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Issue 30
December 2008

Noel Burke
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    Student Union News
                                      o we have reached the end of the first half       We also (Finally) have gotten the Student Council

            S                         of the year, and what an eventful few
                                      months it has been. We kicked off the year
                               on a massive high with Freshers Week, getting
                                                                                      up and running. It took a lot of work and at times
                                                                                      it didn't seem like it would happen, but here we
                                                                                      are! These guys will be meeting once a month
                               750 you out to the Ball alone, a much higher           from now on, so make sure you get in contact
                               number than anyone could have seen. Then with          with them if you want anything to be brought up
                               Halloween you kept it all going by packing out         during their meetings. You could very well see
                               Redz Nightclub. I hope you will keep it all up for     future members of the SU forming within the
                               the Christmas Ball this month in Tramco on the         council. You find out all the details of the first
                               9th. Make sure you bring all your mates, so you        meeting in this issue. Needless to say, it looks like
                               can get the much needed Christmas drinks from          there will be some big changes within both the SU
                               them! Tickets can be purchased from either the         and the College itself this year.
                               ents crew or from me. They are €6 from us or €8
S.U President                  at the door. By buying your tickets from us, howev-     I wish you all the best of luck with Christmas
                               er, you don't just save €2; every person who pur-      exams, and, as an old issue of Griffiti once wrote;
Sean Reid                      chases their ticket from the SU will receive a free    A merry Christmas…and a sexy new year!
                               Santa hat upon entry to the club, just the thing to
                               get you into the Christmas spirit.

         ope ye are all enjoying the year so far! I       On a more serious note we are all aware that

    H    would like to thank all of you who helped
         me during the last few weeks from putting
 out flyers to donating blood. Every little helps!
                                                        exams are coming up. This is a stressful time and I
                                                        would like to reiterate that my office is here if you
                                                        are having any difficulties. You can also contact
   The most important thing is to make sure you         the college counsellor.
 aware of the Poly Clinic where our new Griffith          It has also being brought to my attention that
 Doctor is based. Where any student from G.C.D          there is problem with bullying within our college
 who has a student card can avail of special price      and it is something that needs to be attended to
 discounts. This is a walk in service and is easily     as a matter of urgency. For this reason I ask you if
 located at the Traffic lights at Donore Avenue         you are being affected directly or know anybody
 Bridge.                                                who is affected please contact either me or Carole
   There are a few important dates coming up in         we are more than happy to help with the situation.
 my diary which will be advertised threw out the          Thanks again for all your support! And I look
 next few weeks. Such as alcohol awareness' day         forward to seeing all over the next few weeks and
 on December 15th.                                      wish you the best of luck with your Exams.
   For the 'Wells for Zoë' Malawi Trip at the end of      Merry Christmas! Jacquie
 January. We so far we have held a many events,                                                                  Welfare Officer
 rising over €3,000. I would like to extend my           Useful Contacts:
 appreciation to all those who helped and I am           Doctors: 01-4736707, College Counsellor:
                                                                                                                 Jacquie Ryan
 asking you to keep an eye out for upcoming   , Me:,

                          Hi all,                                                    who went to a great effort in assisting me with the
                             The month of November has being another hectic          cricket team.
                          month on the sports and societies front.                     We are now hoping to get the gaelic football team
                            The pool league continued into November and was          going again with the championship coming next
                          heavily contested. Cash prize wins went to Will Flynn      February. We're trying to get training under-way before
                          on two accounts with Jack Halley also claiming a win.      we break for Christmas. Again anyone who missed
                          The league is now led by Will Flynn who's closely fol-     the sign-up days during freshers week and is interest-
                          lowed by Ian Donegan. For anyone interested in play-       ed in joining the gaelic football team, feel free to drop
                          ing, the league takes place every Monday 18.15 every       into me in the SU building and I'll talk your details.
                          Monday in the SU                                             Many of you may be aware of the Well's for Zoe
                            Trials for the college Cricket also took place in the    charity, where 17 of the college students are travelling
                          pat month, where there was a huge turn-out. Match's        to Malawi next January to build an orphanage. In an
Sports Officer            and training are hoped to get up and going in the          effort to raise funds, we are hoping to have a charity
                          second semester with the intervarsities taking place       soccer match against another college, with a match
Kieran Hickey             near the end term. Special thanks has to go to Ali         again a college staff selection also rumored. Details of
4                                                                                    this match will be posted around the college soon.
GCD Student Council holds
first meeting of 2008 to
discuss student/college issues
       he Student Council had its first meeting on November       high quality Astroturf. It was left that the SU President and the

 T     25th. The list of attendees was as follows: Seán Reid
       (SU), Shivesh Seupal (Law), Shawn Blundell (Law), Sarah
Louise Coulter (Law), Oscar Finn (Media), Johanna Bandgren
                                                                  Chairperson would find prices' for this and discuss methods of
                                                                  presenting this to the board of directors. This will be presented
                                                                  to the Council at the next meeting before going in front of the
(Business), Jacquie Ryan (SU), Niamh O'Kane (Business),           college.
Rosemary Maguire (Law), Tabitha Adebayo (Business), Mark O'
Flynn (Media), James Walters (Media), Gerald Bell (Media) and       The third item was the subject of placing a charge on pool
Kieran Hickey (SU).                                               tables within the SU. The Sports Officer presented the follow-
                                                                  ing figures to the Council: Every year, it costs the SU €120 for
 The first motion brought forward by the Council was electing     new cues and accessories; it costs €1580 to resurface all the
a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson and a Secretary.                tables and new sets of balls cost €30 each. On average, one
Chairperson was decided by majority vote as Oscar Finn, Vice      cue a week is broken in the SU, which comes to €10 for each
Chairperson was decided as Shivesh Seupal and Secretary was       cue to be replaced. Each time a ball goes missing, an entire
decided as Tabitha Adebayo.                                       new set must be purchased, costing the SU another €30 just
                                                                  for a single ball. So far, two new sets had to be purchased. It
 The first item brought to the floor was the issue of bullying    was worked out that, by the end of the year, approximately
within class rooms, from both students and lecturers. Members     €450 will be spent on repairs, not taking into account repairs
spoke about different cases that they had seen and ways to        to be made on tables. It was felt that the current system is not
combat this issue. It was decided that students and staff         working to prevent the damage done, and a proposed rental
equally need to be educated on this matter, and an awareness      fee of €1 was brought up. This fee would allow students to
week was proposed. This week could cover not just bullying        have unlimited games until they return the equipment, and will
but sexual harassment, drug abuse, homelessness and finance       help towards the costs of repairs. The Council voted in favour
problems. The group voted that this shall be looked into by       of this charge and it was not challenged by any members. The
both the SU President and the Chairperson.                        new system will come into effect from December 8th.

  The second item brought to the floor was repairing the green      The meeting concluded after an hour and the groups return
in the college. The Council discussed different methods of pre-   date was set for the week of 8th of December. Any students
serving the grass and, on a vote of 13 in favour and 1 against,   who wants an issues brought up is suggested to speak to
the Council decided that the green needs to be replaced by        either their class rep or the Students Union.

