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      A Garden for Everyone                  ANNUAL REPORT
PO Box 28575             Seattle, WA 98118
                                             Momentous is the biggest
                                             word I can think of to
                                             describe 2010. A balance of
                                             peaceful calm and bustling
                                             energy fills the PlayGarden
                                             these days as we go about
                                             inhabiting this beautiful                                     Water fun at the Grand Opening.
                                             space we have created. Please read and enjoy, and
                                             know that you are our roots.

                                             Grand Opening: June 19 was a chilly, cloudy Saturday in 2010, but the mood was light
                                             and warm as we dedicated our facility. PlayGarden families, long-time supporters,
                                             neighbors, and dignitaries filled the grounds as we celebrated with the music of
                                             Shumba Youth Marimba Ensemble, hot dogs, and ice cream. As a crowd of children
                                             hugged the water runnel in anticipation, Mayor McGinn shouted a lively, “Let the
                                             water flow!” The PlayGarden version of a champagne bottle against a bow!

          BOARD OF DIRECTORS                 Rainwater Management Project: Through a grant from the King County Storm
               Lisa Bove Young, JD, Chair    Water Management Program, the PlayGarden installed a rainwater harvesting
                          Mearl Bergeson     system for use in watering our vegetable gardens. A trellis runs from the gutters off
                 Abraham Bergman, MD         the south side of the Field House directing rainwater in to a 3,000-gal cistern. We also
                   Elizabeth Bullard, MA     expanded the existing stormwater runoff system on the lower, south level of the site
                        Drew Fillipo, MD     so that it functions as a hybrid bioswale-raingarden, allowing rainwater from the
                       John Hempelmann
                                             entire PlayGarden site to be absorbed on site rather than draining to the sewer. The
                               Rick Jones
                                             system was designed by Jennifer Carlson and Wendy Welch, and installed by Cathie
                            Kathy Sitchin
                           Linda Suzman      Anderson and a crew from the Conservation Corps.
                           Diane Wysocki
                                             Wild Zone: The Wild Zone on the south hillside was expanded with intriguing plants
                                             for kids to explore and use for crafts, and an urban wildlife sanctuary for insects,
                                             birds, and small (we hope) animals. In addition, Iseli Nursery provided a wonderful
                                             discount and delivery on topiary bears and dinosaurs that were planted on site.

                                             Animal Housing: Our chickens and bunnies are living in style in a beautiful chicken
  A Glimpse of 2011 Plans                    coop/rabbit hutch funded by the Woodinville Garden Club and built by John Akers.

  Summer: World-renowned sound               Future Plans: Our plans for final completion of the PlayGarden in the next several
                                             years include:
  sculptor Trimpin will run a workshop
  for children ages 10-16, to develop a           • Working Garden: $40,000 for a large vegetable garden with a structure for
  permanent sound sculpture for the
  PlayGarden.                                     • ADA Tree House: $250,000.

  Fall: A second, 3-day session of
   Preschool will be added to the            Expanded Programming
  current 2-day session.                     Summary: The number of day camps and age ranges served was increased in the summer
                                             program. Preschool program began in the fall with one 2-day session.
                                             Summer Camp: Our summer camp activities were a lot more comfortable knowing
                                             we could escape from the too-hot sun or too-wet rain, and use a bona-fide restroom

     Report                                                                                                       Continued on p. 2

          A Garden for Everyone

“Programming” continued
facility when need be! Most thrilling was the fun of plucking corn
from the stalk or peas from the vine and bringing them right into
the kitchen for steaming and eating. Ahhhh! The good life!
Camp offerings were expanded this year to include two new age
groups: We added Little Sprouts, a weekly, facilitated, parent-
child group for ages 1-4; and Teen Camp. As usual, we also held
8 free “play dates” throughout the summer. The summer camps served
altogether 150 children from all over the greater Greater-Seattle area,
while the play dates averaged 40 children each. All told, our summer
program served nearly 500 individuals.
Preschool: A preschool running the academic year began on October 4. The
10 preschool slots filled quickly with children ranging in age from 2.5 to 5;
70% are from the neighborhood. The PlayGarden preschool curriculum
is based on the Council for Environmental Education’s curriculum,
Growing Up WILD, and is correlated with both Head Start Domains
and The National Association for the Education of Young Children’s
                                                   accreditation criteria.

