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					                                                            First Steps

Below is a checklist of items that are important to your success with Distinctive Assets. Please
make sure you return the appropriate materials to us by the given due dates so that we can
effectively promote your product/service.

         To do list for Lounge and Gift Bag Clients
         Project                                              Notes

                        •	 The contract discusses the following:
          Contract         ◊	 Payment to Distinctive Assets will be paid in full, before the show.
                           ◊	 Distinctive Assets has the right to use your product for promotional purposes.
                           ◊	 Distinctive Assets promises to fulfill our contractual obligations on your be-
                           ◊	 Distinctive Assets pitches the Gift Bag/Lounge to the media as a whole and
                              cannot guarantee specific press for any particular client.
                        •	 The signed contract should be FAXED to your account representative at
                            323.931.1633 or e-mailed with your scanned signature in order to secure your

          PR Form
                        •	 The PR Form is designed to educate the Distinctive Assets spokesman, Lash Fary,
                           as well as the PR Department on your product/service. When official docu-
                           ments (such as event press releases) are created, having a digital format en-
                           sures accuracy when referencing your company/product name. The PR Form
                           is also used to record retail value and tax valuations.
                        •	 The PR Form should to be E-MAILED to your account representative.
                        •	 If the PR form is not returned to Distinctive Assets by the due date, we cannot
                           guarantee inclusion or accuracy of information about your company on any of
                           our marketing materials and documents.

       Product Photo
                        •	 We often need images/logos of Gift Bag/Lounge gifts for media purposes at a
      and/or Company
                           moment’s notice. Having your logo/product image on hand and available for
                           distribution can potentially increase your media exposure and ensures that the
                           photo will get to the appropriate news service in a timely manner. Your logo
                           should be E-MAILED to us in either JPG, PDF, AI, EPS or Tiff format and should be
                           no lower than 400KB and no larger than 2MB.
                        •	 Please provide a high-res image with a white background.

         Packaging      •	 Packaging is very important in order to receive maximum exposure. Think of a
                           creative way to present your product/service. Great packaging doesn’t have
                           to be expensive. Some clients have received excellent exposure because of
                           exciting or creative packaging alone! Please see PG 15 for examples of prod-
                           uct packaging.
                        •	 Make sure your brand name is clearly visible on your packaging (keeping in
                           mind the “Show and Tell” format of most interviews).

                                                                  First Steps

         To do list for Lounge and Gift Bag Clients
         Project                                                   Notes

      Press Samples       •	 Please make sure that you mail the correct quantity of your product before the
                              due date (stated in your contract) for the purpose of gifting the Press.
                          •	 These are samples of your product/service that will be used to promote the Gift
                             Basket/Gift Lounge to the media. One of these samples will also be used for
                             the official photo (see below). We need to receive your press sample as soon
                             as possible. Please send to: Distinctive Assets, Attention: (Show Name and Sales
                             Representative), 913 S. Mansfield Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036.
                          •	 For clients with gift certificates: If your gift certificates for press samples are lower
                             in value than the gift certificates for talent, please indicate that on your PR form
                             and inform your sales representative.

    Product for Official •	 One of the press samples will be used for the official photo. See PG 12.
      (Show) Photo       •	 If you miss the deadline, your product will not be included in the official photo.
                             Please note that this will not be grounds for a discount or refund.
                         •	 Please have one press sample camera ready and labeled accordingly. Cam-
                             era ready means:
                            ◊	 Your product is sent to us completely assembled.
                            ◊	 If you are giving a gift certificate, please send an actual product or an item
                               with your logo on it for display purposes in the official photo. For example,
                               if you are offering spa services consider attaching your gift certificate to an
                               item from your spa’s boutique (eye mask, robe, massager, etc.) Likewise,
                               restaurants might consider a jar of sauce or even a branded carry out box to
                               accompany their gift certificate. Your DA Representative must approve the
                               inclusion of your promotional item for the sake of category exclusivity.
                         •	 If you only send a piece of paper for this purpose, it may not be visible in the

    Products for Talent •	 Please make sure that you send the correct quantity of products before the
                           due date (stated in your contract) for the purpose of gifting the Talent and
                           Show Executives. Lounge Clients have the choice of sending product in ad-
                           vance or bringing it directly to the event.
                        •	 Products that do not arrive by the stated deadline may not be included in the
                           Gift Bag. If your product is not included/delivered due to a missed deadline,
                           you will not be eligible for a refund of any kind nor will your product be returned
                           to you unless specific financial arrangements have been made.

                                                              First Steps

         To do list for Lounge and Gift Bag Clients
         Project                                               Notes

        Write Press         Please read PGS 7-9 for help writing a press release and specific regulations
         Release            for usage.