Mixed fortunes for GCD footballers as lady luck desersts
                                          ovember has seen another action          hampered by injuries in the second half
                                     N    packed round of events on the sports
                                   front in the college. The soccer season
                                                                                   leading to a 6-2 defeat.
                                                                                     The season concluded in late November
                                   continued and concluded with a mixed out-       with a home game against DIT 'C' team.
                                   come. The college earned a draw against         Despite an even first half, Griffith went in at
                                   against Blanchardstown IT. A last minute        the break 2-0 down. In the second half
                                   goal from the west-side college preventing      Griffith dominated proceeding but just
                                   Griffith from taking all 3 points.              couldn't find the back of the net. As Griffith
                                     Attention was then switched to the Bob        pressed for a goal DIT added a third which
                                   Eustace cup where Griffith were drawn           saw the game end in a 3-0 defeat.
                                   away to Tipperary Institute in mid-               There were enough signs from the 3
                                   November. Griffith raced into an early 2-0      games though to suggest the soccer team
                                   led at the Thurles venue thanks to goals        will emerge stronger in the new year, having
                                   from Shane Mooney and Hossam but were           learned some harsh lessons this month.

    Party People
    Halloween Ball 2008

Photography by:
Sam Burgees &
Carmen Caballero

For more party pictures log on to:                      7
                   The Genuine Article                                                                             With Star reporter Drew Peacock

  Arthurs Bar Unveils New Schedule at Launch                                                                                        In Brief
          t a recent press conference which was attended      Fondling'.                                                     GCD Security squad shoot
          by Griffiti and Reuters outside the toilets in      "I don't expect a huge crowd at this one, as it is a very
          Arthurs, Bar manager Dominic Lodola                 niche event, plus most of the college is off on Fridays.
                                                                                                                             6 students in first month
 unveiled his latest 'timetable' for Arthur's events to       However basically what's going to happen is, we are            for looking overly content
 stretch from December 08 - February 09. "I'm keeping         going to pull the curtains, Declan from the Kitchen is         with themselves.
 with my themed nights as I believe they are the most         supplying the chip fat and well, I'll leave the rest to
 popular. But there are some right dirty bastards in this     your imaginations!" said an excited looking Mr
 college, have you ever seen the women on a night out         Brownill.                                                      Sports Officer accused of
 here? You'd find more clothing on a spool of tread, so I
 decided I better start catering for these lads and lasses"   Arthur's Bar is set to continue its great drinks promos:
                                                                                                                             cross-dressing after being
 said a perplexed looking Mr Lodola.                                                                                         seen wearing a normal t-
                                                              Single Vodka Red Bull : Only €14!                              shirt
 "Basically I'm going to be really going out there with       Pint of Amstel : Only €7!
 the themed nights. 'Monday Madness' is just not mad          Jagerbomb: Only €12!
 enough so I'm changing that to 'Monday Molestation'.         Tap Water: Not available unless you are literally dying        GCD gardener accused of
 Basically we will have all the young ones in the room,                                                                      'missing a spot' on the
 lock the doors, throw on a bit of hardcore techno/house
 music and strobe lighting and then bring in all the auld                                                                    green
 lads from Leonards Corner. It will be pure filty but I
 reckon everyone should leave with a smile on their
 face" said Mr Lodola.

 Lodola continued to explain that his popular 'Wacky
 Wednesday' will be rebranded as 'Wankered on
 Wednesday'. However in his most controversial move
 (not his first one) Mr Lodola announced that Resturant                                                                      American Students contin-
 Manger Chris Brownill will be hosting his very own              Lodola: Visionary            Brownill : Loves New           ue to break decibel levels
 themed night on Fridays called 'Frantic Friday                                               Timetable
                                                                                                                             while having a 'quite con-
                                                                                                                             SU Common Room now
Fading film star's latest release                               The irradiated lizard reached stardom in the 1950's          more popular pisshead
                                                              when one of his booze fuelled romps, which destroyed
leaked onto the web...and bed                                 much of downtown Tokyo, was captured by a Japanese             spot than Coppers
sheets                                                        film maker. Several documentaries were made and the
                                                              unknown reptile was thrust into the limelight.                 Govt considers moving
                                                                His career began to slump in the late 1970's when he

                                          apanese film                                                                       Mountjoy inmates to GCD
                                                              slipped into drug and alcohol addiction and faded into
                                          Godzilla has
                                                              near obscurity. His hopes of a comeback were dashed in         Rez as they share a
                                                              2000 however when critics mauled his self-titled biopic
                                          become the lat-
                                                              'Godzilla'. And his latest screen venture will no doubt
                                                                                                                             'remarkably similar' set of
                                  est celebrity victim of                                                                    rules
                                                              damage his waning Hollywood credibility.
                                  a leaked sex-tape. The
                                                                Godzilla refused to comment on the sex-tape when
                                  tape, which appeared
                                                              questioned at his Christmas Island home today, instead
                                  on several websites on
                                                              preferring to incinerate reporters with his atomic blast.      Inefficientcy in
                                  Monday evening, is
believed to have been leaked from CCTV footage of a
                                                                                                                             International Office sky-
                                                                The Genuine Article did, however, manage to track            rockets as Paul Mullally
Dublin car-park. Its grainy black and white images
                                                              down Godzilla's co-star in the film. The man-ho, known
allegedly depict the legendary 'King of the Monsters'                                                                        returns to work
                                                              only as Dr. Dusty Ringlove, rejected claims that he was
engaged in a sex-act with a male prostitute dressed as
                                                              the one who had leaked the video onto the internet.
long time nemesis, Mothra.
                                                                Speaking from a corner on Wexford Street a defiant
  This will no doubt come as a blow, no pun intended, to
                                                              Mr. Ringlove stated: "Sista, puh-leeze. I din't do dat shit.
                                                                                                                             Hot Maintainance Guy
the B-movie star who is trying to get his career back on                                                                     continues to 'tighten the
                                                              Dat trick was its own reward - he's a monster in mo'
track following a string of box-office flops and a life-
                                                              ways den one, honey!"                                          screws' in the residence.
long battle with alcohol addiction.

  8    The contents of this section are satirical and may offend. The views espressed here do not represent the views of GCD Student
What’s this protest about?
         here was great craic to      dard 'What do we want?! No

 T       be had last month when
         Dublin's students came
         out in force to protest
the increase in registration fees
implemented in the new budget.
                                      Fees!! When do we want it?!
                                        Whilst simplicity is important for
                                      all good protest chants, this one
                                      perhaps crossed the boundaries
Despite their best efforts, the       of what could realistically be
fun-loving students failed to         achieved. Technically, the fees are
match the levels of militancy on      already in place, and have been
show from their much older fel-       increased to a higher sum, so
low protestors- the old people.       chanting for the abolition of
The old people, angry at the pro-     them altogether seems a tad
posed means testing on medical        overambitious.
cards for old people who are
older than 70, put their youthful       By all accounts, the chant
counterparts to shame with a far      should have been 'What do we
better and more sinister protest      want?! A reversal of the
on the same day.                      Governments' decision to
                                      increase student registration fees
   Sincerity is the key. The stu-     in the budget, and bring it back
dent's were mildly angry, while       to 900 euro, or possibly get rid
the old people were apoplectic        of the fees altogether!! When do
with rage, summoning up the old-      we want it?! Now!!
school levels of discontent that
sometimes lead to Communist             The guy with the speakerphone
revolutions. The students looked      chose not to got down this road
like they were having too much        though, and perhaps he was
fun. There was zero Garda pres-       right. Whilst the wild passion was
ence, which as all good protes-       in his eyes, everyone else seemed
tors know is a gross insult; if the   to be thanking their lucky stars
cops don't think you need to be       they were getting a day off col-
supervised, you're just not serious   lege, and for a just cause too.
enough.                               Happiness is a warm placard.
   The student's chant was a stan-

 Back to the Burlo!
         fter months of speculation, the Griffith College       The Griffith Ball is by far the most extravagant and

 A       Ball will be returning to the Burlington Hotel for
         2009. The SU have laid down a deposit to
 bring the centrepiece Griffith student event back to
                                                              most expensive event to be held on an annual basis by
                                                              either the Griffith College staff or students, with
                                                              expenses for the event topping €25,000 for just one
 what many people consider to be its rightful home.           night. It is also the most eagerly awaited event with
                                                              both students and staff attending.
   This year several hotels were in the running including
 the Crown Plaza in Santry and last years location, the        This year's ball is to be held on Saturday April 18th
 Knightsbrook Hotel in Trim Co, Meath. However after a        2009 with tickets going on sale early next year. Ticket
 painstaking process it was decided that because of its       prices are expected to be €70. Hotel rooms are on
 City Centre location and easy accessibility the              sale now and start at €120 for a twin or double room.
 Burlington was the most logical option.