                                                                                Top: Preschool class. Above: Catching raindrops and
                                                                                wishing on a star!

                                                     New Board Members
                                                     We welcomed two board members in March and one in December.
                                                     Mearl Bergeson is a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch. Mearl has been
                                                     active in the community for many years—from when his now-college-
                                                     age children were growing up, working with the Cub Scouts and parent
                                                     association at The Bush School, to now, having served on the board of
                                                     YMCA Camping Services, Camp Orkila and Camp Colman, for 10 years.
                                                     He is also active at Whitman College. Mearl loves to hear the stories of
                                               individuals and connect people with common interests and goals.

                                               John Hempelmann is a founding partner of Cairncross & Hempelmann, P.S., a full-
                                               service Seattle law firm. John has nearly 40 years of experience and is recognized
                                               as one of the premier land use, natural resources, and real estate development
                                               attorneys in Washington. He has worked extensively to help form the legislation
                                               that governs Washington’s land use law. In addition to serving on the PlayGarden
                                               board, he is current President of Henry M. Jackson Foundation, Chair of the
                                               Quality Growth Alliance, past president of King County Neighbors in Need and
                                               past Chairman of the Board of Seattle Repertory Theatre. John has long been
Top: Artwork and joy at summer camp. Above:    interested in helping children with special needs, and is glad to do so through his
Teens cook up some lunch in our new kitchen.   work for the PlayGarden.

Linda Hunter Suzman is a financial services professional for MassMutual Financial Group. She has been actively involved
with the Seattle Children’s Home Endowment, Seattle Art Museum Supporters, Seattle Opera Board, Eastside Preparatory
Academy, Autism Walk-A-Thon, and co-chair for the Nelson Mandela/Graca Machel Foundation Benefit Dinner. She was
honored as an ARCS Light recipient (Scholarships for University of Washington), Woman of the Year by Business and
Professional Women, New Associate of the Year for John Hancock Insurance Company, and the first woman sales manager
on the West Coast for Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company. Linda helped the PlayGarden launch a successful annual
luncheon before joining the board.


          A Garden for Everyone                    OVERVIEW OF OPERATING FINANCIALS
As expected, there was a significant jump in both revenue and expenses in 2010 due to the opening of our facility. Not
surprising in this first year of full operations, expenses outpaced revenue. We expect to close the gap in 2011 as programs
increase. See the table and charts below for a visual summary of our 2010 financial report and comparisons with 2009.

Spring Auction: Partnering with the Northwest Horticultural Society, we held our first auction in May at the Center for
Urban Horticulture. One hundred and twenty guests, largely from the horticultural community, enjoyed wine and food
while mingling with local garden celebrities and perusing fabulous garden-themed items for auction. The event not only
raised nearly $30,000 for the PlayGarden, but increased the awareness and understanding of the PlayGarden and its mission
in the garden community. We made many new friends and supporters that evening!
Annual Luncheon: Our 2nd fundraising luncheon was held at the W Hotel on September 30. Each year we honor one or more
individuals or organizations and name a camp scholarship for each honoree. This year’s honorees were Dr. Pamela Mullens
for her decades of service to the disability community as a physical therapist and teacher; and the Northwest Horticultural
Society, for its support of the people who learn, love, and sustain Northwest plant life. The luncheon was attended by 250
people and netted approximately $33,500.
Annual Appeal: Our annual holiday mailing resulted in $8,800 in donations from individuals and corresponding matches.
Corporate & Foundation Donors: The PlayGarden thanks these corporations and foundations for their support of both
capital and operating funds in 2010:
• Grants: Norman Archibald Charitable Foundation, Costco Wholesale, King County Stormwater Management Program,
  Lucky Seven Foundation, Miller Charitable Foundation, Nesholm Family Foundation, Seattle Garden Club, Woodinville
  Garden Club
• Sponsors: KPFF, Northwest Horticultural Society, ParentMap, PEMCO, Point B, Inc., Ravenna Gardens, Seattle Children’s
• Matches: Adobe, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Luke 12:48 Foundation, Microsoft, the Peach Foundation,
  Pepsi Bottling Group
• Corporate & Foundation Miscellaneous Donations: Admark Services Inc., Behnke Foundation, CoHo Realty Community
  and Housing, CoHo Services LLC, Jordan Fund, Kearney Partnership, Maple Valley Plant & Wish Foundation,
  O’Loughlin Trade Shows, Reachout America/Send A Kid 2 Camp, Three Point Oh, United Way

