ITEM I               Universalisation of ICDS Scheme and Implementation of Supreme Court’s
                     Orders dated 22.4.2009 :

a)                   Operationalisation – Status and Action Plan

              Administrative sanctions for additional Projects, AWCs and Mini- AWCs under
the 3rd phase of expansion of the ICDS Scheme have been issued to all the States/UTs in
November-December 2008.

•        The status of operationalisation and action Plan may be furnished in the following format :-
                                                                                       As on 31.3.2010
                           Date of
                       Administrative       Sanctioned (Total                 Date by which to be
     Project/ AWCs                                              Operational                             Remarks/Reasons for delay
                      sanction by State       cumulative)                      operationalised
                      Govt. for 3rd phase
 Number of                                                                         2.2.10           •     Location of the
                       17.12.2008                  4                 4
 Projects                                                                          5.2.10           CDPOs Office was
                                                                                                    sought for Negotiations
                                                                                                    and construction of
                                                                                                    buildings could not be
                                                                                                    speeded      up     while
                                                                                                    dealing with owners of
                                                                                                    the buildings.
                                                                                                    • Fund Provision and
                                                                                                    collection of required
 Number of                                                                                          materials have to go
 AWCs/mini-            17.12.2008                298                298            1.9.09           together. Material and
 AWCs                                                                                               equipments      to     be
                                                                                                    procured for 4(four)
                                                                                                    ICDS Projects and the
                                                                                                    total amount came to a
                                                                                                    certain sum and all codal
                                                                                                    formalities have to be
                                                                                                          The above are the
                                                                                                    two main reasons.

•        Requirement of AWC on Demand and number                              :         152 Nos. of AWCs.

b)       Supplementary Nutrition - Status and Action Plan :

                   The revised Nutritional & Feeding Norms under ICDS Scheme have been
         circulated to States/UTs, vide letter No. 5-9/2005-ND-Tech Vol. II dated 24.2.2009
         Supreme Court’s Order dated 22.4.2009 in CWP No. 196/2001-PUCL Vs UOI & Others has
         also directed compliance to the GOI guidelines by 31.12.2009. Existing and revised
         provision for supplementary nutrition may be furnished in the following formats :

•        SC Affidavit filed : Yes                                    Date of filing : 05.02.2007

                                                                                                                     Review meeting of ICDS/Lp/Mp
       Whether complied or time sought/constraints : Complied

•      Revised Provision :
     Types of
                        6 months - 3 years                    3 - 6 years                P & L Mothers
      THR        1)    I.M.S.                    1)    I.M.S.                      1) Malted Milk Food
                 2)    Milk Cereal               2)    Milk Cereal                 2) S.C.P.
                 3)    Malted Milk Food          3)    Malted Milk Food
    Hot Cooked   1)    Rice-Dal Khitcheri        1)    Rice-Dal Khitcheri          1) Rice-Dal Khitcheri
       Meal      2)    Roasted Groundnut         2)    Roasted Groundnut           2) Roasted Groundnut
                 3)    High Protein Soya         3)    High     Protein    Soya    3) High Protein Soya
                       Noodles                         Noodles                        Noodles
                 4)    Motor Chana               4)    Motor Chana                 4) Motor Chana
     Morning     1)    High Protein Biscuits     1)    High Protein Biscuits       1) High Protein Biscuits
      Snack      2)    Fresh Fruit               2)    Fresh Fruit                 2) Fresh Fruit
                 3)    Egg                       3)    Egg                         3) Egg
                 4)    Fresh Milk                4)    Fresh Milk                  4) Fresh Milk
                 5)    Fresh baked Bread         5)    Fresh baked Bread           5) Fresh baked Bread

●      If not revised, timeframe for compliance : n.a
•      Whether adhere to calorific and cost norms for morning snacks, HCM and THR : Yes
       If not, reasons : Does not arise
•      Average number of days supplementary nutrition given at AWCs : during 2009-2010 : 300
       and 2010-11 (April 2010 to December, 2010) : 225

c)     Arrangement for Supplementary Nutrition (updated information) :