 Students' Union Competition
          fter almost a decade     designs for a new logo to

     A    in use, the Griffith
          Students' Union has
 decided to change its logo.
                                   Students' Union President
                                   Sean Reid. The winner will be
                                   awarded a Griffith College
 The current logo (pictured) is    Hoodie of their choice, tick-
 to be replaced with a more        ets to all SU events for the
 legible and identifiable logo     rest of the year, including the
 bringing GCSU in line with        Griffith Ball and the knowl-
 other Students' Unions across     edge that they will have left
 Ireland.                          their mark on Griffith for
                                   years to come.
   Rather than having an out-
 side interest with no real         Send your entries to
 knowledge of Griffith design Closing
 the emblem, the Union has         date for this competition has
 decided to hold a competi-        been set for Friday January
 tion. Students and staff are      30th 2009
 invited to send in their

 Hickey Pushes for Constitutional
         he Students' Union is        way with us. We are an

  T      currently considering a
         radical reform package
 for the organisation. SU Vice
                                      enthusiastic bunch here I will get
                                      this done! We have too much
                                      say in what the union does, big
 President Kieran Hickey is           decisions that effect the
 reportedly considering proposing     students should be passed
 a radical shake-up of the day-to-    through the Student Council,
 day running's of the union by        which is what we have started
 replacing the current 2003           doing now. But we need to
 Griffith SU Constitution with a      make it official and write it
 more comprehensive and far           down. If we were to go ahead
 reaching document.                   with replacing the current
                                      constitution, I really wouldn't be
   Many in and outside the Union      comfortable doing it without
 view the current constitution as     running it past the Student
 being debunked and                   Council (Class Reps) and getting
 unenforceable due to the             a majority vote on it. Which is
 unspecific way it is written. "We    the way the union should work"
 basically want to give the power     said Mr. Hickey.
 back to the students and away
 from the executives (sabbatical       No decision has yet been            Vice-President Hickey
 officers). Many previous SU have     made, however a motion is
 talked about doing this but none     expected to be put forward for
 of them have ever really got up      voting at the next Student
 off their arse and done anything     Council meeting later this
 about it, its not going to be that   month.

Christmas Formal Ball
                                      In aid of:
               Wells For Zoë
 Thurs 11th Dec @ 7.30pm
 Killiney Castle Hotel

 Tickets €60 on sale from the Student's Union
 Reception starts at 7.30pm
                max tundra
 The ex-Arcade Fire,
 Last Shadow Puppets
 arranger and all round
 musical genius Max
 Tundra (aka Final
 Fantasy) sits down
 Griffiti magazine

             oor old Max Tundra; you kinda have to feel sorry for the bloke,

     P       sitting in a hotel bar sipping bottled water having a trapse of
             wannabe music journos paraded in front of him all asking the same shite
     questions about where he got the name from, or how does he define his music or what's
     with his what's his favourite song blah blah blah... Well Griffitti don't swing that way baby. Admittedly
     yours truly is a fuckin music geek with hundreds more CDs than real friends but so what, next time we meet him
     he might be famous so may as well have the craic with him and he just might remember us next time we meet on
     the long road to music journalism ruin.

        ow, of course those of you that haven't already stopped reading and gone onto the fashion pages to fantasise about

 N      sexy Roisin may never have even heard of Max Tundra, well his real name in Ben Jacobs (it's a one man band baby),
        and he comes from London. And before you think you've never heard his stuff then just hold off a second because
he's remixed for the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, The Pet Shop Boys, The Strokes, The Futureheads & Architecture in
Helsinki, so there, yeah, you probably have heard his material. But he's not some serious remix header either "Naw it's kind of
a money thing a lot of the time and it's not always for bands that I like. Most times if somebody approaches me with an
offer to do a remix then most times I'll do it. I like the challenge of turning a song that I don't like into a song that I do like".

  Now don't be too quick top judge old Ben, just coz he does things for money don't mean he's a bad person. Now while
your lecturers will try and instil values and ethics into you during your time in Griffith here at Griffiti we can reveal that in the
hard-knock-life-bastard-world out-there it's fuckin tough and you need to pay the bills somehow. With Ben it's no different;
Parrallax Error Beheads You took a wopping six years to make and it's only got about forty minutes of music on it so if
something takes that long then it's gonna cost a few spondulics. But is Ben a perfectionist or just bone lazy. "Other bands
have popped up and have had a career in that time and there's such a pressure on artists on major labels to turn an album
around very quickly and part of the joy on being on a label like Domino is that you have the luxury of being able to take your
time as an artist. In the six years that it's taken me to make this record other bands have had full careers, Kaiser Chiefs have
done three albums, Hot Chip have done three albums and then there's other bands that have appeared from no-where and
disappeared again. I've just been working on this one record and because I'm not very big or popular yet then nobody is
really shouting down my neck to get things done."

  Ah yeah but Jaysus Ben, six years man? "Well from now on I'm going to put myself under a bit of pressure because in
fairness six years is just far too long to make just forty minutes of music, so the next album will be much quicker".

  Ben music is defined as electro, but don't say that to him, enough of the hacks that he's seen today have been rabbitting
on about that crap and anyway, even though he uses a few keyboards and samplers that doesn't mean that he's Kraftwerk?
Like, if a lawyer used video evidence does that mean that he's a movie producer? Of course not. Ben writes some of the
best pop music ever. He dances and sings a bit like Prince, indeed he learned how to sing by attempting the songs of the
artist formally known as the artist formally known as the artist formally known as the artist formally known for being a
freakngs at karaoke bars around his native London.

  One thing that always strikes you about doing interviews in hotel bars and actually hotel's in general, is the background
music is so fuckin god-awful. Stomach clenching, bile inducing tripe that only a turnip would enjoy. Ben agrees "there are
way too many bands and there's lots and lots of really dreadful music around. And we're bombarded with it all the time, like
in hotel bars, or in shops and restaurants or even on the bus when someone is playing music over their phone. We don't
choose to listen to this music but it's just that we're not even given a choice. It's just noise pollution. There's so many bands
now making that "background" music, unimaginative boring same-y music that's not new or inventive or even noticeable. And
the worse thing is that it's so grounded into the everyday world that people just accept it".

