
As the crunch continues and belts
become ever tighter, what could be                      Training Events              Thermo        Digital
better than attending an Aqualisa                       Bristol                      19th April    20th April
training seminar to bring you up to date                Liverpool                    19th April    20th April

on the latest in shower technologies?                   Norwich                      4th May       5th May

                                                        Glasgow                      4th May       5th May
When your customers are counting every penny – it
                                                        Belfast                                    12th May
helps to know about the products that will last the
                                                        Westerham, Kent              11th May      12th May
course, cause the least amount of upheaval to install
                                                        Lincoln , Lincolnshire       17th May      18th May
and that can be counted upon to deliver a great
                                                        Westerham, Kent              25th May      26th May
shower day in, day out.
                                                        Plymouth                     4th June      5th June
So, how to get clued up? Well, a great start is by      Westerham, Kent              8th June      9th June
joining one of our friendly training seminars.          West Midlands                15th June     16th June
Whatever showering technology you choose, you can       Westerham, Kent              22nd June     23rd June
be sure that – from start-to-finish – you’ll find out
everything and more about installing some of our
best-selling showers. Our hugely popular thermostatic
seminars have now been updated to include essential     PHEX Wembley Stadium                      6-7th April

information about our new mixer showers and covers      PHEX Ricoh Arena, Coventry                18-19th May

both bi-metallic valve and wax stat technology.
Meanwhile, join our digital technology seminar and
there’s a good chance you’ll never look back.             For more information and to register your
                                                          interest in one of the seminars:
This spring brings a surge of new course dates; you
can attend a seminar with us in Westerham, Kent, or
sign up for something a little closer to home.
                                                          Telephone         01959 560042

Whatever you choose, you can be sure of a hands-on,       Email   
friendly and best of all FREE training experience.
4 your eyes only
Aqualisa is proud to present four brand
new thermostatic showers… Ladies and
gentlemen, please welcome Dream,
Aspire, Siren and Colt.

Now available from an outlet near
you, this stylish quartet brings a new
dimension to Aqualisa mixers with the
features you would expect – a great price,
a superb performance, the easiest of fits
and naturally, a happy customer.
                                                                        Look out for our redesigned packaging

Designed for easier retrofits
Got a retrofit? Then look no      Replacing a Mira Excel with Aspire exposed
further than two of Aqualisa’s
newest thermostatic showers
– Siren or Aspire exposed – to
do the job. Whatever you
choose, you can be sure of a
hassle and headache-free            1                                     2                                       3
installation that will save you   Remove the shower system from         Remove mounting plate & fit the         Adjust the Aspire valve inlet elbow
both time and money.              the wall leaving the valve fittings   Aspire mounting plate                   centres to suit (between 148mm
                                  if required                                                                   and 155mm)

So what’s involved? Well,
armed with one Aspire and
tasked with a bathroom due
for a facelift, we thought we’d
show you just how much of a
doddle a retrofit can be…
                                    4                                     5                                       4
                                  Secure valve & connect to the         Fit the rail system to wall, and        Job Done!
                                  existing pipe fittings                attach the head & hose
Take a closer look at our new mixer ranges

Dream               ®

                                                                Aspire            ®

Thermostatic mixer shower with 105mm Harmony head               Thermostatic mixer shower with 105mm Harmony head

•	Available	as	concealed	with	either	fixed	or	adjustable	head     A
                                                                •		 vailable	in	exposed	variant	and	concealed	variant	with	
•	High	flow	thermostatic	shower	performance                       either fixed or adjustable head
•	Separate	on/off	and	temperature	controls                      •	Thermostatic	shower	performance
•	Maximum	temperature	override	button                           •	Luxury	brass	construction
•	Harmony	105mm	shower	head	with	4	spray	patterns               •	Separate	flow	and	temperature	controls
•	Water	saving	‘eco’	spray	settings                             •	Harmony	105mm	shower	head	with	4	spray	patterns
•	5	year	manufacturer’s	guarantee                               •	Water	saving	‘eco’	spray	settings
                                                                •	5	year	manufacturer’s	guarantee

Siren                                                           Colt

Thermostatic mixer shower with 90mm Harmony head                Thermostatic mixer shower with 90mm Harmony head
•	Concealed	and	exposed	variants	available                      •	Concealed and exposed variants available
•	Thermostatic	shower	performance                               •	Unique	Aqualisa	thermostatic	technology
•	Luxury	brass	construction                                     •	Separate	on/off	and	temperature	controls
•	Easy	to	use,	single	lever	control                             •	Maximum	temperature	override	button
•	Harmony	90mm	shower	head	with	4	spray	patterns                •	Harmony	90mm	shower	head	with	4	spray	patterns
•	Water	saving	‘eco’	spray	settings                             •	Water	saving	‘eco’	spray	settings
•	5	year	manufacturer’s	guarantee                               •	2	year	manufacturer’s	guarantee
  Perfect Harmony                                                                      ®

  Featuring 4 spray patterns, with an easy-click lever, the Harmony
  shower heads – which are available with our new range of mixer
  showers – Dream, Aspire, Siren and Colt – feature an anti-twist hose
  connector, easy-clean jets and boast an eco-spray setting.