                      Types of SNP                         Existing arrangement for supply/cooking
        THR                                     Centralized procurement
        Hot cooked meal                         Cooked by Anganwadi Worker/Anganwadi Helper
                                                at Anganwadi Centres
        Morning snacks                          Centralized procurement in respect of High Protein
                                                Biscuits local procurement for the rest of the items.

d)     Cost break-up of supplementary food

 Ingredients                                                    ` 4.00          ` 5.00          ` 6.00
 Food cost including grain, vegetables, oil, etc.               ` 3.32          ` 4.53          ` 5.32
 Fuel cost                                                      -Nil-           -Nil-           -Nil-
                                                                 (contributed by the community)
 Transportation cost                                             Borned by the State Government
 Any    other     (Specify)          Micro-Nutrients            ` 0.68         ` 0.47           ` 0.68

                                                                                             Review meeting of ICDS/Lp/Mp
e)   Allocation of foodgrains (wheat & rice) under Wheat Based Nutrition Programme
     (WBNP) :

     The States/UTs utilizing the foodgrains allocated under WBNP to intimate as under :

                                                                               Requirement for
                      1st Quarter        2nd Quarter         3rd Quarter
     Off                                                                         4th Quarter
     take (in     Wheat       Rice   Wheat          Rice   Wheat      Rice     Wheat     Rice
     MTs)          -          253     811           148     406       201       406      200

     End use of the food grains allocated

                                                Wheat                            Rice
     Distributed as grains                        -                               -
     Processed for THR                          1217                              -
     Hot cooked meal                              -                              602

•    Demand is made on the basis of No. of beneficiaries reported by the CDPOs.

f)   Type of fuel used at Anganwadi Centre :

                 Type of Fuel used                                 No. of AWCs
Firewood/Coal                                                          990
Stove                                                                  495
Gas                                                                    495
Any other (specify)                                                   -NIL-

g)   Micronutrient fortification : Yes
     If yes :

                Food Item                                        Method
1.   Infant Milk Substitute              Analysis Certificate from Government/Government
2.   Milk Cereal                         Approved/Accredited Laboratories indicating the Protein,
3.   Malted Milk Food                    Calorie, Micronutrients and Vitamin contents is
4.   High Protein Biscuits               demanded while inviting tenders for these items.
5.   High Protein Soya Noodles
6.   Soya Cereal Powder

                                                                                        Review meeting of ICDS/Lp/Mp
ITEM II          Supervision and Monitoring Mechanism

                                   Supervision and                    Frequency              Actual carried out
Implementation level
                                monitoring arrangement       (monthly/Fortnightly/Weekly)      till 31.12.2010
Village/AWC                 •    VHSC                        •     Monthly                  Supervision and
                            •    Monitoring Committees       •     Fortnightly-n.a          monitoring is done
                            •    PRI members                 •     Weekly                   by ICDS
                            •    Any other (specify)                                        Supervisions at the
Block/Sector                •    Joint visits with health                                   Anganwadi Level,
                            •    BLMC                                 Does not arise        which is headed by
                                                                                            CDPO. The
                            •    Any other (specify)
                                                                                            performance of
District                    •    Review by Collector                                        CDPOs are
                            •    Joint Visits with                                          monitored by
                                                                      Does not arise
                                 health/PRI members                                         DPOs. The DPOs
                            •    Any other (specify)                                        are supervised
State                       •    Review                 by                                  from Directorate.
                            •    State level monitoring               Does not arise
                            •    Any other (specify)

ITEM III         Nutritional Status as per the State Data as on 31.12.2010 or latest :

•       Whether WHO Growth Chart and MACP Card implemented (Yes/No) If yes, present