                                  Revenue - $182,934                                                 Expenses - $192,788

  Individual Gifts: 56%                                                 Staff: 53%
  Corporate: 14%                                                        Fundraising: 16%
  Private Foundations: 13%                                              Facilities/Admin: 13%
  Programs: 17%                                                         Programs: 14%
  Other: not significant                                                Marketing: 4%

                                                  A Tale of Two Years
                                     Revenue                                                Operating Expenses
                              2010             2009                                         2010          2009
    Individual Gifts         $102,153      $66,251      h54%    Staff                   $102,092         $47,982    h113%
    Corporate                $26,806       $21,669      h24%    Fundraising                $30,227       $20,142    h50%
    Private Found.           $23,270       $13,290      h75%    Facilities/Admin           $24,450       $22,088    h11%
    Program Fees             $30,544           $8,225   h271%   Program                    $27,641       $17,756    h56%
    Other                     $161             $3,626   i96%    Marketing                  $8,378         $7,100    h18%
    TOTAL                    $182,934      $113,061     h62%    TOTAL                   $192,788         $115,068   h68%


           A Garden for Everyone

                                2010 DONORS
The PlayGarden thanks the following individuals and organizations that contributed gifts
toward operations in 2010. Every effort has been made to ensure this list is complete.

$1,000 to $10,000                  Jenny Gamache & Geoff Miller        Sheldon & Lisa Cowen
Norman Archibald Foundation        Lynne Harrison                      Penelope Cuninggim
Mary Ellen Asmundson               Charles Johnson                     Emily Dexter
Behnke Foundation                  Karen Kaushansky                    Mustapha & Danielle
Joel & Maureen Benoliel            Pamela Klein-Farrow                      Dibba
Abe Bergman                        Matthew & Rebecca Knox              Judy Dittmer
Elisabeth Bottler                  Karin Kravitz                       Tina Dixon
Gia Bullard                        Lake Washington Garden Club         Julie Edsforth & Jabez
Karen Jensen & Charles Neff        Barry & Susan Latter                     Blumenthal
Costco Wholesale                   Darran & Janet Littlefield          Kristi Edwards
Rob Farrow                         Daniel Lowery                       Stephen Eichelberger
Drew Fillipo & Susan Griffith      Dorrise Kalbfleisch &               Kirsten Fitzgerald
Jerry & Lyn Grinstein                   Martha Purrier                 Peggy & Charles
Joel & Carolyn Haas                Gillian Mathews                     Fitzgerald
Deborah Heg                        Ann Neel                            Mary Kay Fitzgerald               Mechtild Rast
Innovating Worthy Projects         Darris Patton                       Terry Flathers                    Reachout America/Send A Kid 2 Camp
Joyce & Rick Israel                Gretchen Plank                      Jody Foster                       J’May & Fred Rivara
Linda & Ted Johnson                Jeffrey Schouten & Daniel Sparler   David Freeman                     Cassandara Selberg
Jordan Fund                        Sarah Schuyler                      Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation   Teresa Sparling
Kristin Kennell                    Kathy & Ricardo Sitchin             Jennifer Hastings                 Richie Steffen
KPFF                               Tom Varga                           Todd Holec                        Lauren Stolzman
Susan Lakey                        Carl Williamson                     Dave & Elizabeth Hopkins          Linda Straley
Lucky Seven Foundation                                                 Ted Hunter                        Helen Stusser