  Who's to blame, radio? The media, we hate radio, Phantom just released figures that they've got 27% of listeners in Dublin.
What? Does anyone agree that Phantom has completely lost the ball since going legit. For Christ sakes they're playing
Coldplay and U2. They were our hope, our shining beacon in the dreary damp night of modern radio playlists but they went
and ruined it by selling out to the man. From now on it's internet radio for us, no ads, no moronic radio presenter
mascarading for Djs. Last Fm rocks can we get a Hell Yea from you Ben? "Yeah, exactly, far better, although there is one
radio station where I do get all my news tracks from, it's, it's a New Jersey station and it's very good. It's where I
get all my material for my radio show on Saturdays on Resonance FM, (MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt
from "" claiming to be
  But we can't forget that there is some really amazing bands out there too, actually there's a lot of them but sometimes
they can be harder to find". Indeed especially on Irish radio waves.

  Well that's about it so Ben, what next? "Touring the album probably for the next nine months solid I'd say. I just did a
support tour with Hot Chip and it was greatand I want to do some more high profile things like that because, you know,
sometimes it can be a bit frustrating when you've been putting records out for over ten years and still nobody knows who
the hell you are. But it was cool touring with them and it was great to see these kids dancing and having lots of fun to my
music, kind of makes me think that many many people could possible like my music if they got to hear it".

Max Tundra will be rocking out keyboard and sampler style in Crawdaddy 23rd January. Go to for updates.

 Broken News- Broken
      Aaron Rogan on the 24-hour news circus that has brought
      sensationalist news coverage to new levels

                                                                          hen something of importance eventually

                                                               W          does happen the news station goes into
                                                                          overdrive. There'll be a loud whooshing
                                                              sound and an obnoxious graphic taking up half
                                                              the screen to let you know that this ain't no run
                                                              of the mill news, this is breaking news. And
                                                              breaking news is the most important, it's barely
                                                              even happened! The problem with breaking news
                                                              is that it's very hard to report on something that
                                                              has only been discovered, but the newsrooms get
                                                              so excited in the clamour to get there first that
                                                              they'll rush some poor reporter to the scene of
                                                              the event. So we have the anchor in the studio
                                                              interviewing someone whose just arrived on the
                                                              scene and knows nothing more about the story
                                                              than what he's been told by the newsroom. "This
                                                              story is still developing" really means "I haven't
                                                              the foggiest." It's not news, but at least it passes
                  he purpose of the news is to inform,

                                                              the time.
                  explain and analyse events so that
                  people can better understand the              In fact, 24 hour news channels have so much
                  world. But the fact is that compared to     time to kill with so little ammunition that they
                  even the most hackneyed drama the           now need you to do some of the work. They
                  news is boring; the stories takes days      portray it as an exercise in open democracy but
     or weeks to unfold, most of the characters are           really it's just a way to broadcast sensationalist
     dullards who don't want anyone to know what              nonsense while distancing themselves from it.
     they're up to and any exciting things that do            Most of the messages read on air are
     happen involve massive destruction or depravity.         quasi-fascist ramblings which would get you
     And we even find the exciting stuff grows tedious        locked up if you published them on a pamphlet,
     after about the eighth car bomb of the week.             and there's always at least one irate shut-in who
                                                              writes in calling for someone to be executed.
       When something of immediate importance is not          Doesn't matter if the topic is littering or the
     happening, which is generally the case, there is in      expansion of the EU: "We should reintroduce the
     effect no function for 24 stations. But if there is a    death penalty and post the bill for the bullets to
     chance that something might happen they make             their families. Yours sincerely, Deranged in Dalkey"
     us wait for the news with them. Narrated footage         What do we need to hear the public's opinions for
     of airport arrivals halls, closed doors, empty streets   in any case, most people know zip when it comes
     and helicopter shots of cars make up hours of            to policing or managing the economy. And
     non-news coverage. This isn't news, it's just waiting    anyway, what sort of person responds to the
     and looking but its great for cable news stations        demand to "Press your red button NOW!" Those
     because people get curious as to what they're            opinion polls draw exclusively from people with
     waiting for and stay tuned.                              nothing better to do at two o'clock in the
                                                              afternoon than get indignant when their telly tells
                                                              them to.
en News- Broken news
          ky have broadcast more bulletins    their jobs. And it's not as if it was a       They report on the dangers of bees,

   S      from kitchens than their own
          studio since the recession,
  showing us how the credit crunch is
                                              particularly slow news week. This was
                                              the same week as the verdict of the
                                              inquiry into the shooting of Jean
                                                                                            Iran, drinking water, faulty seatbelts,
                                                                                            and what's under your fingernails. They
                                                                                            want their audience to develop
  effecting some dolt who took out a          Charles DeMenezes by London police.           complexes so severe they can't leave
  300% loan for an iPod. Cable news           But that was old news by now.                 the couch, never mind the house.
  wants to appeal to the average person
  and they reason that the average               This trend towards this sort of story is     But when there's something that is
  person wants to see themselves on the       because unlike terrestrial TV which only      really important but also not that
  TV. So, most stories now invariably         has to broadcast about two hours              exciting, the 24-hour stations have to
  involve interviewing members of the         worth of news a day, 24 hour news             work extra hard to keep your attention.
  public. This means that news                stations have to keep up with one             This usually involves the brainchild of
  broadcasting descends into a futile         another and more importantly with the         some over-caffeinated, colour blind
  cycle where a reporter asks a member        rest of TV. And the rest of TV doesn't        graphic designer. Ludicrous gadgetry in
  of the public what they think and the       have boring middle-aged men in suits          the news reached its zenith during the
  person replies with what they heard on      talking about government documents,           recent presidential election. You know,
  the news. It's as if Rupert Murdoch is      it has sex and violence and all manner        that election that was marqueed as the
  conducting some perverse pop-quiz to        of fun stuff. So cable news has               most important event since the end of
  make sure we're paying attention.           gradually become more entertainment-          the Cold War. Yeah, well CNN decided
                                              like which means more emotion, more           to juice it up for us; with a hologram.
                                              appeals to gut feelings of paranoia,
    Of course, it would wear thin pretty      fear and disgust and more drama. Fox                   NN spent god knows how much
  quick if all that was broadcast was
  shoppers being asked what they saw
  on the news so 24-hour news has to
                                              News interviews have more in common
                                              with primal scream therapy sessions
                                              than rational debate because it's dra-
                                                                                             C       on making it look like they were
                                                                                                     beaming in a real-time image of
                                                                                            one of their reporters from Chicago to
  earn its salt some other way. And since     matic.                                        their main studio. The interviewer Wolf
  the world doesn't churn out enough                                                        Blitzer (I think they make up these
  fresh conflict and scandal to keep the               merican stations and in              outlandish names so you stay tuned to
  ratings up, they have to put the graft in
  and manufacture some news.                   A       particular Fox News are brilliant
                                                       entertainment, they seem to
                                              have given up the ghost on any actual
                                                                                            hear if you heard it correctly the first
                                                                                            time) then proceeded to ask the
                                                                                            reporter about guess what? The
    The scandal over the Russell Brand        news reporting. Instead, they'll tell you     hologram! After a while he asked a few
  and Jonathan Ross radio broadcast           just about anything to keep you               questions about the voting. But the
  was first-class manufactured news.          watching. Fox broadcast a sort of             fact he was talking to a hologram
  Something which affected very few           hyper-reality where everything is ten         meant he may as well have been
  people was turned into a national           times as bright, loud and important as        letting off fireworks in the studio as he
  outrage in the space of a few days,         it would be otherwise. In one fifteen         asked the questions.
  and BBC24 and Sky News got to show          minute Fox broadcast I saw a bear on
  it blow by blow. Sky News spent hours       the loose in Southern Californian               The problem with rolling news
  covering the story and what had             suburbs, a man crushed to death by a          stations becoming focused on
  originally aggrieved only two people        streetlight while in his parked car and       entertainment rather than information
  enough to complain became the main          a boy who was ordered to apologise to         is that without good information,
  news story for two weeks. This was          his high school for going to his              people can't form good opinions. And
  clockwork non-news, Sky forced the          graduation dressed as a penis. Who's          then what are you going to say when
  scandal as a serious issue so much          going to change the channel when              Sky stop you in the street?
  that it eventually became one. 30,000       there a bear on the loose and an
  people complained, MPs spoke out,           interview with penis boy coming up?
  Gordon Brown called for "appropriate        Fox are also particularly fond of scaring
  action" and some people even lost           the living shit out of their audience.