              WHO Growth Chart                               Joint Mother & Child Protection Card
                      No. of AWCs/mini-                                          No. of AWCs/mini-
     No. of Projects                                         No. of Projects
                             AWCs                                                       AWCs
           27                 1980                                 27                   -NIL-

No. of AWWs trained of WHO Growth Chart and MACP : 100

If not implemented fully, indicate time line by which implemented : End of 2011

•       Nutritional Status of Children

                                                                  No. of children
           Target group                                            Moderately             Severely
                                                                 undernourished        undernourished
        Children < 3 yrs.                     -                          -                   -
        Children 3-6 yrs.                     -                          -                   -

In case of WHO growth chart implemented.


                                                                                              Review meeting of ICDS/Lp/Mp
                                                          No. of children
           Target group
                                      Normal                Grade-I & II      Grade-III & IV
         Children < 3 yrs.             65760                     36717             671
         Children 3-6 yrs.             38663                     21229             348

In case of old growth chart

•    XI Plan monitorable target for the States on percentage of underweight children _________
•    Current status against the XI Plan monitorable target :

ITEM IV :      Vacancies of ICDS Functionaries :

•    Is there a separate cadre for ICDS (atleast upto Jt. Director level)?
•    Manpower status as on 31.12.2010 or latest

    Functionaries            Sanctioned        Filled-up             Vacant
 CDPO/ ACDPO                     27                  27               -NIL-
 Supervisors                    102                  68                34          21 post fill up
                                                                                   under process
 AWW                           1980              1980                 -NIL-
 AWH                           1980              1980                 -NIL-

•    Method of selection of AWWs : Through Committee headed by PRI/CDPOs/DMs/ any
     other (specify)?
•    Additional honorarium to : AWWs ` -NIL- ; AWHs ` -NIL-
•    Number of AWCs to which flexi fund disbursed @ ` 1,000 per AWC during current
     financial year -NIL-

ITEM V :       Infrastructural Facilities

•    AWC building
     Number of AWCs running in rented/kutcha buildings : 84
     Target for construction of AWCs building during 2010-11 : 292
     Achievement (number of AWCs constructed during 2010-11 : 292

•    Facilities at the AWCs :

                                   Target (No. of AWCs where          Achievement during 2010-11
                                     facility is not available)                w.r.t. target)
Drinking water                                    50                  As many as 1688 out of 1980
Toilet                                          1688                  AWCs were constructed from
Kitchen                                         1688                  funds received for GOI
Cooking equipments                              1688
Barrier-free access                             1688

                                                                                         Review meeting of ICDS/Lp/Mp
ITEM VI           Medicine Kits

•     No. of Medicine kits supplied at AWC :

                                    2009-2010               2010-11                     Remarks
No. of kits supplied                 1980 kits
                                                         Under process
No. of AWCs in the State               1980

ITEM VII          Pre-school Education (PSE) Kits

•     No. of PSE kits supplied at AWC :

                                    2009-2010               2010-11                     Remarks
No. of kits supplied                  1980
                                                         Under process
No. of AWCs in the State              1980

ITEM VIII         Construction of AWCs in North Eastern States & MSDP

      Year of
                     No. of AWC       Total amount                         Total UC            Present
    sanction by                                         Total release
                     Sanctioned          eligible                          received             status
      2009-10            221               221           331.5 lakhs         -NIL-         Under process

•     Number of AWCs buildings under Multi-sectoral Development Plan :

                   Sanctioned by MOMA                                     Constructed
                            221                                           Under process

      MOMA …………. Minority Affairs had sanctioned construction of AWC buildings under
      MSDP in identified districts in the country where minority population is 25% and above.