Hans & Kristin H. Mandt            $101-$499                           Stacy Chatfield & John Roach      Alayne Sulkin
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program   Carol Ager                          Lonnie Johns-Brown                Katherine Switz & Mark Suzman
John & Lee Neff                    Roly Alhadeff                       Keiko Kawasaki                    Mary Alice Tennant
Nesholm Family Foundation          Melissa Arias                       Kearney Partnership               Three Point Oh
O’Loughlin Trade Shows             Barbara Asmervig                    Lisa Kelly                        Ellen Sisk & Tim Blair
Peach Foundation                   Sheena Aurora                       Jackie Kotkins                    Sue Tong
PEMCO Mutual Insurance Co.         Nancy & Jeff Babienko               Amy Lanum                         United Way of Pierce County
Point B Inc.                       Trudy Baldwin                       Robert S. Lasnik                  Kelly Wallace
Tim Rose                           Charlotte Behnke                    Laura & Gary Leeman               Marty Wingate
Seattle Children’s Hospital        Don & Ann Berrysmith                Ann LeVasseur                     John A Wott
Seattle Foundation                 Bet Alef Meditative Synagogue       Luke 12:48 Foundation             Diane Wysocki
Janet Sitchin                           Bnai Mitzvah Class             Celeste Lykken                    Julie & Paul Wysocki
James & Susan Sturms               Christine Bigham                    Linda & Steve Malone              Laurie Zettler
Linda Hunter & Paul Suzman         Amie Bishop                         Ed & Linda Marcuse
Diane Tomhave                      Cleo Bloomquist                     Judy I Massong                    Up to $100
Marie E Weiler                     Jane Elder Bogle                    Annette McGregor                  Anne Acker
Joanne White                       Sandra Booren                       Stan McNaughton                   Melissa Adams
Paula Wilson                       Jim Bricker                         Renee Montgelas                   Admark Services, Inc.
                                   Jonathan & Bobbe Bridge             Dee Montpetit                     Pat Aitken
$500 to $999                       Allison Brooks                      Lindsay Nakata                    Shawn & Chris Andersen
Carolyn Akinbami                   Katherine Brooks                    David & Julia Neander             Janet Anderson
Mearl Bergeson                     Mary-Ellen & Tom Buchanan           Nancy Nichols                     Lisa & Michael Anderson
Eleanor Boba                       Elizabeth Bullard                   John & Kelly Olerud               Gilbert & Mary Jane Anderson
Lisa Bove Young                    Alyson & Dennis Burns               Marilyn O’Neill                   Bryce Anderson
Patricia Church                    Gay Burton                          Mary Palmer                       Michael & Emma Andrews
Helen Coulson                      Camp Korey                          Michael & Janet Parks             Jennifer Annable
Susan Foley & Michael Doherty      Deborah Price Cheadle               Geoffrey E. Payne                 Alisa Armstrong
Lorene Edwards Forkner             Connie Coffman                      Lois Pendleton                    Janis Avery
                                   CoHo Services LLC                   Stacy Peronto                     Matt Baer
                                   Donna Colegrove                                                       Gail Bain

                                                                       Doug & Cassie Picha
      2010                                                                                               Thomas Baker
                                   Pam & Darrel Coney                  Dana Pigott
                                                                                                         Katy Banahan
      Report                       Charles Cowan                       Tom Powers                                             Cont. on p. 5