                                                             The futureheads
     Paddy Murphy chats to
     Sunderland’s finest D.I.Y rockers

 What's the story Jaff, you well                                        That's the thing, aye, a lot of people don't like to record live and
                                                                        they like to get everything right and pristine and perfect and
 Yeah, very well we're in Krakow today, lovely part of the world        even when we did it that way for the second album it only took
 but it's bloody cold though.                                           us three weeks. It really shouldn't take all that long if you've got
                                                                        stuff written and you've been practising it. With bands like
 The latest Futurehead's album, This is not the World only took         Radiohead they'll go into the studio with nothing written and just
 three weeks to record, how come you can do a record so                 write it all there but that's the way they like to do it and it
 quickly, what's inspires ye to write so fast?                          works for them. But we're alot different from them, we're just a
                                                                        little rock band really. We all sing and play and we've all got dif-
 It was a combination of a couple of things, our producer Youth,        ferent ideas about our parts sound so first we work them out
 (the Verve Urban Hymns, the Delays Everything's the Rush as            and then we get them recorded when we're happy with all the
 well as being Killing Joke's original bassist) wanted to do the        bits.
 record really fast, he doesn't like to get bogged down in the
 eccentricities of recording, like using loads of over-dubs and that,   Well you've been touring this album now for a while do you
 he likes to capture a band live. Also Barry ( Hyde, lead singer)       write while on the road?
 had about eight songs ready before we'd even gone into the
 studio. When we went over to record (Youth owns a massive              Naw, we can't really rehearse, only maybe during some sound-
 recording studio in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalusia)          checks but we don't really get a lot of time then either. But, you
 we were recording one song a day and then we'd be jamming              know, coz we're travelling so much we just have to get sleep,
 out and work on other ones in the evening. We worked really            eat, get to the gig and then have a bit of a party after the gig. I
 hard and it ended up only taking fifteen days because we were          know Barry does do a bit of writing while we're on the road but
 playing and recording for fourteen hours everyday.                     we don't all sit down together until close to the time that we're
                                                                        heading into the studio. And I think we'll probably be doing that
 Makes you think why do other bands take so long to produce             some time in January, we'll have a couple of weeks off then so
 music...                                                               we'll maybe try and get another record done then.

    Well the album's been out since last May and you've been            We going to have some scratching and beatboxing on the
    touring ever since then we you actually take a proper break         next Futureheads album?
    or just straight into the studio and then hit the road again
    with the next release?                                              ........(laughs) Don't know about that mate.

    Well we'll see what happens, we have the three weeks in             It's the time of what's been the high and low points
    January that I mention before where we'll be hitting the studio     for the Futureheads?
    again but we'll depends on how much we get done in
    January.                                                            Well at the start of the year we were all feeling a bit down we
                                                                        weren't happy with the second record, how it’s done like, and
    But you are looking to releasing a follow-up album next year?

                                                                        then we had the crap with the label (the band were dropped)
                                                                        and we were travelling all over England in a little van trying to
    Yea, it would be nice of we could, we'd love to but saying that     get things going again. Then we had Beginning of the Twist
    we don't want to but too much pressure on ourselves, then           and it did really well, got lots of radio play and did well in the
    again, if it's done then we'll put it out for sure. That's one of   charts so that was probably the defining moment of the year
    the advantages of being your own boss, we don't have to wait        for us I'd say. It showed that we could turn things around. It
    for a record company who'll just put it on a shelf and tell us      showed that we don't need a label to do things, we can do
    when to put it out.                                                 things our own way, we can produce our own work the way
                                                                        we want and be the happiest we've ever been. You know,
    Then saying you do record a lot in January, then you could          travelling from places like Hull and Scunthorpe but then
    be hitting the festivals again next summer?                         hearing your record on the radio made it all feel really good
                                                                        again. We proved to ourselves that we can do it just so long
    Aye man, that would be great, we love playing the festivals. It     as we write good songs and wanna go out and tour.
    would be good to do them again but it might be hard because
    some promoters won't book the same people two years in a            America. America fucking loves the Futureheads, especially
    row, but it would be cool though.                                   the internet based media. Of all the new British indie bands
                                                                        only yourselves and Bloc Party, even though they've kinda
    The Futureheads have been spotted doing a few DJ nights             blown it by touring with My Chemical Romance a while back,
    every now and then and there's a few more planned for this          have got any notice from across the pond, why is that and
    tour. How did they come about and what's the reason for             what are ye gonna do about it?
    getting behind the decks?
                                                                        Well it just happened mate, actually there's a low point for
    Yea, a few of us are doing them now and I suppose the               you, knowing that we're getting a lot of play and radio time in
    reason is that they're a good laugh, a good night out ya know,      America but not being able to tour there because we'd never
    plus we get a bucket load of cash from doing it too. You know       be able to afford it without being signed to a record label. We
    they fly you to Dublin put ya up in a hotel and then they pay       looked at doing it but we'd have been out of pocket a lot of
    you to play music that you're into. As we're doing it more          money each so it's a bit crap that we couldn't. But you never
    though we're getting more and more into it and getting better       know maybe we'll get an investor and a label might want to
    at mixing the songs and adding in more different stuff. Even        sign us over there and maybe we could do a tour then, or
    though we're all kind of indie heads we can experiment when         maybe if we got a support slot with someone doing a tour.
    we're DJ-ing by adding in some electro stuff.
                                                                        The Futureheads play the Academy on December 17th
                                                                        The album ‘This is Not the World’ is out now.

                         “There's a low point for you, knowing that we're
                        getting a lot of play and radio time in America but
                        not being able to tour there because we'd never be
                        able to afford it without being signed to a record

     He is a huge talent, with a dedicated Irish fan
     base. He played the Crawdaddy Tent at
     Electric Picnic this year and is to play two sold
     out shows in Vicar Street accompanied by a 24
     piece Orchestra this month. I got a chance to
     speak with the enthusiastic and enigmatic Josh
     Interview By Fiona Donnellan

