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									                                                Basis for No child Left Behind (NCLB) Title Program Allocations
NCLB Program                      Allocations based on                                           Considerations                                                         2008-2009
                                                                                                                                                                        Grant Award
Title IA--Disadvantaged           # of poverty students on a poverty measure determined by       - Schools served must meet eligibility requirements.                   $51,524,961
                                  community size                                                 - Highest Poverty Schools must receive the highest per pupil
                                  - If the Census Total Population* in the SAU is                amount Schools with 75% free lunch must be served.
                                       20,000 or greater, Census poverty numbers and             - Hold Harmless by poverty % level
                                       percentages are used.                                     - Allocations vary because yearly census update is used.
                                  - If the Census Total Population* in the SAU is less           - Funding stream is complex—allocations are interdependent on
                                       than 20,000, free lunch numbers and percentages are       the entire population of all SAUs; so, determining an allocation
                                       used.                                                     for one SAU is not possible.
                                                                                                 - Federal census numbers are smaller than free lunch numbers.
                                  *This is a community population not school population.
Title IC Migrant                  Number of eligible migrant children in RSU, needs, and         - Existence of alternate services                                      $1,048,000
                                  other existing services; no minimum number to generate         - Specific needs of migrant students
                                  grant.                                                         - Confirmation by State Migrant Education Program of student
                                                                                                 - Completion of application.
Title IIA—Teacher Quality         - 80% of funds are distributed on Census poverty numbers       Adjustments are made for students attending state agency schools,      $13,000,000
                                  - 20% of funds are distributed on Census 5-17 population       i.e. Baxter, Maine Math & Science School.
Title IID—Education               The SAU’s % of the current year’s Title IA grant to all                                                                               $ 615,000
Technology                        SAUs.
Title III—Limited English         - The minimum Title III grant to an SAU is $10,000.            Smaller SAUs can combine with other SAUs to form a                     $ 650,000
Proficient                        - The SAU Grants are determined on a per pupil allocation      consortium.
                                  that is figured by dividing the State allocation by the # of
                                  ELL students in districts applying for Title III funds.
                                  - If an SAU has sufficient ELL students (approx. 60-80) to
                                  generate $10,000, it is awarded a grant.
Title IVA-Safe & Drug             - 60% of the funds are distributed on the SAU’s % of the                                                                              $1,058,900
Free Schools                      previous year’s Title IA % grant to all SAUs.
                                  - 40% of the funds are distributed on a per pupil amount
                                  based on the Fall K-12 MEDMS Pub-Priv Enrollment.
Title V—Innovative                Not funded in 2008-2009.                                       SAUs may still use the flexibility provided under NCLB by using        $0
Programs                                                                                         transfer or REAP-Flex options.
Title VI Small Rural              - $20,000 + $100 per student over 50 in the Fall Average       - Less than a Fall ADA count of 600 students                           ~$1,800,000
Schools (allocated by             Daily Attendance (ADA) count                                   - And a locale code of 7 or 8
USDE to SAUs)                     - Minus the previous year’s IIA, IID, IV and V Grant
Title VI Rural Low Income         - Multiply Fall ADA count by a per pupil amount.               - Not eligible if recipient of a Title VI Small Rural Schools Grant.   $1,866,000
(awarded by MDE)                  - Per pupil amount ($26 for FY09) is determined by             - Has a locale of either Code of 6, 7, or 8
                                  dividing the state allocation by the number of ADA             - And the Title IA poverty measure (either Free lunch % or Census
                                  students in eligible SAUs.                                     Poverty %) is greater than 20%.

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