         A Garden for Everyone

“2010 Donors” continued

Melissa Bassett                  Debbie Girts                 Lee Mancini
Anna Bergman                     Patrick Gnehm                Maple Valley Plant and
Terri Bess                       Lauren Goldman Marshall          Wish Garden Club
Rhonda Bjornstad                 Carolyn Goodwin              Stacy Marshall
Anne Blackburn                   Greg Graves                  Molly Marsicek
Brynn Blanchard                  Charles & Krista Grinstein   Matt Smith
Brent & Heidi Bond               Carolyn Gross                Sara Maxwell
Kathleen A. Bove                 Patrick & Sharon Hagan       Jim McGinley
Vivian Lee Bowden                Judith Jones Hall            Rebecca McIntire
Amy & Brett Bowton-Meade         Joyce Hawkins                Polly & David McNeill
Steve Bradburn                   John W. Hempelmann           Mary Jo Mehl
Karen Braitmayer                 Marjorie Henningsen          Nicole Metcalf
Jayne Bray                       Beatrice Hewitt              Geoff Miller
Herbert M. Bridge                Warren Hewitt                Julie Ann Miller                  Tamara Shilley
Alis Brown                       Gerhardt & Diane Hinz        Margaret Monroe                   Diana S. Shukis
Sarah Bryar                      Peggy Hoban                  Ryan & Jenny Montgomery           Eli Sitchin
Jena Cane                        John & Michele Holbrook      Jennifer Montgomery               Wyatt Sitchin
Fred & Sheila Capestany          Susan Hollinsworth           Alison E Moors                    Mark & Beth Smith
Elizabeth Carosso                Judith & Bill Hooper         James A. Morris                   Sandip Soli
Maryiva Carpenter                Michelle Horning             Diana Morse                       Mike Stewart
Doris Clancy                     Paula Houston                Susan Moss                        Mari Stobbe
Suzanne & Hugh Clark             Jacqueline Houston           Pamela A. Mullens                 Carolann Storli
Sherri Clark                     Ron & Toby Howard            Camille B. Murphy                 Lyn Tangen
Sacha Coesel                     Sue Hudson                   Claudia Myers                     Suzanne Petersen Tannenberg
Jessie Connwell                  Nancy Hylton                 Heidi Neff                        James A. Taylor
Beth Ann Crispin                 Lisa Irwin                   Cara Newman                       Jeanne Thomas
Katrina Davis                    Denise Janson                Julie Nikaitani                   Stewart Thompson
Paulette Day                     Will Johns                   Michael & Jannie Nitso            James & Nancy Thoren
Lynne De Merritt                 Emily Johnson                Gabrielle Nonast                  Bill Thorness
Barb Despain-Odlaug              Jeffrey Johnson              Kari Nyland                       Patricia J Toole
Janine Dodge                     Linda & Ted Johnson          Susan & Michael O’Leary           Sommer Ueda
Ann Doss Hardy                   Monique Johnson              Tina & Brad Olenick               Scott & Ellen VanderWey
Barbara Dougherty                Sandra Johnson               Kathleen O’Rourke                 Jennifer Vertetis
Maura Dunn                       Cynthia Johnson              Jana Ostrom                       Nanci & Robert Villareale
Cathi Dykstra                    Diane & Rick Jones           Laurice Palmer                    Melinda Wade
Dee Eckhardt                     Laura Kastner                Pepsi Bottling Group Foundation   Jillian Wasielewski
Amanda Eggert                    Louise Kato                  James & Sakae Peters              Barbara J. Webb
Josie Eisenhart                  Mike Kelly                   Gay Lloyd Pinder                  Wendy Welch
Janet & Michael Endsley          Susan Kemp                   Shahina and Aliraza Piyarali      Andrea Wenet
Cynthia Evans                    Kathleen Kindred             Alice Poggi                       Catherine White
Hofilena Family                  Cheri F. Kopp                Herb & Lucy Pruzan                Chelsea Whitney
Kathy Fennell                    Kim Korte                    Elizabeth Purswell                Lois Willman
Katharine Fitzgerald             L.A. Lahm                    Kevin & Cami Quille               Paula Wilson
Catherine & Clifford Floberg     Cynthia Lair                 Kathy Randall                     Jean Withers
Randie Fockler                   Glenny Law                   Lora Robertson                    Elaine Wong
Brynnen Ford & Jonathan Brown    Sally Lawless                Sigrid Ross                       Megan Work
Amy Frank                        Matthew & Lindsey Lawrence   Majken Ryherd                     Susan & Paul Wyckoff
Mick & Lora Gamache              Katherine Lee                Kate Sackett
Beatrice Gamache                 Cecelia Lehmann              Hilarie E Sander Klein
Janine Garrett                   Lisa LeVasseur               Bud Saxberg
Jessica Garrick                  Theo Mace & Lorna Stone      Leslie & Kenneth Schafer
                                 Ann Marie Lumetta            Nancy Sclater
                                 Vincent Lumetta              John And Dottie Selby

                                 Judy Maleng                  William Shanks
                                 Judy & Terry Maloney         Mark & Kathryn Sharp

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