     Press Release       •	 All press releases must be submitted to Distinctive Assets for approval before
       Approval             being sent to any media outlet or posted to a newswire. If you submit your press
                            release to the media without approval, we will ask you to retract it until you re-
                            ceive approval from our office.
                         •	 If you do not submit your press release for approval by the due date, your press
                            release may not be approved until after the show.

    Distribute Press     •	 Please see PG 9 for our media outreach list. We encourage you to pitch to the
        Release             same national outlets as well as your own press contacts, giving specific infor-
                            mation about your product.
                         •	 We also encourage you to pitch to local newspapers, local news stations and
                            regional magazines. Local outlets love to showcase hometown heroes!

              Preparation for Lounge clients only
        PROJECT                                              NOTES

          Lounge        •	 You will receive a Lounge Logistics sheet which lists all of the information you
        Preparation        should need. In addition to this, you will receive a Lounge Points Sheet. This
                           serves to highlight a few topics, and should be E-MAILED to yor account repre-
                        •	 Make sure your product and displays are prepared and ready to go before the
                           Lounge Opening day.

    Lounge Signage      •	 Your Distinctive Assets account representative is happy to brainstorm with you
     and Displays           about creative ways for you to best promote your company. All display items
                            and signage MUST be approved in advance by Distinctive Assets. Please refer
                            to the Lounge Points Sheet for signage requirements.

          Arrival       •	 Please arrive on Lounge days at the start time provided to you. Everything is
                            carefully scheduled for a reason and your promptness is greatly appreciated.

    3           Last but not least ... Enjoy! This is such a fun, exciting and beneficial way
                      to market and promote your brand! We look forward to working with you!
                                                   How to Leverage your

Your	Web	site	can	be	an	extremely	beneficial	marketing	tool,	if	properly	utilized.		Since	the	
Web is an immediate source of information for any potential client, we suggest you take
full advantage of this opportunity to market your products by creatively using award show/
celebrity product placement to gain public attention and to drive Web sales. Below are a
variety of ways you can promote your product through your site:

•	 Many of our past clients have created a
   page on their Web site that includes the
   photos from their Lounge participation.
•	 Included in this section are examples
   of companies that have correctly
   showcased photos of celebrities who
   have received their products.
•	 You can only use the photos on a
   promotional section of your Web site.
•	 You cannot use the photos next to a
   picture of the product to be sold on your
   site (i.e., you cannot put a picture of J. Lo
   next to the product on the e-commerce
   portion of your site).
•	   If a particular celebrity requests their photo be taken off your site, you must do so immediately. There are
     many reasons why this might occur, such as a conflict with a project, promotion or endorsement.

                                              How to Leverage your

                                                     Promotional Use
                                                  •	 You may write “Buy this ___ that Sting received
                                                     at the American Music Awards®.” As a general
                                                     rule, use factual statements, rather than implied
                                                  •	 Make sure that your use of the award show name
                                                     is displayed correctly (Please see PG 14).
                                                  •	 You can showcase your involvement with the Gift
                                                     Basket or Lounge on your Web site by showing a
                                                     picture of the bag or posting your press release.
                                                  •	 It is important to accurately represent celebrity
                                                     response to your product/service. We suggest
                                                     that you do not state that celebs “love,” “like” or
                                                     use your product unless you are certain that they
                                                     do. If you receive a response card, a thank you
                                                     note or a specific comment, you should certainly
                                                     reference it on your site. Feel free to use all
                                                     anecdotes, quotes and/or responses in your press
                                                     outreach and other marketing endeavors.

                                                     Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)
                                                  •	 It may prove beneficial to add a particular
                                                     celebrity name to your regular S.E.O. list to help
                                                     promote your product. For Example: If someone
                                                     types in “Carrie Underwood,” your Web site would
                                                     come up on Google or Yahoo.

               “Distinctive Assets has giv-
en us the edge necessary to stand out
from the crowd while generating sig-
nificant Hollywood buzz and increased
sales with an exciting, results-oriented,
multi-faceted program. For example,
the ELLIOTT LUCCA handbag that was
featured in the GRAMMY Gift Basket
became a must-have on our Web
site; in fact, we completely sold out of
that item within one week!”

- Melissa Stolper
VP of Marketing

                                                  How to Leverage your

Make collages and showcase pictures of ce-
lebrities. Create a press page with your celeb-
rity photos.

  Use celebrity thank you letters
  to show off your product!

                                              How to Leverage your

                        Tips for Writing a Press Release
                      Style, Presentation and distribution

A good press release answers the all-important journalistic questions known as the Five W’s — Who,
What, Where, When, and Why. The press release should also answer the Five W’s tagalong — How.

Most media outlets prefer that you e-mail your press release instead of calling them with your pitch.

Use letterhead stationery or type the name, address and telephone number of your organization (single-
spaced) in the left margin of the page. Also include the publicist’s name and telephone number.