     First off, what did you think of the US Election Results?            When did you decide to give work and concentrate on music
     I thought they were fantastic. I was out canvassing myself for       full time?
     Obama, going door to door in Philadelphia, making sure               I was ready to quit my job before any of this, I did all kind of
     everyone knew about him. I was fully into it. It's an amazing        jobs, like I'd work for a week or a few days and then I would
     experience, there is a certain belief restored, this is the          quit and go work on music. I never had a desire to get stuck
     country I believe in. I'm very happy, it's such an exciting time.    doing something that I didn't want to do, didn't want to be
                                                                          doing something just because I felt I needed to. Luckily I could
     Are you looking forward to coming to Ireland again in                do that, I didn't have other obligations that I needed to fill, so
     December, two sold out shows, that's impressive!                     as soon as I could I started singing full time and I've been
     Yeah I'm excited it's going to be such a weird show. Like the        doing that for 6years now. I'm proud of that
     orchestra, I can definitely add it to the list of things I thought
     id never get to see, its amazing I'm really excited. It's going to   What's your favourite track from" Historical Conquests of
     be weird because it's a standing gig, but with an orchestra so       Josh Ritter"?
     I'm really curious to see what it will be like. The sound is         Fun tracks, its like trying to name your favourite child! Its hard
     going to be great, I just can't wait. It's a huge thing, kind of     to pick favourites, they change at different times. "To the
     selfish, but you know if you get the chance.                         Dogs or Whoever" Is the one I enjoy most consistently. But a
                                                                          lot of the stuff off that album takes me out of my comfort
     How was Electric Picnic this year, how does it compare to            zone and really changed the way I've performed. Its really fun,
     other shows you've played around the world?                          you get a chance to push yourself outside what you normally
     Epic, what a beautiful night. I played it two years ago as well.     used to operating. But yeah it is a song that is kind of big
     Its something else, I love the tents and how people aren't           and bold and funny. I'm working on a new record right now.
     taking the event super seriously. They're there to have a good       It's getting louder so its a lot of fun.
     time and enjoy, it really gives you an opportunity to go out
     there and play as hard as you can and not really worry about         How do you think you sound has changed since your first
     breaking something or messing up in some way, its really an          album?
     award for everything else I have to do during the year.              It's gone down some odd roads. Things have an effect on
                                                                          your style of playing, like even when you're in your apartment
     You have a huge following here in Ireland, did you ever think        and there are people above you, you play quieter because
     it would get to this point?                                          they rap on the floor or the ceiling. Trying to get you to shut
     I've never really had the scope and imagination to understand        up. It leads you to sing quiet songs, it's amazing how your
     where things could really go, I just keep my head down               immediate environment can change what you're doing. We
     working on songs, working on what you're doing and really            kind of forget sometimes that were the products of our
     putting effort into creating something, weather its a record or      environment. As we grow up the smallest changes in the
     a performance, the one thing you're trying to do is build            places we are and the people we know can cause us to have
     some tracks for the people who come out to a show, when              completely new and different reactions and cause totally
     you're not on stage you're working hard to create something          different types of music.
     new, time and patience goes into it, so most of the time I'm
     not really looking up. Then suddenly you see, that there's an        How are you planning on spending Christmas?
     effect, that you're having an effect, it's really gratifying, its    I going to spend Christmas with my grandma down in
     incredible. You can't really go out there and make people            Oregon. She's 94 and going to go down there and hang out
     come to your shows, you just have to keep doing what your            with her and the whole family is going to be there so it's
     doing and hopefully people will respond. I'm having an               going to be terrific. I'm very excited, the usually good stuff
     amazing time right now, I'm totally enjoying it.                     like turkey. It's so nice to be heading back to family and all

 Out of the Blue
  Mark Corcoran on the task facing Dublin’s
  new manager
         o the dust has settled since October 9 and we've had          the doctor

 S       time to think. Since the northern demolition job (or
         self destruction, which ever way you want to look at
         it), Dublin GAA men licked their wounds and prepared
for the Mullins versus Deegan management election with
cautious optimism for the future. Maybe this is the shake up
                                                                       ordered to
                                                                       reboot the
                                                                       Dubs. The
                                                                       of Paul Nugent
that was needed. A big name to shoulder the burden and drag            (Thomas Davis) and Paddy O' Donoghue (Kilmacud Crokes) as
the team forward.                                                      selectors will also bring some valuable south side expertise to
                                                                       the table, something that Caffery's management was scream-
  But it was an election that never came to a vote. You have           ing out for.
to hand it to them. With minimum press leaks, the name that              Construction of the new panel is already underway. In an
nobody was expecting, straight out of the blue (excuse the             attempt to leave no stone unturned, Gilroy divided the county
pun) Pat Gilroy was sworn into office. No contest, No debate.          into six segments and ordered a blitz tournament (each
An appointment that was initially difficult for me to sink my          segment was a team) as trials for the new panel. Only the
teeth into.                                                            Kilmacud Crokes players were spared (due to Championship
                                                                       commitments). Any player who wanted to be involved next
  So what do we know of Pat Gilroy. A self made business man           year was invited to show their face. Interestingly Ciaran
that has risen to the top of Dalkia, an energy company based           Whelan and Jason Sherlock declared their intentions for next
in France. What experience he lacks in management, having              year by making an appearance as did most of the present
only been involved as a selector to DCU's Sigerson cup team,           panel.
he makes up for from his playing days. Gilroy (36) was part of
the Dublin panel of the early 90s which went all the way in 95           A largely different panel can expected from next year. As can
and he was an integral part of the St Vincent's team that took         a large St Vincents contingent. Expect to hear the name Willie
the All Ireland Club Championship in March, scoring crucial            Lowry tried at full back in the league next spring along with
scores from full-forward along the way.                                Hugh Gill, both were huge players in the Vincents defence this
  But this is still the biggest management job in the country.         year. Also expect to hear the names Colin Prendeville (Fingal
The most scrutinised, the most pressure. How did a relative            Ravens), Luke Sweetman (Eirns Isle) and Dennis Bastick
dark horse glide in to the job so smoothly? Easy. Gilroy's             (Templeogue Synge St), some of Dublin's best kept secrets
business experience ensured he walked any interview they               come to the fore next year.
threw at him but more importantly, he had connections.                   As fate would have it Gilroy has been handed a baptism of
                                                                       fire. Tyrone have been pencilled in for January 31 under the
  Pat Gilroy's official title in the new set up is 'Manager', Mickey   Croker's Saturday night lights. It is a repeat of the meeting two
Whelan's is trainer. Whelan, now in his early 70s, previously          years ago and is the first league match of the season. A first
held the Dublin job from 1996-1999 a time he admits was not            chance for new blood to impress in front of a full house. Two
his happiest as the Dubs plummeted from the dizzy heights of           years ago these teams were the first to play under the lights.
1995. He coached Vincents to the trophy in March and had               The Dubs led by five at the half, and lost. Incidents of being
Gilroy as selector when he was in charge of the DCU Sigerson           pegged back slowly but surely riddled Caffery's time in charge.
cup team. He also includes Kevin Heffernan, the all-seeing, all-       January 31 is Gilroy's first big chance to show he is the man to
knowing Godfather of Dublin football as one of his best friends.       steady Dublin's shaky nerves.
                                                                         Piller Caffery had the unanimous respect of the Dublin
 Heffernan was joined on the interview board to select the             dressing room through out his time in charge. Everyone wanted
Dublin manager by Dr Pat O'Neill (both St Vincents men).               to win for him so very badly. January 31 is their chance to
What seemed a good idea for a management team to Whelan                avenge him against the side that caused his down fall on too
probably seemed like a good idea to Heffernan and so the               many occasions. August's demolition will still be fresh in the
deal was done.                                                         minds.
 Don't be fooled. This management team is going to be the                The Dublin County Board will be anxious for Gilroy to settle in
exact opposite to that of Piller Caffery. Caffery's reign of ice       quickly. They've got a lot riding on this one, it will be 14 years
baths and the hairdryer treatment will transform into Gilroy's         since Sam saw Christmas in the capital and patience is
motivation skills and Whelan's unique brand of training.               wearing thin especially with the old green and gold enemy
Whelan's sheer enthusiasm for the game could just be what              waiting round the corner in early June…

