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					                                 THE COUNCIL OF
                              THE CITY OF NEW YORK

September 21, 2011

Hon. Nathan Deal
The Office of the Governor
State of Georgia
203 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

Dear Governor Deal:

As members of the New York City Council we urge you to ask the Parole Board to
reconsider its decision and grant clemency for Troy Davis.

Since 2007, there have been three stays of execution and an extraordinary evidentiary
hearing conducted by the federal district court in Savannah, GA. While the judge
presiding over that hearing ruled that Troy Davis had not established his innocence to the
high standard required by the Court, he admitted that the case “may not be ironclad.”

Considerable doubts as to Troy Davis’ guilt remain.

Several witnesses testified at the evidentiary hearing that they had been coerced into
making statements implicating Troy Davis at trial. At the hearing, one witness testified
for the first time that he saw another suspect in this case commit the crime. The
credibility of various witnesses was challenged by the state of Georgia, but many of these
same witnesses, whose credibility is now questioned, were essential to obtaining Troy
Davis’ original conviction.

It is clear now that the doubts plaguing Davis’ case can never be adequately addressed;
the lack of hard scientific or relevant physical evidence has made it impossible to resolve
with any degree of certainty. An execution performed under such a cloud of doubt would
work to undermine public confidence in the courts; for this reason that we urge you to
take all steps necessary to stop the execution of Troy Davis.

The state prerogative of clemency exists for those cases that fall through the cracks, to
prevent potentially grave injustices when our judicial system cannot. Troy Davis’ case
meets that requirement and the power to move the board of parole to reconsider lies in
your hands. Commuting Troy Davis’ sentence would surely allay people’s fears that
Georgia would contemplate executing a potentially innocent man.
A number of public figures and elected officials have joined in the call for clemency,
including 30 US Representatives, former President Jimmy Carter, Archbishop
Desmond Tutu, Pope Benedict XVI, and former FBI Director William Sessions.

Thousands of residents in New York City continue to rally in solidarity with the residents
of Georgia and close to 1 million people have signed a petition in support clemency for
Mr. Davis. There is still time to act.

Thank you for considering this request.


Ydanis Rodriguez           Margaret Chin                     Charles Barron
Council Member, District10 Council Member, District 1        Council Member, District42

Letitia James               Deborah Rose                Melissa Mark-Viverito
Council Member, District 35 Council Member, District 49 Council Member, District 8

Julissa Ferreras            Oliver Koppell              Fernando Cabrera
Council Member, District 21 Council Member, District 11 Council Member, District 14

Rosie Mendez               Inez E. Dickens                  Diana Reyna
Council Member, District 2 Council Member, District 9       Council Member, District 34

Brad Lander                 Daniel Dromm                Robert Jackson
Council Member, District 39 Council Member, District 25 Council Member, District 7

Helen D. Foster                 Gale A. Brewer             Daniel R.Garodnick
Council Member, District 16     Council Member, District 6 Council Member, District 4
Albert Vann                   Larry B. Seabrook          Jumaane Williams
Council Member, District 36 Council Member, District 12 Council Member, District 45

Stephen Levin
Council Member, District 33

Also signed on:

James Sanders Jr.
Council Member, District 31

Maria del Carmen Arroyo
Council Member, District 17

Karen Koslowitz
Council Member, District, 29

Erik Martin Dilan
Council Member, District, 27

Ruben Wills
Council Member, District 28

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