              Rub clean nozzles
                                                        Watching these shower heads on the Aqualisa test-rig
                                                        is quite something. Flow is generous and unquestionably
                                                        invigorating. But what gets you thinking is when you
                                                        realise	you’re	looking	at	the	‘eco-friendly’	spray	
                                                        pattern and you can’t spot the difference, even when
                                                        you	hold	your	hand	under	a	flow	as	low	as	4	litres	per	
                                                        minute. There’s no aeration, no trickery, just great

                                            Eco spray   design that, if you’re working on an eco-aware shower
                                                        installation, is almost certainly a must.

                                                        •	4	spray	patterns	–	all	with	audible,	easy-click	lever

                                                        •		 ub-clean	jets	ensure	shower	heads	are	kept	free	of	
Inner spray                           Outer spray
                                                         debris – a bonus in hard water areas

                                                        •		 ow-flow,	water-saving	setting	–	a	great	shower,	but	
              Middle spray
                                                         with less water usage

                                                        •		 nti-twist	hose	connectors	–	stops	the	hose	from	
                                                         getting tangled

                                                        •		 0mm	Harmony	shower	head	included	in	Colt	and	
                                                         Siren packages
                                  hose mechanism
                                                        •		 05mm	Harmony	shower	head	included	in	Aspire	
                                                         and Dream packages
Competition corner
Win a Dell Inspiron Duo,                                                  Previous
the new convertible laptop                                                Winners!
                                                                          In the last issue of Instalment
To celebrate the launch of Dream, Aspire, Siren                           we ran a prize draw to
and Colt, we are offering you the chance to win                           celebrate the launch of Dual,

a Dell Inspiron Duo.                                                      our brass-bodied valve with
                                                                          two shower heads. We are
                                                                          delighted to announce that
Dell Inspiron Duo, an innovative
                                                                          David Hawkins of D&L
convertible	netbook/tablet	PC	
                                                                          Plumbing was the lucky
that	lets	you	flip	from	touch	to	                                         winner of an an iPhone4,
type	mode	in	seconds.	Listen	to	                                          and John Coyle of J. Coyle
music, view photos, read books,                                           Limited won an iPod Touch.
watch movies and play games
on 10 inch high-definition.


To enter the Prize draw simply enter your
details and answer a simple question online.
                                                                                                       iPod Touch

 Closing date 31st May 2011. Terms and conditions are available online.
                                                                            Images courtesy of Apple
                                                             Frequently Asked Questions
                                                             Stuart Newbury tackles the most Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                          I have a customer with an Aquavalve 609 who is looking for a replacement

                                                                          with, of course, another Aqualisa shower. The customer wants a stylish looking

                                                                          product with fantastic performance, plus I want a shower that will be easy to

                                                                          retrofit – what do you suggest?

                                                             A            Dream, from our new range of mixers, fits the bill perfectly.

                                                                          It uses the same valve and fittings as the Aquavalve 609 meaning it is an ideal

                                                                          replacement. The up to the minute styling, all metal controls and the new 4 spray

                                                                          Harmony shower head all add up to a great looking, high performance shower. This

                                                                          combined with its affordable price makes it great value for money too.
        Stuart Newbury
        Product Manager

                                                             Read all about it...
                                                             Ordering the latest Aqualisa product literature is easy. Just call our freephone brochure

                                                             request line on 0800 652 3669 or visit to download literature.
               The Flyer’
                  Email: en

                                                             1                       2                3                     4                     5                6
                          s Way
                          m Kent
                          hotline: 0

                                                             1   Product brochure; covers all of Aqualisa’s domestic showers     2   Showering solutions – new mixer ranges
                            request li

                                                             3   Dual brochure   4   Midas brochure   5   Quartz Electric brochure    6   Training brochure
                                    TN16 1D
                                     1959 56
                                       ne: 0800


                                                             Online Information...

                                                  652 366

                                                             Download our literature as well as Product Installation Guides, and the Spare Parts Guide at


                                                             Product specification information sheets can be downloaded from product detail pages at


                                                             Spare parts can be ordered on-line at our Parts Store at

      For technical queries ring our installer hotline on 01959 560010
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