     Photography: Miguel Robaina

     Styling: Natasha Rocca Devine &
     Sinead Bushell

     Hair and make-up: Laura

     Models: Roisin & Natasha

     Location: The Loft Market,
     Powerscourt Centre

 An exclusive Griffiti shoot with upcoming
 Irish Designer Matt Doody

     Designed by Matt Doody

     All items available exclusively at the Loft Market,
     Powerscourt Centre, Dublin 2
The Designers

   Matt Doody                                                                             Béibhinn Flood

Which skills from your study in Grafton Academy have aided           Having studied in the Limerick Institute of technology, do you
you                                                                  see this training as an integral part of your career as a
most, since your graduation in 2006?                                 designer?
Well in the Grafton Academy there's a huge focus on pattern          Yes I do, my 3 years in LIT as an integral part of your career
drafting and the professional finish on you garments so you          as a designer it really help develop me as a designer by
leave the college with incredibly high standards and the ability     bring the creative side out in me. I also saw my 2 years in
to construct or deconstruct any garment you see or design.           Sallynoggin Senior College as a great grounding and under-
                                                                     stand of technical skills.
Your designs have been described as 'the perfect balance
betweensculptural art and wearable fashion', how did you             You are specialized in occasion wear with hand beading and
achieve this?                                                        embroidery. What influences your collections?
I don't thing I will ever find the perfect balance, it’s trying to   Well I think of my work as modern vintage chic which I
achieve that balance that one produces some interesting              consider an elegant, sophisticated and timeless collection by
pieces. It's a juggling act but I wouldn't have it any other way.    using classic craft techniques with modern fabrics which I
                                                                     often would be inspirited by.
Do you think it is essential as a designer to have media cov-
erage, or are you of the opinion that your talent which              Since graduating in 2004, you have worked with the interna-
achieve enough attention to keep your head above water?              tional Irish designers John Rocha and Joanne Hynes, what
A. You will always need the media, especially when you are           were these experiences like?
starting out. You need to get your name out there.                   They were amazing, hard working and eye opening, it was
Unfortunately it can often be that people are more interested        good to see even at that level you still have to pull a few all
in the name rather than the clothes                                  nights to get the desired end result… and to be part of that
                                                                     experience was great… hopefully some day there will be an
In most creative careers, success is generally down to finding       up and coming designer saying the same about my own
a                                                                    shows.
balance between networking, training and getting work. How
do keep this?                                                        Individuality is an essence of a fashion designer, were you
It's difficult, I tend to spend most of my time on designing; it's   worried you may lose your own when working with other
what I love doing and you will always spend more time on the         designers? Or would you recommend this chance to learn
things you love. You just need to keep in mind that unfortu-         from those at the top of the fashion industry?
nately designing is a small part in having a successful fashion      Yes to both I would recommend learning from the big boys of
business.                                                            the industry they have done it and know how to do it; but
                                                                     yes you can some time loss your own individuality and cre-
What have been your biggest challenges, as a designer to             ativity as I found when working in the rag trade side of the
date?                                                                industry.
I guess the biggest challenge has and still is financial.. No
matter how creative and how good you are it all needs to be          Establishing your label and attracting clientele can be the
developed                                                            most difficult challenge when starting out, how did you over-
into something that you can live off. Another juggling act, to       come this?
balance your creativity with commercialism. You need to sell         Well, I just bit the bullet and did a few months ago and it is
in order to produce the next 10 collections running around in        all going well, so fare. The loft market has been a great
your head.                                                           platform to start of from. And I feel I have unique edge; the
                                                                     fact that clients can get exclusive commission piece made
What are your future plans?                                          just for them, as well as unique off the pang pieces. Also side
Well I hope to keep developing my label and building up my           the williness to just keep working hard.
brand. I Am currently working on my own fashion show which
I am hoping to have twice a year.
                                                                      Interviews by Natasha Rocca Devine
                            ionista this festive seas
 How to be a fashion recess
                                     Griffiti's Sandra Morris
                                     has a diverse range of
                                     party season dresses to
                                     get you through the
                                     Social Season Whirl this
                                     Winter whatever your
                                     style, budget or

                         Black Body Con Dress
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                         €95 Lipsy
dress €85, Patricia
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                         Gold & Black bead
€85 Ted Baker
                         cobweb necklace €18
Topshop Gold and
Jewel Necklace €25
                         Black & Gold Tiger
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Black Suede Ruche
Platforms €85 Office
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 Boots €16, Silver       Black Beaded
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 Penneys                 Cream Bow Pleat
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                         Two Tone Cream &
                         Black Shoes €20          27
                         Dunnes Stores
What Just Happened?
Director: Barry Levinson
Starring: Robert De Niro, Sean Penn,
Catherine Keener, John Turturro, Robin
Wright Penn, Stanley Tucci
Release : November 28th

               hat Just Happened? is a movie about two weeks in         play themselves out in a fairly amusing fashion. Think

      W        the life of Ben (De Niro) as his life unravels. Ben is
               one the thirty most powerful producers in Hollywood,
     but the test screenings for his latest movie are not going well,
                                                                        somewhere between Larry Sanders and Larry David but not as
                                                                               e Niro is in every scene so it is up to him to carry this
     the star of his new movie does not look like a star, his
     daughter from his first marriage is going through some very
                                                                         D     movie. He has done the comedic thing to great effect in
                                                                        the past in The King of Comedy and Meet the Parents. He has
     personal problems, and a friend of his may or may not be           also ballsed it up in Meet the Fockers and Analyze That. Here
     going out with his most recent wife. Not a good fortnight by       the bespectacled Bobby does a good job without excelling. The
     anyone's standards.                                                problem is that he is too cool for the role. He remains calm
       The movie starts off with Ben narating a Vanity Fair             when his world is falling apart. He even gets a bit gangster a
     photoshoot which leads into one of those "it all started when…"    one stage and this jarrs with the character created by the rest
     sequences. Ben is at a test screening of his latest flick which    of the film.
     stars Sean Penn. The movie has quite an abrassive ending and         Stylistically I was impressed. There are little sped up vignets
     as a result Ben and director Jeremy Brunell (played by Michael     which add a bit of funkiness. Also there are some visual
     Wincott doing a Keith Ricards impersonation) are in the dog        throwbacks interspersed through the picture.
     house with the studio bosses.                                        The problem with What Just Happened? though is that it
       The next day Ben visits Kelly(Wright-Penn), from whom he is      appears to have been written during the writers strike. It is
     separated and has two young children with. Kelly was the one       missing a cognitative ending. Only two of the five or six main
     who suggested the separation but as they talk, Ben begins to       story lines reach satisfactory conclusions, others just fizzle out
     use his professional ablility to persuade to place a seed of       and others don't even really end. All of the endings are mud-
     doubt in her mind.                                                 dled up and done in the wrong sequence. Ultimately it more
       From Kelly's house he goes to another ex-wife's house to         winds down than ends. Maybe the point is that you walk out of
     drop Zoe, his daughter, to school. Ben notices that Zoe's eyes     the theatre saying "What just happened? Where's the ending".
     are bloodshot but doesn't pry too hard about it.                     It's a frustrating end to a pretty entertaining ball of yarns.
       From Zoe's school, Ben must go to the set of his new movie       Worth seeing but not essential viewing.
     where his leading man (Bruce Willis) has turned up looking
     very unleadingmanish. It's Ben's job to whip Brucie into shape.
       These stories of celebrity and everyday life then go on to                           3/5              John O’Donnell

         ritney Spears hasn’t had the best of        the title track, Circus- an absurdly catchy floor