The date you are sending the press release can be placed at the left or right margin. Next comes the
release date, which tells the editor the general time frame you want the information released. It should be
typed in capital letters and placed at the left margin. Most press releases simply say, “FOR IMMEDIATE
RELEASE.” If you need to promote something that is extremely time-sensitive, write more specific
details, such as “RELEASE JUNE 18, AFTER 10 AM.”

It is a good idea to include a suggested headline. Most editors write their own headlines, which are
typically created after the graphic artist lays out the copy on the newspaper page and determines how
much space can be used for a headline. Although your headline might not be used, it immediately tells
the editor, at a glance, what the most important element of your press release is.

The lead is the crux of your message. It is the first sentence, which pulls the reader in, hook, line, and
sinker. The lead must be short and succinct, and get the message across in one fell swoop.

For the most part, the only information your press release requires is the lead sentence and one or two
additional sentences which fill in the details (the body). If you need to elaborate on an idea, keep it
concise. Stay away from lots of superlatives but try to give it some “punch.”

Choose your words carefully and keep the style simple and direct. The body of the press release should
be double-spaced, so that there is room for the editor to edit. If you write a one page press release, at
the bottom of the copy add three pound signs. If you need to use more than one page, write “continued”
at the bottom of the first page, and on subsequent pages, until you get to the final page. However, we
recommend keeping it to a single page release. See the following format example and Distinctive Assets’
Sample Release: PG 8.

     7                                                                       (Excerpted from
                           How to Leverage your

Example of a Distinctive
   Assets Press Release

                                        Sample layout for a basic
                                        press release.

                                                      How to Leverage your

                                    Press release Distribution
•	 If you are sending to someone other than a close contact, call the outlet to find out who
   to send the press release to and what their deadlines are. You can send the release to a
   particular person, or you can simply send it to the Managing Editor.
•	 Print media receive massive amounts of print material daily, and editors make their choices
   quickly, so the release should stand out at a glance.
•	 Since print media work around tight deadlines, you may not get an immediate response,
   especially if you send it too close to their deadline.

                                                     FOLLOW UP
After you make contact, be sure to send a brief thank-you note to the Editor. Just let them
know you appreciated their time and look forward to working with them in the future.

                         Here are a few of the media outlets
                                WE REGULARLY PITCH
  Angeleno                 Looking Good Now          AOL Entertainment News   People en Español          Westwood One

  AOL                      Lucire                         Record Online              Star 98.7

                           The Miami Herald          Beanstalk                Rolling Stone              KIIS-FM
  AP Wire
                           Music Connection          BizBash                  TMZ                        WXTU-FM Philadelphia
                           National Enquirer                  Yahoo!            WQYK-FM Tampa Florida
  Celebrity Living
                           OK! Weekly                    Access Hollywood           94.1 KMPS-FM
  Country Weekly
                           LA Confidential                    CBS                        WOSY-FM Pittsburg, PA
  Entertainment Weekly
                           People                    Entertainment Today      CTV                        Country 108 Phenix
  Footwear News
                           Reader’s Digest          CNN                        DTYS-FM, Dallas TX
  Hollywood Covered
                           Rolling Stone             E!                         96.7 The Twister
  Hollywood Reporter
                           Star Magazine                  The Ellen DeGeneres Show   KDRQ, Spokane Washington
                           Tiger Beat                  Entertainment Tonight      CMT Radio, Nashville, TN
                           The Tolucan Times         L.A.’s the Place         Extra                      KFRG-FM, Los Angeles, CA
  In Touch
                           TV Guide                     Inside Edition             WKDF Nashville
  LA Daily News
                           USA Today            The Insider                KSKS-FM, Fresno
  ABC News
                           US Weekly                 MSNBC                    The Today Show             WUSN-FM, Chicago, IL
  LA Times
                           The Wall Street Journal                  KTLA
  LA Weekly
                           Wireless Week                 NBC4
  Life & Style

                                             How to Leverage your

                                  use at trade shows

Gift Bag ClientS:
◊	 Use your award show involvement and names of celebrity recipients to name drop in pitches.
◊	 Have a promotion on the particular product you gave celebrities.

Gift Lounge ClientS:
Use all of the above suggestions along with the following:
◊	 Use the Lounge photos provided to you in your PR materials. These photos cannot be used on any posters
   or ads, but can be used in press releases, press kits, Web sites or used as a proof of receipt.
◊	 Use any anecdotes that celebrities offered in the Lounge, such as:

                                      What YOU will receive from OUR
                                         in-house PR department

 Your company will be included in our Official Press Release
     Your company will be included in the official press release (as long as your contract is signed prior to the
     press release deadline). It is imperative that your PR Form is submitted on time and correctly filled out. If
     you have any questions, please consult with your account representative.