ITEM IX           Release/expenditure under ICDS (2010-11)

•     Release/expenditure

                                31st Dec : Funds
                                                            State share              Expenditure
                               received from GOI
ICDS (General)                        647.71                  186.96                     834.67
Supplementary                        1872.90                  485.00                    1101.86

                              Having own          Average POL                                 Flexi fund
                               vehicles in       per month given                             given during
                                                                          fund given
                            working condition    during 2010-11                                2010-11
                                                                        during 2010-11
No. of district : 8
No. of Projects : 27              20 Projects          ` 10,416.00         ` 40,000/-           ` 27,000/-
No. of AWCs : 1980

                                                                                             Review meeting of ICDS/Lp/Mp
ITEM X : Uniform to AWWs

Number of AWWs to whom uniform provided during current year : -NIL-
Number of uniforms provided to AWWs during current year : Under Process.

ITEM XI : Age Profile of AWWs

       MWCD vide letter F. No. 16-3/2010-ME dated 29.3.2010 requested States/UTs to send
the basic data with regard to the age of the Anganwadi Workers and Helpers under the ICDS
Scheme in a prescribed format by 15.4.2010.

       •      Only 18 States namely Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana,
              Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Punjab, Sikkim, Tamil
              Nadu, U.P., A & N Islanda, Chandigarh, Delhi, Daman & Diu and Puducherry had
              sent information.
       •      Remaining 17 States/UTs may furnish the information immediately preferably
              within October on priority basis.

                    Already furnished dt. 15th April, 2010 and dt. 17th January, 2011.

ITEM XII Location of AWCs

MWCD vide letter F. No. 1-2/2010-ME dated 30.04.2010 sought basic data with regard to the
location of Anganwadi Centres including name of Anganwadi Workers under the ICDS Scheme
in a pre-designed format and requested States/UTs to upload on the website of the department and
ICDS Directorate of State/UT.

                    Already furnished dt. 5th July, 2010.

       •      10 States namely Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Madhya Pradesh,
              Maharashtra, Orissa, Delhi, Punjab, Tripura & U.P. have uploaded information
              onto their website. They may also unsure that percent information of all AWCs are
       •      Remaining 25 states/UTs may upload the information onto their website and
              inform the website address immediately.

ITEM XIII : Awards to AWWs

Guidelines for Awards to Anganwadi Workers for the year 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2008-09 have
been issued. States/UTs to finalize nominations of State level awards by 30th September and
distribute State level awards in October/November 2010. States/UTs to send nominations of
AWWs for National level award to AWW to GOI by 20th October, 2010.

                  For State Level Award                     Time schedule     Present position
Dissemination of guidelines                                 20.07.2010        Already done
Recommendations from Districts/Blocks to reach State        15.08.2010        Already done
Finalisation of nominations for State level Awards          30.09.2010        Already finalised
Receipt of nominations by GOI for National Level Awards     20.10.2010        Under process

                                                                                     Review meeting of ICDS/Lp/Mp
ITEM XIV Achievement under PM’s New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of
Status of operationalisation of 15322 targetted AWCs/ mini-AWCs in 1228 identified CD
Blocks where minority population is 25% and above MWCD had fixed 15322 targetted
Number of AWCs/Mini AWCs for operationalisation in 28 States during 2010-11 in identified
1228 CD Blocks where minority population is 25% and above under Prime Minister’s New 15
Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities. These AWCs/ mini-AWCs were sanctioned by
GOI in 2008-09/2009-10 out of total additional number of AWCs/mini-AWCs sanctioned to the

Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities

                                  Target 2010-2011 (Number of AWCs/Mini-AWCs
 Sl.                                                                                 Achievement
              State             sanctioned during 2008-09 & 2009-2010 out of total
 No.                                                                                 2010 - 2011
                                     additional AWCs/mini-AWCs sanctioned)
                                 Q1             Q2            Q3              Q4         Q3
 (1)           (2)               (3)            (4)           (5)             (6)        (7)
 1     Himachal Pradesh            2             2              2               2
 2     Uttarakhand              1844          1844           1844            1844
 3     Haryana                  1081          1081           1081            1081
 4     Delhi                       0             0              0             754
 5     Rajasthan                 612           612            612             612
 6     Uttar Pradesh              66            66             66              66
 7     Bihar                    1706          1706           1706            1706
 8     Sikkim                      9             9              9               9
 9     Arunachal Pradesh           0             0              0              36
 10    West Bengal              1629          1629           1629            1629
 11    Orissa                    709           709            709             709
 12    Chhattisgarh              345           345            345             345
 13    Gujarat                    79            79             79              79
 14    Maharashtra               862           862            862             862
 15    Andhra Pradesh            185           185            185             185
 16    Goa                         5             5              5              25
 17    Kerala                    880           880            880             880
 18    A & N Isaland               1             1              1               1
 19    Tripura                   653           653            653             653
 20    Manipur                  2074          2074           2074            2074
 21    J&K                      1767          1767           1767            1767
 22    Lakshadweep                 3             3              3               3
       Grand Total             14512         14512          14512           15322

Present position of operationalisation of these AWCs/mini-AWCs may be given.

ITEM XV        Status of Training of ICDS functionaries

States/ UTs may ensure timely release of funds to the training centres and also indicate the status
of training during current FY.

                                                                                        Review meeting of ICDS/Lp/Mp
Job Training : 35 Nos.
Refresher Training : 55 Nos.

ITEM XVI      Review meetings/ field visits
Status of follow-up actions taken by States/UTs on recent review meetings/ field visits undertaken
by the Ministry may be given. Also comments on the findings of ICDS survey (By NCAER) may
also be given.
                              (attach separate if provided is insufficient)

ITEM XVII Requirement of funds for implementation of ICDS Scheme:
Realistic requirement of funds under ICDS (General) and ICDS (SNP) for the year 2010-2011
indicating status of expenditure as on 31st December, 2010.

Realistic requirement of funds under ICDS (General) and ICDS (SNP) for the year 2011-12 :
                     a)     ICDS (General) – ` 2055.13
                     b)     ICDS (SNP) – ` 647.71 lakhs only is received during the current
                            year. Hence huge liabilities already piled up and requirement for
                            the remaining year is ` 1407.42 lakhs.

ITEM XVIII : Anganwadi Karyakatri Bima Yojana (AKBY) :
       a)     Number of beneficiaries covered under AKBY for the last three years : 10,047
       b)     Number of children receiving scholarship under the AKBY : -Nil- Under
       c)     Number of accident claims lodged under AKBY with LIC : 5

ITEM XIX : Early Childhood Education (ECE)
         a)       States/UT policy and existing framework for Early Childhood Education, like
                  nursery education, pre-school education.
         b)       Service delivery systems and current coverage of ECE intervention for different
                  age groups. Children under 3 years, children 3 to 5 years and children 5 to 6
         c)       No. of children completed 5 years or 6 years admitted to school in 2010-11
              =          N.A. children (5+years)
              =          N.A. children (6+years)
         d)       Convergence with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, NPGEL, others.
         e)       Mechanism of coordination with ICDS, pre-primary and school education.
                                                                                       Review meeting of ICDS/Lp/Mp
         f)    Innovative models and best practices : N.A.
ITEM XX       Other pending Items
    i.        Whether State Nutrition Policy adopted? = No.
    ii.       Whether State Nutrition Mission Established? = No.
    iii.      Whether State Nutrition Council set up? = No.
    iv.       Whether State Nutrition council set up? = No.
    v.        Devotion of power to Panchayati Raj in respect of ICDS :
              a)     Funds
                                                    Panchayati Raj (Village Councils) are
                                                    entrusted the job of construction of
                                                    Anganwadi Centres. All the Anganwadi
                                                    Centres constructed are done through Village

              b)     Functions

              c)     Functionaries

              Please described briefly (Statutory Administrative and other Orders if any):

                                                                                      Review meeting of ICDS/Lp/Mp

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