  B      years. In a less than promising start to
         the year, she was hospitalized after
 holding her children hostage while she
                                                     filler, and likely to follow in the steps of
                                                     Womanizer as a dance floor hit. Kill the Lights,
                                                     a flashy tribute to the constant hounding the
 "appeared to be under the influence of an           paparazzi provide her with, is another tune to
 unknown substance". Yeah, we’ve all been            listen out for on the DJ decks in the months to
 there, Brit…                                        come. In contrast, Blur is chill out, despite it’s
   ‘Britney’s Breakdown’ hit headlines all over      oh-so-familiar theme of memory loss the
 the world. It wasn’t until her recent appearance    morning after the night before. Circus plays
 MTV Video Music Awards recently that the            around with bits of everything.
 public started to take her seriously again.
 Despite not performing, she bagged three              However, the album isn’t very daring on
 awards for her 2007 album ‘Blackout’, and           Britney’s part. Despite some risqué lyrics
 announced that a new one was on it’s way.           provided by the terrifically infectious and ego
                                                     inflated beats of If You Seek Amy (say it out
   Well haters to the left because Britney is        loud) teamed with the shameless innuendo
                                                                                                            Britney Spears-
 back, and she’s running; far away from her          from Phonography, Spears sticks to what she            Circus
 former good girl bubbly pop, slow ballad loving     knows best, and isn’t concerned with the need
 self. For fans of Blackout, or simply anyone who    to progress. She still firmly relies on production
 has ever drunkenly ‘danced’ to Piece of Me,         enhancements to generate a good tune, with             Released Dec 1st
 Circus will not disappoint. After the success of    quality vocals coming secondary. Circus is not a
 the first single Womanizer (her first number        whole lot unlike Blackout in this aspect, when
 one on the Billboard Hot 100 since her debut,       compared to Britney’s earlier albums.
 Hit Me Baby One More Time), it’s safe to say        Mannequin even leaves you wondering if
 that the inevitable return of the Princess of Pop   Britney had anything to do with the song at all,
 is upon us.                                         having been possibly sung completely by a
                                                                                                            Nicola Byrne
   Once gain, Britney delivers an album bursting     computer.
 with the catchy dance tunes she is known for.         It was always going to be hard to top 2007’s
 While there are some slow sets, such as the         Blackout, and wasn’t entirely expected of her                              4/5
 emotionally charged Out From Under and              after the year she’s had, but Britney certainly
 Unusual You, the bass pumping dance beats           delivers a quality pop record in Circus.
 triumph. The second release from the album is

                                         fter the first song here, Say You Will,      he used Auto-Tune to help his voice sound pitch

                                  A      you'll be checking to see if you have Mr.
                                         West's new album or is it someone
                                else's. A sparse and atmospheric opener, with
                                                                                      perfect. And it does.
                                                                                        The main theme of the album is the feelings of
                                                                                      a spurned lover; Heartless will have everyone on
                                quirky beeps and yells of "hey, hey" it involves      the dance floor. Despite the fact that the
                                no rapping whatsoever. What?! A rapper who            singer(or rapper?) is telling us about losing his
                                doesn't rap?                                          soul, being weaker than his ex, pleading with
                                  After the muddled Graduation, Kanye has             her to return and his bitter loneliness.
                                come out fighting, 808'S and Heartbreak                 Love Lockdown, a story of a man trying to
                                displays the rapper's (are we still allowed to call   convince himself that he won't love again is the
                                him that?) most baffling yet meaningful lyrics;       first top five chart hit with the use of what
Kanye West- 808                 "My friend showed me pictures of his kids/And         sounds like 10,000 monks beating on tribal
& Heartbreaks                   all I could show him was pictures of my cribs"        drums. Sadly there are some terrible tracks; Bad
                                The opening line in Welcome To Heartbreak. "My        News and Coldest Winter are overblown,
                                sister gettin' married by the lake/But I couldn't     effortless moans.
Released Nov 25th               figure out who I wanna take" West is obviously          So here we have the year's most surprising
                                doubting himself and his superficial ways. When       album, a mixture of unrequited love and funky
                                was the last time you heard of a rapper doing         beats. Kanye deserves a pat on the back for
                                that? Better still, when was the last time you        showing his vulnerable side instead of becoming
Richard Page                    heard a pop star complaining about their lives        a formulaic rapper. Now, can someone please
                                and actually having sympathy for them?                give the man a hug?
                                  With his singing, West is more heartfelt than
                      4/5       he ever was with his rapping. But for this album,

        Sex Drive
        Director: Sean Anders
        Starring: Josh Zuckerman, Katrina
        Bowden, Clarke Duke, Seth Green

        Release : January 9th

             ean Anders makes his directorial debut with       makes for funny stuff! If the image of a teenage girl

      S      the hormonally charged, pune for all style
             American teen capper "Sex Drive". The films
     plot is eerily reminiscent of 2004's 'Euro trip' but
                                                               hoisting her leg up and relieving herself in a car's
                                                               radiator while a shocked and disgusted family drives
                                                               by doesn't sound amusing, or the sight of Amish
     has its own stand out features its defining including     people getting drunk and puking while cheerfully
     Seth Green's portrayal of Ezekiel, the Amish              screaming, "Rumspringa!" comes off as personally
     purveyor of drop-dead sarcasm and the Amish               offensive, then "Sex Drive" most likely is a film that
     peoples resident automotive expert.                       your going to want to avoid.
                                                                 But for the more easy going and open minded
       So what's it all about ? Much like 'Euro Trip' its      sense of humour its almost laugh a minute stuff, the
     about an often times booze filled teens, quest for        gags are consistently funny, even scenes that shape
     sex. The film endeavors for Judd Apatow territory         up seriously for example when Ian runs over an
     but comes up short and ends up somewhere in               animal on the road he becomes rather emotional
     between Euro Trip and 1985's "The Sure Thing",            and decides to put the animal out of its misery,
     Josh Zuckerman plays Ian, a stereotypical american        easier said then done and it makes for a cruelty
     virgin, a nerd, a pushover, a guy who wears an            fueled hilarious few minutes!
     embarrassing donut costume to work.                         "Sex Drive" is rambunctious, funny and romantic in
       And with college looming 18 year old Ian must           a near perfect eclectic mix. With an impressive
     shake off the shackles of virginity. After developing     soundtrack hailing from multiple decades-including
     an online flirtation with Ms Tasty (Katrina Bowden)       The Fly's, MGMT, REO, Donovan, Speedwagon and
     he's convinced by womanizing pal Lance (Clarke            Fall Out Boy (the latter band making a cameo
     Duke) to make the 600 mile trip from Chicago to           appearance) its a well produced comedy that while
     Knoxville for "guaranteed sex" along for the ride is      staying true to the teen sex movie genre it gives it
     Ian's long time love interest Felicia played by           a refreshing lift.
     Amanda Carew, who is blissfully unaware, 1) That
     Ian's in love with her and 2) That he's not going to
     see his ill grandmother in Knoxville.

       Driving his brother Rex's vintage 1969 Dodge, the
     trio embark on the fun filled trip with stop offs at
     the drag races , a trailer park , a corn field, and the                           4/5
     most humorous of all stops, the abstinence carnival
     must be seen to be believed because it really                  Darren Cleary

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