 Your company will be included in our Signature Enclosure
     A Signature Enclosure is an informational insert (included in the Gift Bag) with a listing of all companies
     providing gifts in both the Gift Bag and Lounge. Celebrities, media and award show executives use
     this as a reference as to what they are being gifted. We will use your PR Form to cut and paste your
     company name for the Enclosure. If you need to be mentioned by your product instead of your
     company name please note that in the appropriate section.

          Front and Back                                                   Inside Listing

Example from the 2007
Latin GRAMMY® Signature
Enclosure. Your company
will be listed either by
company or product

                                     What YOU will receive from OUR
                                        in-house PR department

Lounge Clients will receive professional photographs from the Gift Lounge

◊	 Distinctive Assets will mail a CD of photos taken at your booth in the Gift Lounge approximately 1 week after
   completion of the event. Unless other arrangements are made, they will be shipped via FedEx Ground.

       Gift bag and Lounge Clients will receive an official GIFT BAG photograph

                                        What YOU will receive from OUR
                                           in-house PR department

Gift Bag and Lounge cLIENTS will receive a Post Show Follow-Up Packet

   All clients will receive a follow-up packet between 5 to 7 weeks after the show. The follow-up packet
                               Ad rates of: $173,587.50

   consists of a copy of ourAd rates of: $173,587.50 Enclosure, the official photo, sample photos from the Gift Lounge (if
   applicable) and copies of broadcast and/or print press generated from the event.

                                                              Ad rates of: $173,587.50

                                                              Ad rates of: $173,587.50


                                                                                             Ad rates of: $173,587.50

                                                                                             Ad rates of: $173,587.50


                                        award show Names

When mentioning a Gift Bag or Talent Lounge, it is important that the show name be listed
correctly. Please be attentive to all necessary capitalization, registration marks, apostrophes
and acronyms.

   ◊	   Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards (or KCA)
   ◊	   GRAMMY® Awards (or GRAMMY®s)
   ◊	   Academy of Country Music Awards® (or ACMAs)
   ◊	   Latin GRAMMY® Awards (or Latin GRAMMY®s)
   ◊	   Andre Agassi’s GRAND SLAM for CHILDREN
   ◊	   Video Game Awards (or VGAs)
   ◊	   “Everybody Wins at the Oscars®” Nominee Gift Bag
   ◊	   “Everybody Wins at the Emmys®” Nominee Gift Bag
   ◊	   “A Home for the Holidays”

VERBIAGE FOR GIFT CERTIFICATES:   Below are some examples of sample verbiage that you can
use	for	your	gift	certificates.	We	highly	suggest	that	you	make	your	gift	certificates	non-trans-
ferable.	This	means	that	no	one	besides	the	talent	and	executives	who	are	listed	on	our	official	
distribution list can redeem your gift. We also recommend that you put an expiration date on
each	of	your	gift	certificates.	However,	please	note	that	under	no	circumstances	should	an	
expiration date be less than one year from the issue date.

As a Presenter or Performer at the 50th Annual GRAMMY® Awards, [COMPANY NAME] is pleased to present you
this gift certificate for _______. This gift certificate is non-transferable and expires on _______. Please call [contact
name and phone number] to redeem.

Thank you for your participation in the 50th Annual GRAMMY® Awards Celebration! This gift certificate entitles you
to: [GIFT DESCRIPTION HERE]. From [COMPANY NAME]. Please contact [name / phone / email] to redeem. Non-
transferable. Expiration date: _______

In recognition of your participation in the 50th Annual GRAMMY® Awards, [COMPANY NAME] is pleased to offer
you [GIFT]. Call [phone number] to redeem. Non-transferable: Must be a named GRAMMY® Presenter/Performer
on the official distribution list provided by Distinctive Assets. Expires on: _______


                                 Packaging Your Product

Clients have created presentations ranging from extravagant packaging to inexpensive
elegant touches. Please discuss packaging/presentation of your product with your account
representative. All hang tags, gift certificates or specialized packaging that includes the show
name must be approved by Distinctive Assets. We have listed a few examples below to help
spark your creativity:

  ◊	   Beautifully wrap your product.
  ◊	   Create show-specific packaging.
  ◊	   Tie a bright ribbon around your product or create a luxurious bow.
  ◊	   Make a container/case for your gift certificate, so it’s not just a loose piece of paper.

                                                             THANK YOU!

Thank you for your time and patience! We hope that we have equipped you with all of the information
necessary to maximize your placement with us. Taking the time to read and comply with the details we
have shared will only serve to make your experience both enjoyable and fruitful. If you have any questions
about any of the information herein, please contact your Distinctive Assets account representative. We look
forward to working with you.

Carpe Diem!

Distinctive Assets
913 South Mansfield Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: 323.549.0444
Fax: 323.931.1633


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