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					                          Distributed File/Web Space Pilot Project Plan
                                        October 16, 2000
Project Manager: Doreen Meyer,
Project Sponsor: AC4/Morna Mellor

Statement of Purpose
The Distributed File/Web Space Pilot project provides students, faculty and staff the following capabilities that have
been unavailable to them in the past:
♦ To enable the campus community to easily access their personal files from different operating systems and in
    most locations, both on and off campus.
♦ To give students and faculty the ability to easily share data when collaborating on projects.
♦ To provide web space for each student, faculty, and staff member

This project provides the infrastructure needed to support a distributed file service. The files are stored physically
on campus and will be implemented using IBM’s AFS software; the IT Data Center will run the service. Basic
services will include the ability for students, faculty, and staff to move, edit, and share files, distribute them on and
off campus, regardless of what computer they are using or where that computer is located. Additional proposed
services include the support of static web pages for personal use, and the support of routine course activities such as
submitting homework assignments, providing files to students (handouts), and managing a course web page with
content that may optionally be restricted to class membership.

This service will offer file space to all account holders at UC Davis. The default file space (volume) will be 20
Mbytes per account. A backup volume will be updated nightly and accessible to the account holder.

Objectives (Deliverables)
♦ User and backup volumes: UC Davis computer account holders will be able to access disk space (called the
   user’s volume) that will look and act like file space that is commonly available via a mount point. For example,
   on the Mac, the file space will appear as an Appleshare volume. On a Windows 95/98 system, the file space
   will be mapped to a drive letter. Access in this case means store, edit, share, and maintain files and folders.
♦ Secure authentication: Secure authentication will be provided via password encryption and the use of Kerberos
   from Windows 95/98 systems and Macs.
♦ Static web pages: Pre-defined sub-directories in the user's directory will map to a public web sub-directory
   where static web content may be managed.
♦ MyUCDavis access to user volume: MyUCDavis will be able to access and manage directories that are
   associated with a given user and are part of the user's "virtual" disk space.

Project Web Site: (first link)
                                           Pilot Proposal Draft
The purpose of the pilots is to determine the feasibility of using AFS to meet the project objectives. The following
locally developed tools will be tested: secure access to Windows 9x, secure access to Macintosh OS, access control
editor, group membership editor, homework submission tool, and account name search tool. System administration
and application administration will be provided by the IT Data Center staff; support will be provided by IT Express
and the local TSCs.

Home Space accessed from UNIX and Windows systems.
Purpose: To demonstrate the use of AFS home space in a UNIX (primarily)/NT/Windows environment where
homework assignments are submitted electronically.
Coordinated with the College of Engineering

Home Space accessed from Windows 98 and Macintosh systems.
Purpose: To demonstrate the use of AFS home space in a Macintosh Laboratory with mixed Windows/Mac home
computers. Collaborative projects will test the use of shared file space.
Coordinated with College of Letters and Science

Communication Plan
♦ Identify Chair/Dean associated with each pilot. Before the pilot, inform them about (or discuss) the pilot. After
   the pilot, let them know the results so that this information can be carried forward to AC4. Unclear who should
   contact chair/dean.
♦ Provide survey questions to each test group at the end of winter and spring quarters.
♦ Discuss ITF AFS project with interested TSC staff. In situations where it is appropriate to do so, how can this
   service be integrated with existing department-level services?

Rollout Plan
Determine and articulate initial costs, annual costs, service objectives, the impact on IT, and the impact on campus

Fall 2000                            Transfer services from DCAS to Data Center. Purchase hardware for
Winter and Spring Quarters 2001      Run and evaluate pilot according to approved pilot project plan
June 2001                            Submit results to AC4 and determine next steps

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